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  • plus Every female performer featured is a “real,” naturally beautiful women
  • plus The site is sex-positive, female-friendly, and totally explicit
  • plus Sporting an expertly designed and optimized site you’ll enjoy AW on any device
  • plus Fresh content is added all the time, and there are thousands of archived videos
  • plus The community on the site is actively engaged and friendly
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  • minus Some users may not care for the consistency of full bush
  • minus Other users might find many scenes to be a bit “slow” or boring
  • minus The performers are not great about committing to webcam shows
  • minus A lot of you will be disappointed to find that there is no “real” Abby Winters
  • minus Those opinion parts aside, there really is nothing else to criticize

A common critique of many porn users is that porn very often looks formulaic or generic. By that, we are referring to the often cosmetically, seemingly always moaning, attractive albeit it somewhat artificially seeming women being pumped full of cum by a disembodied penis. Of course, not all mainstream porn is like this – however, we have noticed that a lot of modern porn can be a bit predictable.


Although studios have gone out of their way to dream up creative new scenarios or one new gimmick to make a new scene stand out, how many times can you think of wherein a sex scene goes from blowjob to doggy style, to missionary, climaxing with cumming on the woman's face, with maybe the inclusion of cunnilingus.


Then, there are the radical feminists who assert that not only is that kind of content common but exclusively seen. Further, the rad fems assert that there is not any form of porn – or at least among popular studios – which feature kissing, caressing, or lovemaking. Along with that, there is the perception that there are not any "real" women who have not been surgically enhanced or digitally altered operating in the contemporary adult industry.


However, we have managed to find a site that not only breaks all of these stereotypes but also features fap material, which is rarely seen are sorely lacking in the industry. While well known to some, many amorous content aficionados may not be familiar with the work of Abby Winters.


Who Exactly Is – Or Perhaps, What – Is Abby Winters?

The site Abby Winters went live in the year 2000 and, as you might think, prominently gave an extensive backstory to the titular woman on one of the site’s main pages. According to our research, Miss Winters is a self-possessed, sex-positive feminist, who apparently founded the studio and ran the site.


Part of her backstory suggested that she had performed on camera but stepped away from in-front-of-the-camera work circa 2002. This detailed though enigmatic persona then led site fans to scour AW as well as other corners of the net to find Miss Winter’s own erotic work.


Added to this, cast members would often talk on set as if Winters were a real person, which solidified the idea to many that she was. The crew would talk to the talent during interviews – and coach them to reply in kind – as if Winters were a real person.


However, AbbyWinters.com CEO and founder Garion Hall later explained well after the studio’s first few waves of success that Winter’s was a fictitious character who, at best, an alias for himself. But in keeping with the mystique of the site, AW’s About section as well as the cast and crew continue to keep the fantasy of mysterious, never seen but always talked about powerful and beautiful woman alive.


Based on the site’s content, we think that Winters does – in a certain poetic sense – does exist. To be specific, she is a metaphor for and embodied by empowered women who are open with their bodies and celebrate their sexuality.


A Porn Platform With A Highly Unique History

Having been around for decades and produced content even more exotic than many mainstream sites, including even some of the extreme ones, Abby Winters has a website backstory about as interesting as its fictitious avatar. As we noted earlier, the site went up at the turn of the new millennium and featured primarily nubiles – i.e., those who are between the ages of 18 to 25.


Sound similar something you have seen before, right?


Well, not quite actually. Combines both wholesome content, or sex which is often gentle and smooth, but is still explicit and hardcore. Over the years, Abby Winters has developed far more interesting content than other sites of the same age, which blends sensual erotica and sexual content like sexual yoga scenes and realistic sex, which allows the performers to go with what they want to do rather than the blocker and director's dictates.


Very often, most if not all of the crew for most scenes are filmed entirely by women. Further, most scenes are either solos or feature (real) bisexual women and lesbians. In the cases where the scene partner is a man, it is nearly always the boyfriend or husband of the leading lady. As a result, every scene has a unique feel – one might call it a feminine touch.


Over the years, Abby Winters often uploads as many as fourteen videos per week, and its archives has nearly 5,500 videos and half a million pictures.


This Platform Features An Almost Artistic Kind Of Amorous Content

If you cannot already tell, AW stands out from the rest of the competition, even compared to other arthouse porn platforms and erotic sites. Besides the reasons we brought up earlier, Abby Winters looks unique for a number of other reasons, most notably in the ways that they experiment with offering different kinds of content.


