PornHub Amateur

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  • plus There are thousands of women and men exhibiting their explicit parts for free
  • plus The community is highly active and mostly friendly to new users
  • plus While trolls do crop up in streams and in comments, they are fairly rare
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  • minus The quality of content can vary greatly with respect to production and content
  • minus The number of adverts, pop-ups, and redirects is out of control, even on amateur pages
  • minus There are a surprising number of spammers polluting the comment section

We have done several reviews on this particular site extensively – but we thought it was worth going over on particularly popular part of this site, which has been built up by the PornHub community. We are referring to the Amateur section of what some would be considered to be the King, Champion, or even Licentious Leader of the adult tube scene. Whatever you may think, PornHub has created one of the best platforms to post and promote amateur content.

Sure, that seems like a shallow sentiment, but if you want to know why we would say that, scroll down to find out.

Of Course, There Is Plenty Of Amateur Action

Having been around since 2007 -- in its (mostly) modern form -- this site has been the premier pornographic platform around. In fact, our research indicates that not only is PornHub one of the most frequented porn platforms, with an Alexa traffic ranking in the top 50s, but it is also one of the most popular sites around. And when looking at its content, particularly the amateur section, it is easy to see why. There are new members uploading fresh footage literally every day, so it is hard for us to give an exact figure, but there are at least tens of thousands of active users right now.

We could describe a tiny fraction of what you will see from a variety of users, but instead, we will go through a brief description of the best amateurs on PornHub and what they upload:

Nikki Velvet – Can you say, dildo lover? This woman clearly loves her pink-colored toys -- that and using her fingers to pleasure herself for over ten minutes to nearly half an hour. According to her bio, she was a gymnast, and from what we have seen in her videos, she is clearly very flexible. While she has, as of writing this, been around for only about a year, Nikki has accumulated many PornHub awards, including Immortalised, The Scribe, and the Pop Star. We should also note that she is into both boys and girls in case that tickles your fancy.

Jasper Blue – to put it simply, Jasper likes the cock. And by that, we mean that she thoroughly enjoys giving head. Indeed, she may as well be known as the cock sucking queen of PornHub, given the number of, quality of, and commitment to the videos of her out there blowing a dick. Those of you who like variety may be disappointed since it would appear that every video features her and her boyfriend, but we have found from some of our readers that should not disappoint. After all, as they say, once you have seen one cock worship video, you have a good idea of what you are going to see. That does not mean that she is not opposed to traditional intercourse. In fact, Jasper has a few videos of her getting pounded to no end on her channel as well.

Becky Wyte – Her surname is rather fitting, given her deep desire to be deeply penetrated by BBCs. For those of you who do not know what that refers to, Becky likes riding the dicks of dark-skinned men. To be more specific, she likes to take it up the ass.

To make her videos even more exciting, she likes to dress up in all kinds of costumes and play out in all sorts of scenarios like being a character in a porn studio casting couch, Star Wars-inspired scenes and possing on an angel. In addition to that, Becky or her partners will dress up in some interesting costumes. For example, in one of her scenes, Becky is dressed up in a custom version of the Zero Suit Samus outfit from Metroid Prime. In several other videos, she dresses up as a Pikachu; in others, her scene partner wears a werewolf mask; in others, Becky is masked, and her partner's face is digitally blurred.

And that is just a sample of what you are in for when you look up her content up.

Tom Iee – While most of the people on our list are women, this uploader is a white man. For our female readers, we should not forget that he is well-endowed and has a range of prurient interests. For our male readers, he has POV sex with women of all different backgrounds, colors, and ages. Further, he tends to shoot his scenes at extremely close range in which nothing is left to the imagination, but in different positions.

DickEmDownKy – As the name would suggest, this uploader is a man who posts videos of women pleasuring his abnormally sized black dick. On the downside, many of his videos are very short, ranging anywhere between six minutes to under thirty seconds.

On the other hand, we think that many of our readers might enjoy getting teased by such footage, and swapping between might be something a lot of you will enjoy. And for all our switch hitter readers, this user also has a couple of photo albums that prominently feature his phallic member.

1thelma – This uploader is interesting to us because she has a great body and knows how to perform for the camera, but never shows her face ever. And we checked thoroughly -- she never shows her full face on PornHub or any other platform.

