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Swingers Date Club is an adult dating site that focuses on alternative and kink-friendly play that, due to its lesser mainstream appeal, might be difficult to find on some of the more popular online dating websites. The site was founded in 2004, and has since grown to become one of the internet’s premier more swinging, cuckold, and hotwife dating sites. Its large and active member base ensures that there is nearly always a lot of people online nearby, so it shouldn’t be hard to move from browsing, to conversation, to action.


Joining The Club

Swingers Date Club offers four different kinds of profile styles—couples, females, males, and business entities. In each case, signing up is fairly straightforward. Provide the site with a login name, email address, password, and location, and, after activating your account via email, you’ll be given the opportunity to enter some more information about your specific needs, wants, and desires.


The first step Is providing information about yourself—clarifying your sexuality and gender beyond those few selections made in the first step—followed by letting the users of Swingers Date Club know what you’re looking for. This is a relatively large and varied community, with a lot of its users looking for very different things, so it’s important that you take this step seriously, lest you find yourself unable to find what you’re looking for, or worse, get dragged into a relationship where somebody else wants something you’re not willing to give.


The box indicating that you’re searching for a full couple swap is checked by default, but there is a lot of flexibility for other choices here. If you’re not quite ready to make that plunge you can downgrade to a soft swap (where your choices of touching or girl-on-girl are the only sex acts allowed), or even make your search more specific by requesting a bisexual couple.


You can also search for singles, too—with options for various genders and sexualities available, these selections can let you tailor your swinging experience to meet your own personal preferences. Last but not least are language options, which will let you choose to meet only those who speak the same language as you, if that’s something you care about.


It’s highly recommended that you fill out a detailed headline and description to increase your chances of success. Nobody wants to play with a complete and total stranger, so the more you share here, the better your chances are. Likewise with the photograph and the “what you are looking for prompt”—the more effort you put in here the more likely you are to have a good time, so even though only a few words are required, it’s worthwhile to spend a good chunk of time setting up your profile.


Next up is an incredibly detailed description of your self, which includes and is primarily focused on your physical attributes. While it is tempted to embellish or even lie about yourself to make yourself seem more appealing, it’s probably safer to be honest at this step. Yes, you might be able to convince a few more people to play with you if you lie to make yourself seem better, but that might not be worth the shame and embarrassment that will inevitably occur when they show up and immediately leave because you’re nothing at all like your profile described you to be.


This description includes eye color, hair length and hair color, height, weight, body type, ethnicity, smoking status, piercings, tattoos, sexuality, experience level. On top of that, you’re asked to rate somewhat subjective categories like your experience level and intelligence, as well as subjective questions about prospective partners, such as whether or not you feel that looks are important.


Your profile also asks for an exhaustive inventory of your body hair—indicating whether or not you have any on each one of eleven areas—as well as asking you to indicate your comfort level with nine sex acts that range in intimacy and how taboo they are. They’ve also got a list of likes that you’re asked to rate—things like if you enjoy threesomes, voyeurism, or active involvement versus passive watching.


Last, but certainly not least, is a series of check-boxes where you can opt in or out to show your interest in a group of fetishes. Not every member of Swingers Date Club is fetish-oriented, but many are, so it’s important that you accurately explain what you’re into here. If you’re just looking for vanilla group sex you can leave the boxes mostly unchecked, but options for Bondage & Discipline, Rubber and Latex, and even Watersports will ensure that more adventurous members don’t feel too left out.


Behind Closed Doors

Once your profile is set up and verified, you’ll be brought to a page listing a few staff members of Swingers Date Club, followed by nearby members who are online. You can click on any profile to view their answers to the questions asked in the profile creation process, view their pictures, or to communicate with them.


Alternatively, you can use a very powerful and detailed advanced search that allows you to put together all of the information provided during account creation to allow you to rapidly filter through the site’s members. On top of that, there is a unique map-based search function that lets you look at members who are close by, as well as a Tinder-esque speed dating option that lets you quickly swipe through nearby members.


Basic features, like viewing profiles, chatting and emailing other members, and sending likes are completely free during a brief trial period. To continue to do this for more than a few days, however, will require that you upgrade to a premium membership. This membership will also let you view all of any member’s pictures (rather than just the first), and will let you use even more features that really make Swingers Date Club worth using—like travel calendars, travel alerts, and the ability to post parties.


To be perfectly honest, Swingers Date Club is too limited in its features to e used as a free site, even during the trial period. The site doesn’t move quite quickly enough to arrange for any meetups in the limited time given, so it’s premium or nothing.


Thankfully, the prices are fairly reasonable. The site is a bit expensive for month-to-month members, but even the thirty dollars per month that you’ll have to spend here is roughly equivalent to what most premium porn sites charge. The price gets slightly better at three and six months, until it drops down to the equivalent of twelve-fifty per month, billed as just under one hundred and fifty dollars every year.


If, however, you’ve checked out Swingers Date Club and you feel like you’re going to stick around for the very long haul, they also have a tantalizing lifetime membership, which currently costs two hundred and fifty dollars. While this isn’t an amount of money to spend without taking great care, it’s also an incredibly tempting option that you’ll make back after less than two years, even at the next cheapest rate. The site has been around for years and shows no signs of disappearing, so it might be worth the investment if you’re comfortable in the swinging lifestyle.


Making The Decision

Swingers Date Club isn’t perfect. The membership base isn’t as large as a standard dating site like OKCupid or Tinder, or even as big as the king of alternative dating, Fetlife. But it’s by no means small, and the focus of its community on swinging and related fetishes means that most everyone on the site should have similar things in mind.


The main drawback to Swingers Date Club is the fact that its free membership is nearly useless. The premium plan isn’t overpriced, but its cost creates a barrier to entry that is preventing the site from growing to its true potential userbase.


Still, for fans of swinging, the good outweighs the bad. For a reasonable price you can gain access to one of the best swinging communities online, and, with any luck, it shouldn’t take long before you meet the right people and bring things into the real world.

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