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Known for its extensive selection of free streaming pornography, xHamster.com is widely considered to be one of the most popular free sex tubes on the Internet. Since its inception in 2007, the website has built a huge following and reputation as an ever-expanding, worldwide archive of hardcore smut. For millions of masturbators around the globe, it is the first stop when seeking streaming HD material for the purpose of self-gratification.


Based in Cyprus, xHamster is a truly global pornography operation with offices in Houston, Kyoto, as well as London. They aim to keep their global user base happy by offering the website in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Dutch and Afrikaans. As is often the case when sexual material crosses borders and cultural divides, a number of countries have taken action to block xHamster from being utilized by their citizens.


xHamster by the Numbers

According to the search bar in the header of xHamster, they currently have over 4.7 million videos in their collection. This is a collection size that dwarfs nearly every other free tube on the Internet, not to mention many real-life archives. The great library of Alexandria, for example, was said to have held the equivalent of roughly 100,000 books. Some scholars believe that xHamster will be viewed in a similar light by historians of the future. Regardless of your perspective on smut, it is a pornography collection the likes of which the world has never known before.


That enormous collection size is one of the website’s biggest appeals among users, which helps explain how they’ve grown to have such an enormous user base as well. XHamster claims over 10 million registered members, making it the third most popular porno website after XVideos and Pornhub. It’s important to consider that while this is a huge number of members, many pornography users opt to masturbate anonymously. These users never register, and often use their browser’s incognito mode to avoid detection by family members or coworkers.


Globally, xHamster ranks in the top 10 websites, making it a true giant of the Internet. They receive over 5 billion visits per month, with an average visit duration of about four minutes. This number takes into account both the pornography fans looking for a quick lunch break masturbation session, as well as the perverts seeking an hours-long marathon session of lesbian tribbing, Ebony gangbangs and teenage facials starring the hottest porn stars in the business.


The History of a Serious Sex Tube

XHamster.com is one of few Internet pornography sites that have grown large enough and gained enough attention to warrant their own Wikipedia page. This in itself is historic, as pornographic history is typically relegated to the shadows and is often forgotten. This is evidence that xHamster has become almost a household word, as recognizable as Playboy or Penthouse was to previous generations.


XHamster was originally envisioned as a social network, much like MySpace or Facebook but with considerably more amateur pornography. The creators hoped the site would encourage intimate relationships, though they quickly developed into a streaming video site instead.


Certain elements of the social media scheme still exist within xHamster’s infrastructure. For example, users can Like, Favorite or Share their favorite movies. Beneath a video entitled Blonde Sub Skyler Squirt Spat on during Dominating Fuck, a user going by the pseudonym Gag-Man remarked, “She looks so beautiful with that BLACK gag ball in her mouth.”


It’s also worth noting that while many of the blowjob movies and explicit squirting scenarios were uploaded by the studios and paysites in an effort to entice you back to the source, nearly a third of xHamster’s movies are user-uploaded Amateur flicks. Their large user base and popularity makes the website a virtual gold mine for fans of DIY threesome scenes, public park sex and exhibitionist MILFs.


The videos on the website are so popular that many users don’t realize that xHamster also has rich selections of photographs and erotic stories. As with the videos, these are user-submitted, and thus display great range in their depictions of depravity. Some users opt for topless selfies and softcore lit erotica, while others go all out with BDSM fetish extravaganzas and outrageous taboo scenes that would potentially be illegal to film.


The Censorship of an Internet Giant

A local court in the Republic of Tartarstand, Russia, allowed xHamster to be blocked in 2014. In 2015, the Indian government passed the IT Act, banning a number of pornography websites. XHamster was among those hits, with ISPs being required to block the site. Thailand and Turkey have also banned the website.


XHamster themselves maintain a strong position against censorship, with Alex Hawkins noting, "As an international company, we see every day how restrictive governments use regulatory tools, like traffic throttling, to limit access to not only porn but political speech."


The website has also come under fire for alleged violations of copyright. They were sued in 2011 by a pornography production company, though the judge in the case noted that xHamster was outside of their jurisdiction as a Cyprus-based company. It is worth noting that copyright infringement is a very common allegation on free sex tubes. While any website that accepts user uploads is susceptible to illicit use as a piracy hub, xHamster is not known for their pirated smut and does their best to remove it when it pops up on the site.


Extensive Collections of Smut of All Kinds

The front page of xHamster is laid out like your typical free sex tube. Based on the site’s popularity, they may help set the mold, and other tubes copy off of them. The first thing you’ll see is a wall of pornographic thumbnails stretching across the whole page. A selection of Hot Porn Videos are displayed at the very top, followed by the newest movies on the website.


The growth rate of xHamster’s smut collection is instantly apparent just from the front page. There are dozens of new movies in a variety of perverted subgenres, and the entire front page has been uploaded just today. Few sex tubes have the user bases to encourage such a rapid growth. When viewing this website, you always have fresh material to choose from.


There is such a mix of material coming in that many users will not have to dig very deep to find satisfactory masturbatory content. For those looking for something a little more specific, some of their most popular categories are listed along the sidebar. Users can choose from such categories as Amateur, Creampie, Lesbian, Interracial and Big Ass. For the slightly kinkier pornography enthusiast out there, the website also has rich selections of such subgenres as Cuckold, Femdom, Futanari, CFNM and footjob.


Dirty Movies in a First-Rate Player

For the purpose of this review, PornSites.com loaded up an amateur movie in xHamster’s collection called Best STEPMOM and SON Homemade ANAL. Uploaded this morning, the three-minute video already has more than 7000 views and an 88% user rating.


With a spam blocker running, the video starts playing without any pop-ups or video ads, nor any buffering issues. The stepson in the movie is already thrusting vigorously into the MILF’s anal cavity with his turgid erection. While it is clearly an amateur movie filmed and uploaded at a relatively low bit rate, the baked-in video player provides options to adjust the resolution as well as the play speed.


The video itself turned out to be embedded with audio ads enticing the viewer to visit a taboo paysite. It is largely unintrusive and does not feel like a bait-and-switch because of the high quality of the anal sex on display. As far as advertising on xHamster, you will generally find a lot less of it than you will on the smaller sex tubes. One of the reasons they’ve managed to gain such a strong foothold in an Internet saturated with free pornography is that they are able to serve it to their viewers with fewer penile enhancement ads than other websites.


XHamster.com has established itself as one of the world’s best porn tubes by giving users unprecedented access to millions of explicit movies for free. Their huge user base encourages a constant stream of new dirty movies, not to mention one of the richest amateur porn video communities online or off. With minimal spam getting in the way of all that smut, this website is an easy option for anybody looking for a quick or a long masturbation session.

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