3D Sex Villa

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3D Sex Villa is a modern take on an old concept of video game pornography. It is an interactive video game in which you have a representation of you, as a playable character, and you get to experience everything and anything in the world of adult situations.

Originally launching in 2003, the game featured a large collection of locations that you can navigate through, and countless non-playable characters for you to interact with. Those interactions will, however, be entirely pornographic, every single time.


What’s The Genre?

Now, you might be thinking that 3D Sex Villa is a role-playing video game, since you get your own customizable character and there are NPCs, but that’s not really the case. Yes, you do get to make your own avatar that represents you in the game, and yes there are tons of options to customize your character as much as you want. However, role-playing games normally feature a sense of progression and character advancement. Your character usually changes based on the decisions you’ve made. There are also usually conversations that matter and change the outcome of events. And of course, RPGs have stories.


3D Sex Villa has none of that. For a video that game aims to immerse you into a world of depravity, it features very little by way of literary immersion. It’s more of a simulator, really, in that the entire gameplay focuses on you having sex, for hours on end, with anyone and everyone you meet.


It’s certainly a simple enough concept and it works really well. Porn games might not be made explicitly for masturbatory purposes, but at the end of the day, people watch porn to jack off. There’s no shame in it. The thing is, 3D Sex Villa is too masturbatory for its own good.


That is to say, the game is repetitive to the point that the actions that you perform in-game feel like stroking an erection does in real life. And you might find yourself thinking that you’d be better off just watching some porn and jacking off instead.


Playing With Toys

The gameplay specifically has you rubbing objects in a sexual manner up and down the characters that you are having sex with. So let’s say that you meet a hot blonde at the beach and you want to defile her in every way imaginable. You would fetch an item from your inventory, instruct the girl on the position you’d like her to be in, and rub that object on her body over and over again by swinging your mouse back and forth. Your hand might be more useful in your pants at that point, with all the back and forth motions.


Regardless, the game is super popular, and it’s no wonder. It came out at a time when the standard for porn games was all flash games and silly animations. There were no real sex simulators to speak of, and every porn lover out there was begging for something like this to come out. 3D Sex Villa took the porn gaming world by storm. Today, the game is still receiving regular updates, and it’s technically in version 2.0.


Beyond the dedication to quality, what sets this game apart from any other game that came before it is the insane dedication to graphical fidelity. Now, you might be thinking that this game looks terrible compared to recent triple-A video game titles. However, compared to porn games in 2003, it’s a visual masterpiece. Even when comparing to porn video games today, 3D Sex Villa holds up quite well.


Another thing that sets this game apart from most other expensive titles on the market is that it is entirely free. This is particularly impressive given that the game obviously cost a ton of money to produce, and it is still receiving updates that someone has to code into the game.


The Snafus

There are, unfortunately, a ton of problems with 3D Sex Villa that might discourage some would-be porn gamers out there. First of all, regarding the fact that it is a free game, it’s also technically a fire upon which you are expected to throw all of your disposable income. You see, the game itself is free, and you’re free to play it as long as you’d like to, but the items in the game are not. And since the gameplay revolves around the use of different items in different situations, you are bombarded with reasons and incentives to spend your hard earned cash on in-game items. And you can’t get those items for free. The game is free, but the content is absolutely not.


This is a business model that has been becoming increasingly popular in recent years among all video games, not just pornographic ones. Pornographic video games do come with a tinge of addiction, since porn is inherently addictive. That might be the reason why having players pay for items is a smarter move than say, slapping a price tag on a finished product. Since you can’t jack off forever, you come back to the game in intervals. Every time you come back, you’re incentivized to pay for a single item. You rationalize it, saying that one item isn’t even that expensive and the cycle continues. 


The Upside

Even though there are a lot of major gripes with 3D Sex Villa, the redeeming factors overshadow them and make it a worthwhile gaming experience. It might not be an immersive RPG, but it is a damn immersive simulation game. If you’re the kind of guy who enjoys sexual fantasies that revolve around building your own perfect harem, then this is the game for you. You can combine as many different women, or men if you’re into that, in as many positions as you’d like, and fuck them all to your heart’s content.


Also, no sex simulator would be worth your time without the ability to have sex with custom made women that are perfectly to your liking. 3D Sex Villa is very mod-friendly when it comes to creating the perfect woman for those innovative late night sexual escapades. The people that play this game will frequently come together to discuss attractive women that they would like to include in the game, and since the game is customizable, they’ll simply make the perfect in-game rendition of their favorite celebrities and share them with each other.


That means that you won’t be stuck interacting with generic blondes and brunettes until you’re blue in the face. You actually get to make a harem and play out your wildest sexual fantasies with women that you already know from the big screen. And if you’re particularly tech savvy and you have some time on your hands, you could whip up a model for some of your favorites and share her with the community.


And speaking of the community, it needs to be said that they are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Sure, they all come together in the name of smut, but they’re civil about it. In fact, on top of just playing the game, they like to hang out on the site’s forums and organize events and competitions. It’s also really popular to share screenshots and videos of your personalized gameplay and conjure up sexy stories about the scenarios that you’ve put together.


The game might be a simulator, but the forums are a true RPG experience, if you enjoy hanging out in a community of like-minded individuals.


Technical Stuff

First of all, the game’s website forum is a cluttered mess. However, it’s cluttered because it’s got so many features that they barely fit on your screen. It’s not just a generic forum, they’ve got tons of breakdowns for features related to the game, because they clearly care about their product and their fans very much.


The game on the other hand is quite perfect from a technical standpoint, in that it has very low minimum requirements. A standard desktop computer should have no trouble running this game flawlessly. You can forget about graphics cards, too, as an integrated GPU will have no trouble running 3D Sex Villa. Presumably this is due to the fact that the game is running on an old and very barebones engine that started off over a decade ago. Hell, you can play this game on Windows XP if you want. You’ll have no issues.


As for the game’s design, beyond the smut on screen, which is just naked characters having sex with each other, the UI is fantastic. There are tons of customization options and inventory features, but the UI stays far out of your way. Most of the screen is reserved for the action. There are also no ads what-so-ever within the actual game, as they are banking on the possibility of you spending money on in-game items. Finally, it’s worth noting that the game is a perfectly safe bit of software and even with all the recent updates, the game takes up almost no disk space. 

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