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  • Incredible selection of amateur smut
  • Thriving community of pornography enthusiasts
  • Minimal spam
  • Piracy

Known for its extensive selection of free streaming pornography, xHamster.com is widely considered to be one of the most popular free sex tubes on the Internet. Since its inception in 2007, the website has built a huge following and reputation as an ever-expanding, worldwide archive of hardcore smut. For millions of masturbators around the globe, it is the first stop when seeking streaming HD material for the purpose of self-gratification.


Based in Cyprus, xHamster is a truly global pornography operation with offices in Houston, Kyoto, as well as London. They aim to keep their global user base happy by offering the website in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Dutch and Afrikaans. As is often the case when sexual material crosses borders and cultural divides, a number of countries have taken action to block xHamster from being utilized by their citizens.


xHamster by the Numbers

According to the search bar in the header of xHamster, they currently have over 4.7 million videos in their collection. This is a collection size that dwarfs nearly every other free tube on the Internet, not to mention many real-life archives. The great library of Alexandria, for example, was said to have held the equivalent of roughly 100,000 books. Some scholars believe that xHamster will be viewed in a similar light by historians of the future. Regardless of your perspective on smut, it is a pornography collection the likes of which the world has never known before.


That enormous collection size is one of the website’s biggest appeals among users, which helps explain how they’ve grown to have such an enormous user base as well. XHamster claims over 10 million registered members, making it the third most popular porno website after XVideos and Pornhub. It’s important to consider that while this is a huge number of members, many pornography users opt to masturbate anonymously. These users never register, and often use their browser’s incognito mode to avoid detection by family members or coworkers.


Globally, xHamster ranks in the top 10 websites, making it a true giant of the Internet. They receive over 5 billion visits per month, with an average visit duration of about four minutes. This number takes into account both the pornography fans looking for a quick lunch break masturbation session, as well as the perverts seeking an hours-long marathon session of lesbian tribbing, Ebony gangbangs and teenage facials starring the hottest porn stars in the business.


The History of a Serious Sex Tube

XHamster.com is one of few Internet pornography sites that have grown large enough and gained enough attention to warrant their own Wikipedia page. This in itself is historic, as pornographic history is typically relegated to the shadows and is often forgotten. This is evidence that xHamster has become almost a household word, as recognizable as Playboy or Penthouse was to previous generations.


XHamster was originally envisioned as a social network, much like MySpace or Facebook but with considerably more amateur pornography. The creators hoped the site would encourage intimate relationships, though they quickly developed into a streaming video site instead.


Certain elements of the social media scheme still exist within xHamster’s infrastructure. For example, users can Like, Favorite or Share their favorite movies. Beneath a video entitled Blonde Sub Skyler Squirt Spat on during Dominating Fuck, a user going by the pseudonym Gag-Man remarked, “She looks so beautiful with that BLACK gag ball in her mouth.”


It’s also worth noting that while many of the blowjob movies and explicit squirting scenarios were uploaded by the studios and paysites in an effort to entice you back to the source, nearly a third of xHamster’s movies are user-uploaded Amateur flicks. Their large user base and popularity makes the website a virtual gold mine for fans of DIY threesome scenes, public park sex and exhibitionist MILFs.


The videos on the website are so popular that many users don’t realize that xHamster also has rich selections of photographs and erotic stories. As with the videos, these are user-submitted, and thus display great range in their depictions of depravity. Some users opt for topless selfies and softcore lit erotica, while others go all out with BDSM fetish extravaganzas and outrageous taboo scenes that would potentially be illegal to film.


The Censorship of an Internet Giant

A local court in the Republic of Tartarstand, Russia, allowed xHamster to be blocked in 2014. In 2015, the Indian government passed the IT Act, banning a number of pornography websites. XHamster was among those hits, with ISPs being required to block the site. Thailand and Turkey have also banned the website.


XHamster themselves maintain a strong position against censorship, with Alex Hawkins noting, "As an international company, we see every day how restrictive governments use regulatory tools, like traffic throttling, to limit access to not only porn but political speech."


The website has also come under fire for alleged violations of copyright. They were sued in 2011 by a pornography production company, though the judge in the case noted that xHamster was outside of their jurisdiction as a Cyprus-based company. It is worth noting that copyright infringement is a very common allegation on free sex tubes. While any website that accepts user uploads is susceptible to illicit use as a piracy hub, xHamster is not known for their pirated smut and does their best to remove it when it pops up on the site.


Extensive Collections of Smut of All Kinds

The front page of xHamster is laid out like your typical free sex tube. Based on the site’s popularity, they may help set the mold, and other tubes copy off of them. The first thing you’ll see is a wall of pornographic thumbnails stretching across the whole page. A selection of Hot Porn Videos are displayed at the very top, followed by the newest movies on the website.


The growth rate of xHamster’s smut collection is instantly apparent just from the front page. There are dozens of new movies in a variety of perverted subgenres, and the entire front page has been uploaded just today. Few sex tubes have the user bases to encourage such a rapid growth. When viewing this website, you always have fresh material to choose from.


There is such a mix of material coming in that many users will not have to dig very deep to find satisfactory masturbatory content. For those looking for something a little more specific, some of their most popular categories are listed along the sidebar. Users can choose from such categories as Amateur, Creampie, Lesbian, Interracial and Big Ass. For the slightly kinkier pornography enthusiast out there, the website also has rich selections of such subgenres as Cuckold, Femdom, Futanari, CFNM and footjob.


Dirty Movies in a First-Rate Player

For the purpose of this review, PornSites.com loaded up an amateur movie in xHamster’s collection called Best STEPMOM and SON Homemade ANAL. Uploaded this morning, the three-minute video already has more than 7000 views and an 88% user rating.


With a spam blocker running, the video starts playing without any pop-ups or video ads, nor any buffering issues. The stepson in the movie is already thrusting vigorously into the MILF’s anal cavity with his turgid erection. While it is clearly an amateur movie filmed and uploaded at a relatively low bit rate, the baked-in video player provides options to adjust the resolution as well as the play speed.


The video itself turned out to be embedded with audio ads enticing the viewer to visit a taboo paysite. It is largely unintrusive and does not feel like a bait-and-switch because of the high quality of the anal sex on display. As far as advertising on xHamster, you will generally find a lot less of it than you will on the smaller sex tubes. One of the reasons they’ve managed to gain such a strong foothold in an Internet saturated with free pornography is that they are able to serve it to their viewers with fewer penile enhancement ads than other websites.


XHamster.com has established itself as one of the world’s best porn tubes by giving users unprecedented access to millions of explicit movies for free. Their huge user base encourages a constant stream of new dirty movies, not to mention one of the richest amateur porn video communities online or off. With minimal spam getting in the way of all that smut, this website is an easy option for anybody looking for a quick or a long masturbation session.

