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  • plus New porn added every five minutes
  • plus Over 40-million videos (and counting)
  • plus Nearly 19,000 pages of porn
  • plus Decent incentive to register for free
  • plus Members get a personalized feed of porn
  • plus Enticing thumbnails that will make people want to click
  • plus Over 1000 categories of porn
  • plus Hot, sexy porn that will appeal to anyone
  • plus The site is responsive and fast
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  • minus Video listings do not show the source site

PornSOS.com is a porn aggregator that doesn't add porn every single day. On the contrary: PornSOS adds pornography every five minutes. If that sounds like a bold statement, consider how many videos PornSOS features (more on that in a moment). The porn aggregator that has been consistently adding to its collection since 2011, PornSOS has something for everyone; visit today, and become a believer.

New porn added every five minutes

No, that isn't a typo. PornSOS claims to add new pornography every five minutes! It really shouldn't come as a surprise when one looks at the site, though. The stats regarding how many videos were uploaded in the last day are staggering: nearly 26,000 in one day as of this review!

Click the ‘Newest’ tab at the top of the page and notice how many videos are added in real-time. During this review, over 30 were added within 30-minutes. While this number certainly changes from one day to the next, suffice to say there is new content being added throughout the day, every day. Keep in mind that a lot of it is amateur porn, so the quality is all over the place. Still, for the person that wants to visit a porn aggregator that's always adding new porn faster than they can click their refresh button, this is the place to be.

Over 40 million videos

With new porn conveniently added every five minutes, it's no wonder PornSOS features over 40-million videos and counting. The amount of content here is staggering. It's a porn aggregator that is never going to run out of porn. A person could visit PornSOS every day and never see the same content twice. That's powerful, and it's a testament to the convenience of porn aggregators in general.

Speaking of convenience, for the user that wants to browse videos from the get-go without having to consider which categories or tags they wish to click can easily do this. Select either Popular or Newest to look at the newest and best content that PornSOS has to offer. Browse from page-to-page, and visitors will find the perfect porn for them soon enough!

Nearly 19,000 pages of porn

Whatever method a person decides to sort by, they’ll have nearly 19,000 pages of porn (as of this review) to wade through. Each page has approximately 100 videos on it too, so don’t think jumping from one page to the next is going to be a fast process. There’s a lot to take in, and that’s the beauty behind PornSOS. Just as a means for browsing and seeing what comes up, PornSOS is perfect for this. It’s a handy way to expand one’s horizons or find the content that one is in the mood for. However one wishes to use PornSOS, they’re likely to be pleased by the sheer variety alone.

Video listings do not show source site

For many, the downside to using a porn aggregator is that they have to go to a third-party site to watch the content. Porn aggregators are merely indexes that show where porn videos are located on the Web. Thus, porn aggregators must show the source site in the video listing. This allows browsers the chance to determine if the source site is legitimate and safe, or if they need to be cautious. With cybercrimes growing more rampant with each passing year, one can never be too careful.

So it’s disappointing to see that PornSOS doesn’t list source sites in the video listings. There is no indication where the user will land when they click on a video. That needs to change.

The good news is that PornSOS indexes a lot of Pornhub content. Because Pornhub allows porn aggregators to embed videos on the site without requiring users to jump to the source site to watch, there’s no risk of anyone visiting a less-than-reputable source site.

Truthfully, there are no signs that PornSOS links to any suspicious porn sites, to begin with. Every video that loaded was viewed from a reputable source site – many of which are name brand. Still, they need to include this information in the video listing so users can know where they are going to end up when they click the video.

An incentive to register for free

Although users can save their likes and watch history without registering, this information is lost the moment the browser is closed. To combat this, PornSOS allows users to register for free to save their watch and like history. For the user that is going to watch videos on PornSOS regularly, signing up is essentially a requirement.

That's not the only perk. Registering for a free account means members get a personalized feed of videos just for them. Based on one's like and save history, users will see videos that match their preferences. It's another convenient way that PornSOS efficiently delivers the porn people want the most.

Enticing thumbnails

Whether speaking in terms of a free tube site reviewed on ThePornDude or a porn aggregator like PornSOS, thumbnails are essential to a porn site’s success. People have to be enticed to click on thumbnails and watch the content within. Fortunately, PornSOS hits the mark when it comes to thumbnails.

Now, the quality is all over the place. Some thumbnails have a higher resolution than others (that’s to be expected on a porn site that features both amateur and professional porn). The important thing is that they convince people to click – and that they do. The thumbnails feature a hot screenshot from the video. With one look, viewers will be at least a little tempted to click and see what’s on the other side.

Over 10 pages of categories

That's right! When browsing by categories, viewers will find that there are over 10 pages of categories. That's almost 100 categories per page, meaning that there are easily over 1000 categories represented here! It's mind-boggling how many categories are represented here.

Thus, this section is perfect for browsing and exploring new niches and genres. It can be used to find anything one wants. PornSOS even provides a thumbnail of each category that shows the top video as sorted by Best. Hover one's mouse over, and a short clip will play showing what one can expect in the video. It's the perfect way to get an idea of what to expect in a new genre or niche without having actually to commit to watching the content. How convenient!

Tons of hot porn

With so many options for watching pornography on PornSOS, it’s safe to say that anyone is going to be able to find whatever type of porn they are interested in. With over 40-million videos to watch, the amount of hot and sexy porn that’s available cannot be understated. Sure, what is hot and sexy is subjective from one person to another, but that’s the entire point.

There is so much porn available on PornSOS that most people are probably going to find the hottest video or XXX movie they've ever seen right here on PornSOS. There truly is something for everyone here. With new porn uploaded every five minutes, chances are something worth watching has already been uploaded throughout this reading. Check it out and see what PornSOS has ready to watch!

Website loads quickly, responsive

One would be forgiven to assume that PornSOS loads slowly and isn't responsive due to the massive amount of content that has been indexed. That's not the case, though. PornSOS loads quickly and is responsive no matter where a person is browsing on the site. From looking around on the categories section to clicking from one page to the next while browsing New, the site never stops functioning.

Jumping to a source site or using the search bar at the top of the page to find new content is a breeze. It's easy to jump from one category to another and browse by popular and newest to see what videos are available. Responsive and fluid, it’s how every porn aggregator should be.


PornSOS.com has a massive collection of porn that appeals to visitors of every taste. With new porn added every five minutes, PornSOS needs to consider showing the source site in every video listing. This will keep users feeling safe as they navigate PornSOS.

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