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Age of Social Media

No matter what anyone says, social media is shaping our lives as we know them today. In truth, that was the case for the past 10 years or so, but nowadays, the whole situation has reached new heights. About 60% of people are living Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook lives. They have lost contact with reality and only care about getting a like, comment, or any other type of attention in general.

It is actually sad, but we all know that, if used properly, social media has a lot to offer. I mean, you are able to stay in touch with friends and family, maybe even get a job if you know where to look, or you can simply sell and buy stuff through these platforms. However, that is not all, there is one thing that makes social media much more interesting than they were ever before. Yes, you guessed right, it is all the nudity we are able to see on them.

Unless you are not using social media platforms at all, or you are simply living under a rock, then you probably haven’t noticed all the attention-seeking sluts on Instagram, TikTok, and other similar websites. They are willing to do whatever it takes to get approval from others, which is exactly the reason why there is so much nudity or semi-nudity on these platforms. I am actually loving every fucking moment of it all.

Furthermore, there are more and more porn sites out there filled with content from all social media websites. It is actually amazing to see just how many there are, and then there are those who are trying to mix in the features of these platforms with some NSFW stuff. One of those websites is TikTits. If you haven’t heard about it before, don’t worry because I am about to tell you everything you need to know. Just take a seat, relax and focus for a few minutes.

The Title Says it All

I don’t know about you guys, but I passionately dislike websites with misleading names. I never understood what the point of all that is. In theory, they are probably hoping that once they get you to their website, you are more likely to buy whatever they are selling. However, the reality is a bit different, because I would be so mad for being bamboozled that I would exit the damn site as soon as I realize that it is not what I thought it was.

Luckily for all of us, TikTits is not one of those websites. Here, you have a pretty damn good idea of what you are getting yourself into the moment you read its name. Yes, there is a shit ton of short TikTok-like porn videos, and there are a lot of titties swinging from every damn angle. I am sure that heaven looks a lot similar to this, if not, then hell just might be the place for all of us perverted bastards out there.

It is literally impossible to figure out just how many short porn videos there are on TikTits. First of all, I am not sure that many of you can count that high, but more importantly, there aren’t any pages available. Yes, this means that you will have to keep scrolling through all of them to be able to count just how much smut there is on here. Just know that there is more than content to last you a lifetime, and don’t worry about anything else.

The quality of the smut is pretty damn good as well. I saw a shit ton of sexy sluts showing off their tight bodies here. There are both amateur and professional girls here, and all of them seem to be enjoying their time. I opened the first few available videos and I jerked off to this amazingly sexy blond amateur chick sucking cock like there’s no tomorrow. She was not shy about letting her inner slut come out, and that’s all we can ask for.

Pretty Nice Looking Website

If we are being honest, all of the porn sites with content from social media platforms are designed in a similar fashion. TikTits is not an exception to this either. The content is laid out in front of you just like it would be on Tumblr or a similar site. The one big difference I noticed is that at least here, there is a black background so you won’t have to worry about being blinded when looking for a perfect video to jerk off to.

Their content is sorted into categories, but you can also choose to browse through the Models page if you prefer it that way. You will see a lot of amateur sluts here, and that is what I like the most about TikTits. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am so happy to see random girls showing off their inner freak. I know that many of you believe that girls are angels, but the truth i that they enjoy sex just as much as we do, just maybe not with you.

On the other hand, the design is pretty simple. There really isn’t anything that stands out too much. Some of you might dislike this, but I don’t like things being too complicated. It simply makes no sense to ruin a good thing. It is pretty damn easy to sort the content on the website as well. That is pretty damn important because I don’t think anyone wants to make it to a porn site with their dick hard and then spend 20 minutes looking for the right content to jerk off to.

The smut on TikTits is automatically sorted by newest. This means that the most recently uploaded content will be on top of the page, but you can change that if you so desire. You can choose to sort it by rating, relevance, and top now. I know I already mentioned the categories, but if we are being honest, this page could use some renovation. Actually, they could actually add some new ones. That would make our lives a lot easier.

Everything's Better When Free

If you have read any of my reviews before, then you know that I prefer free porn over premium smut. Let’s look at this situation realistically, if I have never paid for sex in my life, why the fuck would I do that for porn? I wouldn’t because it makes absolutely no sense to do so. There are more than enough great porn sites out there with amazing and free content, and I will be taking advantage of that until the day I die.

Luckily, TikTits is also one of those completely free porn sites. Yes, you will never have to reach for your wallet to enjoy any of the smut found on this site. If you are not happy with the categories I already mentioned, don’t worry, there might be a better way to sort through all the content here. Simply, go check out the Models page as there are a bit more than 200 of them available. You can even sort them out to find the right one for you.

If you click on the model you like, you will actually get more than enough information about her. That is what I like, it reminds me of those live sex cam show sites. Even though I am not a fan of them, I can’t sit and lie that they don’t have at least some quality features. Gender, age, and body type are just some of the info you will be able to find out about each of the sluts you will find on TikTits. It gets even better, so stay with me, please.

You can easily find the slut you want to jerk off to, that is what I really like about TikTits. From there, finding the right video becomes so much easier too. I am not saying that the categories are not sorted out appropriately or anything like that, it is just that they could use to add a few new ones. I am a fan of specific content, and I would like to easily find content in which a MILF with a nice ass is being fucked hardcore. We don’t like any of that vanilla stuff here.

Not a Lot to Complain About

I like the fact that the content on TikTits loads instantaneously. Hey, you are here to jerk off to some sexy sluts, not to wait for the content to stop lagging. Also, there are multiple updates per day, so you will never run out of quality smut to jerk off to. There is also a wide range of perversions for you to choose from. There is something for everyone here, make no mistake about it. Some girls are into just showing off their bodies, while others are less shy.

You will see a pop-up or two, but they are definitely not in the way of the content or anything like that. I actually expected to see a lot more ads and stuff like that, but luckily, that wasn’t the case.

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