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Since its initial launch in 2007, Porn Hub has managed to prop itself up as one of the most famous and readily recognizable porn sites of all time. It is hard to overstate the pivotal role that Porn Hub has played in revolutionizing the way in which people consume adult entertainment. Not only has Porn Hub, almost singlehandedly, solidified the free porn tube as one of the most popular and beloved types of porn sites, but it has also managed to transcend the world of online smut.Porn Hub has become something of a cultural phenomenon. Never before has a single porn site been greeted with so much mainstream acceptance and recognition. In other words, prior to Porn Hub’s meteoric rise to fame, to be able to identify a porn site by name was almost always to out yourself as a pervert in most social circles. This was something that was, typically speaking, looked down upon. However, nowadays, people reference Porn Hub all the time to little or no social repercussions. Frequently referenced in popular and social media, it has, in other words, become nothing short of a household name.There are even entire online communities dedicated to rather innocuous aspects of the Porn Hub user experience. One such community, for example, is the subreddit, r/PornHubComments. Here, in contrast to the abundance of extremely active NSFW Reddit communities comprised of surprisingly dedicated users (or, perhaps unsurprisingly when you consider the fact that 36% of all internet data usage is attributed to pornographic content), the Porn Hub Comments subreddit focuses solely on humorous or surprising comments that people have left on Porn Hub videos.The comments section, at least in the opinion of Pornsites.com, is one of the many key ways in which Porn Hub has been able to differentiate themselves from the rest of the free porn sites on the web. By having a remarkably active social network component that is prominently featured on the site, Porn Hub has been able to carve out a space for themselves in the highly competitive social media sphere.Once Porn Hub began offering additional community features to the innumerable amount of pornographic content to be found on the site, there were virtually no other sites who were offering the same breadth of services. Quickly, other big-name free porn tubes, like xHamster and Red Tube, began adding similar user-specific features in order to compete.Essentially, Porn Hub was one of the first (if not the first) porn site to completely alter the way people enjoyed viewing pornographic content. They understood the importance of making it a more interactive, personalized, and customizable experience. Lovers of adult content, then, were no longer merely masturbating in solitude, separate from one another. Instead, Porn Hub found a way to connect hundreds of thousands of horny XXX enthusiasts all over the world. And they did so not only by creating a more social environment than has ever been done before on a porn site, but also by making porn a participatory medium.Perhaps you are familiar with the introduction that Porn Hub tags onto the beginning of any amateur content created and submitted by members of Porn Hub, where it indicates that the video you are about to watch is a part of the vast “Porn Hub Community.” This is one of the most crucial ways in which Porn Hub stands out from the crowd. Not only can Porn Hub users have fun in the extremely active and heavily populated comments sections on videos, but they can take their shot at becoming porn stars of their own rights as well by producing their own pornographic content. This was an incredibly novel idea when Porn Hub first introduced it to the world.Thanks to Porn Hub, the adult entertainment industry was no longer organized in a top-down model, by which porn lovers (consumers) paid a certain amount of money (either per film or per month for a website membership) to a production studio in order to passively enjoy porn. Suddenly, the whole paradigm was shifted. Thanks to Porn Hub making it easier than ever for amateur pornographers to make and share videos (and pictures) with the world, anyone could become a porn star. And in the past few years, a number of independent amateur models have done just that, thanks to the built-in capacity to sell content and accept tips from fans that Porn Hub allows its users to take advantage of.With these new abilities, Porn Hub, one could argue, is also responsible for a huge resurgence in the popularity of amateur porn, shifting the adult entertainment world from one which was dominated by just a few giant premium professional porn sites (like Brazzers, Reality Kings, and Team Skeet), to one which is more open, participatory, and filled with opportunity. To use an analogy, what Wikipedia did for knowledge and information, Porn Hub did with for porn.Which leads naturally into the thing that is, quite possibly, Porn Hub’s greatest asset … the fact that it provides hundreds of thousands of pornos, absolutely free of charge. In fact, you do not even have to sign up or register in order to access almost all of the free porn that Porn Hub has to offer. They do offer a premium version of the site, for which you do have to pay. Select videos are available only on premium, as well as the ability to stream videos in the highest HD resolution available (1440p), but you probably won’t even notice that you are missing out on anything. The number of unavailable, premium-only videos is relatively few. And, chances are 1080p HD is probably a sufficient streaming quality for most people.So, how is Porn Hub able to offer hundreds of thousands of HD porn videos (many of which are produced by the best studios in the industry today)? Well, for starters, in 2010, Porn Hub was acquired by a giant media conglomerate of the adult entertainment industry, Mind Geek (previously known as Manwin). Mind Geek is the same corporation that owns many of the other most popular porn sites on the web, such as Red Tube, You Porn, Tube 8, Brazzers, Reality Kings, My Dirty Hobby, Digital Playground, Twistys, and Men.com (just to name a few).Therefore, Porn Hub, as a business model, acts as a means of providing previews and teasers for the rest of the sites of the Mind Geek empire. The idea is that people will be more likely to subscribe to a premium porn site if they get hooked via the 5 to 10-minute clips provided for free on Porn Hub. This is why many of the videos on Porn Hub (unless you have a premium membership, that is) are merely excerpts.Pornsites.com loves so much about Porn Hub. In fact, there is so much to love about Porn Hub that it would probably be easiest just to detail the few things that Pornsites.com does not love about Porn Hub. The fact that many of the videos, as was just mentioned, are so short is Pornsites.com’s main complaint. But, in addition to that, Pornsites.com also wishes that the site did not have quite so many ads. The ads on Porn Hub, too, are those that are not easily taken care of with a common adblocker browser plugin. So, that makes them extra pesky.Other than those few minor complaints, however, Porn Hub is easily one of the best executed porn sites on the web. And possibly, in Pornsites.com’s opinion, at least, the best free porn tube in existence. There are just so many things that Porn Hub is doing right. To the point where these small complaints feel a little bit trite by contrast.The site design, for example, is iconic. The black, gray, and yellow theme is immediately recognizable by anyone who has been to Porn Hub before. And the actual desktop experience is best described as smooth and streamlined. The algorithm used for related videos is very intuitive (you never get pitched ‘related’ videos that have nothing to do with the original one), and if you are a member, it even does a bang up job at learning your viewing habits, making it easier than ever to find new videos, models, and studios that you will love.The social network components, too, are absolutely amazing. Pornsites.com has never seen a better executed porn community. You can ‘like’ and subscribe to as many models and porn studios as you see fit. You can add friends, follow community users, create posts, share pics and videos, and comment on the uploads of others. Basically, if you can do it on Facebook, you can do it on Porn Hub (and probably have a much better time doing so).If you have never been to Porn Hub before, what are you waiting for? There is truly nothing else like it in the world of porn, and you should definitely check it out today.
XVideos.com is one of the most popular pornographic, tube-style video sharing sites on the Internet. They get over 3 billion visits a month, consistently ranking them among the top 50 websites in the world, and the top ten adult websites globally. They were streaming over a terabyte of smut per second several years ago, and their popularity and catalog have only grown since then. As of this writing, they had nearly 9 million videos available to stream on-demand.  XVideos is owned by WGCZ Holding, a Czech company that also owns Penthouse magazine and the Bang Bros network. The site is available in English, Chinese check, Dutch, French, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish, making it a truly global phenomenon.  XVideos was launched in 2007, and by 2012 had become the largest pornography site in the world. They were receiving over 100 million page views every month, a number which is still impressive years later. MindGeek, owners of the massively popular Pornhub network, tried to buy the site for $120 million. The offer was turned down, with the site owner apologizing and saying he had to go play Diablo II.  As a large and well-established adult website, they’ve been the subject of censorship around the world throughout their history. Lebanon was among the first to ban them in 2014, followed by Malaysia and India. They were banned from the Philippines as part of an anti-child pornography law in 2015, and they were dropped from a major Venezuelan ISP without any statement in 2018.  XVideos has what may be described as a typical porn tube format, though given the site’s age and influence, perhaps XVideos helps set the mold as to what is expected. The main screen is mostly thumbnails from the site’s extensive library of pornographic scenes. A wide variety of video content is available, from interracial encounters involving BBC to teenage stripteases and taboo movies about what happens when dad isn’t home and mom has a thing for her stepson.  Clip lengths are among the scant information presented beneath each thumbnail. Viewers will note the broad range from short premium sample and amateur clips of only a few minutes to full-length epic orgies that run hours long. Coupled with the broad range of material, XVideos seems suitable for a variety of masturbatory styles, from quickies to marathon sessions.  The cluster of genre tags in the header looks a little bit cluttered, but they give quick and easy access to many of the site’s most popular subcategories of pornography. Amateur, Asian, Ass and Creampie are among their most highly sought offerings, and current trends among pornstars and sex acts are laid out in plain English. At the time of this writing, Brooklyn Gray, Addison Lee and Dee Williams were trending starlets, with Teen MILF Anal Squirt showing a strong uptick in searches.  By default, XVideos is displaying material from their Straight collection of content, as this is the material most popular with their mostly male viewing demographic. They do aim to please everyone, though, so a dropdown menu in the top right corner lets you access their Gay or Shemale libraries.  As with most modern sex tubes, the thumbnails display animated previews if you hover over them with the mouse or tap them on your mobile device. Viewers will be faced with such a wealth of amateur anal sex and professionally filmed threesome scenes that it may be hard to choose. For this review, PornSites.com started with one of the newest scenes on the menu, a 30-minute Team Skeet movie called TheRealWorkout: Cute Blonde Gets Her Pussy Stretched out.  On most tube sites, the presence of a full-length scene like this would be a strong indicator of piracy. Here, however, the 1080P HD scene has been uploaded by the premium porn giant themselves. As one of the largest sex tubes out there, XVideos has the clout to make full scenes like this available to their viewers at no cost.  With our ad blocker enabled, the Play button starts the movie off with minimal buffering and with the quality already maxed out at the highest resolution. There is a brief website intro for The Real Workout, and then we see our starlet riding a bike around the park in a very tight and revealing outfit.  Considering the source, it’s hard to complain about the quality of this particular piece of hardcore pornography. Throughout the beautifully shot, half-hour scene, we see the busty young trainer get pounded in her tight, shaved vagina, working her facial muscles during an intense blowjob, taking it in doggystyle and cowgirl positions, and finally getting her lovely face covered in a thick coat of hot semen.  The video doesn’t belong to XVideos, but the delivery system does. Playback is very smooth, with no stuttering and very little buffering when skipping around throughout the full runtime. Viewers can easily jump from the cunnilingus sequence to the facial finale and then back to the fingering without losing any masturbatory momentum.  As with other tube-style video sites, there are basic social networking features built into each video page. Viewers can voice their opinion on each gonzo porn or public blowjob video by clicking the Thumbs-up or Thumbs-down buttons. Registered users can also leave comments and create their own playlists for later masturbatory enjoyment.  There is a Download button beneath each video enabling users to save MP4s of the Latina movies and yoga-themed sex scenes. The one caveat is that you need to register for an account first, though all one needs for the privilege is a working email address.  Since XVideos is technically a video sharing website, and one of the largest ones with one of the largest user bases, they have one of the most thriving amateur porn communities the world has ever seen. With over 100,000 verified women and couple videos and growing, this tube is a true goldmine for fans of DIY pornography.  You can access their full archive of Amateur smut through the tag link in the header, but the 100% Verified link brings you directly to the movies they’ve confirmed as coming from their actual users. As this is a worldwide site, viewers have instant access to homegrown squirting movies, lesbian experiments, and BBW stripteases from around the globe. As PornSites.com reviewed XVideos, the most recent verified amateur movie was an Iraqi clip of a woman wearing only a burqa giving head and taking a load to the body.  The thriving community of amateur pornographers on XVideos allows exhibitionists and their fans to interact across the globe. Amateurs get their own profile pages to showcase their videos and photos. The most popular verified amateurs have thousands of friends and fans on their lists. The site makes it easy to follow your favorite homebrew smut peddlers, as well as the infrastructure to let them view it all completely for free.  One of the things that has allowed XVideos to thrive on an Internet completely saturated with other free porn tubes is that they are able to serve up a far greater amount of material with far less spam. During our visit, with our ad blocker enabled, we didn’t have any issue at all with pop-ups, pop-unders or banner ads. In fact, the closest things we saw to advertisements were the brief production house intros at the start of some of the professionally produced movies.  The secret to the lasting popularity of XVideos.com seems to be a very simple formula that they’ve managed to pull off better than the competition. They’ve got 9 million videos, in all pornographic styles and levels of perversion, and very little spam between that smut and the end-user. Those basic facts are enough to make them one of the most popular websites in the world.
XNXX.com is not only one of the biggest free porn tubes on the Internet, but it’s also one of the most visited websites on the entire web: their Alexa rank has been hovering around the 100 mark for years. Established in 1997, they are also one of the world’s oldest porno websites. Headquartered in Paris, France, XNXX is owned by WGCZ Holding, who also own XVideos and the Bang Bros network of premium sex sites.  As the site aims to please a worldwide audience of masturbators of all stripes, the front page has several dropdown menus allowing users to customize the content. Around two dozen languages are available, as well as filters for many more countries. By default, users are shown the site’s collection of Straight pornography, though Gay and Shemale content is available at a click.  XNXX is a very old website, which is partially reflected in the design. The logo and color scheme have an ancient, outdated look that matches the 2000 copyright date at the very bottom of the page. The porn thumbnails that line the page looked modern enough, but lack the HD crispness many sites are now using is one of their selling points.  Layout and general look aside, it isn’t terribly difficult to see what’s drawing their 2.3 billion monthly visitors. Not only is there a wide variety of hardcore perversion on display, from teenage oral sex to unprotected anal penetration and lesbian face riding, but there is an enormous amount of it. According to the figure above the thumbnails, XNXX currently has over 8 million videos total.  This collection size is unrivaled except for a handful of the bigger free tubes like Pornhub. It’s a collection size that XNXX has built organically over the course of decades, one of the main advantages of getting in on the ground floor. Younger tubes often try to build their catalog quickly by scraping content from other sites, leaving them bloated with low-quality, low-resolution scraps.  The front page displays thumbnails representing some of the site’s more popular categories. Many of them are the expected subgenres of smut, for example Redhead, Interracial, Blonde and Orgy. They also have numerous incest-related categories, like Taboo, Stepmom and Son, Family, Japanese Mom and Son Forced Mom. It’s not uncommon for porn tubes to hide taboo tags, so fans of the familial genres will be happy to see them so prominently displayed right from the front page.  The main genre tags are deeper and more specific than on other tubes, perhaps on account of the much larger collection size. If the Cheating Wives, Shemales, Big Ass Latinas and Big Black Asses represented in the thumbnails don’t do it for you, a text list along the sidebar provides even more XNXX porn categories. Celebrity, Sleeping Mom, Feet, Pissing and Squirting Orgasm sections are just one click away from the main page.  XNXX is one of just a handful of free porn tubes that have their own app. It currently only works on android, as Apple completely bans porno from their official store and won’t let you install third-party apps. The Google store doesn’t allow adult apps, but you can download it from the website and install the app yourself with minimal effort. With it, users can view the site’s extensive collection of MILF movies, teenage threesomes and creampie videos easily on their mobile device.  It’s worth noting that as a major and very well-established adult content site, XNXX’s app is likely much safer than other apps of its kind. While other smaller, less scrupulous sex sites may try to infect your device with malware or spyware, XNXX pledges their app will not. As they put it, “XNXX have been existing for almost 20 years. We are simply not in the business of messing with our users.”  One of the thumbnailed category links at the top of the front page lists Today’s Selection. Today it shows a cute babe in lingerie and cat ears with some whiskers painted on her face. On hover-over, an animated preview is shown. A short montage shows the girl with her legs over her head and her fingers in her vagina followed by some intense vibrator play. We clicked the image and XNXX brought us to several hundred of today’s most popular movies.  Girl Masturbating in a Live Show was the site’s most popular movie the day PornSites visited. The 11-minute clip streams in 720p and has a user rating of around 82%. Because XNXX has such a large user base, the rating system tends to be very accurate. High ratings almost always translate to easy and productive masturbation sessions.  With our ad blocker running, no pop-ups appeared and no video ads were inserted before the movie started playing. As this was originally a WebCam show, the girl’s Twitter and Instagrams are watermarked on the screen, right below her exposed vagina and buttplugged rectum.  Playback is very smooth even at the maximum resolution. There was minimal buffering while skipping between the dildo, finger, and vibrator scenes. The purple-haired cutie gets increasingly vocal as she works multiple devices against her genitals, culminating in a loud orgasm that makes her whole body shake.  A Download button is built into the video player. Users wanting to save this WebCam masturbation film or any of the sex videos on the website will have to make a free account first. Users must supply an email address, though the site doesn’t make you verify your account immediately. They do not run a mailing list.  Because the video pornography is the most popular content on XNXX, many users overlook the site’s other features. For example, their collection of user-submitted sex stories has now grown so big they store the library on a sister site, SexStories.com. As users have been writing and submitting these erotic bits of literature, kinky fanfiction and longform dirty jokes for decades, the archive stretches into the hundreds of thousands.  They’ve also got a Games area with a variety of Flash, web and mobile video games that all include X-rated content. From visual novels to erotic role-playing games and sex simulators, fans of both gaming and masturbation will find plenty of ways to exercise their manual dexterity. These games are typically nonexclusive to XNXX; many of the games featured, like Gods of Hentai or Boobs in the City, are also available elsewhere.  The Pictures section will be of particular interest to fans of amateur pornography. As this is a huge site with a very large and active user base, they have a nearly constant stream of X-rated uploads from exhibitionist amateurs. The Galleries feature all kinds of women, from teenagers flashing their breasts for a new WebCam to experienced MILFs and swingers who know exactly how to play for the camera.  The XNXX adult forum is one of the most active sex discussion boards on the Internet, owing largely to the site’s general popularity among Internet masturbators. They have a streamlined set of just half a dozen public subforums, including Sexuality, Pic and Movie Posts, Sex Stories and Personals. Every subform, with the exception of Sex Stories, has millions of messages and is nearly always active.  For such a large adult forum, XNXX discussion boards are surprisingly lacking in piracy. Users hoping to download the newest premium paysite scenes from a Russian file locker will have to find another source. XNXX clearly wants to keep their entire website clean, safe and legit, and that includes tamping down on attempts at video piracy.  XNXX.com really doesn’t look like much, but perhaps that is by design. The real draw of the site is the incredibly huge archive of sex content available entirely for free. The 8 million videos in their collection runs the gamut from softcore amateur stripping scenes to extreme anal fisting and wild fetish videos. Not only is their video collection huge, but they’ve also got extensive libraries of images and erotic literature, as well as a very active adult forum. Users will find very little to complain about as they peruse the seemingly endless collection of free pornography.
Founded in 2010, DaftSex.com has provided fantastic pornography options ever since. This free tube site provides full-length porn featuring some of the hottest pornstars in the adult industry. For the porn fanatic that wants full versions of porn that look great and load quickly without having to sign up for anything, DaftSex is a worthy visit. One of the first things a new visitor is going to notice on DaftSex is just how good the videos appear to look. While the thumbnails are not as detailed as other free tube sites, it's apparent this is so because the site uses screengrabs to render the thumbnail. That's fine, and it takes absolutely nothing away from their appeal.  DaftSex has chosen to use screenshots that are informative and enticing for its thumbnails. They tell the viewer what to expect from a single glance of the thumbnails. When visitors click-through and decide to watch the video, they will be pleased to know that videos can be watched up to 720p.  One thing to note is that it is possible to watch content up to 1080p, but it's not as easy as selecting the resolution from within the video. Viewers must download a Chrome extension to watch content in 1080p, which is a bit of a bummer. What about those that avoid using Chrome and opt for a browser like Firefox or Safari instead?  Fortunately, downloading the extension only takes a few seconds. The proper extension pops up the moment DaftSex loads. Click it, let the extension install, and viewers will be able to watch 1080p in no time. It's an extra step that's wonky but because it's so painless it's difficult to gripe about it. Still, for those that hate using Google Chrome, it may be a deal-breaker. At the end of the day, though, many of the videos here look amazing. The quality is there, and they look identical to what one might find on that video's official source site. No matter the device, it's easy to watch one's favorite porn in stunning detail on DaftSex. Before clicking on a video to watch from the homepage, consider scrolling down to the bottom of the search results. Here, visitors will notice a, ‘You Might Be Interested,’ section. This shows a group of clickable tags. Click one of them, and additional videos featuring that tag will pop up. It's an excellent way to expand horizons and take a look at the rest of what DaftSex has to offer. Plus, because it's always a bit of a crapshoot what will come up, one never knows what will be suggested: pornstars, niches, kinks, there's no telling What about the person that wants to watch what's hot on DaftSex? Finding what's popular could not be simpler. Log onto the website and look at the tags at the top of the homepage. Expect hot tags from some of the most popular niches of the moment. During this review, the tags appearing at the top were interracial, Asian, ebony, teen, and MILF, to name a few. These tags work just like the other clickable tags on DaftSex. Click it, and additional similar videos will appear ready to be watched. DaftSex makes it simple to find whatever it is one wants to watch. This makes it super simple to browse around and find new types of content to watch, making the free tube site the perfect landing spot for exploring and discovering unique content.  Thumbnails show good information.Look around the reviews on ThePornDude, and it will become evident that good thumbnails are a powerful thing on free tube sites. They can show right information which can save a ton of space on websites. It's also just a good look and can make a site go from looking uncategorized to well organized and kempt. The thumbnails on DaftSex are no exception. Each thumbnail shows useful information that's relevant to what a viewer wants to know about. They show the duration, view count, and date added. This makes it easy for anyone to figure out whether the video in question is worth watching or if the viewer should look elsewhere. Click a random button in the search bar to search by random pornstarHere’s a feature that isn’t necessary, but it’s sure fun and convenient to use. Click the search bar at the top of the homepage; take special notice of the dice icon. Click it, and a random pornstar’s name will appear in the search field. Choose to search or click the icon again for another random pornstar’s name.  This is perhaps the best way to find new pornstars to watch and follow on DaftSex. One could browse the pornstars section, but what better way to blindly find and follow new performers than this tool? While it would be hyperbole to say every free tube site needs a feature like DaftSex's random button, it certainly adds to the experience.  For porn fans that are a bit picky with their porn, DaftSex offers a variety of good options that make finding the content one wants to watch a breeze. In the filter options, visitors can sort content by date added, duration, and even the most popular. The free tube site doesn’t stop there, though. Browsers can also sort the duration of content by long and short. It's the perfect option for those that hate watching pornography that's too short or wants to watch a clip that's short and jumps straight into the action. For some people, if pornography isn't in HD they're not going to watch it. While it's arguable a lot of fantastic porn will be missed, for those that fall into this camp, DaftSex makes it easy to find the pornography that meets their needs. To view only HD porn, choose the 'Only HD' option in the filtering options.  This will only show content that is at least at 720p. For those that love to download their favorite porn clips, they will be pleased to know that content can also be downloaded in 720p. No matter which device one prefers to watch porn on, they can watch it in glorious HD.  Unfortunately, watching content in 1080 isn't as straightforward as it should be. That's because DaftSex requires visitors to download a Chrome extension before they can view 1080p content in the first place. An alert pops up instructing users to install the Chrome extension, so there's no mystery on how to acquire it. Still, for those that would rather not use Google Chrome, they don't have a choice if they want to watch 1080p content. This problem should be addressed. Over 281 pages of playlists, to be exact. When one thinks about it, that's a ton of pornography! Most playlists feature a theme of some type: niche, kink, pornstar, the list goes on. Whatever one is in the mood for, this collection of curated content is the best thing for the viewer that knows what kind of pornography they want to watch but would instead not seek out the content themselves.  Want to look at some of the hottest videos currently on DaftSex? The free tube site makes it simple by providing a section called 'Hottest.' It's at the top of the homepage. Click it, and a person will be able to look around see some of the hottest recent porn videos. It's yet another way that DaftSex makes it convenient to get a taste for what's hot at the moment. With so many options for browsing and exploring different types of porn, it's no wonder the free tube site has remained popular since it opened the proverbial front doors in 2010!
When Spankbang went live in 2011, it only featured one page of porn. Even then, it was apparent Spankbang favored quality over quantity. That mantra has served them well. In less than a decade Spankbang has seen inconceivable growth, adding millions of full-length videos from the freshest porn brands and studios – and they show no signs of slowing down.  Spankbang also believes that 'sharing is caring' when it comes to assisting other free tube sites. That's why Spankbang allows other webmasters to embed all Spankbang videos to their own porn site. Webmasters have the option of downloading several zip files containing databases to import into their own website: deleted videos, today's videos, and even all videos. The zip files are updated every day, so webmasters can take solace in the fact that they are getting the latest and greatest from Spankbang. With so many videos already on Spankbang, this is one of the best ways for a would-be free tube site webmaster to create a foundation of quality content. Spankbang shares its entire database: what someone sees on Spankbang can be embedded into anyone's free tube site. With many of these videos viewable in 720p/1080p resolutions, this is one of the fastest ways to add content people want to see. It’s no surprise that Spankbang has earned ThePornDude’s highest possible rating. For anyone that has been contemplating creating their own free tube site, this is arguably one of the best ways to grow one’s site from day one.  One of the biggest complaints when it comes to watching adult content is how tedious it can be to jump to the scenes one wants to see. It can be difficult even to know what types of scenes lie within the video; not so on Spankbang. Spankbang features thumbnails near the bottom of the video that shows what kinds of scenes are in the video, the timestamp for the scene, and thumbnails that show what the scene looks like.  This thoughtful addition gives visitors the benefit of figuring out if they want to spend their time watching the video or wish to move on to something else. For example, if someone finds a blowjob scene and wants to be sure that the video is something they want to see, they can browse to the bottom of the video, look at the thumbnail, and decide if they want to watch. This saves time, makes browsing Spankbang convenient, and gives visitors an idea of the rest of the content within. Like all good free tube sites, Spankbang makes it simple to sort videos based on a variety of factors. Users can view videos based on trending, upcoming, interesting, new, popular, most liked, and longest videos. These same sorting options remain the same on other parts of the site, namely when browsing for adult stars in the pornstar section. Good sorting options make life convenient for the people that want to jump right in, watch a porn video, and jump back out: thankfully, Spankbang makes it possible. One thing critics cannot fault Spankbang for is their selection of AAA porn. Users can view hot adult content from some of today's more prestigious porn studios. The perks don't stop there, though. Although most free tube sites only offer teaser videos that run less than 10-minutes long, Spankbang typically features the entire scene. The convenience cannot be understated: this is a tube site offering tons of full-length premium porn for the cost of nothing.  With this in mind, it is clear just how generous Spankbang is with offering its databases of embedded adult content for webmasters to integrate into their own free tube site. This makes scaling that much easier for the prospective webmaster that wants their own piece of the proverbial free tube site pie. Whether someone wants to use Spankbang to grow their tube site's brand or want an excellent resource for good, solid pornography these perks alone put Spankbang is in that upper echelon of trusted, premier free tube sites. Because Spankbang features full-length AAA adult content, one may be understandably suspicious whether or not the videos have downscaled resolutions. This isn't the case on this free tube site. Spankbang features tons of content in 720p, 1080p, and even 4K. The videos look great and just as stellar as if someone was watching them on a premium porn tube service reminiscent to Brazzers or Naughty America. Whether watched on a mobile device, a desktop, or even on a Smart TV, the resolution is going to look phenomenal and as crystal-clear as intended.  Good videos that look phenomenal is one thing: finding them with ease is something totally different. Thankfully, Spankbang makes it simple to find what a visitor needs. One of the ways this is achieved is by giving users the luxury of searching by pornstar. The amount of pornstars in this database is massive: if someone can think of the name, chances are they kind find the pornstar within.  Half the fun of browsing the pornstar section is exposing oneself to new adult stars. By default, Spankbang sorts pornstars by, 'trending,' so visitors can see the most popular pornstars featured on Spankbang at that moment. Users can also view pornstars alphabetically and,' hottest and most popular.'  The thumbnails for each adult star are clear and detailed, too. This makes it easy for a person to figure out if they want to watch that pornstar's videos or move onto someone else. Each thumbnail also lists how many videos that pornstar has and the number of times people have watched their videos.  After clicking an adult star, users can learn more about them. For example, clicking on Ava Adams shows not only how many videos and times she has been viewed, but her age, race, weight, where she is from, etc. Moreover, users can also dictate which videos featuring her show up by selecting, 'trending,' 'new,' 'popular,' 'most liked,' 'longest videos,' 'length,' and even the quality (i.e., all videos or only videos in 720p/1080p/4K). It's just another way Spankbang makes it easy for people to find the content they want quickly and painlessly.  Although Spankbang's variety of categories isn't as vast as some other free tube sites, all the top vanilla categories are here. Whether visitors want to view amateur videos, MILF content, gay pornography, or even VR porn to feel like they are in the middle of the action, Spankbang offers over five-million videos (and counting). That's a lot of variety, and combined with the flexible search-and-browsing options; users will have zero problems finding the perfect video for their mood.  For users that feel like the categories are a little too vanilla, they will almost certainly find the tags section appealing. Think of this section as the raunchier cousin to the categories page. Browsers can find more in-depth niches that never made it to the categories page, like bukkake, wrestling, JOI, JAVs, and even body swaps/gender transformation videos. Clicking a tag will show the videos with that particular tag. Clicking a tag brings up additional tags within that niche. For example, selecting the tag, 'hypno,' also brings up the tags, 'mind control,' 'hypnosis,' 'brainwash,' 'freeze,' etc. Clicking one of those tags brings up similar tags, and so on. These tags can also be combined to create personalized results showing only the videos with that combination of tags. It’s a great way to explore different niches and fetishes. After settling on a tag, it's simple to add filters to the results to show only the types of videos one wants to watch. Visitors will find it convenient that they can filter by, 'Only HD,' and the length of time. Spankbang’s usual sorting options also apply here, allowing users to see only the best videos that match their filtered results. One of the most unique features on Spankbang is the personalized porn TV station. People can create their station by adding typing a category, tag, pornstar, or keyword. Once created, videos will automatically appear matching the search. Users can choose to skip the video or view the full video if they like what they see. It's a great way to immediately sit back and watch the porn one wants to watch without having to search Spankbang. With a stellar user interface and the convenience of finding content quickly and on-the-fly, none of it matters if the videos are slow and unresponsive. This does not happen on Spankbang. Videos load promptly on desktop and mobile without any buffering or stuttering issues. It is impressive because most of Spankbang's content is in HD: the fact that everything loads as quickly as it did shows that Spankbang pays attention to even the smallest details. It's the gold standard of what a free tube site can be: new free tube sites should follow by example and study what Spankbang has achieved here!
YouJizz.com is a major video sharing site specializing in hardcore pornography. As “jizz” is a colloquialism for ejaculation, the name of the site implies their content will allow users to masturbate until they achieve full release. The site gets more than 100 million visits per month, with an average visit duration of over 10 minutes. That amounts to virtual oceans of semen if they truly deliver on their promise.  The domain was registered in 2007 and has built a library of over 4 million movies to date. YouJizz is most popular in the United States, but is also available in Chinese, with trending content available for dozens of countries. By default, the website shows Straight material, but a dropdown in the upper right corner allows quick and easy access to the Gay or Shemale material as well. For the purpose of this review, PornSites.com focuses on the straight material.  YouJizz features a unique logo at the top of their header. The O and U are topped with a top hat and have what appear to be a mustache beneath. It gives the impression of a winking Monopoly man, though it could also be interpreted as a one-breasted woman with her buttocks on the wrong side of her body and an oversized hat covering her head. Beneath the logo, an exclamation of “Yes, sir!” agrees to the site’s demand for ejaculation.  Beneath the header is the traditional wall of porn thumbnails that you find on any free sex tube. The tightly packed grid features Latinas giving oral sex, teenagers taking it doggystyle in their bedrooms, and hot secretaries engaging in activities that could potentially get all involved parties fired. A wide variety of women are represented, from gorgeous MILFs to beautiful Asians and curvy cuties.  Immediately, porn enthusiasts will notice recognizable starlets on the page. During our visit, the front page featured material starring girls like Kenzie Page (Kenzie Madison), Alexis Fawx, and Karma RX. Viewers who know faces but not names will likely recognize a few as well.  Most scenes are marked with an HD icon on the thumbnail, indicating a resolution of at least 720p. Most are also full-length scenes, clocking in at 30 to 60 minutes. There are a number of premium sample clips on the front page, as well as a couple short amateur scenes, but the most popular content on the website appears to be the long porno movies.  The default view for the front page of YouJizz shows the most Popular material first. PornSites.com began our tour with a look at a popular video called PropertySex - La Sirena Sorry For The Confusion. It’s a half-hour scene, ostensibly from the premium website PropertySex. As they don’t typically give out their full-length material for free, it’s possible that the scene has been stolen and is being distributed on YouJizz without authorization.  PornSites.com uses a consumer-grade spam-blocking plugin when reviewing adult websites. We didn’t get any spam while clicking through to the video page, and no pop-ups or pop-unders were engaged when we clicked the Play button. The scene opens with a logo for PropertySex before a sexy brunette knocks on the door. The flick is shot from the perspective of the man opening the door, who invites the young woman in.  The scene loaded in grainy 360p, with a noticeable increase in both audio and video quality as soon as we bumped it up to the maximum 720p. While we would further appreciate a 1080p option, the image is crisp enough to appreciate the Italian girl’s beauty even before she takes her top off right before the five-minute mark.  The video player is very responsive, skipping quickly to different segments of the video at a click with minimal buffering along the way. We jumped from the blowjob to the cunnilingus and then the missionary sex without any stuttering or wait times.  “I think I’m going to cum on your ass,” says the stud towards the end of the scene, while penetrating the woman from behind. He pulls out and ejaculates on her butt cheek, which we watched several times at different speeds via the stopwatch icon at the bottom of the video player. Users can slow the pop down to half-speed, or watch the entire dirty sex scene at double if you’re masturbating under the influence of amphetamines or other central nervous system stimulants.  Users who enjoy the scene can click the Download button baked right into the player. It’s a direct download, enabling easy saving of the MP4 file without going through a spam wall or dealing with a potentially dangerous file locker service.  The PropertySex movie we found was not the only one that appeared to be taken from a paysite. A 50-minute scene called Obedient Secretary, featuring a blonde with glasses having her anus rimmed orally in addition to a variety of other sex acts, comes from premium adult site Tushy. Another full-length scene, featuring a teenage Latina being penetrated from multiple positions before getting her face ejaculated upon, was sourced from the popular website BangBros.  We noticed material from sites like Reality Kings, SpyFam, Vixen and Blacked. Some of these companies seem to have a genuine presence on the website, uploading short sample clips under official, registered accounts. Other longform pieces of smut have been uploaded by users whose handles are strings of random letters and numbers.  The presence of such a high volume of full-length material from the big sites on a free tube is usually a strong indicator of piracy. It is possible that YouJizz simply has a different arrangement with some of these premium sites. It is also possible that, given the rapid rate of uploads from a very large user base, the site is perhaps understaffed when it comes to moderating uploads. The presence of real paysite accounts indicates some level of legitimacy within the online porn world.  (There does appear to be at least some moderation of recent uploads, as we witnessed when we were reviewing the site. A recent 20-minute scene called Bus Group appeared on the New page with the most recent additions to the site. The moving thumbnail showed a Japanese Adult Video of a group of men groping, molesting, and generally exploiting a teen babe on a train. When we tried to click through to watch the clip, YouJizz gave us an error message saying the content was no longer available or had been removed.)  Users who are worried about masturbating to premium material they hadn’t paid for can simply opt for the shorter YouJizz scenes of exploited college girls, cuckolding wives and interracial gangbangs. Alternately, the websites listed in our Premium Porn section offer a wide variety of paid, full-length, HD material for your perusal.  During our visit to YouJizz, we didn’t have any serious issues with spam at all. In fact, not only did we not see any advertisements, but our ad blocking plugin counted very few pieces of blocked spam. This is rare in the world of free pornography, and even rarer on a site that features so many full-length, premium scenes. The lack of spam actually indicates that those pirated scenes have been uploaded against the wishes of YouJizz; free tubes that specialize in stolen smut usually hit their users with a very heavy amounts of aggressive, malicious spam.  That in itself puts YouJizz in an interesting category. There are very few places where you can find so many premium scenes without much spam. The selection is, however, mostly random, so viewers looking for a particular movie from a particular paysite are unlikely to find what they’re looking for. YouJizz.com has millions of porno movies to stream and download for free. Their selection includes amateur scenes, premium paysite samples, and full-length hardcore movies that you usually have to pay to watch. The layout is convenient and the advertising unobtrusive, so users should have little trouble following the instruction, “You jizz!”
Motherless.com is a free sex tube with a reputation for being shocking, sleazy and offensive even among countless perverted peers. The domain was registered in 2005 and has steadily built their reputation and following. A blurb on their front page spells out their popularity in simple numbers: they get over 1.5 million visitors a day, over 25 million page views per day, and have had over 23 million uploads so far. Their content is all user-contributed, and the site pledges to host anything legal forever. The name Motherless itself conjures up a variety of images, none of them wholesome. From orphans crying and hungry on the street to orphans exposing themselves on the Internet with clothespins on their nipples, not to mention the girls left home alone with a WebCam and viewers at home without a mom over their shoulder, a lack of motherly influence can be felt viscerally even through description. This website makes a maximum effort at eliciting those feelings for the titillation of its viewers, even going as far as describing the site as “a moral free file host”.  The layout isn’t dramatically different from your typical free video tube, though the designers have gone out of their way to make the presentation look dirty. The site logo is a silhouette of mother and child, crossed out, with the name and motto spattered in an over-inked typewriter font. “Go ahead. She isn’t looking!”  The Motherless Girls section near the top of the page is very unique to the site. Many free sex tubes have a loyal following of masturbators, and many of the larger ones have thriving communities of amateurs. Motherless, however, is one of few sites with a devoted league of young women trying to be as dirty as they can for the camera.  The Motherless Girls write the site’s URL across their bare breasts or semen-covered bellies, over their pubis and across their naked butt cheeks, usually spread so as to expose their rectums. There is a constant incoming stream of these kinky amateur selfies, with many of the participants trying to outdo each other in terms of depravity. There are dildos, butt plugs, ball gags and blowjobs in a good number of the photographs.  Since Motherless is a site that runs on user uploads, they do everything they can to make it easy to share your own content. For example, a link to Become a Motherless Girl opens a very short list of requirements and an upload/submit box for one-step sharing. (Becoming a Motherless Girl does require registering with the site, though anybody can upload photos and videos.)  The video thumbnails spread across the front page of Motherless give yet more clues that this isn’t your typical free porno website. Instead of crisp images of recognizable porn starlets being pounded in big-budget movies using professional lighting, sets, and cameras, the material here is noticeably more amateur. They almost seem to wear the graininess and low fidelity as a badge of honor, as the content itself is a bit more perverse than your typical free tube. There are a lot of teen masturbation videos displayed in the Most Favorited Videos. This isn’t particularly strange for a free tube, nor are the mutually masturbating teen lesbians or the young couple having dirty sex in a dorm room. However, most free sex tubes have fewer explicit incest movies listed at the very top of the site; clips like Daddy I’m Cold or Father and Stepdaughter Fuck are often buried or banned from other tubes. Even more taboo than the “taboo” taboo smut are the golden showers and scat BDSM flicks in such a highly visible part of the site. It doesn’t seem as if Motherless is thrusting these extra-perverse clips to the top in an effort at gaining traffic through shock appeal. Based on the movies Being Watched Now and the ones listed under Popular Videos, these are just the movies that the site’s depraved viewers really enjoy watching. They love teen threesomes and MILF gangbangs as much as the next guy, but aren’t shy about their appreciation for incest, voyeurism, public indecency, fecal play and odd sexual spectacles like a lesbian orgy involving a skeletal anorexic woman.  As PornSites.com was conducting this review, one of the most popular videos on the site was a European exhibitionist scene titled Russian Girl Giving BJs at a Public Waterpark. With our spam blocker enabled, we were able to start the video without any pop-ups, pop-unders or video advertisements. However, a number of animated sidebar ads were able to slip through the filter. These are not particularly intrusive, as they are completely hidden once you stretch the video to full screen.  The movie was uploaded in 2017, though the graininess and very low bit rate of the five-minute clip would suggest it’s even older. A watermark in the corner advertises a premium amateur site, so it’s possible the scene has been pirated, passed around and been degraded at every step. Piracy is always a possibility on any site that takes user uploads.  The scene itself appears to be a genuine public sex movie involving a gorgeous, young Russian blonde with perky breasts and a taste for penis flesh. She begins sucking her partner’s genitals in a pool before going somewhere only slightly more private. He ejaculates all over her exposed breasts several minutes in, with unsuspecting strangers milling about in the background.  A Download button beneath the video player will lead unregistered users to a sales page for their Premium Membership. For $10 a month, members can download videos, access a more advanced video player, and view the site without any spam. Other features include priority upload approval and video processing.  Subscribing to a free sex tube will be a hard sell for most users, so Motherless offers a couple free hours to all registered members every Wednesday night. Users can find out what it’s like to browse the site faster and see if it feels worth the money.  On most tubes, the videos are the real meat of the site while the rest is largely considered to be window dressing. Motherless continues to buck trends with thriving Galleries and Groups. The Galleries are self-explanatory, with titles like Public Outdoors, Squirt, Dressed and Undressed Sluts, and Real Mother/Son Homemade. As with the rest of the website, these tend to lean in the direction of the extremely obscene. They describe Groups as “a way to filter and direct your Motherless experience.” These are similar to the Galleries in that they share themes, most of them filthy, but they also incorporate videos and forum posts along with the images.  PornSites.com visited a Motherless Group called Creature Comforts. The group has nearly 600 members, 800 forum posts, and over 4000 uploads. The topic is formicophilia, which is the practice of using bugs, insects, larvae and worms to achieve sexual satisfaction. The entire group is full of photos and videos of men putting these creeping, crawling things on their genitals, even going as far as inserting worms directly into their urethras. Many images are bloody, including one of a praying mantis feasting on a man’s glans. Of course, many of the Groups are far more mundane in their pornographic nature. Asian Sluts and Little Brown Fuck Machines, for example, is for pornography fans afflicted with what is termed in the industry as “yellow fever”. In other words, admirers of Asian women can stop in for some quick masturbatory material. Motherless.com has rightfully earned a reputation as one of the sleaziest and most offensive free sex tubes out there, and it’s because they’ve done a lot to cultivate and encourage that image. Their users, who upload 100% of the material on the site, have fully embraced that unwholesome feel, throwing themselves in without any parental advice, supervision or approval. Viewers looking for a wellspring of kinky amateur smut will find it in abundance here.
Redtube.com has always been a popular source for free porn videos, image galleries, and live cam girls. As a porn tube site, Redtube has a lot of everything. It’s the kind of site where you can expect a wide range of videos and content from the big-name studios out there like Brazzers, FamilyStrokes, and NubileFilms. This site was one of the original big three porn sites alongside sites like Pornhub and YouPorn when it first got popular in early 2009. And they have not slowed down since. Redtube continuously brings in well over 200 million visitors to their site every single month. Some attribute their success to their name, which plays off of the popular video streaming platform YouTube. But Pornsites believes that the content and quality of the site is what has driven all of those views over the years. It takes more than simply a name to keep those views coming in. The site started off back during the cusp of 2006 and is still mainly based in Texas. It was an independent company for some time, but it was eventually bought by MindGeek sometime in 2013.  Redtube.com may seem to have a site layout like most other popular porn tube sites, but keep in mind that they were one of the pioneers of this style and design for porn sites. The site has a dark black theme with the iconic red logo in the top left corner of the page. Most of the space that would normally be taken up by a header menu is instead taken up by a large search bar, a button to buy a premium subscription, and an option for uploading your own videos to the site. It isn’t necessary to have a premium subscription to view the vast majority of videos on the site. You are capped at 720p HD for videos on a free account. A premium membership nets you 1080p/4k UHD videos, VR content, complete access to a large catalog of full-length HD DVDs, and gets rid of all ads on the site. You can sign up for a free 1 week trial on the site, but keep in mind that you need to plug in credit card information to get it. Once that week is up, you will be charged a recurring fee of $9.99 USD every month. Still not too unreasonable of a price for the amount of content you get.  You can find your more traditional header options tucked away beneath a drop-down menu next to the logo on the left side of the page. There you will have the following options: Porn Videos, Categories, Pornstars, Channels, Galleries, Tags, and Live Cams. Below that section, you also have options for managing playlists, favorites, and uploads to the site. At the very bottom, you can filter the entire site by either “Straight,” “Gay,” or “Trans” content.  Before going to any of the specific categories or search options, the homepage has sections going from top to bottom for “Recommended Videos, Trending Videos, Free Videos, Top Playlists, and Recommended Pornstars.” The categories page is a good place to start if you are looking for videos that contain certain fetishes. There are well over 70 categories to choose from, with each option having a relevant preview image and counter for the number of videos in that category. Most categories have upwards of 2-3 thousand videos. You can expect categories for popular fetishes like “Facials, Big Tits, Hentai, Redheads, and Toys.”  The pornstar page lets you search for specific male, female, or trans pornstars with certain body types and features. The entire search system is very in-depth and easy to use. Each pornstar has a popularity rank on the site as well as a tag for the number of videos that they have performed in. Going to the full page for each star will give you a full description of their body type, information about their career, and a list of videos that they have starred in.  The channels tab lets you subscribe to certain studios so that you get notified when new content is put out by them. The gallery tab is full of amateur and professional photos that you can sort and filter through pretty easily. And the live cams page is full of amateur cam girls, though you will need to buy site currency to tip the women over there to get exclusive private shows. And anything you spend over there is completely separate from the content you get with a premium subscription to Redtube.  The video previews on this site are of high quality. You get a quick clip from each video when you hover your cursor over the preview. Below the preview image, you can find the number of views each video has, overall rating out of 100%, names of the main pornstars in the video, video length, and you will see a tag in the upper left if the video is available in 1080p HD.  Redtube sports an advanced video player that highlights the most popular moments of every single video. White lines across the player indicate when there is a change in sexual act or position. There is also a graph that shows the most viewed parts of the video. The settings wheel lets you toggle the video’s quality and speed. Down below the player, you can favorite the video, rate it, add it to a playlist, leave a comment, and download it for free. In addition to all of those options, there will likely be a button that allows you to subscribe to the studio that posted the video.  As to be expected of such a big name porn tube site, Redtube has a quality mobile experience that offers the same range of content and user features that were available on the desktop version of the site. They even have an option for adding a quick link to the site on your home screen if you find yourself using their site often enough to justify that. Their entire catalog of videos, galleries, and cam girls can be viewed on mobile devices without issue. I had no trouble with buffering, ads, or any unpleasant features.  Redtube puts the user experience first. Pornsites likes how many different options a free user has when it comes to finding, streaming, downloading, and viewing content. And the entire free week of premium content is a generous addition to all of that. Pornsites particularly enjoyed the features that the video player had. Being able to skip to certain labeled scenes made for a much more enjoyable viewing experience. All of that coupled with the fact that Redtube has a quality mobile site makes this porn tube well worth a visit.  Redtube does not have any sort of glaring issues or features that are worth noting. Even the ad experience is tolerable for such a big tube site. Pornsites doesn’t have any major or minor suggestions for this site. They are already doing well in everything that matters. Pornsites does suggest that users take advantage of that free one week trial. Not many sites offer such a long offer for free. And, as long as you cancel before that week is up, you will not be charged for the trial.  Overall, Redtube.com has remained one of the biggest porn tube sites on the internet for good reasons. 200 million+ views every single month is certainly not a fluke. With the wide range of offerings that Redtube has in their catalog, it is no wonder that millions visit this site. And Pornsites recommends all of you give Redtube a visit if you haven’t already. They have a massive catalog of HD videos, amateur and professional photo galleries, live cam stars, and nearly every mainstream fetish that you could ever want. Download or stream anything on the site in 720p HD without any need for a membership.
We have been fortunate enough to be born into what some are calling the golden age of porn. Never before has it been so easy, so simple, to access nearly infinite numbers of pornographic videos. Back in the olden days, in order to see some high-quality smut, you had to jump through so many hoops … you had to get in your car (regardless of weather or traffic conditions), find an adult video store, drive to said adult video store, walk in, peruse the store’s selection (which was always, no doubt, limited), and pick out a video (or two, or three).  Then, as if that wasn’t enough of a hassle, you had to actually approach another human being in order to pay for your videos; thereby broadcasting your particular sexual preferences to them, whether you wanted to or not. From there, of course, you had to get back into your car to brave the snow or rain or sleet and traffic once again just to make it home before you could even consider popping in the VHS or DVD.  And in order for all of this to go down smoothly, you had to ensure that you were alone – should your wife be home, it’s not like you could just take the TV into the bathroom the way you can with your laptop these days. Can you imagine having to go through all of that strife nowadays just to rub one out? Luckily, today the only thing you have to worry about is finding some free time and a private space … from there, it’s just a matter of a few clicks of the mouse before you have a nearly unlimited selection of adult content to choose from. Not to mention the fact that, if you are a little porn savvy, you can access most of it absolutely free of charge! One of the ways in which you can gain instant access to an enormous stash of free online porn is to find yourself a good free porn tube. A relatively recent advent of the online porn industry, the porn tube essentially crowdsources pornographic content from its often massive userbase. Other porn enthusiasts, just like you, are constantly uploading new content onto porn tubes, be it professional videos or amateur, homemade sex tapes for the entire community to enjoy.  Plus, at this point, most of the major premium porn studios also upload clips of new releases onto free porn tubes. You may be hard pressed to find full-length HD scenes from your favorite porn studios – such as Brazzers, Reality Kings, Team Skeet, etc. – but there are bound to be hundreds upon hundreds of excellent excerpts from premium content … although they are more like teasers meant to entice to you to sign up for memberships to those sites than they are meant to guide you by the hand to sexual satisfaction. Even still, that certainly hasn’t stopped millions of people from finding fulfillment over and over again from just these clips … if you are thrifty about your porn watching habits, you will never have to pay for porn again.  Everyone has heard of Porn Hub by now … the world’s largest (and, arguably, most popular) free porn tube. But there are plenty of other porn tubes on the web for you to choose from. Each one is slightly different from the last, meaning that Porn Hub may not be the porn tube that is the most aligned with your own sexual needs and desires. One of those other great porn tubes is called You Porn … and that is the site we will be taking a look at today. Owned by the same enormous conglomerate as Porn Hub, Mind Geek, users of You Porn enjoy the same heightened levels of quality, site design, and variety. Having been at it since 2006, it is safe to say that You Porn has been around the block more than enough times to have come close to perfecting the art of the free porn tube site. And it shows, as soon as you start digging through their site a little deeper.  Mind Geek, You Porn’s parent company, has something close to a monopoly on the online porn industry. They don’t just own Porn Hub and You Porn … they also own a large portion of the premium porn sites that these tube sites are meant to advertise. Mind Geek, around the same time that they started buying up as many porn tubes as they could get their hands on, also purchased some of the top porn studios in the world. In addition to the entire Porn Hub network (including You Porn and Red Tube), Mind Geek also owns Brazzers, Reality Kings, Digital Playground, Men.com, Why Not Bi, Sean Cody, among a long list of others.  Although there are some issues that come with one company owning such a large portion of the porn industry, there are some benefits as well. And one of the most glaring benefits comes in the form of a certain level of quality being maintained across all of Mind Geek’s sites. You Porn, it turns out, is no exception to this standard. Taking a quick look at the professional, sleek, and streamlined design and layout of the site will make this clear.  From the moment you land on You Porn’s home page, it should look pretty familiar. It borrows, almost copies exactly, that iconic Porn Hub layout. Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? At the top of the page, you will find a very convenient site menu bar, from which you can browse the entirety of the site by type of content. Check out the site by Videos, Categories, Channels, or Porn Stars. Each option, of course, comes with a stylized and easy to use dropdown menu, making this site even easier to navigate.  From there, it’s the classic Porn Hub layout all the way down. The first videos you will be presented with are, you guessed it, Free Porn Videos Recommended for You. Next, You Porn actually mixes it up a bit by offering a little separated section of “Videos We Love,” where you can browse a few of the staff pics. Keep scrolling down to find Recommended Categories, Hot Videos in your country, and the most recent videos by upload date and time. You will never run into any problems in navigating this very clean and straightforward site.  As far as the quality of videos is concerned … Pornsites.com would say that it is roughly on par with that of Porn Hub. You will find a solid mix of professional and amateur porn, as well as a healthy dose of clips from the hottest premium porn sites on the web. The cool thing, though, about You Porn is that there isn’t much overlap with the videos that get uploaded to Porn Hub (or any of the other Mind Geek porn tubes, for that matter). They do a good job of ensuring that each of their porn tubes features different videos, even if many are from the same studios.  One of the things that a majority of Porn Hub fans tend to enjoy is the fact that Porn Hub offers some very extensive community features. In addition to being able to like, dislike, comment on, and save videos on Porn Hub, there are numerous social networking features, such as messaging fellow users, following members, and posting to a news feed. You Porn, however, does not go this far with their community capabilities. You can still like, comment on, and save/create playlists out of videos, sure, but you will not have a whole pornographic social media site as well. So, if that is what you are looking for, you might be better of with Porn Hub after all.  The other big downer when it comes to You Porn is the fact that there are not nearly as many amateur, user-created videos to enjoy. This, most likely, stems from the fact that You Porn is lacking in social media features. The site, on the whole, is much less interactive than Porn Hub, Red Tube, or xHamster. It is made strictly for enjoying a ton of porn, and in doing that it certainly succeeds. But if you are looking for a community of amateur pornographers in addition to a never ending well of free porn, You Porn is not the site for you.  All in all, though, if all you care about is being able to peruse tons of great porn at no cost, You Porn will definitely get the job done. If you do want to pay in order to access exclusive HD, full-length videos, you can always upgrade your account as well. You Porn is one of the top porn tubes for a reason … it provides a serious amount of porn, options, and a great user experience overall. 
First of all, I wish you all a warm welcome and I hope this review finds you in a good mood and health! Today, I wanna talk about free porn sites! Actually, I want to talk about one particular free porn site, or porn tube, call it whatever you want, but before getting to it, it's best to say a few words about free porn sites in general! So, let's begin! You see, there are two types of our favorite websites! No you stupid moron, I'm not talking about sports now! I guess porn sites are the favorite sites of the majority of the male population nowadays, and I must say that there is a large number of female porn lovers too, that grows each day! So, two types of porn sites! The first one is Premium Porn sites! The Second type is Free porn sites or porn tubes! So, what is the difference" What do each of these sites have to offer? Where should you go if you have an urge to jerk your cock or pussy? Stay with me and check out answers to these and many other questions! Let's start with Premium Porn sites! These particular types of porn sites are not the scope of this post, but it is useful for you two to know a thing or two about premium sites! Like with everything else in the life that goes with that premium marking, these sites are expensive! You need to pay in order to watch porn, and a lot of people tend to go away from these sites because of that fact! In reality, the price is not so expensive, you can get your hands on the best porn material in the world for a reasonable price, but nevertheless, you need to pay! These sites are offering top-notch porn material, scenes made in 4K and HD, featuring the hottest pornstars, exclusive and expensive locations, and much more. If you want to watch the best that the porn industry has to offer, you should definitely consider paying a subscription to one of the best premium porn sites! In the end, these sites run by the simple rule: "Quality over quantity" and you won't find thousands of scenes there. But each scene is a small piece of art! Sounds good right, or good enough for you to go visit some of these sites? Well, I just have to say: "Wait a bit!" read n and find out why! Yeah, the best thing about these sites is the fact that they are completely free! You don't have to pay anything in order to watch porn, and unlike in some other areas, where they say everything is free but you can not do shit until you pay, free porn sites are actually FREE!  Indeed, everything is free, and that's the main selling ticket of this type of porn site! When you land on the homepage of one of these sites, you will usually see a lot of thumbs with various content, filtering options, and much more. Let's leave that aside for now, I will get back to it when I start talking about the topic of this review! For now, all you need to know about free sites, besides the fact that they are actually free, is that these sites are offering a huge amount of various content, millions of scenes, all kinds of actors, from amateur and homemade videos to the most popular porn stars! Indeed, no matter what you like, you will find it on free porn sites! Also, there is one important fact that I need to point out, which has improved the overall impression about free porn sites! Not so long ago, you were not able to watch high-quality porn on free porn sites! The number of top-notch quality scenes uploaded to free porn sites was really small and insignificant! But, in recent years, the big studios and premium sites have started using free porn tubes as a place to promote their own content! That action provoked a large improvement in the offer on the free sites and you can now find a lot of high-quality, 4K and HD scenes on free sites! Of course, the best thing is that you can watch all the best porn stuff for free! That's why I have decided to talk about a place called PornOne! Trust me, you don't want to miss the following lines! As mentioned above, PornOne is a free porn site! This place is actually your free library of porn action and once you visit it, you will never stop using it for your nasty needs! This place has to offer so much adult content that you will need ages to check it all out! Fortunately for all of us, PornOne offers an awesome platform with a lot of filtering and searching options that will help you find what you need! Now, let's get deep into this awesome porn heaven!  The first thing you will see when you visit this amazing place is a nice and simple design! The site looks cool, yet simple, nothing flashy or fancy, just a normal-looking site that is focused on bringing porn to your doorsteps! Also, you will see some ads, partnership advertisements, and much more. Let's address these things with caution, shall we? This site has simple looks but it looks more than decent! At the top of the page, you will see a nice header that contains several elements! These elements are the site logo, a simple number 1 in the red circle, and title pornone! Then, in the middle of the page, you will find a big search field, which is well implemented and can be a really helpful tool if you have some specific porn scenes, actors, or studios in mind! Just next to this search field, the guys from PornOne have placed an Upload button, which means everyone can contribute to their already huge database of movies! In order to upload the scenes, you will have to create a free account, and that job tasks take about 30 seconds! In the right-hand corner of the page, you will see register and login options!  The second part of the header is reserved for the stuff that can make your stay at PornOne more pleasant! Let's count them all then... First, on the left-hand side, you will see a drop-down menu with options such as Straight, Gay, Shemale, Female! No need to tell you what these options do, right? Then, you have sections such as Home, Pornstars, Categories, Chat, Live Sex, Fck 2Nite! All these are here to make you happy, allow you to spend less time, and find what you are looking for easily and with no effort at all! For Chat, you will also have to create an account! When it comes to LIve sex and Fck 2Nite, these sections will lead you to the partner sites of PornOne, and since that is not the scope here, we will skip them for now! In the continuation of that menu bar, you will see a Sun sign, which allows you to change themes here! You can choose light or dark. I prefer this dark one because it's kinda more suitable for porn sites than the light one! Also, everything is black, red, and white, and that combination works just fine here! The last button you'll see here is the playlists button, and if you want to add videos to your playlists, you will need an account! Exactly! Everything under this menu bar is devoted to porn videos and this place has one of the largest databases of free porn movies! In here, you can find action with anonymous amateur sluts, top-class pornstars, average chicks, amazing babes, literally, everything that occurs to your filthy mind is here, waiting for you! The great news is the fact that PornOne has a lot of full-length porn movies! FYI, this is not so common on free sites, since the premium sites are not willing to share the full-length videos, just shortened versions! But, PornOne has a large number of 30+ minute long videos! Also, pornstar and categories sections are filled with world-class babes and all categories you can think of, so be sure to check them too! This free porn site offers a lot of porn scenes, a lot of them are full-length which is awesome, there are numerous pornstars, and the variety of the content is impressive! Just like any other free site, this one has some ads, but they are not annoying at all, which is another awesome fact about PornOne! If you like porn and you don't want to pay for it, PornOne is a place you simply have to visit!
Finding free porn is easy – or at least, getting access to a website which provide no adult videos without a cash cost is. However, when it comes to finding fap content that will not cost you some other way is a bit more complicated. After all, how many times have you streamed a video only to have to endure minutes of pre-movie advertisements or downloaded a flick only to find that it was riddled with malware? Then there are the platforms that are even more common than those which do have plenty of content, but the quality is incredibly weak. To help you cut down on the risk of that happening and make you all informed porn users, we write extensive and honest reviews on all porn sites, including new ones like VE Porns. Only a couple years old as of writing this review, this tube is another addition to a growing kind of tube site. Unlike other tubes, this site was not intended to provide a platform for amateur exhibitionists or fly-by-night web developers attempt to cash in on internet piracy. Instead, this new kind of tube (or tube-like site) is to provide consumers with access to terabytes of titillating content from some of the top-rated websites without charge. In effect, these websites are advertising platforms that look like a free fap site. It Is Only A Little Different From The Norm But Still Fun To Look AtA common challenge when it comes to making a porn platform, or really any new website these days, is creating a design that is functional, easy to navigate but does not blast the user with too much visual stimulus. Of course, in an industry, as saturated as porn tubes, it is even harder to do this without coming off as a cookie-cutter imitator of an established site. However, since it was first rolled out in 2018, VE Porns has used a complex aesthetic that involves multiple colors, layered vector graphics, and a few different font types. However, unlike some porn blogs from the 1990s or other amateurish modern sites, the designers used a combination of complementary shades of white, grey, blue, and oranges. Though not all of the links are useful, there are plenty of tools that streamline searching for content. Since all video is tagged up, all relevant material is accessible via the search engine. Further, near the top of the homepage, right below the list of trending tags, you can order uploads by those which are considered to be the best of the week, the month, and of all time. Beyond that, you can switch back to those which have recently been added, get pages of random movies with a click. On top of that, unlike other tubes and even promotional porn sites, from the same section, you can see previews of upcoming erotic films. You can also sort your results by studio, which you can find a series of links right above that section near the very top of the homepage. Since this is a promotional platform and the designers have networked with several studios, which in case you are not familiar with them are some of these biggest studios, according to Alexa. We have done reviews of all of these, but to give you an idea of what you are going to see specifically on this site, we have a quick breakdown of each. Mofos – For those of you who like POV, gonzo, or casting couch type porn scenarios, you are going to really enjoy the dozens of videos found here. While combining elements from all of those porn formats, Mofos videos often add a twist in one of a few ways. For instance, the male photographer with two women, filming a scene in a picturesque setting outdoors or documenting a man seducing a sexy woman from a third-person view. There are also plenty of video previews of the women being too distracted by each other to bother "interacting" with the man and rather pleasing each other. Brazzers – Being one of the flagship sites of MindGeek, describes itself as one of the top-class porn studios and rides (no pun is implied) on its army of sex goddesses. Of course, everyone has different interests when it comes to what they find sexually appealing, but given the number of gorgeous goddesses, various porn premises, and production values, we think most of you will find something fap-worthy when it comes to these videos. Blacked – In addition to other popular categories like lesbian, MILF, and teen, BBC, along with interracial, has to be one of the most popular fetishes online now and has been for a while.  If this is your kind of kink, VE Porns has dozens of videos with thousands of views or more featuring white women with one or a couple of well endowed black men. We suspect that those who are cuck fans will also enjoy this part of the site as well. Tushy – For those who are not familiar with the term 'tushy,' it means the same as 'fanny' in American English, and what someone from the last century (just not gangsters) would refer to as a sexy 'shank.'  If you have not figured out what kind of fetish that these videos focus on, it is anal, and we do not mean that they are overly anal-retentive when it comes to coming up with unique porn premises. While on that last note that studio and this site's trailers are a little disappointing, there are still plenty of entertaining anal erotic scenes. Digital PlayGround – On the one hand, this part of VE Porn has tons of videos, including some of the greatest full-on porn movies ever made. Examples include parodies like Sisters of Anarchy, mystic-inspired The Hunted – City Of Angels, and complete originals like Girls Of Summer. No matter which video you click on, there are new videos uploaded at least once a week from these studios. Like other tubes, the basic information and feedback options are there like the starring performer, tags, running time, and description though usually simplistic one. Further, despite the fact that some of these videos are a bit older compared to VE Porn, but most of them are still fun to look at. When it comes to any particular video page, there are discussion sections, related videos, plus a series of similar videos. Strangely, there has not been a new channel added in several years, but new videos are added constantly, and site updates are added at least daily. Like other tubes, there are several others in which there are tons of pages to porn performers, VE Porns has those. But unlike the competition, those pages not only have links the performers work, statistical information on them but also a ranking system and a highly details biographical section on them and their work. One of the things sites like this must-have is a tag or category page that the designers of VEP has made. In many ways, it is a bit simple since there are no ways to filter through the hundreds of tags. Further, we are disappointed since there are no preview pictures, but it is not that necessary. What needs to be changed, however, is the order. Rather than present tags in alphabetical order, the links seem to be in random order. At any rate, many of the tags refer to the main and affiliated websites promoted by this platform like Team Skeet, Fake Cop, Wicked, and Public Agent. Unlike any other site in this category, there are a shocking number of Czech websites – which include POV, amateur, massage, and spycam fetishes. In fact, there are over two dozen sites from that central European republic. When it comes to connections to specific sex acts, here are a good number of them, but only the more “common” sex acts can be seen like College, Doggystyle, Dildo, and Kiss. When we looked at this site on mobile devices, it looks about the same as it does on large computing devices with a few exceptions. For one, not all links at the bottom of the homepage load, so it is a bit more tedious to search through various uploads. You are just as likely to get redirected all over the net when you click on a link and possibly get an enormous number of spam tabs opening. To be honest, you will have the same great/ terrible experience, no matter what kind of net-capable machine you use. The biggest problem we have with this site are the unacceptable number of redirects and adverts that popup all over the place, no matter where you click on any given page. Even if you click on the JOIN NOW link, you may have to do so a few times to get access. If we were to work with the site designers, we would absolutely recommend working to fix this problem. After all, what sense does it make to frustrate the users by taking them to offsite links? That said, there is no real reason to get an account with this site since there is technically no way to do so. If you do attempt to join, you will actually get an account with TX Porn HD instead. As we just brought up, this website has a ton of hidden adverts, concealed offsite links, and a torrent of popups. So, we recommend downloading the latest version of your firewall, or honestly, maybe considering getting a VPN just as a precaution to protect your personal data. Of course, you are also going to want to update your popup blocking software. However, depending on the browser you prefer to use, we are no sure how effect it may be given the incredible number of popups appear on this site. In addition to that, for best results when it comes to playing videos, you are going to update your browser's Flash player, too. When you do want to watch a video, click on the title, not the thumbnail. If you press on the preview pic, you are almost certainly going to be taken to an offsite landing page. However, this is less likely by clicking on direct links like video titles or the performers in them. On a more positive note, you also should pay attention to any new deals that VE Porn has on offer. Since these are clearly often advertised on a banner at the top of the page, they are hard to miss. Still, since these links can save you a bundle on some of the best studio porn outlets on the web. When we look at everything, this website is one we can recommend you check out. For those who did not read the whole review, this website is an advertising platform, which happens to look like a well-made tube site, and runs almost as well. There are a few big bugs, most notably the fact that this is a click-and-likely-get-a-popup site. There could be additional improvements when it comes to the excessive number of visible ads, but other than that, this site is pretty enjoyable. We consider this site to be one worth looking at whether you are looking for free porn, clips to give you a reason to subscribe to a new site or both. And to finally provide a rating, we think that VE Porns is a four on a five hand scale.
4tube.commay have a simple name, but it packs a lot of advanced features that make browsing the site easy and convenient. Since coming online in 2008, one of its most exciting features is its premium service. Starting at $29.95 a month, members can watch exclusive videos added every day. With lightning-fast download speeds and HD content that can be watched with ease on all of one's devices, it's a great option to have an abundance of porn on-the-go!But how well does 4tube perform? There's no better indication of this than the sorting options. Go to the 'All Videos' section at the top of the page, and a drop-down menu will appear. Highlight over All Videos, and users will have three options to browse by the latest videos, highest rated, and most viewed.  Click one of these options, and 4tube will naturally show those videos according to the sorting order selected. It's an excellent way to taste test and get a general idea as to which videos are currently the hottest and in-demand. Check it out and find something worth watching! It isn’t a feature that is standard on most free tube sites, but it should be. The ability to choose one’s sexual orientation from the homepage is a trend that’s gaining some steam. It’s available on 4tube as well, and it could not be easier to use. Select the sexual orientation at the top of the page. 4tube allows visitors to choose to look at either only straight, gay, or shemale pornography. Straight is selected by default, so if another sexual orientation is preferable, be sure to select it at the top of the page before browsing. It saves time and effort, ensuring one doesn't have to browse through an endless sea of straight porn to find content that's relevant to their desires.  Click, 'All Videos,' at the top of the homepage, and be introduced to 4tube's good filtering options. Like all good free tube sites, 4tube allows viewers to sort content by popularity, date, duration, rating, and views. The free tube site even will enable them to sort only by HD if that's something they prefer.  Last but not least, browsers can also select the duration (short, medium, long) of content. They can even choose how long ago it was a featured, hot video (past 24 hours, past week, past month, or past year). 4tube provides plenty of options to find pornography that’s appealing to whoever is watching. For viewers that love to keep an offline copy of their favorite pornography, 4tube delivers. It's beyond easy to download as well. Click the download button on a video, go through the obvious prompts, and that's it! The video will commence downloading, and the downloader will have an offline copy they can watch for later use. It's simple, straightforward, and one of the best ways to build up an offline porn collection. Every free tube site – whether featured on ThePornDude or otherwise – should offer this feature! Videos show good related videos at the bottom of the video pageWhat can one do when they watch a fantastic video, and they want to view more content with that pornstar? Instead of Google and trying to do some detective work to find the name of the pornstar, 4tube makes it very simple. At the bottom of each video, there are related videos one can look at.  The advantages do not end there, either. There are tags featuring the name of the pornstar and even the brand of the video. For example, if a viewer wants to watch more Madison Ivy videos or they feel like viewing more Brazzers content, watchers can select the appropriate tag to watch additional similar videos.  That brings up the point of videos featuring good, clickable tags. It makes it even easier to find the good content people want to view either during a video or after they've finished watching it. Take a look at the tags, and it becomes obvious that everything of relevance that has to do with the content within is displayed by tags. For example, if a video stars a blonde teen getting a creampie from a first-person perspective, the video would likely feature tags such as blonde, teen, creampie, POV, name(s) of pornstar(s), etc. It's fleshed out useful information that makes finding content a breeze. Try it out for oneself and experience the convenience!  Click on the categories section at the top of the homepage, and it will become quite apparent how many categories there are. From BBWs to VR porn and beyond, there is truly something for everyone on 4tube. With detailed, large thumbnails that will make a person want to click on an image and see what's inside, 4tube has made all the right moves when it comes to properly utilizing categories. Further proof of this lies in the sorting options within the categories. Viewers can sort categories alphabetically, the number of videos, and even the date added. Depending on what one's goals are for finding a proper category, these options will get them there. 4tube also utilizes thumbnails properly by showing a number in images. These thumbnails signify how many videos are in that category. For visitors that want to watch categories that have the most content on 4tube, this number will undoubtedly prove to be beneficial as decisions are made on what to watch.  One thing to note is how quickly content loads on 4tube. It loads super quickly, no matter the resolution. There were zero buffering issues despite jumping back and forth in the video's timeline. This is a good thing because it means one doesn't have to settle for watching a part of porn they're not enjoying so that they don't have to deal with long buffering issues. 4tube also makes it quite convenient to change the resolution of videos on-the-fly. If a higher resolution is offered, click the gear icon and select the appropriate resolution. It's also an excellent way to lower the resolution if a person's Internet connection isn't working as it should be. What can a person do when they want to watch videos starring a specific pornstar? It isn't tricky on 4tube. The free tube site gives visitors the option to sort pornstars in a variety of different ways:Popularity.The number of Twitter followers. Amount of videos on 4tube.Alphabetically.Date added to 4tube.Likes on 4tube.Subscribers on 4tube.Visitors can even sort pornstars by breast size, age, hair color, and height to narrow down their choices even further. It’s a great way to find compelling pornstars that will make one want to watch again and again. Check it out and experience how convenient 4tube makes this feature! 4tube utilizes thumbnails exceptionally well. While they are small, but thumbnails used are highly detailed, ensuring they use up less space but still pack a punch in terms of detail. Beyond that, thumbnails also utilize a lot of useful information about the pornstar. Each thumbnail features a clickable tag with the name of the pornstar in the video, making it convenient to click and view additional videos of that pornstar without having even to scroll. It could not be more convenient!  Thumbnails also feature information such as which videos are in HD, the duration, and the title of the video. Visitors can even hover over the thumbnail and select a 'Watch Later,' button if they want to watch a video at a later date. Smart and convenient: that correctly surmises what 4tube is all about!This no-nonsense free tube site hits all the right marks. The free version of the site isn’t handicapped as a way to upsell their premium service, either. 4tube.com should keep the free version of 4tube as functional as it is while they upscale their premium service even further into the next decade. 
PornTube.com, as the name implies, is a free porn tube. The pornographic video sharing site was established in 2005, and is now part of a network with 4Tube, PornerBros and Fux. The site has seen numerous ups and downs over the years, and currently gets about 40,000 visitors per day. By default, the site displays its collection of Straight pornography, though Gay or Shemale material is available via a dropdown in the header.  PornTube has what one would consider to be a typical tube-style layout. Beneath a logo clearly stylized to look like YouTube’s, the landing page is dominated by thumbnails of lesbian cunnilingus, college student anal movies, and threesomes composed of recognizable pornstars and starlets.  PornSites.com uses a spam blocking plugin while reviewing adult websites. When active, there is a small, thumbnail-sized message requesting that we disable ad block if we love free sites. Without the spam blocker, penis pills are advertised with a photograph of a man sexually penetrating a melon. Halfway down the screen, a selection of live sex cams is displayed if users are viewing the site unprotected.  The front page displays selections of the most viewed pornography of the day, as well as a stream of incoming new material. It is immediately apparent that PornTube’s content is largely made up of paysite samples uploaded by the studios themselves.  At the time of this writing, the most popular videos were from premium websites like Digital Playground, Babes, Tushy and Holed. Running between 7 and 13 minutes long, the scenes star some of the biggest names in the business. Without even scrolling the page, we noticed Gina Valentina, Brett Rossi, Kendra Spade and Abella Danger.  A broad range of sex acts are depicted, though the action on the site tends to lean toward the hardcore; in general, the movies are extremely explicit in their depiction of sexual depravity. New users arriving on the front page may be greeted by hardcore anal sex, extreme squirting, public creampies for a mature street hooker, and a teenager experiencing an airtight orgy for the very first time.  The presence of premium content on a free tube sometimes indicates piracy, but PornTube appears to have a good relationship with a number of major porn sites and networks. Their top channels include Reality Kings, Vixen, Digital Playground, Twistys and Mofos. These companies regularly upload scenes to the site that viewers can stream or download for free.  The front page displays content from different channels when refreshed. Viewers may see a Brazzers section one minute and a Mom’s Teach Sex row the next. A row of scenes from Perv City featured Ramon Nomar making Brooklyn Gray squirt, Phoenix Marie getting finger-cuffed in a threesome, and an anal BBC movie with MILF Barbie Sins.  The volume of sample movies from each paysite is astounding. Family Strokes has more than 200, while BangBros has well over 1000. Reality Kings fans low on funds will be happy to peruse their 3000+ hardcore scenes on PornTube, while Brazzers enthusiasts can dig into more than 11,000 X-rated sex scenes.  While some free tubes inflate their libraries with low resolution copies of low-quality pornography, the direct uploads from respected and professional studios all but guarantees a certain level of quality. Pornography fans looking for premium content but not willing to spend any money will find plenty of material here. The main caveat seems to be that the scenes here are shorter, though easily long enough for an endless number of masturbation sessions.  PornSites.com loaded up the newest Brazzers upload to PornTube, an 8-minute scene called Hardcore Hammering with Beauty Evelyn Claire. The preview showed a black-haired beauty administering oral sex, having her vagina penetrated doggystyle, and having her pretty face ejaculated upon. The user rating seems to match the depravity on display, as it is currently the highest-rated Brazzers clip on the site.  The scene starts as soon as we hit the Play button, without any spam or buffering, though it auto loads at 360p. We bumped it up to the max 1080p and the playback continued smoothly. The scene opens with Evelyn masturbating loudly with a vibrator. After a knock on the door, she pulls her skirt down quickly. Her mom and a male friend walked in. He is from Celebrating Chastity, and he’s here to talk to Evelyn about her unnatural urges.  The HD video looks beautifully crisp, and we aren’t getting any spam pop-ups when we adjust the settings or jump around to different points in the timeline. Evelyn gags and gurgles loudly as she slurps on the man’s large penis, her mouth dripping with spit and precum. The fluid is still dripping from her face as he spins her around and starts penetrating her from behind.  The vibrator comes back into play a short time later as he continues to thrust his genitals into hers. It is frankly a strong enticement to go sign up for a membership at Brazzers and view the whole scene, though the 8-minute runtime is longer than many men’s masturbatory stamina.  A Download button below the video player offers access to MP4 files of the scene. The one requirement PornTube makes is that you sign up for a free account. Other perks of a membership include subscribing to channels and pornstars, creating playlists and saving videos for later. You can also post witty comments and critiques about the cinematography in the comment sections beneath each video. They also list “Fast streaming servers” as part of the full membership experience, though PornSites.com had no buffering issues even without signing in.  PornTube has slightly under 50 categories of pornography listed in the catalog. The Categories page illustrates these with thumbnails so even illiterate masturbators can find their preferred erotic content.  Amateur, Big Tits, Double Penetration and other common subgenres of smut are listed in abundance. While the site has plenty of relatively vanilla options like Babysitter, POV and Lesbian, they’ve also got a number of more obscure and kinky niches available. Entire sections exist on the website for Bondage, Fetish, Fisting and Hentai videos.  The Tags go into more detail, though PornSites.com was unable to find a full list of PornTube’s tags. A fine selection of them is listed in the sidebar of the Categories page, though it is obviously not the full list. Viewers can dig deep into the website’s collection of Brazilian babes (6K films), Hairy women(7K scenes), girls in Stockings (15K movies), or a host of other specific sexual interests.  The Pornstars section is exhaustive, with over 6000 porn actresses featured and profiled on the website. Each starlet gets her own profile page with her basic stats, a biographical blurb, and social media links. Most importantly, each profile includes quick and easy access to each of the pornstar’s movies available on PornTube.  Many of the popular starlets on the site have hundreds of movies available. Riley Reid, Abella Danger, and Madison Ivy, for example, all have around 300 movies each that visitors to the site can masturbate to without having to pull out their credit card. Some truly prolific nymphomaniacs have even more; Asa Akira, Lisa Ann and Jayden Jaymes each have over 600 videos available.  With our ad blocker enabled, we saw very little spam on PornTube. In many instances, we were greeted instead with a photograph of a kitten whose face might be construed as looking sad. The message told us we made the kitty cry by using adblock, though this failed at its attempts at pulling our heartstrings; despite the disheartened feline, we kept our spam blocker engaged.  PornTube.com has a simple and oft-repeated formula to their success. The website succeeds where other tubes fail in large part due to their constant influx of premium sample material from the big paysites. They serve this content up with minimal spam getting in the way, giving users a very easy and satisfactory masturbatory experience.
Tube8 is one of the Internet’s major free sex tubes. Established in 2007 and growing ever since, they now have over 6.5 million videos in their pornography collection. Along with sites like Pornhub, RedTube, YouPorn and PornMD, Tube8 is part of the Pornhub network. It is owned by a Canadian/Belgian company, MindGeek, but aims for an international audience with English, German, Spanish, French and Japanese language versions available. The site has proven immensely popular with masturbators and currently gets around a quarter of a million visits per day.  As one of the older and larger tubes on the web, Tube8 may help set the standards for websites of this type. Regular porn viewers will be very familiar with the porn thumbnail layout that dominates almost every page of the website. Pornhub users in particular will notice the animated spam in the top right corner. PornSites.com uses a spam blocking plug-in, but MILF montages and blowjob loops are visible in the same spot on each site. The Hot Porn Videos, Featured Porn Videos, and Newest Porn Videos on the front page give some prime examples of what the Tube8 viewership is looking for during their masturbatory sessions. In short, the site caters to a broad range of perverts looking for high quality hardcore material.  At a glance, there appears to be less amateur smut on the Tube8 landing page than is often typical with a larger tube. Most of the thumbnails, which show a moving preview on hover-over, depict explicit sex scenes from major studios. Scenes tend toward mid length, largely running between around 7 and 15 minutes, with many premium sites represented in the titles. Blacked, SheDoesAnal, FamilyStrokes and TushyRaw scenes are all accessible from the top of the landing page.  The presence of paysite material on smaller, less established tube sites is often an indicator of piracy. However, Tube8’s status as a major porn sharing site on the Pornhub network allows them to stream legitimate and fully sanctioned material from the major players in the business. For example, the most popular channel on Tube8 is run by Brazzers themselves. They regularly upload free scenes starring pornstars like Nicole Aniston, Kira Noir and Dylan Ryder.  Tube8’s cozy relationship with many of the major porn companies contributes heavily to their collection of HD pornography featuring some of the biggest and most recognizable names in the business. A section of Top Trending Pornstars on the main page gives some fine examples of the kind of women you can see performing on the website. As of this writing, Lana Rhoades is the most popular starlet on the website. She stars in more than 50 scenes that viewers can stream entirely for free, many of them from premium sites like BangBros, TrueAnal and Reality Kings. Most of her videos are shorter scenes clocking in at around 10 minutes, but Tube8 lets you view videos on a starlet’s profile organized by rating, views, newness or length. Lana has a number of full-length flicks in there for the marathon masturbators watching. Perennial favorite Mia Khalifa is still the second most popular pornstar on the website, even years after her retirement. The fact that she has 155 high-quality porno scenes on Tube8 is probably a factor in her continued popularity. Current starlets Riley Reid and Abella Danger also hold top slots, with hundreds of dirty movies each available to free users of the website.  Another section of the website displays thumbnails of the most popular categories at the moment. Teen pornography is a hit on Tube8, as it is elsewhere, with around 33K explicit scenes of women under the age of 20 being violated in various ways. There are 15K Asian movies and even more Anal flicks. They use “Step Fantasy” as their euphemism for incest, with a relatively light selection at just 5000.  We hadn’t noticed many DIY sex scenes on the front page, but Amateur is listed as one of the most popular subgenres of smut. The section has over 71,000 movies available. In our perusal of the content, the collection seems to be made largely of pseudo-amateur and gonzo pornography by the major studios rather than enthusiastic exhibitionists and real amateurs.  Tube8 may have a very large user base compared to some of the other tubes, but they don’t seem to attract the same numbers of amateurs using the site to share their own personal content. This may be because the site is part of the Pornhub network, which has similar sites that do pull a heavy homebrew porn community. Whatever the case, users seeking to view real amateur smut or share their own may wish to consider a different platform.  The full Categories page is kept relatively trim, with only 25 subgenres of smut to choose from. All the major categories are covered, like Lesbian, Latina, Threesome and Blowjob. They have a growing VR section and a decent amount of hentai for a casual viewer of the cartoon porn genre. Those looking for harder kink may need to seek it elsewhere. Tube8 does have 22K films filed nebulously under Fetish, but the more depraved acts of perversion are not spelled out within Tube8’s Categories.  PornSites.com loaded up one of the very newest scenes on Tube8, a 12-minute movie called Bang.com: Creamy Creampie Central Compilation. Several pieces of sidebar spam for erection pills and local sex clubs slipped past our ad blocker, though these ads were unintrusive and disappeared once we enlarged the video to full-screen mode. The clip starts playing in maxed out HD, though it’s only 720p, not 1080p. Streaming is smooth, without buffering issues. The picture looks crisp on our screen as MILF Eva Notty lifts her dress and gets her vagina licked on the kitchen table. As this is a compilation, a two-minute montage quickly leads to a messy creampie, at which point the video moves on to the next scene.  Over the course of the short movie, the viewer gets to watch Alexia Rae, Angie Koks, Megan Vale, Faith Leon, and Andie get their tight young vaginas ejaculated into. At the price of nothing, this represents an incredible value in the world of hardcore pornography. Viewers can even click the Download button to save an MP4 to their hard drive or SD card.  Tube8 features a Comments section below each video, allowing viewers to make remarks about the talent, production, cinematography and other elements of each pornographic feature. As Creamy Creampie Central Compilation is a very recently uploaded scene, it hasn’t had much time to amass very many comments. One very enthusiastic viewer of the scene has made his voice heard, however, declaring, “Cum cum cum!” As with many free sex tubes, the level of discourse is typically high.  As one of the larger tubes and part of the Pornhub network, Tube8 has the resources to show viewers voluminous amounts of high-quality pornography without all the intrusive advertisements that plague some of the smaller sex sites. With our ad blocker running, we didn’t have any pop-ups or pop-unders, nor any video ads. A good number of sidebar ads appeared beside our videos, though they were largely unintrusive.  Tube8 does have a paid version available to users for around 80 USD a year. Tube8VIP is advertised heavily on the free version of the site. In a nutshell, the paid service adds more premium content, bonus scenes and bonus DVDs to your Tube8 experience. It represents a better monetary value than a typical premium sex website, at least for those looking for paysite material in bulk.  As part of the Pornhub network, many of the things that make Tube8 such a great site are things they share with the other PH sex tubes. Not only do they have an incredible and constantly growing collection of high-quality porno from the major studios, they’re able to serve it up with considerably less spam than most of their competition. High-volume smut with low-volume advertising is generally a winning formula for a free sex tube, as is definitely the case with Tube8.com. 