While some might find that off-putting, we are sure that many of our viewers will enjoy seeing a women show off part (or all) of her naked body on camera in high heels, masturbate on camera, suck some strangers cock, or ride a dick reverse cowgirl style without "serving face" will not only be impressive but highly enjoyable.

Amitiel Angel – Do you like to be dommed? Better question, do you like to watch a guy get dominated by a woman? If so, this is the PornHub channel you need to subscribe to.

Amitiel Angel is famous for making her male partners lick her tits, consume her c*nt, and drink her urine. In addition to that, she also has footage of herself masturbating solo with just her digits or some interesting toys, sucking cock in lingerie, or engaging in (somewhat) traditional intercourse.

Hylia Love – Form what we can tell, this bisexual gamer gurl just wants to have fun. And by that, we mean that she wants to "do it" in every way possible, whether that means riding a dildo, sucking a man off for twenty minutes, or getting plugged in the old fashioned way.

mrmastytime3232 – This male uploader has racked up nearly ten thousand subscribers and (seemingly) almost as many women. Shot either from a point-of-view or lateral perspective, his seemingly simplistic shooting style would be a turn-off, he features some extremely hot and horny women in his videos.

ludoballerina – In our professional assessment, this so-called “amateur” may as well be a signed performer for professional studios like Vivid, Wicked, or Brazzers. And we do not just mean that with respect to her overall appearance. ludoballerina has an unusual feel for stage presence, lighting, and a general knowledge on how to sell a shot. Not to mention, she knows how to take a money shot.

Benefits Of Becoming An Active Member

And by being an active member, we mean being an amateur webcam broadcaster and erotic vlogger. The benefits of doing so as our extensive research and many anecdotes from users shows are numerous. First, Both webcam shows and videos can be monetized and, if you are verified and gain a significant following, anyone can make as much as five figures a month. Further, there are constant contests PornHub holds, which can lead to six figures in prizes and rewards.

Moving on, you have the opportunity to make supplemental income or even work a full-time job from your own home. Consequently, you get to set your hours to demand your own prices, plus make additional money by referring others.

Lastly, as an amateur erotic entertainer, you might not only gain a considerable following from fans all over the world but be “discovered” by a top-tier porn or similar modeling agency.

How To Get Verified…

To be successful and to make getting promoted by PornHub possible, you will need to become verified. However, it is not as easy as setting up an account and uploading content. To be eligible, you must join the Member Verification process. To qualify, you must post a clear picture of yourself, which includes your face holding sign which has your user name and says "on pornhub.com" written on it. The image can in no way be altered even by captioning text, and, if it is, it will be rejected. Also, your presented gender must match the gender listed on your profile.

Although times vary, we have found that verification is a fairly rapid process and may take only a few days. We should add that if your verification is rejected, PornHub staff will explain why.

…And How To Promote Yourself

Of course, since PornHub is such a massive site and there are literally thousands of amateur porn posters, not to mention the millions of competitors on other sites. Fortunately, there are several tools that PornHub offers several tools and tips to make gaining viewers – and therefore, income – possible without putting up money for ads.

For example, PornHub has several social media channels wherein they rotate through new and old uploaders and webcammers to watchers. Furthermore, PornHub has a unique geoblocking feature, which, not only can protect you from being seen by people in your area, also allows you to target certain parts of the world. Worried about having your material pirated all over the web? PornHub has DMCA and fingerprinting technology. In fact, PornHub actively monitors the top 50 tube sites in the world and will work with them to remove stolen footage.

There are also several PH blogs and videos which provide many useful tips for uploaders of all skill and experience levels. Of course, if you have any technical issues, PornHub has full-time support staff to assist you 24-hours a day. Finally, we recommend following the standard guidelines for thriving online with a celebrity following, especially as your base grows. Those guidelines being 1.) always be friendly, 2.) ignore or block trolls 3.) never give out personal information, and 4.) do not overthink what both your fans and critics say.

How Is It Interacting With Other Users?

One hallmark of internet culture is the degree to which it is either friendly or fiendish when welcoming outsiders. In fact, even when it comes to interacting with other users, some sites can still be somewhat hostile. After all, how many of you have engaged or been pulled into a vitriolic flamewar with a friend (or friend of a friend) on a social media site over a minor personal or political disagreement?

