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MILF porn is one of the most popular and favorite porn genres all across the world. Whether it's old dogs or young and horny men, it doesn't matter. Practically everyone enjoys a hot middle-aged body of a woman in her prime, with all the meaty and juicy curves in the right places. If you're one of those guys, then you will definitely enjoy this site. It's full of fresh MILF porn, done in many exciting ways, and with many entertaining sexual acts.


History of the site and the design of it

The history of Mylf.com isn't mainly known or available anywhere on the internet. But, what is known is that the site was launched in June 2018. What's even more impressive is that they managed to record nearly two hundred scenes in a little over a year. And all of them are in HQ, even the trailers. So, if you're looking for some high-quality MILF pornography to keep you company in the evenings, then this will be the perfect spot. With all that quality, the content has got to be amazing as well.


The design of Mylf.com, on the other hand, is not that impressive. When you first enter the site, you will notice that the design is really simplistic, but it does make an effort to seem classy, which would be acceptable. However, as soon as you log in, that's a different story. The whole design is even more simplistic, with some other elements that are unlikable as well. These elements we will explain now, but the users will surely not like them.


Mylf.com made a terrible move with this one. When you enter the member's area, you will notice that the whole place is entirely filled with their partners, as well as even more offers. They're either from the exact same network or from sites with whom they've formed partnerships. In fact, it is very hard to spot the place where you can continue to Mylf.com directly since all of the thumbnails of promotions look the same. However, when you do spot it, you can move on quickly.


From then on, it is okay. The site does look a bit classy, and the options seem to be available. Most of them are at the top of the site, with only the videos being below. They are neatly arranged in the form of a list, or rather a gallery. And it's pretty easy to browse, with no lags or problems whatsoever. So Mylf.com's done an excellent job on that, at least.


Content of the website

The content on Mylf.com really doesn't need much more explaining. It's about the MILF ladies, and only about them. With multiple channels all across their network, you get different types of porn as well, but cougars are the central theme. They are hot, and they are the most sexually appealing porn stars in the industry. With that kind of content, new users will not be disappointed for sure.


What truly is interesting about the content, though, is the fact that they have interesting stories and scenarios. As much as some users won't admit it, the story is one of the most exciting parts of the whole video. And it's usually what gets the customers horny in the first place, so they really do have to work on them. And here, you can find anything, from freaky things like mom and stepson, all the way to the weird stuff - like sexual enlightening during a yoga session. If that sounds interesting, check it out.


Desktop and mobile experience

Besides the whole pain in the ass experience, desktop browsing was generally cool. You have many simple options that will make it easier for you to navigate Mylf.com. You can also easily find videos, and you can browse them in multiple different ways, which is refreshing too. The porn stars are also listed as well, and you can see who is starring in the movie correctly. That's making it much easier for you to find whoever you want to find and to follow their work as well.


Mobile experience on Mylf.com is generally the same. The options are all precisely the same, but you only need to press the button in order to uncover them, since they couldn't space them out on the phone. And that's it, no other differences are present, and your browsing will still be comfortable. In fact, their mobile and desktop experiences are lovely, and you will thoroughly enjoy them for sure. That's it for that part.


It's not anything bombastic or spectacular, but it's relatively easy and practical. And that's the only important part if you're really here about the porn. That's what Mylf.com is, not technical miracles. For users who are okay with that, this site will become their new home. But if you have your eyes on the designs and their looks, then you can simply browse sophisticated pornographic magazines.


What I like and dislike about the place

One thing that is genuinely likable about Mylf.com is the fact that they're content is impressive. The videos are excellent, the quality is outstanding, and everything is just dandy. Considering the fact that the site has only been existing for around a year and a half, it's exceptionally amazing that they've put out almost two hundred videos. Plus, they've only worked with the best girls in the business, which is an impressive thing that definitely speaks loud about their site.


The design on Mylf.com is also beautiful. It's really simple, but combined with the availability of the options and the general looks of it, it's cool. Your mind won't be blown because of it, but at least you will be able to browse the site in peace. And, you will surely like the lack of boring options and the lack of shady ads all around your videos. All in all, the design is okay and enjoyable, as well.


The only annoying thing is the fact that Mylf.com at first has to bombard you with their partners, their network channels, and their discounts. All while hiding the gateway to the real site at the beginning. That's a bad business tactic that mostly pisses of most of the users. Mainly because that's sort of a middle ground before you can move on the member's area. Doing it to non-customers could be understanding, but bombing people that paid for the site? No, no.


All in all, there's more good to Mylf.com than bad stuff. And if you take that into consideration, then you might as well become a member of the site. In fact, places like this, you really don't see that often, which is a cool thing. It may not be the best site in existence, but it's better than most of them. And the content is what truly matters, and that's excellent as well.


Suggestions for the site and conclusion

The first suggestion that Mylf.com should probably listen to would be to fix that lousy move about the annoying promotions. But that's obvious, and no users want to be bothered during their browsing time, so they should probably get rid of that. If they fixed that, they would be an even better place, even though they're already cool now. But there are other suggestions too, but they're tiny. And they are mostly tied to the design.


The design truly is fresh and does seem classy. But only in the member's area. For the primary site, the place you end up before you join the website, the design looks a bit stale. It's still classy and everything, but they could use some refreshments. Even though the content is supposed to speak for itself, they still look like any other porn tube that you need to pay for. So, if they maybe put in new fonts for their options, or some new images, and new systems, they would seem even more modern.


All in all, Mylf.com is fantastic. On Mylf.com, you can find sound clips, and it's easy to use. So if you can get your membership, you're pretty much 'obligated' to do it. Unless you want to miss out on all the excellent content, of course. Porn sites like that are rare, and by the looks of it, they update pretty frequently. So you will never be bored with the old content since you'll always get new stuff.

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