Porndig first hit the scene in 2004 as a porn search engine. The world was different back then. The Web was on the cusps of transitioning to Web 2.0, Paris Hilton’s sex video was breaking the Internet, and Porndig didn’t host a single video. Times have obviously changed. Visit Porndig today and you will notice its entire model has evolved. But some things haven’t changed: namely the way Porndig approaches its business models.  Just like Porndig’s idea to create a one-size-fits-all adult search engine was unusual in the early 2000’s, Porndig approaches the problem of moderation on the site slightly differently than other free tube sites. In the same spirit as Wikipedia, Porndig invites users to edit every aspect of the website: video descriptions and titles, pornstar biographies, tags, and more. Porndig incentivizes the process by rewarding users with Digcoins. It is a currency exclusive to Porndig members. Once members have accrued Digcoins, they can browse Porndig's unique gift shop (again, exclusive only to Porndig members). The more users participate in the editing process, the more Digcoins they earn. Porndig lists the milestones users must meet to receive more Digcoins. As a user earns more Digcoins, they increase their ranking. Ranking ranges from novice (0 Digcoins gained) to Master (10000 Digcoins earned). It is a great way for frequent visitors to feel like they are participating in developing the site while alleviating the editorial responsibilities of the site owner(s). This allows them to focus on other aspects of the website so it can continue to grow. Other free tube sites should consider taking this approach. It's a unique way to make visitors feel like more than mere viewers and more like they have a stake in the site itself. From the start, it is apparent that Porndig does things a little differently. Proof of this comes from the option to only look at amateur or professional pornography. Most free tube sites do not offer this option right from the front of the homepage: finding amateur content usually involves clicking on a category labeled, 'amateur,' and hoping something worthwhile can be found within.  Porndig doesn’t do this, though. For those that want to only look at adult content with the 'amateur' tag, this allows users to browse categories with only the amateur content on display. It makes finding those amateur videos so much easier than other free tube sites, and it's an option all free tube sites need to consider implementing.  It's forgivable to assume that Porndig's cam site is yet another example of a free tube site sloppily trying to cash in on the popularity of cam girls. Although Porndig.live doesn't impress in the way that titan cam sites like Chaturbate and CamSoda do, that doesn't mean it deserves to be written off entirely either. Although the number of cam girls doesn't come close to the number of members on popular cam sites, there is enough variety where users are going to find someone worth watching.The small number of cam girls also means there is a lower number of visitors, though that can work to one's advantage. Chatrooms are not flooded with hundreds of people trying to get the camgirl's attention, resulting in increased odds that visitors can have more intimate encounters. Less competition means more opportunities for private one-on-one sessions. Don't be fooled by the low numbers: Porndig.live is at least worth one visit. Porndig also has a large variety of categories to choose from. The free tube site doesn't just offer vanilla categories, either. Visitors will quickly become aware of just how many niche categories Porndig has to offer: hairy, squirter, and smoking, just to name a few. Although the categories are displayed in a sidebar of the homepage rather than a traditional tab near the top, this isn't a disadvantage like one would assume. The categories are displayed alphabetically and so cleanly in the sidebar that it causes zero clutter. This is achieved with a scrollbar in the sidebar, allowing categories to be displayed uniformly with the rest of the site's user interface. Not only that, but Porndig also includes the most popular categories of the day in a sidebar above the A-Z categories. Finding what one wants to see is so simple that it takes only a few seconds to glean the categories and go from there. After clicking a category, users will be able to combine up to three categories to create unique search results. For those that have used this feature on PornHub, it works exactly the same way. Videos that have been tagged with the selected categories are displayed, and from there, users can sort the results however they wish.  When combining categories, it becomes clear that Porndig has a large variety of content. It's rare to combine three ordinary categories together and fail to get a match. While one's mileage may vary when combining more niche categories (e.g., POV, Golden Showers, Smoking), failing to get matches isn’t going to be an issue most of the time.  This is one of the things Porndig does best. It’s a feature that more free tube sites need to implement. Like a dark mode, combining categories should be standard; why it isn’t truly boggles the mind. Here's a feature free tube sites are implementing more frequently: the ability only to see videos of a certain sexual orientation. In the same manner, as seeing only amateur or professional porn across the site, Porndig allows users to view only straight, gay, and shemale porn. Even when selecting a category, users will only see videos of the sexual orientation they specify (again, just like choosing between amateur and professional porn). The little things count when it comes to how functional a free tube site can truly be: Porndig is yet another example of this.  Swell features don’t mean a thing if the content isn’t there. Fortunately, Porndig features over 81,000 videos and counting. While it may not be as much as the millions of videos some free tube sites have, it’s enough variety that a person is going to have an abundance of content to look at no matter what niche or kink they are into. With the search and browsing features making finding the perfect porn super simple, these key features work together synergistically to create an experience that ensures the user is never inconvenienced.   Adding even more convenience to its site, Porndig also features a random button. Perfect for the user that never seems to decide what they want to watch, clicking the button as the name implies loads a random video. It’s a good way to expose oneself to new types of porn as well. It can also be fun to see which random porn pops up next. For the curious and the indecisive, it’s worth clicking the random button at least once.  At first glance, it may seem as if Porndig doesn’t have any sorting options. Fortunately they do, but they can only be accessed after selecting a category. Once a category has been selected, users may be surprised to learn that they can sort videos by the quality of the video (up to 4K, down to 270p) and the number of clicks. Of course, expect to sort by ratings, comments, viewings, date, and length as one would on most free tube sites.  The convenient sorting options don't stop on just the homepage. Users can also take advantage of them when clicking the 'Pornstars,' and, 'Studios,' tabs at the top that shows the most popular pornstars and studios, respectively (videos can also be sorted alphabetically in these sections as well).  It has been said by ThePornDude and other porn aficionados, and it’s once again proven here on Porndig. Free tube sites live and die by how efficiently their videos load. We live in an instant gratification society: if a video takes longer than 30-seconds to load or if it’s plagued by constant buffer and stutter issues, few people are going to have the patience to stick around and wait.  Porndig doesn't fall into this trap. Videos load quickly on mobile and desktop; zero buffering or stuttering issues were observed over the course of this review. Videos load super quick, and wait times are minimal. All free tube sites should strive to ensure its videos load as efficiently as Porndig's content.The only complaint with Porndig is that the thumbnails for each video could look so much better. Although the quality of the content on Porndig does fluctuate – from a pixelated 270p resolution up to 4K – it doesn't mean that the thumbnails should look as grainy as they do. Perhaps it's a way for Porndig to ensure that content loads quickly on the homepage: whatever the reason, it makes the thumbnails look ugly. That isn't to say users will not want to click on the videos due to the thumbnails leaving less to be desired: most people will get used to the unsightliness. Still, Porndig needs to consider improving their thumbnails across the board: the pornstar thumbnails are highly detailed, so why can't the video thumbnails be the same?
 According to some sources, there are over 2 billion searches for explicit erotic content every day. When searching internet users are going to get 260 million porn platform results, not including all of the amateur content uploaded to Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, and other publishing platforms. Of these websites, we have covered quite a few and have found that they tend to come in three categories: 1.) Cookie-cutter tubes and low-rent studio smut with nothing noteworthy to speak of. 2.) High-end studio or amateur websites with some sort of special sauce (no pun intended) to draw in niche viewers. 3.) Well-designed porn publication platforms which are not unique but well-designed all around. Of these three, we have determined that TXXX is the latter, but that should not be considered a reason to ignore it. In fact, for the average online fapper, continue reading to find out why TXXX.com gets nearly everything right and why it might be the best smut platform for you. In a certain sense, TXXX is both old and incredibly new. In every sense of the word, TXXX is a tube site, but the domain itself actually dates back to the Dot Com Bubble, nearly a decade before porn tube sites took off. Launched in 2000, this registered URL had predominantly been used for advertising erotic sex shops, adult movie retailers, and webcam streaming services for most of the aughts. During this time, the domain seems to have changed hands several times. In fact, around 2010, this domain was used to promote video games, weight loss products, financial services, in addition to porn-related products. This URL even seems to have been disused for months at a time. It was not until mid-2015 that TXXX was linked to Tube Cup.xxx, which, to sum up, was and is a run-of-the-mill website. However, months later, TXXX.com was developed into a separate tube, which has started to look and run the way it does now. At first, TXXX had a decent web design which used a white background with plenty of red accents, black text, and sported a cute cherry icon. Like the layout, there was nothing special, but it still looked decent, though the number of thumbnails and ads loaded per page were a bit obnoxious. In recent years, this tube’s design has been modified quite a bit. The text is now a dark grey, there is less grey, the cherry icon has been reviewed, and most of the page minus the content is white. You might think that this is a minimalist downgrade. However, on every page, there is a great deal of Gaussian blurring used tactfully as well as simple graphics on certain buttons to make this site look a little bit different from its competitors – many of whom will blast the viewer with too much color or flashy banners. Moving on, TXXX is available in ten languages, all of which seem to have been translated well. In addition to the typical search bar at the top of the page, to the left-hand side of the homepage, you are going to see filter tools that will whittle down results by what is new, popular, and considered to be the best. Further, whether you are a member or not, you can also click on a link to view your watch history and what is on your Watch Later list. Further down the left side, there is a list of all of the categories and a few promoted channels – more on both of those later in the article. Another neat feature which many tubes do not have, and that is, you can also click on a link to see nothing but holiday-themed videos. Along with that, during major Western holidays, videos with those themes are promoted at the top of the homepage. Lastly, you can switch from the default white background and "go dark," which turns the background dark grey – perfect for watching a hot video at night. A lot of the cookie-cutter tubes tend to have nothing but stolen content, much of which has been degraded, has poor video quality or has no audio. On the other hand, there are some tubes which are packed almost exclusively original amateur pictures and video, but again, the quality tends to be quite poor. However, TXXX has an impressive mix of non-pirated footage from premier studio websites as well as apparently original amateur and semi-pro porn performers who incorporate decent production values. Most of them, we think about 75%, are professional, but thanks to the category page, finding the approximately one-quarter of amateur material is pretty straightforward. As we brought up earlier, there are a nearly exhaustive number of categories that cover almost every fetish, ethnicity, and sex act you can and have not thought of. When it comes to ethnicity, in addition to the typical – i.e., Latina, Asian, African, etc. – there are dozens of tags for pornstars and smut upstarts from specific countries. In fact, these tags are so thorough there is one category for Jewish and another for Israeli. Moving on, sex acts tagged up include tens of thousands of search results just for outdoor sex, partying, gaping, and things even kinkier or niche than that. For instance, there are a few thousand results for Big Clit, Fuck Machine, and Upskirt. Although they are listed alphabetically, you might be finding yourself missing something when scanning through the page. If you do, there is a handy search bar at the top of the page, which is highly responsive. Since TXXX seems to have coordinated with the best porn studios, not only do they have a page listing the hottest starlets but also allow you to keep up with their content in a unique way. The Pornstars page lists dozens of semi-nude or explicit thumbnails of performers, which include their stage names, nationality, number of videos, and their video views. Click on their photo, and you will see a page similar to a social media profile that displays links to the performer's videos and even more biographical information. And just like social media, as a member of the site, you can subscribe to her channel to keep up with any new content featuring her. Of course, these channels are not managed by the performer, but they are vigilantly maintained by TXXX's staff. Since many starlets have hundreds of videos uploaded, you can sort her videos by publication date, length, popularity, rating, views, and number of comments. Further, TXXX recently added an additional tool to filter between standard and high definition, as well as virtual experiences. As we touched on already, TXXX clearly has networked with the top studios on the internet, as you can see by the Channel page. There you will find a collection of links to profile pages of studio videos on TXXX. Like the Pornstars page, you can subscribe to keep up with their new content, and all of the same filter and search tools are present. Further, there is usually a banner near the top, which will connect you to the studio's official website. The mark of a good tube is the degree to which there are tools to connect socially and how much people use those features. Of course, TXXX has a membership option that has attracted thousands of signed users, many of whom not only comment on videos but contribute their own as well. With so many members, besides the search features mentioned on the Pornstar and Channel pages, there are advanced search options, too. So, you can filter results by gender, country, age range, orientation, relationship status, and whether or not they have an avatar. Like other social media platforms, you can subscribe to their channel, privately message them, send them a friend request, and write on their wall. And yes, most of the uploaders are attractive women who add their own unique material. At least it depends on which part of the website you are on. To be fair, on the homepage and all of the different uploader pages, we mentioned there are either a couple or no adverts on a page. Further, we have found that there typically are not any popups either. However, if you check out any video page you will find several banner adverts, there is a good chance that you will be bombarded by one or a couple of popups, and there will often be an ad included to the start of each video, too. Fortunately, there is an excellent way to get past the slew of different kinds of advertisements – or at least most of them – you can get a free account. There are additional benefits to getting an account, including the option to download videos instantly, save them to your favorites list, upload your own content, and interact with other members. We should also add that you can view private videos if invited and create your own playlists. And like other tubes, there are tons of creative playlists for just about every fetish and “endurance” level. Finally, signing up is incredibly simple since you only need to come up with a username, password, and verify your account. Alternatively, you can use your Google account, but do not worry – your information will be kept secure. Naturally, the majority of content is for and by heterosexuals (and arguably the bis and lesbians), but there are two separate sections for those who bat for a different team. The Homosexual and Shemale versions of the website have the same suite of features as the main one does with a few minor differences. Obviously, all of the phallus-focused content are placed on these versions of the website. Similarly, the featured channels and stars are different. The other most significant difference is the type of categories, including the countries which are not and are represented on the Category page. Overall, TXXX has been relatively well optimized for handheld machines. The layout has been appropriately simplified, but all of the features we have reviewed are still usable. But for some reason, when opening up a video, it will pop up in a separate tab, and the original tab may take you to a spam page. While not a deal-breaker, we prefer looking at this website on desktop devices. In our experience, there are not too many issues with this site, and it runs smoothly on all devices and browsers we tested. However, if you do run into a problem or think that the website (or its network) can be improved, TXXX has a forum dedicated to customer service. With or without an account, you can type in a suggestion, which you can be upvoted by other users to draw attention to the website moderators. Furthermore, other users can comment on your suggestion to either give you advice on how to resolve your issue or report having the same problem. On top of that, if you have a more personal issue, need to report an abusive member, or have a DMCA takedown request, you can file a private complaint via the Contact Us page. All things considered, TXXX has very little to criticize with a few exceptions. Most importantly, the number of popups that the causal viewer needs to put up with is far too much. We would take steps to reduce, if not eliminate, the amount of spam that is crawling over this platform. One thing we found bizarre was the lack of photos anywhere, which is even stranger since a picture section is a general stable on tube and studio websites. Obviously, since it would add to the draw to interact and sign up, we would add a photo portion to the platform. We would also add an additional section on the homepage, which promotes amateur content exclusively. While not vital, we think it would be a great mechanism to encourage even more original content. Tl; DR – Is This Another Tube Worth Skipping Or WatchingShort answer: yes. Long answer: with its exceptional design, torrents of free content, an enthusiastic community, and constant quality updates, yes. Even though it has a bit of a spam problem, it is not too much of a problem for us to give TXXX a solid five out of five hands.
PornDoe.com first went online in 2013 as a way to make it simple for everyone to watch the hot and sexy porn they crave. Since then, the free tube site has managed to create an incentive for people to become registered members. While there are perks to becoming a free member like watching 720p videos, downloading content, and more, becoming a paid member has even more perks. For only $14.95 per month, members can access 1080p content, zero ads, exclusive content, and more.  Fortunately, the free version also gives users a lot to love. No matter if a person wants to watch the very best of the best as a paid member or they want to browse and watch for free, they’re going to enjoy their time spent on PornDoe regardless. And it all begins with their monster video count. Anytime a free tube site boasts over 100,000 downloads, it’s always impressive. So when PornDoe features over 227,000 videos with content added continually, it's something to be applauded. That's a ton of content – especially for a free tube site that hosts its movies and clips.  This is why good browsing options are crucial to PornDoe's success. With so much content to watch and experience, PornDoe must ensure that it's simple to find whatever type of porn a person wishes to watch. Visit today and experience how easy it can be to jump into one's preferable kind of porn on PornDoe!  Don’t think that visiting PornDoe daily will result in seeing everything the site has to offer. Far from it! Watching over 227,000 videos by itself is a tall order. Considering that PornDoe releases content frequently throughout the day, it’s an even taller mountain to climb since the site’s library keeps growing.  To get an idea regarding how frequently PornDoe releases content, hover over the Videos tab, and select New Videos. Viewers will have to click the video to see when it was posted (the postdate isn’t shown in the video listing for some reason). Once clicked, viewers can easily see when the content was added. In many cases, the latest video was published only a few hours ago.  Keep in mind that there isn’t a set schedule determining when PornDoe will release its next video. It happens every few hours and at least every day. Visiting a few hours per day should result in viewers seeing something new every time. It’s always commendable when a porn site institutes a video count for its categories. It makes it convenient to browse by categories that have a sizeable amount of content while allowing users to pass on those that only have a few pieces of content. To see how convenient this can be, click the Categories tab at the top of the homepage. From there, a number next to each category signifies how many videos are associated with that category. It’s also convenient that the categories section has good sorting options. At the top of the categories section, select the drop-down menu and choose from Most Popular, Alphabetically, or Most Movies. Those that care about looking at the categories will want to click the latter. To see the hottest categories or to merely look through and find the category one already has on their mind, choose from ‘Most Popular’ and ‘Alphabetically,’ respectively.  Sure, it's nice to be able to sort categories and see which of them has the most content, but are the categories any good? Absolutely! Featuring categories like parody, premium HD, full free scenes, and old stand-bys like teen, MILF, and more, there are plenty of categories for everyone. The great thing is they range widely: from vanilla categories to more fetish content, like animation and peeing. Whatever a person is interested in watching, PornDoe helps them to find the perfect content from them. What about the person that wants to browse by channels rather than categories? For those that want to view pornography by brand rather than anything else, they will want to select the Channels section at the top of the homepage. All the great brands are represented here, too. Expect to find trusted brands and favorite series like Backroom Casting Couch, Homegrown Video, Evil Angel, and of course, PornDoe's brand, #LetsDoeIt. If a visitor cannot make up their mind regarding what channel they want to look at, PornDoe’s outstanding sorting options once again comes to the rescue. People will be able to sort channels by rating, ranking, and views. It's a convenient option to ensure that browsers can find what they are in the mood for.Sorting isn’t the only way PornDoe makes it easy to look around on their channels section. Visitors can browse to the top of the page and click on any of the following tabs: Can also choose to look at All Channels, Exclusive Channels, Trending Channels, and Alphabetical. It's worth noting that selecting 'All Channels' and 'Alphabetical' are not the same thing. While clicking the alphabetical tab sorts content alphabetically as the name implies, selecting All Channels shows everything: featured channels followed by all channels displayed in order from the top-ranked to the least. After finding a video from a channel or category that's hot and leaves a person wanting more, what's the next step? Thankfully, PornDoe has the answer. Instead of returning to the channels or category section to find something else to watch, don't exit the video! Instead, scroll down and look at the Related Videos section. Here, visitors will be able to add videos that are similar to what was just watched. This section is also ripe for discovery opportunities. Because this section shows content that's similar to what was watched, it's a great way to go down the proverbial rabbit hole and see new videos that are similar yet unique in their way. A great way to explore a niche or genre that a person recently came across, visitors should explore this section anytime they're looking for content that strikes the same vibe as the content that was previous watched but is still different. One of the most important aspects of any free tube site is to utilize thumbnails that not only reflect what's within the content but are undisputedly hot and sexy. They must make people want to click just to see if the video matches the beauty of the thumbnail. Those that have visited ThePornDude and read the reviews of any free tube site already know how important it is for thumbnails to get people’s attention.  There are moments when browsers may find themselves looking at the thumbnails instead of clicking on them to watch a video. It happens, and it's a testament to just how beautiful these thumbnails genuinely are. It can feel like browsing a picture gallery at times. Detailed and gorgeous, they are the perfect complement to a well-designed free tube site.Select the Tags tab at the top of the homepage to view the free tube site's giant tag list. PornDoe states that all of its porn tags are in one single list, and it's for a good reason: to make finding whatever it is a person is looking for easy and fast. For those that already know which tags they want to browse, open the tag list in one's preferable browser, and conduct a 'Find in Page' function. How to do this depends on one's browser and operating system. As an example, in Windows, all one has to do is press 'Ctrl+F:' one's mileage may vary. Even for those that have no clue which niches or genres they want to browse by, all they have to do is look around at the tags provided and see something that pops out at them. Chances are, anyone is going to be able to find anything that sounds enticing. From ‘All Holes’ to ‘Yoga Sex’ and everything in between, there is something here for everyone to enjoy. Last but not least, for the user that simply wants to watch videos starring only certain beauties, there is the pornstar section. Select Pornstar at the top of the homepage to see all of the pornstars that a person can browse by. It’s here that visitors can also view the hottest pornstars, most viewed, and even male-only pornstars.  PornDoe is all about options. In this category alone, the free tube site more than proves that. Each pornstar listing shows how many videos the model has on the website, along with a ranking. Combined with the attractive thumbnails used, it’s a convenient method for finding old pornstar favorites and new performers a person has yet to discover.
PornHat is a place where you can find some of the best porn videos on the internet! We think there is no better place than a porn site that offers you free videos. PornHat is a porn site where you can find thousands of videos. They have plenty of sexy pornstars for you and there is no doubt that you will be pleased with their videos!PornHat is a pretty cool name for a porn site. When you see the name, you expect some good and wild action in videos. PornHat is all about the porn. When you enter their site, they take you straight to where it's all going down with wild action. When you enter their homepage, you will see a bunch of good quality videos, only for you to watch them!To be honest, even when you look at their thumbnails, you know you can expect some crazy action. Underneath all the videos, you will see their recently active pornstars. That is pretty awesome, when you choose your pornstar to watch, her videos will appear on your screen. You just need to choose which one you want to watch. Without any delay, let's see what PornHat has in store for us!You can find anything you want here. If you want MILFs, teens, babes, don't worry, PornHat has everything for you. But there is one thing, there are no categories on this porn site, as we said, just hardcore action with horny chicks and pornstars. You can find a small menu on the top left of your screen, the rest of the homepage is full of action!Their thumbnails do not have animated previews, but since this site is for free, you should spend some time on this site and explore everything in it. Let's go back to the menu. This porn site allows you to access the content by VR porn, models, channels, and tags. You can sort the content by new, popular, and trending, which is good. You can easily find some of the best videos on their page.There are many videos for you to watch and there are many pages for you to explore. The downside of this porn site are ads. We all know that people don't like when they click on the video, and some ads pop out on the screen, but you should not be disappointed about that because PornHat has a lot more in store for you!PornHat provides some of the best professional fuckers in all kinds of wild scenarios. You just need to click on a certain model from their collection and you will experience some of the best videos in pornography world. You will find here some of the best pornstars in the world including Lisa Ann and Abella Danger.It's a different type of action when a pornstar is in the video. They are very professional and know how to handle anything. It is very amazing that this site has a bunch of videos with pornstars. On some sites you have a pornstar, but only one or two videos to watch. PornHat has a bunch of the videos to watch with every pornstar in their collection.Their pornstars can be sorted in alphabetical order, which is good, you can easily find what you want to watch. PornHat has some of the best pornstar names in their collection and you should easily find what you want. Every video is amazing with those pornstars in it.VR porn was launched in 2013. VR technology has evolved quickly and the porn world has pumped a ton of time and money into making its content more reliable and accessible. You don't need to buy any heavy-duty new equipment to watch VR content. The only thing you need for VR porn is your smartphone and a headset.Some phones do not have the power to run some of the longest VR content. VR porn is amazing and there are many people that have positive comments about VR porn. VR porn takes adult content to the next level. Instead of just watching a scene, you're seemingly participating in it, which gives you that amazing feeling that everyone wants.VR porn is something new in pornography, and with technology coming better every single day, VR porn will become the main thing in the future when it comes to pornography. Users want to feel the best and VR porn gives you that feeling like you are in the video with a wild pornstar.PornHat actually doesn't host any of the videos in its archive. Instead, PornHat relies on porn videos from other websites and studios. Actually, there are some of the best names which are pretty amazing. You will see names such as Brazzers, Reality Kings, Naughty America, Family Strokes, TeamSkeet, Evil Angel, and many more!Those porn sites are arranged according to the number of scenes. When you go to the bottom of PornHat, you will see those channels and you will see how many scenes they have. Brazzers and Reality Kings are in front of everybody else.The content you will find is very good. You will find teen, MILF, incest, lesbian content and many more. We all know that those names that we mentioned are one of the best in the business. We didn't lie to you when we said that this is the right place with a bunch of pornstar names!PornHat has a wild collection of porn videos, amazing channels on their page, and the most beautiful pornstars in the business. This is the place you should visit everytime you want to watch some nasty and wild porn action. There are dozens of porn sites that provide different types of content and every porn site has its own advantages.PornHat is very simple and easy to use, the downsides are ads and no categories, but you should not be worried about that, because this site has many more things for you. Their huge collection of porn videos, and with some of the best pornstars in the world, PornHat is the site you should visit.There are thousands of videos and their quality is really good. The site deals with professional videos from some of the best studios in the world. Their VR porn videos are available and in amazing quality.PornHat provides all kinds of actions. 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With their pornstar names and wild actions, PornHat is the place you should visit every damn time you want to jerk your cock. There are some downsides, just like on every porn site. PornHat is the place you should visit because you will enjoy its wild hardcore action!
Watching porn has become such a pastime activity that it beats eating seeds. Today, if you feel bored, you don’t go out for a walk. You sit behind a computer, find your favorite porn site and start wanking off to your favorite porn stars and genres. Now, the way you enjoy porn can differ. You either find free porn or you love the premium stuff that you paid for. XXXFiles lands somewhere between that line and we will see what this site has to offer.Sure, premium porn is something else. It has all the most gorgeous porn stars, professional production, camera work, top-notch equipment, and a professional team of people behind every scene. Therefore, it is not strange that you cannot watch the best premium porn movies for free. Or can you? Well, there is a dispute to be started about that and our today’s porn site lands right in the middle of it.Namely, XXXFiles is not your common porn site. It offers free porn but the movies that you can find there are a lot more than you would have imagined. Therefore, you are going to love it and there is no reason why you shouldn’t hear us out to the very end. We will take a look at the content, the site’s design, the movies, their quality, and the general feeling you get when you watch movies on this site.It is not difficult to own a porn site today. The easiest thing you can do is just download a huge number of free porn videos from many different sites, make your own compilation of videos, upload them to the website, and call it your own. This is how the majority of free porn tubes exist. Also, these sites allow its members to upload their own videos so a bunch of amateur material can also be found on them.XXXFiles is just like that but with a twist. It is a free porn site that can be called a porn tube site because it offers all the different categories and tags that you can enjoy and explore. 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When you mix this with the fact that you don’t have to pay for these movies, XXXFiles quickly finds its way to your bookmarks list.Now that you know what kind of content you can expect on this site, it is time to turn to its design and the overall user experience. You will get a déjà vu effect when you enter it for the first time. You have probably visited tons of sites that look like this. Its background is pitch black and there are many videos on the homepage that you can scroll through. Some of them are amateur, some of them are taken from the premium sites and you can watch all of them right there and then.You will certainly find some amazing scenes on the homepage but the site’s design and options will allow you to make a more thorough search to find what you like. The options bar is on the top and it includes filtering options for the videos, the page devoted to the porn stars, and a full list of tags on XXXFiles. 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When it comes to hardcore adult video entertainment, you don’t have to check out PornkTube’s credibility in advance. Since 2014, this website’s been proving that they’re extremely active and gifted at finding and hosting the hottest of the hot. They’re legitimate, they’re devoted and they’re perfectly safe to browse through. And, naturally, this is no place for minors. It’s all adults only on PornkTube.Com, where every day is penetration day. Mind you, this is not just an adult video website. It’s a place for people who are looking for a lot more than a bit of comfort during long and lonely evenings. When you need more than just a few quick clips of some naughty downtown action, you go PornkTube to cleanse your palate. Every single video that’s offered on PornkTube is available entirely for free. You can watch all of this content without spending a single cent and you won’t even need to log in, unless you’d like to become a member of the site, which allows you to leave comments, vote on videos and the like. These are all proper guarantees of ease of access. The site’s been around for a while so it stands to reason that this particular source of free smut will stick around for years to come. The quality of the provided content is quite solid, with a very wide variety of videos giving you a rich selection. Given that the pornography that they offer is both available and varied, PornkTube have solidified their position as a healthy competitor to the mainstream porn tube giants. They’re not the kind of site you want to pass by. You really owe it to yourself to dive right into this smut. Now, onto more specific smut themes, you’ll see a lot of hardcore penetration that puts some other triple-A content to shame. This is really extreme stuff, but without a particular focus on violence. It’s more that the pornstars that are featured are really seasoned veterans who know how to go to the extreme. You’ll also see a ton of unique fetishes and sexual scenarios that are a bit rare and unseen on mainstream sites. There’s also a good amount of combinations and permutations between the genders and number of people on screen. This is easily a male-centric website. Straight men are very likely to enjoy what they see on PornkTube. It’s easy to see that this site is entirely catered to them. There is a general vibe of the women on the site being pleasured to the fullest, which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but the truly virile and gifted male lovers get a huge ego boost by properly pleasuring their girls, so it stands to reason they’d enjoy watching this type of smut. As for women visitors, well, they can enjoy this content too, technically. There’s nothing standing in their way. It’s not like they’re not wanted on the site. It’s more the case that women don’t normally enjoy content that’s this extreme and fetish-driven. Still, if you’re a woman who’s into some extreme penetration, you’ll more than get your fill on this site. If you are a woman trying to find your particular flavor of smut on this site, you might want to check out the massage section first. Women conventionally enjoy the softer approach to smut, especially in the gradual buildup. Plus, you can dive right into some roleplay with the various mommy, boss, professor vibes on the site. This can be especially appealing if you’re into some dominatrix play. There are tons of these videos on PornkTube. No-one can tell you how you’re supposed to get your rocks off, so as long as everyone in the videos is a consenting adult and you are enjoying yourself watching them, have at it. PornkTube’s main page is as simple as it needs to be. In a combination of blacks, whites and greys, you’ve got a very basic and old-school layout. The top of the page lists the home, latest, updates, top rated, most popular, all categories and support links, to get you where you need to be at all times. The rest of the page space is of course relegated to the video thumbnail breakdowns. It’s everything a porn tube site needs to be, without any unnecessary additions. On the left side of the page, you’ve got an alphabetical breakdown of categories, topics and fetishes, in case you’d like some specific inspiration. And of course, the top left corner gives you a search box, so you can skip right past categorization and down to specific smut, if you’re here with naughty intent. You can check out every video’s rating under the top rated section, listed with total likes and dislikes, as well as the video’s length. This makes browsing an ease, since you can pick out a video that matches your current mood and intentions. If you’re on your coffee break and would like to rub one off before you get back to work, you’d opt for something shorter that preferably gets right to the action. If you’re alone at home and want some slow paced romance, culminating in an explosive orgasm, then start with the massages and work your way up. You can of course keep coming back to PornkTube to check on the latest updates, which wouldn’t make much sense your first time through. You would have nothing to compare to. But, for returning visitors, this is a great feature. There are no annoying ads or redirects, you can still find a healthy amount of spam and external links that PornkTube are willing to market to you. It’s up to you whether you want to follow through with them. Who knows, you might find some quality smut on the other side. The comments sections are friendly enough, with visitors frequently commenting on their favorite parts of the videos. Sometimes these will spark healthy debates over pornstars’ body parts, other times they’ll get a bit out of hand and you might want to contact support. This is an always available feature, especially helpful if you see some smut that is in one way or another morally dubious. It’s always comforting to know that an admin team is standing by, regardless of the type of content you’re experiencing. PornkTube comes with a very broad selection of pornographic genres, with pornstars from every part of the world. This also brings its fair share of different cultural styles and approaches to pornography. If you’re checking out Asians, chances are it’ll be JAV porn or something from a Japanese studio working abroad. On the other hand, you might find some Japanese actresses that are working in The States. The differences are less than subtle and you can easily put your finger on the details. Still, this is an equal opportunity porn site, so you’ll find pornography for absolutely every type of porn connoisseur. Whether you’re into gay or straight porn, or you’d like to see some transgender individuals in your smut, you’ll be served very well on PornkTube. None of the genres are lacking, either. Thousands of results come up no matter which niche you look up. On the topic of saturation, however, you’ll never guess the genre that has the largest selection of smut on PornkTube. That’s right, it’s “Big Tits”. The section for oversized mammary glands is the most beloved, it would seem. It’s no surprise, since men are commonly obsessed with that particular part of the female body, to the extent that entire sections grow way out of proportion. PornkTube is definitely an adult video website worth visiting, regardless of your overall preferences. Unless you straight up want to see softcore photography, you’ll enjoy this website. With 49 categories of smut, each more original than the last, you’re looking at a palette for every palate and an amount of videos that you couldn’t go through in a single lifetime. So for those long and lonely nights, when you’re feeling down and you need some virtual company, PornkTube is here to make you feel warm inside. They’re entirely free to use, so you have nothing to lose by using their services. Plus, the tons of external links that are always available but never in the way will guarantee you’ll have somewhere to go if you ever get bored. This site isn’t exactly reinventing the wheel. Their biggest boast is the number of videos they host, which is not exactly a novelty. Mainstream porn tubes these days offer literal millions of videos. What makes this site stand out is the way in which they sort the videos as well as some of the more original productions that look properly homemade. Whether the amateur section really showcases homemade smut is never easy to prove, but that’s why it’s up to you to decide. Dive right into PornkTube today and decide whether they’re going up on your bookmarks bar.
Come have a look at a website called Tubporn.com, if there were ever a porn website that fit the description for being something "middle of the road," this one would be one of the stronger contenders. Started a little later than the top tier sites in 2015, they get a lot of things right. Still, if you're going to compare it to some of the other tops of the line, high quality, and high popularity websites, it might seem that they kind of lost steam before they got close to the end of designing the thing. That is not to say there aren't still some hidden gems or special nuggets of quality porn buried in it somewhere; there just might be a fair bit of digging you have to do before you can get to them, but maybe we can point you to the best place to use your shovel. Coming to the website for the first time, you'll see right away that they are taking a lot of cues from the greats out there. The main page, as well as the rest of the site, is dark, with more black on any page than any bright colors because they figured out that what people visiting porn sites actually appreciate are darker colors and themes. The easier things are on the eyes, no matter what time of day it is, the better. The second thing you'll notice is how the main page of the site is put together. It's essentially a gallery-like view of all the most recent video additions to the site, with the upload dates stretching further back the farther down the page you go. At the time of writing this review, they've already got two hundred and thirty-eight pages full. It's not as much content as other older sites you'll find out there, but that's exactly the reason why. Tubxporn was only started in 2015, meaning there haven't really been enough years under their belt quite yet for their collection to grow to what you out there might be used to. As mentioned previously, however, even though they don't have as much experience being a porn site when compared to places like Brazzers or Pornhub, you're going to find a lot of similarities between them and TubX. They're smart enough to take a hint from the folks already well-versed in making a successful porn site. There's a row of site navigation buttons at the top, and there's a selection of different porn categories on the sidebar just like you would see on other sites. The difference again just lies in how many different content options they have. They'll add to their collection in time, but for now, all you see is, for the most part, all you're going to get. They've got the "Home" button at the top, which of course, will take you back to the main page of the site wherever you are. Right next to that is the "Latest Updates" button which is kind of a weird giveaway at their inexperience on making a decent website for porn, because if you'll remember the main page of the website at the very top is the start of the most recent videos added to the site. So when it takes you to the "Latest Updates," it's taking you back to the start of that list, in other words, the site's main page. So that would be two buttons that do the exact same thing. Both of the "Top-Rated" and "Most Popular" categories try to do the same thing as they do on any other website. Of course, in the first, it's only rating the quality of the videos as indicated by all of the previous viewers who took the time to give the porn they were watching a review. It's a number that's considerably smaller than just the people who visited the site and watched the videos, but it still has it's own section, and there's no problem with that. What is much more reliable in terms of figuring out what pieces of content on TubX are better than the rest. It's a simple rule to follow that the videos that are getting watched more than the others are probably the ones more worth watching than the rest. That rule still applies here, and they had good thinking to include the functionality in its own section. One out of two of the last two remaining section buttons is actually a step above what can be seen elsewhere on other porn sites. They've got a "Categories" section button for the normal reason you would have one. Even though the number of different categories there are to pick from is a lot smaller than what is normal, at least they still have categories to choose from at all. It's still a relatively young site, so that much can be forgiven. What they decided to do differently though was add a "Popular Categories" tab, which is something outside of what would normally be seen. It does the exact same thing the "Most Popular" section would do for videos but for the actual categories instead.Even if a visitor themselves might not have an idea of what they already want to see, they've got stats on how popular their own different categories happen to be. It helps to make a selection easier to do, and therefore it helps the experience of using their website better for the people that actually take the time to visit. Earlier in talking about the "Top-Rated" and "Most Popular" sections, the topic of the visitors being able to rate the videos they watch was brought up. Of course, it's a very normal thing for porn sites to do nowadays as helping the individual navigate their own side speedily and smoothly is the name of the game, and figuring out the best content to use helps get that done all the better. But it's right from the get-go that you'll see their rating system in action. This is another thing taken from other sites as an example, but you still can't fault them for it. Right on the main page of the website, you'll see in every flesh-colored square of the gallery spread out before you there are two little thumb icons in each window, one red and one green. The green is pointing up for the "upvotes" on the video and the red for the "downvotes" indicating the opposite. It might seem like something that's obvious and expected in modern times of porn website browsing, but there are actually still some sites out there that aren't using a system like that. TubXporn did their best to include as much information in the little gallery windows as they could without clogging up the picture itself to get in the way of what you're going to see if you decide to click. The up and downvotes are there, of course. But seeing as they, like everybody else know that porn visitors and users, in general, might be on a different time crunch depending on the situation, decided to also include the playtime for each video in the bottom left corner of the preview square. It's a little information that might go a long way. Not only that, but there's also the functionality added in for seeing the different scenes of a video. When you mouse over each of the preview squares and just let the cursor hover, it'll cycle through different scenes of the video so the viewer can get an idea of what to expect before even having to click on anything. This being yet another example of what some of the greats are using on their websites. It helps out the average porn user in their quest to get the job so many guys and gals try to do, done. All in all, you can expect Tubxporn.com to be a very middle of the road kind of porn website. The things it does right are what you can expect by default by any top of the line porn site nowadays worth it's salt. The places it's lacking are only doing so because it got it's starting a little later than everybody else in 2015, and it hasn't had enough time to fine-tune everything there and bang out all the kinks to speak. You won't regret giving them a look; however, the content they have is good; the way they present it is a smooth work in progress for what it is, and based on what's there already, you can expect to see great things from them down the road. Enjoy it responsibly.
TNAFlix.com was founded back in 2007 and shows no signs of slowing down. That’s because this free tube site is all about the freedom of choice. One example is the flexibility of its search parameters. Whereas most free tube sites only allow users to search by video, TNAFlix goes beyond that. People can also search via channel, pornstar, photo, and even the members registered on TNAFlix. It’s a useful way to make an already well-rounded free tube site even more convenient. Although the first thing people will notice is probably going to be the fantastic thumbnails that will make a person want to click and watch, their attention will quickly be diverted to the left sidebar. Visitors should pay attention to this section for at least a moment before they begin exploring what TNAFlix has to offer. Look to the left sidebar, and a person will notice how convenient this area truly is.What makes it most convenient is how simple it is to jump into any category with a simple click. This isn’t an instance of only the most popular categories being displayed in the sidebar, either. Every category is represented, saving visitors a few clicks when they want to jump straight into the action.  How is a person supposed to know how many videos are available for each category? On many free tube sites, it would be a matter of guessing. In TNAFlix’s case, it’s obvious how many videos each category has before clicking on the category to explore. Whether a person browses categories via the left sidebar on the homepage or the actual categories tab at the top of the page, they can quickly glean the number of videos for each category. It could not be easier. Notice the number by each category: this signifies how many videos are available for that category.  Once a category has been selected, notice the Subscribe button at the top of the category page on the header image. For members, they can click the button and be notified any time TNAFlix posts a new video for that category. It’s a similar convenience to free tube sites sharing their RSS Feed but without having to go the extra step of installing an RSS Reader and subscribing to the feed. Sign up, subscribe, done!  Believe it or not, but TNAFlix has an actual chat room. It’s easy to miss and isn’t advertised anywhere. To find it, notice the chat icon at the top of each page (between the member profile and flag icon for translation options). Select it, and jump into the public chatroom. There were only about 15 people in the chatroom, but they were all active. Users can turn on their webcam and broadcast to others. Moreover, chatroom visitors can also add friends, private message other chatroom members, and of course, chat in the main chat window. The beauty of this feature is that the chatroom sits as an overlay atop the rest of the page. This means that users can continue watching porn and browsing around while chatting with others. It would be nice if PornDoe provided other chatrooms, and of course, having more active members in the only room available would have been preferable. However, it doesn't need to exist: the fact that it does and it's so simple to chat with other members makes it a welcomed addition.The hallmark of any good free tube site is how well it utilizes its thumbnails. It’s one of the most important aspects of any porn site, period. People have to know what kind of content they will be watching before they click-through to view. A thumbnail provides this information. Moreover, thumbnails can be used even to entice people to click and watch. It's what TNAFlix achieves, and visitors will want to click and see what the video behind the thumbnail is all about. The thumbnails accurately reflect what’s in the video. If it looks hot and sexy in the thumbnail, chances are the viewer is going to be pleased with the video. Click with confidence!  Those that have browsed around a porn site at night can attest to aching eyes and possible headaches. Looking on a bright screen at night is like staring at sun-beaten snow: it’s blinding and isn’t fun. Every porn site should have a night mode that can be activated when the time is appropriate. ThePornDudedoes it, and thankfully so does TNAFlix. However, this free tube site goes a step further and makes it even easier to use this option. Instead of having to find the light/dark mode button (users will notice its sun icon at the bottom left of the homepage), visitors can instead opt to allow the website to automatically turn dark mode on and off depending on the time of day. Select auto when turning on/off dark mode to ensure it automatically activates when it is nighttime at the viewer's current location. This ensures that the user never has to think about turning on dark mode ever again. It's not necessary, but for those moments when a person finds their eyes strained only to remember that it's because they forgot to activate dark mode, this is a welcomed, convenient option. Another useful thing TNAFlix does with its thumbnails is displaying an HD icon for HD movies and clips. Keep in mind that the icon doesn't strictly say 'HD.' Instead, the icons are displayed as 720p and 1080p, respectively.  It's very convenient for TNAFlix to show their HD videos in this manner. There is a vast difference between 720p and 1080p content. For the visitors that appreciate that difference and want to watch only the content that looks the best on the free tube site, this is a fantastic feature to implement.TNAFlix also makes it convenient to search by only HD content. Select the Videos tab at the top of the homepage. Notice the All and HD buttons at the top of the proceeding page. Naturally, select ‘HD’ for only high-definition content and ‘All’ to see everything. For those that refuse to watch pornography that isn’t high-definition, it’s hard to beat the convenience of this feature. TNAFlix also spares no expense when it comes to sorting videos. It's a good thing, too. Without them, finding the content to watch would be a proverbial uphill battle. Sensible sorting options make all the difference when browsing porn, and TNAFlix allows users to browse and find the porn they're looking for with ease.No matter if a person routinely sorts their porn by the highest rated or longest, TNAFlix makes one’s sorting wishes come true. That’s because the free tube site allows visitors to sort by top-rated, most recent, most popular, user videos, and duration (short, medium, long, or full length (i.e., longer than 30-minutes) pornography). Select the sorting and duration options from their respective drop-down menus when browsing videos and choose the appropriate option.One thing to note is that sorting by user videos is a bit confusing. While the name accurately implies that these are videos uploaded by members, there is no way to sort these videos by date added or know which videos have been watched the most. The only way to sort is by length, and while that's fine, it would have been better if this sorting option had its section. This section is just too big to be a sorting option. TNAFlix has conveniently placed every tag on the free tube site in one place. Viewers will notice a number beside the tag. This signifies how many videos utilize that tag. Further, visitors can also sort tags by popularity or just name. Whatever a person is looking for, these sorting options will make them find it. That isn’t hyperbole. While it would be inaccurate to state that TNAFlix has a tag for each person’s every desire, the tag list is exhaustive. It’s huge, and everyone is going to find something that speaks to them. Browse around and see what’s available on the tag list. 
While Porndish.com is a free tube site, it looks more akin to a news magazine. This is by design. A fresh and modern look that breaks the mold of what a free tube site can look like, Porndish proves that similar sites do not have to look and function a certain way. Even clicking on a video shows visitors something different than the norm; video listings read like blog posts. Each listing tells a bit about the video, informing the viewer about the content before they ever click play.Porndish doesn’t provide sorting options in the traditional sense. Instead, visitors can click tabs that show them the most recent, most popular, hottest, and trending videos. It may sound clunky when comparing the design choice with other free tube sites, but this is not the case. The way the free tube site is designed ensures that viewing porn based on these factors is as seamless as if one was using normal sorting options. It's not a design choice that would translate well to most free tube sites; consider this the exception to the rule. Still, for the way Porndish is designed, the decision to forego normal sorting options works.Also, at the top of the page are tabs showcasing some of the most popular brands in the adult industry. These include brands like Realitykings and Brazzers. Each of them has drop-down menus unveiling their most popular series. For visitors that know what they are looking for, this could not be more convenient. It isn't just a few series and brands represented, either. While one cannot assume that every series is represented here, there is enough variety. Porn fans that follow certain brands religiously will find a few favorites they frequent. When viewing content on Porndish, do not assume that there are only teaser videos to watch. Browse with confidence! Porndish provides almost exclusively full-length porn videos that never skimp on the best parts. When clicking on a video, take solace that complete clips and movies are loading on the other end. Porndish doesn't seem to believe in the bait-and-switch tactic a lot of free tube sites utilize. There was never an instance when clicking on a video loaded a short clip that then enticed me to view the full version on that studio/brand's website. Porndish knows people are visiting to see the whole thing. To this end, Porndish succeeds and provides what the people want. As stated, Porndish offers content from some of the most trusted brands in pornography. That doesn't mean that the free tube site only offers some videos from top studios, though. Instead, the adult videos are exclusively from top studios and porn brands.Again, Porndish doesn’t seem to believe in baiting-and-switching its visitors and regular audience. Viewers won’t find mostly full-length amateur content that leaves much to be desired. For visitors that love watching the professionals prove why they are the best at their craft, Porndish is the place to be.Don't miss out on full-length porn from today's top brands! Browse around a bit and see what's popular today. It's a treat, and there is guaranteed to be something worth watching!It's something you don't see every day. Yet, Porndish's decision to make its free tube site look like a news magazine rather than a traditional free tube site works. If it weren't for the pornographic thumbnails and a logo that proudly displays, ‘Porndish,' one would likely mistake the site for a news site or blog. Most free tube sites have a similar look. They are designed to assist visitors with finding the perfect video for them as soon as the homepage finishes loading. Webmasters have taken a ‘if it's not broke, don't fix it mentality,' for years, and who can blame them? The longstanding look and feel of free tube sites works.But this design works, too. It brings a new look to a free tube site and makes it look very modern and colorful. While it's unclear if this sort of design trend could be coming for free tube sites in the next decade, it at least proves that not all free tube sites need/should follow the same design principles. Because Porndish primarily delves in professional porn rather than amateur, it allows them to display highly detailed thumbnails. And do they ever! Porndish didn't pass up on the opportunity. The thumbnails are incredibly detailed, sexy, and shows the best parts of the video. They hit all the right notes... It entices viewers to want to click-through and view the content within. Add to the fact that the material is full-length, and it becomes clear that Porndish wanted to give viewers every reason to click on a video and watch. Porndish has unloaded every incentive at their disposal to make you want to watch – and they’ve succeeded! One of the smartest things that sites like PornHub and similar sites on ThePornDude accomplishes is how they show viewers where the hottest parts of a scene begin. There are usually indicators in the video's timeline that show new positions, stripteases, etc. Porndish does something similar. While there are no indicators in the video's timeline, they have embedded short clips that show the best of the scene. It's especially helpful for visitors that do not want to load an hour-long clip to watch an anal scene or a sloppy blowjob. This allows viewers to jump straight into the video without the wait. Some may prefer PornHub's method for letting people skip to certain parts of a video; others will prefer Porndish's approach. There is no right or wrong way to approach this. In Porndish's case, it works and makes viewing the AAA porn content even more effortless.Add this to the list of features nobody ever knew they wanted on a free tube site. Most videos on Porndish feature a description of the video within the video listing. When clicking on a thumbnail, visitors are presented with what looks like a blog post. The description isn't very long, but it sets the scene. Of course, the main video (and the smaller clips highlighting certain scenes) are present and still easy to view. The descriptions and beautiful headers never get in the way of the main reason viewers come to Porndish: to watch porn. These additions are bonuses and only makes it even more clear that this free tube site has succeeded in thinking differently about the site’s overall design. One of the most annoying things about free tube sites is that sometimes you have no idea who is starring in the video. Porn regulars see it in the comments sections all the time. “Who is she?” “What’s her name?” That never has to happen on Porndish. The free tube site features hyperlinks of the pornstars in the video. Clicking them shows the rest of the videos featuring that pornstar on Porndish. Beyond that, there are tags at the bottom of each video. They feature the name of the pornstar but also appropriate tags used to describe the video. These tags can be clicked so viewers can see additional videos matching that theme. How fast does the content on Porndish load, anyway? With the content being full-length by nature, many may be suspicious if they are going to battle long buffering times. That never happened once. Although selecting play and jumping to a different timestamp caused pop-ups to load up a few times (which is quite annoying), once the pop-ups are closed, the video loads perfectly. No buffering issues, no long load times, just full-length porn at impressive resolutions.Although Porndish is designed to be a free tube site that entices visitors to browse around until they find something that jumps out at them, it would still be nice if Porndish provided a categories section. Especially since there are clickable tags within video listings on the site, the ability to select the type of porn one wants to watch would have been helpful. The closest viewers can get to choose the porn they want to watch by either typing a query in the search field at the top of the homepage or by selecting a tag in a video listing.
Porn4Days.net features over 1100 pages of top-grade quality porn. With hot and sexy pornography from some of the most trusted brands in porn like Realityking and 21st Sextury, users will find the free tube site pleasing to browse around and see what crops up next. Its simplistic design and responsiveness make Porn4Days a destination for full-length professional porn in the same spirit as the top free tube sites on ThePornDude. Whether a person enjoys amateur porn or AAA pornography, there is no disputing that the pornstars elevate what it means to record sex on camera. They are professionals. For those that are in the mood to watch the pros practice their craft on film, Porn4Days delivers.The free tube site offers free, full-length pornography from some of today's most trusted and popular brands/studios, including Brazzers, Naughty America, and more. It's the equivalent of going to every popular porn brand on the Web and watching their videos for free. Except here, everything is all in one place! Perfect for taste testing before subscribing to one of these brand's premium porn services or viewing a full-length porn video instead of a teaser for a change, Porn4Days makes it happen.It's always good to see video listings that feature a wealth of valuable information. Porn4Days is no different. Each listing shows a source site, pornstars in the video, and appropriate tags. Each of these bits of information is also clickable. For example, viewers that want to watch more POV porn can do so by clicking the POV tag. This also applies to source sites. Click the source site in the video listing, and viewers will see additional content from that studio. The videos are sorted chronologically, so people will see the videos displayed from the earlier moment they were posted on Porn4Days to the oldest. This is one of the perks of having all of the useful information in the video listings. When a visitor sees this information, they can click the appropriate tags that will lead them to other similar videos. The tags listed in videos are not just throwaway tags, either. Most video listings display the year of the recording, the pornstar, positions, themes, etc. It's convenient to be able to click these tags. It's the difference between looking around for any video that peaks one's fancy and finding those videos. While the search function does suffice and certainly makes finding the porn a person is in the mood for straightforward, it's nice to have a variety of options assisting in helping people find what they are looking for. Because Porn4Days deals exclusively with professional porn videos from top AAA brands, this means that this free tube site has the opportunity to feature hot and sexy thumbnails that further entice viewers to click-through. Porn4Days does exactly this! The thumbnails on the website will make visitors want to see what's in the video. The thumbnails are detailed, show the best parts of a video, and elevates the site to another level. It genuinely looks like one is viewing a source site belonging to one of the popular brands on Porn4Days rather than a free tube site that showcases all top porn brands and studios. Thumbnails are one of the things that can truly make or break a free tube site. Fortunately for Porn4Days, they use thumbnails perfectly. Like a few other free tube sites, Porn4Days is looking at sorting options a bit differently. Instead of tasking visitors with choosing a drop-down menu that allows them to decide how they want the content sorted, Porn4Days instead gives viewers the option to select a tab. It may sound clunky and like poor site design, but this is not the case. The tabs are at the top of the page and really do not take up any site real estate. Viewers can choose between the newest, popular, paysites, and tags. This will take them to the appropriate page where they can view porn as they would if they were using standard sorting options. Choosing to use tabs also allows Porn4Days to do things a little differently with the site. One of the ways it does this is by utilizing a scrolling thumbnail gallery that shows the latest, popular porn videos. It makes the site feel a little more animated and breathes a bit of life into it in the process. Is it necessary? Absolutely not. Even so, it gives the site a touch of something extra that breathes extra life into it. The tags section – which is essentially Porn4Days' version of a categories section – is relatively varied. Porn aficionados probably won't find a category/tag that they've never heard of before, but it's a convenient way to browse around and find something worthwhile. As much AAA porn that is featured on Porn4Days, every method for finding new and useful content is helpful. The tags section on Porn4Days is no exception. For those that want to jump straight into the action and watch new and popular porn videos from top brands, scroll to the top of the homepage. There, viewers will see the latest videos straight from that brand. It's the perfect way for viewers that want to watch content based on brand rather than pornstar, tag, etc. to find the content they are looking for.It's also a great way to see the absolute latest content from that brand. It makes having to search for the fresh content nonexistent. Click the appropriate tab, look at what's new, click-through, and a person will be looking at fresh pornography in no time at all. Easy, to-the-point, and frustration-free: that's how all free tube sites should function! Surrounding thumbnails is the title, source site, postdate, run time, and view countAlthough the most pertinent information is not located within the thumbnails of videos, it's still around the thumbnail. The most important information like a video's title, the source site, posted date, duration, and view count, are all in the video's listing. The way the website is designed, this information does not need to be in the thumbnail like most free tube sites anyway!It’s a testament to the overall design of Porn4Days. Because the site has placed some of the most critical information at the top of the page, it gives the rest of the site the freedom to list important information without having to squeeze it into a thumbnail. The result is a look that's never unsightly and is pleasing to the eye. Good design choices all around!To say Porn4Days has a ton of content doesn't quite do it justice. The free tube site features over 1100 pages of content! While there is no estimation of how long that would take a person to watch every single video currently on Porn4Days, it’s safe to say it would take more time than most people have. Add to the fact that new porn is added almost daily, and it’s clear that Porn4Days is a seemingly never-ending stream of top-shelf pornography from favorite brands and studios. Browsing around the pages on Porn4Days is simple, too. Scroll to the bottom of each page, and visitors will be able to click the next page. Then the next page, and so on. It's so convenient to keep browsing; visitors will continuously find themselves clicking one more page to see what hot porn is on the other side! None of this matters if the videos are unplayable. Fortunately, Porn4Days features videos that load quickly and look fantastic. It's a good thing that the videos look so good by default, too. Porn4Days does not allow users to change the video resolution. That's not a big deal when the videos look so crystal clear and as if they are being watched on the video's source site. No harm, no foul!
You will probably have a good feeling what WhoresHub is all about as soon as you read and hear the name. WhoresHub is a new free porn site, but they are a little bit different from others. WhoresHub comes up with a lot of internet celebrities, onlyfans models, pornstars and amateurs also. WhoresHub is also a free site so you can enjoy every second you spend on this site! There are thousands of free porn videos to find on Whoreshub, they upload daily videos so there is no doubt you will find everything you desire. Mostly, WhoresHub is a solo content site, but even if it's mostly solo, don't forget that this site comes up with beautiful hot chicks that can turn your imagination into your reality! WhoresHub has a clean presentation, even if its name starts with whores, these girls are pure diamonds when it comes to sex action! First of all, you are going to see some bombshell nude models, traditional pornstars and internet celebrities on WhoresHub site, anything you desire, WhoresHub is a good place for you to find everything you want. Whoreshub has attractive porns, fetishes and many more. You can find fewer hardcore actions because this site is mostly about solo girls. Since WhoresHub is mostly about solo videos, you know you can also expect ASMR videos, for those that love ASMR, this site is perfect for you!The main reason why the site is called WhoresHub is beacuse here you can find some of the most beautiful pornstars, solo models, onlyfans and many more! The content is a mixture of solo models and hardcore action. On WhoresHub you can also find videos by using their tags that come up when you enter their site. 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Watching porn for free is the favorite pastime of millions of people. We are so lucky that we are living in the times of the internet and the whole globe is covered with this amazing network. All you gotta do is to visit a porn site that offers the hottest porn, find your favorite movies, and watch them. One of the sites that offers full-length porn DVDs is ParadiseHill and this site earns its name completely.It is not easy for a porn site to offer porn for free. It means that they don’t require your membership or any type of payment to start with. Premium porn sites make a living off that and the bigger number of users they have, the greater amount of money they get. Things are different for the free porn sites and they earn money in different ways, regardless of the number of their visitors.ParadiseHill is the one porn site that you have to check out. It offers porn DVDs from the most prestigious premium porn videos and you can watch them absolutely for free. 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In the porn industry, as well as in life, we should always be careful about what we promise. Because, if we are not able to hold that promise, there will be some angry people. The porn site that we are reviewing today has made an incredible promise and it is located in its name. It is the site called PornHD8k. Judging by its name, this is a porn site that offers only 8K Ultra HD videos!How is this possible? We all know that the 4K Ultra HD is slowly taking over the porn industry and it has become a standard on most of the premium and free porn sites. If you don’t have any 4K videos on your site, it is being regarded as a second-grade site and that is completely normal today. Still, 8K is something that should be twice or thrice better than 4K and it is simply incomprehensible.Don’t get me wrong, there are porn sites that offer 8K Ultra HD movies but they are mostly virtual reality sites and you have to pay for the content to watch which is completely understandable. No one will share their 8K content for free. Or will they? Well, PornHD8k is here to test our will and to show us that we should never make promises that we cannot keep. Let’s see if the rumors are true!One of my favorite TV shows growing up was the Myth Busters! I loved seeing those two charismatic guys try out and test some theories that either proved to be right or wrong. It made them feel powerful and us on the other side of the screen really interested in what they have to show. Well, this is the one myth that we busted. PornHD8k doesn’t offer 8K Ultra HD movies and that is a fact.Still thinking about this idea, it just feels preposterous that there should be a porn site like this. PornHD8k is a free porn tube site and the idea that it has only 8K videos is beyond bollocks. Only the equipment for making an 8K video is expensive as hell and we are talking about some of the top-notch gadgets and cameras. For a free site to have something like that would be a really special thing.Therefore, hold your horses before you enter this site. It is all a mischief and a lie, so this site offers regular porn movies for free. It is a porn tube site and no matter how much time you spend on it, you won’t find a single 8K porn video. It might come as a disappointment to many but this is a great chance to see that you should always have realistic expectations in life and in porn.Now that we have busted this myth, it is time to speak about this porn site as it deserves. PornHD8k is a free porn tube that is not a bad site. On the contrary, the content that it offers is really exquisite and, moreover, premium. The movies on this site, when it comes to the quality of the picture, are usually in 720p, 1080p, and there are some in 4K Ultra HD quality. These movies come from the world’s biggest and best premium porn sites and networks.Therefore, you can expect a big number of HD videos on PornHD8k that come from JavHD, Brazzers, Bangbros, NubileFilms, Naughty America, Reality Kings, and many more. Let me remind you that these movies are all for free and you can watch them whenever you want. This site is for free and it is a porn tube that offers only porn videos taken from the best premium porn sites. We are not here to break the myth about how they got these videos. We should be happy that we can watch them!You can expect all the best and most popular HD scenes from these networks without having to pay for them. If you wanted to watch these videos on their original porn sites, you would have to pay so much money for all of their subscriptions and that means that PornHD8k is really saving you a lot of money by letting you watch these videos for free. Even though it doesn’t offer 8K videos, we should be thankful because what it does is awesome!Over the years of watching porn, you somehow put each porn site into different categories and therefore you can know what to expect from each site. PornHD8k is a free porn tube and that is why everyone who visits it knows just what to expect. It is a normal tube site with the video bulk on the home screen and you can scroll through them until you find the ones that are for you. Sadly, the videos don’t show previews but the thumbnails are brutal and so good!On top of the page, which actually has a night mode and I love it, you will find the best porn networks and sites where these videos come from. Names like Brazzers, BangBros, and Reality Kings really ring as many bells as they can. There, if you click on any of them, you will be able to watch the videos solely from that porn site and that is really helpful if you have a favorite porn site. Of course, the sites listed at the top are not the only ones so you can click on Networks and find more of them.Also, if you love to search for the videos based on the categories, you can do that because the option is right there. However, as I saw, this option is not really working all that well on PornHD8k. It actually shows some of the subsites of these big porn networks and there are some symbols and markers that I didn’t really understand, so the dudes behind this site need to have that fixed. The good old search bar is there for everyone who desperately needs it.The first thing I saw when I entered this site was an invitation for JavHD. OK, I know this site, it is a premium Japanese uncensored porn site with incredible models and porn. But, hey, I came to see what PornHD8k was all about and not to stare at some Japanese hairy smut at once. This site has a big problem with ads, at least from the perspective of the users.First of all, there are many pop-ups and redirection links that will mess you up. Basically, each click that you make on this site will take you to another page and close the last one making it inaccessible. Therefore, the best thing you can do is to get a really good ad blocker and the question is even then what would happen. Still, PornHD8k has a good reason for having so many ads.First of all, it is a free porn site. It offers porn videos from the best premium porn sites and it doesn’t expect any payments from you. So, how do they get food on the table? With ads! There are thousands of free porn tubes and they all depend on ads to function and this site is no different. The truth is that they don’t really need all of them in so many numbers but that is their decision.Also, there is one thing that caught my attention. Many people and reviewers think that PornHD8k has troubles with piracy and that it is this way they have so many great porn videos from the best porn sites that need payments. However, the majority of the redirection links that I encountered led me to those sites (BangBros, JavHD, NubileFilms, etc.). Therefore, this leads me to believe that these premium porn sites actually work together with PornHD8k and that it serves as an affiliate site for them. This also means that the porn movies might not be the product of piracy but of real collaboration. Still, these are all conjectures and zero facts.When your first impression of a porn site is based on a lie, the rest of the experience cannot really be all that nice, right? Well, PornHD8k is here to make us believe that miracles can happen. This site promised 8K porn videos and it failed to deliver. However, it proved to be a great free porn tube with lots of free premium porn videos taken from the best premium porn sites in the world.Those are facts! You can watch these videos in HD quality as much as you like and you don’t have to spend a single dime. Even though it failed to keep its promise, PornHD8k has proven to be one hell of a porn tube and its content is amazing!
Perfect Girls
This particular porn site has some big shoes to fill with the name that was chosen for it. If a site is going to have a word like "perfect" in its name, then the quality of the content had better be impressive, and the site has to look the part too. It's clear to everyone that the biggest audience for porn is a straight male one, and if there's one thing, that demographic is interested in its girls. The more perfect, the better, so have a look today at a website that does it's best to deliver exactly that. Perfectgirls.net got its start in 2000, a big year for everybody, and especially guys looking for quality porn online when this site started doing its good to work.Start first with what you see first, the main page of the website perfectgirls.net as well as all the other pages have got their own color scheme going on, but it's important to take note of the fact that it's focusing on being dark. There's dark brown, dark pink, but mostly there's a lot of black, and it's a focal point for a lot of reviews because there's nothing the casual porn user damages his eyes from more than a site that's got more than it's fair share of bright colors. The time for watching porn is different for everyone, but it's typically darker outside or even in the same room of an average porn user when they're on a site and getting the job done. It's a mark of a good porn site that knows that and uses darker colors and themes when appropriate, and perfectgirls is just one more URL that's showing how much it cares by being worthy of that mark.Sticking to the main page and looking past the color scheme, you'll find that another thing perfectgirls.net has going for it is its design. It's simple and easy to navigate without getting cluttered up with text and other nonsense that no one is interested in seeing. It updates almost every day, and you'll notice at the top left it'll give the date of the last time new content was added to the website. Past that, it's just videos, simple and easy to understand. The content is ordered by newest first at the top and the older videos the further you scroll down the page. If you're not refining your search by looking through any categories, you can really only sort through the stuff on the main page of two ways. Near the top on the right, you'll find two little switches that you can leave on or off; one is to filter between HD videos and non-HD videos, and the other is a popular design mechanic you might recognize from other popular porn sites.The second switch lets you switch the video previews on and off for each of the video squares that you mouse over when you're scrolling down the page. It's definitely a feature that is used a lot when it comes to porn sites online. If you are in a hurry to get the job done that all visitors to a porn site are trying to do, you want only the best quality videos to do the work you need them to. The best way to figure out which of the videos out of all they have is going to get you the most bang for your buck, so to speak is to figure out what you're going to see while it plays before you even click the play button. That's what this nifty little feature is for and why so many porn sites use it. It saves time, just mouse over and get a couple of seconds of the video playing, so you know what you're in for, or not.In terms of the amount of content, for perfectgirls, they are one of the heavy hitters. At the time of writing this review, scrolling down to the bottom of the page, there's over two-thousand, seventy pages worth of quality porn content to keep you busy. There's no small amount of good quality videos too, they try to do both quantity and quality here, and it's easy to tell the difference between the videos that are going to be good for doing the good work, and videos that will be great for it. The little red HD in the top right corner of most of the video squares is a popular tool to figure out which is which and perfectgirls is professional enough to include it on their site as well.Earlier, the categories they have included on the site were mentioned in passing, but touching on the subject again, we can see that when it comes to finding the kind of content you're looking for specifically, they're no strangers to all the different genres there are. The "categories" drop-down menu is at the top left of the page just under the title of the website. It's the only drop-down menu they have, but if you mouse over, you'll see just how many different types of porn they included for your viewing pleasure. From "Amateur" all the way to "Webcam" a good porn website knows that when it has a lot of visitors coming and going, it's good to try and please everyone as best they can. Its obvious perfectgirls has all of these different subsections of porn to sort through because it's trying to do exactly that.                                                            Aside from the "Categories" drop-down menu at the top of the page, the rest of the buttons are useful in their own right. They recognize that while there are some fellas out there looking to get a specific fetish satisfied when they come to their site, there are also some others who are sorting through their stuff looking for the names of particular porn actresses, so that's the second button just to the right of "Categories." They have "Favorites" and "History" tabs too because, of course, like a professional website, they know that there are times where you get the job done, but the video hasn't finished playing. The video was great, so you'd like to save it, which is why they have their favorites section. The History section, of course, being for that video you loved but forgot to mark it down, a mechanic that has saved many concerned porn users.The last tab we'll mention here is the tab where you can sort through all the videos by their different tags. There's a good reason this is the case, but if you thought there were a lot of different categories to sort through on the site, you'd be shocked to see that there are more than ten times the amount of different tags that videos can be filed under. A separate page of tags for every number, one to nine, and every letter of the alphabet, near a thousand different tags for almost every letter, this is the kind of effort you would expect an excellent professional porn video website to put in when it comes to being able to look through their collection. It's all about the effort and the thought that they're putting in for all of their users out there, and like everything else on the site you've seen so far, that's just another example of it.The last great thing about perfectgirls? It's all free. There are some, more like a lot, really, porn websites out there that like to label all of their content as "premium," so putting it behind a paywall still doesn't seem like such a bad business move. It's premium content, so you need to pay a premium, and the sites do have to make some money somehow, or else how would they keep running? But there are other and in this humble reviewer's opinion, better ways to make money from a porn site than charging the people visiting a monthly fee just to be there.Perfectgirls though, they get what they need, all while giving their porn viewing audience all the top-quality content without charging an arm and a leg. The top-quality content they have is a definite contender for all that top content you'd find out there on the premium sites. There's really not a lot of other porn websites out there than can say they compete on a level of quality with perfectgirls.com, and if you're still in doubt after all you've read here, give the site a highly recommended visit yourself, you're time won't be wasted.
Porn300 is a porn tube with thousands of videos covering a wide range of fantasies. Users can easily surf around the categorized sex sections and choose from over 100 categories, including amateur, anal, big ass, girlfriend, and blonde, among others. There is also a collection of transsexual and gay porn with everything available for free. Users with registered accounts can also contribute to the archive by uploading their own videos. There are free porn videos from the biggest porn studios, as well as loads of XXX action from some of the most experienced pornstars in the industry. This review should inform users of the site is worth their time.  Porn300.com was registered in December 2016 and has been on a steady rise since. The website has a global traffic rank of #5,656 with 316,238 unique daily visitors and 2,529,904 daily page views, which is illustrative of its popularity with porn lovers. The domain is valued at $1,350,000.00, with daily earnings of $1,250.00.  The site's servers can be located in the United States from where the site gets much of its traffic.  Porn300 has a pretty ordinary design with nothing particularly outstanding to set the site apart from other porn tubes. Instead of presenting users with sections of thumbnails of recently uploaded, popular, and recommended videos (as is typical of most porn tube sites), Porn300 welcomes users with a sprawling list of categories. It turns out none of the thumbnails here is animated, and users will have to open the link to know what a particular video is serving.  There does seem to be a lot of pleasure-inducing porn available, and the 300 in the name has absolutely nothing to do with the number of videos. Their logo shows a cartoon Spartan warrior who is holding an American flag in one hand and a smartphone with a white booty in a thong on the screen, on the other hand. At the very top of the page is basic search option besides which are register/login buttons. By default, the site starts by presenting straight porn, but there is an option to filter the content by gay and shemale on the top right. The site doesn't have a header menu, although there are options to browse the content by videos, pornstars, tags, and channels. There are loads of tags on the top of the page that visitors can immediately use to get their free porn party started. Overall, the site doesn't offer too many options. However, users should still be able to find their favorite type of videos with relative ease. The site's main attraction is the collection of free videos, and they don't disappoint in that regard, offering users a collection of over 215,208 videos. Their update schedule is not immediately clear, but the lineup of scenes is fantastic either way, and new scenes are being added so the number may be higher by the time readers get to see this review. Like other typical porn tubes, the content is not hosted on Porn300. However, they have an embedded video player, and users won't have to be inconvenienced by being directed to the hosting sites. Videos stream pretty well and show the date of upload, the categories covered, the number of views, and options to like/dislike. However, the videos don't come with descriptions or download options, and users will have to make do with streaming only. Below each video is the customary list of related videos.  The videos come from top studios and are available for free, but there is a catch; many of the videos are available in average quality, a situation made worse by the fact that there is no option to adjust quality. There is a small number that streams in absolutely mediocre quality, although the majority are watchable. That aside, users can expect videos covering all kinds of sexual scenarios from gigantic African booties bouncing up and down cocks to cheating housewives, blowjobs, stepdads getting raunchy with their teen stepdaughters, and so much more.  There are loads of fantasies waiting to be explored on Porn300, and the best way to appreciate the diversity is browsing by categories. The site is currently serving 143 categories that include cheating, MILF, mature, creampie, gangbang, threesome, anal and amateur, among others. There is also a collection of location-based porn with categories for Asian, Desi, Mexican, German, Chinese, and so on. They also have some wicked family fucking categories like dad and daughter, brother and sister, or the one that's straight-up labeled "family sex" for the incest porn lovers. Categories have fantastic pagination to enable users to dive deeper into the archive. Also, users can sort the content by most relevant, most popular, and most viewed. Whichever category the user picks is bound to be teeming with thousands of videos.  With the bulk of the collection being professional, visitors can expect to come across some of the leading performers in the porn industry. There is an option to browse the collection by pornstars with some of the names here, including Sunny Leone, Lisa Ann, August Ames, Asa Akira, Mia Malkova, Brandi Love, and Mia Khalifa among others. The total number of videos per model has been indicated in addition to the number of views the collection has accumulated. With 457 videos, Esperanza Gomez is by far ahead of the pack with Jordi El Nino Polla coming at a distant second with 337 videos. In terms of the number of views, Mia Khalifa is way ahead of everyone else with her collection of videos garnering a staggering 1.92m views. It's an incredible achievement for someone who retired from porn years ago. Individual models pages come with a decent write-up, a date of birth, and nationality. Part of Nadia Ali's write-up reads: 'she was raised under a gender pattern which established that women must always be obliging and docile, but she doesn't share that opinion. That's why she decided to defend the idea that female sexuality goes beyond wearing a hijab, which led her to oppose a taboo that brought her serious consequences, including several death threats.'  Unlike other porn tubes, there doesn't seem to be user uploaded materials here, and the site owners decide what to upload. However, they have a 'Channels' section that has videos uploaded by renowned porn producers. Most of these are 8-minute videos that summarize the action from a full movie, and those looking for the full-length version have to grab a member account. Still, it's an excellent addition to an already impressive stash of adult entertainment. Some of the names featured in this section include the legendary Brazzers, Digital Playground, Ass Traffic, Evil Angel, Team Skeet, Mofos, Lust Cinema, Elegant Angel, and Public Agent, among others. Like the pornstars' page, the number of videos per channel has been indicated. With 169 videos, Brazzers is leading the pack. BaDoinkVR is hot on its trail though and ready to snatch that "most videos" crown off its head. There is an A-Z menu, which is a fun way to discover new studios that may not have been on the user's radar. Massive archive; the site has a big collection of porn videos with over 200k in its archive. New videos are also being added to make the collection even bigger. Loads of categories; the collection is diverse, as illustrated by the list of categories that cover over 143 fantasies. Ads free; for the most part, the site provides a clean, ad-free experience with only a few nonintrusive ads to contend with, which isn't always the case with free porn tubes. Low-quality videos; the majority of the videos are only available in average quality, with some coming in pretty mediocre qualities.  No video previews; the videos are not presented in preview thumbnails, which give users a sneak peek of the action, which is a glaring shortcoming. No clear update schedule; the site may be updating their archive with new scenes, but they don't have a defined update schedule. They should add an option to filter the content by quality to help users weed out those videos in average quality. Also, the site could do with the introduction of preview thumbnails, which is a common feature for many other decent porn tubes. Porn300 is yet another porn tube worth visiting. It has a heap of porn from the best producers and featuring the leading performers. The collection covers loads of tastes, a point illustrated by the long list of categories. The site does skim on quality with few HD clips. Still, everything is available for free, which is a significant selling point.
