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Porn Advances Civilization

Virtual Reality is one of those rare forms of technology that people have been eagerly waiting for over the last half a century or so. Ever since it was first theorized and conceived of, back in the 1950s, the idea that one could slip into an alternate existence and be able to transcend the limitations of physics, time, space, and reality as we know it has been a white rabbit of sorts, that man has been chasing and chasing, trying to see how far down the rabbit hole he can go.


Science fiction and speculative fiction, too, has placed Virtual Reality at the epicenter of many of its plots. It is one of those technological advancements that has gone from a wild and improbable dream to a reality, with the last decade showing the greatest strides being made in manifesting it as a reality – both virtually and in actuality. If you think back to just a few decades ago, in the 1980s and ‘90s, Virtual Reality reached a fever pitch of popularity, but still seemed like something so futuristic and far off.


There were early applications of it back then, sure, but they were relatively primitive and, more importantly, far from being to scale. Maybe you’d catch a rare glimpse of VR at work at an exclusive tech conference or a science museum. It wouldn’t be until about ten years into the 21st century that viable forms of Virtual Reality began coming to market, made available for mass consumption and entertainment.


Back in the nascent stages of Virtual Reality tech, if one were to put money on which industry would be leading the charge of bringing VR to market in a successful and massively popular way, the smart move would be to hedge your bets on the gaming industry. Experts and laymen alike all assumed that VR would make the most sense when paired with our favorite video games, allowing us to become fully immersed in the worlds and levels that already held a generation captive in the 2D realm. These people, it turned out, would have lost this bet, though.


Those who would have won, however, would have been those who were wise and observant enough to believe in the power and projected growth of the adult entertainment industry. Because porn has been the main player in bringing VR content to the masses. Gaming companies, too, have dabbled in offering Virtual Reality components to their games, but the task is too great, it seems, to pull off effectively. It is one thing to embed a viewer into a pornographic movie, it is another altogether to lead someone to believe that he is immersed in an entire world of fantasy. Thus, porn has seen the most success and strides in the VR space, at least at this level of the tech’s development.


And if you think about it, it makes all too much sense. As humans, one of our primary concerns – if not the primary concern – is sex. We have very visceral and unavoidable needs. And when those needs are not met, we turn to the imagination along with self-pleasure to trick our bodies into believing that we have done them carnal justice. This is, in fact, the entire pretense from which porn is predicated. So, when you add VR to the mix, it only enhances the believability, allowing us to more easily trick our senses into satisfaction.


Which is why VR porn is on the rise … it is one of the most believable, impressive, and tempting applications of the tech to date. And with the increase in VR availability – most VR headsets can be purchased from your local tech store or shipped to your front door in just a couple days for only a couple hundred bucks – naturally, there has been a substantial increase in VR porn websites.


Is Wankz VR the Top VR Porn Site of 2020?

As is the case with any kind of porn site, some are bound to be significantly better than others. And it is the duty of pornsites.com to help you figure out which is which. Which is why today we will be taking a look at one of the premiere sites in the space of VR porn: Wankz VR.


Although Wankz VR was not the first site of its kind, this company was prudent enough to hop on the VR bandwagon before many others had the courage to do so. Initially launching in 2016, Wankz VR has maintained a strong reputation as one of the most impressive VR porn sites on the web for nearly 4 years straight.


It was launched as a companion site to the broader Wankz network, which now includes the umbrella site, Wankz; MILF VR; Lethal Pass; Teen Girls; Tranny.com; and Tranny VR. An all-access membership to Wankz will allow you to enjoy any or all of these sites for a single monthly fee. It did not take long for Wankz VR to rise up the ranks of VR porn sites, receiving a wealth of critical praise and notoriety almost immediately upon launching. This was likely due to Wankz’s consistently high-quality VR picture quality, as well as the fact that the studio tends to offer Virtual Reality experiences featuring some of the biggest names in the adult entertainment industry.


That is, surprisingly, not something that every VR porn studio can brag about. All too often, it seems, VR porn sites, though they may offer great VR experiences with beautiful women, do not have the star power of well-known and highly accomplished actresses. Wankz, however, allows users to virtually fulfill their fantasies with all of their favorite porn stars. With a membership to Wankz VR, enjoy transcendent virtual encounters with the likes of Kali Roses, Naomi Woods, Gianna Dior, Gina Valentina, Carmen, Caliente, Emma Hix, and Sydney Cole (just to name a few).


A New Experience Every Time

The first thing that stands out to Porn Sites about this site is the variety of scenarios that they have to offer. It is one thing for a VR porn site to provide high-quality content with gorgeous girls on a consistent bases, but it is another thing altogether for that site to offer a diverse range of experiences. And, as anyone who has a bit of experience with the genre will tell you, with VR porn, the experience is everything. So, naturally, you don’t want to be having the same experience over and over again.


Which is why it is so crucial that Wankz mixes it up as much as possible. You want each VR experience to be unique, sure, but you also want each one to be as erotically satisfying as the last, or better. Whether you are to disappear into a hot Halloween orgy with Gina Valentina, Lena Anderson, and Anny Auroroa; your secretary visits you in your office to ease the heavy load of the day; or you are the cool dad of the neighborhood that has a chance encounter with the sexy daughter next door, you can be sure of one thing: Wankz VR will work to ensure that you never have the same experience twice.


Site Design Drawbacks and Missed Opportunities

As far as the site design is concerned, it is a little atypical when contrasted with other premium porn sites – it is also a bit atypical when contrasted with other VR porn sites as well. Instead of browsing through a list of thumbnails and clicking into a new page for the video, Wankz VR has opted to provide a list of covers (each of which is a carousal gallery of screenshots). To the right of this is what at first appears to be a confusing jumble of code speak. However, upon further inspection, it is, in fact, a list of all the Wankz VR capable VR headsets, respective video quality options, and then a list of viewing options (download, mirror, stream, web player).


This may be a tad confusing at first, but once you become acquainted with it, it is a rather enjoyable format. Should you choose the web player option, for instance, you do not have to worry about clicking into numerous new tabs and keeping track of everything as you browse. Instead, the player simply pops up on the home page, blacking everything else out in an automatic theatre mode. Wankz VR may be the most technically diverse VR porn site on the web, in terms of different viewing, streaming, and downloading options. Enjoy Wankz VR on your Gear VR, Playstation VR, Smartphone, Oculus, or Vive VR headset.


Porn Sites major complaint with this site, however, stems from a lack of adaptation. As VR tech has advanced, now, too, are there new and cutting-edge ways to slip into an experience. Some VR sites, for example, offer 360-degree VR videos; Wankz does not. Other sites have experiences which can be synched up to Bluetooth sex toys; Wankz does not. So, if there was one suggestion: Wankz could stand to branch out and embrace newer tech.


All in all, though, Wankz VR has tons of awesome VR videos, a wealth of different experiences, the best girls in the industry, and very consistently regular updates – expect a new video once every three days or so. If you are looking for a VR site to pledge allegiance to, Wankz VR is definitely a top contender. 

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