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Taking a Trip Down Memory Lane

I am sure that you all like to reminisce about the good old days. But unfortunately, there is no way to prevent this from happening. Sometimes, our minds tend to wander away, and we start remembering all the good things that happened when we were growing up. I wish I could go back in time and slap the shit out of my younger self, forever worrying about so much irrelevant stuff, but I can’t.

Most of you young bucks have no clue what things used to look like 15 or 20 years ago. It is not your fault. It is the fact that technology has managed to advance so fucking quickly that certain things from the past don’t even make sense. For example, back in the day, when I wanted to jerk off, I would have to steal a porn magazine from my pops’ stash, get a quick fapping session in, and then return it. All of that without ever getting caught.

Those were stressful times, but all he would’ve done if he found me would be laugh. I don’t think any of us would ever live it down if our dads' found us with our pants around our ankles, stroking our meat rod. They should be happy that we are playing with our dicks and not somebody else's. If I am being honest, I don't care which way you swing. That's all up to you. I know how most older men would react to seeing this.

Regardless, there are more and more people willing to watch old porno. If you are struggling to believe that, then all you have to do is look at how many porn sites cater to their wants and needs. You probably can't even count that high, so don't attempt it. Your brain will short-circuit. Anyways, ViperGirls has some Vintage content that has been brought to my attention recently, and today I will be telling you all you need to know about it.

Technology Isn't Always All That

I am not saying we should all become Amish and forget about technology. That would be dumb as hell. What I am trying to point out is that technological advancements have made us spoiled and lazy. Some might think it made porn more interesting, but I don't necessarily agree with that statement. Certain parts, sure, but as a whole, I am not sure about all that. This is an interesting debate to have, that is for sure.

Anyways, you should visit ViperGirls Vintage porn library because people didn't have all the technology back in the day. They couldn't lean on it, so they could make the video more attractive to the people watching. It was all about the skills and the action. People didn't care about all the pixels or spent time looking for HD porno. Times were a lot simpler back then, that is for sure.

None of us can go back to experience all that good stuff. Luckily ViperGirls ensures that we don't have to. The crazy thing is that the video quality of the pornos here is pretty damn impressive. That means those worried about that type of stuff can rest easy because this site has got you covered. The pornstar I remember from my younger days is Jenna Jameson. I think she was the one who initially got me in love with porn.

Of course, I had to search for her name on ViperGirls, but I didn't find it as soon as I wished. However, her pornos are here, and many other big-time names from the past show off in the videos on this website. Jill Kelly, Tera Patrick, Dyanna Lauren, Janine Lindemulder, and Asia Carrera are some popular names from the 90s you will find here. Even though their library reaches a lot further than just the 90s and is frequently updated.

Might Not Be What You Are Used to

We live in a time when free porn tube sites run the game. Some of you might think it is the premium ones, but all of you're mistaken. Sure, we get the best content from them, but it doesn't take long for those porn videos to reach the free sites. You might have to wait a month or two, but these porn sites have so much smut in their library that you will have more than enough quality content to pass the time with until then.

Well, ViperGirls is not a free porn tube site. It is more of a forum platform. I am sure that many of you have had a chance to visit a website laid out this way. If you belong to that group, then there is a perfect chance that you already know what to expect. Unfortunately, that means that this site will not be winning any awards for the way it looks. That is the first thing that needs to be pointed out since damn near every forum site looks like shit. 

ViperGirls is not that bad, but it doesn't offer much when it comes to visual appeal. It is damn near impossible to say how many Vintage pornos are available here. The reason for that is that they have threads filled with porn videos. There are multiple pages with smut on each one of them. The first thread I opened up had over 700 pornos in it. This means you will not go through all the content here anytime soon. It will take you a lifetime or two.

Each thread has the number of replies, views, pages filled with smut, the time of the last post, and many other things placed in a visible place. This means that you won't have to waste your time and explore it yourself. There is even one titled Color Climax RETRO Denmark Hardcore Clips. I read "Hardcore" when I realized I needed to take a break from writing, if you know what I mean.

Things Work Differently Around Here

Well, that is not necessarily a bad thing. Too many porn sites nowadays look alike. They don't offer anything which makes them stand out from the competition. There needs to be something that makes the people visiting your site remember you. The thing which ViperGirls has going for it is that it allows you to download all of the smut in their library. Yes, you read that right. You will be able to get your hands on every video available here.

Well, there is a reason for that, and that is the fact that there is little to no streaming available on the site. Only those with a membership to the websites where the content is located can do that. If that sentence wasn't clear enough, let me explain what that means. None of the videos are hosted on ViperGirls. Instead, you will need to go and download them from some file-sharing sites like Keep2Share, RapidGator, or FileSpace.

I am not a fan of this way of getting things done. The part that sucks is that such downloads can take forever. This is not my first rodeo, fellas. I have reviewed similar forum porn sites before and know how these things work. Let's say that it is possible for the download time to be up to several hours. That means that you will need to wait a while before you can do that when you get to a vintage porno you want to jerk off to.

In all reality, you might have multiple file-sharing sites to choose from, but that doesn't affect the download speed. The only way to shorten that process is by becoming a member of the sites hosting the content. The memberships are not all that bad. For example, a month of being able to download the vintage porno located on RapidGator quickly would cost you $14.99. You might want to look at all these sites, though.

Wide Range Of Kinks and Fetishes

For all of you youngsters, today's porn is not necessarily better than vintage smut. The reason for that is simple, and as we have already discussed, technology has made pornstars lazy. Before, these sluts had to lean on their dick-riding and sucking skills, while today, they can play the angles in such ways to make you more aroused and shit. It is not bad or anything like that, but the effect is still the same. It is the work that differs.

Anyways, what I am trying to say is that all these vintage pornstars are some perverted sluts. They were down for anything back then. The girls we are jerking off to today had to learn from someone. I saw a video of young Lisa Ann, and I can tell you right now that she might've been the sexiest woman alive in the 1990s. Expect to see threesomes, gangbangs, MILFs, teens, unforgettable blowjobs, and, most importantly, hardcore smut!

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