Reality Kings

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  • plus High-quality gonzo porn
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  • plus Access to 50+ sites
  • plus New uploads every day
  • plus Sleek site design
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  • minus Ads on a pay site
  • minus It is not cheap
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No Need to Take a Gamble

There are so many porn sites to choose from that sometimes it can seem downright impossible to pick just one. It can be overwhelming to try and browse through the seemingly never-ending (and continuously growing) list of porn sites out there and know which will be worth your time, money, and energy. Plus, how is anyone supposed to settle on a single type of porn site when there are so many variations these days?


Well, Pornsites.com has set out to make your life a little more comfortable in this regard. Pornsites.com scours the internet for all the best porn sites so that you don’t have to. The goal is to save you a lot of stress, time, and wasted money. Nobody wants to have to gamble with their hard-earned cash when it comes time to figure out which premium porn site is the right one for them. Consider Pornsites.com’s reviews as your sneak peek into how these sites function, allowing you to have a rare glimpse into the innerworkings of sites that you otherwise would have to become a member in order to see.


The site that we will be taking a gander at today is one of the most popular porn sites in the ‘gonzo’ porn category. Gonzo porn is meant to be a more immersive kind of pornography. Instead of offering highly stylized, big-budget productions with a traditional third-person point of view camera, gonzo porn puts you directly into the center of the action. It often favors first-person camerawork (also known as POV porn) and prominently features situations that one could say are slightly more ‘realistic’ than those in more traditional porn.


Relativity of Realism

“Realism,” however, is relative. The situations most often presented in Reality Kings videos are scenarios that could, hypothetically, go down in real life. In other words, instead of offering videos in which hot chicks simply come up to guys and seduce them out of the blue, Reality Kings focuses on more familiar, attainable fantasies. Maybe the guy’s secretary, for example, will be willing to do whatever it takes to get a raise. Perhaps the man will order an escort. It is not hard to conceive of a student willing to put in some extra credit to get an “A” in math class. There is, to put it simply, always a relatively believable backstory in Reality Kings’ content.


That being said, the narrative is never the focal point of these videos. Unlike other porn sites, Reality Kings does not get bogged down by the story. They allow it to be where it should be: in the background. It is the basis, the premise, of the porn, not the main event. This is a refreshing approach, too, because Reality Kings manage to strike a pretty even balance between narrative and action; whereas many other porn sites tend to either rely too heavily on it or ignore it altogether. Reality Kings has found that Goldie Locks ratio, though, giving the viewer just enough of it to slip into the fantasy, but not so much that the porn itself gets overshadowed.


From the moment that you log into the Reality Kings members’ area, it will become immediately apparent that this is a highly professional site. The site’s design is dynamic, streamlined, and easy to use. Nothing is difficult to find, everything is organized and conveniently filtered to your liking, and it has a sleek aesthetic to it. At the very top of the page, you will find a carousel banner, alternating ads, new features, and promos for new or upcoming Reality Kings content – making it as easy as possible to stay abreast of everything that this site has to offer. Never miss a beat. This is a handy offering when you consider how frequently Reality Kings uploads videos.


A Real Abundance of Porn

With a grand total of 13,976 videos to choose from (as of the time of this review), it is safe to say that you will never become bored with a Reality Kings membership. Consider for a moment, too, that you can expect at least one new video every day, sometimes two or three. Quantity, then, is far from a concern when it comes to this site. Will you be getting your money’s worth? Well, assuming that you like the gonzo style of porn, there is an excellent chance.


Equally crucial to quantity, however, when it comes to whether or not a porn site will be worth paying for is quality. The videos, obviously, need to be good enough to pique your interest. Although it is rather tricky for Pornsites.com to comment on how much you will like Reality King’s pornos (this is an incredibly subjective matter), it is undebatable that Reality Kings puts out well-executed HD videos with some of the top porn stars in the industry. Pair this with the fact that they have struck the perfect balance between story and action, and you definitely have the recipe for one of the best porn sites out right now.


It should come as no surprise that Reality Kings has tons of high-quality videos to offer. They are owned, after all, by the infamous porn conglomerate, Mind Geek. This is the same company, in case you are unfamiliar, that is responsible for bringing the world-renowned sites like Porn Hub, Brazzers, Digital Playground, Twistys, Mofos, Babes, and Property Sex. There is, therefore, a sort of built-in quality assurance with any of the sites within the Mind Geek empire. You can pretty much be guaranteed great porn on Reality Kings.


Great Site Design

The user experience of Reality Kings, too, is top-notch. As Pornsites.com has previously mentioned, the site’s design is impeccable. In addition to a great aesthetic and overall layout, the site is easily navigated. Above the sleek banner at the top of the page, you will find the site menu bar, from where you can browse the site however you see fit.


Here, you can explore videos, pictures, your favorites, or your watch later list. You can also browse the site by accessing a comprehensive list of all of the porn stars to ever appear in a Reality Kings video. Peruse alphabetically, by recent activity, top ratings, number of videos, or number of views. Or, you can always type in a keyword and see which girls appear. It has never been easier to find your favorite porn star, read her bio, and access all of her content in just a click or two.


Only a Few Minor Complaints

What’s more, Reality Kings has a tagging system in place, which makes browsing videos by your specific interests as simple as can be. Whether you like threesomes, big butts, MILFs, or teens, you can find it quickly and efficiently by either clicking “Categories” in the site menu bar or clicking onto a tag underneath a video that you are currently watching.


This is the first area of the site, though, that Pornsites.com finds to be a little lackluster. Reality Kings only offers a total of 7 categories for you to choose from. Anyone who spends even a below-average amount of time watching porn knows, however, that 7 is nothing compared to the number of categories that exist.


Pornsites.com only has one other minor complaint when it comes to Reality Kings, though, and that is its use of advertisements. It strikes Pornsites.com as wholly unnecessary for such a big-name porn site to require ads in the first place, let alone one that charges its members a monthly or yearly fee (which is not chump change, mind you). This strikes Pornsites.com as downright greedy, which is quite a turnoff. That being said, at least the ads are not the invasive kind. There are no popups, pop-unders, or promos prior to videos; but, still, for a site that is clearly raking in the dough, it rubs Pornsites.com the wrong way.


All in all, though, at the end of the day, if you are looking for a site that offers high-quality porn (and lots of it) with new uploads daily, skews toward a gonzo aesthetic, and is easy to use, Reality Kings might just be your new go-to. Save for the ads and the fact that they could stand to expand their categories section, Reality Kings is a site that you will be happy to pay for. Quality, quantity, and a variety of content are what this site has to offer.

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