users likeusers like
  • plus You can create your own chatrooms to discuss all kinds of kink
  • plus Once you read through them, all the rules are fairly easy to understand
  • plus People in the chat rooms tend to be friendly
  • plus You can start chatting without an account now
users hateusers hate
  • minus Certain parts of this site tend to be overly complicated
  • minus We think that aesthetically this website should be redesigned
  • minus The colors used on most pages are a bit boring

Are you looking for something different? Do you have an interest in seeing beautiful people being posed in particularly pornographic poses? Are you one of those people who has a thirst for sensuality but have a hard time (no pun intended) in expressing that?


Here is a better question, are you looking for a chat space or someone who might challenge you? If you are – and whether you want to admit it or not – there are several websites which you must look into. If you do, then we think you will like Chatzy.com.


If you resonate with any of that, you need to continue reading this article. Not only are you going to find that there are porn reviewers who agree with your view, but more importantly, a ton of other pleasing features.


A Sex Chat Site For The Ages

Back at the near beginning of the 21st century, this website was put up with many of the same that the (relatively modern and) best virtual chat rooms were being posted to the net.


Back in those days, you only had to input the minimal amount of information (that is a username and who you are sending a chat to) to send a message to.


Over the years, Chatzy looks almost about the same as it did back in 2002 as it does now, which is not a bad thing. Rather, this website seems reasonably good though there have been a few significant changes.


To focus on the important stuff, Chatzy used to have and still does have an excellent personal message system. The modern version has been improved with more color and the option to invite new people onto the site, which we think is nice though a lot of people tend to be a bit flaky when it comes to joining.


There Seem To Be Rooms For Most People

The primary idea of creating a chat room, let alone a website that hosts people from all over the world to talk in private, is to produce a platform whereon people can get into in-depth conversations about anything.


Of course, on sites like this, the focus tends to be on sex, but we like the fact that there is a way to get people to open up about literally anything. If you do want to do that, Chatzy is a great site to go to – especially when you have so many options to express yourself through text or through other forms of communication.


Besides the usual chatting, there is an incredible library of emojis, which makes it even easier to express yourself in a chat conversation. If you want to express yourself with even more detail, check out the Chat Commands page before you create a new room.


If you check this part of the website out, you will see a series of themes, potential user actions, and appropriate administrator interference to perfect your new chat room.


If you are familiar with CSS or HTML, you will find interacting with this site to be a breeze. However, even if you are new to coding, creating a new way to talk is not too hard if you hang out enough on other chat rooms.


There Are Other Social Features

The great thing about social media, no matter if it is a platonic or pornographic site, is that you are going to find someone to talk to. That does not guarantee that you are going to find your next (or first) true love, but there is the possibility that you might find someone of interest.


The Staff’s Blog Is The Sort Worth Reading

To fully understand what a web designer's dream is, we tend to look at a few things. Those elements include the programming which has been invested into a site to make it run on any device, the use of vectors and color to make it visually pleasing, and any special feature to draw in an audience.


To be honest, while this site has enjoyed decent updates when it comes to coding, there is not much to say when it comes to visuals. The light green background is fine but does not look that great when compared to the yellow of sections of the site, which contrasts in black text and a yellow outline.


However, there are a few other parts of this site wherein the weirdness makes up for the lack of adequate design. For example, the webmasters' blog section elucidates the site's maintainers while also adding some pleasant additional content.


This may seem like a minor thing to some of you, but when it comes to maintaining a website, we think that this is a sign of high class.


You Can Create Your Own Quick Chat, Blog, Or Website

The main feature of this platform is the opportunity to start a conversation without a profile. Through the Start Quick Chat option, anyone can do that, though we cannot guarantee the level of audience engagement.


With an account on this platform, you can extend your own social media following or expand your existing social platform. To be specific, through Chatzy, you can create, contribute to, and re-work chat rooms however you want to.


When it comes to how to create proper discussion content or a new chatroom, the FAQ is where you need to go for in-depth pages.


Getting An Account Has Benefits

To be sure, this is not universally true, but there are reasons to get an account with many sex sites like this one. When it comes to Chatzy, there is everything we have previously mentioned in this article plus several other bonus features.


This website has and still does not have any annoying popups to exit out of. The webmasters have done more than enough work to make this site functional, no matter which browser you are using.


Furthermore, no matter how you are accessing the net, you should not have to deal with installing the latest version of Flash or some other program. If you are plugged in, your fans should be easily able to access your content while also having a feeling of being safe.


Chatzy advertises that it works on all major platforms, coding languages, and corporate firewalls. And so it claims to be compatible with multiple languages. While most of that seems to be true, this site’s marketing to be improved.


When it comes to language, there are tools to translate different tongues, but there is not a feature that is up there with the Google translation tool. This may seem like a minor perk – and in some ways, it is considering different translation software – but if you do not trust Yahoo, Skype, or similarly insecure platforms, this is a great feature.


So, you can start chatting right away, even without a free account. All you need as a member is an account so you can create new rooms, blogs, etc. which is the easiest thing to do when you set your machine to auto-memorize your account information.


To do that, all you need to do is verify that you are a new user, plug in your email, and create a new password. After that, Chatzy will recall your preferences, the chat invitations you have put out there, and your desired protected rooms.


But Be Sure To Read The FAQ

Virtually all porn platforms tend to have rules which determine how people can interact with each other and what kind of content they can upload.


Since there are so many websites which usually focus on promoting one or a few different kinds of kinds, this makes sense. Then there is the consideration regarding taboo or illegal stuff which some people need be reminded not to upload which is why we like sections of sites like this, even if they seem superfluous.


There are several FAQ-type sections that will explain how to interact and maximize your enjoyment of Chatzy.


Besides the basics like how to keep open or delete a chat room, there are tabs that explain what a Skin is, uploading content in different media, and how to use special features.


Experiencing This Site Between Devices

Getting a room (no pun intended) on the mobile version of Chatzy is a great experience. The or it can be given depending on how detail-oriented you are.


This website looks nice, though unlike the desktop version, you are already taken to a sign-up page to get an account rather than being allowed to surf the site freely.


If you are ready to get an account, you will find Chatzy's mobile version to be just fine. However, we think the best way to experience it is on the normal version.


Summing Up Chatzy’s Good, Bad, And Ugly

When it comes to a sex centered website –or even, when it comes to any website we review – the lack of any sort of adverts it much appreciated. So, no matter what you want to talk about, you will not have to worry about being bothered by obnoxious commercial banners.


This is true no matter what kind of device you use, which is another plus, as are the potential custom URL, hosting options, and more which you get with a premium but free Chatzy blog account.


Even with all of these bonuses, we still think that this site needs a layout upgrade. After all, being decades old at this point, everything should get a bit of a touch-up.


Chatzy – A Platform Worth Joining?

If you are looking to not only talk about but set up your own platform to talk sex, then this is a website you should look into. For everyone else, you might be put off by how old Chatzy is, but we think it is still worth looking into.


Overall, we think that this chat site deserves three and a half hands of five, but we are interested in your opinion. Give us some feedback and let us know what you think of Chatsy.com.

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