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Before the 21st century, anal sex used to be a taboo subject. But now, it's been widely popularized, and people around the world are practicing it. And thanks to that subject no longer being taboo, people can practice it safely and without any problems. For fans of anal sex and ass play in general, this site is the key, and it will be their new home. EvilAngel.com is a pornographic site specializing in videos of that kind, as well as gonzo pornography as well.


History of the site and the design of it

The Evil Angel company was founded back in 1989, hence the name of EvilAngel.com. The founder of the company, John Stagliano, based the name of the company on his old nickname that he got when he was working as an exotic dancer. During his time as a dancer, he had a colleague that was also named John. So, their manager called Stagliano the 'Evil John' in order to avoid confusion and to have a different nickname for these two guys. John Stagliano's girlfriend back then was so inspired by his act and its dark style, that she started calling herself an Angel. And after that, John simply combined the names and got the inspiration for the company.


The first movie that the company produced also came out in 1989, and John Stagliano starred in it himself. It was a classic pornographic video with a vibe very similar to the eighties, with women dressed like that, and they were wearing puffy hairstyles from that time as well. After that video, John made one of the biggest and most successful pornographic series ever - The Adventures of Buttman. That series was the first series ever to include the Gonzo pornography genre, and John is credited as the author of it.


The design of EvilAngel.com, though, is very dark and very authentic and original. It feels like they still kept the same vibe that John had from the start, and they made the site look very similar to other Gothic places on the internet. It has that Dracula vibe that John used to love, and probably still does. With the black color covering most of the site, red letters that look incredibly spooky, and ads that are showing fantastic porn, John's legacy seems stable. Even today. The site also does not seem very complicated for usage, and it does not possess a large number of additional options.


Content of the website

The content on EvilAngel.com has a specific theme. Although the site does not stick do this theme strictly, the users will be able to notice that all the videos revolve around the same thing. And those things are blowjobs, lots of gonzo scenes, a lot of cum play, and of course, anal sex. The videos are not slow-paced, and they include hardcore action that the users will definitely find quite enjoyable. So for those of you that like that, you better check that out.


EvilAngel.com has almost eighteen thousand videos on its site, and new ones are being uploaded practically every single day. Most of the older videos are available in High Quality for members, and almost three hundred are in 4K quality. Of course, in order to view them, you have to become a paid member of the site. Aside from the videos, you can find photography galleries in high resolutions, as well. And those photographs and videos are full of well-known porn stars and directors like Riley Reid, Valentina Nappi, as well as the legendary Rocco Siffredi.


Desktop and mobile experience

The desktop experience on EvilAngel.com isn't that exciting, but it is not dull, as well. All of the core options can be found right at the top of the site, and those are different and interesting. Aside from the usual options that are closely tied to the content like the videos, pictures, and the models, you can find other things as well. For example, the channels, consisting of all the networks that have worked with EvilAngel.com. And you can also find their forum, best deals and scores, and things related to membership prices and benefits of the memberships.


The mobile experience on EvilAngel.com offers you the exact same thing, it's just that the looks are a bit different. For example, instead of the options being at the top of the site, they are all neatly arranged in a list. You can access that list by clicking on the button that is in the upper right corner. And that's the only thing that genuinely varies from the PC experience. One thing that both mediums have in common is that you can find new and popular videos by scrolling down. Just in case you don't want to be bothered by the options and categories.


What I like and dislike about the place

There truly isn't anything that EvilAngel.com does wrong, and there are no significant flaws. But one that the users might notice is the lack of categories in that traditional sense. But even that is kind of forgivable, considering the fact that the site focuses on a specific type of porn, so there is no real need for that options anyways. Instead, the users can focus on the content, or browse for their wanted videos through the models or other mediums that are available on EvilAngel.com. They can also focus on the channels as well, in case they're looking for a specific network.


But what is lovable and amazing about EvilAngel.com is its design. The site is working hard to bring the dark and gritty vibe that they're known for, while at the same time focusing on their content. By doing that, they are achieving great things, such as improving the quality of their videos and making the whole experience more aesthetically pleasing for the users. The colors used are amazing and beautiful, and the video player is remarkable, as well. So there genuinely are not any major flaws that one might complain about.


One thing that is also impressive is the regular updates. With them, the users can't get bored with the site, and they can always enjoy new content. That makes the whole experience feel like it's worth paying for. And the users will never feel tricked or betrayed, since new content is always on the way, and they can consume it right on the spot. And you have the download options as well, meaning that the users can expand their collections and keep their porn. Even if the membership eventually expires and they do not renew it.


Suggestions for the site and conclusion

An excellent suggestion for EvilAngel.com would probably be to introduce the categories since they do have them under their videos. That way, it would become more accessible for the users to orient themselves as they're browsing through numerous videos on the website. And the photographs as well, considering the fact that there are thousands of them. They should also put everything in one place. Since, even though the options are generally attractive, there's far too many of them for new users to keep up. In fact, EvilAngel.com could be a little simplified.


The design is also impressive, but the letters for the options may be a bit too small. The mobile experience covers that whole thing and makes it better, but PC users may have a bit of a problem. Maybe they could also make the site seem more exciting or spooky by making their fonts more unique and interesting. Even though the black and red color work well together, that's not enough to make the site look appealing. They are looking for a darker look, so maybe they should implement more elements similar to the style that they're going for. Like some Gothic fonts or same things like that.


All in all, EvilAngel.com is a fantastic site, and the potential members will love it. The prices are all generally fair, and considering the fact that you get new content every day, it seems like a pretty good deal. EvilAngel.com takes care of its members/customers and works really hard on pleasing them. Just the number of video content seems unbelievable. But it is not, since all of it is in HQ and you have the photographs available as well. You can also get access to different networks and models, and you can use them for browsing the place much easier. So if you think about it, EvilAngel.com is offering to their new members one of the most excellent deals ever.

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