Registered way back in 1999, AnySex.com was a domain name that did not have an actual website until 14 years later! The free tube site opened its doors in 2013, and thankfully it did. A destination for good content that should not be missed, every porn fanatic owes it to themselves to visit. Find out how it fares against other titan free tube sites on ThePornDude. The moment visitors hop onto Any Sex, they will notice that it was built for quick browsing. At the very top of the homepage lies tabs that showcase new movies, top-rated content, most viewed videos, categories, and a models page. The latter allows visitors to browse their favorite pornstars and look at only their videos on Any Sex (more on all of that later, though). It’s a smart move. Showing viewers exactly where they can go to look at the content they want to watch makes it much more likely that the majority of viewers will stick around and browse further on the free tube site. It may seem like a small thing, but it’s a tiny detail that makes a huge impact when browsing a free tube site. If a free tube site wants to go all the way and provide thoughtful solutions to make browsing easy and efficient, extensive categories section is essential. Any Sex certainly does not disappoint. For viewers that only care about vanilla categories and want to watch old standbys, Any Sex certainly delivers. For the porn fanatic that expects a bit more from the category section of a free tube site though, Any Sex does not disappoint on this front either. Any Sex offers a variety of content for those that don't like to go down the vanilla track. Expect to find categories that are anything but vanilla, like bukkake, office sex, cuckolding, and so much more. The categories have to be seen to appreciate the sheer variety that Any Sex brings to the table. While it would be hyperbole to state that Any Sex has changed the game when it comes to providing categories, it’s a much harder argument to make when considering how the free tube site approaches sorting its categories. Most free tube sites don’t allow visitors to sort categories in the first place. Right from the start, Any Sex differentiates itself from other free tube sites. The ability to sort categories is one thing. But to employ good sorting options that make finding compelling categories even easier is something different. Any Sex allows visitors to sort categories by traditional alphabetical order, number of videos per category, the average video rating per category, and even how popular videos are in one category versus another. Sorting by the latter, it became clear that bukkake videos are the most popular on Any Sex. Visitors owe it to themselves to try out the sorting options for themselves to see how convenient it makes finding a category when one doesn't know what they want to watch. On paper, it may not sound like a feature worth getting excited about. Sort a category only once, though, and most people are going to become believers. This option needs to be standard on free tube sites going forward; it's that convenient! While the fantastic categories allow viewers to know which types of videos are the hottest and most popular on Any Sex, it still does not let visitors to put their finger on the pulse of what's hot and being watched at the moment. Any Sex knows how important this is. That's why they have included a currently being watched section on the homepage. This gives viewers the opportunity to look at what other browsers, just like they are watching at that very moment.There is something compelling about knowing what other people are watching while browsing around the free tube site. It's as if it provides a glimpse into other people's porn habits. It also acts as an excellent way to find new types of porn, pornstars one may have never heard of before, and niches, genres, and kinks that would have otherwise remained unknown. Don't overlook this feature. Try it out for oneself and see how convenient and even compelling watching porn other people are watching can be.It's always unfortunate when a free tube site doesn't take thumbnails as seriously as they should. They may seem like a small detail, but they are the glue that makes browsing a free tube site not only easy and convenient but pleasurable. Any Sex knows the value of thumbnails. That's why they are detailed, show what a viewer can expect within, and look great.  Most of the thumbnails on Any Sex seem to capture the essence of what each video is about. They create a vibe that entices viewers to want to watch. Perfectly reflecting what can be found within, it’s an example of how to do thumbnails properly and use them to their best benefit. Any Sex wants visitors to have access to a variety of methods for watching good pornography. That’s why the free tube site utilizes sections that ease the pain of finding videos to watch. One of the top ways it achieves this is by providing a popular porn model category that shows which porn star has the most popular videos on Any Sex at the moment.  Click on the section, and viewers will be able to look at that model's videos that are available on Any Sex. Although a person could just as quickly click the models tab at the top of the homepage, this section hones in further on which models are worth watching. Any Sex provides a most recent section for viewers that want to watch the newest content. Any Sex is all about choices, and they deliver them across the board.Any Sex features a channels section. It's their version of a studios section that is found on a lot of free tube sites. Click on it, and a person will be able to look at hot videos from celebrated brands such as Porn Pros, Twistys, 21st Sextury, and more. It's an essential part of the site, and it should be featured alongside the rest of the tabs at the top. But it's not. As a result, most viewers are going to miss this section that's full of good choices for watching hot pornography. It's a shame, but thankfully it's an easy problem to remedy. Click on a video, and one will notice how convenient it is to figure out whether or not a video is worth watching. Viewers will see that videos show the rating, duration, view count, and date added. A description rounds out the excellent information provided to give a quick synopsis of what the video is about. Then again, the video title is usually enough to let a person know what to expect, not a necessary touch but convenient nonetheless. Not to be outdone by the good sorting options on the homepage and categories section, Any Sex also provides convenient sorting solutions for the models section. Visitors can sort models by rating, alphabetically, number of videos per model, the average video rating for a model, and overall popularity. Visitors that want to know which porn stars are the most popular and up-and-coming should visit this section. Deploy the convenient sorting options and find a model to watch. Who knows? She may become a new favorite!
Veporn is a source of free, high-quality porn and promises fresh 720p HD videos from some of the hottest studios on the land. True to their promise, the site avails hot videos that are available for streaming at 720p and some 1080p. Many of the videos are not the typical 5-10 minute flicks served by other free porn tubes either, and users can expect a good number of full-length scenes. They have a massive archive with tens of thousands of exciting porn clips featuring well-known adult performers with the collection spreading across multiple fantasies. This review should inform users precisely what they should expect. Veporn is not an old domain, having been created in 2014. However, the site already has a global Alexa ranking of 128,889, which is illustrative of the level of traffic the site is generating. Based on the website’s daily revenue potential, the site is estimated to be worth $93,000. It receives an estimated 12,408 daily unique visitors. The site is safe to use. Free porn is the rule of the game at Veporn, and visitors are looking at a massive collection with thousands of videos to check out. This place brings the top porn videos and clips from some of the largest websites in the adult entertainment industry. Some of the names include Brazzers, Mofos, Reality Kings, Ass Parade, Fake Taxi, Tushy, Digital Playground, and Blacked, among others. While many porn tubes feature a ton of amateur porn that is low quality, this place provides the absolute best. The viewers are getting top quality smut for free. The majority of the videos stream at 720p HD, which for a free collection is impressive. The site is currently serving a massive collection of videos. They welcome users with a section featuring videos currently being watched. Below is a list of the most popular ones and then the latest videos. This is an indication that the team is committed to availing fresh new content. Judging by the popular tags across the top of the page, Veporn appears to be associated with the Brazzers Network, one of the largest porn distributors and producers in the world. It has a boatload of Brazzers videos in its collection. This means that there is a steady supply of free porn of the highest quality. It also links to the porn dude, the largest porn directory on the net. Here users will be able to access all kind of porn that suits their tastes and desires. A link to hentai porn also seems helpful. Another notable point of Veporn is the appealing user design. The website appears well designed, with a classic layout complementing its visual design. Also, the dark background is the best suited for an adult site. The content is neatly presented in tasty looking thumbnails, but [unfortunately] they are not animated, and users have to click on the video. However, the thumbnails come with some information, including the date of upload, name of the studio, length, number of views, and the starring pornstars.  The site has a bit of clutter when it comes to the header menu. However, the main one has tags for videos and pornstars, among other tabs linking to some of the studios. On the right is a basic search feature, which is really small and can easily be missed by someone not looking keenly enough. That aside, Veporn has presented users with options to sort the videos by upcoming, best porn videos, best of the week, and random, among others. There is a handy pagination menu at the bottom of the page. Like mentioned, the videos on this site are not the low quality or grainy looking amateur videos. The collection here features a load of professional, excellently produced scenes from the most prominent players in the industry. Users can expect the videos to have excellent lighting and production values. There won’t be any complaints about the 720p HD resolution, either. The videos are accompanied by decent write-ups and options to rate, share, and report, among others. Below each video is the customary list of related videos. Veporn also allows users to upload content they may have. The ads are not confined to the video player either with banners and animated ads in many parts of the site. Granted, these are not as distracting as the ones on the player. However, they still have a negative impact on user experience. The site claims that users can get rid of the ads by signing up for a free account. An account is necessary to leave comments on videos and save favorites. However, there doesn't appear to be many other benefits for signing up for an account. The fact that the bulk of the content is sourced from the biggest studios also means that users can expect the hottest talents in the industry, and Veporn doesn’t disappoint in that regard. There is a significant presence of many popular and well-established pornstars such as Abella Danger, Natalie Brooks, Kiara Cole, Ella Knox, Jasmine Jay, and Lexi Luna among hundreds of others. Individual models pages show the pornstar’s total number of videos and the views they have accumulated and an option to rate her. Some of the girls’ pages have some decent bios as well. The models are also ranked. Going for the top-ranked babes could be a good starting point for the beginners. An overwhelming majority of the content features the big name and other relatively well-known performers in professionally-produced videos. Users seeking a dose of amateur porn may have to look elsewhere. Veporn offers the typical list of categories with some niche interests included for good measure. They include blowjob, dildo, MILF, panties, cougar, creampie, and squirt, among others. One of the things that set this site apart from its peers is that there is no area for fetish porn movies. For unknown reasons, the site does seem to avoid BDSM and other kinky porn categories. One strange addition is the categorization of videos by studios rather than genre. It certainly makes the discovery of new videos a bit challenging. The category section is poorly designed, and redoing it would massively improve its usability. For instance, there are over two dozen categories, specifically dedicated to different Czech videos.  A huge collection; the site has a massive collection of porn and is currently serving users with over 42k videos and counting. Free HD videos; the majority of the videos in the collection are sourced from top studios and are subsequently available in excellent HD quality. Even better, users don’t have to pay a dime for any of the videos.  Full-length videos available; while other porn tubes only provide short flicks. The collection at Veporn is mostly comprised of full-length scenes, many running between 30 minutes and one hour. Pornstars; Veporn features a pornstar index featuring big names in the industry. Users can use this section to filter content while fapping it to their favorite models. Ranking the models is also a nice touch. Some of the popular names in this section include Mia Khalifa and Riley Reid. The ads; users will have to brace themselves for an invasion of ads that will have a negative impact on the overall experience. No amateur porn; with the bulk of the content comprising of studio-produced smut, amateur, and homemade porn is hard to come by. This is despite allowing users to upload their own videos. The design looks a bit dated and could do with some modernization. Adding a bit of order would be a great start. The website should also go slow on the ads, which are an absolute menace and negatively affect user experience. For a free tube, Veporn has a fantastic collection of full length, high-quality movies from some of the best studios in the industry. The collection can be browsed in categories and features the hottest and most experienced pornstars. One major downside is users are inundated with intrusive pop-up ads, which can only be disabled by signing up for a free account, which is absolutely awful. Overall though, the video quality makes everything else manageable. 
Dr. Tuber.com has seen the rise and fall of many free tube sites. First coming online in 2009, this free tube site has been fleshing out its site ever since to create a compelling experience that will keep visitors coming back for more. No matter what kink or type of porn one wants to watch, Dr. Tuber makes it simple to find whatever it is a person craves. This fact isn't more evident when discovering that Dr. Tuber allows viewers to view content only of a particular sexual orientation. No matter if a person wants to watch typical straight porn or they prefer gay and transsexual porn, one click of the appropriate button at the top is all it takes to find the porn one wants to watch.It's a feature that more free tube sites are starting to employ. It's necessary for those that do not want to browse through the seemingly endless array of straight pornography to get to the content that speaks to them. Further, Dr. Tuber also has a wide variety of gay and transsexual porn too. No matter what a person's sexual orientation may be, there is truly something for everyone at Dr. Tuber.Like any good free tube site featured on ThePornDude, Dr. Tuber also features a variety of useful categories. This makes finding whatever a person wants to watch convenient and straightforward. The vanilla categories like big boobs and HD are all present, but other niche categories are also featured on Dr. Tuber.Most notably: first-timers. It's rare one finds a category featuring videos around the theme of first-timers, but all the same, there are plenty of videos to watch. And there are other out-of-the-box categories on here, too. Browse around and see what can be found. Chances are most people most may find a type of pornography they've never heard about before! Praising Dr. Tuber's decision to label videos as HD may seem like a small detail that's not worth noting, but it makes a huge difference. Visit the free tube site, and it will become apparent how much time it saves. Granted, not everyone cares if they watch pornography in HD or if it's in primitive 360p.  But for visitors that do care about how their porn looks, it's going to be a game-changer. Showing which videos are in HD is the best way to look at the porn that was filmed in the best resolution possible.Further, viewers can even choose to look at content that’s only in HD. Although there certainly is an HD category in the categories section, this is a quick way to look at every HD video across the board. Try it out and see how convenient this solution can be! Another feature that may not sound like it's worthy of praise is the excellent information that Dr. Tuber puts into its thumbnail. Anyone that has designed a free tube site knows that getting as much real estate space on the website is vital to provide as much useful information as possible for viewers. Dr. Tuber has done this perfectly. As a result, the free tube site features thumbnails that tell the rating, duration, and title of the video. For the viewer that wants to watch content that's top-rated as dictated by other Dr. Tuber viewers, it's a small yet convenient feature to implement.  Thumbnails look good enough and are uniform across the siteBut what about the thumbnails themselves? It would be a mistake for Dr. Tuber to utilize useful information in thumbnails without actually having the thumbnails look decent and organized. Thankfully, Dr. Tuber does precisely that. While the thumbnails are not the most detailed or sharp compared to other big-name free tube sites, that's perfectly fine; they don't have to be.  Besides, these thumbnails seem to be screencaps, so it should not come as a surprise. The thumbnails do not look as detailed as a thumbnail for a picture. The thumbnails serve their purpose, and that is what counts. They show the type of content viewers can expect to find within the video and accurately give the viewer's the right vibe they need to deliver.  Dr. Tuber also allows visitors to sort videos in a variety of different ways. Browsers can sort content by newest, longest, rating (today, this month, this week, all-time), and comments (today, this month, this week, all-time). It's a wide variety of options that are not typically seen on a free tube site, but they certainly should be. These sorting options make finding popular content a breeze and should be employed on other free tube sites. Even sorting via comments proves to be useful. It may not seem like it's an appropriate sorting option, but it gives viewers the chance to look at content that has been the most discussed within a specific period. It's a bit like browsing a 'being watched now,' section on a free tube site in the way that it allows a person to put their finger on the pulse of the hottest content on the website. Videos that are the most discussed on a free tube site are that way for a reason: check it out, who knows what a person could find!That's not an extra, '3' in the sub-heading: Dr. Tuber features over 33,120 pages of pornography! It's difficult to estimate how many videos there are altogether considering every page probably doesn't have the same amount of videos (though that's unknown) with that amount of content. Considering new content is added almost daily, viewers are probably not going to run out of good content to watch anytime soon – if ever. And the fact that one can download videos? Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves.Is it possible to download over 33,000 pages of pornography? Probably for someone with plenty of hard drive space and time on their hands, but for the laymen, it seems like an impossible feat. The option is at least there, though – especially for those that want to download a video they just watched. But what about those that don’t want to download a video but instead want to save it for later? It’s not a good plan to bookmark videos in one’s own personal bookmarks folder, so Dr. Tuber has created a plan to make it simple to find videos for later viewing. A subscribe feature allows visitors to add their favorite videos to their subscription list so they can look at the content later down the road. It’s the next best thing to downloading an offline copy of the content -but without using any hard drive space on a device!  Because Dr. Tuber is about freedom of choice, the free tube site also allows visitors to browse via pornstars. It's an excellent way to look at the content when a person knows the pornstar they want to watch but does not necessarily know the type of content they feel like viewing. This solves the problem. Can't decide on a pornstar? Check out the sidebar to look at the top 30 pornstars: very convenient! What about when a person wants to browse content by brand rather than category or pornstar? Dr. Tuber solves this issue, as well. A straightforward approach to looking at content by brand, the free tube site allows visitors to watch videos from popular brands like Brazzers and MOFOS. Choices: that’s what  Dr. Tuber is all about! Dr. Tuber also features a photos section. Although it's not the main focus of the free tube site, for those that want to look at hot and sexy amateur pictures, this is an excellent place to look at for a bit. It's mostly amateur females, so if one was hoping for an abundance of gay and transsexual content, they are going to be disappointed. For everyone else, there's plenty of useful content to look at!
Netfapx.com is a Unique Porn Site With Loads of Free, Full-Length, HD VideosNetfapx.com is a free porn site with full-length HD videos from big-name pornstars and studios. As the name suggests, Netfapx takes quite a bit of inspiration from the popular video streaming service “Netflix.” The site even goes as far as to directly mimic Netflix’s logo, site design, and recognizable dark theme. Despite the lack of originality to the site design, it does have a quality look and feel to it. There aren’t any sites out there that go for this sort of look. It isn’t one of the many porntube sites that look the same as each other. Netfapx has managed to set itself apart from the competition quite well. The site launched back in late 2017 and has had a lot of success since its inception. In two short years, the site has managed to build up a loyal audience of anywhere from 1-1.5 million monthly visitors. Pornsites thinks the site’s success may have started due to the “inspiration” it takes from Netflix, but the site has some excellent features of its own that have made sure that success has continued over the years. The gimmick alone wouldn’t have been enough to sustain the impressive amount of traffic coming into the site. Netfapx’s homepage has a dark grey theme with a center-aligned header, logo, and subheader that sits above a selection of newly uploaded videos that take up the rest of the space on the homepage. If a user knows exactly what they are looking for, then they can make use of the search bar tucked away in the top left corner of the site. A unique option for their search bar is that users can toggle whether the results display porn videos or pornstars. Ads are not visibly present on the site, but users should expect a fair number of redirect ads to occur while browsing. The first few clicks on the site will result in other porn sites opening in different windows, though at least these ads seem to become less present the longer one is browsing the page. And users should expect to spend a little bit of time here waiting for pages/videos to load or buffer. Often pages will need to be refreshed multiple times just to load. Trying to jump to different points in a video can be a slow experience as well. Back on the main page, the main header is pretty short and has the following options: Pornstars, Categories, Arena, Contact Us, and Free Porn Sites. The last option takes users over to another porn review site, but all of the other options keep users on Netfapx.The “Pornstar” & “Categories” pages are set up similarly. Each one has large HD image previews for either the models or categories. For the categories page, users get a selection of 12 categories with those preview images and a larger list of a few dozen more down below for more specific fetishes or kinks. On the pornstar page, each image preview will include the pornstar’s name, number of views, number of videos, how many arena points they have earned, and how many users have fapped to them. The pornstar page can be sorted by the newest stars, faps, arena ranking, or by popularity. Clicking over to their full profile will tell users more regarding body type, ethnicity, weight, height, and many other details. There will be a short paragraph at the very bottom that tells users a little about the pornstar’s career. Users can also see photo galleries for the model, as well as a suggested pornstar off to the right. Those same sorting options are available on any of the results pages for categories or search bar inputs. Now, there are some unique criteria for videos that are specific to Netfapx. One is “Arena Points.” The “Arena” tab up top will take users to a page where they can vote on different pornstars. Users will be presented with two pornstars and asked to vote for which one they like more. Choosing one pornstar over the other gives them a point, which causes them to rise higher in the rankings. The current top-rated pornstar on the site is Lena Paul. Then there is the “Fap” system. Simply, users can click on the “fapped” button while watching the video to indicate that they fapped to the video. The current pornstar with the most faps across all of her videos is Diamond Jackson. Video previews on Netfapx continue the trend of quality images and informative pages. Each video preview is a large HD image from the video and includes the video length and number of views/faps it has. While the previews do not include the pornstar name or upload date, the video titles often have the pornstars name present in it and there are filter options to get the newest videos. Though having a couple of fetish tags appear when hovering the cursor over the video would be a welcome addition. Also, every video will have a tag on it for the studio’s name that produced it. Every video player is large and streams the video in at least 720p HD with many around 1080p HD. Though, unfortunately, users cannot toggle the quality of any of the videos. Down below the massive video player, users will find a selection of HD photos from the video as well as a selection of related videos to browse. Users can also download any video on the site for free with no required sign-up or subscription costs. The downloads are sent directly to a user’s computer without a need for going through a third party. Though, like many things on this site, the process is quite slow. The mobile experience for Netfapx.com can be frustrating at times. There are quite a few pop-up ads and constant redirects that do not seem to stop no matter how long one remains on the site. However, when the site does work it works very well. Videos load up in a full-screen player that is easy to use. Videos can still be downloaded with ease, though the process will still take some time on mobile. If things loaded just slightly faster and the ads were less present, then the mobile site would be excellent. There are so many features that Pornsites enjoyed that could not be fully mentioned above. Video pages have many different tags and details that can be searched for like location tags that tell users where the porn took place. For example, users could search only by porn videos that took place in a car. Pornsites also enjoyed the “Arena” and “Fap” options on the site. All of these options combined made for an incredibly unique experience that Pornsites did not initially expect from a site that appeared to be just a gimmick.         Pornsite’s main and most important suggestion for Netfapx would be to get those load times down. Having to refresh time after time or sit and wait a minute for a page to load takes away from all of the amazing features that this site has. Even the ads would be more manageable if users didn’t have to wait so long to view the content on the site. That single improvement would change the entire experience for the better. Overall, Netfapx.com is an incredibly unique porn site with a lot of fun and exciting user features. Users who can get through the ads and wait times will find a very well-done site with a ton of high-quality content to offer. Netfapx.com offers thousands of free 1080p HD videos that can be downloaded without the need to pay up for any sort of membership. The filter options, page details, and features are of a level that one would normally expect them to be present on a high-priced premium site. Despite the long load times and ad-cluttered mobile site, Pornsites recommends that anyone go ahead and give Netfapx.com a visit. 
LetsJerk.is hasn't been around as long as other free tube sites. Even though it started only in 2017, one thing is for sure in its short lifespan: LetsJerk’s dedication to providing some of the best porn on the Internet. In a short span of time, LetsJerk has added over 55,000 videos. More videos are added all the time from trusted AAA adult brands like Brazzers, 21st Sextury, and more. With so many full-length videos to choose from, visitors are going to have their work cut out for them if they hope to see everything LetsJerk has to offer. Dim the lights, open a few tabs, and enjoy the pornography hosted on LetsJerk!Click on the categories section at the top of LetsJerk. One thing quickly becomes apparent: LetsJerk has a ton of categories just waiting to be explored. It's a bit of a mess and will probably confuse some visitors (more on that in a moment) since the categories and studios page seems to be mixed. Even so, one will find pages featuring categories and AAA studios just waiting for visitors to watch them. Clicking the studio section may also cause further confusion. The studio page only features a few pages of studio content. Mainly, visitors will see pages that point to free, full-length videos from popular studios like Jules Jordan and Naughty America. It all leads to one apparent oversight:There are plenty of categories to be found on LetsJerk. Why is it appropriate to list studios with the categories section, yet only contain a few free pages on the studio page? All studios should be on their respective studio page. Categories should stay in the categories section.It's a confusing approach to categorizing the videos on LetsJerk. Honestly, it's unclear why LetsJerk even did it this way. There isn't any benefit to combining the two sections. Eliminating confusion and the need to search endlessly to find the right category on LetsJerk is essential. Most visitors are going to shrug their shoulders and move onto another part of the website. Or worse: they'll assume the rest of the site is poorly categorized and will go to another popular free tube site. It's an issue easily fixed, and LetsJerk needs to consider doing exactly that. For those that skip the categories section altogether, the perks of LetsJerk begins to unfold in front of them. One of the high notes visitors will notice is how detailed the thumbnails genuinely look. Large and detailed while showing enough information to give viewers a good idea to the type of content within, LetsJerk hits all the right marks when it comes to properly using thumbnails. Although some thumbnails look a bit out of focus, most of them look compelling enough that it will entice most people to click through. The thumbnails are at their best when browsing around the studios and categories sections. Bright and detailed, they look similar to pornographic image thumbnails one might find on a porn image site. LetsJerk uses thumbnails to their benefit! One thing no one can fault LetsJerk over is just how good the videos look. This isn't a case of videos looking just, 'good enough.' The content on LetsJerk looks as immaculate as if someone streamed the content from its source. It's as if ThePornDude logged onto a Brazzers account and started watching these videos directly from the studio! That's great news. Free tube sites have traditionally been plagued by content that looks ugly and nearly unwatchable. The availability of high resolutions has spoiled the masses. Many free tube sites are only now catching up and can provide porn with high resolutions. LetsJerk doesn't have that problem.This free tube site has zero problems with low-quality content littering its feed because a good chunk of it is displayed at a modern resolution. Most videos can be viewed in 720p/1080p/4K, no matter what type of device you are watching the content on. Smooth, full-length, and at a resolution that cannot be beaten LetsJerk has perfectly nailed its content. For those that want to see AAA porn in all of its glory, it's hard to complain about this free tube site. It is crucial that every free tube site takes a mobile-first mentality. It's essential for every website to boot. Most people use the Internet on a mobile device rather than a traditional desktop. LetsJerk knows this, which is why they have gone above and beyond to ensure that its content can be easily viewed on mobile just like it can be on the desktop.No matter where a person is in the world, LetsJerk allows them to watch the compelling content that this free tube site regularly delivers. Sit in the comfort of a home office and watch on the desktop or sneak outside for a few minutes and see the latest offerings on LetsJerk. Whatever one’s situation, LetsJerk makes it convenient for anyone to watch its stellar library of porn wherever they are! In an instant gratification society, most people do not have time to wait for a website to load – never mind waiting for a full-length video. LetsJerk knows that in order to keep visitors from 'jumping ship,' and going to another free tube site, they had to ensure its entire videos library loads fast. LetsJerk has absolutely nothing to worry about. When clicking on a video, the content page loaded immediately, followed by the video playing within a few seconds.The same thing happened on mobile. Once a video was selected, it loaded quite quickly, allowing the option to watch the entire thing without the wait. Skipping around on videos was easy too. Selecting to watch the video from a different timestamp didn't cause the video to buffer for minutes, either. Everything was reasonably instantaneous, and there was no waiting to be had. While one's mileage will vary depending on cell/Wi-Fi strength and speeds, for the familiar porn aficionado LetsJerk will deliver the speeds they need. At the bottom of each video's page is a section that shows tags similar to the video just watched. These tags are clickable. It's a convenient addition, especially for viewers that enjoyed the video that was watched, and they want to see other videos just like it. It's also a great tool for exploring different niches and categories.Be sure to browse down at the end of each video and notice the similar tags. Who knows? Perhaps many of you will find a new pornstar or category that piques your interest. Use it to expand your horizons and learn about new types of porn!LetsJerk succeeds where it counts. It isn't perfect, though. One of the problems that plague LetsJerk is the fact that there are just too many pop-ups. Visitors will want to be sure their pop-up blockers are active regardless if they are on desktop or mobile. When clicking a video, it usually automatically opens a new tab with an ad displaying in the old tab.This makes the pop-up problem a bit easier to manage, but it's still an annoying problem. One pop-up even played a voice in the background, alerting that the device had been compromised as a way to trick less savvy individuals into paying for some bogus software or service. LetsJerk needs to figure out a better option for displaying pop-ups if it's essential.LetsJerk also needs to go the extra mile and use their thumbnails a little more tactfully. Although they're beautiful and large, they are missing critical pieces of information. Thumbnails lack ratings, view count, or even the duration of the video in question. It certainly saves space on the pages, but at what cost? This is information that is relevant to visitors and could keep some people from clicking on a video. LetsJerk would still save as much space as it is by adding they few items into the thumbnails. It may seem like a small gripe, but it would make browsing around LetsJerk so much more convenient. 
Likuoo.video is a pretty unusual name for a porn site. Still, anyone looking for a website with lengthy porn videos starring cock-addicted babes getting grounded and pounded, this is a place worth checking out. The site has a mouthwatering collection of hot XXX clips featuring sexy and talented performers in all types of depraved sexual scenarios. They can be seen riding monster cocks and getting their snatches pounded in all sorts of crazy positions, and even hooking up with each other for some steamy lesbian action. The site promises high-quality definition porn videos in 4k, 1080p, and 720p. They are always updating and adding new porn videos every day. Everything has been provided for free, and this looks like a reliable place for users to check out their favorite porn videos. A full, professional review of the website should reveal the fine details.  Likuoo.video was created in December 2016. The site has a global traffic rank of #48,600. It receives 34,638 unique daily visitors and 207,828 daily page views. It is a domain having a .video extension and is estimated to be worth $299,520.00 with a daily income of about $416. Its servers are located in San Francisco, CA, United States. The majority of its traffic comes from the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Brazil, and Switzerland. Likuoo looks like a typical porn tube when it comes to design, and there is nothing particularly outstanding. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as the site seems quite neat and organized. Almost everything the user needs to enjoy this experience is located on the left sidebar with categories and pornstars, some of the sections to be found. The site lacks the usual header menu, and the only option on the top of the page is a [basic] search feature. The site welcomes users with an enticing wall of thumbnails, starting with the most recent additions.  Unfortunately, the videos are not animated, which feels like a big omission considering the action seems to be really hot judging by the thumbnails. Thumbnails only show the title and the length of the movies, so working out the site’s update schedule is far from straightforward. The scene previews are some of the most minimal across a porn tube. They are missing basic stuff like any HD markings, ratings, view counts, or other stuff that people might be used to seeing on porn video streaming services. It is not a deal-breaker, although a rating gives users a clue of how decent a video is. At the very bottom of the page is a browsing menu that users will find handy when looking for older materials.  The team at Likuoo.video realizes that their visitors deserve some privacy when browsing, and a lot of light is not the best route to privacy. Too many porn sites light up the room when users log in, which makes night time browsing practically impossible. At least not for long. The website clearly wants people glued to their screens no matter the time and has introduced a night mode feature. It allows visitors of this site to turn the white background into a pitch-black one. Visitors will be able to browse porn deep into the night without worrying about damaging their eyesight. It is a fantastic addition, and watching a cuckold stepmom gangbang at 2AM should not be a problem. This option is on the top right of the screen. To help users explore the variety here, the site has provided a lengthy list of categories that has all the basics in terms of porn tastes covered. Pretty much anyone will be able to locate something to get off with over 50 categories to pick from. There are the standard, popular niches like BDSM, Asian, cumshots, massage, MILF, and blowjobs, among others. But users can also expect to find some more niche and exciting sexual categories. They include the likes of VR porn, redheads, cuckold, bukkake, cum swallow, squirting, and double penetration, among others. Anyone looking for kinky and bizarre smut will most likely find it on this site. While some other porn tubes offer too many categories with overlapping content. They have managed to find the right balance at Likuoo, and everyone should find something suited to their fantasies.  Clicking on a category directs the user to a page with a thumbnail preview approach similar to the homepage. There doesn’t seem to be any sorting metric for the categories. However, that shouldn’t prevent users from picking their favorite niche. They have not indicated the number of videos per category, but they are plenty. A Likuoo experience wouldn’t be complete without actually trying out some of the videos. The first video seen by this author was a hardcore fucking scene featuring the sultry Kendra Sunderland. It was pretty lengthy, running for 24 minutes. Impressively, the video was available for streaming in the HD ready 720p. It is a similar theme with most of the videos, and it’s clear the site intends to keep its promise of providing excellent quality smut to its visitors. However, there are plenty of 480p videos as well, which look a bit average although they are hardly unwatchable. That’s precisely where the 1080p HD category comes into play. Here users can expect nothing but mouthwatering videos in excellent Full HD resolutions.  Like is typical of porn tubes, none of the content here is hosted on this site. All the material here comes from the top studios, including the likes of Holed, Reality Kings, Tiny 4K, Tough Love, Digital Playground, and Brazzers, among others. There are few to no genuine amateur porn here. It appears the majority or almost all the videos are sourced from production houses that deal with premium content. There are no options to sort the videos by length. Still, video duration seems to be a significant selling point, and there are rarely videos below 20 minutes, which is absolutely fantastic.  With the site providing mostly professional porn, it is normal for users to expect to find the leading names in the industry as far as performers are concerned. There are hundreds of pornstars to look forward to, including the like of Abella Danger, Angela White, Nicole Aniston, Cherie Deville, Jessa Rhodes, and Brooklyn Chase, among others. However, the pages are really underdeveloped as individual model pages lack a biography, meta info like date of birth, or even a mere preview image. Clicking on a model directs to a page with their collection of movies. Users will be able to watch videos belonging to their favorite pornstars. Still, those looking to get ‘personal’ with these models will be disappointed. Adding top-tier model information about the models would certainly improve the user experience.  There are a few ads to contend with, although they are not exactly an overwhelming presence. Playing the videos initially directs to an outside source while there are loads of boner pill ads to contend with. This mainly goes with the free porn territory, and with an ad blocker, users should be good to go. Free porn; the site’s main attraction is their collection of free porn with thousands of videos, most of which are available in HD and Full HD.  Many categories; there are over 50 categories for users to pick from, with all the basic niches covered as well as some pretty kinky fantasies. Everyone should find something to get off. Easy to use; the website is simple to use, with a user-friendly interface that does not take much time to get used to at all.  Design is too basic; the website design for Likuoo is very basic and could use an update. There is a lack of sorting options and other finer details that separate the average sites from the best.  No model information; the site has done well to avail a lineup of pornstars, but no information about them has been provided in their individual pages.  Likuoo does not have much in the way of extreme content with the categories mostly covering the basic niches. The addition of more such categories would be great. The videos would also be much better with animated previews. Besides, the site team could do well to provide a bit of information regarding the models.  Overall, users will find many great porn videos on Likuoo, a good chunk of which are very high quality. The scenes have been availed for free and cover plenty of tastes with a lengthy list of categories. This is a pretty basic site and easy to use, and visitors should discover a treasure trove for high-quality porn. 
Founded in 2016, PornoBae.com is a free tube site that wants to be everyone’s favorite. They aim to grow now, which is why they provide Bitcoin donations. For those that enjoy browsing around and looking at the daily porn action on PornoBae and want to contribute, they will find the Bitcoin address for donations on the main page. Give a little, give a lot, whatever seems proper! Click on the videos tab at the top of the homepage and notice the latest videos appear. PornoBae sorts videos by new, but if that's not what is preferable, there are other sorting options to use. Viewers can choose to sort content by the latest, most viewed, longest, and popular from the drop-down menu at the top right of the screen. It's convenient when a person has an idea about what they want to watch but cannot seem to make a decision. Depending on one's tastes, this is a great way to pinpoint good content without having to search for it endlessly. Of course, for the viewer that wants to throw caution to the wind and look at whatever PornoBae throws at them, that's also possible. Those that selected the drop-down menu may assume the random option was forgotten: it wasn’t. The random option deserves its own section because it's such a unique feature to have on a free tube site. It works like this: the user clicks the 'Random' option. From there, a wall of random videos loads that the user can click and enjoy per usual. It may not sound like a huge deal, but it’s such a unique feature that’s it’s worth commending PornoBae for it. It’s something that’s rarely seen even on ThePornDude that it should be applauded. More free tube sites should incorporate this feature. Sure, many of them offer a random function that automatically loads a random video, but it’s never this elaborate. Good job PornoBae! As with all good free tube sites, PornoBae knows how to entice users with thumbnails that make a person want to click and watch what’s within. Thumbnails show excellent information such as view count, rating, and duration of the video while showering visitors with beautiful images of the beauties that will make visitors want to browse and watch for hours. These are not merely screencaps used as thumbnails, either. The images used are crisp, detailed, and clear. They look on par with professional, photoshopped thumbnails one will typically find in porn picture galleries on similar sites. Browse around and notice how appealing and beautiful these thumbnails genuinely are! A massive list of tags to choose fromAnother thing that even the most jaded porn fan is going to appreciate is the sheer amount of tags on the tags page. It can be accessed via the tag tab at the top of the homepage. Click it, and it will become apparent just how many tags PornoBae truly features. If the giant wall of tags seems intimidating, don’t sweat it. Skim the tags and see what can be found, then click on the tag that stands out. For the viewer that wants to click the tags that have the most videos, this can be easily identified. The larger the tag, the more videos there are for that tag. From there, they can use appropriate sorting options to find the video that appeals to them the most. Easy, convenient, it's the way tags should be adequately utilized! For the user that would prefer to browse by pornstar rather than skimming the vast wall that is the tag list, PornoBae solves this problem as well. Select the 'Pornstars' tab at the top of the homepage and notice the order they are in. It's alphabetical, though having extra sorting options like other free tube sites would have been ideal. Even so, it's not a deal-breaker and doesn't destroy the appeal of browsing the pornstar section. Browse through the list of pornstars until finding a performer that's appealing and worth clicking on. Click it, and users will see every video featuring that performer on PornoBae. Again, being able to sort here would have been ideal. But because the thumbnails feature useful information and are detailed and look great, it isn't a big deal. The overall design of PornoBae looks fantastic, but what about the videos? Fortunately, they not only load swiftly but look incredible. While the resolution cannot be changed, the good news is that the content already looks good and at a high resolution. It cannot be confirmed whether or not the content is at the same original resolution as on a brand’s source site. That’s okay, though. Most people are going to find the resolution of the content on PornoBae ideal and good enough to enjoy what’s offered. When a person enjoys the content they just watched, they will want to browse down and check if the video features download links. Not every video features this, but many of them offer at least one source for downloading. In many cases, a video listing offers multiple download links so visitors can take their pick as to which source they download from. It’s also a good idea to ensure a video has the best chances of being downloaded. After all, download links come and go all the time. A free tube site that features so much content like PornoBae cannot feasibly keep track of every single link to ensure they each list download links that work. This is the next best thing to ensuring the videos that can be downloaded have at least one active download link. If visitors prefer to browse by studio/brand rather than pornstar, tags, etc. PornoBae makes it happen. A person can browse for studios/brands in a section that’s labeled category despite the categories being in the tags section. Despite the mislabeling, there are plenty of good studios and brands that a person can look at here. They are in alphabetical order like the Pornstars section. After clicking on a studio/brand, it becomes easy to sort to one's liking. PornoBae utilizes its good sorting options here. Viewers can sort content by the latest, most viewed, longest, popular, and even random videos. That last part is an excellent feature that makes browsing studios/brands even better. While some studios/brands only have a few videos (making the random option worthless), it's impressive for studios/brands with more extensive catalogs. Brazzers is a perfect example. Because PornoBae has pages of content from just Brazzers, clicking the random button on the Brazzers section will randomly sort it, saving people from having to browse from page-to-page only to find something worth watching. Although not every person is going to see this feature appealing, it's undoubtedly going to have its fans.After clicking a video and wanting to watch more of the same, what can a person do? Instead of searching around, and hoping to find something worth watching next, browse to the bottom of the page. There, viewers will notice clickable tags that will showcase other, similar videos. Each set of tags feature a clickable pornstar tag along with several tags that match the theme of the video. For example, if a viewer wants to see additional POV and blonde content, clicking the appropriate tag will show them exactly more of the same. Simple and to the point, but it makes a huge difference when discovering additional, similar content. Visiting PornoBae does not come without its caveats, though. The big takeaway from browsing around PornoBae is that a pop-up blocker is essential to watching the free tube site in peace. There were instances more than once when clicking the play button on a video resulted in a pop-up that tried to trick the user into believing their device was infected with malware and that they should call a support line to fix it. Of course, this pop-up is a scam. Still, bypassing it involved closing the process running the browser. Those that experience this will have to go back to PornoBae and through the process of finding the same video. After that, though, how many people are going to want to revisit PornoBae? Pop-ups like these are sure to frighten most people – especially those that aren't exactly tech-savvy. While pop-ups are expected on free tube sites, there's no excuse for pop-ups that lock up the browser.
It is true, there are many porn sites in the world that offer free porn to all of their members. The most popular kind of these sites are the free porn tubes. They are not connected to a single porn genre or category and that is why you can find anything on them. However, they are not always so friendly to fetishes. One site that is a fetish porn tube is XMegaDrive.Well, when I saw the name of this site for the first time, I thought that this was some gaming console because it really resembles some of them like Sega Mega Drive. But no, you cannot play Sonic the Hedgehog on this site, you can watch porn movies for free. And not any kind of movies at that. This is a porn tube site with a crazy number of fetish movies and tags.Free porn tube sites usually have many porn categories as well, but they are mostly revolving around normal porn without fetish. However, XMegaDrive is the place that will scratch even the most secluded itch that you have and there will be movies that you will watch a million times on this site. Therefore, we are here to see what you can expect and what the content is like on such an unusual site like this.When you enter this site for the first time, nothing about it will light a bulb above your head. It looks like every normal porn tube site with a huge number of videos and thumbnails on the front page. You can scroll through them and find the ones that you want to watch. The names of the videos and the previews will tell you all that you need to know about the movies and you can always expect to find full information.For example, the very first video that I caught on XMegaDrive is one with ballbusting. Given that I take care of that area very gently, these videos have always made me feel uneasy and uncomfortable. Why anyone would have to treat their loins and crotch that way is beyond my understanding and I believe many of you agree with me. But I am not here to judge the choices but to review the site. To everyone on their own.The fetishes become easy to discover on this site. As the videos progress down the white background, you can see hardcore sex, choking, family roleplay, foot fetish, interracial gangbangs, slave porn, domination, JOI, fisting, lingerie, and so much more. I can spend this whole review just telling you about the videos because they are so freaking diverse and you will definitely find at least something to capture your attention on XMegaDrive.If there was one thing that I couldn’t even expect from this site is that they were megalomaniacs. The first thing that captures my attention is that they don’t have the pagination system. You have to click on the Load More… button in order to see older and further videos. This will not appeal to everyone but that is just how things work on this site.Still, I am not talking about that. I am talking about the freaking tags. I swear, I will have nightmares of being a Gulliver in some land of midgets after this. The list of tags on XMegaDrive is just limitless. You will die of old age if you want to read and check every single tag on this site. The list goes on and on into infinity and that is one of the most positive things on this site.This just shows the dedication that the team behind this site included in their daily work. Taking the time to list every single tag on this site is one hell of a job and all we can do is bow down to the porn kings on this site. If you don’t have any idea where to start or what to search on XMegaDrive, the tag list is the way to go. Still, based on your personality, this list will either boost your spirit or make you kill yourself!XMegaDrive is really a porn site that has great movies to offer. They are numerous and very diverse so there will be something for everyone. Most of the time, the fetish porn sites, like this one, have one problem – finding what you want with ease. Usually, there are too many tags and too many fetishes to be able to find the thing that you want right there on the homepage. Therefore, the categories and tags are really important.We already spoke about the tags so let’s not mention that titan again. When it comes to other categories and filters, XMegaDrive will also serve you with a very pleasant surprise. You can search different categories of porn videos on the site and all of these options are available on the homepage. For example, in the right top corner, you can choose between the latest, most viewed, top rated, the longest, most commented, and most favorite videos. That is a great start to begin with.Also, the whole options bar is filled with different filters and options. For example, you can check the latest, top rated, most viewed videos from there. You can see the categories there, the playlists that you can make or are already made, the community of the site, and some other things as well. There is also a button for Upload so you can share your favorite private fetish videos with the community of this site.The good thing about XMegaDrive is that the premium membership is really not necessary. The content that you can watch on this site is pretty amazing and you can get it for free. But if you have some bank notes that are itching you in the pocket, you can always spend some money and become a premium member of this site.The price for XMegaDrive Premium is $22.50 a month and it includes some perks. You can download the videos at the maximum download speed, access the premium database, use simultaneous downloads, have unlimited video previews, and have files checked for viruses, among other things. Also, you can become a free member of this site and become a part of the community. You can watch, download, favorite, make a playlist, comment, and upload your videos with your free subscription.Since this site has a premium offer, it is a little baffling that it has such a problem with ads. It can really become unbearable at times that you want to put a fist through your monitor. Every single click on XMegaDrive is a redirection to a porn game, a different site, or something else. If you want consistent fun on this site, you can already forget about it. The ads will fuck it up!Like I said, this site offers free content, but it also has a premium offer. Therefore, it is insane to have such a huge number of ads. Also, the premium members get the favor to get the videos checked for viruses. Wait a minute?! Who checks that for us mere mortals who are here to watch that kinky dude getting his balls busted?! There are really some flaws that this site has to correct in the future.Also, the majority of the videos have an HD sign on them. The truth is that you can watch and download fetish movies on XMegaDrive in 1080p at the highest quality. However, there is one fact that will make you forget about all the problems of this site. It has one of the wildest and most amazing upload rates that I have seen on a free fetish porn site in a long time.For example, there were porn videos that were added 40 minutes ago, 2 hours ago, 4 hours ago, 6 hours ago, etc. I am not talking only about one video for that matter. There were ten new videos each two hours or at some random timestamp. This is just ridiculous and the update rate on this site will always keep you coming back for more. You will never run out of content on XMegaDrive.When we are talking about the free porn sites that offer a huge number of porn videos and an insane diversity of fetishes, XMegaDrive is one of the best ones that you can find. The choice of videos, tags, and categories on it is simply mind-blowing and you will enjoy its simple design, captivating fetishes, and incredible update rates! Fetish porn has never been more accessible than on this site so make sure to overlook the said problems that will not ruin the whole fun.
Pornky.com has had a rich history. Going live in 2002 as mainly an adult image gallery, Pornky rejuvenated its brand near the end of the '00s. As it has been for nearly ten years, Pornky is a free tube site that delivers loads of full-length porn from some of the most famous brands in porn, such as Brazzers, Naughty America, and so much more. It may have a funny name, but porn is serious business over at Pornky. Check it out and see what this free tube site can offer!One thing to note when loading Pornky for the first time is how many full-length clips and movies there are. No, it isn’t a massive amount like a behemoth free tube sites one might find on ThePornDude. Like the best free tube sites, it’s all about quality versus quantity. Eight thousand pornographic videos and movies is nothing to scoff about. Considering most of the content is full-length and complete content one would find on brand's premium streaming services anyway, and it becomes clear that 8000 videos is an achievement. With content added regularly, the amount will only grow It bears repeating. The content one will find on Pornky is full-length and from some of the most in-demand brands in the adult industry. Think for a moment how many hours of porn that is. Moreover, the content is good, too! Don't expect to find full-length porn from a decade ago that's rendered in 360p with picture quality reminiscent of an old school tube television.Even so, a person can scale content down to 360p and below if preferred. Videos can be viewed up to 1080p, so expect to be able to watch content in its native resolution (or pretty darn close). Pornky provides scaling solutions whenever one needs them. Sometimes, it's the little things that make a significant difference on free tube sites. Paying attention to the smallest details is always a good idea – especially when it comes to maintaining a free tube site; Pornky proves this.Those that visit free tube sites regularly will find the categories represented on Pornky's as understandably typical. Don't expect to find anything out of the ordinary here, but then again, with the type of content Pornky delivers, one shouldn't expect to find freaky categories found on some underbelly free tube sites anyway. These are porn videos from popular brands like Brazzers and Naughty America. Expect to find the hottest models in the adult industry, but don't visit Pornky to watch piss, scat, or other porn content that's still out of the realm of the mainstream. That's the underlying point here: these are more mainstream videos. Thus, expect to find categories like lesbian, creampies, HD, amateur, interracial, and other standard types of content. Expect to want to click on the thumbnails for each category as well because they absolutely will get the viewer's attention. Detailed and beautifully rendered, the thumbnails used for Pornky's categories will make a person feel like the categories provided are anything but vanilla. They look amazing and have to be viewed just to be appreciated.Those that find themselves staring at the majesty that are the thumbnails of the categories section will want to blink and notice the convenient sorting options. At the top left of the page, viewers can sort in a variety of different ways: by the number of videos per category, the average rating, average popularity, and alphabetically. It could not be easier. One thing to note is that it would have been more convenient had Pornky shown how many videos are actually in each category. For example, when sorting by a number of videos, it's easy to identify which categories have the most videos since they are sorted from most-to-least from top-to-bottom. Yet, there are no numbers in each category’s thumbnail that signifies how many videos are actually in each category. While ‘Full HD’ and ‘Teen’ have the most videos of any category, there’s no weight to it. Assigning a number to each category’s thumbnail to represent the number of videos would have been appropriate. Whether a person wants to look at content that is either top rated or most popular, Pornky provides a variety of sorting options that make it a breeze to find whatever one wants to watch. The sorting options are simple to use. Regardless of whether one clicks on top rated or most popular, they can be found at the top of the page. Choose either ‘today,’ ‘this week,’ ‘this month,’ or, ‘all time.’ Pornky will then sort the content appropriately, allowing browsers to find the content they want to watch. Pornky provides the perfect synergy between its browsing and sorting options; impressive considering its a feat not every free tube site can successfully pull off. Not to be overlooked by its sensible sorting options, Pornky also allows visitors a few goo browsing options directly from the homepage. As stated, visitors can sort content by the latest updates, top-rated, and most popular. The latest updates are the best way to watch and consume the most recent videos to grace Pornky (with new content added regularly, it's always worth a visit). The top-rated and most popular sections, as already stated, give the viewer excellent sorting options to help them choose the best content to watch in a specified period of time. It may not seem like a very compelling feature, but when combining sorting options with Pornky's sensible browsing options, the two work together to deliver results that make a difference and assist with giving visitors the content they want to watch.Sorting and browsing options are not the only methods Pornky uses to help visitors make good decisions regarding what to watch. The free tube site also incorporates useful information into each video listing, designed to assist visitors with identifying which videos are worth a watch. Notice the thumbnails in each video listing: it features a rating and duration that easy to identify. From there, browsers will notice the view count under the thumbnail. The thumbnail will also help users identify whether or not the video is worthy of a click. Keep in mind that the thumbnails don’t look nearly as detailed as those used in the categories section, though. That's not to say that the thumbnails on the main video pages look inadequate or unclear. The best way to describe them is that they look fuzzy. They are certainly screencaps, so that's working against them. Still, they should have looked better than they do. They pale in comparison to the thumbnails in the categories section, and unfortunately, the contrast is obvious. Pornky not only allows visitors to watch content in 1080p, but they can also download content at the highest resolution offered. Not only that, but people can also download all of the content for free! A lot of free tube sites force people to become members or even charge them a premium price to be able to download content to begin with: Pornky isn’t one of them. Stream or download in 1080p, Pornky puts the decisions in the hands of the viewer! When a person wants to watch more of the same content, all they have to do is look at the related videos under the content they just watched. It's an easy method for finding similar content without having to go back and look at the categories or browse the homepage endlessly. It works, and this section makes it even easier and better than ever to find the good, quality content that Pornky delivers!
Hello, my dear friends. Before getting deep into the review of this amazing porn site, I have to ask you several questions? What is your favorite country? Okay, you are probably asking right now "what the fuck this has to do with porn site", but let me finish my thought! Again, can you tell me your favorite country? A lot of people can not name only one country, and that's totally normal, right? Each country has a lot to offer and it is not easy to decide which one is the best! So, let's narrow the field a bit. What is your favorite European country? Yeah, that sounds easier, but is it? France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Scandinavian countries, and many more have a lot to offer. The Eiffel Tower, Paris, Côte d'Azur, and much more can be found in France! Spain offers a beautiful seacoast, Madrid, Barcelona, Sagrada Familia, and many other awesome cities and sights! What about Italy? Probably the best sea coast, Rome, Vatican, Venice, Romeo and Juliette, art... Greece? The most popular summer destination combined with stunning ancient monuments such as Acropolis. Switzerland? The most mind-blowing landscapes, lakes, and the powerful Alps? You see, it's hard to pick one out of all these countries... But, let me rephrase my question: Okay, now we're talking! The Czech Republic without any doubt! Why? Well, man, if you have any porn experience, then you have to know that this beautiful Eastern European country is the best country when it comes to the porn industry! Indeed, this republic has a lot to offer! Their famous sausage, the best beers in the world, the beautiful capital city of Prague, one of the most amazing cities on the continent! But, this is not a tour guide! This is a porn guide, and that's why the Czech Republic is the main topic today! The main product that Czechs have to offer is their beautiful and sexy girls! Okay, the product is maybe an inappropriate word, but you freaks know what I mean! These lovely girls (mostly teens) are willing to share their sexual activities with all the people in the world, and it seems they are enjoying it a lot! If you want to watch reality porn with sexy teens who look just like the hottest girls in your school, natural and sexy, the Czech Republic is the place you want to visit! Of course, we are not all able to fly there whenever we want, but don't be desperate about it! There is one place that can bring the magic of the Czech Republic into your room! And that place is called CzechVideo! As you all probably figured out, this is a porn website! A website that is completely obvious as to what it has to offer. If you aim to see loads of amateur Czech girls do what they do best, with a combination of other European and Western pornographic videos, I have no doubts that the CzechVideo will suit your desires. The site is free and filled with tons of Czech porn videos, so explore as much as you want, or keep reading this post and see what I have prepared for you! Nevertheless, you will definitely visit this place once you finish reading this review! So, let's continue with me telling you more general info about this site! This awesome place is a free porn tube site! That means you can watch a lot of porn here for free! Yeah, you don't' have to pay for anything on CzechVideos and that is just awesome! Well, you already know this type of porn site is offering free porn content! Often, the content on tube sites is not soo good, it has a lot of homemade and lousy amateur videos, but here and there, you can find a scene worthy of your time! These sites run by one simple rule: Quantity over quality! And that's why you will find millions of scenes on each porn tube! Of course, these sites have to make a living, and since the content is free, they host a lot of annoying ads and advertisers! That is probably the biggest flaw of the porn tubes, but in general, they have reached the level where we don't have to pay for memberships on premium porn sites in order to watch stuff from the best porn studios! Free porn sites can provide such pleasure too! How's that even possible? Well, premium porn sites have realized that the free porn tubes have amazing numbers of people visiting them each day and figured out that promoting their material on these free sites is the best way of promotion! This symbiosis leads to the enhancement in free tube sites and you can now watch some 4K and HD scenes with the world's most popular porn stars for free! These scenes are not uploaded in their original form, you only get to watch 8-12 minutes, shortened versions but they are more than enough for you to drain your balls! Now, let's get back to the CzechVideo! This place offers everything that is related to Czech Porn! It has a huge database of movies and it will definitely satisfy you in all kinds of ways! The best thing about this site is the fact that most of the porn content with Czech girls is not made in top-notch quality, but the quality is pretty good, and the site provides you free access to even full-length scenes! That is a thing that you will not find on other porn tubes and that is the fact that makes CzechVideos such an awesome place! Well, this site is a typical free porn tube! The first thing you will see once you visit this place is a large number of thumbs on the homepage! That's right! They are not fooling around, instead, they cut the shit and move directly to the business! IN this case, that's showing you a wide variety of porn movies with beautiful Czech and European ladies in main roles! The site looks pretty simple. In the colors of the Czech flag, the header is colored in red, the side elements are in blue, and the site background is white! Speaking of the header, you will see several sections there: Home, Amateur, Public Agent, Public Pickups, CzechStreets, FakeTaxi, FakeAgentUK, CzechTaxi, and FakeHospital. As you can see, this is not the standard procedure when it comes to porn sites! This place has no videos section, pornstars, signup and login, or any similar features! And to be honest, it doesn't need these at all! It has a search feature on the right-hand side of the header, and that's practically all! Everything else is devoted to the different categories of European and Czech porn scenes! On the lefthand side of the page, you will see the categories section where the guys from the CzechVideo have done a marvelous job and pointed out every important category of this niche, including some general categories such as Anal, Threesome, Big ass, Interracial, and so on... On the other side, on the right-hand side of the page, you will see some tags! All you need in order to filter content and find what you need! I suggest you use these because the content database is huge and it can take much time for you just to find the scene worthy of fapping! Like I said above, this place is a free tube site, and thus it has a lot of ads! I mean a really lot of ads! There is no chance for you to play the video with one click only, it usually takes 5 of them... Because you need to close two or three ads that popup or even open in the new window, but that's just normal, and if you are a patient porn lover, this will not be such a huge issue! Also, just under the video player on each scene, you will see a huge ad for OnlyFans, Chaturbate, and other webcam sites, and if you click them, you will be redirected to these sites and lead away from CzechVideo, so don't do that! If you are a true lover of reality porn with stunning Czech and other European babes, CzechVideos is a place you don't want to miss! It has a lot of scenes, the site works fine, and it will provide you with much-needed fun! Check it out now and start making your day better!
JoysPorn.com went live in 2016 – and it's been posting mouth-watering porn ever since. It's good news for porn fans that enjoy AAA pornography: JoysPorn regularly posts full-length porn from many of the top brands in porn such as Digital Playground, DDF Network, Brazzers, and so much more. The content loads perfectly on mobile devices, even at the highest resolutions provided. Visit JoysPorn and browse with confidence – no matter where you are! While it’s unclear how many videos that equals, suffice to say there is plenty of porn to watch on JoysPorn. With over 128 pages – and new content added all the time – there is something for almost everyone to watch no matter what niche or kink they are into. Browse around the pages and find something worth watching: chances are viewers won’t have to search for long! It’s also simple to navigate these pages. The page numbers are at the bottom of each page. Click a number, and be redirected to the appropriate page number. It's convenient, could not be simpler, and effectively keeps the order.It's hard not to be skeptical of new free tube sites. Considering so many free tube sites out there pad their catalog with teaser clips and porn videos that end in less than 10-minutes, it’s no wonder people are hesitant to explore and find new porn resources. Sites like ThePornDude make exploring new tube sites easier to manage. Still, the annoyance of a free tube site not being all it could be is present; most people want to avoid these types of websites. Thankfully, JoysPorn never pulls a bait-and-switch. When visiting the free tube site, it becomes instantly clear that the porn provided is full-length. Visitors will not find any teaser or short clips here: just complete porn videos that look as beautiful as if a person was watching them on that video's source site. It’s also a joy to see thumbnails that are utilized appropriately on free tube sites. Don’t take that as a pun, either: the thumbnails used on JoysPorn look stunning. They look like they belong on a professional premium streaming service like Bang Bros., (clearly they're not). Every thumbnail featured on JoysPorn will make viewers want to click and consume that video immediately – and that isn't hyperbole, either! It's a testament to what thumbnails can genuinely pull off when used appropriately. Thumbnails can accomplish so many things: providing useful information like rating and duration, and including convincing browsers to click and watch a video.Not to get ahead of the review, but JoysPorn accomplishes both. Take a look at the thumbnails on the main page alone, and try not to become curious about what's inside. It's impossible, and it's further proof that JoysPorn is using thumbnails successfully.It’s difficult to put nail down the exact problem with JoysPorn's titles. Suffice to say they come across as a bit goofy. For starters, the descriptions of the videos seem like they were written by someone that doesn't have a firm grasp on the English language.For example, browse around a few pages, and viewers will spot this gem: ‘Natasha Teen – Two Mutant Ebony Cocks In My Little Tight Ass.’ Or how about ‘Cowboy Nacho Seen And Shrew Bitch Sammie Spades.’  The former has nothing to do with mutant penises. The latter features a male performer in a cowboy hat, but that's as descriptive as the title gets. The bizarre titles are not going to turn anyone off. The beautiful thumbnail and useful info in each video listing do more than enough to entice people to click and watch. The video titles could be improved, though. At the very least, they should at least explain better what each video is about instead of sounding like a non-native English speaker wrote them. The best information is found in the thumbnail of each listing. Notice how each thumbnail features the view count, duration, and rating. JoysPorn can pull this off because the thumbnails are incredibly detailed, and it's easy to identify what's happening in the image.It's why every free tube site should utilize quality, detailed thumbnails when possible. Take JoysPorn, for example. The free tube site can include the view count, duration, and rating for each video directly in the thumbnail. This saves on website real estate space so the free tube site can fit as many videos into each page as possible without making it look crowded or clunky.This ultimately gave JoysPorn the option to incorporate larger thumbnails into each video listing, further enticing people to click through and watch. The result is a thoughtfully designed free tube site that's beautiful to browse and indulge in. Look around and appreciate how stunning each video listing truly looks, and discover the beauty of JoysPorn.The amount of categories provided on JoysPorn isn’t going to introduce people to new niches they’ve never heard of, but it’s still a decent selection. The categories are almost strictly vanilla, with a few exceptions being categories like fisting, homemade, and 3D porn. By and large, most people have heard of every category featured in this section. It should be expected, though. Most of the content on JoysPorn is full-length, professionally produced pornography. The categories are going to be more by-the-numbers rather than being on the fringe like one might find on more unorthodox free tube sites. For those times when a person does not want to click on the category section at the top of the page and lose their place, the popular categories section at the left of each page is there to help. Sometimes, it makes more sense to have a category section that can be accessed at any time. JoysPorn realizes this, and that's why they have included a minimalist category list featuring the most popular categories of the moment in a small sidebar to the left on every page. It's convenient and simple to jump into a popular category no matter where one is on the free tube site. What a great idea!Proving that JoysPorn knows what makes an excellent free tube site even better, JoysPorn allows anyone to download any video they see on the website. Not only that, but any video can be downloaded at its highest resolution provided. And it’s all for free! This means that browsers do not have to sign up for an account or subscribe to a membership to be able to download content. There isn't even an extra hoop to jump through to be able to watch content at 1080p. It's all for free within minimal download times. It's a download service that doesn't try to bait-and-switch visitors into subscribing to something they don't entirely want or neuter its features to get a few more monthly subscribers. JoysPorn doesn't play this game, and instead provides good, fast downloads without any strings attached. But how well do the videos work on JoysPorn? No matter when the video was posted or how long a video may possibly be, the videos on JoysPorn load quickly and are always responsive. Viewers won't have to deal with any buffering or slowdown issues here. From the videos that were viewed, everything works to near perfection. Jumping from one part of a video to another never felt painful, the page never stopped loading or stuttered, and everything worked as it should have. It's a free tube site worth checking out to see the thumbnails for onself (and to watch the full-length content, of course). Pay JoysPorn a visit: most viewers won't be able to watch just one video!
Access to porn movies is something that is a privilege of everyone with a stable internet connection nowadays. You can access so many free porn tube sites and premium porn sites if you only want to. Also, there are no real checks of your age. Most of the time, you will just get asked if you are 18 or older and everyone can click on the right button to proceed to the porn site.While we are not robots, we love to enjoy certain kinds of movies. No one likes short clips that just tickle our imagination. Usually, there are many free porn tubes that contain porn clips that are a couple of minutes or even seconds long. That is not enough! It takes us that long just to whip out our dicks and start playing with them! We need something longer every single time!Well, we have the solution for your needs and the needs of every man who sits down to have a jerking session with porn. The site is called YesPornPleaseXXX and it comes with the hottest full-length porn movies that you can imagine. The content of this site is really flawless and it comes from the great players of the adult industry. Therefore, you can expect a world of fun on this site!If you have had some experience in porn for the last couple of decades, the name of this site will be very familiar to you. Namely, YesPornPleaseXXX was created in the year 2020 which was not so long ago. It is proof that the porn industry couldn’t care less about the pandemic and that the new porn sites sprung out like mushrooms after the rain. Still, this site has some history.Namely, there was once this porn site called YesPornPlease. It was the spitting image of this new modern site and its purpose was the same – give full-length porn movies to people. However, it got into a lawsuit with the biggest fish in the industry and it had to go under. So, we can only guess that YesPornPleaseXXX is created by the same dudes behind the original porn site who wanted their legacy continued.We mentioned it a few times in this review already that this site deals only with full-length porn videos. Now, the notion of a full-length video is a relative one. Some people think that a 10-minute video is a full-length one while others don’t recognize it even after being longer than one hour. Therefore, what is the truth?If we are to trust YesPornPleaseXXX, full length videos are all the videos between 30 minutes and 60 minutes long. That is the general length of the videos on this site and they rarely go under that time. This means that there is enough time to introduce a background story and to enjoy many different positions in the same porn video.However, that is not the biggest plus of this site. The movies it offers are not amateur or coming from incognito sites. You will be served full-length movies from such porn sites like Brazzers, BangBros, Reality Kings, Vixen, Jules Jordan and many more. This is the site that will show you premium porn videos from some of the biggest premium porn sites of today. Now do you understand why the first porn site had to disappear?Since YesPornPleaseXXX started its journey in the first half of 2020, we can say that the time in which this site grew is astounding. Right now, a year and a half after its origins, you can enjoy thousands of full-length movies from the biggest premium porn sites in the adult industry. This means that you can watch something that people pay dearly for.This site is completely free! You don’t need to share your credit card details, there are no membership options, and there is no need to spend your money. You have an option to login and create an account but that is only to accept additional perks of this site. You can create your own playlists, comment and rate videos, choose favorites, and many other smaller things that make the feeling on this site a lot better.Of course, since YesPornPleaseXXX is a free site, there is the elephant in the room – porn ads. Well, they are not necessarily porn ads but they are connected to sex. For example, how to grow your penis or how to sustain your erection longer. These shitty ads will swarm your screen if you don’t have a good ad blocker so we recommend you get one as soon as possible.YesPornPleaseXXX is just another porn tube, if we are solely looking at the site’s design. It has a pitch-black background with loads of thumbnails on the homepage. That is how 99% of the free porn tubes function and there is nothing wrong with that. On the top of the page, you will see a list of options that include the porn sites like BangBros, Brazzers, and Reality Kings.If you don’t want to spend a lot of time searching the homepage for a porn movie that will satisfy you, maybe you can find it if you focus on a single porn site. Clicking on any of the big porn names at the top will show you only the movies that come from that porn site. This helps you a lot if you already know what kind of action you would like to watch.Other than thumbnails and the options bar, this site doesn’t really have anything else to offer on its homepage. It has a search option and you can type in your favorite porn stars, genres, categories, or even porn sites and the search will end up showing you the best results. It is good to see that it is not a broken option like on many such other porn sites. Still, there is a sour taste in our mouth because there are no categories or tags that we can sift through.YesPornPleaseXXX is not a perfect porn site but, hey, there are no perfect porn sites out there. Even if you go and spend a full month on fucking Brazzers, you will find some flaws to it. So, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Namely, there are some options that are missing from YesPornPleaseXXX and that is something that might be changed in the future.First of all, we mentioned that there are no sorting options on this site; what you see is what you get. If you want to find something specific, use that search button. Also, the movies that you can watch are full-length and taken from the world’s best pay sites, but they don’t come in 4K Ultra HD resolution. In the video players, there are usually no options for making the resolution bigger and you usually watch the movies in 1080p which is also really good.Also, what this site lacks is a download option. Namely, you can watch all the movies as many times as you can but you won’t be able to take them with you on your device. The site and the videos don’t have a download option and that is something that should be added. After that, everyone would instantly forget about the incessant ads that keep popping up all the time.Since it is giving the best full-length porn videos from the hottest premium porn sites in the industry, YesPornPleaseXXX has to have perfect mobile optimization. If you are the kind of person who likes to lie in bed and do the thing under the sheets, you will be able to enjoy a pretty good version of this site on any device that you are using. You can watch these full-length videos on any smartphone, tablet, or iPad that you own. Therefore, let the full-length mobile fun start!Once we get down to the bottom of this site, it has so many more better sides than the bad ones. It is a completely free porn tube site that offers thousands of full-length porn videos from the best premium porn networks and sites like Brazzers, Reality Kings, BangBros, Jules Jordan, Vixen, and many others. Once you know this, there is nothing else that should enter your strain of thought.It is enough to know that you would need quite some money to watch the movies on these premium porn sites even if it was for one month. This site is giving you all of that for free. Therefore, check out YesPornPleaseXXX right now if you want to enjoy free premium full-length porn movies!
 PlusOne8 is a free source of porn featuring the hottest performers in the business. It is a classic porn tube destination with loads of free videos with the site also promising a collection of HD porn. It is a varied collection covering plenty of fantasies that users can browse by categories. They have a nicely laid out website and a user-friendly interface with options to help users find their favorite kind of videos. Like is usual with these kinds of destinations, the smut is taken from major professional studios. Users look at the best in professional porn from the likes of Tushy, Digital Playground, Brazzers, Reality Kings, Naughty America, and Blacked among other top dogs. This review seeks to find out how the site stacks against other porn tubes.  PlusOne8 was created in October 2015. According to Alexa Traffic Rank, the site is ranked at number 36,603, with 0.0017% of the global internet users visiting it. It receives about 77,116 unique visitors and 416,426 page views daily. It has the potential to earn about $993.22 per day from advertisement revenue. The site is estimated to be worth $725,125.03. Most of its traffic comes from the United States, where its servers are hosted as well as the Netherlands, Germany, France, and Canada. Like the majority of readers know, porn sites, especially free "tube" sites, come with a lot of security risks. A good number of adult websites, but especially free "tube" sites, don't use HTTPS, a secure web protocol that gives visitors an extra layer of security. With plain HTTP, anyone – like hackers, the government, or malicious individuals – sitting between the user's browser and the webserver can snoop on the user's internet activity. Whoever's watching on the other side will know exactly what videos users have been looking at and what they've been typing into the search bar. PlusOne8 doesn't have a valid SSL/TLS certificate, meaning that users can only access the content here via HTTP. Those visiting this site are advised to put the right measures in place to protect themselves against the lurking dangers. Browsing this site (or many other porn destinations for that matter) over a public Wi-Fi is undoubtedly out of the question.  The porn tube sticks to the traditional display method with thumbnails showing the latest videos from top to bottom. They're not previewing thumbnails, but hovering the mouse pointer over them displays the best shots from the scenes. They also have a standard header link set up that should help users go to different parts of the site. The thumbnails show the scene title, its length, and a vote ratio. The site strikes the right balance between offering useful information and minimalism. It's really straightforward with no clutter. The site presents a decent number of sorting options on the top of the content area. As mentioned, they start with the latest scenes, but users can further sort the content by longest, popular, and random. The header links allow users to browse by categories and pornstars alongside some other links that direct to outside sources. The site has also presented users with a search bar (albeit basic), and finding something specific should not be a challenge. Overall, it's a pretty solid first experience, and users can hope for an equally fantastic porn experience.  Browsing free pornography internet sites pose a significant risk of malware infection, especially if the site is peppered with ads, which is mostly the case at PlusOne8. While ads go hand in hand with free websites, PlusOne8 is teeming with loads of distractive advertisements pretty much everywhere the user looks. They are to the right of the videos, to the right of thumbnails, some popups here and there, and they show up when the video is paused as well. Most of them are sexual in nature, but that doesn't make them any less intrusive. Also, clicking on the search bar occasionally directs to a risky looking site. The same thing happens when attempting to play a video, which is a risk that visitors of this site will have to put up with. Needless to say, good antivirus software is an absolute necessity. There is no way of telling the exact number of videos on this site, but there is certainly a decent collection for users to check out. Like mentioned, the site welcomes users with thumbnails showing the latest videos. However, the thumbnails don't show the date, and users have to open the videos to figure out when it was updated. If the dates are anything to go by, several fresh videos are added every day, which is quite impressive. That aside, the videos stream without significant issues. The site promises full HD porn videos, and although there is no option to sort the scenes by quality, the majority seem to be in decent resolutions (but clearly NOT Full HD or 4K as promised). The option to sort the videos by longest reveals there is a big collection of full-length scenes here, some of which run for over one hour. There are clickable tags below each video, which will help users discover even more videos. Users can also rate, share, and comments below the videos, although that's reserved for registered members. Registering is a simple process that only requires a username and a valid email. Other benefits of doing so are not immediately apparent, however. Users can also download the videos directly from PlusOne8 using the download link provided. The 16 MB/s speed provided by the servers is impressive, although this could depend on the viewer's connection. Another thing is downloaded videos tend to be higher quality than streaming with most available in 720p HD. PlusOne8 offers a pretty varied collection of videos, which is illustrated in the list of categories. They cover quite a decent amount of niches, including anal, amateur, double penetration, cumshots, ebony, massage, handjob, and hardcore, among others. Those looking for location-specific smut can check out German, French, and Dutch porn alongside other options. There are tags on the right side of the categories page, which should also assist users in getting specific with their searches.  The model directory at PlusOne8 also deserves mention. While there is an amateur category, the majority of the videos are actually studio produced and features some of the most famous performers. The likes of Abella Danger, Asa Akira, Cherie Deville, Jessa Rhoades, Kendra Lust, Lisa Ann, August Ames, and Julia Ann features heavily in the scenes, showing off their skills on a stiff meat rod. Individual model pages have no information about the performers apart from their collection of scenes. It's not necessarily a deal-breaker, but adding a bio and some stats would help users know more about their favorite pornstars.  High-quality videos; granted, the scenes don't necessarily stream at 1080p like the site promises. However, they are available in good quality nonetheless, and viewers should have a wonderful time streaming the scenes. Full-length scenes; the site has a decent collection of full-length scenes from the top studios available for both streaming and downloading.  Updates; the update schedule may be unclear, but the dates are an indication that the site is adding fresh new scenes.  Easy to use; the site features a simple and easy to browse layout, and users should find their way around with minimal effort.  Annoying ads; the experience is almost ruined by an invasion of absolutely intrusive ads that are littered everywhere across the site, including inside the video player. No model bio; the site has lineup some of the most famous pornstars, but no information about them has been availed in their individual model pages.  Well, they need to go slow on the ads for starters. There are way too many ads on the site, and seeking other income-generating avenues would be a smart move. The team should also consider offering users an encrypted connection to save them from lurking eyes in the shadows. Overall, full length, stable quality adult videos are the rule of the game at PlusOne8 with the site offering thousands of videos that users can stream and download for free. The site has a pretty decent design, and visitors won't have a hard time locating content. The ads may be a menace, but it is ultimately a decent porn experience.
It’s all about free porn videos at Freeomovie.com, with the site stacking a massive amount of smut appealing to diverse tastes and fantasies. The site has a bunch of professionally produced DVDs from a range of different studios. Visitors of this site can expect loads of full-length movies from the likes of Elegant Angel, Brazzers, Teens Do Porn, and Evil Angel, among others. Freeomovie.com gives users access to over 50,000 movies and clips featuring the leading performers across the industry. Scenes are available for streaming in decent quality. The site promises the best as their porn links are checked for quality to provide the best possible streaming experience. Being a porn tube, no content is actually hosted on Freeomovie’s servers as they just index and link to content provided by other sites. That shouldn’t deter users from enjoying the experience, and by the end of this review, readers should know if the site is worth their time.  Freeomovie.com has been providing free porn to its visitors since its launch in February 2013. The website has a #15,227 ranking worldwide and attracts 63,191 unique daily visitors and 379,146 daily page views. It is estimated to be worth $545,760.00, with daily earnings of $758.00. Its servers are located in San Francisco, California, United States.More often than not, a porn site’s homepage gives a clear indication of what users should expect, and that’s certainly about Freeomovie. Like typical porn tubes, the site welcomes visitors by displaying the latest uploads. It’s all chronological, and naturally, the content gets older as the users dive deeper into the archive. The site won’t be winning any innovation awards for their design, but it is not the most terrible either. The content is presented in blue-bordered thumbnails that are mostly covered from the movies. As such, they are not animated.  At the very bottom of the homepage is a pagination navigation bar that goes back to 5558+ pages. With 20 uploads on each page, Freeomovie is closing in on 111,160 individual DVDs for users to check out. With new updates, this number can only be on the up, which is excellent news for porn lovers.  Still, on the homepage, the site has a header menu with some navigational links. XXX Movies and XXX Scenes both direct to separate pages with either full-length movies or shorter porn clips from those movies while the others are links to third-party sources. On the right is a segment dedicated to categories, and one look is enough to give visitors a hint of the diversity and variety that lies ahead. There doesn’t appear to be a specific section for categories meaning users will have to pick their favorite fantasies from the list mentioned above. That shouldn’t be a problem, though, as the list has 60+ categories to choose from with things such as fisting, hentai, masturbation, double penetration, and roleplay, among others. However, some of the categories direct users to a page just full of download links with no previews or thumbnails. Some of these links look suspicious, and users are advised to get some virus protection before diving in. The XXX Games section is also a bit unusual as the section doesn’t open up a selection of regular hentai games or anything like that. In fact, clicking some of the ‘games’ brings with it some pretty nasty popups saying something was installed on the user’s computer, which is a red flag. Users should certainly proceed with caution.  For all its promise of top quality content (more on that later), the site’s user experience is probably as worse as it gets. For starters, watching anything on the site requires users to disable Adblock. This is perhaps because the site needs to generate some revenue, but the ads practically ruin the experience. It doesn’t matter where the user clicks, they are bombarded by advertisements, nasty looking popups, and awful redirects to some spammy looking sites. To play a video, users have to click on play roughly five times before the videos finally get to play. Even the simple task of using the search bar on the right brings similar challenges, which is nowhere near ideal. The video ad on the bottom right requires users to watch it for five seconds before they can cancel it. It is indeed as bad as it gets when it comes to ads. The site has a mobile version which is commendable, but the experience doesn’t get better on mobile either. The site tries to force push notifications, even trying to gain permission to download something on the user’s phone. Needless to say, this could be a virus, and again, caution is advised. The ads aside, everything else works well on mobile, including the menus and videos. However, it could get much better. There are some pretty decent videos to be found on this site for those patient enough to withstand the ads onslaught. After the ads, the videos finally play, and it turns out the quality is nothing short of amazing. Many of the videos seen by this reviewer streamed in 720p with the occasional 1080p video. There is no option to adjust the quality, although, with such decent resolutions, it’s not a glaring omission. Many of these videos are full length, although the option to sort by length, or any metric for that matter, is noticeably missing. Most of the scenes come in a reasonable length of 40+ minutes, with some even running for 2 hours+. However, pausing the videos or trying to click anywhere on the video player yields even more ads. Some of these are the kind of ads that autoplay sound. Again, nowhere near ideal. Still, on the videos, no mirror links are provided, and users can’t download scenes. While this is not the site’s the biggest issue on the planet, some rival destinations, some with smaller archives than this place, do allow users to grab material for local storage and stream from a backup location just in case the original file is taken offline ( happens a lot). However, there is still plenty of goodness to look forward to. This is mainly since the materials are sourced from world-class paysites like Tiny 4K, We Live Together, Blacked, and Little Asians. There are also some Japanese porn materials sourced directly from authentic JAV studios, which lovers of smut from the Oriental will definitely appreciate. Overall, the experience is pretty okay. The ads issue aside, the videos stream smoothly with no issues with buffering or anything like that. The videos show the starring pornstar, the date it was published on the site, and a few tags that should give the viewer a clue of what the video is about. Needless to say, these options are far from exciting or innovative, but at least they do work.  Load of porn DVDs; the site provides its visitors with a mouthwatering collection running into tens of thousands worth of free porn DVDs.  Full-length movies; the majority of the scenes in the site’s archive are full-length movies from top studios. They can be streamed in good quality as well, mostly 720p.  Categorized content; users are looking at a collection of over 60 categories covering vanilla and kinky fantasies. Updates; the site is continually updating, and visitors won’t be running out of fresh porn DVDs. Ads; by far, the site’s biggest shortcoming is the issue of ads. They are everywhere including on the video player, and they make for a really unpleasant experience. The site could do well to address that issue if they plan to continue operating.  Sketchy downloads; the site promises to allow users to download the content, but the download process is even more cumbersome than streaming the videos and is ultimately not worth it. They need to reign in on the ads as a matter of urgency. With the current arrangement, users are headed for one of their worst nightmares as far as ads are concerned. The site could also do with a model directory, especially considering the bulk of its collection is constituted of professional porn.  All things considered, the Freeomovie.com is a decent source of free porn DVDs from the best professional studios. Videos are available in good quality and cover a wide range of scenarios. However, the ads may ruin the entire user experience, and user discretion is advised.
AnyPorn.com may sound a free tube site that attempts to appeal to everyone. That's because it does. Online since 2012, inclusiveness is the keyword here – and there's no better proof of this than AnyPorn's language options. Whatever language a person knows, chances are AnyPorn features a language that visitors can read. Available in Russian, Portuguese, Italian, English, Spanish, and German, AnyPorn has the sexy pornography people want in a language they can understand!The first thing visitors will notice when logging onto AnyPorn is the ‘Free Porn Videos Being Watched’ section. It’s at the top of the homepage with eight videos on-display. Refresh the page, and more videos will appear, signaling other people are watching these right now. Something is captivating about watching videos that other people are currently viewing. It gives viewers an idea regarding what other people find enticing. In a way, it also allows people to have their fingers on the proverbial pulse regarding the type of content that's popular over at AnyPorn. Moreover, it's an excellent way to broaden one's horizons and find other types of pornography, new pornstars, and new brands to watch. It's a great addition, and every free tube site should have a section like that!Below the ‘Free Porn Being Watched’ section is another convenient section. Like most free tube sites, AnyPorn features a section for only new porn videos. Likewise, AnyPorn provides good sorting options for this section. Visitors can sort content by most viewed, top-rated, most commented, and most favorited. Choose a sorting option, and the content will immediately sort accordingly. The most commented and most favorited sorting options are beneficial, too. These sorting options are found on most free tube sites, but not every site. They should be because it adds another dynamic to sorting content to find the very best porn on the site. Sorting using this method is also convenient because it allows visitors to learn which videos are most popular among registered users (commenting and adding content to one's favorites list is only possible by becoming a member). It's hard to understand what the incentive behind signing up for an account is, though.Beyond the social aspect of AnyPorn (more on that in a moment), it's hard to see what the real incentive behind signing up for an account is. Sure, it's free, and signing up takes a minute. It's a painless process, but there's not any good reason to sign up beyond commenting, adding content to a favorites list, and chatting with other members of the community. AnyPorn needs to provide a download feature or something extra perk to make it worth a person's while to sign up and use their membership. Although a community aspect to a free tube site isn’t anything new, it isn’t something one sees on most free tube sites either. It’s still a bit of an anomaly even though plenty of them have been reviewed on ThePornDude. When a free tube site introduces a social media aspect to their free tube site, it’s worth paying attention to.  The community portion of AnyPorn works like one would expect. Members can browse by gender, location, age, and even if the member has a profile. Members can also sort members by newest, alphabetically, most viewed, content popularity, and top active.  There are two things to notice about the members of the community. First, the good stuff: there are tons of curated accounts that are active on AnyPorn. For the member that wants to look at content uploaded by members, it's fantastic for this. Don't expect to find only amateur content (though there are accounts that publish this type of porn). Also, there are accounts for all kinds of porn genres: JAVs (Japanese Adult Videos), Camgirls, MILFs, the list goes on. Sort by Content Popularity and Most Active to find these accounts. For the member hoping to find real, horny people to talk to, expect to be disappointed. It isn’t that they’re not here per se, it's just that it's impossible to know who is real and who's playing catfish. Further, there are a lot more men than women; only a handful of women even signed joined the community in the last month. And again, there's no way of knowing who is faking it and which members are legitimate. Accessing the curated accounts doesn’t even require a membership. A person can browse the community page, click a curator’s profile, and view the videos they’ve submitted. Again, there’s just no incentive to sign up for a free account. For the viewers that can't stand watching pornography that's below 720p, AnyPorn has the perfect solution. At the top of the page is a tab labeled 'HD Porn.' Click it, and as the name implies, viewers will be presented with only HD pornography.  The content can also be sorted via the latest, most viewed, and top-rated. This is a reliable way to see the very best and most popular HD porn on AnyPorn, all in one place. It's also a great way to gauge how vast the HD offerings on AnyPorn truly are. Check it out – whether you're a fan of HD porn or not – and see what this free tube site has to offer. To say that AnyPorn has a lot of categories would be a vast understatement. The free tube site has so many categories that they feel like a tag section. Click the categories tab at the top of the homepage and look at the categories within. The most popular categories are at the top of the page, with the most popular featuring thumbnails. Scroll down further, and viewers will notice the giant list of categories available. The downside is that everything is mixed in here: pornstars, brands, etc. It can make finding categories confusing, especially when so much stuff is mixed in. The upside is that AnyPorn’s list essentially has any category, brand, or pornstar one can imagine. It’s unrealistic to call it an exhaustive list, but it’s massive. Use the ‘Find on Page’ feature on the browser to find what is needed. While the broad categories list is welcomed, as stated, it mixes up the section. Just scrolling and looking through the category list can be difficult and time-consuming. Creating a specific section for categories, pornstars, and brands would have made the search so much easier and more efficient. It's a design move AnyPorn needs to consider to simplify the browsing process. When looking around the pages of AnyPorn, it's simple to identify which video is worth clicking on. This is accomplished thanks to the excellent information listed in each video. Viewers will notice each video's thumbnail shows the duration, whether it is in HD, and the rating. The title tops it off and teases people to click and watch.  After selecting a video and watching, one may want to watch more of the same. Instead of going to the categories section and picking a relevant category or attempting to search for similar videos, scroll down and look at the 'Related Videos' section. These videos are usually similar to the content that was just watched. It's a great way to go down the proverbial rabbit hole and view content that's the same. What if a person does not want to view the 'Related Videos' section but instead wants to watch more content featuring a particular sexual act? It's possible thanks to the clickable tags section below each video. A host of tags will appear below each video, featuring the category, sex acts inside (e.g., fingering, doggystyle, etc.), and other similar tags. Each tag is in a different colored font, so it's simple to identify one tag from another. Try it: it's a top way to expand one's horizons and view even more similar content!
