If you’ve been surfing the internet for any amount of time trying to find yourself a decent go-to website for watching porn, then by now, you might have already found it. It might have been some random website out there nobody has ever heard of, or it might have been one of the many websites that are listed on this site, but either way, there’s always room for improvement, and there’s always time to step up your porn game. Have a look today at Eporner.com, first created in 2008 and created with the intent to make one heck of a decent porn viewing website.

Colors Everywhere, But Mainly 3

To start with the first thing noticeable on the website, the colors, you can see that they got the scheme right when they made it. Or at least later when they updated the website to be more in-tune with today’s porn consuming audience. It’s got a dark color scheme like a lot of other high-quality porn websites out there, and there are a couple of very good reasons for that. Sure there is a little bit of red and even less yellow and white you can find around the site, but there’s a whole lot of black and as any porn viewer worth his salt can tell you, it’s because no matter what time of day it is, black is going to be easier on the eyes.

Sometimes you’re watching at night, and you don’t want your screen to be so bright, grabbing the attention of someone in the next room or even perhaps in the same room. It’s a lot easier to keep your screen stealthy while still doing the job you want it to when the site you’re on knows to keep the colors dark and easy on the eyes.


Aside from the colors, the next thing you’ll notice like any other user visiting the site for the first time is the main page of Eporner. At the top, you’ll see all the different buttons they have to navigate throughout the various sections they have on the site. You can tell a lot of work went into all the different options you have here, as almost everyone is a drop-down menu with more to choose from than just the initial titled link. There’s “Home” which does exactly what you think it does, from anywhere else on the website you can just click the “Home” button to take you back to the main page. As far as “Home” buttons go, it’s hard to get them wrong, and Eporner isn’t an exception to that rule.

Drop Down Goodness

The next button to the right is the “Videos” button/drop-down menu, and it’s got ten options available in the drop-down menus when you mouse over it. The first is “HD 1080p” to sort through all of their highest quality picture videos, the second “Popular,” for all of the videos that everyone who visited the site before you watched the most. From there on in order, it’s “4k Porn” and “HD Sex” both linking to different kinds of HD porn, because there are never enough different kinds of high definition, though HD here just means 720p instead of a crisp 4k. Then it’s “top rated,” “Amateur,” “Solo Girls,” “On-air,” and finally “VR Porn.”


You can most likely guess where each section in the drop-down menu is going to take you, but the bigger one you will want to pay attention to is the “Amateur” section. Nowadays, this genre in porn has been entering a Renaissance-like movement and rising in popularity just out of the blue, so sites like Eporner have padded their amateur sections appropriately. It just means that you’re going to find a lot of that good non-professional content here. You can even see on the sidebar just how much more amateur content there is on the site altogether compared to everything else.


Peer Reviewed

Of course, the top-ranked section if for all of the videos that devoted people who watched previously decided actually to take the time to rank from best to worst. It may not be a list or a ranking system to agree with because it’s not every visitor to the site that actually gives each video a rank, but for the most part, you’ll find that the higher quality ones tend to be up near the top. With the overall video quality going down the further you scroll down the page, like any other ranking system on a porn site, you’ll find you can expect the same kind of thing here just with the average video quality a bit better than other places online that aren’t safe for work.


The next drop-down menu option over from “Videos” is “Categories,” and if you’ve ever been to any porn site before, you’ll know that a lot of time doesn’t need to be spent focusing on this section of the site. If you’ve arrived at Eporner, then there’s a good chance you already know what you’re here for. They’ve got twenty-one different categories to choose from just right there under the drop-down menu, but if you get to the end of that list, you’ll see at the bottom there’s a button for “see more.” That button leads to the “categories” page where you’ll see that the actual number of them actually available on this site is so big it’s not being listed in this review. You will have a hard time getting to the end of it, which should be enough information any visitor to the site will need.


The next one over involves the actresses themselves, and yes, of course, it’s only the actresses, this section if specifically for the pornstars and there is a lot of similarity between the layout of this page on the site and the one where you could look through all of the different porn categories available. Like the categories section, too, for each of the actresses, at least for each of the squares with a preview of her work, you’ll see a couple of stats in terms of the content you can expect. You will see the numbers for how many videos there are on the site she appears in and how many spicy pictures you can expect to see as well.


Smooth Like Butter

All of that is a lot to remember, but thankfully, for the most part, it’s pretty intuitive to figure out when you’re looking through the website yourself. Even better, though, is the sidebar menu available on the site’s main page, which acts as basically a smaller version of everything else you just saw. Except for being able to sort through all the different porn actresses in it, you can navigate to most of the more popular genres of porn available on the site. Being able to sort through the different “video quality” types is an option here, and you’ll also notice that there’s a small “stat” indicator for each one, it shows you how many videos there are all together for every category on the site. It’s here that was mentioned earlier where you could tell that the amateur section is, in fact, the second biggest section on the whole website.


If you think there might be a lack of variety here on the sidebar menu, think again because the owners of the website thought of that too. Instead of worrying about going all the way over to the categories section of the site to find something, not on the sidebar menu, just click the one closest to what you want to see. Want “Big tits” and “Blowjob” videos at the same time? Just click on one or the other on the sidebar, and it’ll take you to your selection’s page, from there you’ll see another sidebar where you can just add on to your selection by clicking the plus symbol (+) next to the category you want to combine with.



There’s even an extensive rating system on each video’s page. You can use it to like, comment, and even see the stats of each video you watch, not to mention if you happen to really like a certain video; there are multiple options to download each one you see. It all just adds to a big part of what is so quality about Eporner. There are a lot of different porn viewing experiences out there online, and just a few websites that try their best to deliver a real quality experience where you have nothing but great content to work with and a well-designed website, the kind of quality that helps for a smooth experience and less hassle when it comes to getting the job done. Eporner is one of those Try-Hard websites, and it won’t take long for you to see that, so give it a visit.

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