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  • plus Over 42-million videos
  • plus Categories all on the front page
  • plus Numbers next to featured categories show the number of videos
  • plus Hundreds of categories
  • plus Enticing thumbnails
  • plus Unique kinks and categories
  • plus Search function works extremely well
  • plus Video listings show good information
  • plus Good sorting options for videos
  • plus Choose sexual orientation from homepage
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  • minus Not all categories show the number of videos per category

No, LobsterTube is not a tube site for seafood lovers. Going online in 2009, this site is actually a porn aggregator bent on helping everyone find the perfect pornography for them. It believes that everyone should be able to find hot, quality porn quickly and efficiently. That's why LobsterTube has all of its categories directly on the homepage, making it simple for anyone to find whatever it is they are craving. Try out LobsterTube today, and find porn worth watching!


Over 42 million videos

That's right: LobsterTube has so many videos available that it's going to be impossible to watch every single one of them. And nobody should, either! That's because LobsterTube has something for everyone across hundreds of categories (more on those later). No matter what a person is hungry for or the type of content they want to look at, LobsterTube can make it happen. And in truth, it is all thanks to the porn aggregator’s excellent array of categories that it provides.


Categories all on the front page

One of the best things that LobsterTube has done on its home page is to place all of its categories onto the same page. While it would not make sense for a free tube site to pull something of this caliber, on a porn aggregator like LobsterTube it works. Every category is listed on the home page, and it's easy to not only see every category at once but also to see which categories are the most popular.


This is listed under the 'Popular Categories' section of the homepage. Here, people will be able to see which categories are, naturally, the most popular, which allows people to make an informed decision regarding which categories to visit first. It makes figuring out and browsing the categories quite easier, and while other free tube sites reviewed on ThePornDude should not rush out and start posting categories on their home page, in LobsterTube's case, it works quite well.


Numbers next to featured categories show how many videos are in that category

The featured categories do not merely show which categories are the most popular. Beyond that, the featured categories also show the number of videos that are actually in that category. For example, cum inside shows over 1.5 million videos available for that category, while another featured category shows barely over 400,000. As one can see, what makes a category popular and the number of videos for each category is not correlated: popularity seems to be based on the number of views per category, not the number of videos present.


It makes sense when one stops and thinks about it for a second. The popularity of categories should never be dependent on how many videos there are (though it is a given that the more popular a category, the more videos there should naturally be; this isn’t always the case) and in the case of LobsterTube this does not happen. That’s a good thing, too because it would destroy the incredible discoverability choices on the porn aggregator.


Hundreds of categories

The sheer amount of categories available on LobsterTube makes it clear that discoverability and exploring what the porn aggregator has to offer are essential to the overall success of the site. It's a good thing that LobsterTube has made it simple to browse the porn aggregator, as there are hundreds of categories just waiting to be found and discovered.


Although it should go without saying if there are indeed hundreds of categories (and there are), it bears mentioning that LobsterTube does not feature a bunch of boring, vanilla categories. The variety of categories on LobsterTube is so impressive that people are undoubtedly going to find categories that they have never seen on a porn aggregator or even a porn site altogether. Specific categories like Japanese trans and long nails (to name a few) showcases why porn aggregators like LobsterTube regularly provide fantastic porn options for new visitors and regular browsers alike!


Unique kinks and categories

Although touched on briefly, it bears mentioning in further detail how many unique kinks and categories that LobsterTube brings to the proverbial table. These are categories most porn sites do not have! Look at the adjectives that make up the different category types if in doubt. Categories like saggy tits and hairy anal sex are just a few of the many unique categories that are on display here.


Also, look for categories like underwater, homeless, trans in threesome, transformation, and oh, so many more categories. Browse around and see what can be found by exploring this section for just a few moments. Chances are high that a person will find something that speaks to them: from there, they will want to click, watch, and explore the rest of what LobsterTube has to offer.


Enticing thumbnails

One of the most important things that any porn site can do is to provide thumbnails that speak to viewers. They have to capture their imagination – otherwise, there is no point in them wanting to click and see what’s on the other side. Thankfully, LobsterTube provides a plethora of good thumbnails that not only good decent on the site, but make people want to watch and view the content that is on the source site after the jump.


That isn’t to say that the thumbnails are even that detailed. They don’t look crystal clear and perfect like one would find on other porn sites that delve into mainly AAA porn. Instead, they look like thumbnails taken from screencaps while others look like basic thumbnails that haven’t been photoshopped. The main idea is that they all draw the viewer into wanting to watch and see what the thumbnail is representing. To that end, the thumbnails on LobsterTube are a resounding success.


All categories should have a number by them

Unfortunately, LobsterTube makes a mistake that so many porn aggregators seem to make about how they treat their categories. Whereas LobsterTube makes the smart move of choosing to have the number of videos per category in the featured categories (i.e., the most popular categories on LobsterTube) to signify how many videos are in that category, they should not have stopped there. Also, LobsterTube should have considered adding this number to all of the categories.


The result is that browsers have a handful of featured categories complete with thumbnails and a number that shows the number of videos per category, but that’s where the convenience ends. The rest of the categories are only hyperlinks that have zero information about the category. It's a missed opportunity that should be rectified sooner instead of later if it ever is at all.


Video listings show good info

At least when a person clicks on a category, they can identify that the video listing is worth looking at and watching. This is because each video listing provides excellent information that allows visitors to determine whether a video in question should be pursued. This is done by showing if it is in HD, the duration, the source site, when it was posted, and the rating. With one glance, anyone can figure out if the content in question is worth watching or if they should move on. It could not be more helpful, and it makes LobsterTube even more convenient than it already is!


Good sorting options for videos

When a person has decided to choose a category and start exploring the actual videos provided, they can find whatever it is they are looking for easier than ever by browsing around the good sorting options. Visitors can sort content by popularity, date, duration, and rating. Try it out and sort content to find what one wants to watch without having to sacrifice time and effort.


Choose the sexual orientation

Not everyone that looks at LobsterTube cares about straight porn. Everyone has different interests, and LobsterTube understands this. That’s why they’ve provided the choice of choosing either straight, gay, or trans porn at the top of the homepage. Select it, and only that type of pornography will be displayed. Porn aggregators should be about the options – fortunately for LobsterTube and others that are constantly browsing the site, this is most certainly the case.



LobsterTube.com does a ton of things right. It’s convenient to browse the porn aggregator and find something new and worthwhile to watch. The only suggestion is that LobsterTube should strongly consider adding the amount of videos for every category, not just the featured categories.

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