A lot of free tube sites and pornographic websites have come and gone since Cliphunter.com first opened its doors in 2002. Back then, Cliphunter only listed links to a few dozen clips. The site didn't host its own content: instead, it relied on other websites to host the content. The Internet has drastically changed since Cliphunter first came online. Cliphunter is no exception. Evolving from a porn link site to a free tube site with categories, a huge library of pornography, and an active community that's been around for years, Cliphunter is a veteran porn site that knows what it takes to satisfy its fans. Visit today and find out why Cliphunter has been around for over 15 years. Like ThePornDude, it shows no signs of slowing down!Like all quality free tube sites, Cliphunter allows users to utilize good sorting options. This makes finding the porn they are in the mood for easy and efficient. Visitors can view content by most popular, most followed, and most subscribed. This allows visitors to sort content based on the factors they prefer. For example, not everyone wants to view porn that's most popular. There are different reasons for sorting content in different ways. It's an excellent way to see new content one otherwise has never seen on the site before. Try it and experience the convenience of sorting porn in different ways on Cliphunter!While some people want to sort and browse popular content on the homepage, others want to jump right into the popular categories on free tube sites like Cliphunter. For those that fall into the latter category, Cliphunter makes this simple. Visitors can view the most popular categories from the left side of the homepage. The sidebar is conveniently positioned in a way where it never feels like it doesn't belong or stands out for looking like an eyesore. The category bar feels natural, and like it belongs there. Further, it makes it much more convenient to find popular categories so visitors can jump straight into the action!Following in the same tradition as many of the great free tube sites, Cliphunter also features plenty of thumbnails that look great. The thumbnails are top quality images, so they never look like they were pasted from a screencap as many thumbnails look on other similar sites. Cliphunter understands the value of thumbnails. With a website that has been around for nearly two decades, it's clear that wisdom comes with experience.Cliphunter doesn't just understand that thumbnails have to look great either. There is a second part of the equation. They also realize the value of adding great information to thumbnails. Yes, featuring useful information in thumbnails deserves praise. Cliphunter has inserted helpful information into its thumbnails to save on website real estate space. Featuring if the video is in HD along with its duration, it's a proper way for visitors to glean if a video is worth watching. The perks of thumbnails are even better on mobile. Using a thumb to scroll through video thumbnails, users can flick their thumb left-or-right to autoplay a series of thumbs that show hot screenshots of the video within. It's a great option: a GIF or a short video clip doesn't play, but a small slideshow within the thumbnail does. It's a low-bandwidth method for educating visitors as to the kind of content that's inside each video so they can choose to watch or move on elsewhere.Good information doesn't stop there. When a user clicks a video, they are taken to that video's page. From there, visitors can select to watch the video or look at other vital bits of information before they do.Although most people are going to watch the video if they've already clicked-through to this point, they can still discover more information about the content is they prefer. Viewers will notice how many times the video has been watched, the name of the video, actors in the video (click a name, and Cliphunter will show other videos of that actor on the site), relevant tags, and more. Cliphunter also features a primary list of categories. For visitors that want to see popular categories beyond the mere popular categories listed on the homepage sidebar, Cliphunter makes it happen. Choose to view all the categories, and visitors will be shown all types of categories. From amateur to young/old, smalltits, HD-only, and so much more, there is enough of a variety of porn to satisfy almost anyone's kinks and fantasies. Like all good free tube sites, the sorting options on Cliphunter make finding good porn all the easier. Visitors will notice that they can sort content based on a rather robust list of factors: sorting by most popular content as of today, yesterday, last week, last month, within a year, and all-time (referred to as hall of fame). This makes finding the content one is looking for totally easy and convenient to find. It makes searching and browsing take less time so visitors can focus on what's most important: porn.Sometimes, it just doesn't make sense to browse content by category, tag, or merely only search which content is the most popular. There are times when browsing via pornstar makes more sense for one's needs. In these instances, Cliphunter makes it easy to browse pornstars and view the videos they star in.It's as simple as selecting the pornstar category at the top. From there, viewers can look at pornstars by rating, followers, and alphabetically if they know the star they want to view. It's a simple way to find only the videos that feature the pornstars interested in and a great way to expand one's horizons by finding new stars easily and efficiently.The convenience of Cliphunter doesn't stop there either. Visitors will notice that the free tube site offers playlists: curated collections of videos from users. These playlists usually featured themed videos. For example, if a visitor is in the mood for babysitter content, all they need to do is select a playlist labeled, 'Babysitter;' chances are, they would find a video worth watching.Suppose one doesn't know what kind of mood they are in but wants to browse the playlists anyway. Cliphunter makes that convenient for the browser that cannot make of their mind. The site gives users the ability to sort playlists by standard sorting options: newest, most videos, and most followers. For the visitor that wants to view the most popular playlist, that last option would be their best bet.What about the individual that only wants to search by popular porn brands rather than a category, pornstar, or the like? Cliphunter has been around for nearly two decades, so they know what visitors want! Visitors can search top porn brands by merely selecting the channels page.From there, browsers will find that they can sort channels based on a few different factors. By sort channels by recently updated, most popular, top-rated, most viewed, video duration, and alphabetically. After a channel has been selected, browsers can then sort the content by best, newest, HD, and even most views. Then they can also choose to follow channels if they are signed up for an account. The videos on Cliphunter also load extremely quickly. There will probably never come a time in which one will need to change the resolution based on the video, not buffering or freezing. Depending on one's mobile connection and location in the world, this is a problem for some. If this occurs when watching a video, merely downscale the resolution to match the cell signal on the device. For those that are browsing Cliphunter on Wi-Fi, don't expect buffering woes or problematic videos that never seem to load. It's always a good idea to have a few videos to keep for offline use. One never truly knows how long a video will be available on a free tube site. For those that love to have a personal, offline connection, Cliphunter makes it simple to download videos to any device. Click download, wait for it to finish, and watch for offline viewing: it's as simple as that.Cliphunter.com has learned a thing or two about what it takes to build a successful free tube site from the ground up. It hits nearly all the right notes. Cliphunter should keep doing what it's doing for continued success.
CollectionOfBestPorn.comis a free tube site that specializes in providing all types of good, quality porn in a curated collection. A library full of wide appeal, it's a collection that has been growing since 2013. With no signs of slowing down anytime soon, CollectionOfBestPorn's daily updates consistently add new content that's sure to satisfy. Jump in, get off, and go on with daily life thanks to CollectionOfBestPorn. CollectionOfBestPorn dedicates itself to providing some of the best porn on the planet. It's not just a catchy name, either. The free tube site wants to make it easy to view content on its website like other similar sites on ThePornDude. That’s why they offer a variety of ways to view content easily and quickly. One of the top ways CollectionOfBestPorn does this is by giving users the option to view the site's most recent videos in more than one way. As with most free tube sites, seeing the most recent content is as limited as selecting, 'most recent,' and browsing the results given.What does, 'most recent,' typically mean, though? It could mean several. For many free tube sites, this means the most recent featured videos or recent popular videos. Often, this isn't clear, though. CollectionOfBestPorn provides clarity by stating how visitors can sort the latest content. Viewers can sort most recent videos in several ways: most recent longest, most recent top-rated, and most recent most viewed. It's a feature that other free tube sites should implement. To have such control over the most recent/featured section that's typical of almost every free tube site is a welcome change. It's an excellent addition to a free tube site like CollectionOfBestPorn, and one that others should implement on their website.It’s easy to spot a free tube site that knows the value of thumbnails. CollectionOfBestPorn is no exception, and it shows. Instead of plastering basic thumbnails that look poor or cause confusion, CollectionOfBestPorn has ensured this never happens to visitors. The thumbnails show the best parts of the video in question. When viewing a thumbnail, viewers will find they can take solace in the fact that the thumbnails realistically reflect the type of content one will find in the video. CollectionOfBestPorn uses thumbnails in a way that other free tube sites should be using them. The free tube site shows the rating, duration, views, and whether the video is in HD. The title of the video is listed under the thumbnail at just the right size of text. CollectionOfBestPorn has added as much information as necessary about each video while ensuring the thumbnail is just the right size, contains proper information, and the textbox isn't too big or small. This saves on serious space when it comes to listing videos on the site. Because of this, CollectionOfBestPorn can post a wealth of content on its homepage that never feels cluttered or overbearing.Although the categories section on CollectionOfBestPorn isn't groundbreaking, it doesn't have to be. The categories CollectionOfBestPorn offers are varied and grounded. They are the type of categories one would typically expect to find on a free tube site. That's not a bad thing, either. CollectionOfBestPorn features a great variety of categories that ensures most people will find something to love. From amateur to hentai to German and beyond, the range of categories ensures won't have to search long to find something worth watching.  One thing CollectionOfBestPorn does to perfection that a lot of free tube sites can never seem to nail down is separating the categories and tags sections. Sometimes, a free tube site will only have categories and not tags; tags, but not categories. In other instances, the tags and categories will be mixed up, or the tags will only be seen within videos. It isn’t often that one finds a free tube site that offers one page for categories and another for tags. CollectionOfBestPorn has done it, though. For those that may think that they cannot find something worth viewing in the categories page, have no fear! CollectionOfBestPorn offers a huge array of tags that is certain to feature a fetish or kink that caters to almost anyone.  Browse through the tags from the main menu to see what's offered. The most popular tags can be found at the top of the page. Further down are the rest of the tags. Each tag has a number so visitors can identify which tags have the most videos. It's a small feature that makes finding unseen content more accessible than ever: and it works! 
XTapes was founded in 2015 as a free tube site that caters to AAA pornography. Those that enjoy watching full movies from popular porn brands will be pleased to know that XTapes provides a ton of content for one’s viewing pleasure. Featuring videos from over 100 networks, over 25,000 HD videos, and featuring over 2500 pornstars, these numbers are climbing all the time. It’s a worthy visit for the porn fan that cannot get enough top-shelf porn but wants to taste-test before subscribing to a brand’s premium service. As soon as the homepage loads for viewers, they will notice two menus from the top left to the right: top networks and categories. Hover over a tab, and users will notice the networks and categories that the free tube site offers. Click on one of the items in the drop-down menu, and one will see videos related to that category or brand. One thing to note is that viewers can't simply select the category or top network tab. This would have been beneficial to those that don't want to stare at a drop-down menu while on the homepage. There is something convenient about browsing categories and the like all on one page rather than scouring a drop-down menu. It may not be a big deal to some, but for others, it's probably going to be a bit bothersome. Not every tab at the top of the page is like this, though – specifically, the full movies tab. Click it, and users will be able to browse all of the full movies that XTapes has to offer. These can be sorted by the latest, most viewed, longest, top-rated, and even random. Visitors don't have to visit this page to browse over 1200 full movies, though. Like the top brands and categories tab at the top of the page, they can also select their favorite brand via the drop-down menu on the full movies tab. Select the preferred brand, and the content from that brand will appear in the search results. Top networks and brands are represented here, too, including Wicked, Evil Angel, Digital Sin, Brazzers, and more. What about those that want to browse new, full movies instead of the entire catalog? XTapes also make this happen. The first section of the homepage features all the latest full movies that have graced XTapes. This gives viewers a quick glimpse as to the most recent content before deciding on the type of content they want to view. It’s also convenient for regular visitors. Not everyone has the time to visit their favorite free tube site every day – no matter how much they want to do so. At a glance, regular and new visitors alike can quickly glean which full-length content is fresh and new at XTapes. Hop on, glance, and find the latest content within a few seconds: it's that easy. The lifeblood of any free tube site is its thumbnails. In the same way that an article uses a compelling headline, so too must video listings feature thumbnails that make one want to click and view what's inside. Fortunately for XTapes, the thumbnails look amazing. It's no secret why, though. Because many of the videos on XTapes are professional-grade porn productions, the thumbnails used are going to be more detailed than thumbnails derived from amateur content (which typically uses screencaps). It seems that the thumbnails used on XTapes are either stock thumbnails used on that source video's actual site; alternatively, most of the content is at such a high resolution that they don't look like typical screencaps. It’s a testament to the detail of modern pornography more than anything. Most AAA porn productions are filmed in 4K. Even for those that watch as much pornography as ThePornDude, it's hard to not still be amazed at how far porn productions have come even in the last few years. XTapes is an excellent reminder of this. Thumbnails are not the only good piece of information used when looking for quality porn movies. The useful, relevant information has to be present to determine if a video is worth viewing. Like all free tube sites worth visiting, XTapes features the title, viewcount, duration, and rating. This allows viewers to determine if the content they want to watch is worth the click and time they will spend (after all, XTapes features a ton of full movies). It ultimately saves time. Visitors can quickly glean whether or not a video or movie is worth viewing within a matter of seconds. Take a look and see for how convenient these small little additions can indeed be! What if a person wants to view full movies on XTapes, yet they don’t want to merely browse by new or what’s been viewed the most, but rather by brand? XTapes makes it happen. Notice the full movies drop-down menu at the top of the page, and hover over. A list of the porn brands on XTapes will be displayed. Click a brand, and viewers will see every full movie featured by that brand on the site. That's not the only way to view all the brands featured on XTapes. Notice the 'Top Networks' tab at the top. Hover over and notice additional brands on the list. Click one of them, and the videos for those brands will appear in the search results. While it arguably would have been more convenient to put everything into one list, because XTapes utilizes drop-down menus, it's simple to see why they didn't. Still, being able to browse all of the brands featured on one page would have been more convenient. Even so, the convenience factor is present. It's an easy and convenient way to watch full movies by one's favorite brands, all the while having the luxury of watching full-length content in that movie's native resolution. Whether one wants to view videos from brands like Naughty America, Jules Jordan, Digital Sin, or something else, they're sure to find the brands they love the most. It’s always nice and convenient to see clickable tags in videos on a free tube site, and XTapes is no exception. The tags in the videos of XTapes feature the pornstars in the video, the brand, and relevant keywords related to the content. Like what was seen? Click on the tags and view the rest of the content relevant to that tag on XTapes. It's that easy! The downside of using XTapes is that it needs more fleshed out categories. It isn't that the categories are bad - it's that there isn't that many of them. Add to the fact that the categories are a bit vanilla – again, not bad just typical – and it feels like a missed opportunity. With a free tube site that boasts over 25,000 HD videos from over 100 networks/brands, one would expect more than a handful of categories. XTapes should consider fixing this problem. For those moments when viewers know what type of content they want to watch, there is the 'You May Also Like' section. This section is at the bottom of every video, so for those that want more of the same, it's the perfect option. Browse down, look at what is offered, and find something else worth watching. It could not be easier! When hopping onto XTapes, one will notice that they can view content via language. While it may not make a lot of sense, click on a language, and it will become evident why it's here. It's the perfect option for viewers that want to watch JAVs (Japanese Adult Videos); clicking, 'Japanese' makes that happen. Further, for those that love European porn – say, of the German, French, or Russian variety – click the appropriate language shows the relevant content as well. 
Sextvx.com has been helping ordinary people the world over get off since 2007. They've been busy growing their free tube site since then with no signs of slowing down. With over 340,000 registered members, Sextvx has grown to provide incentives to register as a member. Members receive unlimited downloads along with no ads. Access to exclusive amateur videos (with the option to upload one's amateur content) is available to members as well. Sextvx hasn't forgotten about what got them to this position in the first place, though. The content is still the most important. Check it out and see why people still frequent this free tube site after so many years. To say that Sextvx features a lot of pornography would be an understatement. Sextvx boasts over 1.3 million videos! That’s more than most videos featured on ThePornDude! Zealousness aside, it’s an impressive number.  Pessimists may assume that the majority of Sextvx’s content is short or a teaser by nature. That’s the wrong assumption though free tube frequenters are correct for wondering what’s the catch. There isn’t one. Much of the content on Sextvx is full-length and will satisfy even the most jaded porn viewer.  That isn't to say everything on Sextvx is full-length. Realistically, it's impossible to go through over one million videos and decide just how many of them are full-length versus teasers. After an extensive check, it looks as if most videos are longer than 10-minutes long.  This means one should never log onto Sextvx in fear that they will be bombarded with teaser videos only a few minutes long. The videos on this free tube site are not here to bait anyone and entice them to that video's source site. The star of the show on Sextvx is as it should be: the porn. Sextvx seems to want viewers to leave satisfied; spend enough time on Sextvx, and you'll come away pleased.Here is an interesting take on listing, 'best-ofs.' Typically, a free tube site lists the best content of a specific timeframe. Most of the time, this is displayed as the best of the day, week, month, year, all time. Sextvx takes a different approach, though. Visitors will notice a tab at the top of the homepage showcasing the best content of the month. It's a quick way to look at what has been popular lately instead of choosing a best-of timeframe from a drop-down menu. This seems more for those that want to glean which videos are popular lately. It's a nice touch: the location at the top makes it even more convenient to find what's hot. For viewers that want to check out Sextvx's most popular categories at any time, the sidebar makes it happen. It's a nice move, especially considering how painful it can be to jump out of a section of the free tube site to browse on over to the categories section. Although opening a new tab solves this issue, the ability to cross-reference categories at any moment cannot be understated. Further, the categories' sidebar also shows how many videos are in each category. Each category has a number beside it, showing just how many videos are in that section. This is a great way to identify how popular each category truly is before committing to jumping into a category from the start.Look at videos by latest, most viewed, HDDespite having the best of the month section, Sextvx still utilizes good sorting options. One way the free tube site uses them is by allowing visitors to look at videos by either the latest, most viewed or even HD-only videos. It's a fantastic way to narrow down exactly the type of content one wants to watch. It also allows Sextvx to use traditional sorting methods without boxing themselves in by providing only the best of the month option. It's the best of both worlds: Sextvx is smart to include both. Can look at pictures in addition to watching videosSextvx doesn't solely provide videos, though. Even though it's technically a free tube site, Sextvx also offers pornographic photos. Select the pictures tab on the left sidebar of the website and view a variety of the image collections that crop up. The images load quickly; most of them are sexy and detailed; it's a solid image gallery for those that prefer getting off to pictures versus videos.  Since most people will be accessing Sextvx via a mobile device, keep in mind that this tab isn't displayed on the mobile version (at least it could not be found). Mobile users will have to request a desktop version in their favorite mobile browser if they wish to view the image gallery. It's a pain, and Sextvx should fix the issue; thanks to modern mobile browsers it's a problem that's quickly alleviated. If most people are honest with themselves, then they know that the majority of the time, they will be watching pornography in the dark. Sextvx and other porn websites understand this. That's why many of them currently offer a night mode option. Sextvx is no exception. To select night mode, select the night mode icon at the top of the page. The background of the page will turn back, so the bright whiteness of the standard background does not hurt the eyes in the dark. It's a less painful way to get one's porn fix without the eye strain. Although lower resolutions are appropriate when it comes to amateur porn, it isn’t the case with AAA porn. With a lot of the content on Sextvx being professionally produced porn, many users will want to look at only HD porn. Sextvx makes it happen by providing an HD option in its sorting option. While already discussed, it makes it even more convenient to find the professional porn one is in the mood to watch. Sextvx may make it easy to watch HD-only porn, but it ultimately hurts itself by failing to provide access to its categories page. True, the categories page is displayed on the front page of Sextvx.  Click on it, though, and nothing happens — only a blank screen loads. Take the slash bar out of the address bar, and Sextvx cannot find the categories page altogether. An unfortunate oversight on Sextvx's part.Even though Sextvx doesn’t provide access to its categories page, it’s still possible to browse via pornstars. The free tube site offers an exhaustive pornstars list that makes it simple to look at the videos of stars on Sextvx. The perfect solution when one knows the pornstar they want to watch, it’s a good solution for those that already know what they want to view. Most people do not watch porn from start to finish. For many, skipping around and being able to view the hottest parts of a porn video quickly and efficiently is one of the most important parts of a free tube site. Sextvx not only loads fast and doesn't have any buffering woes to speak of, but the free tube site also lists thumbnails that show the timestamps of specific points of a video.Click on a thumbnail, and that video's portion will automatically play. It adds a visual representation to skipping around. It's a welcomed addition and one that many free tube sites should consider integrating in some capacity. An offline collection is always useful. For those that feel the same way, Sextvx has conveniently provided a download option for its videos. Whether a person wants to keep them on their desktop or mobile device or merely upload them to the cloud, the easiness of download Sextvx's content is one of its shining achievements. Even though Sextvx shows the duration and post date of videos, it doesn’t go the extra mile and provide additional, useful pieces of information. Most notably, Sextvx does not show the rating and view count of any videos. This makes it impossible to sort videos on Sextvx by quality, only by upload date. It’s a missed opportunity and one that should be fixed sooner rather than later.
YourDailyPornVideos is exactly as the name entails: a destination for porn videos every day. Founded in 2014, the free tube site features unique sections such as the ‘Top 100 Most Watched Porn’ section. Here, visitors can see the most popular porn videos ever watched on the free tube site. It’s a unique section that more free tube sites should utilize – and helps Your Daily Porn Videos stand out just a little bit more. Top 100 most-watched pornAs stated, the 'Top 100 Most Watched Porn' section is in a class all of its own. It's challenging to find free tube sites that even offer this type of feature. Browse to the top of the page and click the section. From there, visitors will see a list of the most-watched and popular porn videos on the free tube site.  It's similar to a sorting option that one would find on a free tube site. Functionally, this feature doesn't do a lot of things that are different from sorting by most popular, top-rated, or the like on other free tube sites. Still, the fact that the top 100 porn videos are in a section all their own and seeing everything is as simple as one-click gives the site a good look. Noticing there are 100 of the most popular videos all in one place will visitors click and get started on their adventure. Thumbnails are stunningIf the 'Top 100 Most Watched Porn' section didn't grab your attention, then the thumbnails certainly will. It may be one of the first things people notice! Typically, only cover art is used for the thumbnails (especially if the porn video/movie in question was released on optical media in addition to digital). That's perfectly fine, though. The thumbnails offered are beautiful and will make you want to watch.  Full-length movies and videosDon't expect to find a library full of teaser clips that does nothing to get a person excited. That's not what Your Daily Porn Videos offers here. The free tube site features a wide array of full-length porn videos and movies. The content provided isn't limited to just one scene or the like, though. Visitors will find full-length movies! That's right: people can watch movies and videos that last hours long in some cases. Check it out and see what’s in store. For those that do not know where to start, again, the ‘Top 100 Most Watched Porn’ section truly is the best place to begin. It’s like the ‘Start’ button on a Windows operation system, and it will show visitors the caliber of full-length videos and movies that are available on the free tube site. Scrolling gallery of the most recent moviesIf there is one thing we can honestly say about Your Daily Porn Videos, it's that it knows how to get people's attention. One of the ways it does this is by providing a scrolling gallery of the most recent movies. Visitors will find it near the very top of the page. As the name implies, these are full-length movies, and they will make you want more. And by full-length movies, that's what it sounds like: full, uncut content. The thumbnails further make visitors curious about clicking and seeing what's inside. What's more, the top brands and studios of porn are all represented here. Visitors will notice movies from featured studios and brands such as Reality Kings, Wicked, Brazzers, and so much more. See how efficiently these movies load and buffer after the jump: chances are, visitors won't be able to watch just one! Good information inside videosAfter clicking a video, viewers will notice the abundance of useful information. They show clickable tags such as the year the video was released, which studio/brand produced the content, starring pornstars, synopsis, and any tags related to the content. It’s a wealth of good information that makes it convenient to identify which videos are worth clicking play for and the content that deserves to be passed by. Whatever kinks or genres visitors are into, YourDailyPornVideos ensures that they find it with ease. Related movies show more of the sameWhen a person is finished watching the content they've chosen, that isn't where the viewing options end! When one wants to view more of the same, all they have to do is scroll to the bottom of the page and look at the related movies section. There, visitors can find content similar to what they just enjoyed. Keep in mind that the section isn't perfect: some listed, related videos were in no way similar to the content that was just watched. Even so, it's an excellent way to find content on-the-fly that has similar vibes and scratches that same itch. Top navigation bar needs more orderGranted, Your Daily Porn Videos has tried to create a functional navigation bar that makes it simple to jump from one area of the site to another. Yet, it seems thrown together and out of order. It’s a mess, and Your Daily Porn Videos needs to fix it. As it stands, the navigation bar features section for siterips, genres, movies, something called WifeysWorld, and yet there are very few offerings available under each drop-down menu. For starters, the navigation bar needs more movies, genres, siterips/rips, and an explanation for what WifeysWorld is (and if it's unnecessary, it needs to be cut). Your Daily Porn Videos probably shouldn’t make the navigation bar a series of drop-down menus in the first place. Make it where users go to another section of the site once they click it to future-proof the growth of these sections. No categoriesYour Daily Porn Videos features so much content on the free tube site that there isn’t any excuse for not adding a categories section. Smaller free tube sites reviewed on ThePornDudefeature thoughtful categories – many of them are also robust and varied. It's a huge missed opportunity and a problem that Your Daily Porn Videos needs to rectify now, not later. Can subscribe to an RSS feed of Recent MoviesFor those that still use an RSS Reader, Your Daily Porn Videos conveniently provides an RSS feed of their recent movies. This is so convenient because it ensures that visitors don’t have to visit the site every day just to see the latest movies offered. Interested, but don’t have an RSS Reader? Feedly is an excellent place to start. Tons of full-length contentNeed a reason to keep visiting Your Daily Porn Videos daily/ subscribe to its RSS feed? Consider the vast amount of full-length content! Featuring full-length movies and videos, there is more than enough complete content to keep visitors busy for days. It's one of the strengths of Your Daily Porn Videos and a great way to watch full content all in one place. For this reason alone, Your Daily Porn Videos is worth the visit! Top shelf quality pornEspecially for porn fans that love AAA porn, they're going to love visiting Your Daily Porn Videos. With over 1100 pages of pornography at one’s fingertips, people can watch the hottest from top brands and studios like Brazzers, MOFOS, and more. When viewing the content on Your Daily Porn Videos, one is going to feel like they are watching the content on the video/movie's source site. The fact that so many brands and studios are represented in one place further adds to the convenience of Your Daily Porn Videos. New porn released dailyWhile it has been stated that new porn is released regularly, it bears repeating just how much porn is added regularly. Expect to find new, hot content every single day. It is worth visiting even after subscribing to the RSS feed, too. Browsing the site and seeing what has been offered, what can be found, and what's fresh every day is a great way to get your porn fix – especially for those that love watching the professionals fuck like the experts they are.  Suggestions:Your Daily Porn Videos is not perfect. It lacks categories, and the top navigation bar is a mess. These two things need to be rectified immediately to ensure people can browse Your Daily Porn Videos quickly and efficiently. Beyond that, Your Daily Porn Videos should keep doing exactly what it's doing: adding full length, AAA porn movies, and videos every single day. It's why people keep visiting, and it's why they will continue to come for the foreseeable future.
Founded in 2016, Porno Videos Hub.com wants to be a free tube site for everyone. That’s why they allow users to make requests for new content. Simply select ‘Requests’ at the top of the page, then follow the instructions on the proceeding page. These easy-to-follow instructions and guidelines make it simple to request content for the site. Try it out: users may notice their requested content sooner rather than later! For those that are visiting the free tube site for the first time, they will probably notice the variety of categories at the top of the homepage. The number of categories provided is decent; the variety is the same. It isn't anything to write home about, but people will find it convenient that the categories are easily accessible and that they're not totally vanilla. More categories would be welcomed, but for what Porno Videos Hub offers as of this review, it’s perfectly fine as well. One of the great things about Porno Videos Hub’s categories section is that it does not leave any mystery regarding how many videos there are per category. Notice the numbers beside each category: this signifies how many videos are in that category. As one will notice, the category ‘Adult Games’ only has a few videos. Yet, categories like ‘Voyeur’ have a few thousand videos, respectively. This gives visitors a chance to see the majority of the kind of content they can find on Porno Videos Hub while showing them how many videos there are per category.While most free tube sites allow visitors to translate the site to a few different languages, they’re dwarfed by Porno Videos Hub. The sheer amount of languages that can be translated on the free tube site is staggering. Visitors can translate the free tube site to languages like Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, and so much more. That doesn’t even remotely cover close to how many languages are supported here. It may sound like a bold statement, but it feels accurate: if a person cannot find a translation option that suits them on Porno Videos Hub, they’re probably illiterate. Like all good free tube sites, Porno Videos Hub realizes the value of providing good thumbnails that are not only pleasing to the eye but also get people's attention. Porno Videos Hub does both. While the quality of the thumbnails isn't uniform across the board (since some thumbnails are screencaps), by and large, the thumbnails look clean, detailed enough, and will make a person want to click and watch. Sometimes, the cover art is used for the thumbnails. It seems like this is by design. It's a good way to advertise when a movie or video has been produced by a porn studio or brands like Naughty America or AllAnal.com. It's yet another way to show people what's in store for them when they click the thumbnail and make the jump.Unfortunately, visitors are not going to find any embedded content on Porno Videos Hub. It’s a bit of a shock since it’s such an expected thing to find. Some free tube sites do this, though – Porno Videos Hub falls into that category. To watch content on Porno Videos Hub, visitors must go to a third-party site. To Porno Videos Hub's credit, the third-party sites are labeled so visitors can do a quick Google search and see if the source site in question is trustworthy. It's important for a person to do the search and find out for themselves, but as of this review, none of the source sites were suspicious or seemed malicious by nature. Still, it can be a real pain to click a link and go to a source site just to watch a video when it's expected to be embedded on the free tube site. It's one more step, and a lot of people may not like it.It’s unfortunate when some free tube sites require this. Porno Videos Hub is the latest free tube site to put a pay gate on some of its content, and it is always a bummer. For those that only want to watch AAA porn videos, they are probably not going to run into this problem. That’s because most content that requires a Keep2Share (K2S) Premium Pro subscription is from performers that do custom shows on platforms like ManyVids, Patreon, and similar streaming platforms/marketplaces. Moreover, these videos are labeled in the title as Premium User Request, so it’s easy to see which content requires a Premium Pro membership and which ones are free. Those that have read the reviews of free tube sites over at ThePornDude know how important it is for video listings to show useful, detailed information. It makes it simple to identify which content is worth viewing for each individual and which videos should be passed by. Unfortunately, Porno Videos Hub doesn’t provide even an inkling of good information in its video listings. Porno Videos Hub only shows when content was added and the title of the video. That’s it. There is no information about the duration, rating, or even the view count. Porno Videos Hub only shows when the content was added and the title. There's no excuse for this, and it makes it impossible to find content that's popular on the free tube site.Granted, for those that only want to look at the latest content that has been uploaded on Porno Videos Hub, the lack of good information in the video listings isn't going to make any difference. There is so much porn added daily across multiple categories that there's always something new to watch every single day!That’s right: there are over 14,000 pages of pornography here. The amount of porn here is genuinely massive. As stated, if a person visited once a day, they could probably find enough new content to last them the bulk of the day. It must be seen to truly get an idea regarding how much porn is released daily here. It isn’t just to a few categories, either. No matter which category a person chooses to visit, the amount of new porn available to them daily from that category is staggering. Some categories are more popular than others, but by-and-large users are going to find new and exciting videos to watch no matter which category they are interested in. Browse around and see what can be found every day! While users are not going to find a ton of tags available in each video, they are nonetheless still there. Not only that, but they are also clickable. For those that find content that’s to their liking, they can click the tag and look at more of the same content. For example, if a person enjoys watching content with a particular porn star, that video will have the porn star tagged in the listing. Click it, and see all of the videos featuring that porn star on Porno Videos Hub. Enjoy watching teen videos? Click ‘Teen’ and watch more of the same. It’s a simple feature but makes a big difference with discovering new types of content similar to what one enjoys watching. For those that already know what they want to watch, check out the tag box at the top of the homepage. It’s super convenient and easy to click and view videos labeled with that tag. It’s a neat alternative to looking at categories – especially if the categories do not exactly speak to a person. Click around, try it out, and find something new worth watching! It’s not every day that a free tube site has a feature like this, but Porno Videos Hub conveniently does! The entire archives of Porno Videos Hub go back month-to-month to the exact month Porno Videos Hub debuted in 2014. While there may not be many reasons for most users to go through the archives, it is still a convenient option to have – especially for those that do not want to jump from page-to-page over 14,000 times.It would be convenient for Porno Videos Hub to have its content embedded with video listings that feature actual details. Requiring a Keep2Share (K2S) subscription for some content is annoying, but because it isn't even close to the majority, it isn't a deal-breaker. Despite all these things that Porno Videos Hub needs to fix, the free tube site still features hundreds of thousands of videos – with more added daily. That in itself is enough to celebrate. 
PandaMovies.pw is a baby when compared to other legacy free tube sites. Yet this destination for AAA full-length porn with the unique name is vying to make its mark as a resource for professional porn. Featuring full movies from some of the most celebrated studios in porn, Panda Movies is also perfect for watching porn from days gone by. With an archive that dates back to 2003, it’s a great way to see what porn used to look like in the first years of the millennium. Here is an exciting feature that most people probably didn't know they wanted from a free tube site of this caliber. When streaming pornography on Panda Movies, the free tube site gives viewers the option of choosing their sources for streaming. This ensures that users can access the fastest, most reliable connection possible. Thus, when a video is experiencing buffering issues or slowdowns, simply choosing another source could circumvent the problem, saving headache and ultimately time. It's also an excellent option to use for a free tube site like Panda Movies. Because they share primarily full-length content, they have to host all of their content offsite. But instead of forcing visitors to click a link and go to an unknown file-sharing site just to watch a video, they are instead embedded into the website.This means viewers never have to leave Panda Movies to watch a video. If a source doesn't load, Panda Movies features buttons below the embedded video with labels for source sites. As stated, click another source, and another video will load. It makes users feel safer than going to an unknown website and gives Panda Movies the option to keep them in the site's architecture. Smart move!Although this isn’t available on every video, some sources can be used to download content rather than streaming it. Keep an eye out when looking around different videos for sources that allow downloading. RapidGator is one of the primary sources used for downloading on Panda Movies. If you enjoy a video so much that you want to add it to your collection, keep an eye out for downloading options that some videos seem to feature. Whether visitors have looked at every free tube site on ThePornDude, they may become immune to noticing good thumbnails when they appear. Yet, most visitors will probably make an exception with Panda Movies. When logging onto the site, it becomes apparent that they took extra care when integrating the thumbnails into this free tube site.The thumbnails are so well organized and displayed that it almost looks like you are looking at someone's porn movie collection at times. That may sound like hyperbole, but assuredly it's not. Every thumbnail is so uniform to its respective section of Panda Movies that it's satisfying to look at. By applying the proper attention to the thumbnails, Panda Movies also saves on-site real estate space. Because of this, they can place as many video listings on each page as possible. Smart moves on all fronts; it creates an excellent first impression that will keep people sticking around longer than a few minutes.The fact that Panda Movies is a very well organized free tube site should not come as a surprise to anyone when considering how properly the thumbnails have been placed. Suffice to say, Panda Movies is exceptionally organized and allows visitors to know precisely where they need to go when looking at the free tube site.This is because the areas visitors will want to go on Panda Movies are all at the top of the homepage. No matter if viewers want to look at clips for full-length movies, all of the options are at the top, ready to be clicked on and explored. With a wealth of browsing options, visitors are going to be pleased with what is found within! So what are these good browsing options? For starters, the tabs at the top of the homepage point to users being able to click on adult movies, clips & scenes, HD movies, studios, year, and genres. Each of these options is self-explanatory and tell the user precisely what kind of content can be found within.It should be noted that the HD movies tab is also a great addition. Even though new full-length videos and movies posted on Panda Movies are usually in HD by default, keep in mind how far back some of this porn goes. The full-length content of movies released in 2003 was obviously not produced in HD. For those that don't want to run into any porn that wasn't recorded in HD – possibly pre-2010 – it's nice to have this option so one can know for a fact that they will only be watching true HD content.When a free tube site like Panda Movies posts only AAA, full-length pornography, it can be challenging to have a lot of sorting options. That's because typically, these types of sites do not utilize measuring factors like rating as one would find on other sites like PornHub. While this may disappoint those that rely on these sorting factors to find the best and popular porn, Panda Movies at least allows viewers to look at featured content in addition to new videos. For those that have to see what has been warranted as the best on a free tube site, this is the section you will want to browse. It's no surprise then that this section is at the very top of the homepage. Click, 'Featured Movies,' and viewers will be able to see the latest featured full-length movies that are just dying to be watched! Users that prefer to browse content from studios are going to be in for a treat when logging onto Panda Movies. Although Panda Movies doesn’t allow users to browse by that many studios, the studios they do offer are some of the very best. Expect to find content from studios like Evil Angel, Brazzers, Reality Kings, Digital Sin, and others. For those hungry for viewing porn that would otherwise cost a monthly subscription fee, it’s hard to find anything to complain about when looking at the content Panda Movies provides. Every good free tube site should utilize good categories. Even if the free tube site caters to full-length movies and content from top studios and brands, it’s still essential to ensuring that every visitor has the opportunity to browse at their preference. Panda Movies utilizes categories that are sure to speak to most visitors. With categories such as pregnant, orgy, group sex, and beyond, chances are everyone is going to find something to love while spending their time on Panda Movies. Although Panda Movies does not feature a tag list (although the categories section is robust enough that they don't need to), they do offer clickable tags inside each video listing. The tags range widely, from genre and studio to pornstars, tags, and keywords. Click on a tag, and viewers will be able to see other videos with that similar tag.If visitors find some of the genres too broad, this is a solid alternative. There are so many tags used on Panda Movies that the chances are good that when a viewer finds a porn movie they enjoy. Most viewers will find that they can probably click an appropriate tag to look at pornography that matches that vibe. When a person wants to look at more similar videos and does not feel like clicking on a tag, the next best thing is to browse through the recommended full-length porn at the bottom of each video's listing. Although it isn't guaranteed that these videos will match the type of content that was just watched, suffice to say it's relatively accurate. It makes it simple to jump from one video to another. Try it and see how convenient it can be! 
FullXXXMovies.net hasn't existed as long as other legacy free tube sites, but its age shouldn't dissuade anyone from visiting the website. Opening in 2016 with the promise of free adult movies (as its name implies), FullXXXMovies offers a variety of full-length, premium porn movies that can not only be streamed in full but also downloaded for offline use. No matter what a person is into or the type of porn they prefer, FullXXXMovies has what they need right here, right now – and it's all for free!Those that visit free tube sites in hopes of finding full-length content won't regret their visit to FullXXXMovies. As soon as the homepage loads, the latest full-length offerings appear. In most cases, the cover art is used as a thumbnail for each film (more on that in a moment). Click the thumbnail, and the video listing for that movie will load.From there, viewers can read about the movie, look at the large screenshot of tiny thumbnails featuring some of the hottest scenes of the movie, and the duration of the film. More technical details like the resolution and file size are also featured in the listing. Of course, links to watch and even download the content is present in the listing (more on this in a moment). It could not be easier to browse the content that FullXXXMovies features on its free tube site. For those that merely want to browse and watch full-length premium content, it’s as easy as typing the address into one’s preferred browser. With minimal load times and a website that never lags, it’s a fast way to jump straight into the action. It bears mentioning that just because new content is added regularly, that doesn’t mean fans are getting the latest full-length movies. Judging by the cover art from some of the movies, the release year of the movies is all over the place. Some cover art has early-2000's vibes. Others feel more recent. It's all over the place, and while that's not a bad thing, don't assume it's a way to view the latest and greatest pornstars, either.For porn fanatics that want new, full-length content every day, it’s hard to beat the convenience that comes with FullXXXMovies. While the number always fluctuates, expect to find at least a few pages of new porn movies daily. The amount of porn that's posted every day far surpasses the number of hours in a day. For the person that thinks they can watch everything that FullXXXMovies throws their way, it's not going to happen. That’s a good thing because FullXXXMovies releases a variety of content from all types of niches. Expect to find lots of full-length movies centered around anal, teens, lesbians, and in-demand ethnicities like Asian, Latino, Ebony, the list goes on. All the popular niches are represented on FullXXXMovies (though it felt like anal movies were over-represented for some reason). Whatever a person is in the mood for, it’s probably available on FullXXXMovies’ thousands of pages of porn. That’s right! When visiting FullXXXMovies, expect to find over 3500 pages of pornography. It’s an impressive achievement for a free tube site that’s only been online for a few years. Yet, when considering just how much porn FullXXXMovies publishes daily, it's no surprise that the full-length porn site has so many movies available to watch.Seeingly, this page amount grows daily. With a few pages of porn posted every day and the amount of porn available on FullXXXMovies, as of this writing, the page count is easily going to reach 3600 pages in a few short months. FullXXXMovies shows no signs of slowing down on its post count. Visit and see why so many people visit FullXXXMovies regularly for their premium porn fix!Browse around the JAV (Japanese Adult Video) reviews on ThePornDude, and visitors will probably find one thing in common: they use each film's cover art as thumbnails. FullXXXMovies borrows from their playbook by doing the same: the result is large, enticing thumbnails that will make browsers want to click and watch what's inside. It's smart when one thinks about it. Because porn cover art can typically be found with a few Google searches and some elbow grease, it's a better option than using screencaps that would otherwise be blurry and low quality.This is especially good news for some of the non-HD content on FullXXXMovies. Some of the cover art is still blurry since the original cover art was probably rendered on a porn site over a decade ago, but think about how less-than-satisfactory it would look if the thumbnail were a screencap. FullXXXMovies works with what they can get. In most cases, the cover art is large and detailed enough that it suffices.A bit of early 2000’s/JPEG blurriness aside, the way FullXXXMovies utilizes its thumbnails works. It grabs the user's attention, creates a vibe regarding what's inside, and will make people want to click and watch. And when the content is at its hot and sexiest, FullXXXMovies has solutions for that. Anyone who has watched porn has been in the predicament where the porn is so hot it has to be downloaded immediately. In many cases, this isn't always possible. Thus, the viewer forgets all about the porn until one day the memories of the video creep back into their mind; by then, they've totally forgotten the name, the pornstars, or even what the film was about! We live in the 21st century: these types of 20th-century first-world problems shouldn't exist nowadays! For those that choose to consume their porn via FullXXXMovies, though, that never has to be a problem again. Downloading content from FullXXXMovies could not be more straightforward.The only caveat is that viewers must download full-length content from one of the few third-party sites on FullXXXMovies. Click the video listing, scroll down the page, and viewers will notice a download links. Downloading is quick and relatively painless, but it would have been preferable if FullXXXMovies could host its content internally rather than from a third-party site. There's so much content it's no surprise they don't/can't do this, but for those that are paranoid about the sources where they download content, this may be a deal-breaker. Just as there is a problem with downloading content from a third-party site, so too does the problem lie with streaming. It isn't possible to stream content directly from FullXXXMovies because it doesn't host or embed any content. To stream anything, viewers must click the video listing, scroll down to the bottom of the page like they are downloading full movies, and look for the streaming links. Click a link, and visitors will be forwarded to a third-party page where they can stream the full content.It isn't a huge deal, but again the trust factor comes into play. People that hate watching content from a third-party and would rather have the solace of knowing that streamed content is streamed from FullXXXMovies and not a third-party provider are going to be disappointed. A lot of free tube sites do this (especially those that feature loads of full-length movies like FullXXXMovies), and many of them use the same third-party providers that FullXXXMovies uses, but it will still turn a lot of people away. One’s mileage may vary. Unfortunately, there are no categories to be found on FullXXXMovies. The only resemblance of categories comes in the form of tags, but they can only be found after clicking a video listing (the tags section seriously needs its own tab on the left sidebar of the homepage). Still, there needs to be categories present to give FullXXXMovies a sense of organization. FullXXXMovies is excellent for blindly browsing and viewing full-length pornography. But for finding a specific type of content? Visitors are going to have their work cut out for them.
IcePornCasting is a website that we are going to demystify to you in this review. It is a porn site with thousands of porn videos to enjoy but we are here to dig a little deeper and see into its core a bit better. As the name suggests, this site is about castings. There is a big black couch as a metaphor which always goes into the deepest crevices of the porn industry and most of the hot and successful pornstars of today have started their careers on a couch just like this.What really happens in the minds of these girls? They have exhausted every other possibility and they want to become the next porn queen. In order to do that, they come in contact with the porn agency which deals with the castings and they come to dance in front of the bear. Usually, the dude who is conducting the interview is the one who is doing all the fucking so he has one hell of a life!Also, many premium porn sites loved this concept so they have special casting videos with the brand-new amateur girls but with the esteemed hot pornstars as well. Therefore, IcePornCasting is one grain of sand on a beach of casting porn sites. Let’s see if it is different and unique in any way and if this site is worth your attention. Put your ass on that black leather couch and listen!Like we have already said, there are many casting videos and casting porn sites in the world. Just like the general bunch, we can divide them into two groups. The first one consists of the free porn tubes that show you real amateurs and some professional stars who did the casting for the entrance in the porn industry. The second group of these sites consists of the premium porn sites who have castings as their niche. They prepared the shiny black couch and they have hard sex with amateurs and pornstars alike.IcePornCasting is in the first category of these sites. It is a casting porn tube, if we can classify it like that, and it offers a big number of casting videos. These videos are uniform in the idea only. The action is completely different because castings allow people to do whatever they want. The young babes that show up in these casting videos are gorgeous and they really range from real amateurs to hardcore pornstars.The dudes who are doing the castings and who are fucking these hot ones range from amateurs to esteemed superstars as well. For example, there are some casting videos on this site where James Deen fucks the girls’ brains out. We all know him as the pornstar who makes all the girls he fucks feel like bitches because he is ruthless and merciless with his huge cock. Therefore, IcePornCasting is a great source of amazing porn fun.IcePornCasting is, like we said, a porn tube with the casting videos. It offers thousands of them and the numbers keep rising because everyone loves watching them. Since the site is very popular, its movies cover a wide range. From sexy first timers to the glorious pornstars, these videos will make you feel great and you will wank off to them easier than ever.The way to enjoy this site is to visit its Channels section. Of course, the movies are all mixed up on the homepage from all the channels here. But if you have one specific channel in mind, you will definitely find it here. There are many different channels that you can choose from like Czech Casting, Backroom Casting Couch, Fake Agent, HussiePass, She’s New, PornDudeCasting, and many others. This means that the site covers many premium sites in its database.You can expect many young girls getting fucked, MILFs, ebony pussies, etc. One channel that will especially catch your attention is Defloration TV. It is a channel that deals with real virgins and hot young babes who are experiencing sex for the very first time. They decided to do it in front of the cameras and with a stranger so this porn channel is one of the most interesting ones to watch.If you didn’t understand the metaphor, it means that the style of IcePornCasting is the same as many other sites. It is a porn tube so you already know what to expect. On the homepage, this site will give you a really perfect mixture of all of its channels. You will see many videos from the channels that we spoke about. Too bad that you cannot see what channel the video is from unless it has a watermark on the thumbnail.The thumbnails will show you a quick preview if you hold your mouse over it and you will see what to expect in the video. When you mix that with the dark background of the site, it becomes perfect for the people like me who love to watch porn at night with lights off in my room. It is great because it doesn’t hurt my eyes at all. Still, the site’s design is bland and it offers nothing new.However, people don’t come to these porn sites because they want to experience something new with the design of the site. They come because they want to watch new and fresh porn of great quality. IcePornCasting offers that exactly so you can expect a lot of fun with this porn site. It offers many different filtering and categorization options so you will find your favorite movies easily.For example, its options bar is available at all times and you can choose between the Latest Auditions, Hottest Auditions, Channels, Audition Photos, and DVDs. So, apart from great movies, this site offers pictures and full-length DVDs with porn. I saw Adriana Chechik on one of the covers so that has to be incredibly fun! Therefore, if you want to enjoy a great experience with porn auditions, this is the site to choose.IcePornCasting is, like we said, a porn tube with porn auditions on a black leather couch. It is popular and many porn lovers visit it every month. No matter how much time you spend on this site, you will not find the Login or Sign-Up options. Its content is completely free and you can watch it without creating an account. This is awesome and I wish that there were many other sites like these. Usually, they hide some good perks and possibilities behind their registration so you need an account to use it to the fullest.However, there is one catch with this site. You cannot download any of these movies onto your computer or a mobile device. As a free audition porn tube, IcePornCasting gives you the opportunity to stream and watch these movies how much you want but there is not a download option. Many will be disappointed because of this but watching this porn will quickly make you forget it. Nowadays, everyone has got a steady internet connection.Of course, the Achilles’ heel of every free porn site on the internet is its advertising system. These sites are free and they offer their content with no money in exchange so they need something to keep them going. This something is money, of course, and they earn money through their system of ads. When you are traversing the site, browsing the channels, or scrolling through the videos, this is not such a bad deal.However, when you wish to watch a video, the fun starts. The video player is one of the worst ones I have seen and not only because of its ads problem. The ads don’t really let you watch the video. First of all, the play button is unavailable if you don’t close the ads. Then, every single click of your mouse on the video player is followed by a window pop-up so my advice is to pack big guns when it comes to the ad blockers.The site has an excellent mobile version and it is really well optimized for mobile access, that is a fact. You can access it from any device that you have. However, these ads are much more difficult to close when on a mobile device. It can really ruin the fun and I hope that IcePornCasting will do something about them soon.Porn auditions or porn castings, call them however you like, are a really popular porn niche. IcePornCasting is one of the free porn tube sites that have something amazing to offer. If we overlook the ads and a bad media player, this site has some really great videos. Watch the hottest girls in the world come to the black couch and do their auditions for the adult industry! You are going to love them!
Pussy Space.commay sound like a social network devoted entirely to the vagina, but it's actually a well-rounded free tube site. Opening to the public in 2014, Pussy Space features a unique option to search for tag phrases based on the variant of the keyword ' pussy.' Visitors can choose the tag section at the top of the homepage and select the option 'Pussy Tags.'  Once selected, various tag phrases will appear, such as 'pussy wet,' 'eat pussy,' 'cum in pussy,' and so on. It's all random. Numbers attached to each random tag phrases are also present, letting the viewer know how many videos are associated with that tag phrase. It's a small feature, but one that's unique and genuinely solidifies Pussy Space's overall theme. Here’s a feature most people don’t see every day. Scroll to the very bottom of the homepage (judging by how sexy the thumbnails are, many people may not make it this far!) and look for a section labeled ‘Recently Searched.’ As the name implies, visitors will spot the most recent searches on Pussy Space. Refreshing it again proves that this isn’t some static list that stays there for a period of time. Click refresh on the browser, scroll down again, and an entirely new set of searches will show up. It's a convenient way to see what other people are searching for on Pussy Space. It's similar to a 'Being Watched Now' section on various reviewed free tubes sites on ThePornDude. These sections give viewers insight into what other people are actively searching for and viewing. It is also an excellent way to expose oneself to new niches, pornstars, and other searchable queries that otherwise may have been unknown to the individual. Use it to broaden one's horizons or curiously look at what other people are viewing: whatever one uses it for, this section is convenient! Are the thumbnails so sexy that they will stop browsers dead in their tracks? While not proverbially, they are enticing enough that it’s hard to ignore them. Browse up and down the pages to see for oneself just how beautiful they indeed are. That isn't to say that the thumbnails look detailed and flawless. These are not image gallery thumbnails, nor are they thumbnails that look like they were ripped from a premium porn site like Brazzers. The quality between the thumbnails can be hit-or-miss (though most of the thumbnails are detailed and look great), but that isn't what's appealing about them anyway. What makes the thumbnails shine on Pussy Space comes from the actual images that are used.Pussy Space's thumbnails feature some of the hottest images and scenes from each video. That means that although some thumbnails may not be at a high resolution and detailed, the imagery used will make visitors take notice. It's all about context. Beautiful, highly detailed thumbnails look great, but if they do not show the pornstar in a provocative pose or position, there's no point to them. Nothing could be further from the truth with the thumbnails on Pussy Space. They get everyone's just like they should.  The excellent design choices don't stop with the thumbnails. Pussy Space also makes the right decisions when it comes to the tags section. Click the tags tab at the top of the homepage and look at the number of tags that pop up on the following page. They are listed alphabetically by default, so finding a tag one is interested in is a breeze. Beyond that, notice the number beside each tag. This number signifies how many videos there are for each tag. It’s a nice touch that allows viewers to figure out for themselves if a tag is worth clicking on or if they should look elsewhere. It isn't hyperbole: Pussy Space indeed features one of the best tag sections on any free tube site, period. Not only does Pussy Space offer tons of tags to choose from, but it also makes it convenient to browse and find whatever tag a person is interested in. Scroll down and search alphabetically to find the tag in question, click it, and watch the videos within. The convenience of Pussy Space's tag section does not stop there, though. What can a person do when they want to select a tag and watch the videos within, but they have no idea which tag they want to choose? Pussy Space eliminates this problem by adding two buttons: Best and Random (labeled as a '+' symbol). Choosing the Best button will naturally bring up tags that are labeled as popular. These tags typically have tens of thousands of videos to them, though they’re not in sequential order. Still, it's a solid way to gauge which tags are the most in-demand. Alternatively, visitors can select the random button (again, labeled as a '+' symbol). This brings up a list of random tag queries (which may or may not have been searched by actual visitors in the past – it's unclear) that people can click on. Click a query, and matching videos will appear on the following page. Depending on the tag phrase, the results one gets may be hit-or-miss, but even so, it's still a convenient feature to have. Use it a few times – it's quite fun!Each category has a number in the thumbnail, signifying how many videos are in that category. Expect to find a variety of vanilla categories that are in most free tube sites with additional, unique categories like 'Hairy girls' and 'Fantasy' that one typically doesn't find in free tube site categories. One thing to note is just how large the numbers are for each category. Each category has at least a few thousand videos available to watch – a testament to just how many videos are available on Pussy Space. It's called 'XXX Trends,' and it's found on the right sidebar of the homepage. It may seem like an afterthought on the homepage, but it's not. Look at the sidebar and notice what other types of content viewers enjoy watching the most on Pussy Space. People can click on items such as ‘Longest videos (60+ min),’ ‘HD videos,’ ‘best videos ever,’ etc. It’s a nice assortment of convenient search options that go a long way to making Pussy Space even more convenient to use! Select the 'PornStars' tab at the top of the homepage and notice the variety of pornstars present. Click a pornstar's thumbnail, and their videos will be displayed for further viewing. Before doing that, though, notice the number in each thumbnail. Once again, this number signifies how many videos that pornstar has on Pussy Space. From there, viewers can sort by ‘trends’ (the most popular pornstars on Pussy Space), ‘all,’ and even ‘best’ pornstars. Pussy Space provides options for finding the porn a person wants to watch the most – and this is the latest example of its convenience! With over 800 pages of pornography featured on Pussy Space, almost every visitor is going to run into the problem of wanting to download the content for offline use. For those that prefer to take their porn collection with them everywhere they go, Pussy Space makes it convenient to download any video on the free tube site. Select the download button below each video: on the following page, browsers will be able to download the video in question. Click download, choose where to save the file, and watch the content once it's finished. There's no need to sign up for an account or anything: click, download, done! 
If you're up for some fresh porn videos, we're here to hook you up. Today's site is pretty much a regular porn website, and you can see that. What they advertise here is that they have HQ porn videos, and you can watch them for free. If you're interested in refreshing your day, or merely having fun with some naughty videos, stick around. You're going to love what this website has to offer to you! This website's creation date is the 2nd of August, in the year 2018. So, just to be a bit petty, we're going to say that the time was precisely three and a half years ago, and 28 days as well. So, this is sort of an infant site, if we may say that. But, three years is a long time, so there are no excuses. We have to check the way this place looks, works, and what kind of videos does it have in store for you. Of course, we'll review this website objectively, and then, you can see whether this is a place for you. After our long and dreadful experience with crappy porn sites, we hope that this place will surprise us positively. So, our first step here is to start with GameOfPorn.net's design. It's unfortunately not that impressive, but it is good enough. For example, their logo is an anime illustration of a woman. Because most of the videos that pop up at the front page are real porn, that doesn't make any sense. But at least it's more creative than ten idiotic letters in different colors and wacky fonts. So, we'll let that one slide.  Aside from that, the whole website is white, except for some options and similar things. The navigation system is at the top, and the videos are in the middle of the front page. You also have ads on the homepage as well, but we'll see whether they'll bother us. And of course, we'll do that by moving on to the navigation system and clicking around. We swear to god, if we see one more pop-up today, we'll go nuts. The navigation system of GameOfPorn.net looks a bit interesting. The arrangement for the options is excellent, and the whole system looks like it has balance. And that's an essential thing. So, let's begin explaining the possibilities. The tools are open, so you're wondering what the button next to them is about, and that's understandable. Well, that one pretty much just gives you the categories, which we'll explore later.  Aside from that, you have the homepage, the models, and full movies. Other options include porn sites (probably their sponsors), and beneath the first row of them, you get some other buttons, all about the movies. That way, you can see the top films, the best of the week, month, all time, and similar things. So, you can search for them on your own, or you can see what the most popular clips are. And that option won't fail you. If tons of people consume a video and like it, then it's bound to be good. So, all in all, the navigation system is practical and useful for the users. If we take a look at GameOfPorn.net's content, we can see that it's all over the place. Now, don't get us wrong, since that doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing. It means that they're offering you all sorts of different videos that you can watch and consume, and that's something cool. Plus, they advertise their site as full of HQ videos, which is also fantastic. That way, you don't have to watch the videos and think 'oh that square is supper attractive,' meaning that pixels won't be the problem here. So, we can respect this site for that, and the fact that you can watch these videos for free is also impressive. That sort of makes us think that paying for porn can sometimes be useless. You have all this stuff for free. But, of course, nothing beats full movies with excellent quality and the ability to download them directly to your device. And when we move forward, we have to realize that the categories are also a crucial part of the content as well. So, when you click on their button, the site will immediately list them all. Unfortunately, the categories are not something that you would expect. Instead, most of them are about the channels that dump their videos here, except, of course, amateur and HQ porn. So, you can see stuff like Fake Agent, Fake Taxi, and some Czech porn channels as well. Plus, they have no tags, which means that if you have a specific preference, you're fucked. All you can do is scroll through these videos to find something that you like. Aside from that, when you find a video, you're going to have problems. First of all, these videos take quite a while to load. We know other websites with quality porn, and these will usually work quicker. And, you get like (literally) fifteen different pop-up ads during this time. Press play? Get an ad. Try to rewind a video to see a specific scene? The same crap is going to happen. And not just once, but like seven or eight times in five seconds.  GameOfPorn.net, this is a little bit of a scummy technique, so try to refrain from it. And we say this because they have all these partners, all these ads, sponsors, and yet, they still use pop-ups. Plus, instead of making useful categories, all they do is throw a bunch of different networks in them. So it seems like they're trying to gather as much cash as they can. And they do it at the expense of the user. Not a great thing to do, that's for sure. With all this info, browsing GameOfPorn.net is quite a mess. First, you get a dull design, and then you get a navigation system that's okay. And that's when you get your hopes up. After that, you check out the videos, and you're happy because they're full clips. So you're thinking about how you're getting fantastic premium porn for free. But yeah, that's when the hell starts. Twenty pop-ups in a row, videos not loading, and other crap that malfunctions along the way. If you want to look at this site, then that's cool. But if you're going to use the content, then you have to be patient. Otherwise, you'll wish to smash your PC to pieces. The mobile experience is practically the same, except for some minor differences. For example, all options are behind a button. When you click on it, you get them all, but they don't have a single difference. And the site overall, except for that button, has only one different thing. It's that you don't have to wait to find a video for the ads to come. You get them right at the beginning. So, another low point for GameOfPorn.net. Comparing them is useless. They both seem cool at first, but then they simply piss you off. So, in our eyes, GameOfPorn.net failed to deliver. We already pretty much told you all about what we like and hate about GameOfPorn.net. So, let's run over this information again, because it's useful and ethical to know. About the positive sides - you get a design that isn't all that bad. And, of course, you also get a useful navigation system. Plus, probably the most important thing of all - you get full premium porn videos for free. That means that you don't have to pay for the content. Mainly because this is something professional, it's not a video with an out of shape woman sucking on a small penis.  This content is an example of excellent production, with many fantastic elements that make you porn watching experience more enjoyable. So, if you don't want to pay measly twenty bucks for something good, then who gives a crap. You can struggle with the ads. The flaws are, of course, all the pop-ups, but then again, we justified them just now. Aside from that, the lack of standard categories is a big no-no.The only suggestion for this site is to lower the number of pop-ups. We get that they're generous because they're providing us with excellent premium content, but still. Even we are pissed off with them. Aside from that, we conclude that GameOfPorn.net is a cool website. With it, you can see tons of otherwise unavailable videos, and that makes the whole experience worth it.
PornVibe.org may have opened its doors to the public only in 2016, but many would never know. The free tube site that prides itself on providing hot, Czech amateur and professional pornography, PornVibe features over 10,000 videos across 120 different categories. The site doesn't solely offer sexy Czech porn, though. PornVibe features some of the porn industry's top brands, giving visitors a wide variety of content that's certain to make them come away happy.That isn’t to be confused with only sorting new HD videos. PornVibe allows viewers to sort new HD and non-HD content alike. But for visitors that spare no expense and want to view only HD content in glorious 720p/1080p/4K, PornVibe makes it happen. It's as easy as either selecting the ‘All,' or, ‘HD,' button on the homepage. From there, new videos will be sorted based on one's selection. For those that don't mind seeing the latest videos in any resolution, the All selection will suffice. But for those that cannot stand watch pornography recorded at a low resolution, the HD button is essential to viewing good content on PornVibe.Because there are so many full-length porn videos and movies, this means there are more opportunities to view content one would otherwise never see on free tube sites. This is true when watching content on PornVibe. While there are no guarantees as to how much of the full-length content found on PornVibe can be found on popular free tube sites like PornHub, it's safe to say most will find porn they have likely never seen before. That isn't to say PornVibe is full of mysterious porn that's slipped through the cracks, though. Expect to find popular porn series like FakeHostel, Fuck Street, and Public Agent. For the person that has seen these popular series advertised on other leading free tube sites and wants to take a peek to see what full-length, uncut premium porn truly looks like, this is one of the best (and cheapest – after all it’s free) ways to do it! Anyone on the fence about visiting PornVibe because it may not be worth their time and effort should put those preconceptions away. PornVibe houses over 10,000 full-length porn movies and videos from the series and brands many have only seen in advertisements and pop-ups. The time to stop wondering about what premium AAA porn looks like is now! PornVibe allows viewers to watch the full videos and movies; many have stopped short of watching due to a monthly subscription fee or the price in general. It’s a good way for most people to conclude whether this type of porn is right for them. Watch a few of the hot and sexy full-length videos on PornVibe and see if the series and brands within are enticing enough to become a subscriber. A great way to broaden one’s horizons, it’s a good idea to check out what PornVibe has to offer. While there are no guarantees, most will enjoy the ride! For those that have ever wished that they could access the featured videos gallery easily on a free tube site, those wishes are granted. PornVibe allows users to quickly jump to the latest featured video no matter where they are on the website. Not only does this make it convenient to look at the hottest and most recent videos no matter where a person is on the site, it also creates a look that adds a little something extra to the page-after-page of videos. Although a scrolling image gallery isn’t a revolutionary concept, it still works on PornVibe. Because this image gallery can always be seen on the free tube site, it allows users to know they are always a click away from seeing the best and latest featured videos of the moment. The thumbnails of the gallery make it a joy to look at and adds another layer to an otherwise well-designed free tube site.Speaking of the thumbnails, it's one of PornVibe's biggest triumphs when discussing the things they do right. For the most part, the thumbnails on PornVibe are rich, large, and detailed. They show viewers exactly what they can expect if they were to click through and watch the full version of the video. When so many free tube sites utilize thumbnails that seem to take away from the appeal of the video rather than adding to it, it's safe to say that PornVibe uses thumbnails to their benefit.That isn’t to say that every thumbnail on PornVibe is perfect, though. While it would be nearly impossible to view every single thumbnail on PornVibe, a few did crop up that left a bit to be desired. In a sea of otherwise detailed and large thumbnails, visitors are going to inevitably spot thumbnails that look less detailed and engaging than the bulk of thumbnails on PornVibe. This doesn't happen all the time, though. Because most thumbnails stem from captured screencaps inside the video itself, depending on the quality of the video, this could affect the look of the thumbnail. For viewers that wish to stick to HD-only videos, this problem will likely never crop up. For everyone else that wants to keep their options open, expect to run into a few less-than-stellar thumbnails from time-to-time.Whether one has scoured sites like ThePornDude endlessly for the perfect free tube site or relied on trial-and-error, it does not matter. This feature is lacking from most of them. After using PornVibe for even a few moments, it became clear they are using a feature that should be a feature on most free tube sites. When looking at a video on this free tube site, viewers will be shown the most viewed videos in the right sidebar of that page. This happens every time a video loads. Just like the scrolling image gallery that shows the best-featured porn of the moment, the most viewed videos of the moment are displayed in a compact sidebar. Thus, if someone is watching a video and they're just not into it, it's simple to click a video from the most viewed sidebar and go from there. Because the content is from the most viewed collection of the moment, it's a safe bet that most people are going to find something worth watching just in this sidebar alone. A great way to get out of the video that turned out to be a flop in a hurry, it's the perfect option for those that want to get out of the video but are unsure where or what they want to watch.While many things have to work right for a free tube site to operate functionally, ultimately, it's all about how easy a site can stream good content to viewers. A free tube site that's slow and unresponsive isn’t going to keep viewers coming back for more. It’s going to make people log off in a rage and go somewhere else. PornVibe doesn't commit any of these free tube site sins. Instead, the site is relatively responsive, and videos load quite quickly. Although the videos do not load instantaneously like on some other sites, one shouldn't expect that to happen here anyway. This is full-length content; most of the videos are over 30-minutes long: no teaser clips or short videos here, only full version videos from the hottest brands and series.Skipping ahead is also simple, too. For the viewer that hates waiting for the best parts and prefers to skip around, know that buffering issues are nonexistent. Whether a person wants to jump to the middle of the video or the very end, don't expect to wait long to get to the good stuff.Unfortunately, PornVibe makes a mistake many free tube sites seem to commit. Instead of having a separate tab for categories and brands/studios, they have combined them. It's challenging to find categories from the brands/studios. With over 120 different categories to choose from, visitors that only want to look at categories rather than brands/studios (and vice-versa) are going to have to spend a few moments picking them out.
It may have a completely different URL from its namesake, but nothing is confusing about the quality porn that 0dayporn pumps out regularly. Founded in 2018, 0 Day Porn provided a variety of different ways to find the porn one is looking for. When a person needs their porn fix, but they don't want to spend time searching for the perfect video, 0 Day Porn makes the search easy and quick.When hovering over the video or categories tab, the trending searches appear. They show the latest and most popular searches on the free tube site and allow visitors to realize exactly what the hot search queries are at the moment. For those that have no idea what to look at or what kind of porn they are hungry for at the moment, this is a great place to start. The good thing about the trending searches is that these are clickable queries. Click it, and the search results that would have appeared for the people that are also searching for the queries will appear. It’s that easy and makes spontaneously looking for new and hot content even easier and fluid. It’s also a decent way to discover new types of content, so try it out to see what can be found. Like any free tube site worth its weight in gold, 0 Day Porn provides excellent sorting options that make it incredibly convenient to sort content and movies using a variety of sensible options. By hovering over the videos tab, users will see sorting options such as featured, most recent, most viewed, top-rated, and top favorites.  These sorting options can be found on the pop-up menu that displays when the videos tab is hovered. Click any of the sorting options that appear in the menu, and click it to sort the content appropriately. While a static drop-down menu would have been welcomed, this is the next best thing. Going this route also keeps the drop-down menu from taking up any site real estate space on the site as well, so to this end, this design decision works. Could it be easier to figure out how to sort content? Absolutely. Still, once a person figures out how to sort, sorting in this manner becomes second nature. Once a person has clicked on the videos tab, they are presented with additional filtering options. In addition to being able to sort content by most recent, most viewed, top-rated, and top favorites, visitors can also apply additional filters. They are at the top of the video list next to the section that shows both All and HD; select either to look at content that is only in HD or all content. Look at the additional filtering options from there by choosing either being watched, most commented, and longest. One can even filter how long some videos are under the timeline tab. These videos can be filtered by added today, this week, or this month.  Whatever filtering options a person chooses, it’s bound to make their browsing experience even more user-friendly and will prove to be a faster method for finding the right porn for them. As stated, it’s possible to choose to look at only HD or HD+SD content (labeled as All). It’s by the Videos tab at the top of the page as we already covered, and it makes it super convenient to look at only HD content if that's the only type of pornography a person wants to view. Keep in mind that there is no way to choose only to watch HD content of a specific resolution (e.g., 1080p+ rather than 720p). HD includes it all. For those that want to watch 720p+ only – or for those that just don’t care – 0 Day Porn gives users the freedom of choice. All free tube sites need to utilize thumbnails whenever possible. Most of them use them appropriately, and it is pleasing to say that 0 Day Porn is no exception. Every thumbnail is at least good enough and enticing – precisely what a thumbnail should be on a free tube site such as this one. Thumbnails are meant to attract people to click and view the content within, and 0 Day Porn certainly gets people’s attention and makes them want to click.  What is great about this free tube site is that none of these thumbnails use cover art – some of them may even be screencaps. However, they look so detailed and beautiful that it's never a problem. It's always a good thing to see thumbnails utilized in such a way that they look unique, comprehensive, and still draw people's attention. 0 Day Porn’s thumbnails do this and more, and it will make people want to click and see if the thumbnail lives up to the vibe that it’s giving off! One of the most important things that a free tube site can accomplish is ensuring that video listings show relevant information. It's just as crucial as utilizing good thumbnails into the free tube site. The video listings show the exact right kind of good information that people need to know about to make an informed decision regarding the kind of content they want to watch. Each video listing shows the duration, view count, and title of each video. It's perfect for those that want to figure out which videos are worth watching quickly. Browse around the site and use the useful information in each video listing – this helps viewers to make informed decisions on the kind of content they will enjoy watching!What can a person do when they don’t feel like browsing the catalog of videos that 0 Day Porn has to offer? Instead of wasting time hoping to find the right one, visitors should browse how they prefer! Like the best free tube sites as reviewed on ThePornDude, the site gives users the option to browse by models and look at only the videos starring the pornstars they crave. Click the thumbnail belonging to the appropriate pornstar by visiting the Models tab at the top of the homepage. It's also the perfect option when a person wants to look around for a pornstar they'd love to watch without having to browse through the normal video library, hoping that something jumps out at them. 0 Day Porn is all about options – and thankfully, the free tube site gives plenty of those to the people that visit the site.  Although it’s fantastic that 0 Day Porn provides an extensive categories page, it’s at the expense of muddying up the brands/studios and categories sections. They are all blended together, and that should not be the case. Like all free tube sites that utilize categories (and they all should), 0 Day Porn combines the categories and brands/studios, creating a mess that makes it challenging to find the category one is looking for. The brands/studios and categories pages should have completely different sections. Unfortunately, combining them makes a mess of the entire categories section. People visit categories and brands/studios pages for completely different reasons: combining them doesn’t help anything! These need to be divided instead of combined in the near future. With that being said, that does not discount how many good categories and brands/studios are represented here. Despite how difficult it can be to weed through the categories and the brands, the variety available is still something that needs to be congratulated. People will not only find vanilla categories or brands here, either. Expect to find out-of-the-box content like sex underwater and Dad Crush, just to name a few unique categories and brands.  Saying that 0 Day Porn has a wall of tags is an understatement. The sheer variety of tags here makes it a joy just to browse around and see what can be found. Add to the fact that a number is next to each tag that shows how many videos are available for that tag, and it becomes clear that 0 Day Porn features a functional tag list that makes it totally easy and quick to find whatever tag a person is interested in viewing! 0 Day Porn makes it easy and convenient to find the type of porn a person is interested in. However, it could be easier to browse the categories and brands/studios listed. Other than that, 0 Day Porn is a free tube site that makes it a cinch to browse and watch.
Watching porn for free is nothing new today! You can simply sit behind your computer or take your smartphone and just type free porn in the browser. What you will get is a huge number of porn sites that will give you the ability to watch porn for free. Of course, there are better and worse porn sites in the game and we are here to see where to put Siska.video, a porn site that offers free movies.There are different types of porn sites on the internet. Some of them give you free amateur porn and others offer amazing premium videos for free. Premium porn sites definitely make the best porn movies because they are all into it. They have teams of professionals taking care of everything and each video is a fantastic experience. However, some sites take these videos and put them out for everyone to watch.Siska is like that! It is the good Samaritan of the porn world and you will be able to watch so many sex scenes from the biggest porn networks and sites in the world. The majority of them are premium and that is perhaps the best thing about this site. Still, we have so many things to say about it and we are just getting started. This review will take just five minutes of your time and it can solve many mysteries!When a website has .video in its end as its domain, it means that its sole purpose is to give videos to the world. Since the word Siska doesn’t mean anything, no one would really know what kind of videos it has to offer until they visit it for the first time. Well, this is a free porn site that will give you thousands upon thousands of porn videos taken from the hottest and best premium porn sites.We are not only talking about second-grade premium porn sites, no! We are talking about movies from sites like Wicked, Adult Time, BangBros, Reality Kings, Mofos, and many other A names of the adult entertainment industry. These videos are completely free and you can stream them as much as you like. Siska is not a porn aggregate so all of these videos can be watched directly from its server.Many people pose the question of how these sites really get these videos. Do they have a deal with the premium porn sites or did they simply pay for the membership and download the movies then? Well, nobody really cares since you can enjoy sexy videos from all possible porn genres and niches. The roster of pornstars is also incredible on Siska and fun is guaranteed.The first thing that you will notice when you enter this site is that the freaking thumbnails are amazing! This means that the videos are taken from the best premium porn sites because only they go to such lengths to make the thumbnails make you want to whip out your cock as soon as you see them. Therefore, the homepage is a gallery of amazing and enticing thumbnails and they are all leading you to the free movies to watch.On the homepage, for example, I saw so many different scenarios that made my cock rock hard. For example, there was an enticing scene of a MILF lesson video. In it, I saw a busty blonde MILF with glasses together with a young couple. She is teaching them how to fuck on her own example. Then, a hot ritual in the church with a kinky father. He is fucking a gorgeous busty blonde and she can be responsible for everybody’s downfall, not only a man of God.Therefore, the scenarios and the movies that you can find on this site are absolutely incredible. They are all in 1080 Full HD quality and I didn’t really see any 4K Ultra HD videos. However, the site says that it is being updated on a daily basis so we can probably expect new 4K content anytime soon. The videos don’t show a preview which is disappointing, but they tell you the length and the name of the studio where they came from. The studios are the real stars of Siska.video!You can enjoy the best porn movies on Siska in many ways. First of all, the homepage is an endless pit with so many videos that will make your head go numb. You can go from one page to another and enjoy them. Also, you can check the categories and the most popular videos this day, week, or month. With regular weekly updates, these categories are really changing a lot and bringing something new each time.However, as we have said, the studios are the real stars of the show! You can search the videos based on the studio where they came from. You will find a list of all the studios in the option called Channels. There, you will find an alphabetical order of the studios that Siska took the videos from. Their number is incredible and you can enjoy so many different and yet glorious movies.For example, if you want the best anal porn, you can choose the movies from TrueAnal or Analized. If you are up for the best premium porn, Brazzers and Reality Kings are right there as well. Wicked is also another site that is top-notch and its newest movie with Emily Willis, The Red Room, is simply mind-blowing. Therefore, Siska is a serious porn site with a lot of wonderful premium movies to offer.Alright, I don’t mean to be bitching when the content is as good as this, but the site design of Siska is really something that takes points away from it. It has a generic grey background with black letters that are simply not appealing to the eye. Also, I found many broken English sentences and words on this site which is also OK. Not every porn site is made by a native English speaker but they can at least find someone to proofread that shit!The user-experience is not thwarted by the visual mess of this site but the overall experience would really be better if someone spent some time making this design better. When you enter each category, especially the one with the channels, you will be greeted by big white letters that simply don’t look nice. This is something that is debatable and many people will say that it is not important, but everyone loves their wife to be hot as hell, right?!Never forget that Siska is a porn site that lets you watch amazing premium porn for free and every toil of your experience on it is worth it! When I speak of toils, the ads are a thing that is a blind spot for most of the free porn sites. They don’t have the membership options and they also have to earn their money in some way. Ads are the foolproof way for that and this site is full of them.When I tried watching the Red Room with Emilly Willis, my favorite pornstar, I came across many hardships. First of all, I was greeted by the message that I should disable my Ad Blocker! My friends over at Siska, that is not gonna happen in a million years! Who knows what kind of shit you will bestow upon me if I let my guard down?! Therefore, the ad blocker is staying!Still, I found three different streams and links for the video to be played. Each and every one of them was playable and full of ads and redirection links. I hate it when I have to click on the play button so many times and have to close all of those windows and ads. It just sucks so I hope that Siska will make this matter better. At least, let us watch the videos in peace because they are so damn good! The good thing is that you are out of the woods once the video starts playing!What can be said about a porn site that offers its content for free? Not only that! Its content is not some secondary shit but it comes from the best and hottest premium porn sites in the industry. When a porn site is like that, everything else about it falls to deaf ears. Therefore, forget about the poor site design and tedious ads and enjoy some of the hottest premium porn videos for free! You will love every second of them and you have Siska to thank for that!
FAkings TV
