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 Japanese adult videos might have inspired tons of other sub-genres, both drawn and live-action, but the original genre is still very much alive. Sometimes it can be hard to get your hands on proper high quality JAV content, especially if you’re looking for some newer productions, but that’s exactly where BestJavPorn.Com comes in. This jaw dropping website appears to be a brand new addition to the list of free JAV suppliers, debuting in 2019, but they might as well have been around forever, given how expertly they have established themselves in the field.

Unseen Quality

When it comes to JAV porn, you’re always looking at top notch quality. It’s really hard to find a bad version of a good video and proper JAV is a work of art, so most JAV videos look extremely impressive. They’re shot with great cameras, planned out by talented directors and they feature the hottest women in pornography. Sure, some of them might be unrecognizable names in the west, but their beauty cannot be disputed.

JAV has always been treated as a matter of utmost importance in Japan, sparking and maintaining a very active community of perverts who enjoy this content. From the porn producers, to the porn consumers, everyone agrees that video quality of pornography is paramount. That’s why, when you’re looking at a proper JAV production, and not just a video that happens to feature a Japanese girl, you’re in for a full ride.

Many free JAV tube sites have tried to bring you this quality without compromise, but it’s very hard to host 1080p videos for free, unless you’re literally running the largest porn tube on the planet. And sure, you can find some JAV clips on popular western mainstream tube sites, but you can pretty much forget about full-length JAV movies. Those are far too long and possibly not profitable enough to be hosted in entirety. After all, free sites make money off of ads, so it stands to reason that they’d rather you watch 100 videos that last a minute, instead of one video that lasts over an hour. You watch a lot more ads when you’re bouncing back and forth between pages and that brings their click rates up. They make more money the longer you click around on their site.

Well, BestJavPorn have found a way around this issue, somehow. The quality of the JAV they offer seems to be completely uncompressed HD, in 1080p. Granted, some of the videos are in 720p, but if the video was initially available in HD, it’ll probably remain that way on BestJAVPorn.

Free Premium Quality

It’s not entirely clear how BestJAVPorn manage to bring you all of these amazing JAV productions for free, in maximum quality, but there are a few hints scattered here and there. First of all, when you land on the home page you will inevitably notice the amount of ads that are scattered all over the screen. It’s a bit ironic that on a page that is quite literally littered with pictures of naked breasts, your eye gravitates to the ads first. There’s a simple reason for this – there are way too many ads. You’d have to click away from at least 3 ads at a time for every page that you visit on this site. Plus, there are ads lying in wait under almost every single link on the site.

The videos don’t fare better in this regard. They too have two to three ads, interspersed throughout the action. They can be real mood killers, especially if you’re in a sexy mood and the action has ramped up your excitement. They can really break the flow of the porn you’ve come here to enjoy. Still, you simply have to find a way to live through the pain, since BestJAVPorn are bringing you high quality JAV productions without you having to spend a single cent. This is the price you pay for free pornography, as naturally, nothing worth having truly comes free.

But the ads aren’t the only indication of BestJAVPorn making some of their money back on their investment of infinite supply of JAV classics. There’s an even more interesting tidbit you might notice right under every single video. Beyond being able to watch them on the site, there’s also a download button. Now, you’ll notice this doesn’t actually let you download the video, but it’s still a legitimate download option. It leads you to another site, which is perfectly legitimate, that lets you purchase the actual video, as if you were buying a DVD. Given that most of these productions are more than an hour long, it’s a great investment, especially if you find something you really like.

On the other hand, this can be kind of sad for western viewers who are used to paying a subscription for infinite views and downloads. That simply wouldn’t work under the JAV umbrella. These people are used to selling their movies as large scale productions. In their eyes, one movie is one product and it shall be sold as such. So on the one hand, you’ve got a near infinite supply of HD JAV, on tap, for free. On the other hand, you’ve got to pay hard dollars if you want to keep any of these videos locally. It’s a hell of a compromise, but their quality simply can’t be beat.

Types of JAV

Japanese adult videos fall under the same categorical breakdowns as western pornography, with an eastern twist to the way the sex is portrayed. So there’s a ton of anal, vaginal, oral and the mix, between men, women and all the combinations you can think of. And, because these are Japanese productions, there’s also an abundance of semen play, in very terrifying amounts.

Across all of the western genres, though, you’ll see a lot of differences in how the people in these videos act. The first thing you may notice is that the women are all very subservient and submissive. There’s a certain air of implied domination, even though the men in the videos are not at all dominant. If anything, they’re barely present in the action. Their role seems to be to provide a throbbing member for the action and nothing more. Sometimes they’ll talk, sure, and sometimes they’ll show some perverted side of their personality, but overall they’re mostly relegated to the backseat. You can see their genitals in the shot, and that’s the extent to which they’re relevant.

The women seem to do a fine job being submissive without having to submit to anyone in particular. This works into the eastern inspired schema that implies that men enjoy seeing women submit sexually. And, since this porn is made for you and not the men in the actual videos, the submission is aimed your way. These are your sex toys that you see in the videos. It might as well all be POV, the way that they’re catering to your every demand.

When it comes to the scenes, environments and backstories, the Japanese clearly take things a bit further than western productions. You will commonly see a story setup towards the beginning of any porn movie, especially if it’s over an hour long. But, in Eastern productions, they take it further by having the acting persist throughout the action. They don’t break the act when the penetration starts. They’ll often talk to each other, enforcing the roles that were setup from the beginning. So, if you’ve got a video of a bashful schoolgirl being dominated by her teacher, you will see the shame in her eyes and the depraved satisfaction in his, throughout the entire video. The pornstars aren’t particularly gifted actors, but since most of the action has to do with either submission or domination, it’s simply a combination of one of those plus the usage of a name or title. If you hear a girl screaming something along the lines of “No, Professor, please don’t put it there”, that goes a long way towards selling you on the story, especially if it persists throughout the movie.

 All in all, BestJAVPorn is proving to be the best new location for infinite JAV entertainment. There have been other similar sites in the past, with a similar name and near identical mission statement and BestJAVPorn seems to be showing them all up. For the most part, they’re different in the level of quality they provide. A near infinite supply of HD JAV simply cannot be beat, especially if you’re a passionate lover of all things Eastern.  

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