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  • plus 5K+, 2800p VR experiences
  • plus New videos every 2 or 3 days
  • plus Roughly 700 videos total!
  • plus Compatible with most VR headsets/software
  • plus Mobile friendly
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  • minus Lack of teledildonics
  • minus No 360-degree videos
  • minus Limited scope of porn stars (being Czech-oriented)

The Birth of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality, as a concept at least, has been around for a surprisingly long time. In fact, the notion of a ‘virtual’ reality was first posited back in the days of the Renaissance. Even back then people were discussing the potential of secondary or alternate realities. The very first theories of virtual reality find their infancy in the philosophical discussion of perspective, and the subjective nature of reality itself. This, of course, is pretty far off from virtual reality as we know it today, but it was still a necessary intellectual step toward bringing us to the multibillion-dollar industry that VR has become.


It wasn’t until works of 20th century science fiction that the more familiar version of virtual reality began to be conceived. Plenty of books in this genre spoke of variations of an individual becoming completely immersed in other worlds thanks to technological advancements that, back then, were still the stuff of dreams.


An early hero of actual virtual reality technology created his first VR prototype in the 1950s. Morton Heilig drew up the designs for an idea that he referred to as the “experience theatre.” His vision was to create a means by which to capture all five of the human senses at one time. He wanted to make a multisensory experience that transcended the simple visual and auditory components of motion pictures. Heilig eventually went on to build the very first device that the VR headsets of today would be based off of.


In 1962, Heilig built the Sensorama. This device was completely mechanical, and it paired short movies with the stimulation of other senses that went along with the films: smell, touch, sound. There was no implementation in the Sensorama for taste, but that likely would have been a little too invasive.


Although the Sensorama was a far cry from the virtual reality devices that we know of today, the strides that VR has made since the 60s would have been impossible if this groundwork wasn’t laid down by Heilig and others. It almost makes you wonder how Heilig and the sci-fi writers of the 50s and 40s before him would feel about the direction that VR has gone since them, seeing as the industry that is currently leading the charge for VR’s future is, you guessed it, the adult entertainment industry.


Porn is the Future

It’s true … porn is the main driver of virtual reality technology. At least in the last 10 years or so, it has been. Actually, one could argue that porn has been responsible for more growth in the VR space than the industry that everyone assumed would be the most innovative in bringing VR to market, the gaming industry. But, then again, when you consider just how popular porn is – accounting for roughly 45% of all daily internet usage – perhaps it is less of a surprise and more of an inevitability.


Also, if you really think about it, porn has always lent itself to the idea of virtual reality. The whole point of pornographic films, after all, have always been to aid the viewer in slipping into a fantasy, to provide the viewer with a sort of composite reality that helps trick his brain into thinking he is participating in sexual congress when, in fact, he is not.


Obviously, then, porn and VR would go hand in hand. In some ways, virtual reality could be seen as the ultimate technological application for the adult entertainment industry. That is, of course, until we have 3D holograms of porn stars pleasing us in our bedrooms (a breakthrough that is, believe it or not, closer to coming to fruition than you might think).


Blurring the Lines of Fantasy and Reality

For now, though, VR porn is the absolute height of what porn is capable of. And anyone who has ever partaken in a virtual reality porn experience will tell you … it is a whole new level of pleasure. Paired with a good male masturbator, a high-quality VR porn video can be shockingly close to the real thing. Fantasy and reality are more blurred than they have ever been before.


With that said, the recent surge in popularity of VR porn has resulted in several premium porn websites that specialize in the niche. Each site, of course, offers its own spin on the VR porn experience. Each site has its own flavor and type of porn, as well. So, once you’ve geared up and purchased the best VR goggles that you can afford, you have one more tricky decision to make … which VR porn site should you pay monthly to enjoy?


This decision will have a lot to do with your own personal tastes, no doubt, since your VR experience should be as catered to your own desires as possible … that is, after all, the whole point of a VR porn experience. If you love Eastern European beauties, though, then you have come to the right place. Because today Porn Sites is going to be giving you a sneak peak into one of the top VR porn sites on the web, one that features nothing but gorgeous Euro babes. Today, we will be delving into the pornographic dreamland that is Czech VR.


Highly Compatible

First off, before you whip out your credit card and sign up for this behemoth of a premium VR porn site, you have to know if your VR gadget is compatible with this site. And seeing as Czech VR offers a wide breadth of compatibility, you will likely have nothing to worry about. But, just to be sure, you can enjoy Czech VR to its full capacity if you have any of the following devices: Oculus, Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, Gear VR, Daydream, Playstation VR, or Google Cardboard (or a similar smart phone modifier). As far as compatibility concerns go, few VR porn sites offer this large of a list. So, right off the bat, it seems like you’ll be in good hands with Czech VR.


There are 4 components to the Czech VR network as of now, 4 subsites, if you will. Each video is organized into a different niche, or a different site. The Czech VR network offers Czech VR videos (the standard VR experience), Czech VR Fetish, Czech VR Casting (a virtual casting couch of your very own), and Czech VR Intimacy (for an up close and personal experience with a beautiful girl touching herself just for you. There is a little something for everyone on Czech VR.


Fully Immersive Experience

One thing that really makes this site stand out is its VR Room section. This is a whole new level of immersion that many other VR porn sites do not provide. Entering the VR room is a fun and interactive way to browse all of Czech VR’s content, all while not breaking the virtual reality experience. In other words, instead of simply choosing titles from a website layout, you will actually be placed in a room where you can swipe through titles almost as if you were hand selecting DVDs from your collection. From the VR room, once you’ve made your selection, the shift to the VR experience is pretty seamless.


The quality of the Virtual Reality videos on Czech VR is also exceptional. Not many sites can say that they offer videos in 5K+ and 2800p, let alone VR videos with such cutting-edge, top of the line resolution. Since the best VR sites are the ones that feel the most real, the most immersive, this is precisely the level of crystal-clear resolution that you want from whatever VR porn site you end up deciding on.


Czech VR also does not, as of yet, incorporate teledildonics in any way; whereas other VR sites are compatible with sex toys like male masturbators that sync up vibrations and motions along with the movements of the actors on screen. This is the future of VR, which, unfortunately, this site has thus far been neglecting.

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