Like other cultures who speak romance languages, the Spanish and people from Latin American are considered to be particularly romantic lovers. According to multiple surveys, it is countries like Argentina and Spain that consistently rank as having some of the most passionate people to date or hookup with. Too bad, we think, that there are not that many Spanish or even Latina performers on the big studio sites. Sure, there are a few like the lovely Julia de Lucia and the always hilarious Jordi El Niño Polla. But to us, there seem to be fewer high-profile performers compared to those from American, Canadian, British, and other English-speaking cultures. But after doing a ton of searching around, we have managed to find a few related Spanish smut sites which are built in such a way to be English-reader friendly as well. We looked at nearly every page on this site (and there were quite a bit), and checked out this website’s past and do not have an explanation for the name Fakings TV. Whatever the reason they went with this moniker, this domain was first designed exclusively as a platform for real, amateur webcam models.  When it was initially launched at the beginning of the 2010s, the design was a bit pedestrian but still had managed to get an impressive number of girls. And since the original versions of the websites were built using Spanish, thus attracting performers from all over the Latin world, there was quite a bit of variety when it came to the models' colors and kinks. Over the years, a few additional features were added, and fortunately for all of you, this included an English-version Fakings TV and their sister sites. There are two main parts to this site: the live cams and the recorded videos. As it exists now, Fakings TV still has several live models who seem to be from most major countries and even a few ones in both Americas, Eurasia, and Australia. The kinds of categories you are going to find are just the same as most other cam sites, but there are a few things which are a little different compared to the way that other cammer broadcast. For one, it looks to us as most of the models, in addition to being bisexual are at least bilingual. Plus, they can keep up a conversation in multiple tongues, which will have you licking yours with lust as you watch. Another thing we have found about this site, which is a bit different, is where these models broadcast. Of course, most of them shot out of there bedrooms. But many of these women do there shows in more exciting locations like a dressed up living room or even outdoors. In fact, they are so well put together that they look like high-quality porn sets! Like we brought up before, there is an incredible number of ladies to look at no matter your local time. Check it out, and you will find dozens of babes out several thousand doing softcore shows or hooking up live with a guy or a girl, or a couple of people of either gender. In those videos, you can find anything and everything from typical vaginal intercourse to rough anal to different types of double penetration. The other main features on this site are similar to a simplified tube site with a mix of studio porn from the Spanish-speaking world. So, there are a ton of videos which you can watch for free.Most of the sex is vanilla porn along with some mild fetishes featured like MILF and amateur, though there are some more exotic ones we will get to later. There has been some creativity put into some of the videos which we do not see on other porn platforms. We mean that there is nothing too crazy, but some of the setups involve some creatively written plots or premises like short guys taking on significantly bigger and taller women.The one other interesting thing about these flesh films is that they present, for lack of a better word, “normal” looking people. With two clicks via the main menu, you can get access to videos in the typical lists: the latest, the most popular, and most viewed. There are also links to the category, tag, and channel pages. Instead of being a simple promotional page for studio sites like other tubes, on these pages you get links to all of the hundreds of videos in order of the studios which produced them. Back in 2018, the same year that the English version was launched, Fakings TV went through a redesign which simplified its layout considerably. Instead of presenting dozens of preview shots of the website models active stream interspersed with live video feeds, now only there are only promotional pictures of models online. To us, it seems like a downgrade, but this minimization of objects does allow each page to load faster and looks better on mobile phones and tablets. They did add a few other simple features like icons showing who is online in the thumbnail, who is new, and what languages they speak with a flag icon. All things considered, this site runs well on any cyber connected device, except on flip phones, of course. There Is An Even Bigger Erotic Network To ExperienceUnlike some tube sites, Fakings does not try to hide the fact that it is apart of a larger porn network. In fact, they make a point to draw attention to there other subsites a big part of their design. On the upper right side of the page, next to the search bar, the (other) menu lists several other pages filled with porn. Each has a similar design to the kind of content we talked about earlier, and most do not have enough unique content for a separate review. However, there are still enough additional wank material and features to do a quick rundown. FAKings – We have already done a full review of this one, but FAKings is basically a stripped tube, members can rate movies and navigate around through the links to performers’ names, categories, and tags. There are no comments sections, but each post has a detailed description and can be downloaded. MadLifes – This part of the network has a lot of the same design and the kind of recorded content as the FAKings page. The one big difference are the more niche videos that have amateur performers with a sort of alternative look to them.  So, nearly all of the performers are covered in unique tattoos, some interesting piercings, and often have some exotic erotic interests – even by porn standards. The most common copulating practices include wild threeways and intense orgies, typically with more guys than girls. In every scene, we previewed everyone seems to be very flexible both physically and sexually, though there do not seem to be any gangbangs for some reason. PepePorn – We are not sure what the theme in this section is because it seems like random porn from several European sites. That is not to say that it looks bad since most of the uploads are shot in HD and feature some fun to watch fap content. That said, there is some strange stuff which even we have not seen before. For instance, there is a half an hour-long video featuring a heavily pregnant woman having sex with three men, one of whom is wearing a carnival mask for reasons we do not know. MadLifesTV – This part of the Fakings empire seems to be a massive repository for II TORNEO: 2017 though we are not able to find this studio almost anywhere else on the net. Yes, there are pirated copies of these videos that have uploaded on minor tubes, but there no longer seems to be a functioning TORNEO tube, professional site, another aggregator almost anywhere else. In fact, we could only find videos with that label on a site called iGuarro.com, which seems to advertise for but is not apart of the Fakings network. Whatever is going on, the content is okay, but it honestly boring, one-shot, amateur-looking porn. Parejas.NET – This seems to be a platform which is yet another tube site exclusively for amateur uploads. We say "seems" because, unlike the others, it is only available in Spanish.  There are all of the features you would normally find on a platform like this including video uploads, picture galleries, a section to submit sex stories as well as cam-to-cam rooms. MadGays – To sum up, these pages are the gay version of Madelifes and FAKings. There are video previews for non-members, full movies, and downloading options for people with accounts. However, there are a few things missing or unpolished. For one, compared to other parts of the site, the categories are not as complete. There are not as many videos, and you tend to see the same performers doing the same kind of kink-less sex. Lastly, while not degraded or streaming in 240p, almost none of the videos were shot in high-definition. Getting a profile is as easy as coming up with a username and password, then verify your email address. After that, it is just a matter of submitting a payment method, and then you get all of the site's features. You can get full access to thousands of multi-lingual webcam performers, download recorded videos for free, plus get some free credits when you signup. Compared to other cam sites, buying credits is not too expensive, but do not expect to save much money when in a private chat with one of the ladies. To give you some specifics, fifty credits cost 4.99 euros, which works out to about five and a half dollars or four pounds and change. Two hundred credits will run you 19.99 euros, but the best deal is spending 59.99 euros to get 699 credits. One of the biggest things which affect our opinion of a website is how many adverts people have to deal with both as a casual view and as a paid member. Except for occasionally seeing a massive clickable banner at the bottom of the page when going from page to page, there are not too many ads. Sometimes you might have to deal with some spam pages popping up sometimes, but it is not too frequent.Again, there are a good number of categories, but we need to praise the tags, or at least bring them to your attention. Besides the usual like Cornudos (Cuckold), Gargantas Profundas (deep throat), and Orgias (Orgy), there are some seemingly unheard of tags.And we are not just referring to terms like Pregnant and Extreme Sex. You should look it up for yourself, but to give you an idea some of our favorite examples include Gordas (fat), Cazadas (chase), Abuelas (grandmothers), Embarazadas (pregnant), and Fiestas. The biggest problem that we had was how this site literally translates in English. Overall, it is not bad but sometimes you might have to reload a page to get it in your desired language. Further, a few elements, no matter which page you are on, some elements do not translate into English at all. To be honest, there are not too many things which make this website particularity good or bad. In many ways, the Fakings Network is a neat but not too unique combination of webcam platform and basic tube site.Where this series of erotic webpages look different and worth giving a look, is the sensuality of the predominantly Spanish and Latina performers who are amateurs and professionals. And so for this portrayal of porn sex, we give Fakings TV four out of five hands.
Who does not love POV porn?POVcum is a free porn site with full-length videos in POV format. POVcum is a newer site in porn industry, but over the last few months his rankings are going up. A lot of the population is familiar with POV porn. POV porn videos are much different and much more joyful than any others because when you watch videos, it can give you that feeling like you are in the video with a hot babe or a nasty MILF, or maybe a shy teen.This is one superior way of making porn videos, all people around the globe are in lov with POV, but on this site, POVcum, action is much better to watch! POV has been dominating all of the porn categories for some years now and its popularity is only growing each day!As we said, POVcum is a newer site in porn industry, but that does not have to bother you, because POVcum is a free porn site with full-length videos in POV format. Besides classic POV, there is a new level of POV and that is VR. VR can give you a whole range of POV action and you can enjoy every minute of it.POVcum is litlte bit different, their focus is on whispering, ASMR and dirty talk during any POV action!All big porn sites feature some of the hottest pornstars in porn and POVcum is just right there among those big sites, with some big names on their site! Now that we got that out of the way, let me introduce you to a website that has some of the best POV content on the web.If the name of this site does not give you enough information. Let's put it this way. This website is with POV content and it is made in that way to blow your mind away when you watch it. It is not just about the quality of videos here, it is about the feel you get when you watch POV porn, because you always get that feel like you are in the video with a horny girl on your dick!POVcum is the site that you want to spend your time on, because they have it all and they can make your dreams into reality! All your fantasies you desire, you can find it here on POVcum. This site is well made and they have a TON of POV content to offer for any user.You can find any type of girl you want. If you have any specific type of a hot babe, MILF, or teen in your mind and you wish to find her, it is all possible by using tags that you can find on POVcum front page!The main focus of POVcum is, as you can already see, to give the best POV quality to their viewers. One of the stronger parts of this site is that here you can find some of the hottest chicks around the world! Since the porn industry is becoming bigger every single day with new actors, one of the best are here on POVcum!  There are many adult websites with this kind of action and it's very hard to try to pick any of them. But the quality of videos on POVcum can easily be compared to any other big names in porn industry since they are newer in this world of porn.POVcum can give you some of the best POV brand videos! 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It is hard to find a free porn website with all the features that can be found on POVcum! POVcum is a little bit different, because this site comes up with tags when you want to find your perfect video, tags come up in alphabetical way, not just categories, but pornstar names also!Length of videos on POVcum is somewhere around 30 minutes and 1 hour, so you will not miss anything while you jerk hard your cock. The quality of videos are very high and you will catch every detail you adore.When it comes to free porn content, and with the quality of POV videos, then POVcum surely is one of the best sites that you can visit. Since the internet is a great place when it comes to porn! Finding good POV videos is not that hard to find. But most of the sites focus more on exclusive content and cash from their users.Overall, if you love to watch any type of POVs, then POVcum surely is the place where you want to spend your free time! You should check it out, and enjoy! The website is great both in content quality and variety, and when it comes to the mode's selection, you will be stunned. Quality POV sites are harder to find these days, but POVcum is surely one of the best.
Trailers are a very important part of the entertainment industry. We are not talking only about the adult industry. When you are waiting for a new movie or a video game, the production houses first show you a trailer for it and they let the suspense rise until the actual release. The trailers show some of the most interesting scenes from the entries and if you love porn trailers, you will love DVDtrailerTube.Porn trailers are usually connected to premium porn. You won’t find trailers for amateur movies because they simply don’t exist. Premium porn sites, however, pay great attention to the trailers for their movies and it is one of the obligatory parts of their content. Usually, these trailers are available even to the free users who come to check the site out for the first time.What if we told you that there was a porn site that focused exclusively on the best porn trailers for the premium porn movies and individual scenes? Its name is DVDtrailerTube and it will show you some of the hottest trailers that you can find in the adult entertainment industry. Therefore, let’s take a look at what this site has to offer and what your overall experience on it will be like.DVDtrailerTube is a German porn site. It becomes crystal clear from the first moment you visit this site. However, one interesting fact is that this site actually changed its name and domain and it is currently known as Erotik.com. In the rest of the review, we will still be using its old name so don’t get confused by it.When speaking of the German language, the technology is very advanced today and you can translate the whole page to English with a single click of the mouse. This is a popular porn site that offers thousands and thousands of free porn trailers. This means that you don’t have to be a member of this site or to pay for its membership in order to watch them.As we have already said, porn trailers are made for premium porn movies and DVDs. Since DVDtrailerTube comes with a huge repository of trailers, it is not a surprise that some of the biggest names in porn can be found there. Some of the biggest names in the adult industry are here like Dorcel Club, Vixen, Tushy, Wicked Pictures, Nubile Films, Reality Kings, TeamSkeet, and many others. This means that the trailers will come from the best productions in the industry.Also, you can expect some virtual reality studios that offer their trailers such as VR Bangers or WankzVR, two of the most decorated VR porn sites in the world. Also, you can expect many international and European porn sites with their trailers on DVDtrailerTube like 21Sextury or DBM. This site simply has something for everyone and you will easily find what you want.Now, when we think about the trailers, we usually think about short shots that last about a minute or two. However, on this site, you can expect some trailers to be up to ten minutes long and they will show you some of the hottest scenes from the whole DVDs. Also, if you choose to watch trailers for the individual scenes, these trailers are a bit shorter but also incredibly hot and interesting.If you thought that this site was all about the trailers, you were wrong. Its main focus are the trailers, that is true, but it also gives you an opportunity to stream and download the scenes or the DVDs that you choose. They all come for a price and we can say that this site is a sort of a VOD site. We can say that because you cannot watch all the movies on the site for a single membership price but you buy individual DVDs and scenes.The price of the purchase depends on the studio and the length of the movie. If you want to watch a single scene, you can get it for as low as $5.00 and if you pick a long DVD, the price will usually be over $20.00. Remember, since this site is European, namely German, the prices will be listed in Euros, the official currency of Germany and the rest of Europe. Still, you can find a good deal if you search for it.You don’t need to be a member of DVDtrailerTube to watch its trailers. There are thousands of trailers and you can watch them all for free. But, if you want to purchase the DVD or a scene, you need to have a profile on this site. The registration is free and you get a nice welcoming gift of 10 euros to start the fun. This means that you can already download or stream your favorite scenes without spending money.First of all, we have to acknowledge that this site has a really big number of options. You can choose your favorite genre, studio, porn star, and many other filtering options are included. Therefore, all of the things that you need are right there on the homepage and you cannot miss them. Still, there are some incredible options and commodities that this site offers.When choosing your favorite trailers, you can choose whether you wish to watch them for DVDs or for individual scenes. This can be done on the homepage or in the Studios section. One simple click will divide the one from the other and your best chance is to choose your favorite studio and sift through an amazing choice that DVDtrailerTube has to offer.Once you have chosen your favorite DVD or scene, you get transferred to a very professionally made page that will give you all the choices. First of all, you can see the screenshots from the scene and you can watch the trailer to see what you can expect. Then, you can choose between the download and borrow option. The borrow option is cheaper because the scene you choose will be available to you for a couple of days and then it becomes locked again.You can download, stream the video, or order it by mail. The delivery time is between 2 – 5 days and they will secretly and securely come to your address. We told you that this site can pass as a VOD site and you should have believed us! Finally, you can see all the scenes from the movie or the screenshots from the scene that you have chosen. This site really has everything sorted out!No one can get off to trailers alone! You need the big thing and the real thing. Therefore, no one can blame you if you really pick and buy the DVDs from DVDtrailerTube. However, there is one surprise that everyone will love. This site has a 30 days money back guarantee. This means that, if you didn’t like the DVD or it didn’t work for some reason, you can return it and the site will refund your payment in 100%. Is it Christmas already because it sure feels like it?!Also, speaking of other perks of being a user of this site, there are many streaming options available for the scenes and DVDs on DVDtrailerTube. You can stream these videos on your computer, laptop, mobile devices, and TV. You can stream the videos on your television if you have Chromecast or Airplay. These options are familiar to most porn lovers and, if you don’t know them, make sure to learn more about them.DVDtrailerTube is one of those sites that really pay attention to the needs and wants of their users. This means that you can really be an active member of the community of this site and you can contribute to its better usage in the future. Most of the movies and scenes on this site come with a review but some of them don’t have it. You can write your own review of the given DVD or a scene and you can earn some worthy coupons to use on this site. The one I was watching needed a review and the one who wrote it will get a coupon worth 100 Euros.It is a big step when a porn site decides to change its name and this one really did a leap of faith. It ended up really fine for it since the number of the users and the number of the trailers are sky high. This German porn site features thousands of hot porn trailers that you can watch. You can purchase or borrow DVDs and individual scenes while getting worthy coupons to use on this site! Use it today and you will see the eternal importance of porn trailers!
PornHD.com is a free pornography website with a typical sex tube format. Registered in 2004, the website is a library of smut known worldwide for its wide variety of perverse videos available on demand. The videos are in high definition, hence the name. As of this writing, the site was receiving roughly 35 million visits per month, putting it in the top 100 porn sites globally.A Porn Tube in Crisp HDThe front page of PornHD features the wall of pornographic thumbnails typical of websites of this type. The entire presentation is clean and streamlined, with a white background and very basic header featuring an understated site logo. Minimal information is presented for each video, lending to the clean feel; only a title and runtime is visible for each scene. As typical for a modern sex tube, thumbnails display a moving preview upon hover-over.  The default view shows Featured Videos first. When PornSites.com visited, these included a taboo MFM anal scene, a petite and bubbly teen getting hosed down with semen during a casting call, and an embarrassing situation involving a Latina getting caught out in public without any clothes. We consulted the animated preview to see how Serena Santos dealt with the situation, and it involved oral sex, doggystyle, and a man ejaculating on her naked breasts.  The Featured Videos lean heavily toward professional scenes with high production values. Indeed, some of the trending tags listed at the top of the screen make it apparent what type of material is popular here; Brazzers, Anal, Blacked, Big Ass, Reality Kings and MILF are all popular categories on the site.  Premium porn sites listed as tags is often an indicator of piracy. However, the relatively short duration of the Featured Videos would suggest otherwise. With most sex scenes running around 10 minutes, the site features a constant stream of paysite sample clips as part of their regular updates. The Reality Kings section of the site, for example, has sign-up links to the paysite as well as regular updates of short preview scenes to entice potential subscribers.  PornSites.com uses a readily available spam-blocking plugin while reviewing sex sites. While the front page is clear of banner ads and animated erection pill demonstrations, several live webcam links are slipped in among the thumbnails of MILF blowjob and interracial orgy movies. They are denoted with a LIVE icon where the other thumbnails have a timestamp, though unaware users may click one or more during the visit. At best, this means a free glimpse at live nude girls, possibly engaging in masturbation or intercourse. At worst, viewers who fall in love may find themselves in a dire financial situation.  The first thing we clicked on was a thumbnail for a taboo movie called Stepsis Mackenzie is Bi-Curious and Horny. A pop-under slipped by our ad-blocker, but we were able to get the video playing without difficulty. The 12-minute scene is, in fact, a sample from a paysite indicated by a watermark in the corner and a short video introduction. Scrolling text further reminds us that the full 44-minute film is available to paying members on the official site.  PornHD began streaming the scene at 480p, though we didn’t have any buffering or stuttering issues after bumping it up to 720p. While technically HD, 720p is no longer considered to be the high end of the spectrum. As the site is called PornHD, users may be disappointed by the relatively low definition. A blurb at the bottom of the front page explains that some movies are 1080p, though during our visit 720p seemed standard. Stepsis Mackenzie is Bi-Curious and Horny looked somewhat grainy in full screen even at maximum resolution.  Playback is very smooth, even maxed out and while skipping around the timeline. Mackenzie aggressively dry-humps an inflatable sex doll before being surprised by her step-brother. It takes minimal effort on his part to convince the young lady to try having sex with a real person. She’s soon administering oral sex with a surprised look on her face, followed by reciprocal cunnilingus from her older brother. The clip culminates with several minutes of Mackenzie squealing while riding atop the man’s turgid erection.  After the video concluded, we clicked the Like button. PornHD does not require memberships, so our Like was added to the total without any need to sign in. Clicking the Download button, however, proved to be an issue that ties in with the site’s very aggressive use of spam.  With our spam blocker enabled, the Download button did nothing when clicked. We tried multiple times, even reloading the page and trying other videos. Downloading does not require any sign-up, but does seem to require that users deactivate any ad-blocking plugin they have enabled. We turned ours off and refreshed the page. Much of the page was now covered in short advertising loops of men thrusting their penises into sex toys, women making “jack-off” hand motions, and micropenises expanding after being doused with a miracle cure. The Download button, however, now works. Users can select between Standard (480p) and HD Quality (720p).  A couple other minor features of the site that appeared broken began to work when the blocker was deactivated. For example, there are dropdown menus on the front page that let you reorder the videos or log into the site. With our spam plugin running, these menus were completely non-functional. Upon dropping our protection and refreshing the page, they began working. PornSites.com did not feel the trade-off was worth it.  During our visit to the site, our spam blocker was able to protect us from the majority of intrusive advertisements. After the initial pop-under ad, the plugin blocked the rest. However, it was clear that the site has a very aggressive spam experience in store for their users; our ad-blocker consistently displayed double digits in its blocked ad count. Viewers of the site are strongly advised to always use an ad-blocker when perusing PornHD’s collection of double penetration, teenage lesbians and public indecency movies.  PornHD’s Categories page is an exhaustively detailed picture menu of well over 200 pornographic subgenres. Everything from Anal to Squirting to Stepdaughter is illustrated with a relevant thumbnail of a penetrated rectum, erupting vagina, or innocent teen giving her surprised step-father a well-practiced blowjob.  Each thumbnail is clearly hand selected. The photo for Orgasm features a beautiful woman with her eyes closed and mouth open in a big O. Rough Sex is denoted by a naked woman held by her hair, tears streaming down her face and ruining her makeup. The Role Play section features a girl in a sailor suit and another dressed as a princess, and the girl with the mouthful of semen represents the Cum In Mouth section of the site.  The Categories run very deep, with porn standards like Reverse Cowgirl and Toys side-by-side with kinkier acts like Blowbang, Gaping, Femdom and Ass-to-Mouth. The amount of effort that went into the list and presentation is impressive. Most porn tubes trim it to a few dozen, leave them without thumbnails, and then make users dig through extensive tag lists to find their favorite specific content.  PornHD has a similarly exhaustive Pornstars section with thumbnails for a seemingly endless range of pornstars. By default, they’re sorted by popularity. The number of pieces a particular starlet has on PornHD is listed below her thumbnail. Lana Rhoades, who currently holds the #1 position, has 73 hardcore porno movies available to stream and download from the site as of this writing. Some of the more prolific actresses, like Riley Reid and Abella Danger, have hundreds of dirty movies to their names.  PornHD does have something of a spam problem compared to some of their major competitors. It’s easily the biggest downside to the site, but it isn’t bad enough to discourage their nearly 35 million monthly viewers. PornHD remains one of the biggest and most popular free sex tubes because they consistently deliver top-shelf content from the big names, and they never charge their users a cent. It’s a simple formula, but it obviously works.
Free porn tubes are the literal foundation of the porn industry. Without free porn to hook all the hungry customers up, all of those luxurious sites today wouldn't exist. And, today, we have a classic for you. This site was one of the first to start posting porn on the internet, and at one point, it was in the hundred most popular pornographic sites on the planet Earth. If this sounds interesting to you, then you might as well stick around and read this review because you can learn something interesting, and you might find your new favorite site. The site was created in the year 1999. Precisely, on the 5th September of said year. And since then, they have been going strong. With a long history like this one, they have a tremendous collection of pornographic videos, and you can definitely find something that you like. This website, GotPorn.com, has stood the test of time for years and years, and it definitely deserves the popularity that it has today. You're most certainly going to love this site. Unfortunately, nothing else, in particular, is known about this site, but even without the precise history, you can still see that it's one of the best places ever. The design is pretty cool. It's nothing special, luxurious, or pretentious, but it does serve its purpose. GotPorn.com definitely focused more on the content and the practical side, though, since the artistic site is lacking a bit. For example, the whole website is in the color white, and nothing else is present. The options and their letters are black, with only the one you select being red. It's a simple, yet practical design, and you'll definitely love the simplicity of it. Especially since the website is easy to use, and there are absolutely zero problems with it whatsoever. GotPorn.com does not have a lot of options. For example, there are the classics. Videos, categories, images, and that's it content-wise. Other than that, you can find the channels, which are mostly networks that are posting their videos on GotPorn.com. Or sites that collaborate with this website. And that's cool, and they chose that tactic instead of plastering ads all over the website. Which is a fantastic and honorable thing. And you can find anything else that you want without being bothered by annoying pop-ups or various discount deals. The content of this website, GotPorn.com, is a pretty fantastic thing. Since this is a free pornographic tube, here, you can find anything that you want. The content is precious, and it's versatile. You can find women of any age, any size, and any preferences get banged. From Asians to African chicks, all the way to Caucasian beauties getting banged wildly. And it's not even a problem since these girls love it. No matter if they're curvy or skinny, with glasses or not, all the girls here love what they do, and you will like their content as well. That's a really cool thing, and this website did an excellent job. One great thing about GotPorn.com is their categories. You see, since there's a lot of content on this website, it would be hard to navigate it and separate it properly without any categories whatsoever. And GotPorn.com does have a lot of great ones. For example, you can find Asian, Japanese, MILF, Big Cock porn, and anything else that might cross your mind. If you're into gay stuff and trans stuff, you can find that as well. This site does not have any limits as far as the people go, and here, only the most beautiful people post their porn. All in all, you'll definitely have a great time browsing this gorgeous site. The desktop experience for GotPorn.com is pretty fantastic. First of all, everything functions smoothly and efficiently, which is a great thing - no bugs, no lags, no boring stuff. Also, here, you won't find any ads, discount promotions, website promotions, sponsoring, and all the other boring stuff that goes on your nerves. So, you can just browse the content quickly, do your thing, and then get out and return later. Not a lot of sites today have that kind of system, and since it's such a rarity, it's only right that GotPorn.com earned its righteous place in the pornographic industry.  The mobile experience for GotPorn.com is also good. The only difference is that you get one ad right at the start, but as soon as you turn it off, that's it. And the options you can access right away, or you can press the button on the side of the site to uncover them all. It's still comfortable, simple, without any problems or annoying promotions. Nothing's changed that drastically, and it's still the same old good site. So, you can just keep browsing, and you will definitely adore this pretty good site. All in all, it's okay, their system is still pretty good. So, to compare them both, let's just say that GotPorn.com knows what they're doing. Their options and their navigation system are pretty cool in both formats. Whether you're using your phone or a computer, you won't regret getting on this site. And compared to the rest of the websites that you've maybe heard about in these reviews, this is one of the best. Nothing's genuinely problematic here, and that's it. Perhaps the desktop experience is a little bit better than the phone one, but that's the case with every single pornographic site out there. You'll definitely like practically everything. The content is the first thing on the list, then the options, and then the lack of annoying ads. Everything's present on the list, and that's it. This is one of those sites that'll work for sure to keep you if you only give it a chance. Which is what you should do, because it is one of the best, even today. Usually, the old school stuff is the best and looks like it's the same as far as the porn goes. GotPorn.com will take your breath away, and you will regret every single day you've spent browsing on other sites. And that is the total truth. One thing that might be better is the design, especially its artistic side. Only because people are usually looking for a visual stimulant, and that's one thing that GotPorn.com's failed to cover. You need something attractive at first sight, in order to immediately get people hooked. With a site like this, it's a real shame that they don't have a more exciting design. Simple because there is a whole chunk of people who are going to overlook it because it seems like your regular porn site. And we all know the truth, it isn't ordinary in any way. So yeah, the only suggestion that GotPorn.com could possibly listen to, is to fix their design a bit. That way, they will be able to gain even more fans over time, and maybe they'll get in those top hundred once again. Other than that, there are absolutely zero suggestions, and GotPorn.com can definitely live without them. They don't even have to listen to this one, and this is just a simple suggestion that might help the site become even better. But it's still already excellent, so that's a fact. This site will be even more impressive in the future, be sure of it. Other than that, no suggestions are present. They did their job well, and they will continue to do so. You're probably still mesmerized about the whole no ad thing, as you should be. Not a lot of sites today offer that kind of treatment and those kinds of perks for literally nothing. And, to conclude this review, let's just say that GotPorn.com is a fantastic site. Everything on it is impressive, and you for sure definitely will stick around, because why wouldn't you? If you liked this review, then go ahead and browse this site a bit, see what you want, and sample the content. Your mind will be blown, and then you'll become a regular visitor to this site for sure. So, have fun, and remember, GotPorn.com does have something for everyone.
EmpFlix.com is a major adult website established in 2008. It is a tube-style video sharing site built exclusively for the dissemination of pornography, and has grown very popular in its decade-plus run. The site has thousands of explicit sex movies available to stream 24 hours a day, which goes a long way in explaining how they get nearly 20 million visits per month. EmpFlix is associated with Empornium, a site dedicated to pornographic torrents available via peer-to-peer sharing.The setup and layout to EmpFlix will immediately be familiar to anyone who frequently masturbates online, whether they’ve visited this particular site or not. It shares the same tube format as the majority of video sharing sites. A simple header and category sidebar surround a grid of thumbnails often referred to as a “wall of porn”.The default view of the site’s landing page displays Featured Porn Videos first. When PornSites.com visited, these included missionary-style sex, interracial double-penetration of a bound woman, vaginal gaping combined with a double facial, and Japanese Adult Video (JAV) porn featuring Kanako Kimura giving a blowjob. A physician gives a hymen checkup by thrusting his penis deep inside a woman’s genitals while another man penetrates her orally, and a group of four teens lose their virginity to a buff, hairy man beside a pool.Empflix does not appear to have any specific focus besides hardcore pornography. This means we saw a wide variety of material even on just the front page. Almost every major subgenre of smut is readily available without forcing users to dig deep into the collection. We saw group sex, lesbian encounters, anal sex scenes and ass-to-mouth blowjobs. Blondes, brunettes, Latinas and Ebony babes were all represented, as were teens, MILFs, thin girls and BBWs.Users who do wish to dial in a preferred variety of masturbatory content can use the search bar, load the Categories page from the header, or select one of the Categories listed in the sidebar. The dozens of included categories in the sidebar appear to be the site’s most popular offerings, with video counts displayed beside each listed genre.As of this writing, EmpFlix has more than 600,000 Amateur movies and more than 630,000 featuring Blowjobs and Oral Sex. There are over 100,000 Fetish movies, and nearly a million tagged with Hardcore. Users can masturbate to nearly 700,000 movies featuring Teens 18+, or indulge their creepiest proclivities with the site’s 30,000+ Voyeurism films. High-tech masturbators can even watch a growing selection of VR Porn movies, allowing them to experience next-generation pornographic immersion dropping them right into the scenes.The thumbnails display a title and a clip length, and the HD movies are labeled with their resolution in the corner, typically 720p or 1080p. Hovering over a static image engages a moving preview of the full video. When we put out mouse over a woman standing in her underwear, we immediately got to see her put her legs in the air for cunnilingus before being penetrated from cowgirl, missionary, and doggystyle positions.Upon hover-over, thumbnails also show a profile photo of the uploader. However, most of the videos we saw on the front page were added to the site by users who had not added their own profile picture. The result is a blank silhouette of a man in the corner of each moving preview.While the profile silhouettes seemed like a superfluous addition to the layout, we did appreciate the Watch Later and Open In New Window buttons embedded in the thumbnail previews. This allows users to cho­ose multiple pieces of masturbatory content while continuing to browse the selection.Beneath the Featured Porn Videos on the front page, EmpFlix displays thumbnails for the Most Recent Porn Videos. The site is updated on a near-constant basis by their millions of regular users. After writing the above section, we refreshed the page and were treated to half a dozen new scenes. These included another Asian girl having loud penetrative intercourse, a pair of Czech teens spreading each other’s vaginas, a Russian woman using a dildo on her friend, and a redhead bound, gagged and masturbated to convulsive orgasm.PornSites.com loaded up one of newest clips added to the site, a 7-minute HD scene simply entitled Hot Teenies. A pop-up was briefly visible as we clicked through to the video page, though our consumer-grade spam blocker was able to eliminate it before any content loaded in the new window. The video began playing immediately. When we paused it momentarily, an animated ad for a CG hentai video game hovered over the video window.Resolution is selected automatically based on your connection speed. On our residential-type connection, the video began playing in the maximum 720p. However, it was clear the video was not in high definition as it was visibly blurry. A watermark for a defunct video-sharing site can be seen in the order; the scene has likely been copied/stolen many times, resulting in considerable image degradation at every step.The video content itself is very sexy, which helps explain why it has been copied so many times. A teenage Latina feels a man’s penis and testicles through his shorts before taking his shaft deep into her mouth. Most of the clip’s runtime consists of fellatio, culminating in deep vaginal penetration performed in a doggystyle position. The young woman is an enthusiastic partner, thrusting her own body hard onto her partner’s engorged genitalia.A movie description below the video player inaccurately sums the scene up as “Filthy teenies gladly organize stunning and wild threesome.” Only one teen appears in the film, the error stemming from the uploader’s own summation of the film. Tags, however, seem to be in proper order as the scene has been labeled with Blowjobs and Oral Sex, Hardcore Porn, Teens 18+ and Porn Stars. While none of our review team was able to identify the female performer by name, she had a familiar look and the scene was obviously professionally staged and shot, making her a bona fide Porn Star.After watching Hot Teenies, we went back to the front page. More new content had been added since our last look, so we checked out the very newest scene, Black Teen Spreading Her Legs Wide To Take A Booty Jigg, an 8-minute sample scene from premium Ebony site BlackValleyGirls. Again, the video appeared to be presented in a lower resolution than the stated 720p HD.The video player is fairly responsive, allowing us to skip ahead to the buttocks slapping scene, the blowjob sequence and the vaginal pounding. Based on the way her thick buttocks shake as her partner slams his body into hers, we believe the scene title has been truncated and it was previously called Black Teen Spreading Her Legs Wide To Take A Booty Jiggling Pounding.A Download button is offered below the video player, allowing users to save the movie to their hard drive or SD card. This feature does require a free EmpFlix membership to use. When we clicked the provided sign-up button that pops up, however, the screen was covered with a gray overlay and we couldn’t do anything until we refreshed the page. This appears to be a conflict between their spam and our ad blocker.PornSites.com always uses a spam-blocking plugin during our reviews. We did not see any intrusive spam during our visit, though the blocked item count for each page consistently numbered in the double digits. When we tried viewing the site without the plugin enabled, much of the page was covered in ads for name-brand erection pills from overseas pharmacies, penis enlargement products of questionable origin and quality, and horny local MILFs and GILFs looking for no-strings-attached sex tonight. Strangely, the Download button disappeared with the spam blocker disengaged.EmpFlix has thousands of hardcore movies available to stream and download for free, without much spam if you’re using an ad blocker. However, during our visit it seemed like most of the material had been posted and copied from numerous places before reaching EmpFlix, resulting in noticeably lowered visual quality. While the site will certainly be useful during a masturbation binge, the overall experience is inferior to other major porn tubes. PornSites.com recommends choosing a different one from our list.
Taxi69.com may sound like a free tube site that features only content of hot, sexy backseat taxi action, but that’s not what Taxi69 is about. Opening in 2014, the free tube site features professional porn from some of the most trusted brands in porn. Moreover, Taxi69 also features a cam sitesimilar to other popular sites. What’s unique about this particular cam site though is its rating system. The more a customer spends, the higher their rank in a club called Club Elite. This is Taxi 69's elite club. A person is ranked when they spend 15 points per month and earn the 'Crush' rating. Big spenders that use over 15,000 points a month will get the 'Casanova' rating. Taxi69 claims perks for particular ratings are coming, so stay tuned. Taxi69 may have some of the most jaw-dropping thumbnails of any free tube site reviewed on ThePornDude. That isn’t an exaggeration, either. These thumbnails are so detailed that visitors will wonder if they are mistakenly looking at an image gallery or a free tube site. Screencaps are not used for the thumbnails on Taxi69, so don’t think it’s going to be full of low-quality thumbnails. It’s not known for sure if the thumbnails used are actual thumbnails premium porn services like Brazzers use for their videos, either. Chances are, Taxi69 uses the professionally designed and edited screenshots for each video as its thumbnail. It makes sense since Taxi69 primarily provides professional porn videos from AAA studios and brands rather than anything amateurish.  However, Taxi69 finds and uses its thumbnails, it needs to keep up the stellar work. The thumbnails are amazing. It's nice just to browse the thumbnails and look at them because it feels like looking at an image gallery rather than a page of videos. It's always good to see a free tube site that allows people to download content for offline use. Every free tube site should consider doing this. Taxi69, fortunately, offers this feature. Downloading is quick, simple, and takes no time at all. It could not be easier to download content from Taxi69! Unfortunately, there is a barrier to entry. Would-be downloaders have to first sign up for a free account to gain access to this feature. While it's not terrible and isn't a huge deal, it's going to turn off some people from using Taxi69 to download content altogether. These people may opt to go to another free tube site that offers premium pornography with the ability to download content without signing up for an account. For the users that are content with signing up for a free account, it's not an issue. For everyone else, they may want to look elsewhere to download content.  One of the things that Taxi69 does that’s completely different than most other free tube sites is that it features additional videos in the category of the video that was just watched. This isn’t to be confused with similar sections on free tube sites that show related videos (more on that in a moment). Instead, this is solely content for that type of category that was just viewed. Look for the section labeled ‘More [insert category] Videos.’ It’s unclear how or why these videos are displayed. Do random videos for that category appear? Are they the most popular and viewed? Regardless of how these videos are displayed in this section, it doesn't matter. These are videos from the same category. Watch and enjoy more of the same! Thankfully, Taxi69 provides a pornstar section. This makes it simple to look at the videos of the pornstars present on Taxi69. Click a pornstar, and viewers will notice the listings of videos featuring that pornstar.  It could be more accessible, though. Browsers cannot jump from page-to-page. This is confusing because on the homepage, it's entirely possible. Why Taxi69 chose not to allow people to browse from page-to-page is beyond confusing, and it's a poor choice in design.  To find a pornstar to browse by, users have to click the letter starting with that pornstar’s name and hope they are there. But they cannot jump from page to page. They have to click the letter beginning with the pornstar's name and hope they are there. It can be confusing and more time consuming than it should be. Taxi69 boasts a ton of out-of-the-box categories. Not only are the thumbnails enticing (more on thumbnails later), but the sheer variety of categories is so vast and unique that Taxi69 should be commended. All the usual vanilla categories are here, so those that prefer their pornography tame need not fear that they’re left out. The categories on display are also incredibly unique. Expect to find categories like toilet, gypsy, infidelity, mulatto girls, and so on. Also, expect to find specific categories such as young Latina. None of these categories are mucked up by combining brands, pornstars, tags, etc. into the mix, either. When clicking on the categories section, that's what the person is getting: nothing less, nothing more. This should be the first stop for any new visitor to Taxi69! Although it's clear why Taxi69 chose not to list any information in the video listings (not even in each listing's thumbnail – more on that in a second), it doesn't change the fact that there's no information about any video, anywhere. When logging onto the free tube site, one may even mistake the site for an image gallery. Although it makes browsing for videos one of the most beautiful experiences one will have on a free tube site, it confirms why no other free tube site does this. Free tube sites have to utilize useful information in its video listings, end of it. When looking around on Taxi69, the only indication that a video is worth watching is the amazing thumbnails to tempt users to click and watch. That's not enough. Video listings must at least feature the duration, view count, and rating. These three things are the best methods for determining if a video is worth one's time or if they should keep looking elsewhere. And when clicking on a video to watch, if the video feels too short, a person is going to have to hit their browser's back button to get out. Or if a video hasn't been watched a lot of times because the video is poor, they must hit the back button and try to find something else. If this happens often enough, they may leave Taxi69 altogether out of aggravation. When useful information is missing, it's necessity becomes all the more apparent. The silver lining to not having any good information in the thumbnails and video listings is that the thumbnails for each video look stunning. It has to be one of the most attractive designs of any free tube site – and one has to see it for themselves to become a believer. It all looks neat and tidy, so it's satisfying to look at. By keeping information out of the video listings, Taxi69 has been able to fit in tens of thousands of videos into a little over 40 pages of videos. That's an amazing feat, and could be a sign of design trends ahead. Just imagine if a free tube site showed all the useful information one needed when a person hovered over the thumbnail with their finger or mouse. A website like Taxi69 could keep its pages beautiful while providing a method for displaying the information a free tube site has to feature.  Although one would expect for videos to go to only videos hosted on Taxi69, this doesn’t always happen. Sometimes, videos redirect to TNA Flix. It is a trusted free tube site, so no one is endangering their devices. Still, why does this happen? It’s more confusing than anything else.
Fux is a popular free porn tube that’s swarming with high-quality videos originating from the industry’s leading producers of adult content. The site features heaps of HD and Full HD content in every orientation (gay, straight, tranny), and offers a great user experience. Like expected, the collection is massive and covers plenty of tastes and fantasies. Users should have no trouble finding lots of Russian moms, homemade teens, or bondage and cosplay videos, to name but a few. Users can look forward to hot content from big names like Vixen, Brazzers, Babes Network, and RealityKings, among many others that include a few lesser-known studios. Fux does not seem to stuff their site with low-quality or poor videos in general with videos having a 1080p option.  The porn tube has been providing its visitors with a free source of porn since its launch in 2005. They are estimated to be worth around 10 million bucks with a daily income of $416. In terms of visitors, there are about 4,359 estimated daily unique visitors and 217,961 daily page views, which is illustrative of the site’s popularity with users. The site has a global rank of position 14862.  The website tries its best to avail the sexiest, juiciest, bustiest, and horniest bitches who love to suck, ride, and do all kinds of wonders with big dicks in mouthwatering scenes. Like a classic porn tube, the action is availed straight away as soon as the user steps onto the landing page. They present content in high-quality preview thumbnails showing the number of views, length, and quality. From the beginning, users can tell that the content comes from major porn studios. It does appear that visitors can expect a really arousing ride. The site starts by presenting users with the most viewed videos, which is a fantastic place to start. Below that is a section for the latest videos, top channels, and featured pornstars.   Many free porn tubes don’t put a lot of effort into their design, but Fux stands out for its outstanding design. The first thing of note is the fantastic background that fits in amazingly with the bright thumbnails of videos. It turns out the site has both a day and night mode, which is absolutely fabulous. Everything is where it’s supposed to be, and users should quickly locate their favorite videos. There is an option to filter the content by orientation with straight, gay, and shemale among the options.  The header menu gives access to videos, categories, channels, pornstars, and playlist, among others. There is a search option above the header menu besides which are upload and login buttons. Links work perfectly while tabs are well placed. The site has also presented a navigation menu with solid pagination, and users should be able to dig into this archive without problems. At the very bottom of the main page is an extensive list of clickable tags that will certainly help users find something suited to their tastes and fantasies. There is also an option to browse the site using multiple languages, and apart from English, language options include Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese, among others. Fux has presented its visitors with a robust collection of free porn videos covering a wide range of hardcore sexual scenarios. The collection is over 250k streaming effortlessly and available in 1080p Full HD. The video player allows users to pick from multiple resolutions that start from as low as 240p all the way to 1080p. The video player offers excellent playback. Details accompanying a video includes the date of upload, length, categories/tags, and options to download and add to a list of favorites. There is a catch, though; only registered members will be in a position to download videos and use the other interactive options like comments and ratings, save videos to watch later, and create playlists, among others. Registering is a straightforward process that should only take a couple of minutes. Additionally, only registered members can upload videos. By virtue of the content being taken from different sources, users can expect scenes to follow different storylines, production values, and themes. Some of the most famous studios on Fux include Digital Playground, ATK Girlfriends, Perv City, Tushy, Brazzers, Reality Kings, Indian Sex Lounge, Bang Bros, Trike Patrol, and Blacked among hundreds of others. The channels tab has the complete list. The list of categories is a perfect indication of the collection’s diversity. There are currently close to 40 categories covering a wide range of fantasies. These include Anal, Teen, Amateur, Hardcore, Creampie, Asian, BBW, Big Dick, and Big Tits, among others, that significantly narrow down the searches. As mentioned in earlier parts of the review, users can also pick from gay and shemale content. The list of tags that includes wife cheating, big black cock, my friend’s hot mom, and mom and son, among others, should also prove useful.  The majority of the videos here are professional flicks, and users can, therefore, expect to come across the biggest in the industry as far as performers are concerned. Fux doesn’t disappoint in that regard and has offered visitors an option to browse the collection by pornstars. If the list is anything to go by, it appears the site only has room for the hottest. There are over 6,000 ‘straight’ pornstars, close to 300 gay performers, and a handful of shemales. Users can even subscribe to them so that they can get updates when new videos are added to the collection.  Each of the individual models' pages has dates of birth, body measurements, the total number of views their videos have accumulated, and links to their social media pages. The lineup includes the likes of Madison Ivy, Dillion Harper, Jayden James, and Aletta Ocean, among others. Kayden Kross’s page shows she has a total of 294 videos that can be sorted by most recent, most popular, top-rated, most viewed, and longest. There are also filtering options that include upload date, quality, and duration. Users find suitable videos belonging to their favorite stars without breaking a sweat.  It turns out Fux has a premium version. The free version offers short flicks. Still, premium users will be able to watch and download full-length videos in excellent quality. The site also promises high-speed downloads, exclusive videos, and daily updates. A two-day trial at FuxHD requires a single buck, while monthly access is going for the industry-standard $29.95. There is also a 6-month package going for $99.95. There are loads of fun to expect on the free version and even more fun on the premium version. Users can use their discretion. Thousands of HD scenes; as other free sites stuff their archive with low-quality videos. This site offers users excellent playback options peaking at 1080 Full HD.  Best channels available; the collection is taken from some of the biggest producers in the industry, and users can expect a cocktail of porn covering different themes and storylines. Excellent design; the site features a beautiful site design with the right amount of options and excellent organization. It allows users to find content without challenges. Updates; the site is not satisfied with its already impressive collection and strives to keep the archive fresh by adding new scenes regularly.  Hot pornstars; with content coming from premium sources, users are looking at a lineup of the hottest professional pornstars doing what they do best.  Ads and popups; the free version of the site is teeming with loads of ads and distracting popups. Also, users have to watch an ad for five seconds before they can watch the actual video. Short videos; again, this one has everything to do with the free version where the videos are relatively short 5-10 minutes flicks. Users looking for full versions will have to subscribe to a premium membership.  Few free porn tubes come close to offering the kind of experience provided by Fux. The wide array of 1080p Full HD videos is an absolute gem, especially when they can be downloaded as well. The content is impressively diverse and features the hottest performers. Everything has been availed for free, although willing members have an option to go premium for more benefits. The content is immaculately arranged, and the site has provided ample options to enable users to dig their way through the material.
Free, full-length XXX movies, clips, and scenes are all that’s going down at Mango Porn. The odd choice of the name aside, this looks like a place with enough free videos in high quality to get the user interested. Tasty DVD covers from top porn producers in the industry, as well as mouthwatering thumbnails, light up the homepage. There are full movies available for streaming in HD from the likes of Family Strokes, Evil Angel, Brazzers, Reality Kings, and Bang Bros, among other top dogs. On the face of it, it looks like an excellent source of free smut, but an in-depth review should give the user more information. The free porn ride starts right from the homepage. The bulk of the homepage’s area is devoted to showing a collection of featured porn videos. These are probably hand-picked releases that the team running the website think users ought to check out. Scrolling further down the page brings a list of the latest scenes added to the site. However, the videos are not dated, which makes it challenging to work out the site’s update schedule. Just below that is a collection of parody porn movies. And, finally, a section with the DVDs that this website has to offer. The site is sitting on a massive archive with tens of thousands of videos, and users can get in on the action straight away. MangoPorn has provided more navigational tools starting with a list of the genres on the right-hand side of the page. Users can scroll through the list to get their hands on whatever adult niche they are looking for. The list includes BDSM, cuckold, all-girl, Asian, and deepthroating, to name but a few. The total number of movies per category has been indicated. In an instant, the visitor will know that this place has 2,417 blowjob clips, 1,643 double penetration scenes, and well over 9,300 teen movies. The site has the usual header menu up top with options to browse the content by studios, movies, clips & scenes, and pornstars. The Movies option allows users to browse the videos by trending, rating, parody porn, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish porn. There is also a handy search feature, as well as an option to browse the content by the date of release. The archive goes all the way back to 2005. Overall, there is a beautiful set of options, and finding content should not prove problematic. Mango Porn was created in May 2017. The website receives about 31,416 unique visitors and 223,680 (7.12 per visitor) page views per day which should earn about $566.21/day from advertising revenue. Estimated site value is $245,266.88. Alexa Traffic Rank has given it a 28,566 global ranking, and roughly 0.00223% of global Internet users visit it.  As earlier mentioned, this website collects its materials from publication houses that have the most popularity. The site is essentially a source of free DVDs and full-length videos scenes from the likes of Brazzers, Digital Playground, HardX, DarkX, Evil Angel, Private, Elegant Angel, Zero Tolerance, New Sensations, Wicked Pictures, Digital Sin, Jules Jordan Video, Bluebird Films, and Devil’s Film among many others. Granted, users won’t be getting the studios’ entire archives. Still, they certainly like to push out full-length movies of their finest works, and users can expect the crème de la crème.  The movies are actually available in good quality, with most of the scenes streaming at 720p. Many of these are full-length scenes as well. That’s the team for over 30 minutes. They come with a short synopsis, the cast, and a list of clickable tags. The video quality allows users to take action in fantastic details. The video player is quite basic, although it has an option to go full screen. Related movies are listed below the video plus some links to other sites where users can access more such videos.  However, the videos are only available for streaming with no option for downloading. Users looking to download the videos may have to grab a premium membership to one of the hosting sites. However, the streaming speeds are fast, and there is absolutely no buffering. The only way to acknowledge how profound the content runs is by looking at the list of categories. The collection covers loads of tastes and fetishes. This includes blow jobs, classic, compilation, creampie, family roleplay, facial, fat, foot fetish, gangbang, gay, oiled, pregnant, small tits, shemale, voyeurism, among many others. Judging by the number of videos per category, users are looking at a collection of 50,000 videos give or take. Considering the quality and length, those are solid numbers. New ones also keep on common, although the updates schedule is tough to figure out.  With content coming from the top studios, they are inevitably going to feature some of the top performers. This is precisely the case at Mango Porn, with their collection of videos featuring leading male and female names in the industry, including the likes of James Deen, Sunny Leone, Alexis Texas, Anthony Rosano, and Julian Ann among others. However, their individual pages have no information about the models apart from a collection of their scenes. Together this formidable cast has featured in some of the tastiest and nastiest scenes. Dicks of all sizes can be seen vehemently pounding at tight pussies and assholes, huge boobies, and well-rounded bums shaking uncontrollably from the romping, steamy foreplays, shattering of jizz on pretty faces or other body parts and so much more. It certainly lives up to the promise. Everything on this site has been availed for free. However, it does appear like there is a price to pay. The ads look like the site’s primary way of making cash, and users can expect quite a frustrating experience when it comes to the level of advertising. There are GIF boner pill ads practically everywhere on the page, a nasty popup on the right, and generally distracting, brightly colored ads. Besides, some of the links direct to spammy looking sites that possibly pose all kinds of dangers. The ads are also embedded in the video player, and users have to watch an ad for several seconds before they can play a video. Investing in good antivirus software is the recommended course of action.  MangoPorn has mostly done a stellar job of availing top quality smut from top studios. Still, the fact that the content is not hosted here comes with its own set of challenges. Some of the videos have broken links, and users can do nothing about it. Also, there is no indication that the collection is here with the hosting sites’ permission. Extensive archive; the site has a massive collection of videos spreading into tens of thousands. The archive keeps on growing with the site adding new scenes regularly.  High quality; the videos are sourced from the best studios and are subsequently available in incredible HD quality. The majority of the scenes are full length and available for absolutely free.  Smooth streams; users may have to contend with an ad before watching a video, but the videos stream with no buffering or other issues. Impressive diversity; the collection covers loads of tastes with the lengthy list of categories illustrative of the diverse collection.  No downloads; the videos can only be streamed, and users looking to download the scenes will be disappointed by the lack of download options. Ads; the entire site is swarming with annoying ads and popups while watching a video requires users to watch an ad for several seconds.Adding some information and stats about models would be a great place to start. Some users prefer to know more about the performers. Also, the team should go slow on the as are they are currently on the almost unbearable level. Also, the collection is only limited to videos, and adding photosets would go a long way.  Anyone looking for a massive archive of content coupled with 720p embeds and full-length DVDs will find that on MangoPorn. They offer an excellent streaming experience with everything available for free. The content is available in categories that cover a multitude of fantasies. The hottest pornstars in the business are featured in the videos, and overall, a solid experience awaits.
StreamPorn.pw went online in 2018 to provide ordinary people with a means to stream full-length, professional porn for free. They've kept their promise since then. Within a few short years, StreamPorn has provided tons of good full-length AAA porn from the brands porn fans love and trust, including Evil Angel, Jules Jordan, Brazzers, and so much more. One of the most striking things people will notice when they first log onto StreamPorn is just how many amazing films there indeed are. Touching on the thumbnails later, it becomes clear that the content available is not merely a collection of short clips meant to tease viewers. Instead, these are legitimate, full-length movies that look just as amazing on StreamPorn as they do on their source site. To say that these movies will get one's attention is a vast understatement. The first thing a person notices is just how enthralling the cover art for every bit of content looks. It's uncensored cover art that will make a person want to click and inspect what kind of content is offered after the jump, and it just goes to show that StreamPorn knows what it's doing when it comes to its thumbnails. StreamPorn proves that sometimes, the most effective method for getting people's attention is also the simplest. Instead of taking a screencap of a few of the hottest scenes of each video/movie, StreamPorn decided to take the easy route and only use each movie's cover art for its thumbnails. While it eases the burden of having to find and integrate new thumbnails for each movie and video, it also tells users what kind of porn they can expect to watch. And that's key. The first thing people notice when logging onto StreamPorn is just how many professionally shot porn movies are available. There isn't even one hint that there could be amateur porn here because the cover art tells the viewers that professional studios shot these movies. The brands and studios are typically present in the cover art (if Digital Playground produces a movie, they're going to put their brand on the cover art), and it just works. Looking at the beautiful cover art is one thing. But clicking the cover art, waiting for the movie/video to load, and seeing what plays within is an entirely different matter! The amount of amazing AAA pornography here is unreal. No matter what a person is into, there is bound to be a porn movie or scene that they can find and enjoy (although it could be easier to find the type of porn one is interested in – more on that later). With so much hot and sexy movies and clips available, just browsing through the catalog and spontaneously selecting a movie is half the fun of using StreamPorn. It's a ton of fun to be able to browse the vast selection of professional pornography, and even more fun once a video that one wants to watch has been found. It doesn't take long to find porn. One will enjoy no matter what a person is interested in, so check it out! How annoying is it when a person finds the perfect porn video or movie, only to discover that the video is not available to watch. It's annoying, but it happens for a number of reasons. That is why StreamPorn does not use just one source for most of its videos: instead, they use multiple sources for each video. This means that when one source does not work, users can instead click the next source button and wait for the next video to load. The beauty of this is that it does not send people rushing around from one free tube site to another. Instead, every video – regardless of its sources – loads on the site. The only thing a person has to do is select the next source button available when the current video does not load until they find a source that can load the video. It's very convenient and ensures that people won't have to miss out on anything on StreamPorn ever again. After watching an amazing porn video or movie and wanting more of the same, what can a person do? Instead of continuing to search for more porn on the main page (and because categories are not available on the free tube site – more on that later), scroll to the bottom and look for the Related Porn Movies section. It is here that people can find more pornography that is related to the content that was just watched. Thus, if someone enjoys what they found and sincerely want to view similar content, it’s as easy as scrolling down and seeing what’s available in the section. Want to see the most viewed content on StreamPorn? While there isn’t an option to sort content by the most viewed per day/week/month or something similar, there is a quick way to get around this. Click the Most Viewed tab at the top of the homepage then click the Filter button at the top. Here, visitors can choose with genres they want to appear when looking at the most viewed content. From here, visitors will be pleased to know that they can also choose to look at content by Latest, Most Favorited, and Most Rating (highest rating). Why an IMDB (International Movie Database) button appears here is unknown since few of the porn stars featured on StreamPorn would even have an IMDB page in the first place. Browsing around StreamPorn can be difficult at first. That's because the video listings lack the essential information needed to make identifying and browsing around the free tube site easy and simple. There are no signs of duration, ratings, view count, or anything that could make finding the right video for a person easy and quick. It's a missed opportunity, and StreamPorn needs to consider adding useful information to the video listings. It will ensure that people can find the content that they want to watch even quicker and easier than ever. Most free tube sites reviewed on ThePornDude have at least some type of good information regarding video listings, but it doesn’t happen here. There’s nothing here besides a video listing, and it’s a big problem. Where in the world are the categories here? It’s something most people will come to expect when they first visit StreamPorn, but they’re going to be in for a rude awakening once they figure out that there are no categories available anywhere. Just like the lack of useful information on the video listings, this is such a giant, missed opportunity. There are obviously tons of categories that could be applied here. Just look at the body of each video: it shows the details of the video along with an assortment of clickable tags. These tags could be used as categories if StreamPorn wanted to add categories to the free tube site. There is a real need for there to be categories on this site to make it easy to find what kind of content a person wants to view. As it stands, there isn't even a section for browsing tags – again, it's a huge missed opportunity that StreamPorn needs to fix sooner, not later. For those that do not want to have to browse full-length movies and would rather watch shorter videos, click the clips and scenes tab. Here, visitors will be able to watch videos that are shorter by nature than the movies offered, but these are still full-length videos that are 100% complete. That is one of the things that StreamPorn deserves a round of applause for no matter what, one can always expect to find full-length pornography that never teases, and always pleases! For the visitors that would prefer to browse porn videos by studio and nothing else, it’s possible to do so by finding the studios tab. Hover the mouse over the studios tab at the top of the homepage. From there, visitors can sort these results by featured, most viewed, and even top rating. Many of the top brands are represented here: Evil Angel, Brazzers, and Digital Playground, just to name a few. StreamPorn.pw is an excellent source for full-length, AAA pornography. It’s well laid out and does a lot of things right, but it lacks any categories or useful information in the video listings. It could be easier to browse, but for what it accomplishes, it does well.
Just Swallows.com is a relatively new free tube site. Only opening its doors in 2018, Just Swallows is unique in that it's a blowjob-only tube site featuring some of the hottest gloryhole content that one will see across the free tube sites. It's a fantastic theme with outstanding videos that must be seen to be appreciated. Remember to turn off the ad-blocker before watching. In most cases, videos will not play if the person's ad blocker is active! Something is captivating about a free tube site's being watched now section. Plenty of them feature this type of category, and it's always a welcomed addition. It's a great way to see what's currently popular. It also generally gives users an idea about what users normally watch and enjoy on the free tube site. To this end, it's one of the quickest ways to see what is the most in-demand at that moment. Top-rated and most viewed content and the like only tells visitors so much. A being watched now category gives the visitor insight into the content that is preferable by the other visitors. This gives a person even further insight into content that's worth watching. Browse around this section to see what can be found. Chances are, a person will find something worth watching! The being watched now section is convenient. For some, they will find it preferable to sort content in a variety of different ways. Just Swallows makes it happen. Click, 'Videos and Categories,' from the sidebar on the homepage. From there, visitors can select the following options: most recent, most viewed, most liked, most discussed, and featured.  Content is sorted by the newest by default. It's convenient because it makes it simple to find the latest content posted on Just Swallows. Perfect for fans that want to keep visiting Just Swallows to keep tabs on what was recently uploaded, it's the quickest way to see the latest and greatest on Just Swallows. One of the most impressive things about Just Swallows is how much content is actually on the free tube site. When it comes to free tube sites, one usually gets a mix of full-length content and shorter clips. The ratios between both can be all over the place. It seems that Just Swallows features primarily full-length content versus short teasers that will leave one unsatisfied. It's great news for those that love blowjob videos (especially gloryhole content). The only caveat is viewers must disable their ad-blocker before watching a video. For a site that features full-length blowjob content, it's a small sacrifice to pay for this hot and sexy content. Having a difficult time deciding on a blowjob video to watch? Scroll down to the homepage and find the random video section. Here, viewers will see five thumbnails of random blowjob videos. Don't like what's being offered? Click the arrow and view additional thumbnails. Blowjob fans are sure to find a thumbnail that jumps out at them and makes them want to click. Find the content worth watching, click, and enjoy! Each video listing shows a view count, duration, and when the content was posted. This allows viewers to figure out if the blowjob video they are considering watching is worth viewing or if they want to watch another video on Just Swallows. Click the video, and more information is displayed. In addition to the view count, duration, and date the video was posted, there is also a rating provided. While it would have been preferable for the rating to be listed in the actual video listing, a rating is at least provided to give viewers some general idea of the quality — +1 for including the feature. It isn’t every day that one comes across a themed free tube site. Take a look at ThePornDude, and it becomes clear that there isn't that many of them. It isn't exactly a surprise. Offering a little bit of everything theoretically increases the odds that people interested in all types of kinks and niches will visit.  Just Swallows proves this isn’t always the case. While it may seem like offering only blowjob videos would pigeon-hole a free tube site, it doesn’t. That’s because Just Swallows knows exactly who its audience is: blowjob fans that lean more toward preferring amateur content rather than the AAA variant. To that end, Just Swallows succeeds by delivering that kind of content.  One quick look at Just Swallows, and it's plain that it was tailor-made for amateur fans that love a good blowjob video. The variety of blowjob videos is a testament to this. This isn’t to say that the videos are user-uploaded and recorded with a person’s smartphone, though. While these videos are on Just Swallows, the majority of them come from actual brands.  Don’t expect to find professionally recorded, 4K blowjob videos here, though. The brands represented here specialize in providing content that feels amateur, risque, and underground. It’s the perfect vibe that matches the theme of Just Swallows. One has to commend Just Swallows on matching the content to the theme of the site to utter perfection. Again, it's a testament to Just Swallows understanding its audience. Just Swallows offers a variety of blowjob videos. Yet, the gloryhole videos are so amazing on Just Swallows that they have to be mentioned here. Without hyperbole, this is the place gloryhole fans need to be. Sure, gloryhole videos are on virtually every free tube site. It isn’t like there’s a shortage of them. It’s a matter of quality versus quantity, though. The gloryhole videos found on Just Swallows are primarily full-length – not to mention they're downright sexy. Because Just Swallows understands its audience, these videos feel amateur and underground: the perfect combination for a gloryhole video. It's the perfect example of how to properly curate content for a themed free tube site; prospective webmasters should take note. One of the banes of any free tube site are videos that do not load fast enough. , this doesn’t happen on Just Swallows. Once the play button has been clicked, videos load quickly. There were zero buffering issues, no stutters, and nothing that will make a person click the back button in disgust. Visit Just Swallows with confidence and find a new favorite blowjob video! While categories are not as necessary on a themed site like Just Swallows, they still need to be usable. Unfortunately, the category section is messed up and is virtually unusable. Clicking videos and categories to the left sidebar will bring up a sidebar of categories. These categories are only thumbnails, and it's impossible to tell what the categories are.  Further, the categories are only brands, and again nobody can tell that because they only consist of tiny thumbnails that are low quality. It's almost impossible even to see what the thumbnails look like. The category sidebar encroaches on the rest of the homepage, and it just looks ugly. This needs to be completely revamped! One of the most useful features is the auto-loading function. When browsing by the videos and categories section, when a person scrolls down the page, they will notice that the next page of videos automatically loads. This is convenient because it allows browsers to keep scrolling until they find a video worth watching. It's like a never-ending wall of blowjob videos!  Scroll to the bottom of the homepage and notice the video tags section. Viewers will see tags such as, ‘gloryhole secrets,’ and, ‘swallowing cum.’ These are popular tags on Just Swallows. With one click, videos matching that tag will be displayed. Users can then sort which videos are most popular by date: this week, this month, this year, and all time.  Beyond that, playlists related to the tag will also be displayed when applicable. Visitors will find these tags to the right of the page. Clicking on a playlist will bring up every video in that playlist. Viewers will have the option of playing a single video or clicking the 'Play All,' button to play every video in the playlist in the order listed. How convenient!
To say there is an endless sea of free tube sites on the Web is an understatement. Think of any URL, and chances are there is a site with a similar title that is streaming pornography. Yet, themed free tube sites are rare. Free tube sites that only list casting videos? Even rarer.That’s the promise of CastingPornoTube.com, though. A free tube site that focuses 100% on casting videos, it's the destination for those that love a good casting call video or the like. Only launching in 2019, it could be poised to be on the upswing as the next decade approached. Check it out and see if it's worthy of being bookmarked or skipping altogether.Log onto CastingPornTube for the first time, and most will notice a solid free tube site that looks a lot like any other. Delve a bit deeper, though, and it becomes evident that from the theme alone, this isn't just another porn site. It's obvious just from the thumbnails. The thumbnails on CastingPornTube will not blow anyone away, though they won't cause anyone to run for the hills, either. The thumbnails look good and detailed enough that they serve their purpose. It's obvious what is going on in the video just from the thumbnails, and that's a plus. Because understanding the theme of CastingPornTube is essential to getting what it's all about, the thumbnails must reflect this. They do. Look at the thumbnails on CastingPornTube for just a few moments, and it becomes clear what kind of videos are hosted on this free tube site. If it's to a person's liking, chances are they will find something to love on this interesting free adult streaming site. A good amount of tagsThe tags section on CastingPornTube is strategically placed at the very top of the homepage. Click on it, and a list of clickable tags will appear on the following page. It becomes clear that CastingPornTube features a lot of them. This makes it simple to find the type of content one is in the mood for, all the while finding content that speaks to them. One thoughtful design choice worth mentioning is how the tags appear on the page. A tag that has the most videos associated with said tag will appear the largest; tags with the fewest videos appear the smallest. It's the same idea behind word clouds. Words with more hits are more prominent and bolder, while words with fewer hits are, of course, smaller and less bolded. For viewers that want to quickly glean which tags are the most popular without having to hunt down a number value next to it, this is a welcome feature.  When a free tube site offers a pornstar section (called actresses), one expects the page to be filled with pornstars that can be browsed by. This doesn’t happen on CastingPornTube. Although there are pornstars one can browse by in this section, there are so few that it really isn’t worth anyone’s time. Perhaps there are so few pornstars to browse by because this is a free tube site catering only to casting call pornography. To that end, it makes a lot of sense why there are so few pornstars to browse by. But then why even offer the option? Most of the pornstars in this list only have one video. It makes it seem like CastingPornTube has issues with creating an index for all of the pornstars listed on its site when it's not clear if that is the case.  It's a good idea, but CastingPornTube isn't the type of free tube site that should be instituting pornstar pages. This page should have been reserved for something completely different. Nice try, but no dice. One thing that CastingPornTube does right in spades is choosing to allow the most viewed videos section to follow viewers around the site. While it doesn't follow the user around (it's instead on every page), it makes it simple to quickly see which videos have been the most viewed of the moment. This is a great way to show what is popular and then give users the option to jump to a different video. It's like an exit strategy for when users want to get out of a video but don't know where to go next. Click on one of the most viewed videos in the section and see what everyone has been watching lately!For those that truly want to maximize an exit strategy for when they are watching casting porn that doesn't suit their fancy, CastingPornTube also lists random videos on every single page. While there is no way of knowing what truly makes this section random, it’s nonetheless perfect for jumping in and out of videos when one doesn’t know where to go next. It's a nice feature that other free tube sites should consider integrating into their free tube sites. Giving users the ability to watch a random video is a fantastic idea that few sites institute. More should do it, and CastingPornTube proves that. Can sort videos by latest, most viewed, longest, popular, randomCastingPornTube doesn’t ignore the old standbys, though. Expect to find good sorting options across the board on this casting-only free tube site. Visitors can sort videos via the latest, most viewed, longest, popular, and even randomly. Proving that it wants to give visitors the freedom to look at totally new and unique videos they’ve never seen before on the fly, that last option is very welcome. Anytime a free tube site can give viewers the option to look at random videos quickly and easily without having to browse through categories, tags, and other lists until they find something that jumps out at them is always a good idea.  Although CastingPornTube doesn't have a ton of porn to choose from, it's essential to cut them some slack. The free tube site only launched in 2019, and it showcases only casting pornography. Even so, the site still boasts over 42 pages of porn. That's a decent chunk considering its young age and how limited the site's choices are since it only caters to fans wanting casting porn. For the fan that wants to watch only casting porn, it's hard to beat what CastingPornTube offers. Much of the content is full-length by nature, so one isn't going to feel cheated once they watch a short teaser video that only leaves them wanting more. Watch, enjoy, and bookmark: this is a free tube site that's doing casting porn the right way!One of the worries about any free tube site is that they lower the bitrate to make the videos stream faster, eliminate bandwidth issues, and so on. This doesn't happen on CastingPornTube. The videos look great, and although it cannot be said that they are listed in their original resolution, they are detailed enough where it's debatable. Don't expect any low-resolution videos here, only content that's pleasing to the eye. It isn't every day that one sees a free tube site with a solid theme. It's also not every day that a free tube site utilizes such a straightforward, focused theme. Free tube sites on sites like ThePornDudethat feature a theme typically focus on race or a type of geographical location (e.g., JAVs, Brazilians, Ebonies, etc.). Sure, it can box-in the free tube site, but there is still enough wiggle-room where free tube sites have enough content to post on the regular.CastingPornTube doesn't have that benefit. While casting porn is popular with no signs of slowing down, there is only so much casting porn available that CastingPornTube could one day find itself unable to post content regularly. Still, it's a niche free tube site with an identity that knows what it is.  Will a free tube site be more successful if it aims to accommodate as many fans as possible? Should it focus on one niche and become a leader in curating that type of content? Only time will tell. Regardless, this is a great idea for a free tube site, and CastingPornTube should be praised for having the courage to go forward with the experiment.
Listen, we have all had fantasies about trying women who are down for everything, even better, they say that there is nothing sweeter than another man’s wife! Only better than fucking your own girl sensless is doing it to someone else’s. Yes, I know you are just as sick as I am, no shame in admitting that. You know you have always hoped to run into some swingers on the night out and for the guy to let you fuck his wife, unfortunately, for some that never happens. However, SwingerPornFun lets you live out that fantasy. Being with us for almost 3 years, since early 2019 to be exact, the website is made to let you beat your meat to women who belong to other men. Whether they are swingers, just cheating, or pornstars acting like swingers, you will definitely find whatever it is that your perverted mind desires. The website has become increasingly popular, and it is not hard to see why, there are men out there willing to share their wifes, record them and then share the videos with the rest of us. They will let a stranger do almost anything to their own wife, for our amusement. The best thing about swingers is that they are as freaky as they come, they are down for anything almost, just to feel that excitement. I don’t know what is crazier, the fact that the girl is getting fucked by another man, or the husband watching the whole thing and beating his meat to it. Regardless, we are here to enjoy everything these sluts have in store for us, and I really do mean everything, because you never know what you will find in these videos. The girls are not shy, that is for sure. There are many swinger videos on the website, and no matter which one you choose, just know that someone is cheating on somebody in the video. I mean, that is what swingers are all about, I guess they do not really see it as cheating, they get off on stuff like that. The website has around 300,000 visits a day all there to enjoy somebody else’s girl getting fucked by a BBC or by a random dude humilating her. If you are just like us, you will enjoy it, just make sure you are prepared if you run into your ex or something like that, you never know. The girls you will find in the videos, they are some freaks man, and I really mean freaks, they do not shy away from anything. Seems like they absolutely love being dominated, they are not here for no soft sex, they like it rough. Furthermore, they like their man watching them as they get their pussies and ass destroyed. Not sure what it is, but it only makes the whole situation that much sexier, I mean most of us do not want to see our girl sucking someone else off, but turns out there are dudes who actually want to. I don’t know if they are enjoying the fact that their wife is being ravaged by someone else, or they just like being humiliated. Whatever it is though, I am just glad that they are willing to share those videos with the rest of us. The crazy thing is that it seems most of the videos on SingerPornFun are amature ones. This shows you that there are many women out there who enjoy sex a lot more than you think, and those are not just porn stars. It gives new faith for even the saddest dudes that they can bag their own private porn star. If SwingerPornFun is not the website with the largest collection of cuckold and cheating amateur and pro videos I don’t know which is. There are so many videos for you to choose from that you can easily have your own little porn movie marathon. Just arm yourself with your favorite lotion, or try coconut oil if you haven’t, a box of tissues and you are good to go. Enjoy the wide range of different videos the website has to offer, as no matter how many you go through per day, you won’t be going through them all any time soon. Please, no socks, that is so outdated and nasty. So if you come to this website you are looking for some explicit content, you are not looking for no soft porn, and you will not be disappointed. Blindfolds, BDSM, blowjobs, rimjobs, anal, all of it can be found here. There are even some poor souls who were cheating on their wives or girlfriends and then ended up getting tied so they can witness them being fucked by another man. It’s a cruel world out there man, but that is exactly why we love it, that is what we came to see, sorry fellas. Mad wives and girlfriends are easy to find here, and they do not take their partner’s mistakes lightly. Instead, they find another man to give them attention, and by attention I mean that good old fucking. Some dudes like to share, and to share with their close friends. You will find a blindfolded wife sucking her man’s cock, and in the next second the sick bastard switches with his best friend. Whether the woman realizes or not, she continues going, she is not being picky at all. Best of all, new videos are added every day. When you first open SwingerPornFun you will see ads, unfortunately, there are a lot of those. You will need to close them and the extra pop up windows that come with them, but after that you will see a rather familiar type of a homepage. Videos being watched at that point of time will be at the top of the list. Hey, people are sharing their wives, you can share a porn video with a couple of hundred other dudes. If by any chance you already know what you are looking for, the good old search bar is located on the top of the page, knock yourself out. As you scroll through the main page you will see some more ads, but this time you can simply overlook them. There are videos from all over the world, with something like Czech WifeSwap being rather popular as it seems that they have more sequels than the Fast and Furious saga. I guess Czech just like sharing that much, we are not here to judge.If you are unsure what you are looking for, don’t worry as the website offers help with that too. All of the different options can be found right under the search bar. Tags is one of the options to help you find what you are looking for, just type in the key word or two that you get off on the most and you will find hundreds of porn videos that match that description. If you are looking for specific actors, then you will easily find their videos as that option is available as well. Different categories are also available, no matter what you are into, they have it. Big boobs, BBC, anal, thresoom, blindfold, all that and much more is avaliable on SwingerPornFun so you can beat your meat to your favorite porn whenever you want. SwingerPornFun offers a great variety of cheaters and swingers enjoying sex, but as all good things, the websites has some downsides as well. Again, we have to go back to the ads as they can be quite annoying. Aside from popping up from time to time, when you close one, another one or two might show up. Luckily, once you start watching, there will be no interruptions, so at least there is that. However, this is a free website, and they have to make some money as well, or we will not be able to enjoy all of this. The other thing is that many of the videos are rather low in quality, so if you are looking for professional HD porn videos, you are at the wrong place. Many of the videos look like they have been recorded with the first phone that ever came out with a camera, well not that bad, but it can be a bit annoying. Regardless, we can put that to the side as well, as the quality is good enough for you to see what is going on and how much these women are enjoying themselves. You can even see the faces of the poor husbands, if you are into that. SwingerPornFun.com is a website with a huge collection of free porn videos containing swingers and cheating women, If you are looking forward to watching other people’s women getting fucked by some random dudes, this is the place for you. Ads and the quality of the videos can be something that we can complain about, but considering all of it is free, we can forgive them! Sit back and enjoy what is probably the biggest collection of free swingers porn as there is something to satisfy each one of our fetishes and fantasies!
Sexu.com Has the Best HD Videos From the Biggest Names in Porn Sexu.com is a free porn site that aims to provide a sizable selection of full-length HD videos. The site is mainly focused on housing videos and flicks from big-name porn studios and pornstars. This won’t be the kind of site where users can find a big selection of amateur or home videos. Everything on the site is uploaded in at least 720p, and users can expect a varied selection of fetish content. Sexu has been a quality source of high-quality porn since its inception back in 1997. Unlike their competitors from that time, Sexu has kept up with the times with a quality site design and creative user features that keep people coming back. Upwards of 35 million visitors come to this site every single month. Those are some incredibly impressive numbers, especially considering that the site has managed to keep that traffic on a steady rise for over two decades. This trend goes to show that Sexu knows exactly how to keep up with current trends in modern porn and site design. The site has a basic white background, but that can be changed over to a dark grey that is a little easier on the eyes by hitting the night mode toggle button in the upper-left corner of the page. Sexu has a unique and recognizable logo at the top of the site, and the whole site has a sleek, modern feel that even some premium sites fall short of. Initially, the entire page will be populated by rows of large video previews showcasing the trending, newest, most interesting, and hall of fame videos.  There is a simple header up top with a search bar that asks “what makes you horny,” which Pornsites thought was a nice personal touch. To the right of the search bar users will find options for signing in/up for a free account, uploading their content, or checking out the live cam models that Sexu has to offer. Signing up is very easy and completely free. There are no hidden charges or free trials where one would have to put their credit card information in. The site is supported by advertisements, but even those are kept to a minimum. Users may experience the occasional redirect or pre-roll ad, but the ads won’t go as far as to take away from the overall experience.  Users looking for live cams might find themselves confused at the selection of videos that pop up when clicking on the “live cams” button. Here users can view short 5-6 minutes videos from popular cam models. These videos give users a peek into private shows and work as advertisements for that model. To see these models live, users will need to click on their photo in the left corner of the player to get redirected to the model’s streaming site.  For a fuller range of filter options, users can find a full menu tucked away to the left of the site’s logo. Here there are options for “New, Meet & Fuck, Hall of Fame, Engaging, Categories, and Pornstars.” Down below those options, users can find videos that they have favorited or added to their watch-later playlist as well as view a quick list of popular fetish categories.  Oddly enough, the “Meet & Fuck” button seems to continuously change from that label to “Sex Dating” or “Trending.” Clicking the button will always open up the trending videos page, but every few times it will change and also open up a tab to some popular adult dating site. The “Engaging” tab is a section that is unique to Sexu.com. This page is a selection of videos that are “Interesting.” These could be funny situations, taboo/weird fetishes, or anything else that Sexu may deem as interesting. Pornsites isn’t completely certain on how these videos are chosen for this section.  The “Hall of Fame” section is straightforward and simply lists the most liked videos of all time. For users who are looking for more specific videos or fetishes, Pornsites recommends taking a look at the in-depth “Categories” page. There are well over 100 different options to choose from. Each fetish category has a full-sized HD preview image as well as a counter in the upper-right of the preview that shows how many videos are in that category. Sexu has a little bit of everything. There are categories for fetishes like “Milf, Cumshot, Gangbang, Hardcore, Masturbation, and Anal.”  Clicking over to any of those categories will give a full list of previews to browse. Each thumbnail is large and easy to see. Hovering the cursor over the image will play a short 5-6 second clip of erotic scenes from different parts of the video. Users can also see how many views the video has gotten, what the full title is, how long the video is, and what sort of reactions the video has received. Sexu has a unique feature where users can leave reaction emotes on the video that means things like “Nice Pussy” or “Made me Cum.”  The full video page gives more information like the upload date, fetish tags, pornstars in the video, and recommended videos. The video player is one of the larger players that Pornsites has seen. Users don’t need to full-screen the video just to enjoy the content, though it is worth mentioning that there was no noticeable decrease in quality when full-screening the video.  Additionally, users can toggle the video quality on the player itself if needed. Surprisingly, users can download any video they want directly to their computer without going through a third party. All they need is a free account to quickly download any HD video from the site. Just like the downloads, all of the videos are streamed quickly and without any noticeable buffering or stalling.  The mobile site is formatted well and keeps to the same design as the desktop site. Videos load quickly and take up most of the screen on mobile. All of the same menus are made available beneath an easy-to-access drop-down menu. The ads are quite a bit more intrusive on the mobile site, but Pornsites found that the ads died down after a few minutes of browsing. Users can expect a solid number of redirects and pop-ups before a video can be loaded. Even with the ads, the user experience was still good when compared to similar sites.  Sexu.com features a lot of quality content that many other sites would charge a hefty price for. Pornsites was impressed with how much content was packed into the site and that users could download any of it for free. With minimal ads and many unique site features, Pornsites thought that Sexu felt on-par with, if not better than, most premium porn sites. The site may not sport 1080p HD or 4k videos, but 720p HD is by no means a huge step-down. Users who can get by with 720p will find themselves coming back to Sexu.com again and again.  Pornsites had no issues with the quality of the site design, theme, video speed, or any important features. The only minor suggestion Pornsites has would be to rework that one “Trending” button. Having a separate option for the “Meet & Fuck” or “Sex Dating” pages would be just fine. There are plenty of other sites out there that have off-site links like that. There is no reason to make users confused and hide those options beneath the “Trending” button.  Overall, Sexu.com has one of the better user-experience out there when it comes to free porn sites. They offer a wide range of fetish categories with a catalog that exceeds 10 thousand videos. With free downloads of HD content and minimal ad clutter, Sexu.com sets itself apart from the competition being easy and fun to browse. Users can expect loads of user-features, filter options, and so much more. Pornsites highly recommends anyone looking for some new, free porn to go on over and visit Sexu.com for a great experience. 
