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  • plus With a few exceptions, the web design is excellent on any device
  • plus There are dozens of chat rooms which cater to any sort of sultry interest
  • plus At any time of the day, there are thousands of users chatting, trading pics, and making plans to meet up
  • plus The rules are clear, there are rarely flammers, and the moderators are fair
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  • minus We think that there are a lot of adverts and redirects on some pages
  • minus A few significant links on the homepage are broken
  • minus The mobile version is not as responsive

 Just like studio sites, chat rooms have been around for decades, but even now, the levels of quality vary quite a bit. Worse, many chat rooms may have a few excellent features, which, at face value, you look good like having lots of active members, but they may be hackers.

Alternatively, while a chat site may have an excellent layout, the crowd may be clustered in a single part of the world, so you might find yourself a little lonely in your country. There are a few which hit most of the traits a platform of this type should have like iSexyChat, and we find some significant issues.

How fortunate it is that we found 321SexChat and how lucky you found this article because it is the best sex-focused chat site we have seen so far.

An Established But Ever-Evolving Website

Way back in 2004, the earliest form of 321SexChat conveniently emerged following the Dot Com crash. Consequently, the website managed to gain an impressive number of users fairly early on. Of course, the first version of the site was fairly simple but sported the signature lavender-based color scheme and a few chat rooms.

A year later, there was a bit of an aesthetic upgrade but otherwise not too much difference in terms of performance.

Finally, in 2010, 321SexChat saw a complete design overhaul, which included a daring red, black and off-white color scheme. Along with that, new features were added, including more rooms and a forum.

For some reason, the webmasters switched to the near-original color layout but did start to modify the design in '12. They also added even more features like a semi-regularly updated blog and a polling system.

And finally, in 2017, we got the modern version of 321SexChat, though with the previously mentioned additions missing.

The Landing Page Design Is Not Too Distracting

The return to the old design is okay, though you have to be careful as to which buttons are links to the platforms chatrooms, and which are offsite redirects. However, once you get the hang of it you will not have to worry about constantly being taken somewhere else.

Scroll down on the homepage, and there is a pretty lengthy tutorial that also acts as a clever pitch to user 321SexChat. To sum up, you can chat up other users in one of the dozens of themed rooms, transfer images or other files, and instantly private message users. Unlike most other chat sites, you can even connect your webcam to some rooms and stream directly from your device for free.

All of the rest of the links are functional, but be aware that the FAQ and VIP link on the left-hand side menu is broken, but the Best Porn Sites connects you to our inspiration, ThePornDude.

There Are More Chatrooms Than Meets The Eye

When you look at the homepage, you might think that with ten chat rooms, there is a decent selection. However, once you log in, you will find that there are actually dozens to choose from, which are far more diverse than you might think.

While there are too many to go into in detail, here are the top ten most populated chat rooms on the site:

Porn – While the suggested room topic is changed by the moderators all of the time, here the material is all about any and every kind of mainstream smut. For this reason, the chat moves fast, and there are going to be hundreds of users to talk to at any time.

All sorts of smut are being exchanged here, and what is trending varies all of the time – no wonder it is the most popular room.

Roleplay – Though not quite as populated, this room often has hundreds of options of participants. Obviously, you are going to see a great deal of dialogue compared to other website spots of subs begging for instructions and doms laying down the law.

Older for Younger 18+ – Yes, this is exactly what you think it is…or at least imagine. Of course, all of the women tend to be on the younger side, but most of the girls there are the nubiles you would imagine.

Gay – Dudes fornicating with dudes on screen is what you are going to see — that and stills of that happening from users' sex lives.

That is the summary that we got when looking through this room. Of course, we mean no condemnation. In fact, some women seem to have a certain association with this room, so some guys might want to post here.

But given how our readership skews, they still should be aware...you are going to see penis possibly larger than yours. Interesting to look at, but just be warned, boys!

Indian Sex Chat – At first, we thought that this chat room was a bit curious. However, upon further consideration, we did consider the clearly obvious: a ton of members of this platform are from the Hindi subcontinent post on this website.

Tribute Room – Secrets await inside. Get an account and find out what awaits you. We promise you will not be disappointed.

BDSM – Of course, what you are going to find here is not a secret. All kinds of kink are discussed, fetish photos are traded, and people reveal their inner submissive side.

Show your wife or gf pics – Torrents of pictures go through this chatbox. While the sharing of it it would likely violate the platform’s TOS, we cannot guarantee how much of media traded is revenge porn.

Lesbian – Though the focus is on females who are mostly if not exclusively into their same-sex peers, respectful fellas are allowed in to voice their opinions and ask for some thirst pictures.

Rate My Cock – While there are a disproportionate number of guys in the chat, there are some women hanging out here as well. We bring this up because we imagine that, while they may want the ego boost, some of our male readers might be intimidated by such a room.

However, we have found that the men and women, no matter there orientation has a great time chatting and sharing d*ck pics here.

While there is a general set of guidelines for the entire site, keep in mind that some rooms do have some more specific rules.

There Are Several Ways To Watch And Chat

Like most other chat platforms, 321SexChat is compatible with tablets, smartphones, desktop, and other internet-capable devices. That said, while the mobile option is functional, we have a few issues with it. For one, some of the on-site pop-up advertisements take up too much of the screen and are hard to click off.

