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Motherless.com is a free sex tube with a reputation for being shocking, sleazy and offensive even among countless perverted peers. The domain was registered in 2005 and has steadily built their reputation and following. A blurb on their front page spells out their popularity in simple numbers: they get over 1.5 million visitors a day, over 25 million page views per day, and have had over 23 million uploads so far. Their content is all user-contributed, and the site pledges to host anything legal forever.


A Moral-Free File Host for Anything Legal

The name Motherless itself conjures up a variety of images, none of them wholesome. From orphans crying and hungry on the street to orphans exposing themselves on the Internet with clothespins on their nipples, not to mention the girls left home alone with a WebCam and viewers at home without a mom over their shoulder, a lack of motherly influence can be felt viscerally even through description. This website makes a maximum effort at eliciting those feelings for the titillation of its viewers, even going as far as describing the site as “a moral free file host”.


The layout isn’t dramatically different from your typical free video tube, though the designers have gone out of their way to make the presentation look dirty. The site logo is a silhouette of mother and child, crossed out, with the name and motto spattered in an over-inked typewriter font. “Go ahead. She isn’t looking!”


The Motherless Girls section near the top of the page is very unique to the site. Many free sex tubes have a loyal following of masturbators, and many of the larger ones have thriving communities of amateurs. Motherless, however, is one of few sites with a devoted league of young women trying to be as dirty as they can for the camera.


The Motherless Girls write the site’s URL across their bare breasts or semen-covered bellies, over their pubis and across their naked butt cheeks, usually spread so as to expose their rectums. There is a constant incoming stream of these kinky amateur selfies, with many of the participants trying to outdo each other in terms of depravity. There are dildos, butt plugs, ball gags and blowjobs in a good number of the photographs.


Since Motherless is a site that runs on user uploads, they do everything they can to make it easy to share your own content. For example, a link to Become a Motherless Girl opens a very short list of requirements and an upload/submit box for one-step sharing. (Becoming a Motherless Girl does require registering with the site, though anybody can upload photos and videos.)


A Dirtier Tube Than Most Sex Tubes

The video thumbnails spread across the front page of Motherless give yet more clues that this isn’t your typical free porno website. Instead of crisp images of recognizable porn starlets being pounded in big-budget movies using professional lighting, sets, and cameras, the material here is noticeably more amateur. They almost seem to wear the graininess and low fidelity as a badge of honor, as the content itself is a bit more perverse than your typical free tube.


There are a lot of teen masturbation videos displayed in the Most Favorited Videos. This isn’t particularly strange for a free tube, nor are the mutually masturbating teen lesbians or the young couple having dirty sex in a dorm room. However, most free sex tubes have fewer explicit incest movies listed at the very top of the site; clips like Daddy I’m Cold or Father and Stepdaughter Fuck are often buried or banned from other tubes. Even more taboo than the “taboo” taboo smut are the golden showers and scat BDSM flicks in such a highly visible part of the site.


It doesn’t seem as if Motherless is thrusting these extra-perverse clips to the top in an effort at gaining traffic through shock appeal. Based on the movies Being Watched Now and the ones listed under Popular Videos, these are just the movies that the site’s depraved viewers really enjoy watching. They love teen threesomes and MILF gangbangs as much as the next guy, but aren’t shy about their appreciation for incest, voyeurism, public indecency, fecal play and odd sexual spectacles like a lesbian orgy involving a skeletal anorexic woman.


Public Pool Sex in Streaming Amateur Smut

As PornSites.com was conducting this review, one of the most popular videos on the site was a European exhibitionist scene titled Russian Girl Giving BJs at a Public Waterpark. With our spam blocker enabled, we were able to start the video without any pop-ups, pop-unders or video advertisements. However, a number of animated sidebar ads were able to slip through the filter. These are not particularly intrusive, as they are completely hidden once you stretch the video to full screen.


The movie was uploaded in 2017, though the graininess and very low bit rate of the five-minute clip would suggest it’s even older. A watermark in the corner advertises a premium amateur site, so it’s possible the scene has been pirated, passed around and been degraded at every step. Piracy is always a possibility on any site that takes user uploads.


The scene itself appears to be a genuine public sex movie involving a gorgeous, young Russian blonde with perky breasts and a taste for penis flesh. She begins sucking her partner’s genitals in a pool before going somewhere only slightly more private. He ejaculates all over her exposed breasts several minutes in, with unsuspecting strangers milling about in the background.


A Few Premium Features for a Few Bucks a Month

A Download button beneath the video player will lead unregistered users to a sales page for their Premium Membership. For $10 a month, members can download videos, access a more advanced video player, and view the site without any spam. Other features include priority upload approval and video processing.


Subscribing to a free sex tube will be a hard sell for most users, so Motherless offers a couple free hours to all registered members every Wednesday night. Users can find out what it’s like to browse the site faster and see if it feels worth the money.


Groups and Galleries for All Types of Perverts

On most tubes, the videos are the real meat of the site while the rest is largely considered to be window dressing. Motherless continues to buck trends with thriving Galleries and Groups. The Galleries are self-explanatory, with titles like Public Outdoors, Squirt, Dressed and Undressed Sluts, and Real Mother/Son Homemade. As with the rest of the website, these tend to lean in the direction of the extremely obscene.


They describe Groups as “a way to filter and direct your Motherless experience.” These are similar to the Galleries in that they share themes, most of them filthy, but they also incorporate videos and forum posts along with the images.


PornSites.com visited a Motherless Group called Creature Comforts. The group has nearly 600 members, 800 forum posts, and over 4000 uploads. The topic is formicophilia, which is the practice of using bugs, insects, larvae and worms to achieve sexual satisfaction. The entire group is full of photos and videos of men putting these creeping, crawling things on their genitals, even going as far as inserting worms directly into their urethras. Many images are bloody, including one of a praying mantis feasting on a man’s glans.


Of course, many of the Groups are far more mundane in their pornographic nature. Asian Sluts and Little Brown Fuck Machines, for example, is for pornography fans afflicted with what is termed in the industry as “yellow fever”. In other words, admirers of Asian women can stop in for some quick masturbatory material.


Motherless.com has rightfully earned a reputation as one of the sleaziest and most offensive free sex tubes out there, and it’s because they’ve done a lot to cultivate and encourage that image. Their users, who upload 100% of the material on the site, have fully embraced that unwholesome feel, throwing themselves in without any parental advice, supervision or approval. Viewers looking for a wellspring of kinky amateur smut will find it in abundance here.

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