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As powerful as modern, mainstream search engines may be, they’re not the proper method for searching for pornography. Sad but true, search engines like Google will track your every move and create a profile around your viewing habits. Those living in countries or environments where this kind of data could come back to haunt them is something no one needs weighing on their conscience. Along the same token, no one needs to worry about a multi-billion dollar company keeping tabs on their porn habits, either.


Enter BoodiGo.com: a search engine that allows users to search for pornography with total peace of mind. Since 2014, the search engine has made it its mission to deliver pornographic search results that are no-nonsense, accurate, and best of all. This ensures that what is searched on the search engine, stays on the search engine. Peace of mind is invaluable: use BoodiGo to search for porn sites and more, and say goodbye to using mainstream search engines for all of your naughty searches!


Safe and secure

One of the most significant upsides – and the main reason people should be visiting the adult search engine in the first place – is because it's completely safe and secure. To provide peace of mind to its users, one of the ways that BoodiGo keeps one’s search results safe is by encrypting them. Users will notice the Encrypt Search Beta button that they can turn on and off on the homepage. Activate the button, and one’s search habits will be encrypted going forward.


What does all of that mean? If someone looked through your browser and search history, they would be locked out from looking at that information – and it’s what encryption is all about. The feature is in beta, so users should use it without relying on it too much (since it can break at any moment since it isn’t ready for a full release) but give it a shot and use it anyway. It adds another layer of protection despite still being in beta.


Further, the search engine also ensures that search results are always truly anonymous. As savvy Internet users know, search engines like Google and Bing track its users ' every move and create a ‘profile’ based on what they search for, click on, and generally how they use the search engine. It’s downright creepy. Anyone worried about what this encroachment on privacy could mean for their regular lives, or they do not like the idea of giant entities knowing what their daily porn habits look like, knowing none of this is trackable is reason alone to choose BoodiGo.com. Browse without fear: users are in safe hands here.


Browse Clips4Sale only

BoodiGo.com gives users the option to select a few different sites to search by, including Tumblr and Blogpost. If these sites sound outdated, they are – but more on that later. Clips4Sale is another site users can search on BoodiGo, and it may just be the best way to find hot and sexy content for sale not only on Clips4Sale but on any similar site. Searching for content on Clips4Sale demonstrates how the search engine works at its best. Select the Clips4Sale button, type in one’s preferred search query, click enter.


The results that appear will work only for Clips4Sale, but if one does not like the search results, they can choose the Search Everything Instead option instead of seeing the full list of results that return for that particular query. Users that wish to look through the Clips4Sale links can look through the list, open the links that sound preferable, and will be redirected to a purchase page where they can buy the content directly from the user selling the content. It’s that easy!


One feature that would have been beneficial when looking through Clips4Sale results would be to incorporate a gallery option. It’s unclear if this would have been possible, but Clips4Sale results would be so much easier to browse if it was possible to see images of the content for sale before clicking on the link, kind of like a snapshot of a website. This would make it so much easier to know which Clips4Sale search results are worth clicking on and which content is worth passing by. Because as it stands now, users must click the link from the search results to even see what the Clips4Sale link features, what the content is about, and what it looks like.


Still, it’s incredibly convenient to be able to browse Clips4Sale content in this manner. Users would never be able to search for Clips4Sale content this easily without having to search via the root domain. Even then, when Google, Bing, and the like keep tabs on one’s searching habits. Searching via the root domain may be easy with a little 'Google-Fu' knowhow, but why take the risk? Keep it on BoodiGo.com, and search with confidence!


No bullshit, basic web design

The first thing that visitors are going to notice about BoodiGo is that the overall look of the website is basic and uninspiring. In 99% of most adult sites reviewing on ThePornDude, this would be a terrible thing. In the case of this porn search engine, though, this works to the site’s benefit. When users visit the site, they are going to see only white space, the logo of the site, options to search via a search site rather than only the Web, the option to encrypt the search, and a few informational links at the bottom of the page.


That’s it!


Frankly, that’s exactly how the search engine should present itself. It’s obvious what users must do to search for content or porn sites that match their search query. There is no learning curve, and seeking out the search results a person craves could not be easier. Try it out: chances are it may become one’s personal, preferable method for looking up porn sites, free tube sites, and so on going forward!


A search engine only for porn

That’s really all anyone needs to know about why BoodiGo.com is worth visiting in the first place. A search engine solely used for looking at adult content without the risk of privacy concerns is by default suitable for everyone's consideration. BoodiGo.com should also be praised for how it actually ensures porn sites show up in search results in the first place.


The search engine allows webmasters and site owners to submit their own site for indexing. It’s as easy as submitting a form of the root directory. It goes to show that submitting one’s website for search purposes should always be this easy. It is no surprise that BoodiGo.com was created in response to the disgust porn site owners and the like were having with mainstream search engines, and why it remains popular to this day. This is how search engines should operate: to serve the searcher and make their lives more convenient, not the other way around.


And look, using this search engine will not give users the same results as a behemoth like Google or even Bing. This is a barebones, created-from-scratch search engine that is always improving, so give it a shot. It may take a few times to find the proper porn site. Still, those extra few minutes are worth it when considering that the user was able to search anonymously, safely, and without any data collected about their search query.


Sites to search should be updated

Although the search engine makes it easy to search for content on the Web and especially on Clips4Sale, users can enter queries and search on two other sites: Tumblr and Blogpost. While these two sites are still around, both are severely outdated and are in no way destinations for adult content. In fact, Tumblr removed all adult communities and content from its microblogging platform a little over a year ago, so one can’t even use it to look for porn. Blogpost hasn’t been relevant in years either, so barely anyone is going to browse using this method.


The site should consider replacing these buttons with NSFW (Not Safe For Work) subreddits on Reddit or give users the ability to search for content on Instagram or OnlyFans (if applicable), or something similar. Replace these two buttons with more relevant destination for adult content, and the search engine will thrive even more. Because as it stands, half of the sites one can browse for are virtually worthless.



BoodiGo.com is an anonymous search engine that will keep your adult browsing habits safe. The search results are decent, and users can mostly find what they are looking for. However, some of the sites that can be searched for are outdated and need to be replaced with more relevant platforms.

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