All Japanese Pass

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  • plus top-notch Japanese porn
  • plus large library with frequent updates
  • plus nearly flawless site design
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  • minus horrendously expensive, especially with short-term memberships

 All Japanese Pass is a premium Japanese porn site with a massive collection of over twenty thousand videos that grows nearly every day. The site has been around since 2009 and shows no signs of slowing down, making it one of the largest and highest-quality sources of unique Asian porn online.

Excellent Porn That’s Easy To Find

The default presentation of the catalog of videos at All Japanese Pass is sorted by top rating, allowing you to quickly and easily get a taste for the type of content that the site has. If you’re so inclined you can switch to sort the library chronologically, by length (with some videos having a gargantuan two-plus hour runtime), or by view count, each of which can be a good alternative way of checking out the porn.

This isn’t even the beginning of the options provided by All Japanese Pass. The categories drop-down box hits a finely-tuned balance between too many and too few categories, allowing you to jump to some of the broader categories in porn with ease—after which you can sort each section just as you could the main page. On top of that, the tags tab allows you to get far more specific, opting for a huge amount of incredibly specific descriptors. These two options work perfectly together—if you’re looking for a broad subgenre, you’ll find it quickly among the categories, but if it’s an ultra-specific niche you seek, you’ll undoubtedly find it among the hundreds of tags.

On top of these two perfectly implemented sections is the model directory of All Japanese Pass. Likewise, this does what it sets out to do quite well. The page, which lists each and every porn star appearing on the site, can be sorted in a number of ways, as well as explored alphabetically. The page would be made better if it could be looked through via tags or categories, but unfortunately, these only apply to the site's videos.

Absolute newcomers to Japanese porn and even some seasoned veterans should check out the relatively unique “Top Searches” tab, which allows you to follow the most popular searches among the site's users. This page combines actresses with appearance descriptions with descriptions of fetishes and sex acts, making it an incredibly effective all-in-one starting point to explore everything All Japanese Pass has to offer.

The videos are displayed via large and attractive thumbnails. Unfortunately, mousing over them won’t provide you with any sort of preview, but this is somewhat made up for by the fact that each scene is accompanied by a series of screenshots once you click on its page.

That page also contains an image of the DVD cover, a brief description, and a few different ways to jump back towards the navigational side of the site, with links to featured models, categories, and tags. The player itself is somewhat light on features, but it functions well enough and does allow you to adjust the resolution if you so desire.

Also included on each video’s page is a set of recommendations. Recommended videos on many porn sites can be hit or miss, but they work great on All Japanese Pass—the numerous and well-applied categories and tags ensure that the site’s algorithm is able to supply you with similar videos far more often than not.

As an added bonus, All Japanese Pass also includes a vast library of pictures, which combine screenshots from videos with standalone photoshoots. Though often ignored in favor of videos, sections like these are in many cases worth visiting, and that is as true of All Japanese Pass as it is anywhere.

The site is incredibly well set up, but none of this would matter if its high quality wasn’t matched by the videos themselves. Thankfully, this isn’t an issue, with the vast majority of the site’s content being as erotic and well-produced as it is plentiful. And, the site is fairly platform-agnostic, meaning it’s going to be just as easy and enjoyable to use on the go as it is at home.

By No Means Cheap

Asia Movie Pass may be excellent, but it’s not cheap. The lone exception to that statement is their three-day trial, which costs just a single dollar. At thirty-three cents per day, this is about as cheap as it gets, but the pricing gets significantly worse if you’re looking to join All Japanese Pass for any extended period of time.

Their month-to-month membership plan costs a whopping fifty to sixty dollars per month, depending on whether or not All Japanese Pass is hosting one of their relatively frequent sales. At nearly one and a half times the standard monthly price of a premium porn membership, this price level essentially reserves recommendation to only the most ardent fans of Japanese adult video. Yes, the site is great, but there are also several other great similar porn sites that offer memberships at far cheaper prices.

The value of All Japanese pass does get somewhat better the longer you sign up for, but on the whole, the story remains the same. A three-month membership works out to about forty dollars a month, which, while admittedly more reasonable, still costs more than most sites cost even without any commitment. Even their longest-term plan, which offers a full year of membership for about twenty dollars per month, costs about twice what you might expect it to.

The poor pricing is compounded by the fact that the previews shown on the non-members landing page are somewhat misleading. In each and every case, the images show contain none of the pixelated censoring that many Japanese adult videos have. Whether or not this censoring bothers you is another matter, but it’s obvious that All Japanese Pass wanted to lead its prospective purchasers to believe that the site primarily contained uncensored porn. This is not the case, with most (but thankfully not all) of the site’s videos containing pixelation.

That isn’t the end of the bad news—while there is a trend developing among many porn sites to offer flexible payments that often include cryptocurrencies, bank transfers, and even gift cards, All Japanese Pass solely allows members to pay by credit card. Sure, credit card payments are usually the best option for most people, but many do enjoy taking advantage of the flexibility in payment options that is totally absent here.

The last thing that should be mentioned about All Japanese Pass’s sign-up process is the trial memberships that are offered. Though not inherently bad, the details of these offers are hidden as fine print, so it’s important to be aware of what you’re getting into.

By default, boxes will be checked that add affordable trials to two different Asian porn websites alongside your membership to All Japanese Pass. Though their initial periods, costing just a dollar each for three days, are affordable, their renewals are, like All Japanese Pass itself, similarly poorly priced. Each will cost fifty dollars a month until canceled, which, if combined with the month-to-month membership to All Japanese Pass, could quickly lead you to pay over one hundred and fifty dollars per month in just a few minutes. Buyer beware.

It isn’t all bad news, though. Not only is All Japanese Pass filled with excellent videos effectively accessed through a well-designed interface, but the same standard of quality also applies to the entire twenty-one site network that your membership will get you access to. The price is still hard to swallow, but the addition of videos on Anal Nippon, Big Tits Tokyo, Bukkake Now, and more go some distance towards making up for the premium price tag.

On top of that, though you may not have money to spare after signing up for All Japanese Pass, the site does offer a group of discounts to third-party porn sites. These range from slight discounts to up to ninety percent off, so the inclusion of this page may help you offset the cost of All Japanese Pass if you intend to sign up for a few other premium porn sites.

It’s Great, But Is It Worth It?

It is difficult to recommend for or against All Japanese Pass. What it does well, it does better than nearly any other site. The videos themselves are top tier, and the site’s combination of categories, tags, and model listings makes finding them a breeze. If price weren’t a factor, this would be one of the best Japanese porn sites around—and even one of the best porn sites of any style, full stop.

But in the real world, everything has a price tag. And All Japanese Pass’s matches its quality. The month-to-month rate is obscenely high, but the long-term membership is at least approaching respectability. For this reason, Pornsites.com recommends starting with a trial, since the safest bet for most people is to see if the content is worth the price for themselves.

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