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  • plus While the content is vintage, the website features are as fresh as any modern tube
  • plus Both the categories and the community is incredibly diverse
  • plus Though there are some, there are not a ton of banner adverts
  • plus The mobile version is terribly well optimized
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  • minus We have found that there are not a lot of videos of vintage erotica from before the 1970s
  • minus For some reason signing up using now defunct, Google Plus is an option
  • minus There are far too many popups on nearly every page

We are not sure why, but vintage porn has become incredibly popular in the modern era. Perhaps it is because the non-high definition filming has a raw quality to it. Maybe it is because this is old footage many porn enthusiasts grew up with, and so, there is the whole nostalgia factor. It might even be because people enjoy the hilarious, cheesy music.


Whatever the reason, we have also noticed that there are not too many websites that are specifically devoted to vintage smut, and even fewer, which are well-designed. That said, after scouring the internet, we have managed to find an exemplary example of an erotica platform which is packed with old school pornography – Tube Porn Classics.


Really Old Porn, Relatively New Tube, And The Design Is Actually Beyond Decent

Though not as old as others, this website goes back end of the tube explosion right at the beginning of 2011.


Unfortunately, ever since the advent of the tube revolution, we typically find that these sorts of website's layout is often a copy of others and usually does not have any unique features. However, TPC has found a balance of including everything a tube needs with a novel design and incorporating elements that most of the other websites do not have.


We will discuss the features further below, but the first thing we will go over is the layout. For instance, the white and dark gray color scheme coupled with a little bit of black and red looks good but is not distracting. We also like that the drop-down menu is located on the top right side of the screen, and the search bar is on the left. You might think it is a small thing to bring up, but this sort of novelty breaks up the typical monotony we see on other tubes.


Moving on, on the home, category, and other pages in addition to getting a .gif preview, you can favorite and save to a watch later playlist by clicking on the thumbnail. On each video page, the layout is on par with mainstream websites like YouTube. Interestingly, most videos have both categories and separate tags, but sadly there is no comments section. However, every video page is packed with related videos featuring a fantastic amount of fap footage.


You Get Plenty Of Search Options

With so many videos uploaded, like this website needs to have a ton of properly designed filter tools. As we mentioned before, there is a search engine located at the top of each page, which works exceptionally well. In addition to typical single word search, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and filter your results by including with your term the site's categories.


From the menu, you can get linked directly to the most recent, top-rated, and most viewed uploads. And on video pages, all of the tags and categories will connect you to pages of said tags and categories.


The Categories Are Surprisingly Modern

Most smut sites, including a lot of studio platforms, usually have the same, small number of categories to pick from. However, TPC has 51 sections to choose from. Of course, all of the classics like Toys, Bukakke, Creampie, and Gangbang have hundreds if not thousands of videos each.


There are some more kinky categories like Deep Throat, Fisting, Squirt, Cuckold, and Swingers similar numbers of videos in those sections. Unlike most other websites, there are some categories we rarely see, like Stockings, Latex, Gaping, as well as Double Penetration, Double Anal Penetration, and even Double Vaginal Penetration.


Naturally, with so many videos from the au naturel 1970s, there is a category called Hairy.


Finally, to make this part of the site a bit more manageable, there is a specialty filter that allows you to sort categories alphabetically, most viewed, top-rated, and the most videos at the top of the page.


This Site Makes Finding Your Vintage Favorites Simple

On the homepage, there is a large section located about halfway down the page with lists some of the members' favorite models. Each link takes you to a webpage linking you to there videos and also listing the performer's basic stats, aliases, view count. There is even an interactive comments section for you to leave feedback about a model you fancy.


Examples of featured girls include Sera Young, Tera Patrick, Asia Carrera, as well as the legendary (and now infamous) Jenna Jamison.


Moving on, since there are over 3,000 models promoted, there is a separate page with plenty of tools to make finding your ideal vintage girl easy if you are new to this genre. For example, you can sort models by the letter of their first name, gender, country of origin, hair color, height. You even sort by weight, and the labels are Heavy, Middle, Light, and Super Light. We are not sure which exact weights and in what units those are, but it is interesting to see the results, especially at the extreme ends.


The Albums Are Absolutely Amazing

While we have had video porn for a long time, all of these movies were pre-high definition, and many did not have excellent sound quality. So, back in the 20th century, the main medium people viewed porn was in the form of pictures in magazines, scans of which are available here as well.


Just like the videos, there is a rating system, a list of the number of pictures in each album, and the original magazine cover. Unfortunately, the quality is not always the best, and some albums suffer from a drop in fidelity, but since it is vintage, we will let that pass.


