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The world of online Flash games has been one of the most popular aspects of the online porn game community for over two decades. One the earliest recognizable names from the original days of success for the Flash game industry is MySexGames.Com who have been around in one form or another since 2005. It’s very rare to see a pornographic website that’s been around for so many years, especially within the porn gaming industry. Generally, the legendary 90s porn directors that managed to attain cult status are the only real big players that have sustained a following throughout these decades. So, for a porn game website to stay afloat after all these years, you know they must be doing something right.


Genius Branding

First and foremost, it needs to be said that MySexGames would not be nearly as popular if it weren’t for their extremely recognizable and simple brand name. They also managed to snag the URL under the “.com” top-level domain name which makes their website extremely easy to find. If you’re on the lookout for sex games, then it’s unlikely that you’ll miss MySexGames.Com. It’s always fascinating to see a website that has managed to keep a hold of a very popular and simple descriptive domain name such as this one. It’s also clear that the domain name itself carries a lot of organic marketing potential. In short, it’s impossible for search engines to miss MySexGames when they’re indexing the best places to find pornographic Flash games.


As for the appropriateness of the domain name and how accurately it describes the site – it’s pretty spot on. Granted, you might expect to see more of an aggregate of all sex games and a list based breakdown of all the quality porn games out there, but it’s still close to expectation, as it brings you tens of thousands of video game titles, each of which is pornographic. MySexGames really lucked out with their domain name and they’ve been trying to live up to standard for the past 15 years or so. They’ve been doing a bang up job, it seems, since they’re one of the most popular interactive porn destinations on the web and they don’t seem to be going out of style any time soon.


A Bottomless Pit of Smut Games

Given that new Flash game titles come out damn near every single game, it stands to reason that no single individual has gone through every single game on MySexGames. It’s unlikely that even the people behind the website truly know everything there is to know about the titles under their banner. Sure, they establish standards and keep illegal smut off of their website, but it’s extremely unlikely that anyone’s actually keeping track of these games once they’re actually uploaded to the site. It’s also very impressive that they even have the storage space to host all of these games. Even though Flash games are notorious for being tiny in size, these numbers stack up and fill up hard drives really quickly.


Either way, MySexGames do not seem to have any intention to push out the old and bring in the new. They aren’t sticklers when it comes to quality, so it seems that every game that finds its way into their library is going to stay here for as long as the site remains afloat. Now, you shouldn’t let their lack of care for quality dissuade you. Sure, it does mean that you’re going to find tons of Flash games on here that are not worth your time, but every single Flash game holds something different and that’s their real source of charm and appeal.


Why Flash Player?

When Flash games first started out, they were the easiest way to bring interactive smut to digital screens. These days, however, Flash is severely outdated so you’ll often find people wondering why Flash is even considered viable let alone preferable. The main reason, it would appear, is that Flash offers a level of charm and simplicity that cannot be beaten by the more powerful game engines of our time.


A Flash game doesn’t require any coding experience, as Flash is largely an animation software, not a game engine. It does, however, allow for inputs and on-screen buttons, which is more than enough to fit most people’s needs when they’re trying to crank out a quick animation with a few interactable buttons. So if you’re trying to put together a simple animation in which a player can have sexual intercourse with a woman and also give that player the option to change sexual positions, Flash player covers all of your basic needs.


It stands to reason that Flash was never intended to be a game engine, but once the internet passes its verdict, the standard stays. And so, Flash became the staple of porn game development and MySexGames were there from the beginning to document each and every smut piece they could get their hands on.


The Charm of a Flash Game

So Flash started out as the easiest and most accessible “game” engine out there, but given that we’re several steps ahead it’s a wonder that Flash games are still popular. The main reason why people seem to gravitate towards these brief and underwhelming pornographic experiences seems to have something to do with their quaint charm. It’s probably a similar psychological concept as the charm that vinyl records have these days, even though all the in-betweens like CDs and tapes have all but died out.


Flash games are the original smut games and when you have an infinite library of them, like you do on MySexGames, it’s a mixed box that you can dive into headfirst and hope to maybe uncover a gem or two. You don’t technically have to find something of extremely high quality in order to wrap up your porn game session. Naturally, that session ends when you’re done pleasuring yourself. But the journey is what truly matters.


You can pick out any single Flash game on MySexGames and play it until you hate it, and you’d still always have an infinite amount of alternatives in the related games section to keep you going further and further. You bounce from one game title to another, wondering about what lies around the corner. And if you keep your expectations of quality at an all-time low, you’ll be in for a surprise at all times.


These games won’t expire, and hopefully neither will you, so you’re looking at endless fun produced by countless individuals who at one point or another really cared about making Flash games. It’s very comforting to know that you’re unlikely to see two games in a row that were made by the same person. There’s nothing wrong with seeking out more material by the same producer, hoping to get the feeling of a sequel. However, if you wanted to get stuck on the exact same experience, over and over again, with rehashed assets and the same storyline across 100 games, you’d go to a premier freemium site that producers their own games. MySexGames brings you a variety of smut from different producers, making sure that you’re not falling prey to a singular company’s marketing.


A Porn Game Site for The Masses

MySexGames is not backed by a porn production company, from the looks of things. While they host tons of sex games, they don’t seem to pull you towards playing a specific title. They seem to just want you to have some innocent smutty fun.


As for their own profits and marketing, they do try to keep afloat any way they can. They run tons of ads and while that can be a serious problem, MySexGames makes it work. They balance out the amount of sex games versus the number of ads quite well and you never really feel bombarded by external combat. Besides, you have to expect them to stay in business somehow. After all, they charge you absolutely nothing for the satisfaction of infinite porn games.


As for their design, it’s every bit as retro as their love for porn games. They use up the middle third of the screen and the rest is a pure white background. It works quite well, given the low visual quality of the games that they have in store. On the sides of the game list breakdown you get many vertical ads that lead you to other websites that are either offering more sex games or live-action pornography.


It’s interesting to see more expensive websites pay to market themselves on MySexGames. It’s almost an admission of inferiority of quality, when you think about it. Either way, it’s great to see that MySexGames are being paid their dues. The online porn community is always going to need brave website owners who are willing to gather up all the porn games in one place, to keep them from being buried by time. MySexGames have very graciously defaulted to being one of the best and safest places for Flash games on the internet.

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