We already brought up the fact that all scenes are shoot with majority or all female crews, but AW's commitment to providing authenticity goes deeper than that. For one, none of the models have had any sort of breast enhancement, labiaplasties, or other cosmetic procedures. Further, no photos are digitally altered, makeup is kept to a minimum, few models apparently trim their pubic hair, and some do not cut it at all.


Along with that, not only are performers encouraged to be spontaneous, but they often call the shots on set in a literal manner. By that, we mean that many of the women are both the actors and also directors or have considerable input to how the scene is shot both during the blocking stage and while in the middle of shooting. In fact, as a member, you can see both pictures and footage of these cast/crewman (or rather crew women) going through photos, assessing footage, and commenting on their favorite parts.


In other words, you are seeing nothing but real, naturally beautiful women acting on camera and performing the way that they want to.


The Design Is Very Heterodox – and Hot

Most websites, we have found, struggle to find a midway point between densely packing each page with content without overwhelming the viewer with too much color or content. However, Abby Winters has been tweaked to balance both extremes just right.


The colors used are predominantly a combination of white and light grey accented by some blue and yellow. Not only is the use of color is easy on the eyes, but it sets the mood for what you are going to see. By that, compare this site to something Kink.com or PornHub.com. Both of them use a black background with some use of white coupled with heavy use of a visually arresting color of red and orange, respectively.


The effect: your mind is prepped for the varied and extreme content you are going to see.


When it comes to Abby Winters' look, your brain is more amenable (or appreciative) of the style of hardcore but still gentle smut you are going to see. While there are a few structural issues which we will get into later, you will have no problem navigating around the site.


The Categories Are Particularly Kinky

There are some things which we commonly see in porn, a good number which tends to be reserved for certain kink and niche sites, and others which you have to scrub through the net to find uploaded from amateurs. Then there are a few things which we have found nowhere else but on Abby Winters.


In addition to the highly rare, authentic lesbian sex, there are tags for nearly every fetish for things you would not think about, which are titillating, bizarre, and downright unusual. They are kinks which you may never have heard of, and will probably enjoy, or at least find fascinating as we did.


For instance, there is material featuring nude feet, natural afro-textured hair, meaty (read: hanging) labia, and nipple-to-nipple touching. In addition to that, there shots of girls up there shorts, in bathtubs, all sorts of shots involving panties on or off the model’s bodies.


Perhaps most interestingly, are entire categories of women who are pregnant and/or lactating, close-ups of hairy vagina and clitoral shots, puffy nipples, menstruation, even women with hairy armpits. While not a chubby chaser site, there is also a Rubenesque category.


And for those who are a bit more conservative, there are also the usual photo sets and video scenes featuring anal and vaginal dildoing, big natural breasts, urine play, lesbian sex of all kinds, and solo nude poses. While there is not too much heterosexual intercourse, you can find some material like blowjob.


Abby Winters really is naturally delicious…


Although There Has Been Some Controversy

Despite being a mainstream and highly ethical site that has, for the most part, stayed out of legal issues, there have been some unusual criticism and dubious circumstances that this studio has had to endure.


For instance, Garion Hall moved the entire operation from Australia to Amsterdam, Netherlands, after his studio was raided by Melbourne police. The reason for this is because Hall allegedly filmed an underage woman, though this spuriously supported evidence was an excuse since Hall was released a day after he was arrested.


The authorities then charged Hall with producing “objectionable” material and levied a series of fines against G Media (the company which owns Abby Winters), plus additional harassment. Unsurprisingly, AbbyWinters.com is censored by the Australian government.


The Many Benefits Of Membership…

For one, becoming a member gets you daily (or even bi-daily) updates, which typically means that you are going to get at least one new photo set or video every day.


Of course, as we mentioned before, there are thousands of videos archived, which you can get complete access to. There are hundreds of thousands of photos that have been added over the decades, as well. When it comes to watching both new uploads and archived videos, not only can you watch whenever you want, but you also has access to unlimited downloads.


Despite having footage from before the days of high definition, all content has a fidelity of at least 720p. Of course, all of the video content since 2010 is shot in 1080p. Further, the photos themselves are massive 3504 x 2336 pictures and available as ZIP set downloads.


Beyond that, there are features you do not see on other sites is access to backstage video footage. In other words, you get to see the full sets, the manner in which the neat scenes are made, and even more behind-the-scenes exclusives.


Further, there are forums wherein you can chat not only with other members but with the crew and even some of the performers. Lastly, you can see and chat live with the studio's performers – called Playdates – which we review in-depth further below.


…And How Much Does It Cost?

Membership comes in two unique varieties. First, you can get access to the complete site – though only through mobile devices – as a limited subscription. If you go this route, you get a $9.95 discount when you upgrade your account. Second, you can sign up for a recurring, full monthly membership – or more specifically every 32 days – for $39.


