Asian Sex Diary

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  • plus With years of content archived, there are tens of thousands of photos and videos to choose from
  • plus There are new movies with complete picture galleries added every day
  • plus In addition to southeast Asian women, there are models featured from India, China, and Africa
  • plus The website’s unique aesthetic and solid design looks and runs great on desktop and mobile devices
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  • minus Though some will like it, we despise how crass ASD’s John Tron character is
  • minus Some of the uploads are unimaginative and often feature the same formulaic sex acts
  • minus Even with the number of features included, we think that this site is too expensive
  • minus The blogs and product descriptions need to be polished up

We have often found that many English-versions of porn websites from southeast Asia tend to rest on the fact that it is Jav smut, therefore exotic and therefore special. Though the content is often of fair quality, this means that they often do not feature anything particularly unique or alluring.


However, there is at least one standout for every disappointing trend. And when it comes to so-called Jav porn, a great example of this is Asian Sex Diary.


Where The Diaries All Began…

Rather than be a random title, the name Asian Sex Diary features a format for fap content that we have not seen anywhere else. Instead of simply presenting a series of picture galleries and videos, this website is a platform to publish and promote the sexual escapades of one John Tron.


According to his About Me, following a divorce due to his own infidelity, the Tron character left the western world to pursue the fantasy of traveling the orient and fornicating with as many east Asian women as possible.


After falling in love with Philippine culture and a series of conquests, Tron began sending videos of his sexual escapades to the porn site Trike Patrol. When he got some feedback and got some more inspiration, Tron set up his first flesh website Filipina Sex Diary.


As the website began to grow and Tron altered the format, which took the site from being a standard POV site to one which comes across as a series of vlogs, the platform was rebranded as Asian Sex Diaries in 2012.


Though the original focus was on Jav women, Tron has begun to travel all over Africa, India, and China, documenting his amorous adventures there, too.


The Web Design Exceeds Industry Standards

The most impressive part of this platform is its aesthetics and design. While only a few colors are used, the grayish-white background coupled with some off-black, and bits of blue and red accents looks great. Further, the logo of the website has a bit of a traditional Asian flair coupled with a neat icon.


The homepage and the video preview pages feature standard screenshots along with GIFs with Snapchat-inspired promotional text, which often is animated and adds to the experience in a unique way. In addition to that, there some promotional images which are a composite of pictures of the model in different poses often coupled with fun emojis.


Since the models featured are from all over the world, each preview link includes the model's name, age, and which country they are from. Furthermore, each name is linked to her profile page, which lists all of her videos, and the country of origin also lists other models from the same region.


The Way That The Videos Are Presented Is Unique

As we brought up earlier, ASD releases its content in a manner that radically differs from other smut sites. Each travel vlog comes in two forms, the first being the diaries. Acting both as a teaser for fresh releases for members and as a means of providing a torrent of trailers for potential new members, this section only hosts free previews of video and a few photos from new picture galleries.


The Conquest section is where the actual videos and photos are located. Though each individual uploads page is somewhat pedestrian relative to the rest of the site, each update includes the view count, category tags, a picture gallery, and a description along with the video. Like other studio and tube sites, a series of related videos are posted at the bottom of the page. There is not an extensive series of social features.


In total, there are a couple of thousand videos and hundreds of thousands of photos featuring more than 400 women, all of which apparently are exclusive to the site.


The Models Presented Come From All Over Southeast Asia And The World

Since John Tron now travels all over the world, besides Burma and other parts of southeast Asia, there are scenes starring women from India, Africa, China, and even Europe. Their body types tend to range from petite to plus-sized, though all of them usually have a certain amateur, girl-next-door look to them.


The Categories Listed Are Pretty Common, Though

One of the more mundane parts of this site are the tags which are used. While not a bad thing, the categories are the same, you are going to find on other websites like Big Asses, Threesomes, and Anal. To be fair, there are a few which are unique like Petite, Top Conquests, and LBFM – or little brown fucking machines.


The Extras Are Especially Interesting

Though not as frequently updated, there is a somewhat extensive blog in the Extra section. The articles posted general cover developments in the industry, reviews of other Asian porn movies, opinions on sexuality, and sex advice. Further, there are reviews of cameras, sex toys, and other kinds of technology.


The quality of the articles tends to vary, but we did find that some of the more obscure blogs to be rather interesting to read.


Lastly, if you want to keep up with the developments of ASD by entering your email at the bottom of the page, you can get updates through an email newsletter.


They Have A Surprising Presence On Social Media

In addition to email updates, you can get previews and other bonuses through ASD's several social media pages. Through Twitter and Instagram, you can get access to exclusive pictures and even video clips previewing what is to come to the main site.


