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JAVDoe is a free streaming porn site dedicated to all types of Japanese Adult Video, commonly known by the acronym JAV. The site hosts regular uploads of authentic Japanese porn featuring all of the countries most popular subgenres, studios, and porn stars, and has been doing so since its founding in 2017.


Though relatively new, it has managed to build up a collection of more than twenty thousand videos—which, especially when you consider that more videos are uploaded each and every day, is essentially an unlimited supply. Most of these videos are over twenty-minutes long and many are over an hour—this isn’t just twenty thousand quick clips, but twenty thousand standalone videos. To put it mildly, it’s a lot of porn.


Why Can’t Every Site Do This?

JAVDoe is one of the most well-designed porn sites that Pornsites.com has ever seen. This goes for porn sites as a whole—not just free sites, not just Japanese sites, but even when compared against historic, storied, award-winning porn sites that charge as much as fifty dollars per month. It’s that good.


The main page shows off some of the most recent releases across a number of its major categories. By default these are sorted chronologically, but you can also quickly switch to view these videos according to their view count. The two most broad categories—censored and uncensored—come first, followed by a surprisingly large collection of non-Japanese videos. These are full-length films sourced from some of the biggest and best Western studios—like Bangbros and Reality Kings, just to name a few—making JAVDoe one of the better sites for non-Japanese porn, too.


This page is only the tip of the iceberg. The Popular tab at the very top of the site will allow you to view a similarly styled page showing off the sites trending videos. Alternatively, there is a grouping of some of their major categories just below that. But things start to get really fantastic when you dive a bit deeper into the site.


The Categories tab allows you to filter videos by a set of categories that strikes the balance between being too narrow and overwhelmingly exhaustive perfectly. Each of the roughly one hundred and fifty categories on JAVDoe is properly applied, ensuring that only relevant videos fall under each section. From standard porn tropes like Amateur, Anal, and BDSM to more Japan-specific styles like Bukkake and Molestation, nearly everything that you might want to find is covered.


And this still doesn’t even begin to cover everything. The studio tab lists close to five hundred of Japan’s biggest and best studios, and allows you to filter through videos produced by each. Once inside each studio’s page, you can sort just as well as you can from the homepage. Newcomers to Japanese adult video may not find this section very useful, but seasoned JAV fans know that each studio has its own unique style and appeal. As you get to know JAVDoe, the existence of this page will become an indispensable part of your viewing experience. Likewise for the Porn Star tab. This page allows you to look through each and every girl appearing on JAVDoe, and can be sorted in a number of different ways that make looking through the catalog a breeze.


The search feature allows you to input terms and then apply them to videos, studios, categories, or porn stars, and also offers an incredibly robust and helpful advanced filter. While in many cases the default search will be sufficient, this is where JAVDoe really puts everything together. Any number of search terms, studios, and categories can be combined, and together these tools allow you to perform a search more detailed than just about any other site will allow. If, for example, you want to look through JAVDoe’s massive catalog for an uncensored big tits adultery doggy style BBW video, you can do that in just a few clicks and just a few seconds. The flexibility and ease of use are unmatched.


And we haven’t even begun to discuss the actual video pages themselves. JAVDoe offers a video player with features that put pay sites to shame, including a quick ten-second rewind button and adjustable video quality. Many of the videos are in full HD, up to 4k, while even the older and lower-quality ones are completely watchable.


Each video also comes with a cast listing, a studio listing, tags, and categories. Since this metadata is applied so conscientiously and accurately, the two recommendation engines that come with each video work perfectly. One pulls up similar videos featuring the same porn star, while the other offers up related videos regardless of casting. While some sites that offer these features don’t do so effectively, on JAVDoe the recommendations are nearly always applicable and erotic.


It’s a stretch to say anything negative about JAVDoe, but in the interest of completeness, there are a few minor issues with the site. Some of the video titles are poorly translated, making them not very useful for navigating the site—but this drawback is easily made up for by the detailed metadata on each video. The scenes are untranslated and unsubtitled, but this shouldn’t come as a shock or a detractor to anyone used to Japanese porn. That’s really about it—and when that’s all that there is that’s negative to say about a site, that’s a very good sign.


A Fairly Pure Experience

For a non-premium porn site, JAVDoe has surprisingly few ads. You might see a banner ad sliding in here or there, and every so often you’ll have to close out an ad before you watch a video, but beyond that, there isn’t really anything that will negatively affect your viewing experience. For the most part, the pre-video ads can be closed out before they even load, totally minimizing any of their potential disruption. Ads seemingly tend to ruin a lot of sites that focus on Asian porn in particular, so this makes a big difference in setting JAVDoe apart from the competition.


You can even download each and every video on the site. This is rare for free porn sites, and even some expensive premium sites, so this feature came as a shock to Pornsites.com. But, sure enough, with just a few clicks you can permanently save any one of the sites many videos to your hard drive.


The website is well optimized for mobile viewing. Some of the specific aesthetic choices may differ, but the functionality is the same. Anything that you can do from a desktop or a laptop can be done just as easily from your cellphone, so you don’t have to worry about lugging a separate device with you while you travel just to enjoy JAVDoe


For Just A Dollar More

Although JAVDoe is a completely free porn site, they do offer a deal that will grant you access to their premium counterpart, JAVHD, where you can get a three day trial for just a dollar. The site is, unfortunately, quite expensive beyond that trial, but it’s still worth considering if you’re in the market for an upgrade. JAVHD has a lot of the same types of porn as JAVDoe, but the video quality is a bit more consistent. Still, with how excellent the free offering of JAVDoe is, Pornsites.com only recommends JAVHD for those who absolutely love Japanese adult videos.


All Things Considered

JAVDoe comes about as close to perfection as any porn site could. Though a relative newcomer, it’s quickly become one of the best free Japanese porn sites ever created, in terms of number of videos, quality of videos, and site design.


The sites few imperfections are minor. There are a couple of ads, that rarely if ever significantly distract from the porn-viewing experience. The titles are sometimes poorly translated, but the detailed and well-thought-out tags more than make up for this. Beyond that, it’s hard to find any basis to make a complaint about JAVDoe.


When you consider that a site this well made is completely and totally free, it’s easy to say that JAVDoe is excellent. It is one of the best porn sites ever made, bar none, and it is in especially rare company if you’re only comparing it to free Japanese porn sites. Even if you’re absolutely uninterested in Asian porn, the sites shockingly comprehensive Western section is worth a visit or two—but for fans of Japanese Adult Video, this will quickly become one of your favorite sites. Pornsites.com fully recommends it.

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