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Grandma Knows Best

We all know that one annoying ass old lady who thinks she knows it all. Realistically, it's not just the grandmas who think this. A lot of granddads are in the same boat. They think that just because they have been alive for damn near a century, they somehow have all the knowledge in the world. I am not the biggest fan of older adults, but I have a soft spot for some. I am not going to lie. I know all of you feel the same deep down. There is no need to feel bad.

I would realistically forbid people over the age of 70 to vote. Think about it. They have been voting since they were 18, meaning they have voted at least 12 or 13 times during their lifetime. They don't need another chance if they can't pick out a proper president after that many tries. However, this is not the place to rant about people with one foot in the grave already. We are here to talk smut and vices.

Maybe you can ask your all-knowing grandma about porn. Maybe she surprises you and tells you that she knows a thing or two about it. On the other hand, pornos have been around for almost 130 years. At least that's when they say the first porn, Le Coucher de la Mariee, has been filmed. Yes, people have been perverted since the break of dawn. This shouldn't come off as a surprise to any of you.

You might be wondering why the fuck I am talking about older people and giving you history lessons about porn. The truth is that today we will be talking about all the old porno we can find. Well, about those found in XHamster's library of vintage smut. Some might think that stuff is not worth your time, but you gotta know your history. Maybe, it will allow you to appreciate the ones we have today.

Old Videos of Grandma

If your grandmother has been a bitch to you growing up, this might be your chance to get back to her. I know my old lady used to hate my guts until she saw the pearly gates, but that's a completely different story. Maybe you will be able to find her starring in one of the porn videos here and can use that to blackmail her into leaving all she owns to you in her will. But, hey, you gotta play the hand you were dealt—no other way.

I didn't know how big the Vintage library on XHamster is. Realistically, I don't watch this type of porn very often, only when I want to reminisce about the good old days. However, some people are way more invested in this type of stuff than me, so seeing over 90,000 old pornos here didn't surprise me. Yes, that is a shit ton of smut, and you can jerk off to it whenever you want.

There isn't anything holding you back. If this was a premium porn site, you could say that the money is a problem. However, that is not the case because XHamster is one of the internet's most popular free porn tube sites right now. Obviously, this means that all of its vintage content can be enjoyed without spending anything on it. The good old days are just a few clicks away from your old heads.

I understand where all of that is coming from. I got into porn a while ago, and if I could blame anyone for that, it would be Jenna Jameson. I got into her through some older crowd. You know how it goes. Quality porn is being passed down as a true gift. Fuck all those family trinkets and heirlooms. In my neighborhood, they shared only the best smut with you once you reached manhood. Some customs should be left untouched.

One of the Biggest Free Porn Tube Sites for a Reason

I don't care how recently you got into porn. If you haven't heard about XHamster, there is nothing for us to talk about. I am just joking, of course. I am passing down important knowledge now, so sit down, grab a chair, pen, and paper, and soak in as much as you possibly can. I told you that this is one of the most popular porn sites on the internet, out of the free ones, and that is not by chance.

When you make it to any of the site's pages, it will all make sense to you, but we are here to talk only about the vintage smut. First of all, let me tell you right away that I really enjoy the web design of XHamster. You can use day or night mode, changing the background from brighter to darker. Even the first one out of the two is not white. It is a light shade of gray, so you will not be blinded too much while browsing the content.

The videos are nicely laid out, so you will not feel overwhelmed while trying to find the right smut to jerk off to. They also have some pretty nice sorting options to help you out on this search. The top of the page will have tags like Vintage German, Vintage Full Movies, Vintage French, Italian, Lesbian, and others. There are even more options available, but I spent most of the time in the Vintage MILF section.

You can choose to watch the most recently uploaded and best videos. You can sort all the vintage content based on length and production. Some of you don't need to worry about how long the porno is because you can cum whenever, the rest of us pay attention to this. Regarding production, you can choose producers or XHamster creators. Take your pick.

A Lot of Full-Length Vintage Videos

Some of you will argue about what an actual vintage porno is. Some people think 20-year-old videos fall under this category. However, XHamster doesn't want to waste time on this, and they have stuffed their library with videos from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. I am sure I ran into a few even older than that, but sometimes it is hard to tell. Don't expect them to be as good as today's smut because they lack technology.

On the other hand, you can't say that people back then weren't just as perverted as we are today. It would be stupid to think we came up with all the kinks and fetishes floating around nowadays. Furry shit doesn't count. Back then, people could never come up with shit like that because they had more common sense. Some of the smut found here is a bit laughable, so that you can get a good chuckle from them.

The important thing to point out is that they didn't do many porn videos back in the day. Instead, they focused on full-length movies. I can't tell you I know why, but I assume that production costs were pretty high, so they ensured they got the most out of it every time they shot a porno. As a result, you will find a shit ton of movies that are over an hour long, with a plot and all that good stuff. 

It isn't hard to tell which decade a porno is from. Take a look at their haircuts and style. There are a lot of hairy pussies here and girls with perms. The dudes are rocking those pedo-like mustaches, which are, for some reason making a comeback. Ron Jeremy was the main dude back then. As a matter of fact, he is something like Michael Jordan of porn. He might not be the best male pornstar ever, but he definitely did take the industry to the next level.

Not Much to Complain About

I have to say that there isn't much bad stuff to say about xhamster's vintage library. It is pretty damn big, filled with smut from multiple decades, and there is a shit ton of it. I could only say that the ads are mixed in with some of the content. There are not many of them, but some of you who are not paying attention will probably end up clicking on one and opening a new tab. It is what it is. Free porn tubes come with ads. We all know that.

If you are into old smut, you should come to XHamster. There aren't many places on the internet that give you what they do free of charge! Especially since many kinks and fetishes are covered here.

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