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Porn tubes have been the lifeblood of internet pornography ever since the late 90s when streaming video officially became possible. Back in the days of dial-up internet loading a JPEG of a quality pair of tits took forever, and you learned to be grateful for what you got. Today, porn tubes are the way to go. Even paid premium sites are altering their websites to look more like porn tubes because the common porn lover has gotten used to the idea of tons of videos listed out and neatly categorized for easy streaming and quick swapping.


So let’s say that you’re a casual porn lover and you’re also deeply fascinated with the far east. Let’s say that specifically, you have a deep appreciation for Japanese women and you’d like to play pretend like you’re having sex with one, every night of your life. But Japanese women are hard to come by, and getting one to sleep with you is even harder. This is where JAV porn tubes come in handy. Now, JAV, as most of you probably know, stands for Japanese Adult Video. It’s a reference to the Japanese porn industry, which got its own acronym by being particularly unique.


You see, Japan made the decision long ago to censor genitals in porn videos, for reasons that are as of yet unclear to the western world. Either way, Japanese porn has taken the world by storm and JAV tube sites are a huge chunk of the online porn industry. To that end, you’d be wise to check out JAV.Guru, which has been one of the best and biggest JAV porn tubes on the web since 2016.


Quantity of Premium Quality

This porn tube is almost unbelievably devoted to bringing you quality smut in ridiculously large quantities. Their entire concept revolves around getting their hands on original JAV movies – the high production triple A content that was released for the Japanese market, and bringing it to you entirely for free.


This raises a lot of questions on the matter of the legality of these videos, but that’s honestly none of your business. You’re here to jack off to some quality Japanese smut, and jack off you shall. Besides, most of the adult movies on this website are full-fledged titles that came out as DVDs in Japan. You couldn’t possibly get your hands on these remotely, and it’s uncertain whether they’re even being streamed anywhere else. Therefore, it makes sense that you’d watch them on Jav.Guru, since they’ve been so kind as to gather and upload them for you.


As for the actual quality of the videos, well, a ton of money has gone into every single title on this website – that much is clear. Every single movie on Jav.Guru features an extremely attractive and talented porn actress, or sometimes several, in an hour of non-stop sexual escapades. It’s truly fascinating that they were able to find this many attractive Japanese women.


The production value of all the movies is also extremely high. They were clearly recorded with high quality cameras and directed by executives that were well versed in porn production. None of these movies have even a hint of amateur flair, so if you’re looking for smut that feels homemade, you’re in the wrong place.


That being said, if you’re a fan of expensive pornographic material, this is the place to be. Every single porn movie on this site has, at some point, been on a shelf in a pornographic store, somewhere in Japan. Presumably, these movies were also very expensive when they came out.


Tons of Modern Smut

Even though we’re mostly discussing DVD releases here, this isn’t a retro site. Most of the smut you’ll see on here, especially under the recommended, recent section is brand new. You’ll see famous nubiles from recent years such as the legendary Aika or all-time favorite Hitomi Tanaka.


The reason this website feels more like a bootleg video store than a porn tube is probably because Japan has a very different take on pornography. When you watch actual porn movies, rather than short clips as you might be used to, it feels a bit retro. However, that is how porn is produced in Japan. Pretty much every single porn movie that they make has a backstory, some acting, a setup or two and detailed environments.


The acting itself is not very good, and it’s unlikely that much effort was put into it. However, it seems to be a Japanese standard to, at the very least, set up the scenario before the action kicks off. Therefore, if you’re watching a video that features a boss and a secretary getting it on, they’re going to be wearing the appropriate clothing, and the action will take place in an office. There will be no cut corners.


Japanese Smut is for Everyone

Technically, this is an all-Japanese website. However, do not let this dissuade you from enjoying yourself, because the site definitely caters to a western audience, or at the very least to a global one. They work hard trying to translate and categorize these movies in English. And while they cannot find the time to type out subtitles for the entirety of the videos, they definitely cover all the titles and the names of the pornstars. It would be very difficult if you had to install, and also learn, the Japanese alphabet in order to browse this site. Luckily, you won’t have to go through that.


As for the subtitles, that’s a sacrifice you’re going to have to make. Some of these movies actually have a ton of dialogue, but unfortunately, unless you speak Japanese, the jokes will be lost on you. You’ll have to watch these videos for the sex alone, but that shouldn’t be too difficult.


Censorship Sucks

This should already be clear to anyone who’s ever seen a single JAV video, but all of the porn flicks on these site featured blurred out genitals, across the board. While the Japanese might be famous for pushing the envelope on strange and innovative pornography, they are definitely lagging behind with censorship laws. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to be showing any signs of changing this law in the near future, so all the videos on Jav.Guru will regretfully remain censored.


However, they do not censor breasts, and breasts do seem to be an extremely important factor in choosing the right pornstar in JAV movies, so you should be all right. Most of these girls have ridiculously large breasts, and one would assume that this is because that’s what the public loves. So if you’re a lover of large breasts and Asian women, you’ll definitely feel at home on Jav.Guru.

Cutting Corners

Given that all of these movies are technically in a bootlegging grey-zone, Jav.Guru don’t really have the right to upload them to their own site and also make money while doing so. Luckily, there is a legal loophole that you’ve probably seen on other websites as well. That is, they embed the videos instead of hosting them.


Now before you start to panic, rest assured, they’re not all hosted on one website. In fact, the movies on Jav.Guru are hosted across three different video servers that all let you stream pretty seamlessly and without any lag. Further, they’re all hosted across three different file sharing websites that let you download them to your computer.


That’s right; you get to download an infinite amount of quality Japanese pornography, entirely for free. Jav.Guru is looking out for the smut lover in you.


Some Regretful Decisions

Since Jav.Guru aren’t charging you, they have to make some spare change here and there to keep the site up. Even though they don’t host the videos themselves, they are so popular that running the site is undoubtedly expensive. To that end, they host a lot of ads. There’s the casual ad banner here and there, and it’s not intrusive. You’ve seen it on other websites before. It’s certainly not a problem.


Unfortunately, because their videos are embedded from third-party sources, you’re also going to fall victim to their ads as well. That means that sometimes, while you’re trying to load a video, you will instead get a ton of pop-up ads or redirects that will try and trick you into downloading malicious software onto your computer. Make sure you do not fall for it.


Quality Website Design

There’s not much to be said about Jav.Guru’s layout, because they very strictly followed the modern convention for a porn tube. The videos are listed with large thumbnails that show a ton of the action, and they’re titled in English. They’ve also got neat links to the actresses featured within the videos, so you can easily find more smut of the same girl if you find yourself crushing on her.


Beyond that, the website is an absolute delight to browse through and they’re constantly adding new content. If you’re a JAV lover you’ll feel right at home on Jav.Guru

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