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Variety is the Spice of … Porn?

We all know that variety is the spice of life. We get bored easily by doing the same task day in, day out. We all tire of our partners from time to time (which is why the never-ending hunt for “strange” seems to be such a popular past time, especially among men). We cannot listen to the same musical artist every day, without ever changing it up. Life, in some ways, is all about mixing things up, keeping our days interesting, staving off that crushing feeling of mundanity and boredom.


The same logic follows, naturally, when it comes to what kind of adult entertainment we like to enjoy. We can’t just watch the same porn star, again and again, every time we start to feel a little frisky, right? Sure, there are certain girls who we may find ourselves returning to more often than others, but the same way we can sometimes tire of our own romantic partners, we can also become bored with our favorite porn stars – regardless of how beautiful she may be. It is just human nature.


This is also the case, of course, when we consider the nature of the porn that we are in the mood for on a given day. high-budget, glossy, premium professional porn is great, nobody here is arguing that, but do you really think that you would be content with just watching videos from Brazzers, Reality Kings, or Team Skeet for the rest of your life? Maybe so … these studios are quite good (not to mention prolific). But chances are, every once in a while, no matter how good the traditional porn in question is, it will not always hit the spot, so to speak.


Interactive Porn is the Future

This sort of classic kind of porn is passive. There is no doubt about that. It is a passive experience … similar to the way that watching TV is a passive experience. The only role that you play in the experience is picking the video, hitting play, and, well, making yourself feel good. At the end of the day, that part is on you. Many men – at least men who watch a great deal of porn – often complain about how solitary it is.


If you think about it, this is a fair complaint. In some ways, in a kind of meta way, watching porn alone in your room can almost amplify the loneliness or dissatisfaction that led you to porn in the first place. In other words, passively watching others have ecstatically passionate experiences in the context of your solitude can, it seems, remind us of the fact that, at least in the moment, we do not have somebody with whom to chase carnal bliss.


But this is the 21st century! Adult entertainment does not need to be so solitary, so lonely. There is this beautiful thing now called the internet, which makes it easier than ever before to connect with people from all over the world in a matter of seconds. So, shouldn’t the porn we watch reflect that? Why can’t porn be an interactive, active, and communicative experience? Well, thanks to sites like Cams.com, it most certainly can be!


Cams really lucked out with their domain name, wouldn’t you say? This indicates that they were likely one of the first cam sites out there. It’s not everyday that you can just scoop up a domain name that clearly and concisely defines the service that your site offers, especially not nowadays, when all the domain names have been claimed already. The makers of Cams.com must have felt similarly to the way that the people behind Sex.com felt when they locked down that domain. It just doesn’t get any better than that.


But with such a definitive domain name comes a great deal of responsibility. Such a name sets up expectations, at least for Pornsites.com. If you are going to call yourself something like Cams.com, you are making a statement – you are saying that your cam site is, essentially, the cam site. This raises the bar immediately. So, let’s see if Cams.com does, indeed, live up to the name.


The Ultimate Camming Site?

It is, first of all, a very well-designed site. It is clean. It is easy to navigate. It is easy to understand. And it looks sleek … professional. Cams.com is off to a good start in that department. One of the things that Porn Sites loves about Cams.com is how easily and thoroughly you can conduct searches and filter out models. This is an area where other cam sites tend to falter. It’s one of those make or break categories for this kind of site. So, it’s fortunate to see that Cams.com has one of the best filtering devices Porn Sites has ever seen on a cam site.


Everything you will require, browsing wise, can be found in a convenient menu on the left-hand side of the page. From here, it is easier than ever before to filter models to your exact preferences. If you are looking for a specific sort of show type – be it buzz mode, text me, connection, free > private, free > tips, or nude – set your specification with but a click of the mouse. You can filter models by age range if you so desire; choose to only see girls who are between the ages of 18 and 19, 20 to 25, or if you like the cougars, select just 51 and up.


You can also choose certain ethnicities. Maybe you are in the mood for just Latinas or only Asian women … not a problem at all. You can browse by specialty (couples, college girls, threesome cams, MILF, lesbian, etc.). Then, of course, you can search for a cam partner based on body type, special kinks, and hair color too. Basically, whatever it is that you are craving, Cams.com has a way for you to find it.


At the top of the page, too, there is a way, via a few dropdown menus, to show girls only from certain regions of the world or based on languages spoken. Plus, you have a few customizable functions on this site. Choose the size of the models’ thumbnails, collapse the side menu if you want, or collapse any one of the options within that menu. Your experience is yours to decide.


Lots of Beautiful Women, all Shapes and Sizes

To the right of the filtering menu, handily enough, you will find thumbnails of all the girls who are currently live. And if you have ever been to a cam site before, you will know how to navigate this part. Simply scroll and mingle until you find a girl who makes you tingle. Below her picture (a screenshot of her current show in many cases), you can see her age, if she has audio on, whether or not she is in buzz mode, what kind of show she is offering, and what special features she has available. Also, if she happens to be in a private show at the moment with someone else, this will also appear as a small banner in the corner of her thumbnail.


Could be more Streamlined (Slightly)

The mentioning of the thumbnails, however, brings us to the first minor complaint about Cams.com. There are no moving previews of the show. If you have been to a few cam sites in the past, then you already know what is meant by this. Most cam sites offer a short glimpse into what is going on in the model’s chat room when you hover your cursor over her thumbnail. Cams.com, though, for some reason has opted not to include this feature.


This is a bummer, too, because the “control + tab” hot key also is not recognized on this site. That means, if you want to peer into multiple chat rooms quickly and conveniently, you have to right click each one and open a new tab the old-fashioned way. Which is annoying because live cam feeds can really slow your computer down. A simple preview feature, though, would settle this issue right up.


Other than that, though, there is much to love about this site. The fact that they are equipped with teledildonics is great. If you are unfamiliar with this, familiarize yourself … you won’t regret it. But essentially, it means that you can control the girls’ vibrators remotely, adding to the interactive nature of the site in a great way. You can also chat with the girls, of course, in both public and private mode or, if the model has activated them, you can play all sorts of sexy games. Spin the wheel (for a certain number of tokens) in hopes of winning a naughty prize.


All in all, Cams has just about everything that you could look for in a cam site (except for chat room previews, of course). I highly recommend it to anyone, especially cam site beginners, since the site all but teaches you how to use it intuitively. There is a great variety of models and fetishes to enjoy. Make Cams.com your new adult playground today!

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