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Back in 2006 the world of animated online pornography was changed for the better by the launch of one WetPussyGames.Com. This website started off as one of many usual and generic porn game and animation websites. At the time, the site was not particularly famous or successful, as sites of its kind were a dime a dozen. However, more than 13 years later the site is still going strong, so they must have done something right. WetPussyGames might have started out as a generic porn animation site, but their consistency and dedication to this particular type of smut have kept them afloat all these years. Chances are they’re going to be around for a very long time.


An Original Smut Breakdown

WetPussyGames do not feature any live action pornography what-so-ever. All of their content is drawn and most of it is in a very recognizable hentai anime style. It’s safe to say this is a very Japanese-oriented website, even though it’s obviously catering to western audiences. On top of that they’ve got a ton of interactive porn in the form of porn video games, both short and fully fleshed out.


There are countless websites that divvy up their porn between interactive and non-interactive. You’re going to see porn games, images and videos get their own sections everywhere you go on the web. WetPussyGames went into a bit of a different direction. Their smut is divided into three main categories. These are: porn games, porn cartoons and hentai movies. The main reason behind this is that even back in 2006 there was a clear difference between the hentai productions of the far east and the westernized animations that came out online.


Japan has had a budding hentai industry for many years before the advent of the internet. However, after amateur porn animators hit the web, fans quickly received tons of very basic, but very frequent pornographic animations. These were a far cry from the standard of quality that Japan had set with its animated adult film industry. Therefore, both WetPussyGames and all of their fans make the distinction between a hentai movie and a pornographic cartoon. A hentai movie can last for more than 2 hours at a time, depending on the production. Porn cartoons on the other hand average at about one minute, if you’re lucky.


Porn from Allover

So that about covers the difference between the porn cartoons and the hentai movies. As for where these productions actually come from, that’s a bit of a loaded question. WetPussyGames doesn’t have any clear affiliations and they certainly do not produce any pornography themselves. All of their content comes from elsewhere. The hentai movies are usually just short clips, like trailers for the actual full episode that they’re taken from. However, they normally feature the absolute best scenes from the hentai, rather than a few short snippets like you would normally see in a visual trailer. It’s uncertain whether WetPussyGames acquires permission from the original hentai producers before posting the hentai snippets on their site, but either way they remain available on the site as they’ve been for the past decade.


What’s in a Cartoon

Regarding the porn cartoons on the other hand, these usually come from ambitious and up and coming animators that work from home. These are generally run of the mill porn fans that would like to try their hand at creating their own smut and sharing it with the world. Suffice it to say that the visual quality of these cartoons is rather low, but the content comes with a lot of heart. There’s also quite a lot of variety in these cartoons and a few in between will be amazingly well made, en-par with the original work they’re parodying.


And speaking of parodies, a lot of these porn cartoons feature beloved and recognizable characters from non-pornographic works of fiction that you might have seen before. Anime characters are extremely popular, as are certain characters from children’s shows. For some reason, characters from Naruto and DragonBall as well as certain female characters from Teen Titans seem to be fan favorites. The better animators out there seem to enjoy taking the assets straight from the shows and adding anatomical details to them to make them pornographic. Then they mix in some of the audio from the show and crop it to make sex noises. Just like that, you receive a final product that is as good as the real thing, but qualifies as a smut rendition.


Interactive Smut

Finally, you have the hentai porn games section and right off the bat you’ll notice that this section has its own breakdown, unlike the other two genres. The main reason for this should be clear – WetPussyGames likes its games. Back in the day it was these very games that made the site an all-around hit and to this day they keep growing their library.


As for the quality of the actual games, that’s changed quite a bit along with the years. It used to be the case back in the day that porn games were limited to either flash animations that you’d watch or flash animations that you’d watch and occasionally input a command into to make the action on screen happen a little bit faster. These days you’re looking at a lot more interactivity, as the technology for these online games has advanced. Yes, Flash does seem to be the main go-to for many producers, even to this day, but powerful game engines are slowly taking over and making waves.


WetPussyGames host any kind of porn games, they do not limit themselves to flash titles alone. It seems that whatever game they can get their hands on they host on their site. As a lot of porn games are owned exclusively by their producing network, a ton of them can’t legally be found on WetPussyGames, but that doesn’t prevent them from growing their library steadily every single day. And they do not remove games from their library either. It’s quite impressive, given that they’re a free site, that they’ve managed to keep hold of every single video game that they’ve uploaded since 2006, but they’re all there. If you remember a particular flash title that you played when you were younger, chances are it’s still down there, you just have to scroll around a bit until you find it. And there’s even a helpful search bar if you manage to remember the exact name of the game.


Tons of Genres of Porn Games

The breakdowns under the Hentai Porn Games heading should pretty much cover what you can expect to find on the site, but in case you need a bit more insight they are as follows: Action, Adventure, Arcade, BDSM, Dress Up, 3D Sex Games, Reviews and Walkthroughs. Starting from the bottom and working up, reviews and walkthroughs are obviously not video game titles. These two sections cover insider information on a ton of the game titles that you can find on the site, written in a blog format. If you’re a devoted fan of the site, you should definitely check them out. Also, if you’re deep into one of their RPG games you’ll probably end up checking out the walkthroughs anyway, especially if you’re looking to do a 100% completion run of one of them.


Onto the genres, the 3D sex games are obviously the odd-man-out here, for several reasons. First of all, proper 3D sex games cannot be found on WetPussyGames. This particular sub-category, unlike all the other ones, is actually a shill for 3D Sex Villa, which is a very popular porn game title that is not affiliated with WetPussyGames – at least not directly. This is a simple marketing placement that WetPussyGames are undoubtedly making money off of. This is in no way problematic as it’s not at all intrusive. You don’t have to check out that section if you don’t want to and on the flip side, if it leads you to checking out 3D Sex Villa, that’s not a bad game title to have a look into.


Finally, all the other genres, between Action and Dress Up – This is where the real gameplay hides. You’ll find a lot of retro style gameplay under the action and adventure tabs, and the BDSM is less of a game genre and more of a topic so there will be a lot of cross-mixing there as well. But when it comes to the Adventure tab, this is usually the best part of WetPussyGames, as you never know quite what you might find. There are games from tons of developers and artists, each in its own style and they’re all waiting to be uncovered. There are even a few proper RPG visual novel style games hiding in there and it’s up to you to find them and decide whether you enjoy playing them. Truly, WetPussyGames has something for everyone.

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