Despite Facebook's stance against smut, ASD does maintain a presence there as well by posting tamer, but still quality photos of fine young women. For those who enjoy social features, the ASD Facebook page effectively acts as an unofficial forum and does have some decent community engagement.


Amazingly, even after Tumblr's about-face on allowing erotic material, ASD still has a page here which (so far) has not been pulled.


Some Of The Onsite Translations Are A Bit Sketchy

Though understandable, the descriptions of the video uploads can read rather funny as do some of the blog posts. When reading through them, they do not come off as posts written in Tagalog or Burmese then run through Google Translate, but rather someone with an incredibly wonky writing style who does not understand proper formatting.


Getting A Membership Can Be A Bit Expensive

Most websites of this caliber tend to set their price point at around $20-25 a month, but a standard thirty-day membership on this platform is a whopping $39.99. To be fair, you can save money by committing to a longer subscription plan. Signup for three months and pay $89.95 or a year for $179.95, which averages to $29.95 and $14.95 every thirty days, respectively.


Further, there are occasionally holiday specials that do not save you as much as the annual membership, but you do pay that reduced price month to month. In addition to major credit and debit cards, you can also pay anonymously using one of over a hundred gift cards.


The Mobile Version Has Been Optimized Well

One of the primary criteria we look at when making an evaluation of a website is how it looks on different browsers and devices. We were pleased to find that ASD looks just as good on smartphones, tablets, and other handheld devices as it does on desktop machines. In fact, the former version looks a little bit better since the search bar in the menu does not always load properly – plus, thumbnail previews always load on mobile machines.


The Best Elements Of Asian Sex Diary Is…

A common tactic used by most major studios to get potential subscribers to signup is to provide a series of short previews that may be limited to only three or four views per 24-hour period. However, ASD takes the opposite approach and links the user to tons of free previews scattered all over the site. Of course, these are teasers, but we think that these brief promos give the viewers a good idea of what the website is like and will certainly appeal to many.


Along with that, the actual full-length content will also interest a wide range of users if only due to the number of women with different body types, breast sizes, and ethnicities. We should note that many of these women have more of a “normal” or rather amateur-looking women.


Though they could be written better, the blog uploads in the Extra page is a welcome addition and covers a wide variety of appropriately kinky content.


The Worst Elements of Asian Sex Diary Is…

To be sure, the idea of vicariously experiencing being a sort of highly masculine stud who travels the world having sex with gorgeous women is a good one. Further, the notion that it is presented as a form of visual diary or vlogs is unique and could allow for a lot of imaginative innovation.


And as we noted earlier, a few of those things are realized here, but the central flaw is the linchpin of the concept – the character John Tron.


Though there is an attempt at being entertaining, we find this character to be too over-the-top, rude, and piggish. Granted, we have experience with friends of the site like ThePornDude, but the difference is that TPD, unlike John Tron, incorporates humor into his machismo persona.


In fact, Tron’s attempt at being edgy can even come off as being sexist or even borderline racist. Furthermore, we understand that the idea of a sexual “conquest” may appeal to some users, we find the idea to be incredibly juvenile, lowbrow, and a waste of this website’s potential.


While not genuinely abusive, Tron typically comes off as being a bit of jerk and undeservedly arrogant, especially given the fact that he is not in the best shape and is reluctant to show his face on camera.


We also find it strange that a character who claims to be from somewhere in the presumably English-speaking western world, Tron does not seem to have a firm grasp on the language’s spelling or syntax. Strangely, he (or perhaps they) also does not understand certain subtleties and quirks English, let alone how to incorporate them into a humorous post or article.


Lastly, while it is not a big problem, we find it odd that the specific countries of Asian models are listed, but not those who are from Africa and Europe.


And The Things Which Could Be Improved Are…

With so much material uploaded and archived, we think that there should be more ways to find content than just a search engine and category page. Yes, both work just fine, but with thousands of videos and orders of magnitude more pictures, there should be more advanced filter features to whittle down total search results.


In addition to needing a bit of polish both with respect to construction and editing, the blog posts should be added more frequently – especially since the topics discussed work really well for a website like this.


Obviously, we are not a fan of the John Tron character, but understand that he is one of the primary selling features of the website. However, since we find him so obnoxious, we would attempt to incorporate more humor – not just failed attempts at being shocking – and a bit of a sardonic edge to soften the impact of the character's crudeness. Lastly, while his endurance is certainly impressive, we would have him upload fewer videos per week, but improve the imagination and quality of each new video.


Should You Invest Some Cash To Get Complete Access?

Some of our readers will enjoy the fact that this site is crass and crude, while others will find it to be about as obnoxious as we did. Of course, taste is subjective, so you should check out ASD for yourself.


To sum up, kudos to Tron for coming up with a completely unique concept for a porn website, given the inconsistent execution and poorly developed character, means we are only going to give Asian Sex Diaries three out of five hands.

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