Mr Play

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  • plus Classic and innovative games at disposal
  • plus Amazing betting on sports section
  • plus Casino games, scratch cards, sports betting, and horse races
  • plus 100% bonus for the first deposit
  • plus Competitive prices
  • plus Excellent blog section full of useful information
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  • minus It doesn’t offer too many games
  • minus Not allowed in many countries

Do You Play Online Casino Games?

First of all, newsflash! Online gambling is not allowed in many countries. There are federal laws that prohibit you from doing that and you won’t even be able to get connected to an online casino if you come from such countries. Therefore, before you even think about visiting Mr Play, make sure that your country allows it and that you can actually gamble online.

Of course, bypassing the laws and legislations of your country is always fun. If your country doesn’t allow it, simply use a VPN connection. It is so easy to find some of the best free VPN programs and you can enter casinos this way. Simply choose the server from the country that allows online gambling and smile in the face of your laws because they cannot catch you for sure!

So, if you are willing to test your luck on Mr Play, a real online casino with a big choice of great interesting games, you will have to do that if need be. This is a website that allows you to deposit real money onto your account, play games, and get a chance to win more money than you ever thought possible. Of course, good luck trying to explain to the bank where this money actually came from…

Mr Play Can Make Your Wallet’s Size a lot Bigger!

Just like with any given online casino website, there are many possibilities that you can have. First of all, you might lose all of your money. That is a high probability because these casinos have to live from something. They would soon go out of business if they just gave all the money to every single user. Therefore, it is not all winning on sites like Mr Play and get ready for that.

Also, get ready for another scenario. You might end up winning a lot, and I mean a lot of money. Sometimes, the winners of these games get their money multiplied many times and therefore they go home with a sweet taste in their mouths and wallets. Of course, if they are real gamblers, they will return the next day and lose everything. This is just like in life. One day you are on top and the very next you are swimming in a pile of horseshit!

Mr Play offers standard games that you can find in many other online casinos but they are customized into a specific style. Also, there are some games that are exclusive for this site only and you won’t find them anywhere else. This is normal since each online casino wants to attract more people and originality is the best way to do so. Let’s talk more about the games!

What Kind of Games Can I Play on Mr Play?

Online casinos are very popular because you always have a wide choice of games to choose from. When it comes to Mr Play, it is safe to say that it offers a small number of games. There are a couple of dozen of them which, when we compare with other online casinos, is just a grain of sand on a beach. There are websites with thousands of games in its queue and you won’t find that on this site.

Still, this online casino website offers all the standard games that you can enjoy online, just like on any other casino website of this kind. You can play regular casino games like Poker, Blackjack, Coin Flip, Jacks or Better, and others. You can also play slot games like the Sevens and test your skills and luck in those types of games. The slot games are perfect for people who are waiting for good things to happen to them.

You will find all of the games listed on the Mr Play website. They are filtered by the categories and you can search them like that. Or, you can simply click on the All Games button and see the complete roster of games on this site. It might be disappointing to many but there are some really great games to play here. For example, Frasier’s K.O. got me hooked after the first try!

Place Your Bets and Scratch Cards!

There is one thing that Mr Play does well and that is diversity. Next to the games that we already mentioned that a casino simply cannot operate without, there are some special categories of games that you will find here. First of all, you can play scratch cards. Many people don’t believe in these games because a person playing them doesn’t really have any influence whatsoever. You scratch a card and you either win, par, or lose. That’s it! Still, it is nice to know that you have an option.

One other thing that attracted my attention on Mr Play is its Sports section. You can bet on sports on this website and that is really amazing. The Sports section is open for everyone and, even though it took too long to load and I had to watch a casino chip turn on the loading screen, I was really pleasantly surprised by the betting section on this site. There are so many things you can do here!

If you love betting games, this is your website! There are some online casinos that let you bet on their games and Mr Play goes a step further. It actually allows you to bet on many sports and on the real matches that are being played. You can choose between football, basketball, cricket, ice hockey, snooker, table tennis, volleyball, and many other sports.

On the main part of the screen, you can choose the match that you can bet on and simply make your own betting ticket. You will see the options and the odds that you get. A great thing is that Mr Play has really competitive prices. This means that you can win a lot more money than with any other bookmaker. All you have to do is to place your bet, follow the scores, and take your money if you got it right.

Create Your Account and Use the 100% Bonus!

This is nothing new. Each online casino has many tricks to entice and attract new members. Of course, the first impression of the site is very important and everyone will like what Mr Play has to offer. Namely, the offer at hand is applicable only for the new members. Therefore, you need to create a free account and then make your first deposit. The minimal deposit value is 10 Euros.

When you do that, you get 100 free spins and 100% bonus if your deposit is up to 200 Euros. This is a European site so the prices are in the most popular European currency. This means that your first deposit will be matched by the site and it will double the money on your account. Creating an account is free and there is no limit to how much money you can deposit. It is your choice how much money you want to give.

This is a great incentive for the newest players. It is inspirational and certainly appealing to try your luck with some of the most popular games or betting tickets on Mr Play. Also, the site has many promotions for you to take if you want to get more money on your account. Simply put, this site will do whatever it can to give you bonuses so don’t get angry if you lose it all. The site at least gave you a fair chance!

Get More Information with Mr Play Magazine!

If you thought that Mr Play only deals with games and casinos, you were wrong. This site wants to help you to win more money and to become a really experienced casino player and a gambler. We all know that different games and betting demand a different approach. Therefore, this site has its own blog which is called Mr Play Magazine. Here, you will find many blog posts about how to become a successful winner and how to approach different tactics. It is definitely worth checking out!

Final Thoughts on Mr Play?

Even though Mr Play is not the biggest or the best online casino, you will love it! It doesn’t have thousands or even hundreds of games to offer but its games are classic and fair. It offers scratch cards, card games, casino games, and, most importantly, betting on sports. The betting page is certainly the star of the show and you will enjoy every moment of it. Choose between dozens of sports, games, horse races, and anything else to bet on and get a chance to win a lot of money on Mr Play!

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