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Dating in the 21st Century

Dating in this day and age truly looks unrecognizable from even just 20 or so years ago. Almost everything about it has changed, in many different ways. Not only are the methods by which we find partners, dates, and hookups completely different, but the nature of these relationships has changed as well.


Gone are the days of your father’s definition of dating. No longer do we have to conform to the traditional trajectory wherein you meet a girl, ask her out, go on several dates together (the courting phase), hopefully sleep together (if you’re lucky), and then embark on a serious monogamous relationship with her. Dating has become much more progressive than ever before, and there are numerous different sorts of relationships that one can hope for nowadays.


Of course, firstly, there is the antithesis to monogamous dating. The world of polyamory is a constantly expanding and growing one. More and more people are waking up to the realization that they do not want to be with just one person. The very notion that human beings are, as a species, a monogamous animal is being challenged by the ever-growing numbers of couples in polyamorous relationships, in which both members are allowed to date and have sex with other people.


Then, of course, there are swingers – a type of polymerous couple, to be sure, but slightly different. They differ from strict polyamory in the way that these couples often seek out other couples, not individuals, with whom to engage in sexual activities. They swap wives and husbands, most frequently together. So, as this is technically considered polyamory, it is worth distinguishing from the umbrella term, as it is a kinkier subset of polyamory.


In addition to the very foundation of traditional relationships shifting around the world, we are also seeing the rise of many new and more progressive types of relationships – arrangements which are, let’s just say, more honest versions of partnerships that have always existed, albeit in less transparent ways. What comes to mind first when discussing this sort of relationship is, of course, the sugar daddy – sugar baby arrangement.


Sure, there have always been attractive young women who have been with older, wealthier gentlemen in ways that have left people flabbergasted and confused when spotted in public. The main difference today is that people have begun being straight forward about their motivations. Sugar daddies don’t mind admitting that their beautiful sugar babies are only with them for their money; and sugar babies no longer care about whether they admit the fact that they are using their daddies in order to live a more lavish lifestyle. We seem to be getting better and better every year at admitting, truthfully, what it is that we want of one another.


Another form of relationship that has become increasingly common in recent years is that between a dominant and a submissive. In fact, relationships within the kink community in general have been blossoming, with more openly kinky people in the world than ever before. And this has allowed fetishists to find one another with ease, entering into a whole gambit of varying kink-oriented relationships.


Whether you are a daddy dom looking for a little; a rope bunny in search of a rope artist; or a slave in need of a master, there are so many different outlets in the world now to help you find just the kind of relationship you need. The internet really has expanded our consciousness, as well as provided plenty of resources for people to delve into and discover their truest, deepest, even darkest desires.


Alt.com: For all Your Kinky Needs

There are, of course, plenty of websites wherein you can learn more about the kink lifestyle. Needless to say, too, there are more than enough porn sites that will enable you to discover what kinds of kinks may speak to you. But where do you turn once you have established exactly where you fall on the spectrum of fetishes? Or, even if you are still discovering, where do you turn when it is time to begin meeting with, chatting with, and expanding your kinky repertoire? Well, there are a number of different fetish friendly dating sites out there, but the one we will be taking a look at today is called Alt.com.


Alt is a massive social network that is geared towards finding anyone who considers themselves a part of an alternative community. Maybe you have a fringe fetish. Maybe you love BDSM or age play and can’t find anyone the old-fashioned way who shares your interests. Maybe you are a part of a kinky couple, or a single man or woman looking for a couple. No matter what you are looking for, if it goes against the grain in some way, Alt will cater to it.


Alt is very similar to the long-running and massively popular fetish dating site, Fet Life. Although Alt may not be as well-known, that does not necessarily mean that it is not as good. Both sites have their strengths and weaknesses, sure, but on the whole, Alt seems to give Fet Life a pretty solid run for its money.


Firstly, Alt is an absolutely enormous social network. The number of different features and ways in which you can interact with other members is almost overwhelming. This is one of those sites that will take you more than a single visit to really master and get the most out of. There are just so many different options to choose from, it can be difficult at first to figure out what to click on or what corner of the site to check out first.


Here are just a few features of Alt that are worth noting. There are so many ways to communicate on this site. Members can broadcast live via webcam, for example, making Alt part cam site. Members are even able to earn tips to use elsewhere on the site by doing this. 


Members can also write and publish blog posts right on their Alt profiles – which are accessible by readers via a sitewide feed. Users are able to upload an unlimited number of pics and videos, making Alt also part porn site. And you can create or join groups based on specific kinks or locales (or both). Your options are almost limitless on Alt.


Of course, in addition to all of this, you can also do all of the usual social networking things on this site. You can add friends, send direct messages, comment on content, “like” content, and amass followers. If you can think it, and it is related to kink culture, you can do it here.


All Experience Levels Welcome

But Alt is not just for those who are already experienced in the kink community – which is one thing that really sets it apart from some of the other fetish community sites out there. If you are looking to learn more about the alt lifestyle, there are a few different areas on this site for you to check out, actually. If you go to the Community section of the site, for instance, you can access the blogs section of the website … reading the experiences of other, perhaps more veteran members of the community may be a great way to learn more about where you fit in and what you like.


There is also a comprehensive groups system on Alt. Here, you can explore the social network by kink, allowing you to, in a message board style, post questions and read up on topics and practices within a given fetish. Always been curious about the DDLG lifestyle? Head over to the group dedicated to it and ask questions, read up. The same is true, of course, of just about any kink you think of.


Then, there is the Magazine section of the site – a constantly growing and user-contributed ‘magazine’ of sorts where you can write questions, articles, or link to your blog. This is a completely unique and fun feature for a site like this. Not to mention a great way for newcomers to dip their toes in the lifestyle and get any of their curiosities answered. No matter where you are in your evolution of kink, Alt.com is open and ready for you.


Plus, on top of all of this, Alt offers many of the beloved features of popular dating sites. You have a swipe-style match game (a la Tinder), advanced search features, search members by kink, and an area where you can find members who you match with based on interests and fetishes.


All in all, Alt is one of the best dating sites there is. The only downsides are that you have to pay in order to view profiles (and, well, to do just about anything on the site). A more truly freemium model would be appreciated. Another flaw with the site is that it could probably use a layout makeover. It’s a little confusing to navigate.


However, if you are willing to pay the monthly fee, Alt could really be a game changer for you. It is definitely worth checking out, no matter where you are in the development of your inner fetishist!

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