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Motherless has been around for a very long time, since 2005, but it really caught the internet by storm in recent years as the premiere place to find amateur pornography. Technically, the website is a cookie cutter porn tube where everyone and anyone can share pornography for free. In that regard it’s no different from any other porn tube that might be considered competition. However, Mother has had a very specific niche under the hood that the community seems to understand quite well. You’re going to see amateur pornography on every porn tube and tons of women that post pornographic material of themselves for people to enjoy.


However, Motherless takes homemade pornography to a whole new level with several different enticing methods to make sure that their site is absolutely busted with amateur smut.


Word of Mouth

Motherless’s Amateur content has been growing steadily and consistently for many years and there’s no sign of it dialing down any time soon. There seems to be no shortage of men and women who are willing and excited to upload homemade smut of themselves onto the site’s Amateur category. There are many reasons for this, but the main source of new fans for Motherless’s amateur videos seems to be word of mouth.


You won’t find a porn forum or imageboard that doesn’t reference Motherless at some point or another, whenever amateur pornography is the topic of discussion. The site doesn’t boast a technical advantage in terms of quality or design, it simply happens to be the den of amateur smut that has grown to be a fan favorite. Once a website has established a certain monopoly over a genre in the way that Motherless has, there’s no going back. The community knows that when they need proper amateur smut in droves, they can find it on this site. They don’t have to look. And granted, other websites try to compete and they do quite well, but Motherless is still the place where most amateur clips arrive first. Then they appear on other websites. So if that’s the case, then you should probably just go to the source.


Saturation of Random Smut

Every porn tube worth its salt has an amateur section. It’s always been that way. However, what you will find in that amateur section has always been a point of contention. The definition of amateur seems to be falling victim to the modern trope of acted pornography. For instance, if you’re watching a video titled “Stepdaughter does XYZ”, it’s likely that you’re watching a porn actress carrying out an incestuous fantasy, rather than an actual stepdaughter.


These days, porn sites are appealing to the masses by having professional pornstars act out specific scenarios that fall within a niche or genre and amateur videos are definitely a popular staple genre. So when you head on over to the mainstream popular porn tubes, the amateur section will be littered with professional videos that are attempting to pull of an amateur vibe. But the definition of amateur porn implies that it is not supposed to be professional or scripted. It’s not even excepted to be of a high quality, though no-one would complain if it were. The general idea is that you’re looking for a real experience caught on camera. – Actual people having real intercourse in the privacy of their own homes. It’s not about finding low budget videos recorded on a lackluster camera; it’s about watching the real experience.


People who have had sexual intercourse before and are looking for amateur pornography will find videos on Motherless.Com/Amateur that remind them of their sexual exploits. They might even discover that there are other things that people like to do in bed that they themselves haven’t tried out. But, knowing that these are real experiences that people undergo for fun and pleasure gives viewers a sense of trust when it comes to the source material. Seeing a woman enjoy a particular sexual position in her own bedroom is reassurance that that position might be something you’re willing to try out yourself when you get the chance.


On the other hand, people who have yet to have proper sexual relations might prefer the more acted out and scripted professional pornography, giving them a false sense of what sex is like behind closed doors. But those people as well might get wise and realize that they’re being fed false information. Whether they’re learning sexual moves that they can use in their own personal sex lives when the time comes or whether they’re just enjoying some adult entertainment, they might want to seek out the real thing. They might want to see what sex is really like and witness some proper and raw experiences.  


Scripted pornography has had this problem for a very long time, but has remained successful nonetheless. The idea behind triple A hardcore productions is that it is to an extent very theatrical. It takes the motions of sex and pushes them to the extreme. Yes, real life does feature a ton of threesomes, orgies and spontaneous lesbian experiences, but they’re nowhere near as acted out as they are in triple A pornography. They’re far more awkward and down to earth than that, and therein lies the charm of proper sexual adventures.


Your average porn tube will be drowning in scripted videos, so going to the amateur section there will not exactly feed you amateur videos exclusively. In fact, on the most popular mainstream porn sites you can’t find proper amateur videos in bulk by simply going to the amateur category. More often than not, you’ll need luck rather than a search bar to find what you’re looking for. It doesn’t help the matter that these days the average webcam pornstar tries to appeal to the amateur-loving demographic. The genre is absolutely drowning in forced scenes.


True Dedication to Amateur Porn

The Amateur section on Motherless started off as a place for people to share their experiences with the world. You’ll find tons of individuals that upload their own homemade sex tapes or re-distributes ones that were made freely available. There’s a certain pervasive aura of love and respect between these amateur porn fans and it shows. The comments sections across the videos in the amateur category are littered with constructive criticisms and thankful notions.


People are really appreciative of the uploaders and they frequently help each other find more smut of the same kind. Typically, on other porn sites, getting a comment that refers you to other smut is usually just an attempt to trick you into giving a certain link destination more traffic. You get very little of that on Motherless’s amateur category. Most of the comments are true attempts at finding more quality amateur porn for everyone to enjoy. These people live and breathe homemade pornography and they’re very diligent. They’re also really respectful of the people who are featured within the videos, especially the women.


It’s always fortunate to see a community of porn lovers that go out of their way to respect women while being upfront with their intentions of wanting to see more of their smut. This is probably the main reason why both the Motherless Amateur image and the video categories are littered with posts made by women, of themselves.


There’s even an entire section for women who have taken photos and videos of themselves in sexual positions brandishing the Motherless logo on their skin. It’s more than just a place to share porn for them. It is a warm and embracing home of smut where they are made to feel welcome.


Also, there’s no visible bias in terms of which women are welcome on the site. There’s no discrimination or heavy preference of younger and more attractive women. Yes, attractive women are very welcome, naturally, but all women are generally very respected and often complimented. It is a very wholesome experience, particularly if you’re the kind of person who appreciates a healthy dose of sexuality in your day to day. Motherless’s amateur category is a warm and loving environment where everyone is made to feel welcome.


Some Bonus Tidbits

The videos you find on the Motherless/Amateur category are generally unseen anywhere else. You get new content daily and it’s always really interesting. The ratio of true amateur versus professional porn is extreme, across the entire website.


The site is entirely free to use and their design, while a bit retro, is extremely welcoming when it comes to smut availability. Most of the screen is devoted to the smut, they show you a ton of videos at a time and the site runs really fast. You’ll never have a problem loading a video or skipping through it. They’ve easily cemented their position on top of the ladder of quality amateur porn providers and it looks like they’re going to remain at the top for a very long time.

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