Getting An Account Is Nice And Has Some Neat Perks

As it should be, signing up is a breeze and completely free. To become a member, all you need to do is come up with a login name or just use your email, generate a separate username, and a password. Then just prove you are not a robot and you are good to go.


Among the other things we have covered, as a member, you can generate your own playlists from the massive archive of videos with ease. To sum up, it is just as easy as signing up, and if you are looking for inspiration, there are over 3,000 playlists so far. The one thing which is a little tricky is figuring out what each playlist is about since most have simple one or two different words to describe them.


The Community Is Quite Diverse

With an account, you can attract and subscribe to other channels, send messages, and add people to your friends' list. There are minimal stat options you can volunteer like your gender, orientation, and location, but much more on to do on the Community page. On this page, you can filter between the most active, newest, most viewed members, those who have popular content as well as alphabetically. At the bottom of the page, there are a couple more filter options that allow you to whittle down your results by gender, country, city, and age range.


Weirdly, below this is the only part of the website with a comments section so you can link your text to a video you enjoy. However, you cannot directly reply to anyone here or organize a thread.


Consumer Feedback Mechanism Is Surprisingly Thorough

While having some kind of customer service feature is standard on fap sites, they tend not to be terribly good about getting back to members -- let alone address constructive criticisms. However, Tube Porn Classic has an entire forum dedicated to improving their website experience. And they actually assist those who are having difficulties using the site promptly.


Members can upvote posts to get the attention of admins and hopefully get an issue resolved faster – and the webmasters are (usually) good about getting back to people. The one criticism we have for this part of the site is the fact that despite multiple requests to do so, the TPC webmasters still have not addressed the issue of popups crawling all over the place.


Of course, in addition to the post option, you can send a private email and even include a .png, .jpeg, or even a .gif to illustrate the problem you have.


There Are Not Too Many Adverts

A common issue we have with many tube sites is that they often load up every page with an obnoxious amount of banner advertisements. Fortunately, TPC is actually pretty reserved when it comes to banner adverts. In fact, most of them are placed at the bottom of the page, so you probably will not be distracted by them.


Further, from what we can tell, there are no spammy links which take you offsite. However, you will need to upgrade your popup blocker since there is a problem with those.


While Vintage This Site Is Well Optimized

Since the majority of smut enthusiasts watch erotica on smartphones and tablets, we always stress the importance of the mobile version of a website. And just like on desktop, this tube looks good on handheld machines.


The minimalist layout translates well on the mobile version and has required almost no simplification. The one big difference is that on each page, there are not as many related videos on each page, and you do not have the option to switch over to videos uploaded by the user.


What Is (And Is Not) Hot About Tube Porn Classics

In addition to what we have already mentioned, over about a decade, this site has archived nearly 100,000 videos with new additions made every week by users. We should caution, though, that while this tube does have a DMCA takedown request function, we cannot determine how many of these films are public domain.


We also enjoy the fact that this website is very internationally friendly. Unlike most other tubes that are available in a few languages at best, TPC can be toggled to display in seven European languages as well as Mandarin and Japanese. We cannot verify the accuracy of all of these website versions – we do not read all of those languages – but from what we can tell, they seem to be decent.


While not really a complaint, we are aware that recommended movies below the videos tend to be somewhat random. So, unlike other tube sites that post videos with related content, TPC has a smattering of all sorts of smut. As a result, if you scroll down on a vanilla video of straight sex, you might see lesbian, gay, and BDSM porn.


Another strange thing we have found is that there is a ton of smut from the ‘70s, ‘80s, and especially the 1990s, there is almost none from before those decades. Of course, we understand that there is less material from the mid-twentieth century, which has survived, but we would think there would be at least more than a few.


How We Would Improve This Tube

The biggest problem we have with this platform is the number of popups. Though it is easy to get around this problem with blocking software, we do think that this shows a lack of professionalism. Though a minor issue, we do believe that there are far too many links offsite to other tubes.


One thing we found particularly bizarre was the fact that while this site has clearly been well maintained when you sign up, there is still an option to do so vie Google Plus. For those who do not know, that social media service has been discontinued since middle 2019.


Do We Recommend This Porn Platform?

If it is not already obvious (or you skipped to the bottom of the page), we heartily approve of nearly everything aspect of this porn platform. Though there are a couple of things that need to be polished, they do not distract too much from the user experience.


Further, TPC includes everything that a tube should have plus a few appreciated extras. So, we give Tube Porn Classic four and a half out of five hands and recommend you give it a visit.

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