Palmtube.com is a typical porn tube website that has loads of XXX materials that visitors can see for absolutely free. There is a massive collection of professional porn featuring the hottest pornstars in the business, and all of them are from the best porn companies around. Some of the top studios whose content can be found here include Brazzers, Reality Kings, Public Agent, and Elegant Angel, among many others. Visitors can also expect to find well-known pornstars like Alura Jenson, Allie Rae, Mia Khalifa, and India Summer. The collection explores a wide scope of categories covering all types of tastes, and users can expect to fulfill a lot of their fantasies. It is a hassle-free method of enjoying all types of porn. Let’s see exactly what the site has in store.  The first thing that visitors of this site will notice is the lovely layout and excellent mix of colors. The site looks elegant, and the clean, nice style gives it a modern look. It is a pretty simple design, but one that almost provides the site with a premium look. They welcome users with a neat lineup of thumbnails showing the most popular videos. Like expected, the videos depict plenty of scenarios, although [unfortunately] the thumbnails are not animated. Below the thumbnails is a tag cloud of the popular searches that include stuff like MILF anal, cumshot face, and hottest stepmom, among others.  The site has also provided a good browsing menu with solid pagination. At the very top are a header menu with a home button (which is redundant as it serves the same purpose as the logo next to it), videos, pornstars, categories, and a Free Live Sex link that directs to Palmshows.com, presumably a sister site to PalmTube. A basic search feature in the top right should help users find specific movies.  The site has not gone for a white background like many porn tubes, instead opting for a hint of gray in their background. It is bright but not as bright as some other tubes. However, a much darker background would certainly go a long way or at least an option to switch to a darker background.  Palmtube.com was created in November 2014. This site has .com as an extension and has a global traffic rank of #53,654. It is estimated to be worth $581,440.00 with the potential to make daily earnings of $819.00. It receives 68, 217 unique daily visitors and 409,302 daily page views. Palmtube.com is hosted on California, Sunnyvale, United States.  The site not only has a massive collection of porn, but everything seems to be professional. This author certainly didn’t see any homemade or amateur content, and the site is clearly determined to provide the best of professional adult entertainment. It’s quite a heap of content, and users will be scrolling through the pages and never run out of exciting videos. Perhaps most importantly, the collection can be browsed for the unbeatable price of free.  Another thing to note is these videos have been availed in decent qualities as well. Because the videos are professional, users can immediately recognize some of the names in the scenes. With the site getting its content from multiple studios, viewers can expect to get off some top gun stuff. The videos tab on the header menu allows users to sort the videos by popular, rating, videos, and duration. Thumbnails don’t show the video length, and it turns out most of the clips here are short. None of the long videos seen by this author streamed for more than 10 minutes. To get the entire scene, users will have to subscribe to the hosting site.  Below the video is a download option, but again, it leads to the original host. Also, there is no option to sort the content by the latest, and because the videos are not dated, it is tough to figure out how often the site updates. The only dating provided for the videos is pretty general, e.g., 4 weeks ago and such. Videos have no descriptions and are not accompanied by a lot of details apart from the number of views, categories, and time of upload, which, like mentioned, doesn’t specify the exact date of upload. Below each video is a list of related scenes that users can check out at their convenience. The videos stream without issues, although a load of recommendations below the porn video slows down the process a bit. Overall, it’s a solid video streaming experience. The video player could use an option to adjust the quality, though.  Like mentioned, the collection is mainly professional, and users can, therefore, look forward to seeing their favorite adult performers in action. The site provides users with the option to browse the content by pornstars, and users can expect to come across a lineup of pretty familiar names. The likes of Ash Hollywood, Tiffany Doll, Brandy Aniston, Bree Daniels, and Melian Mason among hundreds of others feature prominently.  By clicking on any of the models, users are directed to their page where they get nothing but the model’s collection of scenes. It is a useful option for those looking to watch videos from a specific pornstar. There is no option to browse them by alphabet, though. Also, individual model pages could do with some stats and basic information about the performer. That aside, the models bring class and years of experience to the scenes. Nothing is off-limits for these babes, and all types of hardcore scenarios unfold. Well, that might sound a bit cliché, but it is actually the reality at PalmTube. The categories should allow users to not only appreciate the diversity but also find porn more suited to their tastes and fantasies. There are loads of categories to check out, and everyone should find something good enough for them, no matter how kinky these tastes are. Categories include Asian, teen, lesbian, big cock, mature, big ass, massage, interracial, group sex, rough, cock riding, and many others.  One negative thing about categories is that they aren’t sorted alphabetically, but rather according to popularity. It’s not the best way of presenting the categories, and users might have a hard time locating their favorite categories. However, the content is that varied is enough reason for users to look forward to the experience.  Like mentioned, there is a live show section that directs to palmshows.com. Users looking to diversify their porn experience can check out the site and enjoy live sex shows from the thousands of sexy women. There are hundreds of models online at any given time, offering all kinds of shows. There are loads of categories to pick from as well as an option to grab a free account. As expected, some money will be required to get the best out of the experience by tipping the cam girls, among other extra things associated with live cam performances.   Huge collection of free porn; the site has an exciting lineup of porn scenes that are available for users for absolutely free. Decent quality; the collection of porn is primarily professionals from some of the best porn studios in the industry. Users can stream these videos in good quality as well. Respectable layout; unlike other porn tubes that don’t make an effort, the team at Palmtube.com has done an excellent job of presenting their wares on an organized, clean, and easy to use platform.   Hundreds of models; the site has provided users with the option to browse the content by pornstars with hundreds of professional performers to pick from.  Short scenes; almost all the videos are quick flicks that mostly don’t run beyond 10 minutes.  Can sort category by alphabet; the primary way of sorting the categories is by popularity, which doesn’t make it easy for users to pick their favorite niches.  The individual model pages are lacking in basic information about the performers, which the team could do well to add. The videos could also do with preview thumbnails instead of the still pictures currently being served. Besides, the collection really needs longer videos as the longest is barely over 10 minutes.  Even with all its flaws, PalmTube is still a fantastic destination for anyone looking for free porn. The site has a massive collection of professional porn from the biggest studios and featuring some of the hottest pornstars. The videos may be short, but they are available in decent quality and stream without significant issues. Overall, the site is close to being a top porn tube. 
Way back when HotGirlClub.com first opened its doors to the public in 2002, the free tube site was only a nude photo gallery. Apple’s iPod was the technological innovation with much of the world still using dial-up Internet. Plenty has changed since HotGirlClub went online nearly 20-years ago. One thing hasn’t, though: HotGirlClub’s longevity. Find out why HotGirlClub has lasted so long – and why a visit is long overdue! One of the first things that people will notice when visiting HotGirlsClub is just how beautiful the thumbnails look. Not only that, but how intricate and elegant they look. This is because HotGirlsClub features only AAA pornography. The thumbnails used are either from professionally thumb images or screencaps from professional porn videos. Either way, the content is highly detailed and looks top-quality. It's challenging to find thumbnails that look any more detailed than what is on HotGirlsClub. It makes the free tube site genuinely feel and look like a studio's website!Although HotGirlsClub does not list the duration of each video, it at least features the posted date and view count. While HotGirlsClub should use all three measuring sticks to make it easier to find compelling content worth watching, HotGirlsClub uses enough to make it easy to view content by date and popularity. The decent information listed in video listings perfectly complement the good sorting options HotGirlsClub utilizes. Viewers will notice that they can sort videos in a variety of different ways:Recently added.Longest.Top rated (today, this week, this month, all time).Most viewed (today, this week, this month, all time).It’s a great way to find the best porn that one is in the mood for. Don’t like the results that cropped up? Sort a different way to see what comes up! Every free tube site is different. Regardless, it’s safe to say that every one of them should give users the ability to browse videos by pornstar. Some of the best free tube sites on ThePornDude do this, and HotGirlsClub is no exception.  HotGirlsClub allows visitors to sort pornstars by:Recently updatedTop ratedTotal videosAlphabetically Featuring over 93 pages of pornstars, it's an exhaustive database that makes finding a favorite pornstar all the more manageable. Even for the viewer that has no idea what kind of content they want to look at, with HotGirlsClub's good sorting options for just the pornstar section alone, they make it easy to find what one is in the mood for. The categories and tags section isn’t the most exhaustive collection one has probably ever seen, but it’s fair to give credit where it’s due. HotGirlsClub features almost primarily vanilla categories and tags that make it simple to find the hot and sexy AAA content viewers of this free tube site are probably already looking for. For those that are versed in the endless sea of free tube sites across the Web, the categories and tags featured won't wow you. Still, it's a consistent collection that will point most people in the right direction. One area where HotGirlsClub deserves a ton of praise is how good the videos on this free tube site look. The content on HotGirlsClub doesn't just look, 'as good,' as the content one would find on that video's source site. It is that content. The content on HotGirlsClub features the same videos one will find on source sites. This is a problem for those that hate watching videos that only last a few minutes (more on that in a moment), but for everyone else that wants to see porn at the utmost highest quality available on the Web, most will walk away happy.HotGirlsClub features a ton of content. With dozens of videos per page across over 470 pages (and counting), it's clear there is plenty of pornography to watch. Unfortunately, almost every video on HotGirlsClub is less than five minutes long! The longest video on HotGirlsClub clocks in at just under 10 minutes. For those that want to watch full-length professional porn, HotGirlsClub isn't the place to do it. It consists of mostly teaser videos designed to entice viewers to click-through and watch the entire video.It is what it is. Viewers that feel like they need more and something substantial will have to go elsewhere. Viewers that don’t mind the few minute clips and are more interested in clicking around and viewing a variety of porn will find something to enjoy about HotGirlsClub. Considering no videos are longer than 10 minutes, this should come as no surprise. Still, judging by how insane the quality is on these videos, it says something about how impressively these videos load. Viewers will not have to deal with long loading times or even buffering issues when they jump around the content. Even though it isn’t surprising that the videos on HotGirlsClub load fast and quickly, HotGirlsClub still deserves a ton of praise when it comes to how well the website functions and performs. Whereas on a lot of free tube sites some stutters and stammers make the free tube site not live up to its true potential, none of this happens on HotGirlsClub. It browses and functions at its best. There was never an instance where the website froze or didn't work like it was supposed to. It's streamlined so well that everything reacts instantaneously. The minimalist design of HotGirlsClub helps as does the 'if it's not broke don't fix it,' mentality they've brought to the table. Still, they deserve a round of applause for creating a free tube site that feels like it's been thoughtfully designed. Frequent free tube visitors know that one of the most annoying things about browsing similar sites is how much backtracking occurs. One moment a person is looking at a particular category when they get in the mood to look at videos starring a specific pornstar. Often, it takes jumping to a few pages to find the video one wants to watch.With HotGirlsClub this never happens. There is a sidebar of pornstars that anyone can reference and click on the moment they know which pornstar's videos they want to view. It eliminates the need to click any tabs or backtrack to find a compelling video. Now, it can happen all within one click! It's a small feature and one that may not sound like a huge game-changer, but when using the HotGirlsClub for just a little while, it becomes clear this needs to be an option among most free tube sites.HotGirlsClub knows what it is. The free tube site features primarily teaser videos used by professional porn studios to entice viewers to click the full version and ultimately become a subscriber. There is nothing wrong with this. Unfortunately, for viewers that are hoping to see porn that lasts longer than a few minutes, it's not going to happen on HotGirlsClub.Some people don't mind teaser videos. Even so, they always feel a bit rushed. For those that know what we're talking about, expect to see more of the same on  HotGirlsClub. Many of the videos feature a few minutes of build-up with only 1-2 minutes of any sexual acts.  That isn't to say that this happens with every video. Despite being short, viewers may find some videos well-paced. It ultimately depends on what one wants out of their pornography. Browse around until finding something worth watching. For those that run out of patience, it may be a good idea to look elsewhere.A lot of free tube sites utilize pop-up ads instead of static banner ads. HotGirlsClub uses both. While the pop-ups are minimal and certainly not as invasive as a lot of free tube sites, the banner ads on the site stick out and seem out of place. They also feel outdated like they belong on HotGirlsClub 1.0. HotGirlsClub should consider making them blend in a little better or losing them altogether.
The site name gives it away; Hd-easyporn.com is an easy to use porn tube that has loads of high-quality fuck flicks. The site promises thousands of porn movies in HD for free and doesn't even require users to register. The movies are availed in over 40 categories with impressive streaming speeds as well. The videos are sourced from various professional porn studios. Still, users don't have to worry about being re-directed as HD-EasyPorn has an extensive video player embedded on the site that does not even buffer. There is so much porn to look forward to with the site providing users with the necessary tools to help them navigate this massive sea of free smut. A deep review should inform readers about different aspects of the website. The site has been providing visitors with a free source of porn since its registration in February 2015. According to Alexa Traffic Rank, HD-EasyPorn is ranked number 83,969 in the world, and 0.00077% of global Internet users visit it. The site receives around 3,850 unique visitors and 15,015 (3.90 per visitor) page views per day, which is enough to earn it about $35.63/day from advertising revenue. The website's location can be traced down to the United States. Not every free porn tube manages to strike a balance between a good collection of content and an excellent user interface. Still, the team at HD-EasyPorn deserves credit for a job solidly done. The site has a nice background against which lies some tantalizing videos thumbnail previews, giving users a hint of the whack worthy scenarios that lie in wait. The thumbnails show the video's length, rating, and a short title. It is all about hardcore scenarios going by these previews. However, a few lesbian hookups have been thrown in as well.  Like a typical porn tube, the site starts by presenting the newest videos. Still, because the scenes are not dated, it makes it nearly impossible to determine the site's update schedule. Either way, users are guaranteed of new materials the interval notwithstanding. Further down, the site is a section for most popular videos, which is always a good place to start a porn adventure as well as a part of categories. There is also a short description of the site and links to some of the hottest pornstars on this site.  There is a vast and imposing ad on the left of the homepage, which is, no doubt, a distraction. Still, overall, the site has arranged its goods in a user-friendly manner. The header has links to categories, pornstars, channels, most viewed movies, and top-rated movies. It also turns out there is a German version of the site, and users can switch languages using the flag icon on the top right. The search feature should also prove a handy browsing tool.  In addition to those options, users can also sort the videos by newest, most viewed, top-rated, longest, and random. The numbered browsing menu is right at the top of the thumbnails, which seems like an odd place, but it should still prove useful. However, pagination is a bit limited. Finding something to get off to should prove an easy task for visitors. There are about 30,000+ porn videos at HD-EasyPorn. It is not the biggest supply of free porn on the internet, but those are impressive numbers. With new videos being added, it can only be good news as far as quantity is concerned. As earlier mentioned, the videos have a preview option, and users only need to point the cursor to get a taste of the naughty action. The videos are not hosted on this site, but they have provided an embedded video player. When viewers attempt to play a video, there is an ad on top, but luckily it can be easily clicked away. From there, movies stream pretty smoothly, and users should; have no issues at all.  The video player has an option to adjust quality (HD/SD), which is certainly a wonderful option to have. There is no membership or free registration required, and users can just vote on the movies without having to log in. Most of the movies are available in reliable quality, and even the average ones are not too bad either. One great feature of the video player is that it can be made larger. This feature comes in handy mainly because the ads to the left of the video get smaller when viewers do this.  However, the videos have no download option and are only available for streaming. Also, the categories, tags, and porn stars featured in particular are listed down as do similar videos. The collection is really huge, and users have over 674 pages worth of content to browse. There is no information regarding the frequency of updates. Still, with such a huge collection, it is explicit new videos being added.  With almost all the content here coming from professional sources, it is no surprise that the scenes feature all types of professional pornstars. There is everything here from skinny, thick, and fit babes with curvaceous bodies. In contrast, others are gifted with bigger boobs, rounder asses, prettier faces, and stuff like that. They all bring their years of experience to the scenes, and there are even grannies riding huge cocks and showing they still got their raunchy side. There are also gay porn and steamy lesbian hookups, but they all feature professional performers.  The site allows visitors to browse the content by their favorite pornstars. The pornstars' tab on the header menu opens up a fantastic model index with hundreds if not thousands of performers. There is an A-Z menu which is convenient because there are 127 pages worth of adult entertainers to browse. Individual model pages have no bio, but there is still some info about them, including birthday, height, and porn count. Below the brief profile is a compilation of all the porn movies they have starred in. It is a robust way of accessing content by a particular performer.  Not only does HD-EasyPorn present users with a massive collection of free smut, but they have also managed to cover a lot of niches while at it. The collection is excellently categorized and include stuff like German porn, amateur, anal, lesbian, threesome, teen, big tits, MILF, granny, gay, foot, hairy, handjob, shemales, interracial, shaved, toys, uniform, double penetration, cumshots, black-haired, fetish, fisting, brunettes, blondes.   The list of tags is even more overwhelming, and users are looking at hundreds, perhaps thousands of tags. Conveniently, they are arranged chronologically in alphabetical sequence, and users can quickly sift through the sea of tags. They include terms like silicone hooters, sex-starved blonde, redhead having a threesome, penis sucking, pissing MILF, and so many others.  It is also worth mentioning that users can browse the collection by channels where there is a decent lineup of studios. It is not the most comprehensive list, but there are names like My Dirty Hobby, NightClub, Nina Devil, Porn Me, Sari Sande, and Xania Wet. HD porn; like the site promises, deliver a package with thousands of HD videos with users having the option to switch from SD to HD. Free with no registration required; not only can the users watch all the videos for absolutely free. But no registration is also needed to watch or rate the videos.  Professional content; the site seems to concentrate all its effort on providing visitors with the best of professional smut, a task they have carried out with distinction.  Hundreds of pornstars; the action features the best in professional pornstars. Users can browse videos by a particular pornstar. No downloads; the videos are great and all, but they can only be streamed with no option to download.  Some ads; the site doesn't precisely overwhelming users with ads, but there are some distractive ads on the left of the video player.  The team could do well to include more personal info about the models as their individual pages are relatively lacking in information. Also, they could avail to download options for the videos.  Like many free sources of porn, HD-EasyPorn has its flaws, but it is still a reliable source of free smut. The site promises HD porn and delivers with thousands of professional fuck flicks in excellent quality. The action features hundreds of hot pornstars, and with new content added regularly, users have nothing to lose by checking out the site. 
Having so many porn websites to choose from, and more popping up every single day, it can be tough to decide which one you will spend your favorite time of the day on. Even more robust if you are looking for a quality FREE porn site with HD videos and a variety of content. Luckily, we’re here to help with exactly that and give you a few sites to cycle through. Surely you’ve all heard of the famous sites like RedTube and Pornhub out there, but have you heard about VQTube? If the answer is NO, you’ve been missing out. With scene titles like "Piano Pussy Practice,” "Hump Starting Her Ride,” and "Breaking Asses," it's not hard to imagine that VQTube.com is going to be one of your favorite free X-rated sites! Let's dive into what they have to offer. First thing’s first, the content on this website is genuinely fabulous. VQTube.com tries to make finding good videos easy, so you don’t have to struggle and browse through endless pages as you’re looking for that one perfect video. Most porn sites introduce their contents with the “Most Popular” section, but not VQTube.com.  As soon as you open the site, it welcomes you with a “Porn Videos Being Watched,” combined with thumbnail previews of the tasty things going on. This section can be very convenient for those of you who aren’t quite sure where to start.  And, of course, if that’s not trustworthy enough for you, there’s always the Categories section where you can find porn spread across all your favorite niches. Although, some of the names of the categories were repeated, like “big cock” and “big dick,” “fellatio” and “blowjob,” and a few more, nonetheless, the amount of videos is still insane on this site. There is an enormous amount of diversity when it comes to the content, including some amateur videos, as well. The amount of effort put into this website is definitely visible. It has a little bit of everything, very different content to appease everybody’s taste of porn. There are also plenty of other sections to check out which are going to help you find the ideal material for your pleasure. They mostly have to do with the sorting mechanism of the videos. For example, you can choose from videos in the Top Rated, Most Popular, and even the Latest features on there. There are also quicker categories on the top left side of the page, including “gay,” “lesbian” and “random” if you’re feeling lucky. The Top-Rated section is not always trustworthy, seeing as how sometimes the top-rated videos are just the ones that don’t have bad reviews, so definitely go for the Most Popular ones. They have several options to help users have an easy time sifting through the enormous collection. VQTube.com also has a search feature and an upload button that you can use to share whatever videos that may be in your possession. Still, you will have to be a registered user to make use of that feature. Well, for the most part, big thumbs up for the fantastic design. They have a modern aesthetic with some stunning graphics too. Now, one thing that felt off is the light themes. A dark theme feels better, especially for porn sites. You don’t want the screen light to reflect on your face while you’re enjoying its content. However, it seems that what they were going for is simplicity, and if you check out the website you’ll see that it meets these expectations.  Simplicity really does attract more users. VQTube.com uses a very easily navigated user interface. The only problems with the user interface are the cluttered buttons in some parts of the site. The red color under each thumbnail, which is used to rate the videos, makes it look like everything on there has a bad rating.  Other than that, the experience is pretty smooth, and videos are accompanied by a short description, duration, time of upload, categories, tags, and the download mentioned above options. You can definitely tell that they’ve put in a lot of effort when it comes to making this site. There is no option to sort the videos by length, but there’s some available in a reasonable range, whereas others can go up to 55+ minutes. If you’re a member, you can add the video to a list of favorites, watch later, add to a playlist, leave your comments, and much more.  Unfortunately, VQTube.com has a lot of banner ads, which is understandable since it’s a free porn tube site, and it generates most of its revenue through ads. They are a little annoying and disruptive, making you think twice whether or not to get your “fix” here. So for those of you who use Ad Blockers, you’ll have to turn it off to use the website; otherwise, it locks the content. One thing that is appealing about VQTube.com, though, is the lack of pop-up ads when using the desktop version.  The mobile experience, on the other hand, is quite complicated and annoying. The site is packed with ads, even on the video player. Click, and it will redirect you to a blank site instantly before playing the video. But putting that aside, it’s no more difficult to use than other websites. Let us discuss the quality of the site. You would think that because it’s a free porn tube site, the video quality wouldn’t be as good, but just the opposite is exact. Of course, there’s some amateur content on VQTube.com, too, but there’s also PLENTY of full HD porn on the site to choose from as well. The quality of the videos is shown with an HD sign on the top right. Most of these videos stream at 720p, with an option to download in 1080p. Although, that option is only available to those registered as members of the site. It seems that some of the content is taken from some premium sites, which is a pretty common thing amongst free porn tubes. But because of it, they could quickly be taken down, so keep that in mind when using the website.  Currently, VQTube.com has 75,000 videos, but as expected, all videos are submitted by users, so it could well be that this number will be increased significantly by the time you open the website again. Content is provided daily, over 20 videos per day, so it’s safe to say that you’ll never run out of material on this marvelous site. There’s also the Albums section, which has tons of picture sets, in high resolution, for those fond of still images. This too, can be sorted by ‘the latest,’ ‘most viewed,’ ‘most commented,’ and ‘top-rated.’ One other great thing about VQTube.com is the list of tags that we all know how to use. Included are tags like “threesome,” “hardcore,” “homemade,” and many more, to take you exactly where you want to go. The site features some of the industry’s leading performers. Just click on the ‘models’ tab and see the lineup. One thing worth mentioning about this tab is the lack of details about them. VQTube.com really accommodated this place for every single person that visits it, so you can expect only the highest performance when checking out this website and its provocative content. They could start by including an option to sort videos by length. It would be very helpful for those searching for specific durations. Also, an option to sort by quality would make this site phenomenal. Overall, minor quirks aside, VQTube.com is an amazing website. For those of you who don’t want to register, don’t worry. With the abundance of videos available out there, you too, will get the most of the site. However, the ‘download’ feature, which is only available to members, cranks up the quality to 1080p and lets you watch it from anywhere. But other than that, you get the same features. There is new content uploaded regularly, so you won’t get bored watching the same videos over and over again. All in all, VQTube.com is a pretty rare and spectacular site to watch some free content with high-quality resolution. So if you’re looking for something new, definitely give https://vqtube.com/ a try.
SlutLoad.com was registered in 2007, though the free adult video site has been around in some form or another since 2005. It is a relatively popular porn tube, receiving about 1.3 million views every month. The average visit duration is a little more than six minutes, indicating that many users stop in for a quick masturbatory session during their daily routine.  The site name SlutLoad appears to be a portmanteau of the words Slut and Upload/Download. Registered users of the site can freely upload their favorite pornographic scenes, which make up the bulk of the material on the website. The landing page to the site proudly brags that they add new material about every 10 minutes, making them a thriving hub of fresh, free porn videos.  SlutLoad, like most free porn video sites these days, is designed with the typical tube-style layout. Beneath a simple header with a logo and a search bar, the page is lined with dozens upon dozens of explicit NSFW thumbnails. Upon our initial landing, PornSites.com found amateur footage of an Asian girlfriend having sideways intercourse, two lesbians playing with a variety of sex toys, and a MILF administering fellatio to a penis protruding from a glory hole while another woman works her over with a simulated phallus, and a short movie beginning with golden showers outside and ending with a threesome inside.  All of the aforementioned clips were uploaded within 45 minutes of our arrival at the website. The site may claim to update every 10 minutes, but by our count, new material is added much more often than that. At least a dozen explicit films of teenage Latina intercourse, lesbian cunnilingus, public fellatio and femdom bondage/domination have been added in just the last hour.  SlutLoad doesn’t seem to have any particular pornographic niche or subgenre that they strive to fill. The only unifying factor we can see here is that all of the videos are X-rated and feature beautiful women in different stages of undress and compromising positions. The women range from teenagers to MILFs, White girls to Ebony beauties, big breasts to tiny ones, and skinny women to BBWs. In short, the site videos all loaded with the titular Sluts of the site name.  With our free, consumer-grade spam blocking plugin, we were not greeted with any pop-ups, pop-unders or banner/sidebar ads upon landing on the page. There is a selection of Free Live Cam Girls at the top of the screen, though they are smaller than the video thumbnails and do not detract from the experience.  Thumbnails on SlutLoad are labeled with a title, duration, a percentage of viewers who have clicked the Like button, and the number of views. Because the clips are added at such a rapid rate, most of the material on the front page is currently unrated, many with no views yet.  The first video we watched was a 12-minute Japanese Adult Video called Yuria Mano In Schoolgirl Scenes, Fucking like Crazy. Uploaded just an hour ago, it’s received 10 views but has no current rating. It was uploaded by premium JAV site JavHD. While their material typically costs money to view, its inclusion on a free porn tube like this is meant to lure moneyed viewers back to the source for a membership.  The video started playing in HD as soon as we loaded the video page. Masturbatory viewers on slower connections can reduce the resolution to 480p. A JavHD logo spun by the screen before a Japanese schoolgirl is seen walking up a flight of stairs. As the voiceover is in Japanese and none of our review team is fluent, we were unsure exactly what she was saying.  We skipped the movie a few minutes forward, the video player letting us do so with only minimal buffering time. Soon, the schoolgirl was on a bed between the man’s legs, aggressively stroking his semi-flaccid penis, first with her hands and then with her feet. These are in line with two of the tags labeled below the video, Hand Work and Footjob.  While the site title SlutLoad suggests the possibility of downloading your favorite Asian foot fetish and cunnilingus movies, no Download button is provided. Tech savvy viewers can use a third-party browser plugin, though we feel the inclusion of an easier option could potentially make the site slightly more useful.  At the nine-minute mark, we see why this schoolgirl scene has also been tagged with Position 69. The teen beauty straddles his face, exposing her shaved vagina and bleached rectum, and the two participants engage in mutual oral sex. It was at this point that we clicked the thumbs-up button, giving the video it’s first Like.  A Screenshots button below the video player reveals some images pulled from the video. There are only five of them, though it looks like somebody has selected good shots from the video rather than allowing a computer algorithm to pick out random pieces. One features a handjob, one features cunnilingus, and two feature vaginal penetration with the penis.  Many free tubes are currently implementing a Sharing button that allows instant sharing to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. The Sharing button on SlutLoad is a bit old-school in its implementation, offering instead HTML embed codes for use on your personal website or blog.  A comments section is also included, with no sign up or registration required. Commenters don’t even need to enter a name to leave a message, critique or complaint. However, during our visit to the site we did not find any discussion of any type, not even the typical “OMFG girl let me fuck you” comments seen on other free sex tubes. This, coupled with the lack of ratings on videos, indicates an overall lack of user interaction. To be fair, this is not unusual on a pornography website, as users often have their hands literally full.  We loaded up SlutLoad’s Top Rated flicks to see what their users get most excited about. The top clip is a four-year-old scene from Amateurs Gone Bad. Despite the title, it appears to be a professionally produced pseudo-amateur film running 21 minutes long. A blonde in lingerie is penetrated from multiple angles in either a fancy but impractical hotel suite or an obvious porno set.  Other popular scenes include a babysitter getting her salad tossed and her anus penetrated, a pair of dominatrixes binding, gagging and tormenting two men, and a British woman with enormous breasts giving fellatio and having anal sex in the back of a taxi. There are bareback teen sex movies, CFNM (clothed female, nude male) fetish scenes, incestuous lesbian cunnilingus clips, and at least one Asian anal orgy.  One thing we noticed about SlutLoad is that the scene titles very rarely feature the names of the performers. While the names are sometimes listed in the synopsis, the site has no built-in tagging system for the actors and actresses themselves. There is no pornstar page to browse, and we ran into further issues when we tried using the search bar to find our favorite talent.  Queries for Abella Danger, Mia Khalifa, and Adriana Chechik came back empty. As these are wildly popular pornographic actresses, any free tube should have some of their material. We then tried a search for Bree Olson, as we’d seen her name in the title of a movie in the Top Rated section. Again, we came up empty-handed.  We next tried searches for Anal, Redhead, and finally just Sex. Each time, the search engine at SlutLoad returned no videos. This tells us the search engine is just broken. Hopefully, we visited the site on a bad day and the search function will be up and running again soon.  Any extensive pornography library needs a good system for letting users sift through the pile. Unfortunately, SlutLoad is currently lacking in search features that would make the site considerably more useful. They do have a wide range of smut, with dozens of uploads every day, so we’d really like to see them implement a more useful method of finding your preferred masturbatory material. Until then, the site will be of most use to masturbators who are not particular about the explicit content they use for self-gratification purposes.
One might easily mistake pornxbit.com for a regular porn tube. However, a closer look will let one distinguish it from them. This is because it features exclusively full-length HD porn videos only, users are allowed to send in their porn movies requests. They can also contribute towards the collection as long as their porn meets the required standards. It is also important to note that most porn tubes do not include an actors section. This helps users get to know and connect with their favorite porn performers. Also, there is an array of porn categories to choose from as well as efficient sorting features to land one of their favorite porn content at ease. But before delving even deeper into this magnificent porn tube, here are some essential details to bear in mind: The site is all about the latest porn videos and movies availed to users in spectacular quality. Therefore the first thing one is bound to notice on the site are the countless porn videos on the homepage. Also, there is the simple fact that even guest users are welcome to go through the content without having to sign up for membership. Besides, the color combinations are most accommodating for those looking to browse for longer hours. Pornxbit.com, a free porn tube featuring exclusively HD quality full-length porn movies, has been around since 2018. According to Alexa's rankings, the site is popular with a ranking of position 602,679 in the world. Per day it is estimated to receive close to 1,397 unique visitors and over 2,794 page views. Besides, the site is presently valued at $2,160. The site does not require users to sign up to be able to access their unlimited quality porn videos. However, one might consider signing up to put themselves in a better position when it comes to contributing to the site’s exquisite porn collection. There is also the prospect of making money on the site. All one has to do to get over with this is fill up a username of their choice, a valid email, and a password, and they'll be good to go. While the porn tube hasn’t been around for quite a long time. Still, there is a substantial amount of full-length HD porn videos. Most of these videos length lie between 30 minutes to an hour. Also, even though the video upload time is not indicated, there is a huge possibility that there is always new fresher content coming in day in day out. Users can watch the videos without any restrictions whatsoever. After all, the video player is large enough, and the videos stream pretty fast without buffering. There is a good number of porn categories to browse on the site. These include; Full movie, 0Day, anal, Asian, BBW, Big Ass, Blonde, Brunette, Casting, Ebony, Gangbang, HD Porn, Interracial, JAV, Latina, Lesbian, Massage, MILF, Orgy, POV, public sex, uniform, X art, threesome, redhead, Art, TransAngels, uniform, tattoo among others. These porn video niches also feature all sorts of sexy female professional as well as amateur porn performers. These could be; Latina, brunettes, redheads, ebony beauties, Asian girls, ebony, and many more. Apparently, these girls love getting their coochie’s destroyed by huge cocks. Their sexual appetite is also at best insatiable, and all they need are ruthless cocks and dildos to satisfy them. Therefore this kind of play is worthy and audience deserving at any given time. Currently, there are about lots of pages of porn actresses listings on pornxbit.com. Some of the most popular porn personalities featured include; Abella Danger, Alexis Fawx, Eva Addams, Adriana Chechik, among others. And while there isn’t any reliable information about the girls. It sure is a way to get your favorite porn goddesses’ content compiled in one place for one to enjoy. The site is characterized by a black eye-friendly background with a little playful pink color pop. However, the most remarkable thing about it all the porn thumbnails featured on the homepage. These are of the most popular porn videos, as well as those of the recently added porn content. And while one might decide to go for either, it is essential to be aware of other sorting options available. These include; the categories, Actors, and the full movie sections. Besides, there is a search engine on the top right of the screen that helps users cut the chase to their specific content. Submit video; the site gives members a chance to have their own porn channels within site. Here they can upload and share their own porn collections. For one to pull this off, they will have to first go through the instructions and adhere to them. These include placing your porn videos in the correct category, fill up all the blanks on the submit page including; duration, actors' names, categories, tags, titles, descriptions, etc. and lastly, maintain the HD quality standard. Earn money; members can earn money from sharing videos from their listed video hosts, including; cloudvideo.tv (pays up to $35 for ten thousand views), vidoza.net (pays up to $33 per 10k downloads/ streams), streamango.com (pays up to $30 per 10k downloads/streams) and openload.co (pays $30 per 10k downloads/streams) all of which depend on what country the actions originate from. While only professional shot porn videos are allowed, one might need to carefully evaluate this option to find out whether it works for them too. Video requests; registered members are allowed to send in their desired porn videos and movie requests through this section. This way, the site is able to meet its users' porn tastes as well as demands. It is highly unfortunate that the site disregards the importance of keeping their site clean from ads and pop-ups. Therefore, putting the users' personal data at risk as well as interfering with their otherwise would have been a thrilling user experience. And while there are lots of misdirecting links, especially when one is moving from one section of the site to the next. It is also important to note that the site actually has a section that redirects to theporndude.com, a world popular porn site/blog. Therefore, in case one is ready for a vast porn adventure, they should absolutely feel free to check it out. This porn tube purposes of bringing users the best porn videos sourced from top production studios. Therefore, their porn videos are of exquisite quality and full-length HD. This means that one will have a blissful time streaming their blurry free porn using their large enough video player that does not buffer. Also, their porn videos are updated pretty regularly. Therefore there is a guarantee that there is always something to look out for. Even better, users are allowed to put in requests for their desired porn videos to ensure that the site is delivering precisely what they are on the lookout for. It even gets better with efficient browsing features, and actors section and the opportunity to make some actual cash. Unfortunately, the site does not guarantee it's users a clean user experience. This means that they will have to deal with stubborn redirecting links while browsing the website as well as pop-ups, which are an absolute menace. Also, users looking to get off to porn pictures will have to content to porn videos only available in countable porn niches. Pornxbit.com is not anywhere near a regular porn tube site. Being on the site means tons of unlimited HD full-length porn videos that are always added regularly. Also, one can put in requests for porn movies of their choice to be added, plus there is quite a good selection of porn categories to go with. Ultimately, they value their members to the extent that they also allow them to have their own personal channels within site, giving them the mandate to also contribute their own porn collections as long as they fit within their required guidelines. To top it up, the navigational features are on point. With all the content availed at zero cost, there is absolutely no excuse for anyone not to check it out!
Vporn.com is a free source of hardcore porn. It is swarming with thousands of XXX movies in full length and available in amazing Full HD quality. The content has been availed in multiple categories, with the team striving to avail as varied a collection as possible to satisfy every sexual whim. VPorn offers simplicity without compromising on quality, and this unimposing site has heaps of gay, shemale, and straight videos with both amateurs and pornstars and covering all niches imaginable. The videos vary in length from short clips to full-length movies. Besides, users can also download the videos with a free registration with streams and download running smoothly. What more does the site has in store for its visitors? Time to find out. VPorn has been providing high-quality porn content from as far back as 2001. In nearly two decades, the site has managed to stack one of the most extensive archives of free porn on the internet. It avails tons of content for every fetish, kink, and desire out there. This has endeared them to users, and the site is drawing in nearly 800,000 new visitors every single day. This brings in over 4 million daily page views. The website is deemed to be popular by Alexa with a ranking of 2384. It is a porn melting pot, and they probably deserve those numbers.  VPorn has a pretty typical approach to presenting porn, availing the content in thumbnails that come with some information including numbers of views, time of upload, and rating. However, none of them is animated, although users do get a good 10-15 shots from some of the best parts. Thumbnails also have a tag to indicate whether or not it is in HD. Some of the videos have a ‘new’ tag, but they don’t always make sense since they appear even on videos that were uploaded weeks [and sometimes months] ago. That’s probably an oversight on the team’s part.  The first thing to greet users the moment they land on the homepage are thumbnails with the most popular videos on the site. By casually scrolling the previews, users can see blowjobs, bondage, gangbangs, anal, and all sorts of kinky stuff. By default, the site presents straight porn, but on the top left is a drop-down feature that allows users to filter the content by gay, shemale, and female as well. Below the popular videos are live sex and recommended videos. Further down is another list of thumbnails complete with excellent sorting options, including newest, views, longest, and favorites, among other options. Users can also filter the content by time (all time, last month, last week, last 24hrs).  The site has a black background, but the layout comes with an option to change the theme to a bright one. The header menu has a few tabs, including home, pornstars, categories, porn games, and live sex. However, the latter two direct to outside sources. Overall, the layout is excellent and presents great features across the board when it comes to sorting the videos right from the main page, which is a significant selling point.  The ads are a major let down, and while they are not exactly a deal-breaker, they will undoubtedly prove an annoying presence. There are some discreet banner ads, some little ads on or before videos, but the ones that will show the biggest distractions are the popups. On mobile and desktop, users get these malware looking ads that try and make them download a fix for their computer or device, which is not cool at all.  The ads aside, the site offers a pretty stable desktop and mobile experience. It has a good design, and the videos load pretty quickly. Users have the option to change the video quality, and with a free account, download options have been availed as well. Also, users can favorite videos and add them to a watch later list.  VPorn is not miserly with the action either, with the site offering hundreds of thousands worth of hardcore scenes. The best place to appreciate the enormous collection is through the categories tab. Clicking on the tab opens up a list of categories with the number of scenes per category conveniently included. Options include gangbang, cheating, threesome, rough, homemade, orgy, ass licking, cuckold, busty, pissing, and so much more.   There is also a list of recommended categories for users who are undecided about the kind of content they want to watch. In terms of numbers, Amateur is leading the pack with over half a million videos, Ass has over 250k, Big Boobs has over 390k, while Homemade has over 370k. It is a vast collection. At the bottom of the page, they also have country tags, so users can see material from specific countries, including Argentina, Australia, Poland, Korea, and even Sudan.  The servers are incredibly quick and have no buffering issues. Additionally, users can skip to any segment of the video they like, and it instantly reacts. The video player comes with an option to slow down/speed up the action. Users can also share the videos on social media if they so wish. Also, below each video is a list of related scenes. The sexy collection goes hand in hand with top performers, and VPorn has them in plenty. The pornstars' tab on the header menu opens up a page with hundreds of performers, both male and female. There is no option to sort them by gender. Still, users can sort them by popular, views, alphabetic, and number of videos, among other options. By default, the pornstars have been ranked by popularity, and Lisa Ann, whose 1178 videos have amassed 127 million views, is leading the pack. Other big names include Sarah Jay, Riley Red, Jada Stevens, Cory Chase, Abella Danger, and Alexis Texas.   The lineup of male performers includes the legendary Mandingo, Manuel Ferrara, Lexington Steele, Rico Strong, and Johnny Sins, among others. The pornstars have a small flag icon on their thumbnail to indicate their country of origin, with many coming from the United States. Individual pages have a complete bio with stats, other pornstars the particular performer has appeared with, suggestions for her best videos, and nominations/awards they may have won. Below their profiles is a list of scenes with loads of sorting options. There are Register and Login buttons on the top right. It turns out with a user account, users can upload content, which are just clips and videos of pre-existing porn movies. Users can also download, comment on, and rate videos. The site also has a blog. The link is at the very bottom of the site in small text, so it’s hard to find. Still, it has some saucy stories, news, interviews, and even an educational section for different fetishes and kinks. That said, if there are other benefits of signing up, VPorn has not indicated. Lots of full-length movies; the site has an enormous collection of videos, most of which are full length, running for 30+ minutes.   Quality; users can stream the movies in multiple resolutions, but the best are available in 1080p Full HD, and they are in their thousands.  Solid design; the content is presented on a great design that even has a convenient feature that allows users to juggle between light/dark themes. Free; the entire collection can be accessed for free, and users with free member account can even download the scenes.  Impressive diversity; the content covers plenty of niches and sexual orientations. Users can look forward to fulfilling their fantasies. Intrusive ads; users will have to deal with hidden, intrusive ads and popups that will no doubt be an annoying presence.  To be honest, the site is mainly delivering on its promise, and it’s hard to find fault in such a massive and varied collection. However, if they could go slow on the ads, it would make the experience even more memorable. Besides, they could inform users about the benefits of being a registered user. On the current arrangement, users will be giving up their details without knowing what they stand to gain. With such a neat interface, excellent site design, and overall presentation of their material, VPorn.com stands out as one of the best non-major tube sites out there at the moment. There is a serious collection of porn available in excellent quality for both streams and downloads. The collection is varied and covers all sexual orientations. New content is added regularly, and users can expect to fulfill all their wildest desires.
One doesn’t have to be super horny to understand the appeal of Ultra Horny.com. The free tube site began in 2015. Since then, the website has added new, professional porn every single day. Those that discovered Ultra Horny during its early days have come to depend on Ultra Horny for hot and sexy AAA porn daily. It shows no signs of slowing down yet. Perfectly viewable on mobile and desktop alike, some of the best new porn of the day can be found here. Check it out daily and see what new content Ultra Horny has in store! One of the things one may notice right out of the gate about Ultra Horny is its convenience. It wants to make one's visit a memorable one, which is why they allow users to add videos to their favorites and watch later lists. After watching a video, don't click out of the page just yet! Scroll down to 'Add to list,' and click the drop-down menu. Users will have the option to add the video to their favorites or watch later list. Of course, visitors must be registered an account on Ultra Horny before they can use this option. Sign-up only takes a minute. If this feature is important to anyone, it's worth signing up to make curating one's pornography easier. How convenient is it to change the resolution settings on YouTube? It's the perfect way to see a video in its highest resolution or lower it if one's Internet speed is crawling at a snail's pace. Options are always welcome when streaming video content. Ultra Horny knows this, which is why they allow users to change the resolution of whatever video they are watching on-the-fly. Click the settings icon on the video. The option to select an available resolution will appear, allowing users to view the content however they prefer. Most videos range from 240p to 1080p, so viewers have the option to watch at a resolution that doesn't kill Internet speeds. For those that need their porn fix, no matter how poor of a connection they have, this method certainly works.Here is something that isn't seen every day: porn video descriptions. Taking another cue from YouTube, Ultra Horny provides descriptions for most videos. Although most people will already have decided to watch the video from the content title and thumbnail, it's a convenient way to learn about the video before committing to watching it. The descriptions do not sound like they were written by someone with a poor grasp of the English language, either. They are to the point and concise. While there is no indication if the content was originally written by someone at Ultra Horny, a hired freelancer, or if it was pasted from each video's source site and reworded, it doesn't matter. It's an excellent addition that makes Ultra Horny feel like an actual content site instead of a porn dump.The search function of free tube sites doesn’t usually get mentioned on sites like ThePornDude or otherwise. Even so, the convenience of Ultra Horny’s search functionality should not be understated. The search option is at the top of the homepage. Visitors will notice a drop-down menu next to the field to enter a search query. Click the drop-down menu, and visitors will find two options: video and model. Although it's a given that the search box could be used to search for videos, the model option is what is unique. It isn't every day that one notices a free tube site that allows visitors to search by adult star, but that's what Ultra Horny allows people to do. For those that are in the mood to watch videos starring a particular pornstar, this option makes it happen. This isn't to be confused with searching for a pornstar. When visitors want to browse for videos by pornstar rather than category, Ultra Horny gives them the option. Select 'Pornstar,' at the top of the page. Browsers will be presented with a few filters to assist with finding the pornstar they have in mind. Ultra Horny allows people to search pornstars by gender, ethnicity, hair color, cup size, and age. They can also sort by newest, top rated, and most viewed pornstars. It’s a great way to explore and find new pornstars since the videos they star in are highlighted near the bottom of the search results. Give it a shot and witness how practical this feature can be for finding new pornstars! If it's becoming evident that Ultra Horny pays attention to the small details, that's no accident. Proof of this comes from the popular searches showcased at the top of the homepage. Visitors will notice the brands that are most widely searched for; Brazzers was one of them as of this review. Click on the tag, and you will find videos about that brand's content. For those that have no clue what to watch first, this is an excellent way to jump into the action. With so many perks, it's easy to forget about one of the most obvious strengths of Ultra Horny. The thumbnails – as one will notice from the moment the homepage loads – look extraordinarily detailed and gorgeous. It shows viewers what they can expect within. It's what the best thumbnails do, and it's another testament to Ultra Horny's dedication to the details. The thumbnails also show the total number of views of the video. It would have been preferential for Ultra Horny to include the video's duration and rating, though. While the thumbnails look great, going that extra mile would allow Ultra Horny to use them correctly.It's always a good idea for free tube sites to show the content that is currently being watched. It gives visitors a chance to see what is hot and fresh at the moment. Ultra Horny seems to realize this, which is why they have made this section automatically appear when the homepage loads. As of this review, this section featured ten videos currently being watched. It's unclear if this number is always 10 (meaning it shows the most recent ten videos watched) or if more videos appear at times. Regardless, visitors will find enough content to get a feel for what kind of content is currently popular.There is nothing worse than trying to watch porn in the dark without a night mode. Most free tube sites are starting to add this feature. Ultra Horny seems to understand the value of this option. That is why they placed the icon at the top of the homepage.  When a visitor loads Ultra Horny, they will instantly notice this button. Click it, and the background turns black, so it's easy on the eyes at night. Don't mind the white space during the day? Recheck it, and the background turns white. Ultra Horny also allows visitors to sort content in a variety of different ways. Select the 'Video,' button at the top of the page, and instantly notice a variety of sorting options. Visitors can sort content by top rated, most commented, latest videos, most viewed, and longest duration. It's enough of a variety of options to give a person a method for quickly finding the most popular porn or just the types of videos they have in mind. No matter one's mood, sorting options on Ultra Horny makes it super simple to find the right porn.It boggles the mind why some free tube sites mix categories and porn brands/studios together. After smart design options and focus on even the smallest details, this is one of those things that should have been seen as a bad idea from the start. There should at least be a studio/brand section so that the categories page can consist of only real porn categories. It has turned the categories page into a mess. If Ultra Horny fixes this, there's little to gripe about on this free tube site with lots of potential. 
Laidhub.com has been around since 2016. Even so, the site signifies the oncoming free tube trend that's likely to dominate the next decade: virtual reality pornography. Commonly referred to as VR, it's an industry that is starting to see mainstream appeal thanks to innovations like the Oculus Quest. Laidhub is attempting to position itself as the free tube solution for VR porn; so far, the site is doing a great job. Fortunately for everyone else, the free tube site hasn't forgotten folks that watch their porn with a simple, smart device or desktop.  That’s not a number to scoff at, either. Laidhub provides an abundance of variety that visitors may find themselves browsing around the categories looking for new categories they’ve never heard of before. It isn’t so much that the categories are unique and the type of categories you typically don’t see before. It’s more than that.  Laidhub offers a glimpse into categories that are going to dominate the next decade. Layered with their focus on VR pornography, and one thing becomes crystal clear when looking around on Laidhub. The free tube site is attempting to position itself as a leader for the next few years; whether it will succeed is anyone's guess.Looking at the categories on Laidhub is almost like looking into the future. The categories one finds here will be some of the most popular categories among free tube sites for at least a few years to come. Laidhub offers categories devoted to popular social apps like TikTok and other social platforms. The free tube site even provides a category for general social media porn: a trend that has been popular for years but will continue as the next decade rolls forth. One exciting category that Laidhub lists that people are going to be bombarded with on free tube sites in the next decade are deepfakes. As artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and machine learning make strides in the coming years, deepfakes featuring the likenesses of celebrities, politicians, and icons will look so lifelike in the mock content that it will be indistinguishable from their real-world selves. Many of the deepfake videos on Laidhub are noticeably fake, but several will make most people do a double-take. The technology is impressive: Laidhub seems to know this and is already growing its list of deepfake content.In many cases, the thumbnails used on free tube sites are decent quality on one part of the site yet look poor in another area. This often happens with free tube sites that use thumbnails for image galleries and video libraries. The former uses elegant, photoshopped images, while the latter uses screencaps. This doesn’t happen on Laidhub. The website perfectly captures the vibe of the categories and what viewers can expect to find within the website. Laidhub also utilizes some of the hottest images from a video to entice viewers to check out the video. It's what some of the best free tube sites featured on ThePornDude accomplish. It’s a smart way to make every video competitive and get the maximum amount of clicks per video. Most people that visit a free tube site do so with an agenda. Often, visitors want to view a specific pornstar or a type of content. For the visitor that falls into the former category, Laidhub's pornstar section is what they need. Browsers can sort pornstars alphabetically (if they want to find the pornstar quickly), or they can search by top-rated personalities.  And for the visitors that want to view the most in-demand pornstars on Laidhub, sorting by top-rated achieves this as well. Like all functional free tube sites, Laidhub is all about options. From those with a mission to the visitors that want to look for a minute, an hour, or beyond, Laidhub makes it happen.Show only videos that are VR capable or HD videos (non-VR videos)Visitors that land on Laidhub may assume there isn't anything to watch due to all of the VR porn. Not so. When browsing videos, browsers can choose to view only videos that are VR capable or HD videos (non-VR videos). It's a good trade-off. It means for those without a VR headset; they will at least get to watch HD porn. The VR porn offerings are vast; for those with a headset, there is plenty to view. For the viewers that currently do not have a VR device or have no interest in the technology, though, the amount of HD porn available is just as good. While there isn't a ratio of VR porn-to-HD porn, viewing one or the other shows there's more than enough to satisfy almost anyone.Viewing only HD or VR porn is as easy as choosing the appropriate option at the top of the homepage. Choose either VR, HD, or both to show the porn one wants to view. It's an excellent way to quickly glean the kind of content that's available so viewers can make a quick decision regarding what they want to watch. With so many professional porn offerings on Laidhub, it's crucial that the free tube site also offers a method for quickly browsing the content of popular studios and brands. Fortunately, Laidhub does precisely this. Click the studios' tab at the top of the homepage, and visitors can browse around the dozens of studios featured on Laidhub.  Laidhub even makes it easy to look around each studios' offerings directly from the homepage. On the left sidebar, viewers can look through the alphabetical list of the studios with videos posted on Laidhub. It's an excellent way to see how many/which studios currently have a presence on Laidhub. Proper sorting options are crucial to the functionality of a free tube site. The good news is Laidhub has put them into practice. On the movies tab at the top of the homepage, visitors will notice they can sort movies by most recent, most viewed, top-rated, most discussed, and longest. It's a nice variety of sorting options that will allow anyone to find the content they are looking for based on these few factors. Try them out and see the range of hot porn that Laidhub has to offer.An excellent way to keep one's finger on the pulse of a free tube site is to look at its being watched now section. While some free tube sites do not offer this feature, Laidhub thankfully does. The section is displayed at the top of the homepage and shows what is currently being watched by other viewers. It's a fun way to know what is being watched while giving people a good direction to go in when they don't know what to watch.Although this feature may not mean that much to those that don't watch pornography often, for those that want to watch the very best, it will make a difference. Laidhub shows the source site of each video below the thumbnail in the video listing. For porn fans that prefer to stay away from one brand or want to watch porn only from one studio/brand, this is an excellent way to save time and effort. It will make a difference for those that care about this sort of thing. For everyone else, it's just nice information to have.Site design looks attractive, easy on the eyesLaidhub wants visitors to enjoy their stay on the free tube site. That's why they have created a website that not only looks attractive and is a pleasure to look at, but it's also easy to navigate around the site. The colors blend in a way that's pleasing to the eye, and one never has to get confused about where to go to watch this or look for that. Convenient and well designed, Laidhub should be proud.Unfortunately, Laidhub falls into the trap of offering too many short teaser videos. These videos try to entice viewers to select the, 'view full video' button at the bottom of the page. It's a way for a studio to get viewers to land on their site so they can buy the full video or become a subscriber. While there is plenty of full-length content, a lot of it are teasers, too. Laidhub should consider a better ratio of free-to-teaser videos.
Authentic Arab porn may be hard to find, but it definitely comes alive at Sexsaoy.com, a site that promises the best in Arab porn. The site's major selling point is providing free porn to its visitors. Users can look forward to seeing sexy Arab sluts on their worst behavior without paying a dime. Arab porn comes in the form of videos and enticing images, which includes a collection of GIFs. The site mainly targets Arabic speaking users, but there is an option to change the browsing language into English, and non-Arabic speakers can also enjoy the collection. Does the site deliver Arab beauties enjoying forbidden sex in front of the cam? There is only one way to find out.  Sexsaoy.com was created in August 2015 for lovers of genuine Arab porn. According to Alexa Traffic Rank, Sexsaoy.com is ranked number 17,948 in the world, with roughly 0.004% of global Internet users visit it. The site receives about 181,450 unique visitors and 544,350 (3.00 per visitor) page views per day. Most of its traffic comes from Egypt, where it occupies as high as 458 places. It has the potential to earn about $419.66/day from advertising revenue and is estimated to be worth $306,381.01. The site's ownership remains a mystery, but it is hosted by ITL Company in the Netherlands.  Landing on the site for the first time breeds nothing but confusion. For starters, there are way too many ads. They almost make the experience unbearable. While it is pretty understandable for free sources of porn to have ads, SexSaoy takes it to the extreme, and almost the entire homepage is filled with intrusive and absolutely annoying ads. Some of the ads are disguised as video thumbnails featuring Arab babes at the top, and users are advised to avoid them like the plague.  The site's organization and presentation of content also leave a lot to be desired. It appears like videos have been haphazardly thrown around with no hint of organization whatsoever. Granted, users can browse by Arab sex and latest albums, but the content could (and should) be much better organized.   Almost surprisingly, given the chaotic arrangement, there is a navigation header up top with several links to help users move to different parts of the site. There is also a search feature on the left, but there is no browsing menu, which is another case of oversight by the site's team. The primarily white background with no option for a dark mode does not do the site any favors either in terms of visual appeal. In that regard, SexSaoy has plenty of room for improvement. For all its shortcomings, the site avails a decent collection of Arab fuck flicks in its archives. The videos are not presented via thumbnail previews. Still, by casually browsing around, users can see hot and naughty Arab babes playing with their coochies with fingers and dildos, getting fucked inside cars, and taking huge dicks from their boyfriends in all sorts of places. There are whores from Egypt, Morocco, Syria, and other Arab dominated regions enjoying having their tasty pussies pounded, and their clits licked.  It is common knowledge that in most Arab countries, porn is forbidden. For that reason, those who are producing porn are actually risking their freedom and, in some countries, their lives as well. That possibly explains the lack of professional porn videos in this site's archive. As a matter of fact, the majority (if not all) of the videos are amateur in nature.  Videos are characterized by bad camera angles and awful lighting, not to mention the fact that some of the videos are in pretty mediocre quality. This author found more than a few videos that were so grainy they were practically unwatchable. Another thing users should know is most of the videos are actually short flicks, and they will be lucky to find a video longer than 10 minutes. Those undesirable aspects aside, the amateur nature of the videos means the videos are authentic and feature actual Arab babes getting down and dirty. It is certainly a welcome break from the scripted videos found in 'mainstream' porn tubes purporting to avail real Arab videos.  Well, playing videos is one major obstacle. Not only is the video player laden with ads, clicking pretty much anywhere on the site leads to nasty redirects. Pressing play invites more of those redirects, and playing the videos is far from straightforward. There is also no way to play the videos on another tab, which is obviously not ideal. Overall, the video playing experience is full of challenges and whether the videos are ultimately worth the experience only the user can tell.  Those who prefer mixing up their porn viewing experience with XXX images will be pleased to discover that the site has a decent collection featuring mainly Arab babes. The girls can be seen undressing, strip teasing, masturbating, shaking their bubbly asses, wiping cum from their snatches and titties, nipples, lingerie, and so much more. Unlike the videos, the images are much easier to access. They are also available in considerably better quality compared with the videos. Perhaps to spice it up, they have thrown some enticing porn GIFs into the mix.  All the babes featured here are absolute stunners, and almost all seem to be of Arab descent. The number of images per gallery varies with the models, although the collection is a bit modest, to begin with. There are no options to sort the photos by niche, and users will have to make do with hoping they come around something that suits their tastes. There still should be some solid adult entertainment for those who prefer getting off images and gifs. However, the number is more on the lower end of the scale.  Other parts of the site are worth a mention, including the sex stories, sex poems, sex jokes, and sensual songs sections. The sensual songs can be played right away. As is the case with much of the content throughout the site, these sections will appeal more to an Arabic speaker. It is the only way users will be able to get the jokes anyway. Needless to say, this section of the site is not as popular as the other sections.  Besides, there are a few prerecorded webcam videos featuring stripteases and masturbation and such stuff. These videos are mostly of higher quality, and users can see every fold of these hotties' tantalizing bodies. However, the videos are mostly short flicks not more than 5 minutes, and their numbers are almost negligible.  SexSaoy has its fair share of challenges and areas of improvement. However, the site's traffic report indicates the site is still popular among porn users, and free porn is the main factor. Everything on this site can be accessed for absolutely free. The site doesn't even burden users with the creation of free member accounts. Going by the numbers, visitors seem to love free porn more than they hate other aspects of the site. Amateur Arab porn; there is a decent collection of porn videos featuring actual Arab amateurs in various sexual scenarios.  Free; perhaps the site's major attraction, everything on the site's archive can be browsed for free.  Erotic pictures; there is a decent collection of X-rated images showing Arab hotties getting down and dirty. The collection includes some GIFs as well.   Poor organization; the site could certainly use some better organization, and the current arrangement is a tad too chaotic. Ads; the ads are an absolute menace and negatively affect the video's browsing experience. The awful redirects don't make it any better either, mainly when it occurs by clicking any part of the site. Better content organization could certainly go a long way. Also, the site should consider other means of getting income to lessen the ads burden on the user. Also, the collection could be bigger, and the site should add more scenes or diversify their videos to improve the numbers. Browsing the site comes with its bag of challenges, not least the ads menace, which ensures the video playing experience is riddled with obstacles. The content is also poorly organized. However, the collection of videos is authentic and features ACTUAL Arab babes getting fucked. Whether that's ultimately worth the awful experience is hard to tell. 
HQporner Anal
For sure, anal sex is on the rise both in the real world and certainly in porn. Going back at least as far back as the aughts is standard to see at least a little butt loving in most movies.Posterior pumping and bum licking goes back thousands of years and has been found in erotic art all over the world. Within recent decades, there seems to have been an explosion in anal-specific sex all over the web. As with so many popular kinds of porn on the internet, it is hard to tell just how much there is. But after months of research which we have done and thanks to the help of tube sites, we can say that there are at least a couple hundred quality anal websites out on the web. Since they usually are such great collectors of porn of all kinds, we often give some of the better tubes a general review and a few others which focus on certain categories. So, if you want to get our overview of HQ Porner as a website, just use our search for it using our engine. But this page is all about the butt stuff on this site specifically. Very often, a lot of free fap platforms slowly tinker with their design and the content they upload. Not so when it comes to HQ Porner. Since their beginning in 2013, they have stocked up an impressive collection of kinky footage of all kinds but especially anal intercourse. As you would expect, more has been added over the years, which has taken the number of from the hundreds into the thousands. We have written about this before, but there is not too much to see other than raw video footage. You do get a nice preview when you hover the cursor over a thumbnail. However, when you click on a link to some footage, there is not much other than the video itself and biographical information – so, the title, upload date, and run time. Other than there are only links to the leading female performer and all relevant categories. Scroll down a page, and you will see a few more links to any new site additions and further below similar anal sex scenes. Or at least we think that these studios have added content since these videos are labeled as such and have not (yet) been DMCAed. Of course, with so many tubes illegally uploading content that can be hard to determine. However, since all of the videos appear to be in at least 980p, it is unlikely that this smut has been stolen. Plus, there is a trend on free-to-view porn platforms to get permission from professional sites to reupload their smut to promote it. Anyway, some of the anal-oriented sites which have videos include True Anal, First Anal Quest, and Tushy.com. Further, there are even more videos from mainstream, high-end website which also have shot some great butt smut. Some of these sites include Woodman Casting X, Nympho.com, Shop Lyfter MILF, and the always-excellent erotica from Brazzers. Some people might think that if you have seen one porno, you may as well have watched them all. And we would agree when it comes to low-grade gutter porn from some upstart and fly-by-night studios. However, since most of the content comes from some of the best producers in the industry, there is a good deal of creativity in most scenes. There are, of course, a good amount of one-on-one butt fornicating action, but which does feature plenty of camera angles with great lighting and fun sets. However, there is far more variety than what some of you might think. There are lesbian scenes with girls taking turns shoving all kinds of exotic looking glass toys into each other’s back holes. You get to see all kinds of fetish videos with anal sex and forms of penetration being the main focus. Other kinks seen in these movies include cuckoldry, gangbang, interracial, and squirting. This tube has tons of threeways with a studly man and two lovely lady performers, along with ménage à trois, which are all female. Then there are some guy-on-gal POV scenes which get you an unclose look at everything. This was a little tricky for us to do since we have looked at so many tubes and aggregators now. There are several things to compare, including video length, quality, and the movies’ take on anal sex. And to make things even better, instead of providing only measly five-minute previews like other platforms, it seems like there are nothing but complete videos that run between thirty minutes to well over an hour. There are some short preview clips, but all of the good anal tagged stuff tends to be full-length. So, points to HQ Porn for that. Each movie definitely has good visual and audio fidelity. This is unlike so many pirated pornos on other platforms. You do not have to worry about clicking on a movie and getting out of sync or no sound at all. For sure, HQ Porner’s porn is not as wild or as imaginative as some of the butt sex you are going to see on tubes that have niche nudity or the smut made by amateurs. However, it still has a good variety of anal action compared to most free fap sites. Since this kind of sexual fetish is so common, it should be no surprise that this category is packed with some of the highest number of videos. As we noted earlier, unlike many of the videos in the Fetish, Long Hair, and Bondage, which have many videos that are only several to a few minutes long, the vids in this category are considerably longer. When it comes to the anal videos, they are generally better compared to other categories. While not as quiet as many as other aggregators and tubes, with almost five thousand videos to pick from, we cannot complain about not having much choice. Furthermore, these free, full-length movies come from some of the best sites in adult entertainment, and they all seem to shot in high-definition.  We do not know for sure if they are all legitimate, but since it seems as though all of the videos seem to be since none of the ones we saw are degraded. In addition to having different kinds of performances, the ladies who star in these films are fantastic. Examples of some of these anal professional starlets include Tori Black, Misha Cross, Sash Grey, and Valentina Nappi. While this site is trying to sell itself on having a stripped-down design, we do think that the search tools are surprisingly adequate. Though you are limited to the category page and the search engine, the latter tool brings up relevant content no matter which additional sex acts, toys, or performers you are looking for. Lastly, this site does not suffer a recurring problem, which so many free-to-see websites so often do: being loaded up with too many ads. In fact, not only are there about one ad a page at most, there is no problem when it comes to dealing with popups or spammy redirects. At least that typically true when it comes to most of the anal scenes specifically. Virtually every video has a series of watermarks in one of the bottom corners of the video. While it is not a big deal, the fact that several studios, websites, and performer's names switch out in a scene can be a little distracting. Though it is not an issue on most of them, if you click on some of the butt sex movies, you might have to watch one or two ads before you can get to the flick. When it comes to finding out the quality of what you are going to see or any specifics, you are just going to have to watch the vid since there are no descriptions, comments, or rating systems. To be fair, since this site is technically an aggregator and not a true tube, that is something to be expected. To be honest, it is not perfect – but then again, most of the websites we look are not. However, as an aggregator of amorous movies, and especially when it comes to the variety and quality of scenes you get to watch for free, this is one of the better sites of its kind. Furthermore, when we consider the fact that most videos are ad-free, and this platform is not going to load up your device with malware from spam, it deserves an endorsement. There really is no need (or a way) to get an account, so you can log in and start surfing right away without any hassle. So, if this fetish is your thing, save HQPorner.com/category/anal-sex-hd to your favorites and enjoy. We give it four and a half hands out of five and are sure that this footage will keep both of your hands busy.
Free porn videos available in decent quality and covering a wide range of fantasies is the rule of the game at Sweext.com. It is a regular porn tube that shares premium content from famous worldwide studios like Brazzers, Reality Kings, Evil Angel, Porndoe, Bangbros, Mofos, Team Skeet, and many others. As a result, visitors can expect to enjoy premium XXX content at the unbeatable price of free. There is a massive collection with hundreds of pages to browse, and new content is being added with impressive regularity. Thanks to a list of studios that has more than 100 entries, users can expect to see a little bit of everything here, including some shemale sex and faptastic VR porn.  There is nothing particularly outstanding about the site. It is just like an ordinary porn tube with a wall of mouthwatering thumbnails lining up the homepage. However, unlike in many porn tubes, these thumbnails are not animated. Users don't have a sneak peek of the action. The site still looks good with a minimalist layout with a black background that is excellent for night browsing. The tour starts with the latest scenes, although one thing immediately stands out even to a casual observer; the scenes are not dated. Therefore, it's not easy to figure out if these scenes are indeed new or when they were uploaded. Video thumbnails show the scene title, studio, starring pornstars, and the number of views. They also show which update is in HD. A fast look reveals that most of them (if not all) are in High Definition. On the top right of the thumbnails are [limited] sorting options where users can sort the videos by newest, most viewed, and top-rated.  The header has a search box where users can write down keywords to approach specific content. Underneath the search feature is a list of premium studios, some of which have been mentioned above where users can choose to watch only videos from that particular studio. Besides, there is a list of categories and studios, and a basic pornstar index that serves as little more than an overview of the models' content. Overall, this looks like an excellent place to watch some top quality smut for free.  Sweext.com has been providing its visitors with free porn since its launch in November 2016. It has a global traffic rank of #141,929 and receives about 11,538 unique visitors and 42,690 (3.70 per visitor) page views per day. That should earn the site about $144.70 per day in advertising revenue. It is estimated to be worth $84,600.00. Besides, the site is hosted in San Francisco, United States. Most of its traffic comes from India, Canada, Egypt, Mexico, and Bangladesh. It's time to find out just how much debauchery this site has in store for its visitors, and it turns out they have a ton. The video tab on the header menu allows users to browse the videos by All Videos, Movies, Parodies, and VR Porn. There is a solid lineup of full-length movies drawn from the best producers, some excellent parodies, and hundreds of VR porn scenes thrown in as well. Like mentioned, most of these videos are in HD and mostly available in 360p and 720p resolutions. They should provide for an excellent browsing experience. As a porn tube, Sweext doesn't host any of the videos. Still, they have an embedded video player, and users can stream the videos on-site without being linked to the hosting site, which is always a plus. Videos have no description and only show the category, tags, and starring pornstar. Also, there aren't any user features such as comments or favorites, but users can rate videos. Overall, videos stream without significant problems, although users should be braced for broken links in some of the videos. That seems to be the price to pay for pirated material- videos get taken down from time to time. Users can download the videos, but clicking the little cloud icon on the bottom right of the video takes users to one of those video download type pages. Hence, they need to wait a while for it to download.   Apart from the collection of full movies, the rest of the scenes are mostly short flicks running for below 10 minutes. With no option to sort the content by duration, users will have to take the good with the bad. Another thing that has to be mentioned is the fact that users will have to play whack-a-mole with popups, so getting an ad blocker will be a must for many. This might sound cliché, but it certainly rings true as far as the diversity of content here is concerned. The content can be browsed in categories that show how varied the collection is. They include cosplay, creampie, bukkake, cum in mouth, titty fuck, masturbation, shemale fucks shemale, humiliation, gangbang, bondage, deepthroat, and so on. The number of videos per category has been indicated. For instance, Facial has 2959 videos, while Hardcore has 2539. One thing stands out from the categories; the site mostly focuses on hardcore content, and softcore categories have a fewer number of videos compared to the categories depicting more hardcore action. Either way, users should have an exciting time fulfilling their fantasies. Apart from the site providing high-quality porn, the collection features some of the biggest names in the industry all their years of experience to the user's screen. Users can look forward to being entertained by names like Abby Lee Brazil, Addison Rich, Abella Anderson, Alix Lynx, Ava Koxxx, Dani Daniels, Ivy Stone, and Izzy Mendosa among hundreds of others. The pornstar tab on the header menu opens up a page with hundreds of pornstars.  There is no option to filter the models by alphabet, or any of that, and users are subjected to what seems like eternal scrolling. However, users can put a girl's name into the search box on that page, and it will bring up her name with the number of movies next to it. The number of videos per girl has been indicated, and a good number have only a single movie to their name, although many have more. Mia Khalifa, for instance, has 14 videos. Individual model pages have zero information about the models apart from their list of videos. This is potentially a source of disappointment for users who like to get intimate with their favorite performers.   The number of pornstars is an indication that the content here is strictly professional, and this reviewer didn't come across a single amateur/homemade scene. The professional nature of the material can also be seen in the lineup of studios. The collection here spans over 120 studios, and clicking on a particular studio opens a page with their selection of videos that have found their way to Sweext.com's archive. Many of the studios are niche-specific, and users can expect to be thoroughly entertained. It is all about professional porn in its highest form.  Free premium porn; the site is all about providing its visitors with free porn from premium sources, and they have impressively stuck to that task. Visitors can expect thousands of high-quality scenes from hundreds of leading studios in the industry.  Downloads available; the videos can be downloaded at no extra cost, although users will have to wait a while before downloading. Pornstar directory; users can browse entire collections by their favorite performers with the site lining up hundreds of professional pornstars and their videos.  Mobile friendly; the collection can be browsed on mobile devices with the site's mobile site offering a similarly solid browsing experience.  Broken links; some of the videos lead to broken links, an indication that they have been taken down. Needless to say, such videos are a disappointment. Ads; granted, the level of advertising is not the worst on the internet, but there is still a good number of banner ads and popups that will prove a distracting presence.  The first and most obvious thing is the introduction of thumbnail previews to replace the still images. That would be a massive step forward. The team should also consider dating their content to enable users to track down new videos more effectively.  Sweext.com is a pretty decent porn tube and a source of high-quality free porn. They have a ton of XXX materials from the biggest studios, and they are adding videos all the time. The site is easy to browse, and all the videos can be streamed in HD. They have some issues they can improve on, but it is a solid porn experience overall. 
It seems that anyone who has any degree of understanding of how to put a website together has created a tube. Well, everyone except us -- at least for now. Since they are so simple to put together, a lot of tubes remind us of some of the gutter porn sites which cropped up during the '90s. They may satisfy "the itch" but are cheap and can ultimately not be at all anything special. At least that is the case for most tubes that we review. Sometimes though, we find a website that surprises us with some neat gimmick or just plain good design. While not on the same level as a legendary tube like PornHub, Palimas TV is one of those which has a few things which make it better than most of its competitors. Apparently, dating back to just 2016, this website has not seen any drastic changes since its inception, though it has gone through a few cosmetic facelifts. As we will see, this is actually a good thing since this website gets a lot of things right. What is most interesting about this site is where it comes from. According to their About Us page, Palimas TV is apart of a bigger network, including Neptunes Porn, WhatAPorn, Netfapx, and XXXVideos, which operates out of Estonia. That surprised us since our research found that the word palimas is Spanish for 'perfect porn.' And yes, we checked a few different sources – that is actually what that word means. Typically, we find that most tubes tend to follow the same formulaic design as industry giants like Xtube as if that would somehow make them more successful. Palimas, however, uses a neat aesthetic that combines a layout and color scheme, which is just different enough to make it a web design breath of fresh air. To be specific, most of the background of every page is white, but the border color is somewhere between red and magenta. It is not often we see a shade like that. The logo is a clapperboard with some colored bars next to it which, may seem like a minor thing, but its nice to see an attempt at an original icon, which is rare for a lot of tubes. Moving on, a mix of colors are incorporated into other icons like the upvote, time length, and the font color for links to performer profiles. That does not mean that the design is too busy – in fact, it is more on the minimalist side, which makes focusing on the content, not the flourish easier. Like other (good) tubes, each video page has all of the necessitates – that is, a view count, set of clickable tags, download option, comments section, and rating system. Weirdly though, you can only upvote videos not downvote them. Plus, most videos complete with a very extensive description, which will give you a detailed explanation of what you are in for. Scroll down the page, and you will find the typical related videos feature, though you will also be bombarded by a bunch of ads. We should clarify that while we have described it as a tube, Palimas is really more of a video hosting website. By that, we mean that while the videos display on the site, their sources come from other servers, not those owned by Palimas. So, if you find that a video does not play, just switch over to another source, and most videos have at least a few. There are not too many search options, but what is there works well. Through the Explore tab in the menu, you can sort videos by those which have been recently added, the most viewed, the most rated, the ones which are only ultra-high definition, and the movies which are considered to be 'hot.' And like any good website, the search engine works well. Some may like this, and others will not, but from what we can tell, there does not seem to be any original, amateur content. Instead, it is all clips and full movie clips from some of the best studios in the business. While the selection is good, tracking down the original can be a bit tricky considering some of the titles seem to use the original film's name, or are just a summary of the sex acts in it. Still, with so much stuff from the mainstream, you will find all of your favorite kinds of smut, as well as a few fetishes you might want to look into. For instance, on the Categories page, all of the staples are there like Big Boobs, Interracial, Deep Throat, and Threesome. Some of the more unusual tags include Tattoo, Oil, Uniform, Socks, and Babysitter. Yes, you read that last one right. Besides the filters already mentioned and the category pages, another great way you can find the perfect video is by checking out the Pornstar page. They have quite the list as it seems to have a page for about every starlet who has been in the business in the last ten years, at least. With so many performers listed, there are fortunately a few different ways to whittle the number displayed down. Besides being able to select from their names alphabetically, you can sort by those who have been highest-rated, have the most view, performers with the most videos, or you can get a page of random performers. Even if you have the name of the girl whose content you want to see, we recommend experimenting with that last option – it is more fun than you think. Honestly, getting an account does not really mean much, but there are the standard perks. You can upload your own content, comment on other people's videos, add them to your favorites, and follow people – or subscribe to them. Getting an account takes almost no time and involves the usual – entering a username, coming up with a secure password, then verifying your account via email. On their terms of service page, Palimas TV says that they have a strict policy against copyright violations and apparently takes DMCA claims very seriously. While we do not have a problem with that, it is weird to see that so prominently displayed since all of the content comes from popular studios. Usually, when we see this, it is a sign that the content has been pirated. However, most videos are of high-quality, and from what we can tell, this website has not been caught in a massive scandal over piracy. That does not mean anything definitive, but we do find this a little sketchy. The biggest issue we had with this site is the enormous number of adverts that appear all over the place. Yes, it is not as bad as some other tubes, but if you do surf this site, you are going to have to put up with too many, some of which might load up your machine with malware. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you update your virus protection software and invest in some popup blocking program. Certainly, this porn platform has not had the best optimization but still looks relatively good on handheld devices. This is probably because the minimalist layout translates well on tablets and phones. So, if you are like most people and prefer to search for smut on mobile devices will have an excellent time. Overall, this website has a great layout, which alone makes it considerably better than other tubes and aggregates. Furthermore, the site's features though basic, all work well and make sorting through the massive archive of videos easier. Speaking of videos, all of them seem to be at least in 720p, and there are tons of videos that can be viewed in Ultra 4K HD. While there is not really any alternative or hugely niche porn, there is plenty of popular stuff, which is often vanilla, and there is some fetish fap material, too. While we like the design, we do not like the number of banner ads, let alone where they are placed. It is not so bad that it ruins the experience, but it is enough to complain about. Speaking of ads, the Cams button in the menu is just a spam link to Camonster. Further, while the TOS page does mention that users can upload pictures and GIFs in addition to videos -- however, we cannot find any pages which host photo content. We also have concerns about the videos, or more specifically, where these video servers come from. If we were running a website that relies on advertising, we would place the adverts on parts of the pages which are less distracting. We would also remove the Camonster link from the menu and instead turn it into a banner at the bottom of every page. While the number and kind of videos are great, we would also add the option to upload pictures and GIFs, as well as create unique sections on the site for that material. Lastly, we would even tweak the mobile version a bit, so it runs better and remove all of the obnoxious popups which plague that version of Palimas. In a sense, Palimas is “just” another free porn platform, but one which is a bit better than most others we have seen. The videos hosted are not groundbreaking, but instead are a good representation of some of the better erotic movies which have come out over the last decade. If you are a causal porn enthusiast, you definitely will like this site, so we give it four out of five hands.
Log onto Rushporn.com, and a person may be in for a unique surprise. That’s because one will be alerted to a site called Realeporno.com. It's oddly dubbed the 'best Italian porn website in the world.' While there is no way of proving if that's true, it's not the first thing one expects to see when jumping onto a free tube site called Rushporn.  What people do expect to find when browsing a site called Rushporn is a lightning-fast experience. That's what Rushporn delivers – especially on its mobile side of things. The free tube site prides itself on providing an excellent mobile experience for smartphones and tablets alike, and it shows as one browses the website and notices the content that Rushporn has to offer.  Rushporn knows that visitors want to jump straight into the action once arriving on the free tube site. That's why Rushporn allows people to do exactly that from the top of the page. Once logged onto the free tube site, look at the top of the page and notice the navigation bar. Viewers will notice that they can begin looking at porn by clicking on either the tabs labeled newest, top-rated and most viewed. This is a great way to get a taste for the pornography that people have dubbed the freshest, newest, and the best. When one doesn’t know what to look at and watch, this is a fantastic place to start! Sometimes one wants to jump into a category sporadically. This isn't possible on most free tube sites, but in Rushporn’s case, it's not only possible but easy. When the mood strikes and jumping into a category feels like the next best thing to watching full-length porn, notice the sidebar featuring Rushporn’s most popular categories. The sidebar makes it simple to get into the action no matter what the mood may be. Click on a category, and Rushporn will show the most recent content for that category. Those that are not in the mood to watch the latest content can sort it in a variety of ways: by top-rated, most viewed, and the longest. Whatever mood one may be in, Rushporn makes it super simple to sort content in categories however they wish. Unfortunately, Rushporn should improve the sheer amount of categories offered. While the categories are not bad or even a weak pool of categories, the problem is that there is not enough of them. Certainly featuring a variety of categories such as gay, HD, Brazilian, and more are enough to warrant praise for Rushporn, it would have been nice to see more out-of-the-box categories that are not so vanilla. Hentai, cuckold, and other types of pornography that's not quite as vanilla as the usual offerings would have been ideal. It doesn't mean the categories on Rushporn are necessarily bad, poor, or even needs to be improved, just that Rushporn should consider adding more obscure categories that will expand their reach even further. If a person is looking for a free tube site that offers plenty of full-length porn, they've come to the right place. Rushporn offers hundreds of pages of pornography from all types of niches and genres. While there is no telling how any videos this is, consider that Rushporn essentially adds new videos every day. With hundreds of videos and new videos added daily, viewers are going to have their work cut out for them if they want to watch every single video on Rushporn. Further, consider that many of the videos on the free tube site are full-length and at the same resolution as one would find on the video's source site, and it becomes clear that Rushporn is a free tube site worth revisiting time and again. Although plenty of good free tube sites do not offer full-length porn, it’s always a bummer when one sees compelling thumbnails that are detailed and enticing only to discover that the videos are teasers and not the full thing. While it would be unrealistic to state that every video on Rushporn now and in the future is/will be full-length, there is so much full-length porn that is added all the time that it’s safe to say that people will have more than enough full-length pornography to view for the foreseeable future.  Browse around and see what can be found. There are plenty of full-length gems just waiting to be found. Who knows? It may be the difference between watching the same old content and seeing someone new that is worth watching! It’s always a joy to see a free tube site that uses thumbnails to perfection. While it’s never expected, the way Rushporn utilizes thumbnails should be praised. The thumbnails look detailed and perfect, crisp, and colorful. That isn't even mentioning the type of images used for the thumbnails. Suffice to say these thumbnails will make even the most jaded viewer want to click through and watch what the thumbnail promises on the video listing. That's across the board, too. The beauty of the thumbnails is not solely on display on just one part of the site – it's everywhere. That's something one does not see every day, and, amazingly, they were able to utilize detailed, beautiful thumbnails across the board. Impressive! While Rushporn features a lot of full-length pornography, what if there was a way to find the longest content on the free tube site? Like the best free tube sites on ThePornDude, viewers can click on the 'Longest,' tab at the top of the homepage. This will sort content from the very longest on Rushporn to the shortest. It’s a great way to not only get an idea for how much full-length content is on Rushporn but to also see just how long the videos truly are on Rushporn. While it would be nice if Rushporn offered the ability to choose to display only videos that were a certain length, sorting in this manner is the next best thing. It’s simple to figure out the length of the content as it pertains to which page number one is currently on. It’s convenient and yet another good sorting option for those that cannot get enough full-length pornography. For those that do not want to browse by category or look around blindly on Rushporn, the free tube site offers a great way to browse by pornstar. When getting onto the pornstar page, one of the first things people will notice is just how good the thumbnails look here. Saying they look good doesn't only do it justice, though. These thumbnails are detailed and beautiful to look at: they will entice viewers to want to jump in and look around at what is provided. The thumbnails are not the only bits of good information on the pornstar section. Viewers may notice numbers within each thumbnail. These numbers show how many videos each pornstar has on Rushporn. For the browser that wants to view pornstars based on how many videos that performer has, this is a great option to use. Last but not least, visitors can also provide good sorting options for the pornstar section. People can sort pornstars by most recently added, rated, views, and of course, the number of videos. Rushporn provides good choices to make finding the porn one is interested in easy and effortless. Speaking of options, Rushporn even allows visitors to browse content by the studio. They are called channels on Rushporn, and each listing features a number to signify how many videos of that brand/studio/channel are on Rushporn. Because a lot of this content is teaser videos from brands, channels, studios, and more, they are not very long. If that's a deal-breaker, one probably isn't going to enjoy their time in this section; everyone else should not have a problem.
