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  • plus Live video streaming quality
  • plus Spy mode is fun
  • plus Unmoderated section option
  • plus Mobile friendly/app
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  • minus Lack of females
  • minus Difficulty to find unmoderated section/use it
  • minus Hidden, misleading ads
  • minus Spam bots

 Defeating the Loneliness of Porn

When you watch a lot of porn, sometimes it can become a lonely endeavor. It is somewhat ironic, too, seeing as the whole point of porn is to provide a sort of fantasy for people to mediate their loneliness or their lack of a romantic or sexual partner by helping you forget about it. But what do you do when watching porn over and over again becomes the closest thing you have to a sex life? Every once in a while, inevitably, you are going to crave actual human interaction. Which is precisely why sex chat sites were invented.

Sure, there are adult camming sites too that are meant to cater to this deeply seeded need to reach out and actually interact with another person. On a camming site, of course, you can talk to some of the most attractive women in the world, as well as get them to fulfill just about any of your sexual desires. The downside to this, though, is that it comes at a price. And that price isn’t always low. Adult camming sites a great, but they are expensive. Not to mention addicting. If you aren’t careful, making a regular habit out of using these sorts of sites will drain you of all the poison, sure, but it could also drain your bank account.

But the good news is that there are plenty of options out there that allow you to chat with random strangers, either in text or video chat form. In fact, if you grew up through the 90s or early 00s, there is a good chance that you are already very familiar with such sites. Before the dawn of the adult webcam site, sites like Chat Roulette and Omegle ruled the online sex chat world.

Although these sites were not initially created specifically with sex chatting in mind, unsurprisingly, that is the direction that the users took it in. Give someone with a penis and a libido the ability to broadcast his own webcam and potentially chat with attractive women and it should be expected that he will show his penis on it.

Controversy Abounds

There is a darker side, too, of these sorts of chat sites. Perhaps you are familiar with the controversy that struck the site Chat Roulette in the early aughts … it seemed like every ‘expert’ on every talk show around the world began speaking out against the site due to the fact that it became, as they put it, a hotbed for pedophiles seeking to lure children into sex acts, on or offline. It wasn’t enough to kill the site entirely, but Chat Roulette certainly is not as big as it once was. And there are now protocols and moderations in place to ensure that nothing of this sort happens again.

Omegle, too, eventually became a place for creepy old men to try to seduce young girls … granted, to a much lesser degree. Either way, though, around the year 2013, the nudity and sexual content that users engaged in on the site became so prevalent that Omegle was forced to introduce a “moderated” chat. This became the main platform. They clearly took steps to limit and throttle the ability of people to bombard impressionable young girls with footage of their genitalia. The Omegle of today, as a result, looks very different from the Omegle prior to 2013.

Omegle Then and Now

Somewhat ironically, both of the giants of the random chat site (Chat Roulette and Omegle) were founded by teenagers. Chat Roulette was created by a 17-year-old kid from Russia. And Omegle was founded by an 18-year-old, Leif K-Brooks of Battleboro, Vermont. The site was launched on March 25th, 2009. And it picked up traction at a surprisingly fast speed. Within a month of its launch, Omegle boasted about 150,000 page-views per day.

This led the people at Omegle to expand their list of services. It seemed like their sudden popularity got them thinking that they could have been poised to become the next Skype. Perhaps they could move the company beyond merely a fun randomized one to one video chat site into a chat client used for businesses and the like.

In March of 2010, Omegle introduced a video conference feature, hoping to capitalize on what, at the time, Skype was lacking. This, of course, did not end up taking off the way that the site had hoped. But they did successfully manage to introduce an Omegle mobile app, which has found a little more popularity, in which users could chat with strangers directly from their smart phones and tablets.

Although Omegle was initially introduced as a text-only chat that paired users up with strangers, the company expanded to introduce its video chat component in 2010, which allowed users to allow access to their webcams and microphones in addition to communicating via a chat box to the side of the stream.

In 2011, the site also introduced a “spy mode” function, wherein users had the option to anonymously join in on the conversations of two other people. This was marketed as a way for a ‘spy’ user to chime in with questions based on the conversation. In spy mode, a user could choose to be the spy, or to engage in a conversation that could be spied on.

The following year, 2012, saw Omegle continue this consistent trend of expanding its services. This time, they decided to add a sort of social networking component. Now, before you broadcasted your webcam, users had the option to plug in “interest” tags. By doing so, the site would automatically pair you with users who had similar interests … thereby furthering the chances of an actual connection being made, instead of rolling the dice and potentially being coupled with someone with whom you have nothing in common.

In 2013, the site was split into two halves: a moderated and an unmoderated section. They figured that this might resolve their issues of people being bothered by sexual content when they didn’t want to be, while also allowing consenting adults to have their uncensored fun as well. In order to reach the unmoderated zone, though, all you have to do is claim to be 18 or older.

Still Kicking

Today, this is pretty much how the site stands. Although Omegle is nowhere near the 150,000 daily users of its heyday, when Porn Sites visited to check it out, the user counter was at a not unimpressive 19,000. That is still a fair number of random people to link up with. As far as using Omegle as a sex chat site today is concerned, at least for heterosexual men, it might be a little underwhelming.

First of all, expect to have to sort of sniff out the unmoderated section of the site to begin with. There are plenty of red herrings to throw you off track along the way. For example, clicking “adult” or “sex” chat buttons bring you to a third-party cam site, Bonga Cams. It may take some clicking around, but eventually, towards the bottom of the page, you’ll find a few options.

A corner of the page reads, “Start Chatting.” Below that, you have two main options: Text or Video. If you look closely, underneath Text, you will find, in much smaller type, Spy Mode (so, that’s still an option). And below the Video button, in equally tiny text, you will see an option for Unmoderated Section. That is, if you are looking to engage in some adult fun on Omegle, the one place on the site where you will find the ability to do so. So, it isn’t exactly advertised or made clear for first-time users.

A Cornucopia of Male Genitalia

Then, once you do go through the trouble of finding out how to have some xxx fun on Omegle, what you see will probably not be that enjoyable to you. Unless, of course, you love penises. If so, Omegle will be a sort of Eden. Because that is pretty much all you will see from your random chat partners. No matter how many times Porn Sites refreshed the chat, it was nothing but penis after penis after penis. Sure, probability says that if you kept doing this for an hour or two, eventually you might come across an attractive woman looking to have some fun. But the odds are, at best, very low.

Plus, in addition to a constant barrage of penises on the unmoderated section of Omegle, there are plenty of scam advertisers who will try to entice you into checking out their various ‘adult chat’ or camming sites. So, unfortunately, Omegle in 2020 is looking like nothing but male genitalia and spam bots. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

It is unfortunate, too, because Omegle has the potential to be an amazing free sex chat site. Porn Sites advice to the people behind Omegle? Make it easier for people to use the unmoderated section. Perhaps then the numbers of females would increase. Also, if you could incentivize ladies to use Omegle somehow, that would also help infinitely in making it a viable video sex chat site. Until then, however, it’s just a bunch of wangs.  

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