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  • plus Top filtering options
  • plus Select Only HD in filtering options
  • plus Random button in the search bar searches a random pornstar
  • plus Hot tags at the top of the homepage
  • plus Tons of playlists
  • plus Browse by hottest videos
  • plus You Might Be Interested section is a great addition
  • plus Download videos up to 720p
  • plus Good sorting options for pornstars
  • plus Thumbnails show good information
  • plus Tons of videos that look great
  • plus Decent amount of categories
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  • minus Must use a Chrome extension to watch content in 1080p

Founded in 2010, DaftSex.com has provided fantastic pornography options ever since. This free tube site provides full-length porn featuring some of the hottest pornstars in the adult industry. For the porn fanatic that wants full versions of porn that look great and load quickly without having to sign up for anything, DaftSex is a worthy visit.


Tons of videos that look great

One of the first things a new visitor is going to notice on DaftSex is just how good the videos appear to look. While the thumbnails are not as detailed as other free tube sites, it's apparent this is so because the site uses screengrabs to render the thumbnail. That's fine, and it takes absolutely nothing away from their appeal.


DaftSex has chosen to use screenshots that are informative and enticing for its thumbnails. They tell the viewer what to expect from a single glance of the thumbnails. When visitors click-through and decide to watch the video, they will be pleased to know that videos can be watched up to 720p.


One thing to note is that it is possible to watch content up to 1080p, but it's not as easy as selecting the resolution from within the video. Viewers must download a Chrome extension to watch content in 1080p, which is a bit of a bummer. What about those that avoid using Chrome and opt for a browser like Firefox or Safari instead?


Fortunately, downloading the extension only takes a few seconds. The proper extension pops up the moment DaftSex loads. Click it, let the extension install, and viewers will be able to watch 1080p in no time. It's an extra step that's wonky but because it's so painless it's difficult to gripe about it. Still, for those that hate using Google Chrome, it may be a deal-breaker.


At the end of the day, though, many of the videos here look amazing. The quality is there, and they look identical to what one might find on that video's official source site. No matter the device, it's easy to watch one's favorite porn in stunning detail on DaftSex.


You Might Be Interested section at the bottom of search results

Before clicking on a video to watch from the homepage, consider scrolling down to the bottom of the search results. Here, visitors will notice a, ‘You Might Be Interested,’ section. This shows a group of clickable tags. Click one of them, and additional videos featuring that tag will pop up. It's an excellent way to expand horizons and take a look at the rest of what DaftSex has to offer. Plus, because it's always a bit of a crapshoot what will come up, one never knows what will be suggested: pornstars, niches, kinks, there's no telling


Hot tags at the top of the homepage

What about the person that wants to watch what's hot on DaftSex? Finding what's popular could not be simpler. Log onto the website and look at the tags at the top of the homepage. Expect hot tags from some of the most popular niches of the moment. During this review, the tags appearing at the top were interracial, Asian, ebony, teen, and MILF, to name a few.


These tags work just like the other clickable tags on DaftSex. Click it, and additional similar videos will appear ready to be watched. DaftSex makes it simple to find whatever it is one wants to watch. This makes it super simple to browse around and find new types of content to watch, making the free tube site the perfect landing spot for exploring and discovering unique content.


Thumbnails show good information.

Look around the reviews on ThePornDude, and it will become evident that good thumbnails are a powerful thing on free tube sites. They can show right information which can save a ton of space on websites. It's also just a good look and can make a site go from looking uncategorized to well organized and kempt.


The thumbnails on DaftSex are no exception. Each thumbnail shows useful information that's relevant to what a viewer wants to know about. They show the duration, view count, and date added. This makes it easy for anyone to figure out whether the video in question is worth watching or if the viewer should look elsewhere.


Click a random button in the search bar to search by random pornstar

Here’s a feature that isn’t necessary, but it’s sure fun and convenient to use. Click the search bar at the top of the homepage; take special notice of the dice icon. Click it, and a random pornstar’s name will appear in the search field. Choose to search or click the icon again for another random pornstar’s name.


This is perhaps the best way to find new pornstars to watch and follow on DaftSex. One could browse the pornstars section, but what better way to blindly find and follow new performers than this tool? While it would be hyperbole to say every free tube site needs a feature like DaftSex's random button, it certainly adds to the experience.


Good filtering options

For porn fans that are a bit picky with their porn, DaftSex offers a variety of good options that make finding the content one wants to watch a breeze. In the filter options, visitors can sort content by date added, duration, and even the most popular. The free tube site doesn’t stop there, though. Browsers can also sort the duration of content by long and short. It's the perfect option for those that hate watching pornography that's too short or wants to watch a clip that's short and jumps straight into the action.


Select Only HD in filtering options

For some people, if pornography isn't in HD they're not going to watch it. While it's arguable a lot of fantastic porn will be missed, for those that fall into this camp, DaftSex makes it easy to find the pornography that meets their needs. To view only HD porn, choose the 'Only HD' option in the filtering options.


This will only show content that is at least at 720p. For those that love to download their favorite porn clips, they will be pleased to know that content can also be downloaded in 720p. No matter which device one prefers to watch porn on, they can watch it in glorious HD.


Can only watch videos in 1080p with a Chrome extension

Unfortunately, watching content in 1080 isn't as straightforward as it should be. That's because DaftSex requires visitors to download a Chrome extension before they can view 1080p content in the first place. An alert pops up instructing users to install the Chrome extension, so there's no mystery on how to acquire it. Still, for those that would rather not use Google Chrome, they don't have a choice if they want to watch 1080p content. This problem should be addressed.


Tons of playlists to browse by

Over 281 pages of playlists, to be exact. When one thinks about it, that's a ton of pornography! Most playlists feature a theme of some type: niche, kink, pornstar, the list goes on. Whatever one is in the mood for, this collection of curated content is the best thing for the viewer that knows what kind of pornography they want to watch but would instead not seek out the content themselves.


Browse by hottest videos

Want to look at some of the hottest videos currently on DaftSex? The free tube site makes it simple by providing a section called 'Hottest.' It's at the top of the homepage. Click it, and a person will be able to look around see some of the hottest recent porn videos. It's yet another way that DaftSex makes it convenient to get a taste for what's hot at the moment. With so many options for browsing and exploring different types of porn, it's no wonder the free tube site has remained popular since it opened the proverbial front doors in 2010!

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