Porn.com is a video-sharing website specializing in pornography, as indicated by the name. As a one-word, four-letter domain, this piece Internet real estate has been valuable ever since it was registered in 1995. In 2007, it sold for $9.5 million, making it still among the top 10 most expensive domain names. The current version of the site launched one year after that and has been growing ever since. With over 600,000 porno movies in the collection, they’ve earned a solid reputation as a reputable source for free movies of people having sex. As of this writing, they were receiving around 50 million visits per month.  The layout of Porn.com’s front page doesn’t differ in any substantial way from the typical free sex tube format. Beneath a header featuring a lightly stylized site logo, search bar and a few links, most of the page is taken up by small thumbnails for pornographic movies. A selection of Trending Porn Videos, localized for a viewer’s specific region, is followed by two dozen Featured Free Porn Videos.  When PornSites.com visited, most of the Trending and Featured videos were labeled with an HD icon. Several were marked as 4K scenes, while only a few were unlabeled. The unlabeled scenes feature lower resolutions than many modern viewers are used to, though the effect will be less noticeable on smaller mobile screens. The site has been fully mobile compatible for years.  Most of the scenes of the front page are professionally shot clips, very often by major studios. Many premium sites have an immediately visible presence here, uploading their sample clips on a regular basis. Digital Playground, Tushy, BangBros and Blacked all had scenes available from the front page.  As a site that operates largely on contributions from the major studios, many of the porn videos on Porn.com tend to clock in at around 10 minutes. However, many of the Featured videos the day we visited were longer, full-length movies running 30 minutes to an hour long. Viewers will be able to find material to meet any masturbatory time budget. Porn.com seems largely unrestrained in their depiction of explicit sex acts that many would deem obscene. Before clicking anywhere on the site, we were treated to animated thumbnails of Asian anal sex and semen swallowing, BDSM blowjobs featuring nurses and caged men, rectal gaping, and teen daughters “swap fucking” their dad for some vacation money.  The site runs on user uploads. While many of the Featured and Trending movies were uploaded by major studios, the incredibly large user base of Porn.com also contributes a nearly nonstop stream of hardcore pornography to the archive. Sorting the material in order of Newness reveals lesbian orgies, homemade mother/daughter threesomes, and shemale smut that is still illegal in some corners of the globe.  The rich selection of amateur pornography among the newest uploads is a strong indicator of how active this community is. This morning, users have added their own teen hotel hookups, DIY anal movie experiments, and an Ebony woman washing the semen off her buttocks in a shower. She’s a registered member of the site with nearly a thousand followers and more than a million views of her 155 original amateur scenes.  Amateur is listed among the Top Categories in the left sidebar, along with pornographic subgenres like Babysitter, Camel Toe, Throat Fuck and Interracial. The full Amateur catalog of Porn.com currently includes nearly 300,000 homemade sex movies. Once a visitor to the site enters a genre-specific area, the Top Categories sidebar changes to allow users to refine their search by including more Categories. When we added Anal Sex to our search, Porn.com came back with about 23k videos of homebrew butt play and rectal penetration. When we tried to add Face Sitting to our search as well, Porn.com told us the function required a free account first.  Porn.com has what one may consider the standard feature set for free tube membership. Registered users can save their favorite pornstars, videos, playlists and channels for easy access from any device. They can interact with other members, not just by rating and commenting on their favorite bukkake scenes and lesbian threesomes, but via private message as well. This encouragement of social interaction may be one of the reasons Porn.com has such a strong amateur community.  Registration is also required in order to upload material. Users can add videos or photos of their amateur blowjobs, freaky footjobs and anilingus scenes. This content can be shared with anybody or kept private.  Like many of the major free sex tubes, Porn.com offers a paid premium membership. Users can use credit card, PayPal or cryptocurrency to sign up at a rate of $9.99, recurring monthly after a seven-day free trial. The premium membership promises a spam-free experience, big screen picture delivered at 1080p, and unlocked bonus content.  PornSites.com sampled one of the Trending Porn Videos in the United States, Beautiful Ebony Chick Takes a Huge Black Cock in Her Pussy. The 22-minute sex scene begins with a traditional porno-style interview. Melody giggles as she introduces herself, showing off an extremely revealing outfit that the cameraman refers to as “like dental floss.”  Shortly after the one-minute mark, she begins administering oral sex on a man with an enormous, dark-skinned erection. The phallic unit in question is often referred to in the industry as a BBC. After several minutes of facial penetration, he turns the young woman so that her large, round buttocks face him, at which point he reinserts his penis into her, this time vaginally.  The video speed and quality are both adjustable, though this particular video maxes out at 480p. Playback is smooth even while skipping between the cowgirl, doggystyle and cumshot sequences. With our spam blocker enabled, we did have to watch five seconds of a video advertisement before the sex scene began. Animated advertisements for hentai games are also featured along the right sidebar.  A Download button below the video player allows users to save the movie as an MP4 in a range of video resolutions. No sign-in or registration is required for access to these files, enabling visitors to build their own collection of free hardcore pornography without leaving a virtual paper trail.  Many of the most popular Porn Channels on Porn.com are operated by major studios and paysites. It’s an excellent way for fans of adult movies to sample a variety of content from many of the major players in the industry, not to mention a great source of premium material for the masturbator on a budget.  As of this writing, Bang Bros had the most popular channel on the site. With nearly 1500 of their movies in the collection, their ability to draw free subscribers should come as no surprise. Maya Bijou, Tory Lane and Penny Pax have all starred in recent HD scenes that you can watch for free on the tube.  Brazzers, JavHD, Reality Kings and Mofos are all among the top channels here. Viewers can also see teen creampies from NaughtyAmerica and taboo stepsister scenes from Team Skeet without worrying about accidentally ejaculating to a pirated sex scene. During our visit, we did not encounter any premium content that appeared to be stolen.  The biggest downside to using the website was the spam. Despite our best efforts to block advertisements, many were plainly visible and video ads often played before our pornography. However, this is to be expected from any free website featuring adult material. The experience is not overly intrusive, and if you’re using a spam blocker, it shouldn’t get in the way of your masturbatory session for any longer than an occasional five seconds.  One of Porn.com’s biggest keys to success is undeniably their very simple and very valuable domain name. The porn tube itself earns its status among the best   sites of its kind with a massive and ever-expanding collection of free, high quality smut. They also have a thriving amateur community who uploads voluminous homebrew movies of kitchen table blowjobs, original lesbian trysts, teenage WebCam sex and more. Users looking for the titular porn in Porn.com will be pleased to find plenty of it.
NetPornSex.net opened its doors in 2014 with one goal in mind: to give everyone the chance to watch full-length pornography for offline use. NetPornSex goes the extra mile by giving users the ability to download any video on the free tube site. It’s a great way for those that prefer to backup their favorite porn and ensure they always have something to watch at their disposal.Visitors will likely notice how detailed and extensive the thumbnails are on NetPornSex. It should come as no surprise, either. The porn on this free tube site is primarily AAA pornography coming from trusted brands that most viewers know and love. Even so, the thumbnails are eye-catching and will entice people to click on them.How NetPornSex chooses its thumbnails is unknown. What’s apparent is that the free tube site chooses thumbnails that entice people to click on them. Visit NetPornSex just once, and anyone will find something they will want to click, watch, and enjoy. It's a great achievement on NetPornSex’s part, and they deserve the praise.The thumbnails are not only detailed, but the resolution is also top-notch. Even as one goes back to the beginning of NetPornSex’s archives, it’s clear that utilizing the very best thumbnails has been a focus from the start. The trend continues as new videos are posted daily.Although NetPornSex labels this section as a category, in truth, this is a place where one can find all of the top brands and studios on the free tube site. It's the perfect option when one wants to watch content made from a particular studio/brand. Click on it, and NetPornSex will show every video on the free tube site from the respective studio/brand. It's also an excellent option when a person doesn't know what to watch. This is a great way to discover new brands and studios that one has never heard of before. Take a look, browse around, and find new content. What about those that do not want to browse around by studio/brand but rather a pornstar? NetPornSex makes this easy, as well. It’s in the same tradition as the best free tube sites on ThePornDudethat use this feature. Click on the pornstars' tab at the top of the homepage, and visitors will notice how many pornstars they can browse by. Chances are most people's personal favorites are going to be here. If by some circumstance, they're not, it's still a joy to look around and see who is on there.Just like browsing by studios/brands, browsing by pornstars is a fantastic way to discover new, unheard of performers. Good thumbnails are utilized here, as well. Viewers are going to find plenty of hot and sexy pornstars that entice them to click and explore their videos further. NetPornSex realizes that not everyone wants to jump back to the categories section when they want to watch other content from a different studio/brand. To combat this the free tube site provides a drop-down menu on the side of the homepage that allows visitors to jump from one brand and studio to another with ease. The sidebar is meticulously organized to the point where there is no way anyone is going to miss out on any category provided in the actual categories' section.The sidebar is sorted with a studio at the top of the sorting tree. Below each studio is that studio’s respective brand. For example, scroll down and find BangBros, and the brands offered on NetPornSex are below that: Abuse Me, Arabs Exposed, Ass Parade, etc. Each studio and brand also lists a number beside it. This indicates how many videos each studio/category has. Using the BangBros example again, as of this review, the number beside it is 1,847; Abuse Me has the number 21. It's a quick and way to find every brand and studio offered on NetPornSex and which of them have the most videos. For the viewer that wants to watch brands/studios that feature the most videos, this is a great way to find that information quickly.NetPornSex’s claim to fame is that every video can be downloaded from the website. Over the course of the review, zero videos didn't at least offer the option to download. Because all of the content on NetPornSex is full-length and virtually all of the content is in its original resolution, the ability to download the content for offline use makes NetPornSex worth a visit alone.It should be noted that the content can also be streamed on NetPornSex. Sometimes, a free tube site that offers full-length pornography from top studios and brands only offer a downloadable option. It isn't the case with NetPornSex: everything can be downloaded and streamed as it should be.During this review, there was not a single video that did not appear to be full-length. With so many videos to choose from on NetPornSex, it's impossible to go through every single video and see if any content isn't full-length. Because NetPornSex prides itself on providing full-length porn that can be viewed either in a downloadable or streaming format, it’s safe to assume that every video found on NetPornSex is truly full-length.It's a nice change of pace from other free tube sites that offer tons of AAA porn, but they are small teaser clips. Don't expect any bait-and-switches on NetPornSex. They exist to provide full-length porn to anyone that wants it. For that, they deserve a standing ovation.Although this may not sound like a ton of content when compared to other free tube sites that feature tens of thousands of porn videos, it’s nothing to scoff at either. While there is no exact number on how much content is actually on NetPornSex, judging by the numbers alone in the categories section, one can get a general idea of how much is on here.It’s quality versus quantity on NetPornSex, and that's what is most important. Add to the fact that everything is full-length, and a person is looking at months worth of porn. New content is added daily, so the numbers will continue to rise as time passes. As a sign that NetPornSex wants everyone to be able to see full-length porn that they want to watch, NetPornSex allows anyone to request porn. Select 'Pedidos' (the Spanish word for, 'order') at the top of the page. One will notice two paragraphs: one in Spanish and the other in English. It's a page that tells people how to request specific pornography. While there is no indication of how well this works or how quickly the requested porn will be made available, if the request is granted, it shows that NetPornSex is listening to its audience. When a person finds a video starring a pornstar that know they want more of, what can they do? If watching content on NetPornSex, they can select the clickable tag of that pornstar at the bottom of the video. Once the tag is selected, viewers can then see other videos starring the same pornstar. It’s an easy way to watch pornstars at the spur of the moment.Unfortunately, the design of NetPornSex misses the mark a bit. It's an entirely black background with a few sidebars at the top (not the drop-down categories section) that doesn’t look pleasing to the eye. It’s not that NetPornSex needs more color, it’s that it needs extra layers of tone to give it a look that doesn’t feel flat. It won’t make browsing NetPornSex better or worse, but many may come away wishing it looked better than it does.It's okay if NetPornSex wants their free tube site to be in Spanish or English, that isn't the issue. The problem is there isn't consistency between the two. Most of the content is in English, but other areas are completely in Spanish. The download pages for each video are entirely in Spanish, which may make some visitors assume they've stumbled onto a pop-up or a completely different site.  NetPornSex makes it simple to download full-length pornography with an option to stream. It's porn from some of the most popular studios and brands, and it hits all the right marks. The only changes NetPornSex should consider are a revamp of the site design and making the site in only one language to avoid confusion.
Everyone has different tastes in pornography. Some enjoy watching voyeuristic porn while others crave straight-up amateur, raw, no-nonsense videos. Yet, for those that enjoy watching the professionals work their craft on the camera and only want to watch AAA porn, there's Your Daily Porn Movies.net. Going online in 2016, this free tube site features a ton of professional porn from the studios and brands viewers have come to know and admire over the years.  One of the most helpful features on Your Daily Porn Movies is the inclusion of a most viewed video section. Now, this isn't anything new. Many free tube sites incorporate this kind of feature, but what's new is how Your Daily Porn Movies has included it in the website. There is a section called '20 Most Viewed' in the upper right corner of the homepage that lists the most viewed videos. Now, there's no indication of how this section is measured. It's unclear if this is the most viewed videos of all time, the month, the week, etc. Ultimately, it doesn't matter. This section shows users the most-watched content on the site as it stands, and for that, it works beautifully.  It's incredibly convenient to have this section on the homepage, and while on paper, it may seem like a section like this would not belong on the homepage, in Your Daily Porn Movies case, it works to perfection. Take a look at it and see how convenient it makes finding the most popular porn on the free tube site. Your Daily Porn Movies also features over 9000 videos for one to watch. That may not sound like a lot, but considering that Your Daily Porn Movies features mainly full-length movies (more on those in a second), and it's easy to see that the smaller number isn't exactly a detriment. It's all about quality over quantity at Your Daily Porn Movies; the free tube site wants to give users the luxury of only watching full, AAA porn movies without having to hunt them down. For those that only want to watch full-length, AAA pornography and want to be able to watch the best of the best all in one place, this is the place to be. Check out the days’ worth of full content that Your Daily Porn Movies has to offer. It’s a great place to find new genres and pornstars that’s to fly onto one’s radar.  As one can already tell, Your Daily Porn Movies is a worthy option for those that want to watch full-length pornography. The fact that much of it is essentially premium pornography that one would find mainly on subscription porn sites and the equivalent shows that there is plenty to be impressed about whether a person is logging onto Your Daily Porn Movies for the first time or the five-thousandth. That's what is so impressive about the offerings on the free tube site. While the quantity doesn't come close to that of more legacy-free tube sites that have been around far longer, the amount of full-length XXX movies shadows is what is front-and-center. No one is going to consider the less than 10,000 videos that Your Daily Porn Movies has because ultimately, it doesn't matter. There is something here for everyone, and the perfect porn movie is just around the corner.  Speaking of something for everyone, what about those porn fanatics that are craving something a little more classical? Not everyone wants to watch porn in HD quality. For those that are nostalgic for a simpler time where porn options were few and far between, Your Daily Porn Movies has what these types of fans are looking for. Whether one wants to watch porn from way back in the 70s to the 90s, there are categories made precisely for this. Visitors can find vintage porn in their respective categories, labeled 70s, 80s, and 90. Whether one wants to get a taste of Vanessa del Rio from the 70s or they want to watch Jenna Jameson in her heyday during the 90s, Your Daily Porn Movies has the porn stars and content that the people want! This isn’t stretching the truth by any means: Your Daily Porn Movies features some of the most robust categories on the Web. Even when stacked up against other free tube giants as reviewed on ThePornDude,the variety of categories are so vast that one cannot help but wonder why other, similar sites don’t institute this much variety. Browsers are going to find unique categories such as pirates and gamer. These categories don’t do the variety of categories offered justice. Whatever one’s kink is, chances are Your Daily Porn Movies features something that will appeal to a person no matter what their current mood may be. Check it out and see what Your Daily Porn Movies has in store! For those that are browsing endless porn sites and don't use an RSS Reader, consider starting today. That's truer than ever when considering that Your Daily Porn Movies allows users to subscribe to the entire site and have daily updates sent directly to their RSS Reader. That’s right, the entire site!  There is only one feed to rule them all on Your Daily Porn Movies. Subscribe to it by clicking the RSS Feed button on the main homepage. From there, users can add the feed directly to their RSS Reader of choice (try Feedly) and will receive updates when a new video has been posted.  This means that users never have to visit the site daily ever again to see what has been posted. It's all delivered to the RSS Reader. With new content released daily, it's the best way to stay up-to-date on the latest updates from Your Daily Porn Movies without having to remember to visit every day. Unfortunately, the video listings need to be much more fleshed out than they are. As of this review, the only information featured in video listings consists of the title and the year of each movie's release dates. There is no indication regarding how many people have looked at movies, zero ratings, and nothing is showing how long each movie is.  The lack of information makes it challenging to browse content from the homepage beyond clicking on movies that look sexy and enticing. For those that only judge a movie based on the thumbnail, this isn't exactly a bad thing. Still, Your Daily Porn Movies should have included multiple facets of information to help people find the content they are looking for. It’s a huge, missed opportunity.  Your Daily Porn Movies needs its thumbnails to be top-notch if it isn't going to utilize good video listing info, and fortunately they're hot and sexy. The thumbnails used are cover art for each movie, but they look amazing. The thumbnails are highly detailed, have a good look and size, and most importantly, they capture people's attention.  It's genuinely one of the main things that will capture the browser's attention on the free tube site. They look beautiful and stunning, and after clicking one of them, the video loads quickly so visitors can get back to watching and viewing the hot porn action that Your Daily Porn Movies delivers daily. Your Daily Porn Movies doesn’t have that many browsing options, but the few it has are perhaps the most popular browsing options on most free tube sites. From the homepage, visitors will notice there are two sections: videos that are the most popular and most recent. Click the arrows left-to-right in these sections to see the latest and most popular content available on Your Daily Porn Movies. It’s a small feature, but one that makes it simple to browse and see the best and freshest content that Your Daily Porn Movies has to offer.  Your Daily Porn Movies.netdoes a ton of things right for a free tube site that has less than 10,000 movies. The only thing they need to change is to provide better information in the video listings.
WatchXXXFreeis a free tube site that – as the name implies – offers free HD porn. A potential destination for full-length pornography, WatchXXXFreeInHD has learned since 2018 that it’s important to do things a bit differently. That’s why the free tube site offers a variety of categories. Many categories – including uniform sex and school fantasies – are typically not found on other free tube sites. WatchXXXFreeInHD is trying to stand out from the rest of the competition. Has it succeeded? Find out! Full-length contentWatchXXXFreeInHD isn't being coy with its name. This free tube site offers free, full-length pornography in high definition. Visit the homepage, and viewers will instantly notice just how many full-length movies and clips are hosted on WatchXXXFreeInHD. Visitors won't have to sift through download links only to find the full-length porn they're craving, either. It's all here ready to be streamed on any device!So go on: browse around on the homepage and see what pops up. New content seems to be added almost daily, so there's always something new to see. With a current catalog of good, full-length porn, new visitors already have their work cut out for them if they hope to see everything.Decent amount of categoriesWatchXXXFreeInHD doesn't feature a ton of categories as one would find on other free tube sites. They still offer enough of a variety that visitors are certain to find something worth watching. As stated, there are some categories porn aficionados don't typically find every day: namely, the gloryholes section.WatchXXXFreeInHD isn't going to break the mold when it comes to its category selection, but they're not the same. These are not merely the same, basic categories one would find on most vanilla free tube sites, though. Many of the top premium brands in porn are listed in the categories section (which is a problem: more on that in a moment). Although it turns the category section into a confusing mess, it at least gives visitors the option to look at the various fetish and themed videos on WatchXXXFreeInHD. Studios and categories are shoved togetherWhy certain free tube sites insist on combining the studios/brands page, and a categories page together is mindboggling. Regardless, WatchXXXFreeInHD is the latest free tube site to commit this folly. In the spirit of keeping different types of content separate and organized, WatchXXXFreeInHD should have created different pages for both categories and popular porn brands. It’s what some of the best free tube sites on ThePornDude do. Failing to do this makes it difficult to discern between a category and brand/studio. This is especially true when browsing WatchXXXFreeInHD on mobile. The font is small. The color is so similar to the thumbnail shading that it almost blends in with the thumbnail. Thus, not only is it difficult to tell what is a category and what is an adult brand, it's hard actually to read the descriptions. People shouldn't have to squint when looking for full-length porn: unfortunately, in this case, they do.Full, free videos from top brandsEven though it can be hard to browse around on the categories section that features porn brands for some reason, that doesn't mean WatchXXXFreeInHD doesn’t offer the goods. Far from it! WatchXXXFreeInHD features tons of useful content from some of the most celebrated adult brands like Reality Kings, Brazzers, Pornpros, and more. The beauty of WatchXXXFreeInHD is that these videos can be 100% streamed. Free tube sites that promise full-length content from brands, sites, and so on sometimes only allow visitors to consume their content via clicking on downloadable links that take them to who knows where. Not so with WatchXXXFreeInHD! Click a video, stay on WatchXXXFreeInHD, and watch the content without having to download a single video! Over 22,000 full length videosThe promise of full-length pornography is hard to pass up. None of that means anything if a free tube site doesn’t have enough content to view in the first place, though. It’s nothing to worry about on WatchXXXFreeInHD. Boasting over 22,000 full-length videos (with more added all the time) visitors are going to have more than enough options for watching compelling adult content that will have them coming back for more! Find videos by porn starLet's think practically: when a person wants full-length pornography, it's usually because they have an adult star in mind. WatchXXXFreeInHD realizes this. That’s why they allow visitors to browse by pornstar to find the content they are craving. Click the top pornstars section, and visitors will notice the laundry list of the stars that have videos on WatchXXXFreeInHD. Click an adult star, and those videos will appear. It's quite the exhaustive list, too. Browsers won't merely find a few stars here and there: there's more than enough content to keep a person happy for days.Of course, for those that hate browsing around a page to find the adult star they want to watch can type a query in the search field. This goes for any kink, or tag viewers may be interested in, too. The search option at the top of each page is there to make life more convenient for those that know what they want to watch. WatchXXXFreeInHD has plenty of browsing options to find something new, but for the person that already knows what they want to watch, this is a welcome addition as well.Thumbnails look great and detailedNo matter if a person is looking around on mobile or desktop, they are going to discover how detailed the thumbnails truly are. Thumbnails are small and fairly detailed. They won’t turn heads, but where it counts is the type of content that’s in every thumbnail. While the thumbnails are not used to display useful information like rating, duration, and view count, it’s important to note what kind of content is displayed in thumbnails. Each thumbnail shows the type of content one would expect to find within the video. Provocative and certainly teasing, WatchXXXFreeInHD has wisely chosen thumbnails that will entice visitors to watch the video. Videos load quicklySome people may fear that WatchXXXFreeInHD will not load videos optimally because the videos are full-length. While the content is undoubtedly full versions of some of the hottest videos from popular porn brands, that does not mean it takes a lifetime for content to load, either. In fact, it doesn't take long at all for any videos to load!Click on a video, and it will become apparent that slow load times are nothing to worry about on WatchXXXFreeInHD. Whether a video is watched on mobile or desktop, no one will have to spend a long time waiting for anything to load or dealing with buffering issues in the middle of the video. This is how watching full-length content should be: watch with confidence. Too many pop-upsUnfortunately, WatchXXXFreeInHD suffers from way too many pop-ups. Click a link, and a new tab will automatically open, displaying a pop-up. This happened even when clicking the play button. Although pop-up ads are to be expected on free tube sites, it's way too much to handle.There were times when pop-ups were detected as malvertising. That is not to say that WatchXXXFreeInHD is doing this on purpose, but it’s an issue that the free tube site should probably address as soon as possible. The last thing an up-and-coming free tube site wants to be associated with is pop-ups that even hint at being guilty of malvertising. Especially since WatchXXXFreeInHD is still in its infancy. Difficult to watch videos on mobileFor some bizarre reason, WatchXXXFreeInHD displays the same video twice in the page listing. At first, it seemed like one video was for an ad, and the other was the actual full-length porn. That isn't the case, though. For those that are not paying attention, if both videos are clicked twice, the videos will play simultaneously.This happened on accident, and to WatchXXXFreeInHD’s credit, there were no slowdowns whatsoever. This shouldn't be so confusing, though. There should only be one video per video listing, not duplicates.At least on mobile, it was challenging to select play to obviously play the video. Clicking play would load a new pop-up; sometimes, the play button didn't do anything. It's as if there's a 'sweet spot,' to click the play button just right to get it to play. Whatever the case may be, WatchXXXFreeInHD needs to consider making it easier to actually play videos instead of forcing viewers to play a game of trial-and-error and pop-up roulette.
What do you look for in a porn site? Is it the easy and stylish site design? Is it the great quality of the content? Or, however, is it the fact that it costs no money? Well, if all of these criteria meet in one place, we can talk about today’s porn site. It is called Xozilla and it is here to bring you free porn videos for everybody. This is a porn tube with lots of porn scenes that everyone can watch for free and that should make it a popular choice.When you think about it, everyone can watch porn today. Regardless of the years, gender, or country, you can enter sites like Xozilla with no problems. Some porn sites have an announcement and a little threat that you should be over 18 (or 21 in some countries) in order to watch porn for free. But just like that robot who successfully clicked on “I am not a robot”, so can the underage kids click on “I am over 18“, and just proceed to the movies.Xozilla doesn’t even ask you this specific question. It is a porn site that dedicates its time and efforts to bring you the hottest porn videos for free and it has been fairly successful in the last couple of years since it was created. Read our full review to see every little detail about this site, its style, design, content, eventual prices, and all the little things that one might deem important.Basically, there is really nothing exceptional that can surprise you about a generic and usual free porn tube site like Xozilla. It is the familiar and usual feeling that we all love to see and feel. This site looks like any other free porn tube and there is absolutely nothing wrong about that. It shows a wealth of porn videos on its homepage which is pitch black and that is the detail I love the most.I might often bitch about the bright colors of a porn site in these reviews but put yourself in my position. 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However, I have to admit that the only ad that I encountered while visiting this site was the one redirection link when I tried to open the video. Other than that, the situation was pretty clean and painless.Still, it is always a great idea to arm yourself with a good ad blocker because that has become a necessity on today’s internet. Many porn sites, especially in their mobile versions, have a knack for throwing a bunch of ads at you. Therefore, if you are using a mobile version of Xozilla, prepare for closing many unwanted links and sites and your fingers need to be fast. The internet has undeniably been the best creation of humankind. It connected the entire world and, moreover, it gave everyone the chance to watch free porn whenever they want. With that in mind, knowing as many free porn tube sites as one can is a privilege and we add another name to this list today. Xozilla is an outstanding free porn site with a great choice of movies. 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WatchPorn is a porn site where you can find anything you’re looking for. WatchPorn is providing only high quality free porn streams. You can find major sites on WatchPorn, sites like MissaX, PervMom, MommysBoy, TabooHeat, ManyVids, OnlyFans and many more! The main focus on WatchPorn is that they want to have many step-family porn or incest roleplay porn. You will find many big pornstar names on this site. Some of those big pornstar names include: Cory Chase, Nikki Brooks, Brianna Beach, Rachel Cavalli, Natasha Nice and more! If you love to watch mommy and incest porn, then this is the right place for you naughty desires. You can find a bunch of porn streams on this porn site.They have cool features that can help you to browse easier through their site. On the bottom of their site you will find many useful tags. You can use those tags to find your favorite video. 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I mean, you can say for a lot of sites that they are the best in the world, it all depends on what you are looking for and what you like, but some places really deserve a lot of credits, and I am here to talk about such a place! It is called PornWiss, and you have probably never heard of it, but man, you are not aware of the things you are missing... In this review, you will have a chance to get to know this place, to check out what it offers, what kind of site this is, and to see why I claim that this site is the best porn site ever! If you are ready, let's go! PornWiss is a porn site that belongs to the most popular group of porn sites - Free POrn Tubes! I know a lot of you horny freaks are well-familiar with this term, but for the beginner and rookies in the porn world, let's say a few words about this type of porn site! I hope you are ready for the lesson, because knowledge matters, even in the porn industry, trust me! When you know stuff, you can save time, find the right place easier, and jerk off with no loss of time! So, here it comes! There are two major groups of porn sites: Free porn sites and premium porn sites! The main difference is the money of course! You can already assume that free sites are not demanding any kind of payment at all and that the premium sites are demanding it! That was not a hard thing to figure out, right? But, these two groups of sites have a lot of differences, not only the money! For example, the logic behind these sites is different. While premium porn sites are running the "Quality over Quantity" logic, the Free porn tubes are fueled by the totally different approach "Quantity over Quality". This could easily be the biggest difference between these two groups of sites. For example, you will never find a low-quality scene, or short scene, or scene without galleries, and stuff like that on premium porn sites! Literally never! 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This list of differences can be a lot longer, but I will cut it here, and mention one more thing: The length of the videos!  When it comes to the length of the videos, the difference between the two groups of sites is huge! Premium porn sites are always offering full-length porn videos, with a plot twist, storytelling, and a lot of actual acting... When it comes to the free porn tubes, you will not find full-length videos there, just short porn movies, or even some shortened versions of premium porn scenes! Well, mentioning that, I need to explain that, because this cooperation between premium and free porn sites has boosted both of them, and has allowed us to watch more premium content for free! So, what actually happened? Well, premium porn sites realized that the best way of promoting themselves is via free porn sites! 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When speaking about porn and the hottest pornstars in the world, people usually focus on the babes and MILFs coming from the United States of America. We cannot say that this is a mistake because this country has had some of the most amazing adult actresses in the history of porn. However, sites like EuroXXX help us not to neglect the rest of the world when it comes to the hottest girls in porn!As the name already says, this is a porn site that shows us some of the hottest European porn made by European porn networks and starring the hottest Euro babes. If you think that Europe doesn’t have hot babes to offer, take note of these names: Anissa Kate, Bridgette B, Liya Silver, Apolonia Lapiedra, Tanya Tate, and so many more. These girls are as hot as the ones in America and even hotter.We all know that Europe is the cradle of porn with some really horny nations and people. Therefore, you are guaranteed to have some great fun with EuroXXX since it comes with the best videos from Europe. We are here to tell you everything about this porn site, its site design, content, models, and general things that you need to know before you venture into the thing called European porn!There is just one thing that every porn lover needs and wants when he visits a porn site. He needs an abundance of great porn movies with hot scenarios and pornstars. Well, if you are exploring EuroXXX like we are, you are in luck because this site offers a lot of different movies. We are talking about thousands of scenes and movies with some of the hottest European pornstars.These movies come in HD quality and there are no 4K Ultra HD videos but they will still satisfy your basic needs when it comes to the hottest European porn. The movies come from both amateurs and professional productions. Therefore, you can expect a wide variety of movies when it comes to the porn on EuroXXX.net. This is a porn site that will give you everything it offers for free.Therefore, this is a free European porn tube site that offers hundreds of pages of the best Euro sluts in sexy scenarios. The scenes are taken from some of the best international sites like FakeHub, TeamSkeet, or BangBros. This means that you can always expect to have wonderful fun with this site and you can enjoy some of the hottest pornstars. Now, I feel obliged to tell you one thing and that is not a bad thing. EuroXXX is supposed to be a porn site with Euro porn and pornstars exclusively. However, you will find many American babes acting for the European production houses like Abella Danger, Lana Rhoades, Riley Reid, and many other babes and MILFS from all around the world. This is just another positive thing about EuroXXX porn.EuroXXX is not the flashiest or the most modern porn site you will ever see. It keeps that old formula for success that still works like a charm. 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The internet’s sole biggest purpose is to satisfy people and give them entertainment. Different people define fun in different ways but it usually can be summed up in two words – free porn! The amount of fun and joy that the people get from watching free porn on the internet cannot be compared to anything else. This next porn site recognized that and its name is XkeezMovies.com.In the sea of free porn sites, you really have to offer something special if you want millions of people to visit and love your page. Most of the time, just offering free porn is not enough and these sites know that. This is why free porn sites become better and better as the time goes by. They go out of their way to give you the best experience that you can possibly get without spending your money.XkeezMovies is a special porn site that is looking to increase their monthly and yearly traffic. It offers thousands of amazing porn videos for free and you will love its content because it is really special. 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Hello, my porn lovers, what's up? Are you ready for some fapping? Of course, you are, otherwise, you wouldn't be here, right? Well, this is not something that will help you instantly! At least not this very moment! You need to take a few minutes, read this post, and then, you will see the benefits of it! Do you have several minutes for that? I bet you do, so, stay with me, and let's move on! In this post, I will talk about one thing that annoys most of the admirers of free porn action - and it is not spam! It is the length of the videos! How many times have you started watching a scene and ended up pissed off before the scene got finished just before the most important part? Yeah, I know that feeling, and I must admit it's one of the most annoying feelings an average porn consumer can experience! Why do I say, average porn consumer? 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The porn industry is huge and there are around 1.3 million porn sites online, and those facts alone make your brain go crazy! What's even crazier is how well established some of these porn sites are and how much quality porn do they produce every single day! If we are talking about free tubes, well, you can't expect to see premium stuff there. But what I mean by free tubes is the mainstream stuff like Pornhub, Xvideos, Xhamster, etc. But again, coming with the fact that there are over 1.3 million porn sites on the web, who knows what you can find there, and when we are talking about premium porn, well, I have some great news for all of you! There are numerous porn websites around that provide you with premium content for FREE, and they don't ask for anything in return! How awesome is that?! Some of these sites are so brutally well made that you won't believe that they exist, and that's the kind of website that we are going to discuss today! 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The video starts immediately across your screen, without any loading time at all. What is their secret? I've stumbled upon some of these sites directly on their home domain, and it takes them a long time to get going. In the past, I've seen a lot of loading screens. Brazzers3X has not shown me a single loading screen. The servers don't seem to be overloaded, so it doesn't matter. All in all, the website runs smoothly and all of the content comes in HD, so every single detail is visible. Sure enough, quality plays an important role in porn videos, and being able to watch quality porn in high resolution for FREE is unbelievable! Brazzers3x sure did make all of this possible, and that's the thing that I can't get out of my mind since I started reviewing this website! How the fuck are they doing all of this? In terms of video quality, I'm not sure if it's 1080p. I don't know for sure, but it looks 720p to me. The software is out there that I'm sure can scan the input and tell me, but, as I said, I don't do technical stuff. According to my eye, this is 1280x720, and the speed at which it loads is mind-blowing. Considering it's free, it's unreal. I cannot think of anything negative to say about it. Now, I find it strange that there are so few different quality options for the player. Video types can only be loaded, and resolution cannot be changed. This means that if the connection is poor, this site may be difficult to use. The website itself comes neatly designed and the options that you will see on the main navigation track that is located on the top-middle of the site will be of great use, as they let you select what kind of content you want to watch, or simply said, what production house you want your content to come from! When it comes to the site's aesthetic looks, it has grayish-black and white colors merged to give you a modern and simple site to explore. The category section here is one of the most important parts of the site, as it gives you categories to choose from that include such as: Don't Break Me, Pervs On Patrol, Dirty Masseur, Brazzers en Español, I Know That Girl, RK Prime, First Time Auditions, Big Naturals, Stranded Teens, Mike'sApartment, Happy Tugs, Hot And Mean, Girls, Gone Pink, Moms Lick Teens, Teens Like It Big, Share My BF, ZZ Series, Moms Bang Teens, Milf Hunter, Mommy Got Boobs, Street BlowJobs, Big Wet Butts, Latina Sex Tapes, Sneaky Sex, Teens Love Huge Cocks, Round and Brown, Brazzers Exxtra, Public Pickups, Doctor Adventures,8th Street Latinas, Euro Sex Parties, Let's Try Anal, Real Wife Stories, We Live Together, Big Tits at School, MonsterCurves, Pure 18, Ebony Sex Tapes, Baby Got Boobs, Big Butts Like It Big, Pornstars Like it Big, Milfs Like it Big, Day With A Pornstar, Moms in control and so on! What more can I tell you about this wholesome site that isn't already mentioned above? The website is pure perfection and you will see it for yourself once you check out the site! The site has been around for some time, so it's not going anywhere that's for sure!This website is packed with only the best porn that you can find on the web right now, and the most important part of it all is that the website is 100% legit and free! All of the content comes from some 3rd party servers so you won't have to worry about the content being taken down or something similar. The website design is simple and clean, and the site navigation is easy! Content quality is mainly around 1080p and all of the content is from major production houses! What more could you ask for! Go check out Brazzers3x and enjoy!
Who isn't, right!? When I start the review with the headline like this, I know you are about to ask just one question: "Is this even possible?". And I don't blame you, it's a normal human reaction to ask something like that when such a claim is stated! Before getting deeper into this topic, let me please welcome you all! I hope this porn article finds you in a good mood and in good health! First of all, I have to thank you all for being here, it means a lot to me! Now, I have to say you are welcome because I know you are thanking me right now! I am the man who has solved all your issues, right? Let's talk about them for a while, shall we? These days, people are still getting away from the pay porn sites! Yeah, this is the sad truth, and I am not sure why this is still happening! First of all, I think that mankind is still not putting a lot of trust in the virtual payment systems and things that you can not touch but yet you need to give your money in order to have it! Don't laugh, a lot of rural people still live in the belief that the internet sale is one big fraud and that they will never get what they pay for! Trust me, I've seen a lot of these examples! Maybe that's the reason why people still feel no comfort when buying subscriptions on porn sites! Yeah, that is something you can not have in your hand, but for god sake, you can see the benefits of it just a few seconds after you click that notorious Buy Now button!  Also, there is one more reason why people still choose to watch low-quality free porn over top-notch premium porn action: the premium porn is expensive they'll say! And this is the biggest reason why free sites even exist! I mean, the vast majority of porn lovers are not porn-addicted freaks who will spend half of their day watching all types of porn action! No, they are just regular porn users who need just 15 minutes, half an hour porn per day! And that's just fine, if you consider yourself to be a part of this group, then you don't have to waste your money on porn subscriptions! You can find plenty of quality porn action for free! Yeah, as I said, this is possible, and this is actually happening for a long period now... If you just search for some porn tubes, you will find a lot of free material that will satisfy your urge for porn action! And that's why I started writing this article in the first place! In this post, you will have a chance to check all relevant and important info about one amazing free porn site, or porn tube, call it whatever you like!  It is called 4kPorn and it is spectacular! I really like when the site allows us to watch top-quality porn stuff for free! Indeed, this site is not the only site with such an offer in the world of porn! On the contrary, a lot of free porn tubes are offering the same thing, but what's the catch with this place? Well, for starters, it is 100% free, it offers a lot of porn videos, and it has some 4k scenes... For the detailed explanation, you will have to keep reading the post! So, buckle up, let's go! Well, let's start from the beginning! This place is a porn tube, and that means next: it contains a lot of porn clips, everything is free, and you can enjoy the content from this site with no strings attached at all! You don't need a subscription, you don't need money, all you need is a stable internet connection and free time! What you will do with it on 4kPorn is totally up to you!  Being a porn tube has a lot of advantages, but haters will say this kind of porn is overrun by the latest edition of premium porn sites! I say fuck them! Why the hell should we pay for porn when we can watch 4K material for free? If there is one person in this world who will explain this to me, I will quit my job, pay for the membership on some premium porn site, and you will never hear from me! But, that is an impossible scenario, so don't worry, I'm here, and I will continue telling you about this awesome place! In short, all you need to know about 4KPorn is the fact that this site is offering top-notch porn content, a lot of famous pornstars, some of the most popular scenes from the world's best studios, and all of that for free! How cool is that? Yeah, almost unreal to be true, but trust me, it's true!  The first thing you will notice when you land on the homepage of 4kPorn is a simple design and a lot of thumbnails that are simply calling you to stay here for a while and explore the site! It is as simple as that, but I want to bring this place closer to you, so let's start from the beginning!  In the header, you will see a nice logo which has some red details so you can simply not miss it! Then there is a big search bar where you can search for everything that comes to your mind! I tried "anal" and I was surprised how fast the platform worked and how many search query results I've got! Based on that, I can tell that this feature is implemented well and works really nice!  The rest of the header is reserved for the login and sign-in buttons! As I told you already, you don't have to create an account here, but if you want for example to have your personal collection of favorite pornstars, movies, or similar shit on this site, you will have to create an account! The process is really simple and everything is free! Just under the header, you will see a navigation bar with a ton of standard sections when it comes to porn tubes! The first one is Home, then you will see Newest, Top Rated, Most Views, Categories, Channels, Models (this is another feature for which you need to have your account). All in all, nothing new and spectacular, but the most important thing is that all of these sections work fine, nothing is dead, and to be honest, using these shortcuts can save you a lot of time! As mentioned earlier, the design is simple, the entire platform is built on a pretty standard background! When I say standard, I mean a lot of other porn tubes have exactly the same setup, just the colors and details are different! This place, 4kPorn offers a nice combination of black and blue, with a white letter and that red HD and logo detail! It is pleasant to watch the videos here, and I like the overall appearance of the site! Probably the best thing on the site is the thumbs! They are all interactive, meaning that you can just hover and check what the scene offers, a small preview of the scene is shown on these thumbs, and that's always a nice thing to have! On top of that, these thumbs offer quite a lot of information for you: You will see the title, HD mark, duration, percentage of likes, when the scenes were uploaded, and the number of views! Each of these parameters can help you choose the scene and have fun with yourself!  Just like any other porn tube, 4kPorn offers a nice collection of porn stars! While I was surfing the site I saw names such as Abella Danger, Angela White, Cory Chase, Lana Rhodes, Mia Khalifa, Emma Hix, Adriana Chechik, Brandi Love, Gia Derza, Alexis Fawx, Natasha Nice, Tiffany Tatum, and many others... For a free site that contains a lot of HD and 4K scenes, you have to admit that this collection is really awesome! And this is just a small part of it... In most things, this place is no different than your average porn tube, but one fact separates it from all the others - HD and 4K material! You will find a decent collection of top-quality videos, and you can watch them all for free! What else can a man wish for?
Almost everything gets 10 times better when you get it for free. In college, every time someone mentioned free food, I would already be putting my clothes on and heading out the door. That was something I was never going to say no to, however, free food is not the only free thing we are all looking for. There is a reason why your clothes used to be a size too big when you were little, you were wearing the clothes which your older brother outgrew. That was normal, we have all been there, just be lucky you didn’t have a sister, or you would probably be walking around in a pink sweater. No matter what anyone says, kids are ruthless, and you would never live that day down. Even 10 years after graduation, there would be at least one dude who would remember you as the kid in the pink sweater. That would be really hard to live down, so if this was you, skipping the next class reunion would be a smart idea. With all that being said, I know that all of you are horny as fuck out there and that you guys need some quality content to jack off to. Most of the great content belongs to premium porn sites and studios which means that you need to pay to watch it. However, there are some free porn sites out there that make watching quality porn without spending a dime possible. I don’t know about you, but I don’t pay for sex and I won’t pay for porn either. That is why I have visited damn near every free tube site in existence. I even have them ranked in my head and know without a doubt which one I will visit when in the mood for a certain type of porn. That is a crucial skill to have in today’s world. Now, I have decided to share some of my secrets with the rest of you. There are more free porn sites out there than you think and one of them is called VXXX, so let me tell you all you need to know about it. Obviously to watch some of the highest quality smut you will need to loosen your purse and pay up. However, VXXX offers you the chance to watch some of the best premium porn without paying for it. All of the content on the website is completely free, there are no hidden fees, no traps, none of that stuff, just great porn. You don’t need to worry about bringing your credit card here because you will simply not need it.  The web design doesn’t follow the quality of the content tongue, not saying that it is bad, but it is basic. I prefer porn sites with a black background because I like watching my porn without being blinded by bright lights. It seems that VXXX disagrees with me because they have a white background. I really would’ve loved it if there was a dark theme option available, but it isn’t so I gotta get over myself and enjoy some good porn. There is nothing fancy about this website, they don’t try to wow you with many bells and whistles, instead they offer you quality porn to jerk off to. They don’t fuck around, you won’t find any bullshit here, just porn. On the other hand, I really enjoy this about VXXX, there is no need to make a great thing complicated. I am here to jack off and nothing else, so when it comes to that, this website does an absolutely amazing job in allowing me to do just that. When you enter the website you will see that there is a category of best-recommended porn videos. I have no clue how they have decided that I am into this type of porn, but the options I have been presented with are definitely up my alley. The first video was of Autumn Falls, she was in a bedroom getting dicked down by a big dick. She is also ridiculously hot and knows exactly what to do to drive you crazy. Seems like they knew what I was into right away. Below that you will find the most popular porn videos followed by the most popular ones in your country. Seems that people who I share the nationality with have a pretty good taste in porn as well, I salute you guys. If you continue scrolling, you will see the most popular pornstars and you can easily access their videos too. Alexis Fawx, Nicole Aniston, Brandi Love, and Ariella Ferrera are all here, so you already know that it is definitely going to be a great time. However, as soon as I saw that Abella Danger was there I had to take a fapping break. This slut with a huge ass is easily my favorite pornstar today. She is definitely not shy and she is willing to take a big dick into any of her holes. Abella is a premier slut and there are not many that can even compare with her, no matter what you say. She is always willing to show her inner freak and for that alone, she stands at the top of my fapping list. The website offers a lot of HD content, I won’t go as far to say that all of it has that high video quality, but there is more than enough of it. They do have a really cool feature that allows you to pick out the content from most of the prime porn sites and studios. Simply click on the channels tab and you will be redirected to the right page. Brazzers, Reality Kings, Bang Bros, and many more are available. I mean, their content is. You can choose to watch any of the videos here online for free. The only thing is that some of them might not be in full length. I mean when you can get so much premium content for free, this shouldn’t be something that bothers you too much. The video player works great and there is no buffering or any of that bullshit when you are trying to watch the smut. As I said, almost all of the videos can be watched in 1080 HD, which is how I like to watch my porn. In case all of that was not enough for you to give VXXX a chance, then maybe the fact that you can download all the content for free definitely will. All of the videos can be downloaded, the only thing is that you will be taken to another page to do so. Some of you might say that is sketchy, but I need to tell you to stop complaining. I gave it a shot and downloaded one of Abella’s videos to save it for later without any hiccups. I always love the download feature because it allows me to store porn on my computer. In case anything goes wrong with my internet connection, I always have some quality content to jerk off to. The damn website is available on your mobile phone as well. When your boss pisses you off, instead of hitting him in the face and getting fired, take your phone to the bathroom and rub one out. You will be back at your desk with zero frustration. There is a lot to love about VXXX. From the HD videos to quality content and good features, it is hard to find something to complain about. Add to that the fact that you can preview any of the videos and then later download them too, and you will find this to be one of your go-to free porn sites moving forward. There really is nothing you can say about this website that will make me not visit it again, it is that simple. All of you haters can try again some other time. Every free porn site and the tube comes with ads, that is simply not something you can avoid. These sites need to find a way to make some cash for themselves, and this is the easiest route. To be fair the ads on VXXX are way less aggressive than on some of the other similar porn sites so I take that as a win. You don’t even have to make an account to watch all of their smut, so all in all, I am more than thrilled with the whole thing, and so should you be.
Watch Porn In Public
Hello, my dear porn friends, what's up? Are you having fun with yourself or are you struggling to find a porn video that will make you reach the peak? Either way, I have something for you that will break your daily routine and that will make you stop whatever you are doing right now!  Let's get back to that first question, have you ever watched porn in public? Of course, this is a rhetorical question because I know a lot of you perverts watch all types of porn action on a daily basis. But, today, we will be talking about one special type of porn consumption! Yeah, not the porn category, but the way of consuming porn! Watching porn in Public! `First of all, we have to distinguish very similar terms from each other! The first term is watching porn in Public, and the second term is Watching Public Porn! These two terms may sound and look similar, but the reality is different! They have nothing in common! Let me elaborate:  Watching porn in public means that you are sitting in the bar, bus, park, or any other public place, and in the lack of other activities, you freaks start watching porn! Yeah, there are a lot of horny people who actually do this occasionally or on a daily basis! On the other hand, watching Public porn means that you simply like to watch a Public porn category! Do you get it now? Okay, let's move on! Well, there are a lot of reasons why people tend to watch porn in public, but the most obvious one is the fact that there’s just something extra thrilling about getting off when you might get caught, and that’s the whole theme of this next free tube. If you watch this site in public, that’s some next-level shit, right? Step up your game, my players! Of course, we will be talking about one site that is specialized in the public category, but I told you everything above just to place that naughty idea that you can watch scenes from this place in public, making it even more exciting! Come on, let me show what I have in my porn bag today: Yeah, indeed, someone really named a site like this! Hence all the talk about watching porn in public, don't mind me, please! It is a strange name, but if nothing else, it clearly shows the intention of the site owners, right? All you need to know about this site is the fact that this place is a free video tube specializing in full-length videos of people fucking in public.  And I have to be honest, this is a great topic! Personally, I really like fapping on such kind of material, and if you ask me, that’s a pretty specific gimmick aimed at pretty specific group masturbators, which I belong to too. The sad truth about this gimmick is the fact that most of the free sites dealing with this topic offer a lot of porn smut and low-quality material! But, I think I have a solution for all of you who are having the same struggles as I do! That solution is called Watch Porn In Public! When it comes to this site, I have to say that I have never seen a free porn tube that is dealing with a specific type of content, a specific niche (public sex in this case), and sticks to the collection as much as possible! But, you have to understand that it takes more effort to make these niche sites really work, so let’s see how well these public masturbators pull it off. The first thing you need to know about this site is the fact that this domain was registered in 2019, but I bet you will think that this site is a lot older than that once you land on the homepage! First things first, I really don't like that logo which looks cheap and crusty as hell. Like many other sites, Watch Porn In Public is using the usual wall-of-thumbnails tube layout you’ve seen a million times before, but the quality of the images chosen for thumbs is sometimes questionable. I mean, it is 2022 now and some photos still look like they have been taken with Nokia 3310.  Okay, this doesn't sound so enthusiastic so far, but don't worry! All of the above-stated actually does not matter to the overall impression about one porn tube! It is a porn tube, you are here to watch the free porn, not to watch a state of art site design and some flashy thumbs and other necessary things! So, what's good about this place? First of all, they’ve got a theme. This is really important because a lot of porn tubes are giving you the variety of everything, and if you want to find something specific, you could potentially lose some time! On most of the free porn tubes, you can watch literally everything! From lesbian hookups to teen deflowerings to full-on gangbangs and rough anal action! Well, WatchPornInPublic also has a wide range of material, from dick-riding MILFS to cocksucking whores to babes giving titty wanks, but each of the videos has something in common: they are all shot in a public or semi-public situation. The first action I saw on the site, as soon as I landed on the homepage was a scene with a delicious Czech babe getting paid a handful of dollars to get herself off with a vibrator in public! Okay, I thought this might be a fun place after all! Then, I saw an exotic Asian chick bouncing on cock inside a cab, and a girl getting her pussy eaten in the back seat of a moving vehicle. My first impression of this place went to the roof!  Of course, this is not all, you will also find scenes of chicks getting felt up and fucked in public parks, offices, as well as the side of the road, which I particularly adore! That scene when a girl is sucking dick and getting her twat or ass nailed hard by the road while ordinary people are just driving by and watching is so cool that I can not skip it, I must jerk on that! I'm not sure why, but that shit works me so well! If you stumble upon scenes where titles contain something like this: “Security offices", "Doctors Office", and similar, you might think What the fuck? ''Those aren’t public!” Technically, you’re right! And you will be right to think about Watch Porn In Public as a reality porn site, a genre that often takes the fucking into what appears to be public locations. But, if you ask me, all of that can be marked as Public porn! When I carefully look at the recent additions to the site, I see flicks from some of the hottest studios in the world such as ShopLyfter, BangBus, Public Agent, Fake Taxi, and all of that on the first page! We can only assume that this site has a lot more to offer! There’s also a menu on the side of the screen with a few broad genres like Beach Porn, Public Disgrace, Car Porn, and Public Pickup. Under each category, you’ll find sites listed like Stranded Teens, Fake Taxi, and ShopLyfterMYLF. Long story short: Watch Porn In Public may have a cheap look, but they’re peddling in a premium material. There is one unwritten rule when it comes to free porn tubes, and from my perspective, I can tell it's true! What kind of rule am I talking about? Well, everything about filtering options and tags on the free porn sites is usually wrong and not implemented properly! That's why you can easily get pissed off and go away from that particular site! For example, you click tag anal and you get a blowjob, pussy fucking action, lesbian scenes, and so on! There are there you see some anal fuck, but that's not it, right? If I click Anal I want anal only! And many sites fail to provide that! But not Watch Porn In Public! These guys have a marvelous system of filters and tags that can help you find the scene you want with ease!  If you are in pursuit of hot public sex action, if you don't want to pay for the porn, and if you are in hurry, this place is a Must! visit it today and I bet you will keep coming back to it on a daily basis! Enjoy!
Hello, my dear porn freaks! What's up? Are you using this fine weather to spend some time in nature and live a healthy life or are you still hiding in your rooms in front of the screens, looking for some good-quality free porn videos? Unfortunately for you, but fortunately for me, I know that the vast majority of you are doing the second-mentioned thing, therefore, I have something to tell you about! In today's review, you will have a chance to read about one amazing free porn site, or porn tube, call it whatever you like, and it is my great pleasure to write about it! Because let's be honest, we all like porn tubes and we spend most of our time surfing these sites and searching for the scene that will help us reach the peak! Why do we love porn tubes? Why free porn is the most popular type of porn, and what this new site can offer? All these and many other questions will be answered in the lines below, so stick with me, and let's get it going! Do you know what a porn tube is? Have you ever visited a free porn site that is offering a crap ton of scenes where the quality of the material is usually questionable? Yeah, I know you have, and I know you will keep doing it because that is what porn is all about! That moment when you land on the free porn tube and start searching for the perfect scene, and then spend several minutes and go across a dozen pages just to find it brings something special, right? That particular action when you search for the right scenes is the core and essence of `porn consumption and that's how you learn about new stars, new categories, and much more! Let's say you woke up with a boner and you need some hot anal scene to masturbate on! What will you do? It's easy! You will open your favorite porn tube, type anal in the search field or choose the anal category, and hundreds of videos will be displayed... So, you go from one to another, check the thumbs, check the pornstars, and actually learn about the porn industry that way! That's why free porn tubes are such amazing places! Well, now, when we all agreed that a lot of fun can be found on one free porn tube, let me present one that I recently discovered: It is called PornoDep and it is really amazing!  I forgot to mention that porn tubes are offering a huge amount of videos, and with PornoDep, there is no difference! This place is kinda new, it was launched at the end of 2019, but it managed to gather a magnificent collection of porn clips! Also, one thing that you need to have in mind is the fact that this place is also called xxx J-Pussy (actually, that's what you will see on the site all the time). The variety of these clips is insane, so you can find some porn smut lasting only several minutes, but you can also find some top-notch full-length premium porn videos! Premium videos for free? Let's talk about that a bit: You see, there was a time when these free porn tubes were not offering premium porn content! And that's the logical thing when you think of it, right? Why would anyone pay for premium porn when you can find it on free porn tubes? Well, this was not possible several years ago, but then something amazing happened! The premium porn sites figured out that the best way to promote their content is to place that content on the free porn tubes! The idea was born and they started practicing it and saw amazing results! The number of people who subscribed to the premium porn site from the free tube was exceptional so this became a standard procedure in the porn industry! This is why you can see a full-length porn video from Brazzers or Naugty America on PornHub or some other best free tubes! But, that list now has a new member, and his name is PornoDep! As far as I can tell, these guys are cooperating with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Dad Crush, Mofos, New Sensations, Team Skeet, Teen Fidelity, VR Bangers, and many others... Well, as I told you already, this site is not much old, but it has a huge collection of all kinds of porn material! Being a free tube site brings several unwritten rules within... First of all, as a free porn tube, you don't have a specific field of interest (meaning you are not focused on the one niche like a Premium porn site). That further means that your library contains all kinds of porn action and all types of porn scenes! You can find amateur scenes 3 or 4 minutes long here but you can also find some premium porn scenes with a duration of over 30 minutes... There is something for everyone, literally! But, let's get back to the PornoDep. The first thing that pokes my eyes once I landed on the homepage of this site was a Studio porn search section! This place offers a big selection of the best studios and the hottest porn videos from them, and you can access them with just one click! How awesome is that? I was telling you this just to make an intro for the fact that the free porn tubes are now offering a much better choice of XXX videos, and most of the good-quality stuff comes from the premium porn sites! You no longer need to pay some money in order to watch the hottest pornstars, you can now do it for free on PornoDep!  If you have ever visited any free porn site, the first glance at the PodnoDep will give you enough data about this place! At the first look, you will be able to conclude that this site belongs to the group of porn tube sites. The header of the site is reserved for the site logo (XXX J-Pussy), and then you have several sections to choose between, such as Home, Albums, Categories, MOdels, Tags... As I told you, a pretty standard setup when it comes to this type of porn site! Then, the next thing that lifts PornoDep higher than the competition is the amazing filtering feature. The guys behind this project implemented this awesome feature that allows you to filter content by Hair Color, Height, Weight, Boobs, and Categories. Each of these filters contains a dropdown menu with a list of options, so you basically can do everything with your mouse (the other hand can be free and used for you-know-what).  Of course, there is a search feature also, where you can simply type in whatever you want and search results will display everything related to the text you typed. Each search query shows exactly what you search for, it works fine, and I must give kudos for that because these things can be annoying on some free sites!  As you can assume, the list of babes on this site is just crazy! That is nothing spectacular when you have the fact that this place has a huge amount of videos in the library! But, it is always important to offer scenes with the world's best actors and PornoDep does exactly that! When I surfed this site I saw names such as Brandi Love, Lisa Ann, Bridgette B, Jessa Rhodes, Ava Adams, and many others! You will be more than satisfied with the names you will stumble upon, I have no doubts about that! Like anything else in life, this good site comes with a downfall! Of course, that is a spam issue! Like any other free site, this one contains a lot of ads, hidden or visible banners, and links that will open the new page, but that's normal when it comes to free porn and I don't mind it to be honest! This site is fairly new, but it has a lot of potential! If you like the free porn and you are bored with the standard porn tubes, you should try this one out! It might become your favorite porn place! Enjoy!
Reddit Tube
Man, I really didn't know how to start this article! Why? When I have written thousands of them, why is this one so special or hard? Well, I don't know the answer, but I know that as soon as I got the email with the subject of this review, this was going to be a hard task! Mostly because I was about to start writing about a site that is probably the biggest and largest internet location!  Yeah, the site we will talk about today has a lot to do with arguably the biggest domain on the web, the famous Reddit! This super forum has supplied us with various types of information for decades now, and it covers literally everything! But, did you know that Reddit covers a lot of porn stuff? Have you ever visited some NSFW subreddit and fapped to the amazing material that is provided there? If not, let me tell you something about it in short lines! First of all, porn subreddits are working as any other subreddit on the site: they have strict rules! Second of all, everything you find there is posted by the real users, and therefore subject to other users' comments and discussion! That brings us to the point where we can all realize that Reddit can be considered a porn site with the biggest interaction between the users in the world! Of course, that is just a small part of the entire Reddit network, but when you take a close look, that definition can be accepted as one of the definitions of Reddit! Personally, I have reviewed more than a hundred NSFW subreddits and I must say I found some similarities in all of them! The most important one is the fact that the users are really following the rules and that is the strength of Reddit! Everything is respecting the opportunity this huge forum provides, so they behave according to the established rules! Then, all the content is valid and everything is uploaded to the suitable subreddits! For example, you will not find anal action in r/blowjob!  Saying all this, I was just making an intro and getting sure that you are aware of the fact that Reddit can be an amazing source of your favorite fapping material! But what if I tell you something more amazing? Something that will cheer you up no matter what kind of mental or physical down you are? Well, with no further ado, I present to you a place called Reddit Tube! A free porn site that gives you access to the vast majority of the Reddit fapping material! Or does it do that? Let's find out: When you see that "tube" word in the name of a porn site, does it ring a bell? I hope it does because the vast majority of the sites you horny freaks are visiting in order to find a fap-worthy material are tube sites! These sites have a simple policy; Provide the users with a huge library of free porn, no matter the quality! So quantity over quality can be a motto of theirs, but I have to mention that you can find some HD and 4K scenes on free tube sites! Well, Reddit Tube is no different! To be honest, I found out about this place just a few days ago (shame on me), therefore all the worry about how I'd perform and write this review! As I mentioned earlier, Reddit is not considered a porn site worldwide, but when you take all the facts into consideration, you can understand that a lot of NSFW stuff can be found here!  In fact, that is one of the very biggest sites on the Internet, a massive, globe-spanning message board with nearly 2 billion visitors monthly. When it comes to Reddit Tube, is a bit more modest in scope, with just over 6 million coming by, but that’s because the tube really narrows the focus from Reddit’s anything-and-everything theme on the porn content!  Now, after saying all of this, I can only conclude and tell you that Reddit Tube is an easy way to watch and download Reddit videos without all the goddamn commentary. Personally, I’m curious about how well the site will help me skip to the porn, so let’s find out about that. So let's focus on the stuff offered there! Literally everything, my friends! When it comes to Reddit tube, it works on the same principle as Reddit works - provides the users with everything! Just, in this case, everything related to the porn and jerking material! That's why you can find such a vast variety of content on this fine tube!  When I say you can find literally everything, I really mean that! But, if you don't believe me, you will believe in the facts! And the fact that this porn tube has over 3500 pages of categories (with 24 categories on each page) is proof enough that there is something for everyone here! I must admit, I have never seen a site with such a large number of categories, but this is somewhere understandable because you can find categories such as NSFW GIF, StreetslsWatchin, aww, publicfreakout, Cringetopia, nextfuckinglevel, and similar!  Yeah, not all of these are related to porn, but don't let that fool you. Reddit tube is a legit porn site that offers a lot of xxx content! Of course, you can find some SFW stuff here, something that can not be considered porn, but I saw a lot of content that is more than suitable for you to fap to! I mean, we live in the 21st century, people jerk while watching furry bunnies and colorful unicorns, why wouldn't we jerk on some hot teen babe flashing her amazing boobs under the sweater on TikTok!? When it comes to this part, I have to say that Reddit Tube sticks to some unwritten rules when it comes to porn tubes and follows some setups that can be visible on almost all sites that belong to this group! In the header, which is clear and white in this case, you can see the site logo in the upper left-hand side corner, a navigation bar that contains links to Home, All categories, Popular Videos, and NSFW section, and the right-hand corner of the header is reserved form something that is pretty innovative: a Safe Browsing button! Click On, and you will enter safe browsing mode! Nice touch. Then, there is a big banner and two important fields just under this header section! The background photo contains some robots I think, but that's not important! The important part of this section is these two fields! The first one is a field where you can Download Reddit Videos with Sound, and the second one is a search bar where you can type in something you want to find here! Everything below this is related to the videos, and the first group of videos you will see are the Latest Downloads! When I reviewed the place, I saw a Hot blonde riding her dildo, some naughty lesbian threesome, and a scene with some big ass lady having anal fun! Of course, all the videos have blurred thumbs (the policy of Reddit is strict) with the NSFW mark in the middle! The next section you will see is the Popular videos: I saw scenes from OnlyFans, cumshot clips, some amateur fuck in changing room, and a scene with a super hot brunette chick shaking her perfectly shaped ass! As I told you, a vast variety of content is offered here, all you need to do is to come and take it! This is simply not the scope of the NSFW subreddits so we should not expect to find this type of porn action on Reddit Tube! Everything on Reddit that is considered NSFW is focused on some porn gifs, short clips, cuts from OnlyFans shows, and stuff like that, and Reddit Tube is just collecting everything from that section of Reddit and shows it in one place! It wouldn't be fair of us to expect this tube to offer some 4K scenes with famous pornstars.  I really thought I wasn't going to say this, but Reddit Tube has a small flow - there are all kinds of annoying ads, and spamming is a little issue! But, this is a free site, and like any other, it must make a living out of something, so I don't mind the ads too much! Reddit Tube is not something you are used to visiting on a daily basis! It offers NSFW material from Reddit, and allows you to download these short porn clips and have fun with them for free! Long story short, this is an interesting and different porn site and I think you should check it out now!
If we ever manage to create the world’s first porn association or anything like that, I volunteer to be its first president. Realistically speaking there isn’t a better candidate than me in any corner of the world, so I think appointing me as the de facto leader of porn lovers is a complete no-brainer. The first thing I would do in my new role would be to make all porn free so everyone can access it whenever they want. We all know this has huge potential. I am talking about world peace potential because there wouldn’t be anyone frustrated out there. Sex and jerking off are important, you need to let go of all the things that piss you off, and those are the two best ways to do so. It seems that a lot of people around the world agree with me and my idea of a world where porn is completely free and easily accessible because there is a new free porn tube popping up seemingly on a daily basis. Let’s be honest, there are many amazing premium porn sites that require you to pay for their content, but I am getting a feeling that they are kinda losing this battle. Nowadays, the free tubes are offering damn near everything the premium sites do, the only difference is that you don’t have to pay to watch their smut. Also, most of them bring the best content from the premium studios to their website and you can watch them without any problems. I am sure that many of you agree with me, probably, even those of you who prefer premium sites see how what I am saying makes perfect sense. The only thing is picking out the right porn tube to watch. We all know the popular ones, we have visited them millions of times, but it is nice to have a new one in your back pocket to check it out when things get stale. The porn site I want to talk about today is called Fapster, so let’s see what it is all about. I am not going to lie, as soon as I saw the title of the website I already had high hopes for it. If we are being serious, you don’t get to name your porn site fapster and not live up to the name. Whoever is behind it seems to understand what the fuck we are here to do, and that is to get the best nut we had in a while. The only way to do that is to get to jerk off to some of the hottest amateur and professional sluts the world has seen. Some of y’all might think that I am being a bit harsh or having too high of expectations, but the reality is that I only want the best when it comes to porn. However, let me tell you right now that you are actually underestimating the Fapster. This site has been around since 2005, well that is what the copyrights on the bottom of their homepage are saying. The truth might be a bit different because the domain they are using has only been registered in 2019. Regardless of the big difference between those two years, both are actually painting the Fapster in a positive light. You don’t get to stay in any business for 17 years without offering people something they are willing to try. On the other hand, since their domain is only 3 years old, it means that they started during the COVID pandemic and have found a way to warm up to the hearts of porn lovers around the world. Regardless of what the fuck the truth is, there is something about the Fapster which makes you want to give it a shot and check out all of their smut. To avoid spending too much time on that, you have me, I am a true porn enthusiast and will share with you all the necessary information about this porn site. As soon as I visited their main page I realized that there will be a shit ton of porn here and a lot of it is pretty damn good. The Fapster has somewhere around 20,000 visitors on a daily basis, actually, it is a bit more than that, but still a pretty decent number. There are a lot of perverts around the world, and a lot of them have found a home on this site. I can’t say that I blame them, because there are too many free porn tubes that look pretty fucking cheap, but the Fapster has avoided that rather smoothly by simply having that sleek black background. Right away this makes you feel like a distinguished gentleman when jerking off. Right off the bat, I knew that I would enjoy this porn site, especially when I saw YinyLeon, the sexy Latina with huge titties and a fat ass. If that sounds like too many Latinas in the porn industry, then I am sure that you remember the Arabic letters tattooed across her spine. Well, I am not an expert in all foreign languages, but I am pretty sure that the tattoo is in Arabic. The website itself looks pretty damn clean all around, they don’t have too many bells and whistles that look cool but don’t have any use. I respect this because too many sites today overdo it and end up clogging their pages with unnecessary shit. The Fapster calls itself “the best adult site for watching amateur, hardcore, and masturbation porn videos”, and you know that I had to take that with a pinch of salt because many porn sites say shit like that. What I will give them though is that they didn’t lie when they said that they have “an overabundance of XXX content”. They pride themselves in having a shit ton of porn videos, and if I am not mistaken, they have over 100,000 videos in their collection. There are exactly 15,212 pages, so if you don’t believe my math, you can do it yourself. Regardless, you won’t be running out of quality fapping content any time soon. I understand that the Fapster focuses on quantity, and I respect that, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t focus on giving us some quality smut to jerk off to as well. Seems like they agree with me because their homepage has some nice videos which I had to check out. Let me tell you right now, that as soon as you land on the site, you will be greeted by the currently being watched videos, that is exactly where I ran into the YiniLeon porno. If you continue scrolling down, the next in line will be videos recommended for you. I have no clue how they decided that these videos are up in my alley, but they did. I can’t say that they had it totally right, but the 3 out of the 4 videos were amazing. The only one I didn’t jerk off to is a BBW one, and that is simply because I am not a chubby chaser. I am sure those who are will really enjoy these fatties being pounded by a sex-machine. Each one of the videos was in HD, so at least you won’t have to look at a blurry scene and then use your imagination to tie everything together. Closer to the end of the homepage you will see the newest videos, and since I already told you that there are a shit ton of them, you might actually want to use some of the sorting options Fapster is giving us. You can choose to go through the latest or most viewed videos, as well as the categories and the models they have. There are 92 categories to browse through, and all the most popular ones are available. Teens are here, but so are MILFs, there is quite a bit of anime porn here too, and let's not forget all the amateur content. When it comes to the models, you already know that all the biggest sluts are here. Lana Rhodes, Mia Khalifa, Brandi Love, Abella Danger, and Rachel Starr are just some of the popular names you will be able to jerk off to on Fapster.  Another thing that most premium porn sites are shying away from is the download feature. Luckily, the free tubes are sticking with it, and Fapster is as well. I am saying that you will be able to download a lot of content here, well it seems not all the videos are available, but you can download most of them. This is great if you ever run into internet connection problems, you will always have some nice smut on your device to jerk off to. All in all, I enjoyed reviewing Fapster, it offers a lot of content and there is more than enough quality smut from the biggest porn studios to be found here. All of it is completely free, and they update their content on a daily basis.
If you are looking for a classical porn tube, then this is the place for you. Here, you can find only the best and the most classic porn, alongside some of the prettiest porn stars in the universe. No matter what you like, you can find it here. It's actually a great site that will satisfy the appetites of even the most insatiable porn consumers. So, if you recognize yourself in this category, you might as well check this place out, because you won't regret it. It's filled with fantastic content, the tremendous ladies are present too, and here, you can find nothing but fun. Since 3movs.com is a pretty old school site, you won't find anything related to its history anywhere on the internet. Unfortunately, most of the attention these days goes towards only the flashiest porn sites, with their fake scenarios, plastic girls, and overly-priced content. Well, this place is different. It has that old school vibe, with a little bit of an older design, and the content that will bring you back in time at least half a decade. The information about this place is generally hidden. But, of course, that still doesn't take away from this site's greatness. But, you're going to have to admit that the design is a little bit stale. As far as the coloring goes, these awful shades of blue and grey really do give away 3movs.com's age. They could use a little bit of an update since you can clearly see that they didn't do that in a long time. And that would be okay, at least if you're looking from the practical side. But people often judge things by the way they look, so that may stop this site from gaining any significant amount of attention. With a new design, though, they could get a whole lot of new viewers and members. The practical side and the options are a bit better, though. For example, you only have a few options for 3movs.com, and all of them are very useful. You can browse by videos if you're just there to see what they've got. If you're nuts about a particular porn star, then you can enter the models' section and browse until you find that girl. For those of you that quickly change your preferences, you can just go and check out the categories and choose from there. The site's practical design is better, but that's probably since it's a classical approach, and most porn tubes today have similar constructions.  The content of 3movs.com is a little bit of a tricky thing. That's simply because it does not focus on a specific theme, and it's merely just a collection of good porn. If you have a problem with that, you can go and spend your time on the other site. But here, you can just scroll and scroll, and you'll always get something surprising and exciting. In fact, places like this are rare today, especially in the see of expensive sites with premium memberships. Here, with their amazing and versatile content, you will relive those old experiences with porn that you had as a teenager. The videos are great, and you can divide them by categories, in case you're obsessed with different types and genres of porn. If you're into ebony chicks, you can find that. If you're into Asians, that's available too. You can also find great videos with anal sex and blowjobs, handjobs, and vaginal sex. All in all, anything that you imagine is right here, ready for you, and with 3movs.com, you can't fail. This is just a great place with intriguing content that will, for sure, make you feel like you never want to leave. If you're all for diversity, then this will be your new porn home.  The desktop experience for 3movs.com is pretty straightforward. You can navigate the site without worries, you can check out whatever you want, and you can view the content peacefully. It isn't anything special, it's just useful, which is okay. Sometimes you don't need anything unique, and you can't want to browse, find the video, do your thing, and leave. And this site gives you the opportunity to do just that, which is something that you will be grateful for. In fact, we need more places like this, because with them, porn is going back to its roots, and it's becoming great again. 3movs.com is basically the same for the mobile experience, except for one difference. You now have to click on a simple button in order to reveal the rest of the options. And that's it, which is a cool thing. Because it's always unfortunate when sites have two different designs for their two distinct platforms because users get used to one or the other. Other than that, it functions smoothly on your android, too, and that's it. This site is excellent as far as those kinds of things go, and you will definitely never experience technical errors. On your computer, and your phone as well.  A single thing that you can definitely dislike is the color of the site. Simply because 3movs.com has awful coloring, and that's something that you have to admit. The blue and grey don't mix, especially in those shades. It makes the site look like a cheap and shady place that you don't want to visit. They should definitely change it into something more reasonable, and then the site would look far better. In fact, there are lots of other colors that would fit this site. Just freshen up the design a bit, it definitely won't take away from the site. In fact, it would make it better. What you can like, though, is the fact that the content is pretty much diverse. You can everything you want, and then you can watch it pretty quickly. In fact, that's something that a lot of sites today don't offer. Now, you have to pay even before you get the chance to see a single thumbnail, let alone a preview of the video. 3movs.com is a free porn site that we need today, something to resurrect the glory days of the porn industry when it was still a thing for pleasure. Now it's all about the money! And even though you do need money, sometimes you need to give back to the community as well. Another thing that people might find great about 3movs.com is the fact that it does not have any malfunctions. Every single option functions nicely, and when you click on a button, it actually works. Most of the time, when you browse free porn tubes, you actually get a literal ton of ads before you had the opportunity to browse the site. That's something that you can definitely appreciate - the integrity of this beautiful site.  Of course, the only suggestion would be for 3movs.com to change their design. If they renewed it a bit, then it would be utterly fantastic. Like this, it seems like a dead porn library. But the most outrageous thing about the design is the logo. It doesn't remind you of porn. And it doesn't seem to have anything to do with porn at all. In fact, it looks like an old console logo, which is something that's not good. 3movs.com better change all of it, and then they will attract even more people to their website, and their member's number will undoubtedly grow in the future. Other than that, there are no real suggestions for the site. Everything else is right where it's supposed to be. Just keep offering free service to people, and you will stay at the top. The people who know about this place will undoubtedly remain loyal to it, and new customers will just keep coming. All in all, 3movs.com is merely stunning. If you put aside the horrible design, you will find that this place will quickly win you over, and you will just stay there. The options are fresh, the videos are amazing, and the porn stars are breathtaking. What more can you ask for? Just stick around and become a member, and you'll get the chance to enjoy amazing free videos on this site. This is a pretty good offer, and there's no arguing against that for sure.
I am going to be honest here. I don’t know why someone hasn’t made it a law for porn to be 100% free. They should go a step further and share with us all the amazing smut made each month by sending the link to our emails. When you think about it, if you are not using a VPN, the chances of others knowing your email and personal information are crazy low. I guess what I am saying is that my plan could work, and the world would be a much better place for it. The only issue is that the premium studios won’t be making any money, so my plan is already off the table. Luckily, the free porn tubes seem to agree with me because they allow us to watch a shit ton of amazing content without spending a cent on it. Think of Robin Hood sharing his stash of porn with the rest of us, and you will see exactly what free porn tubes are, and people who share their smut on those sites as well. Everyone has a favorite porn site, well everyone who is a true porn enthusiast. The rest of you definitely need to work on that, because when your dick is about to burst from a morning wood, how are you going to help yourself? Imagining shit is boring nowadays, especially since it has never been easier to find quality porn for free. If you are looking to live a healthy life, a stash of free porn tubes is a must. You can follow me for more life advice. So, how the fuck can you decide which free porn tube is worth your time? The truth is you won’t know until you check them all out. With so many of them out there, you will need to spend weeks on this little adventure, and maybe in the end it will pay off. On the other hand, you can simply read all of my reviews and save yourself a lot of time. Without further ado, I want to talk today about ThePornFull, give me a few minutes and you will learn everything about it. You know when you go to a celebration or a family gathering and there is always that one grandma who just keeps putting more food on your plate? She doesn’t want her babies to leave hungry or anything like that, and I love grannies like this. That is exactly how I feel about ThePornFull review because they don’t half-ass anything, well at least that is what it looks like to me. As soon as I entered their main page, I could tell that I would find a lot of nice smut here. You see, all of the videos you find on ThePornFull are full-length pornos. Yes, this means that we are not wasting our time on any short videos which don’t even last long enough for us to get a hard-on. I know some of you can cum fast because you come to a porn site with your dick already hard and you can generally bust in under 2 minutes, but the rest of us need some time. Hey, at least you don’t have to pay for the premium sites. This only includes those with preview videos, but your options are still a lot cheaper and there are more sites to choose from. Regardless, after checking out all the smut on ThePornFull, you might never visit a premium site, to begin with. That is simply because they have content from the biggest and most popular studios the porn industry has to offer. I was honestly surprised to see so many full-length HD premium videos here. This also means that they have some of the sexiest sluts in their videos as well. Abella Danger, Rachel Starr, Ariella Ferrera, and many other famous pornstars can be found in the videos on ThePornFull. Some of the studios whose content they have are MomPOV, MyDirtyMaid, FamilyStrokes, Fake Hostel, MyPervyFamily, and of course Shoplyfter. You are bound to find something which will make your dick hard here, there is no doubt about it. I was pretty excited when I landed on ThePornFull’s main page. I saw right away that the most recently uploaded content is all from Shoplyfter. All these girls are being fucked roughly because they got caught cheating, and they end up loving every moment of it. The issue I am talking about presented itself when I tried to change the page. See, there are 115 pages filled with porn on this site, meaning that there is a lot of smut to go through. If each of the pages has 20 videos just like the first one, we are looking at around 2,300 pornos, and that is a pretty damn good number. All of this free smut will last you for years and when you see that they are adding new content regularly, you will realize that there is a shit ton of full-length videos available here. That is one more reason for me to explain the issue which is bothering me so damn much. You see, no matter what you fucking click on when you reach ThePornFull will open a new tab. The thing is, most of those tabs end up closing themselves in just a few seconds. I don’t know how to explain the whole process, but I tried clicking on the category, contact, one of the other pages, new videos, views, and random, and the result was the same. No matter where the fuck you click, you will end up with a new tab. This is not necessarily a problem within itself, but the fact that I can’t open anything else is annoying as fuck. Finding the right video to jerk off to has just become that much harder. As I said, all of the videos on the front page are from Shoplyfter, and to find something else, I had to click on one of those videos and then go through related content. I don’t know if you are comprehending everything that I am saying, but browsing through this site is a pain in the ass. Basically, you will need to spend a lot more time browsing ThePornFull than anyone anticipated first. However, I did find a way to overcome the issue I mentioned. Basically, you have to click on one of the videos, then hit the back button and you are good to go. Not sure who the fuck made the site work like this, but that’s the way things work around here. I am just glad that I found a way to see all of the content they have here. The search bar works just fine though. I know this because in my darkest moment while fighting this website, I typed Abella Danger’s name in it. Right away 3 full-length videos of hers were loaded and it didn’t take me long to take a break and jerk off to one of them. Okay, I did it twice, but that is simply because her ass is so damn nice and she worships a cock every time she is presented with one. The girl is a slut, and is not ashamed to show it. When it comes to the categories, you will quickly notice that all the smut is divided based on the studio they come from. This means that Brazzers has its own category, but so does MyPervyFamily, NotMyGrandpa, Public Agent, and all the other premium studios. All of the videos are of great quality, so there is nothing to worry about there. You won’t have to deal with the blurred, Tetris-like squares while jerking off. I wanted to see all the MILF content right away because that is simply my favorite category. I checked out Milfed first, and I didn’t see too much content there. The best video was of Ebony Mystique because this black girl’s dick-sucking and riding skills are ridiculous. Luckily, I checked out the MommyFGotBoobs category and found an amazing video of Alexis Fawx enjoying a threesome. I am telling you, there is something for everyone here. I still can’t wrap my head around the fucking issue I had to deal with the first 15 minutes of reviewing this site, but somehow I managed to overcome it. I still have no clue if my theory is true, but you lose nothing by giving it a shot. However, you do gain access to over 2,000 amazing, high-quality, full-length premium videos. I think it is more than worth your while to see if the way I managed to deal with this issue works for you as well. The thing is, you will not find a lot of ads hidden among the videos or anything like that. Truth be told, there are none, but the damn pop-ups just won’t go away. Every several seconds, or so, you will see two new ones which will open a new tab for you when you try to close them. I und