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The Evolution of Interactive Porn

There was once a time when watching porn was a strictly passive, solitary act. The process was very simple. All one had to do was acquire a pornographic film (or a magazine, photo set, etc.), go home to the privacy of his bedroom (or bathroom or whatever safe space he might prefer), and sit back and enjoy the visual stimulus – aiding it, one would presume, with a physical stimulus, all provided by the masturbator and he alone. It was simpler, sure, but it was also an exceedingly lonely activity.


Save for the occasional couple with a penchant for being rather exploratory in the bedroom, the rare couple that openly watched porn together, either mutually masturbating or pleasing the other with porn on as a visual aid in the process, viewing porn was a one man (or woman) activity. Then came the internet.


And for many years still, porn was but a passively pleasurable past time. But it did become slightly more communicative. There was the sense that you were not the only person enjoying the porno in question. Hundreds upon hundreds upon thousands of other solitary viewers were either enjoying the same video or photo set at the same time. Or at the very least, droves of other people out there somewhere had, at one point or another, also partaken in the same content. It created a sense of disjointed comradery in a way … it created a sense of unity, whether or not people were explicitly aware of it.


Then as the internet advanced technologically, its features of connectivity also increased. Greatly. No longer did watching porn seem like an act committed by a single lonely person, devoid of human interaction. The birth of the porn forum, for instance, linked porn lovers from all over the world, provided a space for them to come together and discuss their favorite films, their favorite models.


Add on top of that the birth of the social network, which naturally bled into the adult entertainment industry, creating even stronger ties between masturbators around the world. Suddenly, porn enthusiasts were able to communicate almost instantaneously, in real time, propping up features such as comments sections below videos and direct messaging capabilities wherein you could converse with fellow users – perhaps even try your hand at seducing a porn lover of the opposite sex (or same sex … whatever you happened to be into).


Cam Sites Driving the Interactive Porn Revolution

Today, though, enjoying pornographic content has become more interactive than it has ever been. With the porn industry driving technological advancements such as virtual reality and, more recently, hologram technology, now the viewer can feel as if they are actually right there with the model, like they are the ones engaging in sexual activity, as opposed to merely viewing two (or more) people doing it from a distance of space and time.


Porn is more immersive than ever. In a few years, thanks to hologram technology, porn stars and beautiful women are essentially going to be able to actually be projected into your living room, committing sexual acts seemingly to and for you and no one else. In other words, the very topography of the pornographic experience is shifting and expanding in ways we never could have foreseen but only two or three decades ago.


One kind of pornographic experience that is at the heart of this growth, it stands to reason, is adult camming. XXX cams were at the forefront of interactive porn, even in the infancy of it. Webcams, after all, were one of the very first forms of interactive technology that was affordable and easy to mass market. Of course, these cams had many non-pornographic applications that drove demand, but a huge portion of the demand, Pornsites.com would posit, was due to the fact that these real time digital cameras finally made it possible for sexual experiences to transcend space and time. Thus, the sex cam show industry was born.


And what a booming industry it has become. Some cam girls report being able to make upwards to $100 per hour. This is, of course, the rare exception to the rule … not all cam girls will be so lucky. But the ones who are able to make a name for themselves, that have something truly exceptional to offer, can certainly make a living through masturbating, stripping, and performing sexual acts on web cam for hoards of thirsty men and women all over the world. And these men, of course, also are granted a digital sexual experience that feels much realer than that of sitting back and watching a porno that is, for all intents and purposes, somewhat ‘one size fits all.’ Now the experience can be customized and live.


Cam Soda Ticks (almost) Every Box

Today, though, there are a number of cam sites to choose from. It can be overwhelming to try and come to the decision of which one to commit to, whether you are looking to be a viewer or a performer. They all pay at different rates and through different systems, they all privilege a slightly different aspect of the cam girl experience for the viewer, they all have a different set of models to choose from (some sites tend to have a higher density of more attractive models, mind you), and they all charge the viewer in varying prices.


Generally speaking, though, cam sites operate on a tokens system. This means that you, the viewer, will prepay an agreed-upon amount of money. In exchange for your payment, you will be allotted a certain number of tokens (or credits or coins as they are sometimes called). This is to become the currency that you can spend however you see fit on the site. You can tip any model you like any number of tokens based on his or her own prices in order to see various sexual acts performed in return.


You can pay a certain number of tokens per minute for a private show. You can activate her remote-controlled vibrator for an additional cost of tokens. Or you can usually opt to spy in on someone else’s private show for a decreased price per minute. Whatever you do with your tokens once they are purchased is your business. The cam site then pays out the girl at the end of the week or month, reconverting those tokens into a dollar amount.


The cam site that we will be taking a look at today is called Cam Soda. It is not the most popular or best-known cam site on the web, but it is one of the largest. It is also, Porn Sites would argue, one of the best, for a few reasons. Number one: The quantity of models available.


No matter what time of day you visit, you will probably be taken aback by just how many cam girls are available and willing to satisfy your every desire. This is a common pitfall of the adult camming site … the fact that a lot of sites tend not to have enough models working for them. Therefore, logging on might lead to disappointment. Greater quantities of models, of course, means greater diversity … which means a higher chance that your perfect dream girl will be online at the same time you are. Cam Soda certainly has the numbers to make this happen.


The second reason Cam Soda is a cam site worth checking out is the fact that it is one of the most interactive cam sites on the market. They have incorporated every possible additional feature that allows you to get lost in your show. Their models are often ready to go with a Lovense Lush vibrator, which you can control with the touch of a button. Many of the girls have little games of chance in their chat rooms that you can play – spin a wheel or roll the dice – in order to be rewarded with delightful body parts or intimate acts. And, of course, you can take your girl private and have the time of your life, just the two of you.


Only a Couple Small Downsides

The site design, too, is exactly what you want in a cam site. More or less. All of the thumbnails contain live previews of what is going on in her chat room at a given time. This lets you decide if her chat room is even worth opening up. You can also filter models by tag, making it as convenient as possible to find exactly what it is that you are looking for.


The only downsides to this site, really, are the following: 1.) the cams often refresh themselves as you are browsing, causing you to frequently lose your spot, or lose track of a model you were hoping to check out; and 2.) there is no effective way to chat with the model in full-screen mode. Which can be annoying when you are trying to enjoy your show and ask your model a favor at the same time.


Other than those two small factors, though, Cam Soda is certainly worth your time and – given the fair prices of many of the models for private shows – money. Pornsites.com highly recommends giving Cam Soda a shot. Enjoy!

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