However, we have scoured PornHub – both when it comes to the Amateur section and the site at large – and found that it tends to be free of that sort of behavior. Or at least, for the most part.

Generally, users tend to seek out the kind of content that they like, which considerably cuts down on disagreements on the particular aesthetic or production values of a video. This self-selection means that uploaders are far more likely to receive positive feedback or, if they are criticized, get constructive comments on what the viewers would like to see. Furthermore, despite the enormous traffic rating that this site receives, we were particularly surprised to find that negative or trolly comments were quite rare when compared to other popular platforms pornographic or otherwise.

What We Like About The Amateur Section

The biggest draw to this part of PornHub is the community itself. More specifically, the way that the community both contributes by posting fresh fap content as well as feedback to the exhibitionists who (literally) put themselves out there.

While everyone is able to post footage of themselves – as you might expect – who the users determine to be both the best looking and performing are championed and celebrated. That does not mean that you have to be a pornstar or at the level of a supermodel to do well on this part of PH. In fact, we have found that many types of posters do fairly well once they find their niche, and especially if they have some kind of unique body part or gimmick.

What We Hate About The Amateur Section

On very curious thing we noticed about this site is the rarity of trolls, flamers, and people throwing non-critical types of abuse. In fact, it almost seems like PornHub either has an unusually friendly community, or its moderators are exceptional at locating and blocking obnoxious members.

Whatever the case, while this site is free from abusers, that does not mean there are not people who abuse the system. By that, we mean that there are tons of spammers trolling the comments section looking to promote their links. And we do not just mean the PH site users who are trying to (literally and figuratively) turn the reader on to what they are promoting.

We mean the randos and bots who have managed to slip past PornHub's anti-spam filters and filled several videos' comment zones with all sorts of links. From what we can tell, some only take you off-site to legitimate sex platforms that are trying to sell you legitimate products. Then, of course, there are those which will fill your hard drive up with malware.

As we touched on earlier, and will again, some of the content is a bit poor when it comes to production values. Of course, we understand that comes with the nature of operating a tube site, but that does not make it any less irritating.

How PornHub Amateur Could Be Improved

The biggest problem that we have with PornHub, both on this part of the site, and elsewhere is all of the unneeded spam. Of course, every website needs money, but we find it hard to believe that PH so desperately needs cash that they have to put pop-ups on nearly every page.

After all, we are able to maintain our site without any ads and so wonder why some sites – even the better ones – are not able to balance an appropriate amount of adverts with actual site content. Sure, it is easy to ‘x’ out of popups and redirects, but it does greatly distract from the user experience. If we were to adjust this site, we would invest a great deal of time in removing popups and preventing redirects from ruining the site. On that, we think it is rather unfortunate that PH has decided to allow these features to appear on the site, apparently to grab some extra money.

Moving on, the video and picture footage featured on this platform from 'real' people certainly makes this tube stand out from the competition. Further, we do appreciate the mechanics which promote those hard-working sex workers, which Pornhub is famous for. That said, we would add a few humble additions like a top performer of the week promotional, our favorite of the month, and new stars of the day, all of which would be hosted on a separate page.

Who Should Watch And Upload On This Part of PornHub?

With a site as diverse – and in some ways also problematic as PornHub – there are multiple things to consider when doing a review of a section of a site like this. Certainly, when it comes to reviewing a high profile one like this one.

However, we at Pornsites have come up with some robust criteria to come up with some objective criteria to determine a site or a part of its worth.

When it comes to PornHub's Amateur section, to first big perk is the enormous number of participants of every gender and orientation. Then there is the fact that the community on this part of the site – and really the site in general – is rather friendly. Sure there are some abusive and trolly people, but they tend to be rare. Of course, we also must address some aspects of this site which are a bit lacking or rather could be improved. The spammy content both in the comments and at the start of videos could be toned down, and the advert links in the comments sections should be dealt with.

Having said all of that, we should touchback on the creativity, diversity, and seemingly endlessness depravity that PH amateurs upload for their fans' entertainment and clearly for their own delight. Overall, we award PornHub's Amateur section four out of five hands. While there are a few negatives, there are still plenty of positives that we would praise, so check it out.

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