Virtual Taboo

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VirtualTaboo.com is a premium pornographic website specializing in virtual reality scenes with an incest theme, as suggested by the name. It is a relatively new site, operational since 2015, and gets several thousand visitors per day. As with other family role-play sex sites, VirtualTaboo avoids use of the word “incest”.


Have Sex with Virtual Family Members in VR

Large images advertising some of VirtualTaboo’s newest movies slide across the top of the landing page. They are crisp, high resolution photos, reflecting the 5K premium quality you’ll find in the actual videos. Beautiful naked women are penetrated both vaginally and orally in the pictures, the basic taboo setups of the films hinted at by the titles themselves; Oven Heat, Mom Takes It Deep features a photo of a naked MILF with a penis deep inside her.


Pool Porn And Bro’s Hoes is the newest movie on the site, uploaded several days ago. It features a couple hot blondes taking turns administering oral sex on a man and bouncing on his erection like cowgirls. The stud in question is a stepbrother of one of the women.


Stepbrothers and sisters are regularly engaging in unnatural and potentially illegal coitus in many of the movies on VirtualTaboo. Another movie released this week, Skipping College for Brother’s Sausage, features Nelly Kent blowing off a test to blow the guy she grew up with. A third movie released this week appears at first glance to be a solo scene, though the synopsis alludes heavily to both a stepbrother and an encouraging auntie.


Of course, as this is a taboo site, many members of the extended family are included in the sex scenes here. Besides siblings, you’ll find plenty of horny moms and naughty dads. The title for Cousin Brings Pizza and Dick explains exactly who is involved. As is typical on a pseudo-incest porn site, much effort is made to set up the relations as marriage-based, as opposed to blood-based. Technically, nobody in these erotic and explicitly sexual stories are related.


Stock Up at The CostCo of VR Incest Porn

VirtualTaboo is one of few premium sites that is still giving out free preview videos. You can use the web-based player or download any of a variety of formats compatible with your virtual reality gadget. All of the major devices are compatible, including Gear VR, the different Oculus units, and PlayStation VR. Smart phones can also be utilized. VR users should download the maximum resolution their device is capable of to experience the most realism.


Users who find the samples to their liking can head to the sign-up page for full access. A regular membership runs $29.99 per month, though cheaper rates are available for longer memberships. There’s also a lifetime membership available for $250, or you can buy a single video for just $9.99.


One of the biggest draws about VirtualTaboo might be their release schedule. For the same going rate as almost any premium adult site, members get access to a full library of VR movies that is updated 12 times per month. That would be an impressive release schedule even for a traditional, 2D pornography site, let alone one with the technical demands of immersive virtual reality technology. As of this writing, the site has released around 350 VR taboo films.

Taboo Films in 5K 3D Virtual Reality

PornSites.com downloaded a recent VirtualTaboo scene called Watch But Don’t Touch, Little Boy. The 30-minute scene stars Tindra Frost and Angel Wicky, with Tindra as the niece and Angel as the nice auntie who takes her shopping for some sexy clothes. According to the synopsis, auntie makes the first move in this lesbian encounter. The film is shot from the perspective of Tindra’s brother, making him a virtual stand-in for the viewer.


We download the 5K, 2700p version, the highest quality available. The file was 6.5 GB and took a little less than an hour to download. Masturbators on the go can use the streaming version on the website, though the resolution and overall realism will be significantly lowered.


The scene opens with the viewer’s virtual stand-in sitting on a chair, browsing pornography websites on a laptop. The female leads walk into the next room, sitting on a bed right in the middle of our view. There’s some light banter that echoes through the empty space as they begin making out almost immediately. The binaural audio here is extremely realistic and helps add to the illusion that the viewer is really sitting in this room. Both the video and audio immersion get even deeper when the women come in a few minutes later.


There’s some light bondage as the blonde and brunette duct tape the viewer to a chair. Angel squeezes your privates through your pants before enticing your virtual sister to make fun of you. She does this by exposing her breasts while Auntie Angel squeezes them close to your face. The 3D illusion gets more realistic as they move closer to the camera.


The women engage in cunnilingus and elaborate sex with a two-ended dildo known colloquially as a double donger. Viewers less familiar with pornography may remember the device from the “ass-to-ass” scene of the film Requiem for a Dream. The penetration in this case is vaginal, though far more explicit in its depiction.


What Do They Mean By “Taboo”?

Around 140 of the films in VirtualTaboo’s collection are solo scenes in which girls play with themselves and show off their bodies for the viewer. While they are well-received and star some of the sexiest women on the planet, some viewers may take issue with the fact that they are not overtly incestuous in their nature. While some allude to taboo relations, others make no such effort. Kobayashi-San Is Having Fun, for example, features the lovely Ginebra Bellucci in a cosplay masturbation scene without any family members mentioned.


In our perusal of VirtualTaboo, solo scenes were most likely to be missing a familial element. Other movies, like Breaking Bad With Jennifer The Heart Breaker, offer virtual sex with other non-family members. It’s possible that VirtualTaboo is using a more blanket definition of the word “taboo”. Alternately, these scenes may be included so they can pretend the word isn’t synonymous with “incest” among pornography enthusiasts.


Members who sign up strictly for the incest VR movies may be slightly disappointed by these offerings. However, given the very rapid update schedule of the site, viewers should always have weekly updates of more explicitly incestuous material.


Sorting and Filtering on VirtualTaboo

VirtualTaboo has one of the largest and most quickly growing libraries of 3D porn on the web. Their catalog is quickly outgrowing the minimal sort, search, and filter options the site provides. With hundreds of videos available so far, an upgraded system would improve user ability to find their ideal masturbatory material. Given the long download times, this is more important than it would be on traditional 2D premium sites.


Currently, the only way to sort videos is by Top Rated or Newest. Members can also browse a page of porn genre Tags like Anal, Stepmom, Fisting, Teen and Latina. Ideally, one or more tags would be selectable from the sort options on the video page. As it stands, tags cannot be combined anywhere, even in the search bar. Pages of similarly tagged videos are displayed by Newest and cannot be resorted.


Another useful addition to their sort/filter options would be the inclusion of masturbatory position tags. Getting the most out of a piece of virtual reality smut requires the viewer to pleasure themselves in very specific positions, whether it’s laying down, sitting, or even standing. As masturbators all have preferences for how they like to achieve orgasm, these tags would make video selection considerably easier.


PornSites.com has no truly serious complaints about VirtualTaboo. While some material may lack an element of incest, there are more than enough sisterly blowjobs and fatherly anal to justify the price. While the search filters are lackluster compared to some of the larger premium sites, users shouldn’t have any real issue finding quality content in their massive library.


VirtualTaboo.com is probably the largest archive of virtual reality incest movies, and it is growing considerably faster than most premium sites of any type. It is highly recommended for fans of family role-play sex and high-tech VR pornography.

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