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  • plus There are dozens if not hundreds of gorgeous girls from all over the world online at any time
  • plus Like any good cam site, you are going to find dozens of categories and fetishes featured
  • plus While TPD Cams is a white-label, the design and aesthetics blend together well
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  • minus Eventually, you will have to put up some money to get additional credits to keep the party going
  • minus Fans of ThePornDude will be disappointed to find out that this site only bears his brand
  • minus Other than aesthetics, there is not too much which sets this porn platform apart

Ever since live, high-quality streaming became common circa 2006, so also did live tele-conversations and a new form of online porn. Granted, streaming sexual services were around before then, but most people were unable to afford the hardware to enjoy it, and even then, they would likely see it in a mere 240p definition.


However, in the era of high-definition, near-instant streaming makes not only enjoying this type of porn easier but so is becoming a webcam performer. Since the supply side can now easily accommodate demand, there are now hundreds of streaming services competing for your attention.


Of these cam platforms, the one we are going to look at is ThePornDude Cams.


Does This Site Look Familiar To You, Too?

It did to us as well when first looking at it despite the name and a famous porn blogger logo. The reason being is that ThePornDude Cams is officially affiliated with ThePornDude brand, but the website is not technically his website. Instead, it a white-label of Live Jasmin.


For those unfamiliar, a white-label is essentially a re-skin of an existing webpage with certain aesthetic alterations made to sell the product or service to a larger audience who might make a purchase because of the aesthetic, or in this case, the influencer, in question.


So, while TPD Cams aren't graced by the (in)famous bloggers presence nor is the talent comprised of his legendary growing harem, there still are some neat features that you should take into consideration.


How Does Everything Work?

As you might imagine, the format of this site follows the established model set by others. On the homepage, you will find rows of fine women in the center, as well as a list of basic categories on the left-hand side. However, unlike some inferior cam platforms, the homepage regularly updates in-realtime showing only models who are broadcasting at present.


And it does this all without the need to refresh the page. Plus, to give the viewer some addition to make a selection and tease them as to what they might see, occasionally, a static thumbnail will transition to an actual live clip from the stream. Furthermore, in each thumbnail, you will see not only the performer's username but also their age and the percentage of their approval rating.


As a side, most of the performers we have seen have a ranking of at least 85% or well into the upper nineties.


Moving on, there are thousands of girls from several countries and of all different colors to select from. While most of them perform solo, there are a few female-male and even some female-female couples who play together.


Since we understand that we have an international audience, we should not that not only there are girls from most of the major continents who speak several languages, this site is available nineteen language versions. Lastly, since we also understand that our readership has porn and orientation proclivities all over the spectrum, there are hundreds of male performers and dozens of trans models.


Tons Of Categories To Choose From

Like any well-designed cam site, TPD Cams has an abundance of searchable fetishes, descriptors, and other labels used to categorize the talent. And of course, these categories can be easily searched for using a few different tools.


First, on the homepage, the primary categories are listed on the left-hand side, which filters the broadcasting babes and includes the usual i.e. Anal, MILF, Couple, 69, and Strapon. Though it can be hard to pick out from the buttons used to toggle thumbnail size, the menu button lists the main categories along with a series of traits and other variables you can search for include…


Age – exactly what they sound though the selections only include Teen 18+, Twenties, and Milf.


Appearance – This section includes specific looks which a model may sport and certainly appeal to people with particular kinks. By that, we mean that you can filter your results by whether or not a model has a hairy or shaved vulva, possess tattoos or piercings, or is wearing leather gear or stockings.


Willingness – this lists dozens of sex acts which the performers will do, are likely doing on their streams, or may be willing to do if presented with enough credits. A few of these acts include Anal Sex, Oil, Striptease, Live orgasm, Dancing, and Squirt.


Special – Similar to Willingness, these options list particularly kinky and potentially expensive, explicit acts a model wants to do, such as VIP shows, shows with two-way audio, and Birthday specials.


Other searchable options include credit price per minute, hair type and color, whether or not they are in a private show, model build, and breast size.


Under the top-loaded Recommended tab, you can sort models by who is most popular, who the newbies are, by alphabetical order, or those who are considered to be "classy."


Lastly, we are sure that you will all be happy to know that many of the models are riding the new trend in cam shows. That being, using teledildonics sex toys in their shows, which you, the viewer, can control from your keyboard if you put up enough credits.


The Awards Are Rather Alluring…

…for both the viewers and performers.


The benefit for viewers is that they get to not only see the best promotional photos of the site's talent but also can support them in getting accolades and monetary bonuses from TPD Cams.


We will also add, this is a great feature to find out about talent you may have never seen before while you are logged in. In fact, if you click on the promotional picture after voting, you will be taken to the performer's live stream or profile page.


Getting An Account And Benefits Of Membership

Acquiring a free membership takes almost no time and does have a nice bonus if you do. All you need to do is click on the Join NOW button and come up with a unique username, password and enter in your email. Once you do, all you have to do is then confirm your account via email; then you will receive 9.99 complimentary credits.