Of course, all billing is completely secure, and transactions show up as GMBill.com, so there is no reason to worry about any embarrassing billing statements. Naturally, you can cancel (or rejoin) anytime.


Still not sure if you want to spend money on this erotic arthouse platform? Unlike many other smut studios, Abby Winters provides liberal views of a lot of its picture and video content for free.


The Talent Even Perform Live Web Cam Shows

As we mentioned earlier, as a member, you get access to live streams of the performers, but there are additional complications to get a so-called Playdate. To qualify, you need to meet these criteria, according to AW…


“Purchased 10 or more pay-per-scene scenes, or [joined] on a 3, 6 or 12-month subscription, or

[joined] on a one-month rebilling subscription, and have rebilled at least once (ie, paid the initial join fee, and rebilled 32 days later for the same fee again.”


Further, our research indicates that some models are not frequent performers, and some are not always on-time when they are scheduled to stream.


It is worth noting that this feature is still in a Beta test mode.


Bonus Materials Galore

In the interest of brevity, we will attempt to sum up all of the other many features which you get access to with an Abby Winters membership.


Newsletters – Since Abby Winters puts so much investment into their talent, Abby Winters has since late 2018 maintained a monthly newsletter to keep users informed when it comes to developments on the site. Admittedly, this part of the site is a bit rough to look at but still fairly informative.


Friendly Forums – As previously stated, AW hosts a well-maintained forum in which each section tens of thousands of lively threads. From what we have seen, the community is both actively engaged and very friendly to new users. And let us not forget, the performers themselves hang out there – how many other smut sites have that?


Donating & Dildo Drive – This unique feature allows users to see women masturbating so long as they donate a sufficient amount of money to the site. If a certain model raises enough money for the site, then they will film and post a custom masturbation video nearly an hour long.


If that interests you, even guests can get free previews.


Which Should You View The Winter Girls On – Mobile Or Desktop?

Most of our assessment has come from viewing the site on desktop devices, and it looks pretty good all things considered. However, while subtle, AW does look a bit better on a mobile device. Having said that, we recommend using Abby Winters on any net-capable device.


What We (Really) Like About Abby Winters

We will try to keep this as brief as possible since there is so much to comment on.


We have reviewed literally hundreds of smut sites, and we can confidently declare that the artistic erotica is something, unlike anything we have ever seen before. Granted, seeing fully "natural" women – in other words, little makeup, no cosmetic surgeries, etc. – performing on a website is not unheard of, but it is the way that they are filmed, which makes AW "pop."


Achieving an unusual balance with respect to explicit yet also erotic content, Abby Winters is both (non-radical) feminist and traditional porn consumer-friendly. On the note of balance, we thoroughly enjoy the mix of featuring multiple elements but in a clean, easy to visually digest fashion.


What We Hate About Abby Winters

To be honest, there is not too much, which needs to be changed. In fact, we think that most of our viewers who have an issue with Abby Winters when it comes to content rather than the quality of the site. By that, we think that some of our readers, albeit a minority, may not like the “softer” less intense, or unusual fetishes, featured on the site.


Moving on, the biggest issue we have when it comes to AW's content, there can be issues with seeing webcam models on a regular basis. Although schedules may be posted, they do not always log in and stream as expected, which, given how many of these models look, is a recipe for blue balls.


What On Abby Winters Can be Improved

Or rather, we should phrase that statement as a question – can this site be improved? After all, if you just scroll up, you will find that we could not come up with too much to critique. If we were running the site, we would develop a set schedule for the models to adhere to, though we imagine that given AW's aggressive film schedule, this might be difficult.


We would also redo the category section entirely. After all, there are over 300 tags and counting.


As it is now, the category links are a haphazard string of different fetishes that are not even in alphabetical order. Further, since there are so many, we would improve the search and filter features. However, given how exotic some of these fetishes are, we do think that the idea was that they were teasing the viewer to get them to keep scrolling down.


Should You Make Time To Watch The Work Of Miss Winters?

What else can be said about this site which we have not covered already? To be honest, we do think that the monthly subscription fee of 39 USD to get desktop access is a bit steep, but given the quality and creativity of the site's content, we think that it is worth it.


Furthermore, if you are looking to save money, you can get access to the entire site for ten dollars, though for a limited time, on mobile devices.


Overall, Abby Winters is a truly avant-garde erotic platform which does not really have a competitor anywhere else on the web. We award it a solid five out of five hands and certainly recommend you check it out for your self.

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