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Netflix to Wet Flix

There is no doubt about it, Netflix has completely revolutionized the way in which we consume media. Television will never be the same again. It is rare that it occurs, but every once in a great while, a company puts out a product that changes the world forever. Amazon did it with online shopping. Facebook did it with the ways in which we socialize. And, going back a little further in time, Ford did it with the Model T automobile. All of these innovations altered the way society functions, one could say, at a fundamental level.


And that is precisely what Netflix did with TV and movies. They had a novel idea. And that novel idea quickly became the standard, replacing the old modes of media consumption eventually. First Netflix came for the movie rental industry, supporting a model by which you could add movies to your que and have new ones shipped right to your door upon making your return. This, effectively, put Blockbuster out of business. But that was not Netflix’s endgame. Far from it.


Nowadays, more people watch TV and movies on their computers or smart TVs via Netflix than they do cable. It will come as no surprise if, within the next ten years, traditional cable TV becomes a thing of the past. And this is all due to Netflix’s highly innovative model for providing a ton of content, all available in one convenient site, at one low monthly price.


We are all familiar, of course, with the cultural phenomena that Netflix’s website model inspired. That’s right, binging. Along with the ability to stream entire series at one time, Netflix effectively altered the way in which TV shows are released. Whereas, under the old model, people had to wait a week at a time in order to see the next episode of their favorite sitcom or drama, Netflix made it so that you could stream entire seasons in one sitting, one episode after the other. Now, because of this, shows are more frequently released in bulk, whole seasons at a time. There is no understating how much this company has pioneered the way that Hollywood and the TV industry operate today.


Then, of course, there are the sexual implications inherent in the Netflix model. Likely because of the binge-worthiness of the site’s shows and the hours of entertainment that such a model thusly provides, the term “Netflix and chill” became synonymous with having a girl come over to your house and hook up. It is a very convenient way to segue into heavy petting, if you think about it, one that has been a hookup move for decades. Just put on a movie and, boom, you are automatically closer to your lady. It makes you wonder just how many sexual adventures Netflix alone is responsible for.


Which leads us, of course, to porn. Because, obviously, porn does not exist in a vacuum! Since Netflix altered the topography of media consumption, naturally, it has altered the way in which people consume adult entertainment as well! And not just in the advent of the free porn tube or something like that, wherein we were suddenly able to access a ton of free content from a variety of sources either. No, almost immediately after Netflix launched, the debate began happening … which site was to become the Netflix of porn?


Honestly, such a title would be an honor for any porn site to be bestowed with. However, a lot of the porn sites that have claimed to be the Netflix of porn over the years have proven to come nowhere near the excellence of Netflix in execution. There is one site, though, that seldom gets talked about. Which is an absolute shame considering the fact that it is probably the closest thing to a pornographic Netflix that Porn Sites has ever seen. And that site is Adult Time.


Finally, the Real Netflix of Porn

The Netflix influence on the site will become clear the second you log into the member’s area. It literally looks almost identical to Netflix in site design and layout. Plus, it turns out, it mirrors the popular streaming service in terms of its business model as well. But more on that later. For now, it is absolutely necessary that we dwell for a moment on how sleek, intuitive, familiar, and easy to use Adult Time’s site design is.


At the very top of the page, you will find a large banner, where new episodes of Adult Time’s many series and longform scenes are promoted, alternating one to the next in a carousel fashion. All of the promos look extremely professional, not unlike the movie or series posters you will find in regular popular media. Above that, you will find a very minimalist site menu bar, allowing you to navigate Adult Time just like you would any other premium porn site if you so desire.


You can browse videos, pictures, porn stars, channels, or DVDs. You can click into the Community section of Adult Time, which will grant you access to a surprisingly large and active forums site in addition to all of the great adult entertainment that this site provides. Lastly, from the site menu bar, you can check out Adult Time’s very own xxx cam site – which requires a separate login, as well as a separate pool of money with which to purchase tokens and tip the girls – or see some of the promotional deals that Adult Time has to offer for discounted memberships to partner sites.


Extremely Easy to Use and Intuitive

From there, it really is just like Netflix. The site is broken up into several sections based on media type, genre, and recommendations for you. First, you’ll find Latest Updates, then Recommended Scenes for You. Below that are recommended channels, popular porn stars, recently watched, trending videos, and a few category-based sections as well (which will depend on your viewing habits).


But enough about how amazing the site looks and how well it functions. Let’s move onto the content. As mentioned earlier, Adult Time mirrors Netflix in business model as well. And, thus, that means that Adult Time mirrors Netflix in terms of the variety of content available for its users. Netflix, obviously, does not only offer Netflix Original content. If they did, they would likely flop. They offer popular TV shows and movies that people know and love as well. That is integral to the Netflix model.


Great Variety of Content

Adult Time, too, does not only offer original content. They do offer original content, for sure, make no mistake about it. They offer tons of original content. But one of the things that really sets Adult Time apart is the fact that they also offer videos from other premium porn sites that we know and love. Enjoy content from sites like 21 Sextury, Vivid, Pure Taboo, Rocco Siffredi, Pegas Productions, and 21 Naturals. You really cannot go wrong with such a wide variety of styles of porn, as well as a wealth of Adult Time original content.


As far as their originals are concerned, they are very series oriented. This is nice because it adds to that Netflix feel, sure, but also because you can be guaranteed a certain aesthetic and satisfaction every time you tune in, so to speak. Plus, there are plenty of them to go around. Whether it is their sci-fi porn series, A Future Darkly or the Glow-inspired athletic bodies and lesbian action of Girlcore, you are guaranteed to find something that you like – and lots of it.


Best Deal on the Web?

Adult Time has to be one of the best deals out there. For one low monthly price, you will suddenly have access to what amounts to 50 separate porn sites. It’s pretty hard to beat that. Plus, thanks to the Netflix influence, you can be guaranteed quality site design (honestly, it’s probably better than 95% of the porn sites out there), tons of variety, and top-notch quality porn. There is not much in the way of complaints when it comes to this site. They even have a pretty thorough advanced search option, allowing you to browse videos by duration, porn star, video quality, multiple categories at once, sexual preference (straight, lesbian, or bi), and more.


If Porn Sites had to come up with a complaint, however, it would probably just be the fact that it would be nice to see a larger scope of external porn sites offered. In other words, the ratio of Adult Time originals to partner content is a little unbalanced. This is to be expected, though, it’s not like competitor sites are exactly champing at the bit for the opportunity to give away their exclusive content to a competitor’s site users to reap the benefits. But, either way, hopefully this aspect will expand in the months and years to come.


Even if it doesn’t, there is really no way you can lose with this site. Porn Sites gives it two thumbs up and highly recommends that you check it out for yourself! 

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