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Some Things Get Better With Age

When you read that, I am sure many things have already popped into your mind, like wine and certain types of cheese. However, there is a lot more to it than you might think. Just think about the most expensive cars in the world. Which falls under that category? The answer is old timers, at least when we speak on average. Those old ass cars can reach some ridiculous prices. It is mindblowing.

I also think that women get better with age. No, I am not a fan of grandmas or anything like that, but I love MILFs. Think about it, when they are young, girls have those tight little bodies, and their tits stand straight up. However, as they get older, they start understanding their sexuality much better and know exactly what they want. I am a huge fan of that. That is one of the biggest turn-ons, a sexy slut who knows exactly what she wants.

I don’t even want to argue with you guys. There is no point. We can agree to disagree. But, also know that many of you have a special spot in your hearts for older porn. I mean, if you are over 25, you probably started watching porn quite a while ago, and most of the sluts who got you into jacking off are most likely not in business anymore. I know that’s the case with me, but that is normal. New things take over for the old ones. 

However, I know some of you can’t give up on those oldies. There are certain pornos you managed to jerk off in your youth, and you can’t find them anymore. That is exactly where I come in. Come on. I am a professional, so sit tight and let me tell you all you need to know about Motherless’ library of Vintage porn. It won’t take long, and you might find that porno your heart has been aching for.

A Shit Ton of Vintage Content

One of the most important things when checking out a porn site is the amount of smut it has in its library. Remember that it is not easy to find quality vintage porno. That’s all the more reason we should be appreciative of Motherless. Their vintage collection spreads over 20,000 porn videos, 210,000 images, and 3,000 galleries. Yes, that is more than enough content to last you a lifetime.

No need to act tough and say that it is not enough because I will be quick to call you out on your bullshit. Don’t be closed-minded. I know that the porn we have today is amazing, but we should try new things or old ones. There is a lot to like about vintage porn. Did you think that these sluts we are jacking off to today are the ones who came up with all the kinks and fetishes we have today? Please, act like you have common sense.

There is a huge possibility that your grandma was just as slutty in her prime as the pornstars you are jerking off to today. The only difference is that her family would’ve disowned her before her porn career took off. But, hey, those were different times back then. That is why I think we should appreciate these vintage sluts even more. They were so thirsty for dick that they didn’t care what people back then had to say.

If we have to go by the grandmas and grandpas of today, then people were true assholes back then, so it was that much harder for these women to put up with all that. One thing I like about vintage porn is that it is amazing, even though its technology is not close to what we have today. These pornstars carried the industry solely based on their dick-sucking and riding skills, which is pretty damn impressive.

All of it Is Completely Free.

In case you didn’t know, Motherless is a free porn tube site. Yes, this means that you won’t have to reach for your pocket to enjoy their content, including the vintage smut. If I am being honest, I understand why there are so many free porn tube sites today. Porn should be available to everyone. I won’t pay for it unless it is business related. That is the only time I would ever make an exception.

Think about it, I get laid pretty damn often, and if I am not paying for sex in real life, why the fuck should I pay for a porno? It makes no sense. On the other hand, it hurts my soul that the people who created this nice vintage library on Motherless are not charging. Some of the pornos found here are hard to find. I don’t think that’s not the case. They even have old porno from different countries and continents.

I honestly don’t know how these sluts used to look so fucking sexy in their prime. It makes no sense, especially when you look at their style and haircuts, and that most pussies are hairier than your father’s upper lip. How they managed to pull it off is mindblowing. There is some amazing smut here. The ladies back then knew how to suck a dick on par with these new sluts, if not even better than them.

I opened a video of a sexy white woman sucking a huge dick like there is no tomorrow. She had a huge pair of titties as well, which were bouncing every time that lucky bastard would bury his dick deep inside that slut’s pussy. She moans in such a seductive way as well. Of course, some of you think that is not important, but I do think that is probably the most overlooked aspect of a high-quality porno. But, of course, that is just my opinion.

Nice Looking Website

Sure, the Motherless vintage category content is pretty damn old, but that doesn’t mean that the website itself is not looking up to date. It is easy to see just how long each video lasts, the number of views it has, and who was the perverted bastard who uploaded it. Yes, you can upload your content to this page. I am sure I am speaking for all of us when I say we would love for you to do so.

It is pretty easy to do so. First, you must select and upload a file from your device: no need to create an account. Now, I like that there is no white background in sight, Motherless has decided to use the black one instead, and I am a fan. Second, they focus on helping you find the right vintage porn as soon as possible. You don’t want to spend a long time looking for the perfect porno.

Some tags are designed to help you out. Lesbian, Anal, MILF, Teen, Classic, and many more vintage options are available. As I said, 50 years ago, people were into the same smut we like today. Aside from all the creepy Sci-Fi stuff like furry and shit, you get what I am trying to say. You will easily find exactly what you are looking for here. I do not doubt it.

I know some of you think the page might look a bit creepy due to all the old videos here. There is a vibe of a 70s horror movie, but that is normal considering everything. Regardless, there is much to like about Motherless and all the vintage smut they have for you who want to reminisce about the good old days. Back then, all you ever worried about was getting out of class to bust a quick nut and nothing else.

Ads Can Ruin the Experience

One thing about free porn tube sites is there will always be ads involved. There isn’t anything you, I, or anybody else can do about it. So we might as well accept the situation and appreciate all the free vintage smut we are getting from Motherless. Unfortunately, you will see some ads, pop-ups, and all that jazz. However, the most annoying thing is that you might open a new tab when clicking on a video or anything else on the site.

Also, the overall quality of the videos is pretty low, but that makes sense, considering that there are videos from the early 1900s. Overall, I think we should be more focused on the fact that we are getting a shit ton of vintage content free of charge!

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