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  • plus An incentive to sign up for an account
  • plus Lots of options for browsing dating section
  • plus A timeline shows the latest activities
  • plus Good sorting options on the homepage
  • plus Decent categories to choose from
  • plus Categories list the number of videos within
  • plus Video listings show good information
  • plus Members can download videos
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  • minus Not that many new members are joining Yuvutu
  • minus Thumbnails could look better

Yuvutu first hit the Web way back in 2006. Since then, the amateur free tube site has consistently churned out sexy, amateur content that has made them a destination for amateur fans. To give members a chance to show their appreciation, Yuvutu allows members to donate to other members to show gratitude for their uploaded content. It's a great way to further build onto the community that Yuvutu has created over the years.

An incentive to sign up for an account

It isn't every day that one runs across a free tube site that incentivizes creating a membership. Yet, that's what Yuvutu has accomplished. Signing up for an account is free, so don't think for a moment Yuvutu is trying to trick people into paying for a membership they don't need.

When signing up for a free account, members will gain access to other members in the dating section of the site. Here, members can private message other members, look at their content, add them to their hotlist, and ultimately get to know them. None of this is possible without a membership, though. Sign up for a free account, and the rest of Yuvutu will open up for the visitor that wants to experience everything Yuvutu has to offer.


Lots of options for browsing dating section

Once a person becomes a member, they can browse the dating line. Select 'Dating' at the top of the homepage, and notice the factors one can browse by on the preceding page. Members can choose the gender of the type of person they want to chat with, their age if they have photos and videos, distance from the user, country of residence, and any keywords they want to include.


Click search and notice the results that appear. Those that want to browse further should take note of the tabs below the member’s search box. There are tabs labeled things like Featured Members, Interest In, Near You, Recent Members, Online Now, Hotlist, and Preferences. They’re all self-explanatory: browse around and see if anyone interesting appears in the results.


A timeline shows the latest activities

Those that want to see recent activities on Yuvutu will want to go to the top of the homepage and select Timeline. There, visitors can look at the latest activities that members are up to. This includes reading the most recent comments on all videos, along with the latest uploaded blogs, videos, and photos.

Members can either give a thumbs up or down on commented content (visitors don't have to become a member to do this) and even provide them with a gift for their upload or directly message them if they are a member. As one can see, while membership isn't required, unregistered users merely lurking around are going to miss out on the best that Yuvutu has to offer.

Good sorting options on the homepage

When looking for videos to search by for the first time, users are going to notice a few sorting options from the top of the page. Users can sort by sexual orientation, porn style (e.g., amateur, professional), softcore/hardcore, category, length, and even country of origin. Yuvutu also allows members to watch their preferred sorting options as a playlist, so they don't have to keep going to the homepage to watch what Yuvutu offers! It's another great idea from the forward-thinking Yuvutu!

Decent amount of categories to choose from

For a free tube site that almost exclusively focuses on amateur content (some professional porn creeps its way onto Yuvutu now and then), there are certainly some unique categories. Whether a person frequents the free tube sites as featured on ThePornDude nightly or they rarely watch porn, there are categories here that most people have never seen.


Take standing, for example. Sure, there's nothing inherently kinky about it, but there are people that crave watching amateur people having sex while standing. Yuvutu delivers, as well as other unique categories like food (which is exactly how it sounds), dance, bizarre, and more. Hentai is even featured here, and if it seems unusual for an amateur free tube site, that's because it is.

It all works, though. The fact that Yuvutu provides a vast variety of content proves that they know their audience. No, the majority of users probably don't visit Yuvutu to watch Hentai. But with over 2400 Hentai videos featured on Yuvutu, there's a demand for it, and Yuvutu knows it. Good call on giving the people what they want, Yuvutu!

Categories list the number of videos within

No, no one counted every single Hentai video featured on Yuvutu. Instead, counting the videos was as simple as gleaning at the number below each category listing. This number shows visitors how many videos are actually within that category. Thus, if a person is on-the-fence about which category they want to watch, they can make an informed decision by looking at the number of videos in each listing.

Some categories have more videos than others. Since Yuvutu is also a user-submitted free tube site, there are naturally thousands of male masturbation videos. There are close to as many female masturbation videos, followed by even more blowjob videos than the latter two categories. It's not a sausage fest on Yuvutu: the amount of videos is as varied as the categories featured on the amateur free tube site!

Video listings show good info

Select the homepage and notice the results. The most recent content is on display; browse, and take note of the excellent information in each listing. This information is designed to help users make an informed decision regarding which video they want to watch.

Each video listing shows the view count, when the video was posted, the country of origin, rating, and who posted the video. Browsers that recognize uploaders will want to consider clicking on the username and looking at the videos they've uploaded over time. Members can also buy them a gift, add to their friend's list, etc. from this section.

Thumbnails could look better

Unfortunately, the thumbnails on Yuvutu look less than stellar. It's expected since almost all of the content is either amateur by nature or user-submitted. The thumbnails used are basically screencaps: thus, they're going to look less appealing than sharp, detailed thumbnails found on premium porn sites. Don't judge a book by its cover, especially on Yuvutu. There is plenty of fantastic content to look at even if the thumbnails could look better.

Good playlists for when you’re in the mood

Yuvutu utilizes playlists a bit differently than other free tube sites. Click the Playlist tab at the top of the page. Members will be presented with a thread of playlists sorting by Most Recent by default. Members can click the play button under Actions or choose to shuffle the videos.


Moreover, each listing shows how many videos are in each playlist, the duration of the combined playlist, when it was created, and even how many views it has. Click a playlist, and paying members can create a copy of the playlist to add to their own personal playlists. From there, they can edit the playlist and create a playlist remix if preferable. Yuvutu allows members to play around with playlist options in a way few free tube sites do: great thinking, Yuvutu!

Download videos

Yuvutu has so much unique and exclusive amateur porn that it would be a waste if none of it could be saved. Yuvutu goes beyond the call of duty to allow users to download the content they watch. Save it for later, add it to one's preferable device, or back it up onto one's porn collection. Download a few favorites today, and discover how easy it can be to download the hottest, sexiest content on Yuvutu!

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