Second, overall this website has not been well optimized at all. For instance, the menus on the mobile version of the site are located at the bottom of the homepage.

Lastly, you do not need to have a membership in order to chat. However, there is a weird glitch where if no matter which chats option you pick, you will be taken to the first chat room you clicked on.

Get Some Decent Sext And Sex Tips

Though not as numerous as the blog section compared to previous incarnations of 321SexChat, there are a handful of useful articles in the left-hand menu.

The first is a pretty lengthy piece on enjoying great phone sex. Not only are these tips applicable to an ordinary person looking to spice things up with their significant other, this is a fantastic introduction for aspiring phone sex operators.

Second, the roleplaying article is exactly what it sounds like and has some fairly kinky, though a little cliché ideas for an extended sex session. The next article, Top 4 Roleplay Tips, are perfect for couples who are doing it long distance. However, the focus is not on scenarios and outfits, but instead, the circumstances and places in your respective locations to make the experience comfortably predictable but still enjoyable.

The final article is all about making the most of Tinder – or specifically, how to maximize your chances of getting laid. Although Tinder is the application of focus, much of the advice can be applied to other dating programs.

But 321 Sexy Chat Does Not Have Their Own Cammers

Though there are a couple of links to cam shows, these do not take you to exclusive 321SexChat models. That is not to say that the talent is not worth looking at – in fact, quite the opposite. But we should note that the first connects you to Cams.com and the second to ChatRoulette.

Read The FAQ And Follow The Rules

Though they are just about the same as other chat platforms, we still recommend reading the Rules page before you join as a member or even a guest. Besides the typical no trolling, hacking, insulting, etc. there are a few things we think you should be aware of.

For one, in addition to not spamming by posting affiliate links, you are not allowed to leave links to porn websites or your own. On a related note, do not connect users to .zip or .exe files. Doing this or anything similar will likely result in an automatic ban.

Second, any form of conversation which is suggestive of underage or incestuous relations – i.e., use of words like ‘daddy,’ ‘lil,’ or ‘younger’ – along with sexual activity related to zoophilia or forced sex. Not only will you be banned, but you risk criminal prosecution. In fact, in the past 321SexChat has aided law enforcement and answered dozens of subpoenas.

Lastly, do not argue or even object to something a moderator says – they will block you if, but that does not mean you do not have recourse.

If you are banned, you can contest it by filling out a form under the Help menu. Unlike many other chat service providers, 321SexChat reliably and speedily respond to appeals.

Are You On Twitter? Check Out Their Tweets

Though you do not have to follow 321SexChats Twitter feed to keep up with all of the vital developments, after all, the moderators of each room regularly update specific room topics, but this social media page does broadcast some neat surprises which and spontaneous events which may excite some of you.

What We Enjoyed And You Will, Too

To sum up the best parts of 321SexChat, the selection of rooms to talk in and the number of people you can interact with will keep you entertained for hours. Plus, since members can not only exchange files but also receive live webcam footage from other fine users. In essence, there is almost no limit to the amount of porn you can get for free.

Just be sure to ask nicely when interacting with others. On that note, we have found that as the rules, the moderators are completely reasonable and fair.

Amusingly, on the homepage, there is a link called Best Free Adult Chat Sites, which ranks and rates the top 15 chat sites with 321SexChat sites placed at the top, of course.

And What Was Not So Spectacular

The only major issue we had with this website was the commercial ads. However, while some of the GIF-style banners were a bit distracting sometimes, the way they were placed on each page reduced that effect.

Other than that, you might rarely see a slim, attention-grabbing advert pop-up in the chat stream. That said, this does not happen too often that it breaks up the flow of a conversation.

There Are Some Features Which Should Make A Comeback

As is, there is nothing too significant to critique. However, when looking at past incarnations of the website, there are some features that we think should be brought back.

We think that a return of the forum would make this website even better than it already is. While it may seem redundant, there is a completely different dynamic when it comes to interacting with people in real-time and taking the time to think through and write out a post on a forum.

Speaking of writing, we would review the old articles from a previous version of 321SexChat’s blog. Further, we would continue to publish new posts to encourage conversation and provide a value to attract even more chatters.

On a minor point, we do find that the eclectic but somehow still harmonious mix of lavender, yellows, oranges, and shades of other tertiary and quaternary colors overlaid on a white background looks fine. However, the red background with black and off-white from the site circa 2010 would look even better.

Lastly, we would revive the polling system both to gauge how we could tweak the site to make it just right and to ensure user-website loyalty.

Is This The Perfect Sexting Chat Platform?

Yes, we think we have found it – or at least almost. While not perfect, this site may as well be the holy grail for those horny text fiends who like to talk shop, get off with, or even meet up with like-minded people.

There are some things we would bring back from previous versions of this domain, but they are not needed to enjoy this website. Further, the small problem we had with the adverts scattered all over the site was not too much of a turn off for us.

Indeed, there are dozens of fascinating chat rooms, many of which have dozens, if not hundreds of participants at any hour. In addition to titillating conversation, there are plenty of people giving away all kinds of kinky, anatomically revealing photos depending on which room you are in.

For all of those features and more, we award this website four and a half out of five hands. Obviously, we think you should check it out, either as a guest or a registered member.

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