For context, at the low end, models charge 0.98 credits per minute during a private session, so with your complimentary credits, you could get up to a ten-minute session without spending a dime.


With that, you will have access to high-fidelity streams of a couple of thousand models from all over the world, which is compatible with any internet device. To make things even better, you even get a bonus of 10 extra minutes in a private chat session, too.


How many other cam site’s promo features include all of that.


There Are A Few Different Show Types

For those of you who are unaware, cammers typical host a series of videos per streams. Of course, most will start out with public shows to lure in viewers and show off a little bit of their bodies. Or in the case of the more generous or “liberated” women, they show off a lot of their bodies.


Like other cammers, women on this site have different limits as to how much they will show off and what they will do before insisting on a private show. Just remember that eventually, you are going to have to enter into a private show to continue seeing the amorous action.


While that means spending credits – and therefore putting up money – the investment can be well worth it. Many of the cammers offer private shows in HD quality, some host events without any sound or with high-fidelity, moaning-heavy audio.


We already brought up early the fact that there are shows which allow for two-way audio – in other words, where you can talk to the performer in real-time. Of course, we have noticed that our readership lives the VibraToy option best.


Lastly, there are VIP shows which are only available for elite, paying members exclusively.


Be Sure To Look Up Club Elite

In short, this part of the site is a sort of loyalty program for regular, active users. To make things better, the way that it functions is similar to earning badges on mainstream (read: non-pornographic) social media sites like Facebook.


To get into the specifics, rising through the Club's ranks is fairly simple. All you need to do is to continue to watch streams and buy private shows, which will earn you points. While doing this, you are encouraged to exchange messages, go in for some sneak peeks, and even take snapshots. All of these things, among other actions, will grab you even more points.


As you collect more points, the higher in rank you will go which will earn you secret bonuses as a courtesy from the site – plus, the models will light up they see a big-spending, high-rolling member join the chat. In fact, our research indicates that TPD Cam models prefer to go private with high ranking users.


Just remember that you can ascend or fall in the rankings depending on how active you are compared to other members and that each rank has its own multiplier, which affects your rate of growth and a drop rate, which degrades your rank if you become inactive. So, to give you an idea of what you are in for…


Rank name: Crush

Multiplier: x1

Daily Drop: Low

Points Required to Acquire: 15 points/month


Rank name: Lover

Multiplier: x2

Daily Drop: Low

Points Required to Acquire: 50 points/month


Rank name: Sweetheart

Multiplier: x3

Daily Drop: Moderate

Points Required to Acquire: 250 points/month


Rank name: Lancelot

Multiplier: x4

Daily Drop: Moderate

Points Required to Acquire: 1000 points/month


Rank name: Romeo

Multiplier: x5

Daily Drop: High

Points Required to Acquire: 5000 points/month


Rank name: Casanova

Multiplier: x6

Daily Drop: High

Points Required to Acquire: 15000 points/month


This means that in order to maintain your rank, you are going to have to continuously stay active otherwise, other members will overtake you. However, there are a few variables that make keeping your position a little easier.


First, since the multiplier may double, triple, etc. the number of points you earn, you end up spending less money than you think on credits for private sessions.


Second, every time you spend credits – be it on private shows, video calls, etc. – you automatically get points, and these points do "roll over" into the next month assuming you achieve a certain rank.


Finally, by signing up for a free account, you will automatically get five points, getting you a third of the way to qualifying for the first rank.


Aspects Which We Would Improve

All things considered, ThePornDude Cams is a quality site, even if it is just a branded, re-skinned micro-version of LiveJasmin. However, with a name as famous as ThePornDude brand, we were expecting some form of "special sauce" – and no, that is not intended to be a euphemism.


Sure, the talent is incredibly attractive, and the Club Elite program is pretty cool, but it seems like there should be something more. For example, we had thought that a ThePornDude Hall of Fame or TPD's Favorites of the Month, which is coupled with a promotional review, would add something extra to the site experience and provide an incentive for the performers to get even wilder.


Another idea we came up with would be a monthly contest in which ThePornDude character comes up with a series of sexual challenges in which competing performers have to do. The winner is selected by TPD and gets a special accolade and endorsement.


In the event that ThePornDude would like to collaborate with us in creating one or all of these features, let us know.


Do We Think That This Cam Site Worth Watching?

At first glance, this site does look distinct from competing for webcam platforms. However, given its white-label nature, there is not too much, which sets it apart from Live Jasmin and affiliate cammer sites.


Nonetheless, the unique talent is quite attractive, and the Club Elite program is fairly interesting. On the other hand, we strongly feel that something extra should be added to make this platform stand out.


Still, we give ThePornDude Cams four out of five hands as well as our endorsement. Further, we also recommend that you read where this brand came from – ThePornDude Blog.

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