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Any internet user who discovered a fondness for internet porn at any age probably used google as one of their first places to actually type in a few search terms that fir their particular tastes. There’s no shame in that, but it’s a little awkward when at a later date someone else comes along on the computer and tries to google something only for the auto-complete to kick-in and let them in on all of the different fetishes the previous person sitting down for some private happy time, has. That’s why seasoned professional porn consumers know that you don’t use actual big-name search engines to find your specific kind of preferred pornography; you use a porn search engine to find all that. This leads to why you’re reading this review today.

1st Place Overall

Pornmd.com might be one of the single greatest porn search engines you can find anywhere online, which includes anywhere else on the pornsites list. Created in 2005, we’re talking one of the heaviest hitting most comprehensive porn search engines you might ever use in your life, every niche, every category of porn you can think of, save of course for the really nasty “right next door to illegal” ones, and a comprehensive and well put-together website to find your way through it all. If you had to compare it to an actual regular internet search engine, then think of “google” for porn, and you’ll be on the right track. So what all is there to see on PornMd? First thing is first, type in the URL and have a gander at the homepage

If you weren’t comparing the website to google before you actually go to the pornmd homepage, you will be after you’ve seen it. The home page is not too much more than a search bar in the middle of the page with a white background and the “PornMd” logo just above it. There are a few different things you can do with the various buttons and switches they have included around the search bar, and there are even some things you can change with the logo itself. Mouse over the logo, and you’ll see that you can change it to one of the logos of the other porn sites paired with PornMd. It seems just to be an aesthetic choice, so you’ll have something different to look at on the home page because even if you change it, whatever you type into the search bar won’t be looked for any less thoroughly compared to normal. At the time of this review being written, there are eleven different logos on the list; you can change it to counting PornMd’s own.

That Long White Tool

Next, draw your attention to the search bar itself, alongside the actual “search” button there are a few more added features to improve your porn searching experience. You’ll notice just to the left of the “search” button is a small symbol depicting a video-camera with a tiny drop-down triangle next to it. This is the button you can use to filter your searches between different kinds of content. Specifically, you’ll be able to separate the video content from the photo content because there are some people out there that prefer their porn viewing experience to be through still images rather than moving ones with audio. It’s a small touch, but it shows how much they cared to cater to different tastes people might have when they come to use their search engine.

Are your hands going to be otherwise unavailable? It’s normal that most guys/girls finding themselves using one of these search engines are going to be doing it with only one hand at a time. The other limb ends up being unavailable as it were, so PornMd took that into consideration here when they added this next bit of functionality. It perhaps wasn’t thought all the way through, because at the end of the day you’re still going to be using the mouse or laptop touchpad to navigate the website but if you click the little microphone symbol button just to the right of the “search” button, and you happen to actually have a microphone of some sort connected to the computer you’re using, you’ll be able to speak your specific fetish out loud and have it appear that way in the search bar.

If you’re wondering why there’s more than a little focus on the search bar and what you can do with it, it’s because that is the whole point of a porn search engine. How well you can use it to search what your looking for is always going to be the main focus of the site, so while for other sites, the focus is on the content; for this one, its how well you can find it.

More Filtering, The Big Three

Moving on to what you can see below the search bar, there’ll be one of three circles that can be selected. By default, the “Straight” option is the one already colored in, but the other two options are for “Gay” and “Trans,” all three of which filter exactly what you’d think they do. There are probably more options that could be included in this new politically correct age, but those three are enough to get the majority of the viewers to the content they want to be looking at. To be clear for those who might be confused, the straight circle selected means only straight porn. The Gay circle selected means gay porn only and the same thing for Trans circle.

Just below the circle filter options for straight, gay, and trans, the last filter options, you’ll see on the main page for pornmd.com are blue links you can click. There’s “Most Popular,” so visitors of the site can have a look at what all the other visitors decided was the best of the best porn content to have a look at. After that, there’s “Trending,” which is basically just like the “Most Popular” content of the current week, whereas “Most Popular” are the best videos/photos that the user base has collectively decided are the best of all time. You might disagree, but it’s the majority that rules here, and you probably won’t go wrong in trusting the system they have.

Live Search Stream

The next option over is something almost unheard of on other porn sites, and you’ll probably be wondering why it was even included in this one. It’s definitely innovative, though, and if nothing else, they included it just so users can have a better sense of community with everyone else on the site. It’s called “Live Search,” and it’s an animated ever-increasing list of searches people are typing into the search bar, you’re seeing them as they happen to live. It’s a scrolling list that’s going ever-upwards, and each of the blue search terms you see moving is a link to click, so if any of them catch your eye, you can partake of the good idea some other visitor to the site had. It’ll even let you know what filter was used on the search term before you click, just hover over it with your cursor, and to the left of the search term, it’ll say “Straight,” “Gay,” or “Trans.”

Of course, the next one over, “Porn Stars,” lets you sort through their large list of different guys/girls in porn and filter out everything else but the content with them in it. A basic function of any porn site worth its salt has. The last two blue links we’re not going to bother because if you’ve been to any other website on the internet ever, porn or no, then you’re already aware what “Feedback” and “Contact” mean or at least you can figure it out easy enough if you don’t.

The dice to the left of the search bar, the last thing on the list, is your randomize button. If you can’t decide what you want to see or if you’re in the mood for something new, then you’re clicking the small blue dice so pornmd can take you somewhere new and hopefully exciting. A heads up, though, when you’re accepting that a random kind of porn will show up, you’re accepting that it might be a kind you won’t like, so brace yourself just in case.


PornMd is the epitome of what a search engine for porn should be. We’ve talked about all you can see on the home page, but the truth is there’s just so much more to see when you actually hit enter and search for something. The tools and mechanics available on the next page make an already great porn search engine just blow everything else close to it out of the water. Don’t bother looking anywhere else for porn because this place has it all. Give it a visit.

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